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Isabella Koessler

Sports Thread LLC

Sports Reporter
Attended sporting events at the

University of Oregon
Journalism Experience

University of Oregon and wrote 09/2013-

Bachelor of Science in Journalism
features on athletes and recaps of Present
Minor-Business Administration
games. Graduating Spring 2017
Worked under deadlines and
gained experience taking feed-
back from editors.

The Odyssey
09/2015- Professional- Personality-
Online Content Writer
06/2016 InDesign Friendly
Wrote weekly stories for the Final Cut ProX Positive

online publication of The Microsoft Word Motivated

Odyssey. Excel (knowledgeable) Adaptable
Faced challenges of figuring out Photography Leadership
topics for articles every week. Writing Hardworking
Gained knowledge of brain- Communication Determined
storming story ideas and working
with editors.

The Wolf

06/2013 Staff Writer
Worked on my high school 503.530.6748
newspaper staff.
Covered a variety of stories in-
cluding feature, news, sports and 8525 SW Maricopa Dr.
opinion pieces. Tualatin, OR 97062
Gained experience in page de-
signs and story ideas.

Fun Facts

I have over 900 volunteer hours. I would live off of ice cream if I could. I used to be a baton twirler.