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Elementary ingles

Exercise 2. Page 42

Circle the word or phrase that is different

1. Athlete classmate neighbor colleague

2. Doctor engineer pharmacy scientist
3. Last name weekend address phone number
4. Subway moped train game
5. Brother daughter wife grandmother
6. Tall new handsome young
7. Concert party restaurant movie
8. Skirt blouse dress tie
9. Listen to music do the laundry visit friend go to the movies
10. Get up shave come home eat breakfast

Exercise 3. Page 43

1. What does Salma Hayek do?

She is an actress
2. Is she from Lebanon?
She is from Mexico
3. Does Hayek have brothers and sisters?
One Daughter
4. When is her birthday?
Her birthday on September 2.1966
5. How old is she?
She is 50years old
6. Is she tall?
No she doesnt, she is small
7. How old is her daughters?
She is 10 years
8. What is her daughters first name?
Her daughters first name is valentina

Exercise 4. Page 43


Occupations artist An actress
nationality From Mexico From Mexico
Nationality of From Germany From Lebano
Nationality of From Mexico From Mexico
Brother and 3 sisters, no Doesnt have
sister brother brother
birthdays July 6, 1907 September 2, 1966

Exercise 5. Page 44

Choose one family member, friends, neighbor, or collegue.complete the


1. Name Andre
2. Relationship to you He is my bother and we get alone each other
3. Occupations He is pharmaceutics
4. Birthday, age (how old?), sing his birthday is on January 2, 1989
5. Adjectives to describe the person. he a great man he is good person
6. Leisure activities he plays basketball he go to the gym

Now write about this person. Use the information above.

His name is Andre he is very nice he works hard, we get alone

Exercise 1. Page 44

1. Look at the pictures. Write a yes/ no question with be and short

answer .use the word in parentheses. he a bank teller?

No, he is not she a doctor ?

Yes, she is she a lawyer?

Yes, she is he electrician?
No, he is not he florist?
Yes, he is she hairdresser?
Yes, she is

Exercise 2. Page 45

Look at the pictures. Write answer to the question. Remember to capitalize

proper nouns.

1. What is the grocery checks name?

His name is Sam
2. What is the pharmacists name?
His name is Ms. Smith
3. What is the waitresss name?
His name is Alex
4. What is the travel agents name?
His name is Ellen Lane
5. What is the professors name?
His name is Peter Jasson