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AGIS Transaction

Confirm that you are setup as a buyer
Confirm that the periods are open
Go to Intercompany Super user => Transaction => Outbound (Web Page opens)
Select Setup => Security => Type your name under Person Name => GO
Select All the Assignments and Update them => Apply (43 assignments

1) Navigate Intercompany super user

2) Transaction Outbound.
3) A web page opens. Click Create
2) Enter Initiator Legal Entity Salesforce.com, Inc.
Transaction Type Goods Procurement cross c
Currency USD
Recipient - Legal Entity -
Debit 10000 (You can enter any amount for testing purpose)

3) Click Continue.
4) Click on Add line.
5) Enter Initiator Accounting Line- Account -
100.xxx.000.0000.0000.xxxxxxxx.00000.00000 (company segment should be
Initiator company account, and recipient company acc in Intercompany segment)
For all entities, Accounting segment will be xxxxx for Initiator (xxxxxx =
Intercompany Receivable Acc)
Credit 10000
Description Initiator Accounting Line

6) Click on Recipient Accounting tab.

8) Enter Recipient Accounting Line- Account -
For all entities, Accounting segment will be 251000 for Recipient (Intercompany
Payables Account)
Debit 10000
Description Recipient Accounting Line
9) Click Submit.

10) A notification pops up. Batch 3147 was submitted

Note batch Number will be different for each transaction.

11) In the same screen, put Batch number and click Go.