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A Chance for a

new home
Case for Support 2016

By Kaite Graham
About A Chance Animal Rescue

Mission A Chance Animal Rescue is an animal

rescue organization dedicated to the reha-
We are focused on caring and rehabilitating rescued
dogs and finding them new loving homes where they bilitation and placement, in loving homes,
can live out the rest of their lives. of those dogs that we take into our care.
We are an all-volunteer based charity, and
Vision all donations made go directly to caring for
the animals rescued. Our dogs come from
Creating a caring community that values and respects shelters, rescues, sympathetic police ser-
vices, and those abandoned by their own-
ers. We at A Chance Animal Rescue never
Values refuse any breed or age of dog, and any
dog that cannot regain an owners trust will
We believe in serving the community, humane
treatment of animals, and compassion and dedication remain with us to live out the rest of their
towards our projects. life in piece.
Letter from our Executive Director
Thank you for taking this opportunity to
learn about our campaign A Chance for a
New Home. We at A Chance Animal
Rescue are dedicated to our donors and
appreciate all of the opportunities that they
give us to serve out our mission.

I started A Chance Animal Rescue Inc. in

2011 and have been pleased to be the executive
director for this great, caring charity since that
time. Dogs have always held a soft spot in my
heart, but it wasnt until I noticed the number of
dogs being put into shelters and not finding the
right homes that I decided to start this charity. I
wanted to create a place that would never turn
away any age or breed of dogs and was committed to working with behaviourist to make sure the
dogs were being placed into homes that fit their personalities. Over the past five years we have
placed more than 35 dogs into new loving homes. It has been our mission to care and rehabilitate
rescue dogs and find them new loving homes where they can live out the rest of their lives.

A Chance Animal Recue is an all-volunteer based organization. Each of our volunteers are devoted to
every one of our dogs that come into the rescue and they work their hardest to care and rehabilitate

As our charity continues to grow, we at A Chance Animal Rescue have decided to expand our space
to better fit our growing community. That is why we have launched the campaign A Chance for a New
Homes. This campaign will bring us the opportunity to house double the amount of dogs that we cur-
rently able to. Our goal is to raise $45,000 to help pay for a new commercial shelter, supplies for all
our dogs, and any veterinary bills for the next year.

Your dedication and financial support has given us the opportunity to achieve our mission and vision
as a charity and it is because of you that we are growing as a community. Thank you! Now with your
continued support we will be able to continue to grow and create enough space to care for more

Martha Russell
Executive Director
A Chance Animal Rescue Inc.
Happy Tails
Our Adoption Success Stories

Tia was a very affectionate and energetic dog when she came to us. She
was dumped at a local shelter, but still had her high spirits. She had some
health issues, so the shelter contacted us saying that no one wanted to
adopt a dog with these many health issues. After some help of our donors
and an excellent veterinarian, we were able to get Tia healthy and ready to
find a new home. When Tia was one and a half years old she got adopted
by a wonderful family.

Spencer came to us after a family break up left him at a local shelter. He
was approximate 4 years old when he was left. He was a very loyal dog
who loved to please, had all of his vaccinations and was neutered. Lucki-
ly for us, Spencer found his perfect companion that he could love and be
entirely devoted to.

Marci came from a difficult situation, were she was suffering from malnu-
trition. She started to blossom once she came into our care. She started
to show affection to all of our volunteers and became an eager dog willing
to learn and develop new relationships. Marci was adopted when she was
4 years old and found a great family that she connected with immediately
and created an excellent bond.

Dudes owner passed away and the remaining family did not want to keep
him, so they dumped him at a local shelter. He had to spend 6 weeks at the
shelter before they were allowed to contact us. It would take a lot for him to
start to trust humans again, but once he found the right person he became
a very affectionate dog. Dude found the perfect home with a retired gentle-
man, who shares his love in slow walks and sleeping in his bed.
Financial Highlights
Financial Revenue for 2015
A Chance Animal Rescue is
Receipted Donations Non-receipted Donations fully committed to using all
of their funds to help rescue
dogs in need. We have re-
mained a financially stable
Government Gifts from other
86% 14% charity and are dedicated to
Funding charities
using our revenue to fund
our charitable programs to
0% 0% help rehabilitate and place
rescued dogs into loving
Revenue We want to make every
donor dollar count and use
all of our donations towards
programs that will make the most difference. As you can see below, 98% of our ex-
penses go towards our charitable programs. We are an all-volunteer based organiza-
tion as well, meaning that none of our expense goes towards employee salaries. All
of our revenue is donation based; this is why at A Chance Animal Rescue we are so
dedicated to our donors and wants to ensure the money they are giving makes a differ-

Because of the increase in Financial Expenses for 2015

demand to help rescue dogs,
Management and administration
we are seeking the opportuni- Charitable Programs
ty for growth. With help from
our donors, we will be looking
to expand and improve our Gifts to other
programs in hopes to be able 98% 2% charities
to care for more dogs at one
0% 0%
In 2015, A Chance Animal
Rescue had a total revenue of
$29,715 and total expenses Expenses
of $29,426.
Current Programs

Currently we run all of our programs outside of our directors home. She has
kindly opened up her home to our community and has accepted all dogs of any age
and breed with welcome arms. All of our adoptables and retirees/non-adoptables live
within her home. At this time we are able to house five dogs at a time within our care.

We work with a renowned behaviourist that helps rehabilitate our rescued dogs and
ensures that they are ready to be placed in new homes without cause for concern. Our
behaviousist has kindly volunteered time
to help evaluate behaviour of the dogs
that come into the shelter, which helps us to
ensure that they are finding the right home
when being adopted. It is important to us to
know the types of dogs we have in the
shelter and have a better understanding of
how they behave and why. Once we have
a good understanding of this we can ensure that we finds these pups the perfect life-
long home.

We also have many excellent veterinary contacts and donors that help us to make sure
that all of our dogs are healthy and well before finding their new homes. We want all of
our dogs to be as health as they can, and ensure that we know all of their health
concerns before adopting them to a new family. Any dogs that are too sick or unhealthy
to be adopted will stay within our care to live out the rest of their lives.
A Look into the Future
We at A Chance Animal Rescue Inc. are growing
every day, and want to expand out space to make
a better, larger home for us to care for our rescued
dogs. Currently we our running all of our programs
out of our directors home. It is our goal to get a
commercial space to run our program.

Presently, the space that we are using is able to

house five dogs, including our adoptables and retir-
ees/non-adoptables. With the expanding need to find
abandoned or stray dogs new homes, it is our goal
to find a new place to help care for more dogs until
we can find them permanent homes. We want to be
able to care for as many rescued as we can at one

We have found a new building to run the rescue

out of in a central area in town. The new building is
1000 square feet, giving us plenty of room to house
and care for our current adoptabled and any retir-
ees/non-adoptables. With this new building, we will
be able to house double the amount of rescues as
we were before. It also has a great backyard area
for the dogs to play and get exercise in. We have
worked out a great deal with the landowner and he is
willing to rent us the area for $2000 a month, which
includes utilities.

Along with the new housing area, we will also need

to get more cages, beds, toys, food, and all other
supplies to house and care for the dogs, as well as
additional veterinary services. Because we will be
able to care for double the amount of dogs, we will
need double the amount of supplies and services to
care for them. It is our goal to raise enough money
with our campaign A Chance for a New Home to
fund this project for a whole year. Our objective is to
raise $45,000 as this would give us enough money
to pay for rent for a year and to pay for supplies and
services to care for 10 dogs for the year.
How to Give

With your generous donations we will be able to grow our charity and expand on our
programs. With your contributions, we will be able to fund our campaign A Chance for a
New Home.

All donations will go towards funding A Chance for a New Home. All types of donations
are welcome, including:
One time cash donations
Monthly cash donations
Supply donations
o Food
o Toys
o Blankets
o Crates
o Leashes
o Etc.

By helping A Chance Animal Rescue to reach our goal of $45,000, you will be helping
dogs in need around our community and helping better their future. You can donate by
cheque or online at achanceanimalrescueinc.ca.

675 County Road, Oxford Mills, ON | achancerescue@gmail.com | achanceanimalrescueinc.ca