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Chinese Feng Shui whats external and what

If you see yourself as a serious Feng Shui student, certainly if you have been
teaching 9 Stars and Luoshu in any shape or form, you want to be sure youre as
close as can be to what the ancient scholars had in mind. No games, meaning,
there should be no fiddling anywhere in metaphysics. Yet, if then we did some
thinking outside the box, what about the notion of external and internal in Feng
Shui or Chinese astrology?
Yes, youre reading good, as for once it didnt say interior or exterior Feng Shui in
regard to house divination.
I once received a question by someone whom at the time was working on an
article, inquiring after what would be the meaning of Feng Shui outside the
common translation Wind and Water. As I am no Sinologist, I still thought the
matter interesting enough to share it with you here and extend a bit more into
the Mountain, Water and Wind of it, because I took my answer a bit beyond just
linguistics. What in Feng Shui is external and thereby exogenous, and what might
just have been made to appear as such, but would be actually internal
and endogenous. Also, while were at it, lets look a bit into the intrinsic meaning
behind some of those wondrous Chinese characters.
I hope I am here finding you ready to doing some rather extensive reading on a
number of topics, however, which if taken together, I hope will inspire you even
more at what must be the finest of studies, Oriental metaphysics.
As youd apply Feng Shui, certainly as you take
your knowledge to benefit others, you would be
interested in what originally the ancient scholar
had to say, yes? A bit less so would you like to
find that you had been taken for a ride, or even
lured into what might have become of
metaphysics but after the emperor had laid his
hands on the astronomy of it, to then filter the
original teaching, so it got presented to the
public in a pretty much deformed way.
But, well get to the emperor of it a bit later on.
As we would here first go into some linguistics, we may then further propose how
by default the ancient master might have transmitted the scientific knowledge,
but not after he had altered the original teaching. As a practitioner, it is good
therefore, if you think and rethink any of those basic tools, then any of the
application derived from it, because Hetu Yellow River map, Xian Tian Gua or
Former Heaven Trigram setting , Fuxi, Wuxing have been not exempt from this.
Your adventure into Feng Shui can only become even greater once you saw the
true underlying teaching under those chewed on fabrications and youd have
much greater esteem for those ancient scholars, perhaps much less so for the
We have seen that, so lets just skip how then Fng Shu literally
translates as Wind (Feng) and Water (Shui). But Chinese wouldnt be Chinese if
not it got to a bit more appealing than perhaps suggested by just its square
translations, as wed often see a figurative connotation outside just sheer
Lets see if Chinese is just a common language or an energy system, as goes for
the Japanese language, as you may appreciate even better once you look up
Kotodama on your next web search. As wed be entering the world of sound and
while at it, you might just wish to read the web on Solfeggio Frequencies, more in
particular as you read on account of 528hz.
Wenlin returns this on the Chinese character for Wind: The scholastic
commentator says that the wind produces the insects. In the simple form , the
inner part is abbreviated to , two strokes Y which means to regulate, put
in order, stabilize and viewed as some kind of scissors.
Shu then translates as water or waterways. The unceasing flow of water
veins in the earth. Picture of water flowing. Compare chun, also sometimes
written as a component in other characters, for example where it appears in ji
or wine . Also compare yng, meaning perpetually; forever; always.
The full form of Fng is composed of fn phonetic and chng for
insect, but now you may take just the phonetic fn and leave out the inner part
to get this:
It is still about translating Fng as Wind, but within context, could you visually
take this image as a depiction for mountain? Even though it derives
from the character for Wind, can you appreciate its intrinsic ability to
block? See, thats the thing with Chinese characters, as you can fly
through and go around them until you experience their fiery and ever
changing nature from within.
When still in my martial arts time, I once had a beautiful calligraphy done for my
dojo by a Japanese master. She showed me one way of how Chinese characters
can be perceived and she asked me to imagine looking at a clear blue sky, then
white clouds appearing in the sky, taking their swirling shape and changing form
all the time.
Besides those seeming literal translations such as with Fng Shu, we may see
Chinese characters to hold several other meanings, pending context, providing a
host of layers for new understanding that we may yet reflect on. Pertaining Feng
Shui and in the words of Gu P , author of Zang Shu, Book of Burial:
Qi rides with the wind and Qi is dispersed by the wind
and Qi is retained once it encounters water.
What Guo Pu had put there is more than what would be suggested by just the
words. Then, Water is H2O but by extension it is also Yang energy, moving
energy, carrying life, as it is to depict the retaining principle. Of course, within
context of Feng Shui, above phrase would immediately pull your attention
towards exogenous factors and chances are, the author knew this all too well and
so it was intended.
I need you to ponder on above phrase and replace the nouns if you have to.
But anyway, what can disperse, can be blocked. What can flow, can be guided
and retained, or held in position. As a matter of speaking, Wind and Water may
be viewed as the same principle, by which water is just wind in motion, as neither
would seem to keep to pre-set directions and are in that sense either one
unpredictable. Both wind and water can go places, as also, both wind and water
imply the ability to block or to contain.
Both wind and water have the capacity to transport, be that insects or boats and
to bring in either favorable or malign influence to where we live.
Qi rides with the wind
It is implied that, if something can ride with the wind, it can be also obstructed or
blocked, so Feng besides wind may be otherwise and on a deeper level taken
to imply a blocking function, in this sense, and as an extension, Feng as
compared to Shui would have assumed the figurative and poetic function of
having become Mountain.

These are the Chinese characters to

our schools name in the Netherlands, which reads Heluo Qi Xue .
Although Xue can be taken to mean study and so as to further emphasize the
ever evolving studies we partake in as a research center for professional Feng
Shui, 9 Star Ki Divination, Nine Star Ki Astrology and the Chinese astrology Four
Pillars of Destiny Bazi, I then took Xue to the rather more flexible Heluo Qi
Explorations. If then you look at the Chinese character for Q (pronounced Ki in
Japanese), we will be discussing it further down, as well as wed look into what
may be one of those neat messages laying obscured in the character for Do .
Everything is to mirror something else
Then on to the question, to what extent have you been indiscriminately applying
the techniques just the same way as they had been earlier presented to you
through books or in class? Do you find yourself offering advise to others, while
transmitting all these goodies you had picked up some place before with respect
to this Mountain Dragon does this and you should do this or if youll use water
on this Water Star, then?
We say, if what started a thesis was wrong hypothesis, then, whatever follows
would be at fault. Welcome to the world that may just have us proceed from
assessment, over supposition, then onto active statement, then into sure looping.
If you went out to eat in a restaurant, it would be good if you knew from what
kitchen the food originated and to know whos the chef. It is no different in all of
your studies and practice, while here it doesnt matter if then it was science or
metaphysics youre into, much less would it matter from what region your study
had come.
Whereas Feng Shui would soon regard Mountain as those environmental
elevations and Water as environmental H2O, we can also see how virtually all in
Oriental metaphysics would be the ancient scholars way to present us with just a
fold out, but of whatever he had first established to lie within the realm of our
physical body and our physiology.
It is the old story of the finger pointing to the Moon, so that, before wed go into
application anywhere in metaphysics to mind matters concerning health and fate,
we need take what the ancients then our teacher had presented, then see if it
might perhaps be a dress up for something else, then mold it back to arrive at its
original shape. If not, your client still asking you about the moon, while before
long youd be going into deliberations about his finger joints.
Again said differently, no astronomical principle being laid bare, or it would find its
immediate sustainment in whatever we find on this planet, starting with our
physical bodies, what it contains and all of its physiological functions. No
observation of natural phenomena in physics done by the ancients, or it would be
equally mirrored somewhere at the realm of Human Qi, living tissue actually.
No law of nature, or it would have its characteristics extended into the manifested
occurrence, and again in the next phenomenon and once more in next object,
which perhaps at the brains first glance would seem the latest acquired was just
unrelated to the earlier occurrence, but still of course all happening from same
ratio and geared by same machinery along eternal continuum.
If the ancients knew this, it becomes easy to see how they would have had ways
of their own to then alter the actual teaching and make it appear as a different
form before bringing the technique to serve the public. Thing is, how far from the
original astronomical or mathematical equation had the presentation been taken,
before it was molded enough for someone to decide it was then fit for us to see.
Inconspicuous swirl out and swirl back in Mountain, Water and Wind
Commonly and what if at some level this was done intentionally -, the notion of
Mountain in Feng Shui would pull our attention towards something that extends
out into the open, the environmental elevation, whereas it may just as well been
taken to obscure what was internal. Same for Water and Wind. If then the ancient
scientist thought to make external what he had earlier found at the physiological
tract, but for whatever reason he then decided not to immediately show it, what
then do you presume would Mountain once more become after we restored
Mountain in its original connotation and after once again we established fold in?
In other words, how did the scholar take something that he had observed
internally, to then commit fold out, so that this something was dressed up to
occur as something external or environmental?
Likewise, perhaps rather not more than an intelligible fold out of some
underlying notion that the ancients had decided to keep from becoming all too
obvious, what then would you say was environmental water if once more made
internal. Last but not least, and if made physiological, what would be Wind?
Everything originates from Wu Ji -, the Great Nothingness, the Great Void.
From this Taiji is born, the Absolute World, the Ultimate Universe, the
Extreme Pole. All then is Dao, all encompassing. To make itself manifest, Dao
employs the forces of Yang and Yin , so that Dao be manifest and be given
hands and feet, so that visible and invisible phenomena come into motion in
the Relative World, where all is governed by magnetism.
The Binary Model of Creation shows us how Yang will not go anywhere without
ensuring Yin was at its side. Yin will not go places without having consulted Yang.
It is the world of two manifestations, Lingy , rather not opposites, just
happening all at the same time, at all times. If there is a plus pole, there is a
minus pole. Once we affect one magnetic pole, we would have affected the other,
so that Yin and Yang and considerably long before we would further categorize
into light and absence of light, gender, temperature, the notion of action and
response or even further down the line of reasoning some of those philosophical
or folkloristic notions -, become just mere magnetism.

As always, there would be no Yang going on its path without taking Yin with it,
and vice versa. Said differently, there wouldnt be anything external in Feng Shui
if not at some other level it was to be mirrored by something internal just the
same. The ancients knew all about swirl out and swirl in, but moreover, they
were masters at letting you on to think that the cosmos was about the side of the
card they had presented to you, while they would see something else on their
side of the card.
Feng and Shui are like the outer side and inner side of a t-shirt. You would not tell
people: I am wearing the outside of the t-shirt, as it is assumed by all that you
were just wearing a t-shirt. Feng and Shui are just like Liver and Gallbladder
which would be perceived by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as just one
organ system. Compare this to anatomy where just as we say is true for Yin
and Yang the Triceps and Biceps are not opposites, but antagonistic-
Just as in martial arts wed attempt to have action and
response fall in the same moment, preferably without
thought to still intervene anywhere, all in our universe will
be at forever Push Hands.
The notion of 5 Yellow for magnetic pole reversal shows us all at the realm of
expansion and contraction happens just simultaneously.
Also in Flying Star Feng Shui and apart from working with Real Mountain and
Virtual Mountain or Real Water and Virtual Water and saying that Mountain is
good for People, Water is good for Wealth, sometimes Water can be Good for
People also. If we have water flow in from an elevation, the water would have
been carried from out of higher altitude and therefore charged with mountain
energy. Mostly, water from the mountain would be fresh and uncontaminated, so
beneficial to health. So, there is always the obvious Yang-Yin in a phenomenon
and by reversal also the intrinsic Yin-Yang.
The so-called male-female principle in Yin and Yang has not been about actual
gender, as people are like t-shirts also, just wearing one magnetic pole more to
the inside, carrying the other pole more to the outside.
Paradox and contradiction
We may appreciate how virtually all in Oriental Metaphysics has an actual and an
implied connotation, by which the notion of paradox in all that is presented is
critical, especially your capacity not only to recognize but also to accept and learn
to work with paradox.
I have seen many to voice their confusion over the many contradictory teachings
put forward in Flying Star Feng Shui, or better still where they feel Feng Shui
would seem to diversify into so many factions and ever so many paradigms put
forward by what would seem an ever growing army of teachers and Feng Shui
masters. We may establish that, in fact, by way of such perceived contradiction
and the confusion to go with it, many have been lost for the field or at best, those
with a training history wouldnt have an idea where to still turn for sustained
But thing is, there is no contradiction anywhere in Oriental metaphysics, and
paradox is not contradiction but just seeming and at one point intended
contradiction, put there deliberately and for certain purpose. At the same time, if
one source told you one thing about a system, while another source tells you
differently about the system, then there might still be no contradiction as such
deviation lies not with the system, but of course somehow human intervention
got in.
Mostly we can view Feng and Shui as two separate characters, by that as two
separate entities. More precisely and doing justice to metaphysics, we could be
writing not Feng Shui, but Fengshui, thereby understanding the continuum
implied by the term Windwater, inviting us into dialectic-monism and spirallic
thinking, rather than dualism and a linear type of thinking.
Yin and Yang in their extremes produce the other pole, one implies the other and
you will be struck by contradiction and the feeling to be at a loss, for as long as
youd find yourself caught inside here first supposition, then on to studying
metaphysics but still not able to perceive from the second one.
If from A comes B, then from B must come C
If from A comes B, then from B might just as well come Y
See what happens if you asked the first supposition to accept 1 + 1 = 2, then
solve 1 + 1 = 3 from same.
Confusion in our Qi studies may occur, where the brain might have a hard time
accepting that within context, Y may be as good an outcome as C. In fact, if I was
a scholar and I wanted to protect my cosmological findings, chances are I would
take my initial observation and mold it into diagrams, prose or what have you
many times enough, until C apparently became Y, then Id present Y to keep the
audience busy and have them juggle for a while.
One would hope that your every day student would be able to just trust that the
actual teaching transmitted in class was now in the presented diagram, however,
if still the initial notion not being corrected for and when later on the student
becomes the next in line teacher, chances are the teaching and application would
continue to move from same red herring, which are intended smoke screens and
just the mere decoys we see so massively used in Feng Shui and Four Pillars of
Destiny, or in the whole of Oriental metaphysics for that matter.
So, linguistically Feng and Shui can be translated and understood rather one-
dimensionally. When it comes to practising Feng Shui, one must learn to yet work
ones way through several layers more.
Further down the road, we may attain even deeper layers of understanding, the
practise now being added with cosmology, philosophy (for as long as myth,
folklore and religion are being left out as, more than anything, these have been
causing for ridicule, uneasing apprehension and damage to art, students and
clients), a more profound understanding of and skill over its full inherent
meanings and one may walk from the domain of just sheer expertise and being
an analyst into the realm of diviner.
An example of what we are supposed to be doing in Feng Shui, but which we
would see missing from all those Feng Shui tips out there and that would have us
remember that actually wed be working with magnetism, and which will greatly
surpass the thinking in furniture placements, gadgets, crystals, wind-chimes,
Bagua mirrors or Buddha statues:
We counter intangible Yang with the appropriated tangible Yin.
We counter intangible Yin with the appropriated tangible Yang.
As a life goal, it can be taken as having the Yang discipline and duty meet with
the Yin softness and compassion.
Qi is not in mere technique, rather Qi can be taken as a mentality. Thereby,
Fengshui can be taken and applied as mere technique, some practitioners will be
able to extend the principle in a way that the technique now becomes a way of
life, incorporating Heaven-Man-Earth or Time-Action-Space.
It is one thing to see what the ancient scholar had perhaps done in order to dress
up the underlying technique, as I can accept there might still be good intent or
some higher defensible purpose, whereas it is another thing to see what one
would come up with for deliberate desintegration of population once able to
unlock what exactly the devious emperor had done once having laid his hands
on the astronomical findings.
Todays metaphysics will be saturated with this and most would have been still
practising more of it than one would even care to know as even the notion of Five
Elements as it has been applied through its supporting cycle and controlling cycle
becomes suspect.
Here is to give an idea of what youd need yet scrutinize on behalf of any
technique or principle as, throughout Oriental metaphysics you may be presented
by what may have at one point perhaps still been solid astronomical observation
or sound findings from mathematics or physics, then and so as in order to cover
up the true underlying teaching or intention proclaimed fit for the public to see
only after:
The original teaching had been molded to appear as something else. This may be
done intentionally by the scholar and here probably still well intended or done
from some defensible purpose. This may be less so to use an understatement
if such cover up was committed by the emperor, which would increase
mercilessness right up to surfacing just sheer cruelty and the chance thats
diplomatic for with a probability bordening on certainty that this would have
been done with sure desintegration of individuals, families, the population in
mind, of course solely to greater glorification of the ruler.
The original teaching had been molded into an otherwise fairly unrelated diagram,
or it may have been taken into a poem which in order to decipher and trace back
to its original teaching would be hardly doable and be taking decades if not
someone at least hinted towards its solution.
The original teaching had been reversed in order, or just only half the equation
shown, where also two diagrams may be conjoined to appear as just one
diagram, things supposed to be shown vertically now presented horizontally, or
the deviation may be in obscuring the nature or even the proclaimed effect of
the teaching.
The latter meaning that, and a bit sobering perhaps, what the emperor may let
you on to think was bad for you, would be exactly what would come to the
immediate benefit (if now you decided to let go of the idea) of the emperor. By
the same token, what you were let on to belief was to come to your benefit and
which may hit close to home as you may have been taken same to others for
advice -, now turns out to be detrimental.
As a result, a great bunch of fine people would no longer travel into their
auspicious directions or they may have been instead thinking their inaupicious
directions are beneficial. At the same time, a lot of people may wrongly feel they
had not married the right spouse, while otherwise there should be no cause for
such doubt. Or, many may assume all sorts of other things about their
relationship, under instigation of a faulted system based in fabricated equations.
This is short for saying, once the despot knew you were reliant of Oxygen, he
would soon have the decrete out telling you it was a better idea if you gave up
breathing altogether.
Nothing about this is new and we all know that all too well. It may just be that we
might have accustomed ourselves to being a bit suspicious on account of anything
governmental, while failing to see the government in such arts aimed at
harmony and balance as Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki or even the notion of Karma.
Everything Oriental seems unsuspect, perhaps because we need it to be like that.
We may think and rethink Mountain, Water and Wind and perhaps reconsider
some of those standing and highly unsuspect techniques in Flying Star Feng Shui,
e.g. the one to suggest that we ought to sleep with windows closed for purpose of
health and we may gather new appreciation for what this would do
notwithstanding Mountain or Water Dragon, as weve been through that
eventually to our physiology, already if were alone in the room, not to speak of
perhaps another person there too, competing for same Oxygen for a good
number of hours, day in day out.
Not what it seems
There will be not much in metaphysics to give you exactly what it may seem. An
example of this is in this Chinese coin.
When asked to decribe a Chinese coin, most tend to describe a
circular coin with a square hole in the middle. Well, you could
still wear it around your pinky, but there is no hole. The coin is an
intelligible design to represent the creation and unity of Heaven
and Earth. Also, according to Five Transformations, a circle
represents Metal and a square represents Earth. Along the
Wuxing supporting cycle, Earth will engender Metal, thereby
The Chinese coin is designed to attain a perfect representation of matter and
energy, tangible and intangible, Yin and Yang, solid and void, but theres only
a seeming void at the center.
Some say, the circle represents Heaven, while the square represents China. Note
that the Chinese character for China (Zhnggu , or Middle Kingdom)
includes a territorial square with walls and warriors or (as in the Simplified
version) a square holding (Y jade) in place of . There was a variant
with (Wng) King in the middle.
Everything in Chinese character is there for a reason
If we extend Snci , or the unification of Heaven, Man and Earth, you will
enjoy how the Chinese character for Dao becomes an adventure in itself, as it is
quite harmonious with twelve strokes and it is to store a special message.

To see animation, click the desired Chinese character

The two top strokes (1) say: When Yin and Yang, then continued in the
horizontal stroke (2) as come together to join in unity.., then (3) and follow
(or keep to) a certain order, then the ideogram indicating movement and
progression (4) everything will be progressive.
We can relate this to several walks of life: when husband and wife come together
to join in unity and keep to certain order, the marriage will be prosperous.
To this respect, Id like to think the character along with its intrinsic message can
be viewed in close relation to whats in Yi Jing Hexagram #37, which you may
look up if you like. At the same time, this would have us contemplate the hidden
purpose there has been in at all incorporating the Chinese Ming Gua system
designed in the Tang Dynasty and so massively used in Ba Zhai Eight
Mansions Feng Shui. Whereas most of it was a deliberate fabrication and Ba Zhai
originally not a member of Xuan Kong Feng Shui (better still, San Yuan doctrine),
the Ming Gua system still requires you to distinguish between Gua for males and
females born in the same Solar year. It may not become immediately apparent,
how this would come diametrically opposed to said Yi Jing text and everything
else we know in Ming Li or fate calculation.
Then, gradually and even though we must keep 9 Star Ki and Ming Gua strictly
apart, what would be ones 9 Star Ki astrological birth Star got mixed up with
what would be ones Ming Gua and many would meanwhile no longer identify
with the former, but design their life along the latter. Whereas in a way we may
say you are your 9 Ki Star, you are not your Ming Gua. While the two come as
perfectly unrelated, still many will be referring to their type by interchangeably
using my Gua and my 9 Ki Star.
Try find different astrology signs for males and females leading to different
horoscopes, different astrological character descriptions, different relationship
compatibility or date selection anywhere in Western astrology or different
archetypes along numerology. You wont be able to. Of course, such can be only
meant to further interfere with our personal frequencies, or our innate magnetism
if you will, and will come as ultimate and deliberate desintegration of families.
In the mean time, especially so if youd be employing on behalf of women, if you
have been employing the Ming Gua system for purpose of Feng Shui and house
divination, compatibility astrology, directionology, date selection, Yi Jing
Divination or fate calculation, thats just fine, but chances are youd soon be
mixing apples and oranges if not you stepped into 9 Ki for annual-, monthly- and
daily Stars when so required. You may wish to set yourself behind your desk and
reserve some time for research and to seriously set yourself to applying 9 Stars
and Luoshu Divination by its original form and see if the different Gua for
females holds true.
As always in metaphysics, you wouldnt be taking anything from anyone, but
would you concur it is a bit easier to accept a forecasting once the event was to
be actually mirrored by your annual- and monthly Luoshu? No humans to
interfere there, just you and Luoshu. I bet you would agree that this beats
whatever then anyone had to say on the subject.
As a rewarding exercise and one you could finalize today, or tomorrow at the
latest -, you could try look into accidents or missing persons cases in your media
involving females and see for yourself whether the event was matched by looking
at the Ming Gua or if the Magic Square reveals the story to you only once youd
incorporate 9 Stars just as would be suggested by Nine Star Ki Astrology. If you
think this is confusing, thats understandable, but you could try this for just a
short period of time, until you were sure to change your perception and
application where it comes to the 9 Ki of it.
Finally, the traditional Chinese character for Qi is equally adventurous, dynamic
and quite meaningful, again not just on account of the intrinsic story told, but
once more hinting towards Heaven, Man and Earth as all about the character
would be good on your Heart, your blood and blood circulation and your Oxygen.
The character just breaths Feng Shui all over, exogenously and endogenously.

The three top strokes (3) are very dynamic and may in a way be understood as
Shui, or water, thereby to denote ever moving mist, vapor, fog, Dragons breath
or steam coming from a cooker. The body (2) of the character may be taken as a
depiction for mountain or a cooker to contain rice and it can be taken for its
ability to block or contain energy.
Traditionally and for solid reason m, the ideogram for uncoocked rice (1) or
whole grains is right at the Heart of the Chinese character for Qi. Ancient societies
well understood the equation food equals fate and life was perceived to be good
and prosperous if the land duly minded, knowing when to sow, how to
appropriately prepare food and otherwise keep to dietary principles that would
take into account Yin and Yang, Wuxing, season, gender, latitude, topography and
a number of other magnitudes such as which plants (not) to sow in what year, the
medicinal use of food and herbs. To say that most of that is in the past would be
an understatement and perhaps best reflected by the ideogram for rice having
been omitted in the Simplified version of the character which may now read
instead, which omission I would say is not just regrettable, but strikes as rather
serious, certainly as it may be taken to reflect the characteristic of modern
society to go into massive production and consumption of processed foods and
The cycle of transmutation that says the quality of our food produces the quality
of our blood, the quality of our blood produces the quality of our organs could be
extended right up to where wed once more accepted how ultimately the quality
of our blood designates the choices we make and our fate. It is for a reason that
the ancients said organs produce emotions and this phrase alone should do
something for you on account of your understanding organ induced behavior as
next time youd assess the elements in your Bazi horoscope or your 9 Ki birth
Then again, what has become of metaphysics and the question what is astrology?
It depends. If were ready to take the original sound out of language, the original
mi out of Qi, this much may be clarifying for how we have been treating life
readings, Bazi horoscopes, 9 Star Ki birth maps and a thing like organ induced
Again, what in our Qi studies is external and what is internal? In other words, is
your astrological sign to depict some sort of external exogenous influence,
such as perhaps a Chinese animal, one of 9 Stars or a Trigram, or would these be
figure of speech and metaphor for organs and your physiology?
Anyway, thinking along lines of food energetics and to be once more conjoining
Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and our dietary habits would be in accord with
Macrobiotics, were it not that most still perceive the system as a way of eating.
True, eating would be something wed do several times a day, so if we cook and
eat with Yin and Yang, Wuxing Five Elements in mind, wed soon say were on a
Macrobiotic diet, but it is not remotely what the system is about. A thing like
economics would become Macrobiotic as soon as the Yin and Yang the Qi of it
was pulled back in. Same for any imaginable university study that, once the
natural principles of our dynamic universe re-installed there, would become
In the mean time, I hope the not what it seems in metaphysics may be
instrumental to your going into even deeper scrutinization of those basic tools we
have been using in Flying Star Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki or Four Pillars of Destiny, but
be only sure to know that theres no contradiction anywhere.
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