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Ravindra Singh Saluja

Mechanical Engineering Department

BITS-Goa Campus

ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
Product life cycle:
The stages that a new product is believed to go
through from beginning to end: introduction,
growth, maturity and decline.
Different computer application supported in
the product life cycle:
CAD Product design
CAE - Product analysis
CAM Product manufacturing
PDM - Management of design and
drafting files

ME F342 (CAD)
ERM -- Handles manufacturing data.
CRM -- Customer voice and feedback.
Why we need the help of the softwares or
design tools?
Operation occurs in distributed facilities.
Product design occurs around the clock and
around the world.
Design facilities have been decentralized.

ME F342 (CAD)
It is a frame work that integrates all different
facets and activities of a product cycle together.

ME F342 (CAD)
A product is a complex entity that unifies an
organization and its operations.
The organization must handle and manage the
product information effectively.
Three types of product information are
Product definition : total product definition,
including product specifications, conceptutal
design, part geomentry, analysis result etc.,

ME F342 (CAD)
Activities related to product definition:
Product configuration management
Change management
Product design and design management
Material selection .
Product production: Concerned with the
physical operations that are performed to
produce the product.

ME F342 (CAD)
Activities include:
Material purchasing.
Production planning and scheduling.
Equipment design.
Equipment ordering.
Facilities planning.
Equipment installation and operation.

ME F342 (CAD)
Manufacturing and quality assurance.
Support and customer service

Operation support:
Includes managing finances, human resources,
organization structure design and

ME F342 (CAD)
The main goal of PLM is the creation of timely
communication among all entities and personal
of an organization who are responsible for a
product, regardless of their geographical

ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
Concurrent work effects.
Improved product quality.
Reduced time to market.
Reduced total product cost
Improved information exchange.
Decreased customer response time. Etc.,

ME F342 (CAD)
Many companies like IBM are using PLM
PLM is aimed at hard product manufacturers,
like automobiles, petrochemical and

ME F342 (CAD)
ME F342 (CAD)
Product data management (PDM) is the use of
software or other tools to track and control data
related to a particular product. The data tracked
usually involves the technical specifications of
the product, specifications for manufacture and
development, and the types of materials that
will be required to produce good.
The information being stored and managed (on
one or more file servers) will include
engineering data such as Computer-aided
design (CAD) models, drawings and their
associated documents.
ME F342 (CAD)
Track and manage all changes to product
related data
Accelerate return on investment with easy
Spend less time organizing and tracking design
Improve productivity through reuse of product
design data;
Enhance collaboration.

ME F342 (CAD)
ENOVIA(maker of CATIA)
iMAN(maker of unigrafics)
Windchill(maker of pro-E)

ME F342 (CAD)
It integrates data from different types of
hardware's and software's and enable the
members to locate the project data quickly.
PDM system helps in monitoring whether all
the team member are working in a latest
version of the design which is approved.
It provides improved internal coordination
required to allow companies to implement
concurrent engineering.

ME F342 (CAD)
Improved design productivity
Improved design and manufacturing accuracy.
Reduced development time.
Improved communication between the team
Faster customer response

ME F342 (CAD)
Identify the need and requirement.
Team building
Business comes first
Evaluate the vendors
ME F342 (CAD)
Some of the features that a software must
provide :
Ease of use
Power access and viewing tool
Availability on vide variety of platforms

ME F342 (CAD)
PDM software can be viewed in three
Manufacture perspective.
Product perspective.
Process perspective.
To satisfy these three perspectives, PDM
software must provide the following function:

ME F342 (CAD)
1. User functions:
Design release management.
Change management.
Product structure management.
Program management.
2. Utility functions:
Communication and notification function
Data transport
Data translation etc.,

ME F342 (CAD)