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It was a hot Monday morning. Alimin was on his way home from school. As
he was feeling hungry, he took a shortcut through Pak Abus house. Upon
reaching Pak Abus house, he saw a huge mango tree. It was bearing a lot of ripe
juicy mangoes. The mangoes made Alimins mouth water. He was tempted to pick
the mangoes.

Alimin put his knapsack down and looked left and right. There was nobody
around. Without much hesitation, Alimin started to climb up the tree. He picked
all the big and juicy mangoes. He ate them to his hearts content. Then he saw
more juicy mangoes at the far end of the branch. He decided to pick them. He
stepped on a weak branch and reached for the mangoes.

All of a sudden, the branch broke. Alimin fell to the ground. He groaned in
pain and screamed for help. Luckily a passer-by heard his scream. He quickly ran
to the rescue. He examined Alimin and told him that his right leg was broken.
Taking pity on him, the man took Alimin to the hospital. Alimin regretted what
he had done.


Sazali who is twelve years old, is an active boy. He likes to go outing with
his friends. They love nature. They often go for a picnic at the river nearby.
Usually, they cycle to the river for a dip in the crystal clear water.

Last week during the first semester holidays, Sazali and his friends had a
picnic by the river in their village. The river was just a stones throw away from
Mr Tans orchard. After cycling for half an hour, the boys finally arrived at
their destination. Upon reaching there, they quickly looked for a nice spot to
put their things. They had brought along a lot of food and drinks.

Without much delay, the boys changed their attires and jumped into the
water for a swim. They were on cloud nine, playing and swimming in the river.
Suddenly, Sazali noticed something floating in the water. It was coming towards
them. He thought it was a crocodile. Feeling scared, he screamed his lung out.
Everyone panicked and ran out of the water as quick as lightning. They ran for
their lives. One of them, Meng Keong even climbed up a tree. They waited
anxiously for someone to come and save them.
As the object floated by, Sazali braved himself to take a closer look. He
realised that it was just a log, not a crocodile. He told all his friends about it.
They felt relieved and burst out laughing.


Last week on a fine Sunday morning, Izat and his family went to Rantau
Abang beach for a picnic. They set off their journey at nine oclock in the
morning and arrived there an hour later. Upon arriving there, they could see a
big crowd of people on this golden sandy beach. They could also witness many
people swimming happily in the sea. The water was indeed crystal clear.
Everyone was in the seventh heaven. They quickly looked for a nice spot to put
all their things. Izat and his siblings helped their parents to take out all food
and drinks from the car.

Guys, shall we go for a swim, suggested Izat excitedly. Everyone nodded

in agreement. In no time, Izats family was in the water, enjoying themselves.

Suddenly, Izat heard a faint noise. At first, he paid no heed to it. But,
soon it grew louder and louder. He heard someone screaming for help. He looked
around. To his surprise, he saw a boy struggling in the water. He was bobbing up
and down. Izat quickly told his father about it. Without much thinking, Izats
father swam towards the boy. He put his arm around the drowning boys neck
and pulled him to the shore. He swam with all his might. Finally he managed to
save the boy. He felt very tired but happy for he had saved a life.

Last weekend Salmas parents were away on business. They had to attend an
important meeting in Pulau Langkawi. After spending two hours reading a story
book, Salma felt bored and wanted to do something more challenging. So, she
invited her friends over to her house.

Salma and her friends played hide-and-seek in the garden. They were
running all over the place, looking for a suitable place to hide. Azman, one of
Salmas friends did not want himself to be found easily. So, he decided to hide
outside the house. He ran out without looking left or right. Just then, their
neighbour, Pakcik Hassan who is a fishmonger, rode by on his motorcycle. When
he saw Azman appeared in front of his motorcycle, he swerved to the left to
avoid hitting him. He lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a pond.

Pak Hassan fell off his motorcycle and landed in middle of the pond. He
was wet all over. His motorcycle was badly dented. His weighing scale and many
other things were thrown into the air. When the children saw this, they
screamed in fear. Mrs Lim, the neighbour rushed out to see what was happening.
She scolded the children. All the children apologised to Pak Hassan. Fortunately,
he was not seriously injured. He only had bruises on his hands and legs. However,
his shirt was dirty and wet.



Aiman who is my schoolmate, is twelve years old. He lives with his beloved
family of five in Kampung Aman. His teachers and friends like him very much as
he is not only friendly but also helpful. To many villagers, Aiman has a heart of

Last Saturday morning, Aiman and his classmates visited an old woman in the
nearby village. The old woman was very poor and lived alone in an old dilapidated
wooden house. The children sympathised her when they saw the condition of the
house. They decided to help her clean the house.

The children divided themselves in two groups and Aiman was in the first
group. Without wasting much time, they started working. They repaired the
broken walls and stairs. Later they painted the walls. As for the girls who are in
the second group, they helped to sweep the dirty floor. They also cleaned and
tidied the house compound. After three hours of hard work, the children finally
completed their tasks. The house really looked beautiful and clean.

The woman was as happy as a lark. Her face lit up with joy. She was very
grateful and thanked the children for their kindness. It was rare to see such
kind hearted children.

At about five in the evening, the children decided to go home. They were
feeling tired but happy because they had done a good deed. It was a memorable
moment for Aiman and his classmates.


Puan Zaharah Ariffin, sixty-five, is a kuih seller. She lives in Kampung

Sentosa. Her husband passed away in a car crash six years ago. Fortunately, she
has two helpful and obedient daughters. They always help their mother
whenever they are free.
Every weekend, Ain and her older sister, Nurul wake up at dawn. They get
up early as they want to help their mother make kuih. Their mother makes a few
types of local kuih such as curry puffs, seri kaya and sardine rolls. When all the
kuih are ready, both the sisters will pack them in different attractive plastic

Later, they will bring their kuih to the market to sell. They walk to the
market as it is just a stones throw away from their house. There, they display
all their kuih at their stall. Ain and Nurul always smile and invite many people,
mostly housewives, to their stall. Many customers come and buy their kuih as
they as cheap and scrumptious.
Normally, in two or three hours all their kuih will be sold out. After that
they pack their things and get ready to go home. Along the journey, they often
grin from ear to ear. At home, the two sisters count the money. They save some
of their money in a big piggy bank. They also use the rest to buy the ingredients
to make kuih. Both Ain and Nurul hope that one day they would be able to open a
kuih shop and make their mother proud of them.


Chin Fei who is my cousin, is twelve years old. He lives with his loving family
in Taman Pendek. He has very caring and supportive parents. Every weekend, his
parents will make it a point to bring the family out to any shopping complexes in

A fortnight ago, Chin Fei and his family went window-shopping at Han Seng
Mall. There was a big crowd of people as Hari Raya was just around the corner.
At the concourse area, a lot of people gathered to watch a dance show. It was
performed by a troupe of dancers from the famous Dancing Academic from
Kuala Lumpur. Chin Fei and his family joined in the fun. They clapped and
cheered as the dancers danced gracefully to the music.

After more than half an hour, Chin Fei felt bored. He began looking around
at the crowd of spectators. He turned left and right. Suddenly, something
caught his eyes. To his surprise, he saw a woman pickpocket a man who was so
engrossed watching the dance. Chin Fei quickly informed his father. His father
told the whole family to keep an eye on the woman while he rushed to alert the
security guard.

Before the woman could escape, the security guard caught her. They
retrieved the mans wallet and returned it to him. The man was very thankful to
Chin Fei and his family. As a reward, he gave Chin Fei and his sister ten ringgit