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Dear Candidacy Representative,

My name is Jonathan Lovell and I would like to establish why I am not a potential employee candidate
but a potential team asset. A quick overview of my educational, professional, and award winning
background is previewed here in this cover letter. I have much more to offer in my potential and
established profile located within my CV/Resume.

My passion, educations, and profession alignment give me core strengths and skills with electro-
mechanical industrial production operation processes, engineering technology, and program
implementation of deadline driven, multi-dimensional, high tolerance projects. A valued team
participant who thrives in critical thinking, technically challenging, and high capacity positioning, and
environments; especially within multiple phase, goal-based systems engineering. Always striving to
improve situational performance by being a proactive problem solver. Able to accomplish goals through
a natural ability of applying logical, systematic, and analytical skills to on-the-job challenges with
constant condence, determination, and focus. Resulting to a trustworthy respectful individual, whos
productive, high standards personality, and subsequent work ethic contribute to attaining all individual
and team goals.

I am always critically very aware of all surroundings and great at balancing multi-task situational
needs while keeping company policy, safety, and demands along with customer priorities rst. I have a
keen ability to be a quick learner and am extremely experienced and procient in creating analysis
reports as well as natural profound research and self-starter abilities. I have great business skills;
including accurate and timely creation of all required or benecial company materials and presentation
media. I excel in analyzing current regulatory systems and constantly search for lacks in efciency and as
a result I am procient in creating preemptive tasks, presenting benecial improvements, developing
workflow process charts, as well as any possible gentrication to superiors and utilizing methodology
that has max yield efciency gain with minimal waste return solutions.

Excelling / Adept Skills in:

Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Engineer Technician (Mechatronic, MP&P, Quality, Tooling,

GD&T, Industrial Systems, Aerospace, Testing), Engineering Technology, Production Logistics, and
Acquired Advanced Machining Contract Tolerance Adherence.

Intricate manufacturing through innovative implementation of advanced technology, methodology,

and processes encompassing data analysis, applying knowledge of product design, fabrication, assembly,
tooling, materials, assay, and key equipment asset stock.

Assures competitive edge in market by using proprietary formulas and algorithm calculations to get a
unique situational assay of the clearly most marketable outcome in a appropriate capabilities balanced
"cost to benefit" / "production process resources to quality accurate product" hybridized ratio where
the most acceptable scenario of most lean and quickest process configurations are apparent to meet the
determining standard of quality tolerances and a resulting factor of passable defects allowed and
accurate number of defect part fail per thousand produced. Specific areas and variables can be tuned or
the overall accuracy of ratio's and their adherence to standards/result auditing are obtainable by
extensive testing of hardware, materials, and process capabilities to validate manufacturing

Application of key lean manufacturing principles and technology to production stages.

Analyzes and develops detailed workows, requirements, and equipment layout to improve efciency.

Manage overall implementations of capital asset equipment use for projects.

Design technical concept drawings for preemptive lean production, equipment, modications, etc.

Develops tooling and xtures for new products and processes needed per design.

ID and create solutions for safety, materials, quality, productivity, cost reduction, and key capital and
asset stocks.

Considerable knowledge gained via years of training and experience in operations of the machining /
aerospace / manufacturing industry.

Knowledge of terminology, methods, equipment, practices, advanced or unique use instrumentation,

critically precise measurement hardware, and machine setup and maintenance.

Thorough prociency of system analysis, designs, research methodology, and technical drawing

Knowledge of high level mathematics and ability to make arithmetical calculations quickly and

Ability to operate complex computerized programs and equipment with extreme accuracy and
intimate understanding.

Ability to create accurate, detailed technical drawings from eld notes and design needs.

Ability to create technical reports and manuals for management and staff to maximize time and
Ability to determine user needs and ability to analyze processing system data to create optimum
company and customer satisfaction.

Ability and inner passion to communicate effectively to both employees and management, both orally
and in writing or digital media presentation.

Natural ability to analytically inspect job site(s), status reporting, project detail documentation, all
adding to my desire to resolve problematic issues effectively in the best interest of said company and

-University Enrollee pursuing a B.S. Mechanical Engineering / Logistical Supply Chain Mgmt.

- Graduate of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Discipline as Technologist

- Graduate of Precision Machining Technology Discipline (Associate, Technician, & Specialist Titled
Endorsements) w/ National Accreditation

- Many Related Niche Certifications, Endorsements, and Credentials by:

N.I.M.S / ASME / SkillsUSA / M.S.S.C. (Manufacturing Skills Standards Council) / NCCER / ACTE / OSHA
/ E.T.A. (Electronics Technician Association)

To Serve in the Light of Truth,

Jonathan R. Lovell
(256)-585-0987 + jrl609@yahoo.com + https://www.linkedin.com/in/jlovell256/