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February 1, 2017 3rd Edition

Keshe Foundation USA

by Whitney Fisher

Greetings Knowledge Seekers and Plasma


Who is ready just to come out of their

skin? Promise is on the horizon so near,
synchronicities abound and the USA has a
President who might unlock the shutdown
on progressive technologies which will get
everyone on earth what they need to exist,
removing the severe lack that causes
social chaos.

We have all felt the immense pressure to

share the capabilities of the plasma
technology as fast as possible with as
many as possible, because we want
Everyone - in every corner of this Earth to
be Well, to have what they need to live.
This is when Peace will be real then our
bodies can release the dis-ease brought on
by stress. Everyone on Earth must have
the basic necessities to live. I am honored Hands 4 Peace and I wish for You, all the
to be walking forward with all of you with wonderful, talented, hyper-intelligent,
this knowledge gifted to humanity by Mr. inventive Keshe Foundation participants
Keshe to use as a tool to bring an end to and backyard plasmaologists to see with
the lack that should not be. great appreciation what we have already
done on our road to Peace.
My name is Whitney Fisher with Many

February 3, 2017 3rd Edition

Over Unity takes giving more than you get and

this is what I observed in you as I traveled with
Cary Ellis last year doing our workshop tour.
We all put our effort in, each unique in our own
way to birth plasma technology into this world,
grappling with quantum concepts, creating
devices with baking tools, copper wire and
supplies from the thrift store and recycle bins.

Congratulations! As a collective, we digested

concepts and issued a database of information
to the world sharing our ah-has as new levels
of understanding opened up. Then, we put it
into action, we made, we created, we sat in our
living rooms, our garages, our basements and
made a Wish for a better world and rubbed
Together in a usable way.
that Well Wish into reality by caressing the
wire, bending and twisting it into countless
Introducing Many Hands 4 Peace

The Goddesses of GaNS facebook group

Look back at the Golden Age of GaNS formed early last spring to work on large
Facebook and revel in the awe of the creativity Plasma technology projects. Initially only
unleashed from over the globe, not to mention women and now including men all felt the
countless hours of teaching performed day in urgency to bring the information together
and out by Mr. Keshe, time donated by support and funnel it into a teachable format.
personnel and others building and sharing Each participant is exploring an aspect
plasma information with an equal amount on by doing it and during the last year
the other end avidly listening to learn. many of the members gave some of the
first plasma workshops held around the
Most of us have been doing our own thing in
world outside of all the online Keshe
our own way, yet when you look at the grand
Foundation education.
scale we have been working in tandem, in
Together they created the Many Hands 4
Peace concept which is to make freely
Now what can we do purposefully together?
available an easy to follow workshop
How do we sort what we have collectively
format that could be replicated in any
learned and created, into a clear and
town in the world. Anyone can get a start
duplicatable format to be shared freely so that
with tools and supply lists, how to
others can follow and benefit from our
documents, videos, ideas for
learning? Between all of us, the parts are
informational gatherings, weekend and
already created, the task is bringing them 2
physical workshops open daily.

February 3, 2017 3rd Edition

Anyone can do their projects with Many Hands --Plasma Awareness drive
4 Peace, as it is really us, supporting us and Make your own mime for the internet, a
has no commercial intent, rather it is more of simple way to share plasma technology
an acknowledgment that to get this work done, with the world. See link:
to bring Peace on Earth, many many hands are http://www.manyhands4peace.org/glob
needed. Many Hands 4 Peace salutes all the al-plasma-awareness-initiative
efforts to bring free energy out, recognizing the
solidarity of those doing work for the sake of -Plasma for Standing Rock
change. Community service or individual service
projects to collect and send useful items
Help is needed! Much has been done and much and plasma tech to Standing Rock to
is still in construction, with online presence is support Peaceful Potentials on all sides
mostly through Facebook. Group members are of the issue. We now have a Kfssi student
working on related projects such as Evolution
there receiving items, disseminating info
TV Network, creating a subscription channel for
plasma artists to share video creations. and plasmafying the area.
If you are looking for a way to contribute, to find for-standing-rock
where your skills can be used email
manyhands4peace@gmail.com .
Some projects are on hold until funds come in, http://www.manyhands4peace.org/
such as upgraded website, monthly expenses Under Construction
for the online TV channel etc. You can make a Many Hands 4 Peace Facebook Group
difference now helping with those expenses and https://www.facebook.com/groups/179
travel expenses for plasma workshop presenters 877002377766/
as Teams are meeting in the Northwest USA,
OR and WA in February to work on projects, put PayPal for donations or email for
together fundraisers and prepare a mobile alternative methods (please specify use
workshop plasma tour which in the planning in the note with the donation)
stages for April or later this year. manyhands4peace@gmail.com

There is much more to share as we take steps Global Plasma Workshop Bulletin Board
forward together! Thank you for reading and Facebook Page: Global Plasma Workshop
sharing this information! Bulletin Board
Evolution TV Network
Initiatives: https://www.facebook.com/evolefield/
--Many Hands 4 Peace, bronze sculpture by
Colleen Black
Make a cast of your hands in the position of
your choice and mail to Colleen including a
print copy of your story, if you wish to share.
Email manyhands4peace@gmail.com for 3

February 3, 2017 3rd Edition

*Reprinted from Plasma Production UK www.plasmaproduction.org/article-11.html

In an earlier Plasma article, I revealed that doctors at the Ghanaian Atomic Energy
Commission would begin treating cancer patients with 'field plasma', in January 2017.

Since then, the Keshe Foundation has begun a fully compliant medical trial at Tokyo
University, Japan, thereby elevating the status and recognition of the technology
internationally. The Japanese trial is being overseen by both international medical boards
and the ethics committee. Progress has been very fast indeed!

They have already confirmed that:

CO2 Gans is non-toxic when ingested.
CO2 Gans is non-toxic when injected into the blood stream.
A number of other ganses are non-toxic under the same conditions.
CO2 field plasma (carried in water) is non-toxic for ingestion or injection.
CO2 and other ganses and field plasmas eradicate ALL cancer cells in vitro in a matter
of hours.

Much of this was already known, because Tokyo University conducted all the trials for
Tepco, who run Fukushima nuclear power plant as I described in a previous article. Now
though, the trials are no longer in secret and this time they are being conducted to meet
international standards.

Here is where it gets really interesting though ...

What was not understood until now, is that while it may take several hours for cancer cells
in a petri dish to convert to healthy cells if exposed to the correct plasma fields, the
change occurs in every cell, all at once, in under a second!

In other words, a THRESHOLD has been discovered, and the moment it is reached, the
transformation from malignant to healthy cells happens more or
less instantaneously. The transformation has been recorded on video and passed on to
the medical authorities as part of the report.

This is a fundamental observation. Because it further clarifies the reaction that takes
place and explains the critical difference between successes and failures in previous,
apparently similar experiments.


February 3, 2017 3rd Edition

Here is what I mean by threshold:

If I were to tell you that you could melt a
metal bar by heating it, you might apply
heat for a decade and NEVER get the
result. You would conclude that I was
wrong. BUT if I told you that the melting
THRESHOLD was 1,085 C, you could
confirm it in a matter of minutes. And this
is what is happening at Tokyo University.

Now that the threshold has been

observed, the researchers are
manipulating the ganses to create
different field strengths. Thereby, rapidly
reducing the time it takes before the
critical point is reached and
transformation occurs.

Remember, it is the plasmatic FIELD that

is important. NOT the means by which it
is generated. One delivery method is to
like a little sun, giving off and
inject water carrying the appropriate fields
receiving fields of its own
into the blood stream. This is the delivery
bandwidth. (A solar flair doesn't just
route to be applied in Ghana.
project away from the sun, it bends
back and returns also.) The field that
Another option, is to create a cubicle in projects OUT is matched by the field
which one can stand and be subjected to that must RETURN.
the appropriate field strengths, until
the threshold is reached and the cancer Mr Keshe reminds us here, that there is
cells (or other diseased cells) are not just ONE calcium. Rather, due to
resolved. The plan is to reach this point calcium's isotopes, there are in fact
in a matter of minutes. But I'm getting many, and only certain of these are
ahead of myself... taken up by the immune B cells and T
Lets first look at a couple of newly
explained immune mechanisms, starting These calcium isotopes, share the
with the nuclear reaction between same bandwidth as certain infections.
microbes and calcium in the immune This is like saying that both the
cells. calciums and the infections share the
same radio wavelength, where one can
Calciums involvement in the immune interfere with or over-power the other.
response has long been acknowledged,

February 3, 2017 3rd Edition

A fundamental understanding of field plasmas, is that fields of the same bandwidth

(sharing the same radio wavelength) feed one another, in what could be described as a
two way osmosis.

The weaker will have a weaker magnetical field and stronger gravitational field, while
the stronger will have a stronger magnetical and weaker gravitational force. So a
reciprocal exchange of field forces immediately takes place.
When calcium in an immune cell comes within range of an infection, the calcium isotopes' field
forces are 'weaker' than the infection so the infection 'takes' from the calcium, causing it to
deteriorate down.

As a nuclear physicist, Mr. Keshe points out that this lowers the calcium's energy state to that of
Potassium (K) as shown in the calcium isotopes table below. In other words Calcium breaks down
or decays very rapidly to Potassium.

For example, 35Calcium takes 25.7 milliseconds to convert to 35Potassium and in doing so, it
releases Beta (nuclear) radiation.

A number of the Calcium isotopes break down to Potassiums, releasing high Beta (nuclear)
radiation. And one of the isotopes (37Ca) decays to Argon which, in the environment of
the body also releases high Beta radiation. It is this blast of radioactivity that destroys
the infection.

February 3, 2017 3rd Edition

Now let's look at silver. Various forms of silver, particularly colloids, have been used for
centuries for medicinal purposes. Despite colloidal silver's impeccable credentials as an
antimicrobial, its use has become most controversial. Finally, with a knowledge of field
plasmas, silver's mode of operation may be understood.

The full 'bandwidth' (think of the radio wavelength) of Calcium is 34 to 57. Silver on the
other hand, spans from 93 to 130, so delivers twice the power of Calcium, as it breaks
down to release far stronger radioactivity to destroy the infection.

So in bacterial infections there is a two step process. Step one is the field forces of the
bacterium being stronger than those of the calcium or silver isotopes. And step two is
the immediate decay of those isotopes to their 'daughter isotopes' and the simultaneous
release of Beta radiation which kills the offending infection.

This is completely new to science.

In viruses, it is actually more straightforward. The excessively strong energy packet
(being the virus) shares a bandwidth with the weaker energy of the CO2 Gans or its
plasmatic fields. As explained above, the stronger feeds the weaker, and having given
away some of its field strength, the virus loses its grip on the protein structure to which it
is bound. The down-graded virus then simply becomes an energy source for the body.

February 3, 2017 3rd Edition

Cancers too, are predominantly a one step process. According to the research now
confirmed by Tokyo University, they possess an excessively strong gravitational field
force, meaning that they attract more and more mass, stealing the energy from around

By providing equal and opposite field forces in the correct bandwidth, that attain the
required threshold, the magnetic and gravitational field forces are brought back into
balance. The cancer is immediately resolved, and the excess energy is used as impetus
to create healthy tissue in place of the malignancy.

But the story doesnt even end there.

Not only are the human trials going ahead as planned in Ghana, starting in the second
week of January 2017, but the Ghanaian government has a agreed to the development of
a 20,000 square meter plasma technology hospital.
Meanwhile, the most recently released report from Tokyo University, to the health
authorities and ethics committee, is that they recommend gans/plasma treatment to
replace radiotherapy and as an alternative to chemotherapy. They have already
confirmed that tumour reduction and growth of healthy tissue commences within 24
hours, but now they are puzzled.

Keshe reports that over the past week they have introduced new ganses with 'amazing
result'. They appear to have unlocked the secret of which gans elements lead to the
creation or growth of which tissues. This has led to a whole new line of investigation. And
Sed et tellus at quam sagittis pharetra. Donec faucibus sagittis justo.
I look forward to reporting on that in my next article.

Back to Ghana:
As stated before, anybody wishing to take part in the Ghanaian trial should contact the
foundation direct. They are looking for an initial quota of 50 tumour cancers. Each
patient will need to have had the yellow fever vaccination 10 days prior to flight.

The treatment procedures will be handled in government hospitals and an international

community of doctors is invited to attend and supervise.

While the anticipated stay in Ghana is currently 30 days with treatment administered by
injection, the ultimate, stated goal is, that in the future the correct mixture of ganses will
produce the magnetic gravitational field saturation point, at the required threshold, in as
little as the first 3 - 5 minutes.

This of course is a staggering proposal and research continues...


February 3, 2017 3rd Edition

Jacquie Figg, Riverside, California

Contact: Jacquie Figg at (951) 880 4159 email: kfdistributor@gmail.com websites:

https://www.etsy.com/shop/KfPlasmaEnergy and

This Workshop is a two day course spread over a month and will be held on the first Saturday of
each month. So our next workshop is on the first Saturday in February with the second part of
the workshop held on the first Saturday in March (this may change to the first and last Saturday
of each month depending on the number of people interested).

In the first part of the workshop (next available date, February 4 - about 9 hours) you will learn
the following: How to assemble a car unit, how to make a car unit from scratch, various methods
of nano-coating, learn how to make CO2, CUO, CH3 and other types of GANS, with enough
material left over to make pens and cannons.

In the second part of the workshop (next available date, March 4 about 6 hours) will be on the
following: A step-by-step how to assemble the USA Keshe on-grid home unit and further
instructions on nano coating and GANS.

After you have completed this hands-on course there will be an open invitation for you to come
and assist in preparing and setting up the following workshop. The idea of this workshop is to
assist people in learning hands-on about the technology to the point where they can in turn hold
workshops and help others locally.

Anyone interested should contact me at the above number/email address, space is limited to 10
people and there are currently 8 spaces available for the February/March workshop. Please be
aware that if we do get a large number of people signing up that the March date may be brought
forward to the last Saturday in February.

February 1, 2017 3rd Edition

Dr. Rodrigo Vildosola and Dr.Joanne Noel in Chapel Hill, NC

This is an advanced class where it is assumed that the participants will already
understand how to nano-coat plates and coils and how to create the various GANS
materials. Class size 40-50.

WHAT: MaGrav Unit Class taught by Dr. Rodrigo Vildosola

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, February 18th and 19th 9:00am - 4:00pm each day

WHERE: The Carolina Center for Educational Excellence, 9201 Seawell School Road,
Chapel Hill, NC. (same location as first class)

COST: $150 for both days (supplies needed will be shared soon) Checks are made
payable to Dr. Rodrigo Vildosola.

RSVP: Reply to this message or contact Dr. Joanne Noel at drjo@bellsouth.net with
"Reservation for Keshe Class" in the subject line if you know of others who missed the first
class but would like to attend this class.

Due to the length of the articles and announcements in this months issues, Updates from
the Managing Director and Testimonial Corner will appear in the March issue.

Call for Volunteers

Keshe Foundation USA is looking for volunteers with computer skills.

Computer Animator would be responsible in supporting the Foundation with animations that
can be used in workshops and training classes. Animators would be supported with ideas
and concepts by the Foundation and provided a platform that their creations can be
appreciated. We are looking for someone who understands the creation of animations and
can add their own creativity to make training classes both interesting and informative.

Assistant Editor for Plasma Times would assist in collecting articles and formatting articles
for the Newsletter. Some formatting experience with Word Templates would be required.

Please contact suzyKesheAZ@cox.net