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What Will We Do?

Alexis Velasquez

American Government
Mr. Dave Hawkins
December 14, 2016
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Politics have always been an area of much controversy among the American public, but

non ever so fiercely in recent years as the Presidential election of the year 2016. For months and

even going as far back to the previous year of 2015, the media was extremely focused upon this

issue of our nation's next presidency term and who would obtain it. The popular nominees, Mr.

Donald Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton, were the center of this mass media uptake as the race

for the campaign went on. Eventually however, the election came and went with Mr. Trump

winning the election. Since the election date of November 8, a vast majority of people have been

furious and demanded that the nation not accept Mr. Trump as their presidential representation.

This exclamation of responsiveness has resulted in many rallies of the American people going

on out in the streets. It is documented however that such an event like this has occurred more

than once before. In our nations past, there have been leaders that are elected into the positions

of power that cause such uproars not unlike the one America is experiencing today. Even before

the election, in a vast effort to prove a point and make a statement, Mr. Donald Trump supporters

would also hold rallies in order to express their beliefs around other people who felt the same.

America has been seen as the nation by the rest of the world, that seeks out its own destiny, and

goes after the things that they (the American people) want. Through memories of past elections,

the viewpoint of Trump supporters and the perspective of the discouragement of having Mr.

Trump as president, the American people has always found unique and even similar tactics in the

process of declaring their opinions.

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Subtopic #1

What Will We Do?

The president is an incredibly important power in the United states government. It is the

position who proceeds over the executive branch, and seen by many as the head of the nation for

the U.S. Depending on, however, who is elected into that position. The nation has fallen into

almost split disarray because of the president that is elected during that year. This leads to the

beginning of protests of the peoples own leader, ones very similar to that of the Revolutionary

War as our colonial nation fought back against the King of England. One of the largest and most

public of the presidential riots is the backlash against Mr. Donald Trump, who currently has

been elected into office as the President of the United States. Depending on the opinion of him,

there have been many recent riots that have sponded large resistance, and are persistent in not

have him as the man to run this country. This is not the first time an outcry of controversy has

happened. The more controversial ideas that a leader tends to either address or speak about

usually ends up with said leader becoming more bipolar in terms of opinion. This can are reduce

in the public feeling very impassioned, sometimes even to point of becoming hateful and

resorting to violence as the ultimate answer. Much like the situation with England, as soon as the

colonies had enough the revolted, leaving the King in order to go about their own ways using

force in order to get there. History has a strange way of repeating itself and it makes no

exception for the current political situation.

America has been built upon the idea of creating independence for itself and its people to

make decisions for themselves about who they (as people) want to represent them and in some

ways lead them. When people dont reach these ideal values, it can cause a large emotional
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response. Violence became a daily event, with marches and rallies broken up by

police with nightsticks and tear gas. It was the same most nights in the parks.

Protesters would gather, and after the 11 p.m. curfew, the police would move in

with clubs and gas, chasing them into the streets. (Ina Jaffe,1968 Chicago Riot

Left Mark On Political Protests). This is a description of the 1968 Chicago Riot of the

President Nixon after he was elected in office. Very similar to Mr. Trump, people were not

impressed with him and responded with violent protest. Police at the time came out with heavy

weaponry to push back the people to control the general madness. Based on this small piece of

evidence, people had a very large emotional connection and responded in a very explosive way.

It became almost their everyday life with the people feeling the need to use this as the only way

of communication towards their president. Such an emotional response can often cause us to

focus on just the frustration we (the people) collectively feel and we soon embrace the chaos

believing it to be the only solution to the problem.Today at 5:43 PM, a group of New Yorkers

released a 15-foot banner suspended by helium balloons in the main concourse of New

Yorks Grand Central Terminal. The banner now hangs from the Vanderbilt Avenue end of

the Terminals vaulted ceiling, across from the large American Flag hanging above the

eastern end of the concourse. (ACT, People even throw their creative minds

into the matters of protest by coming up with ways for people to remember their voices through

catchphrases or propaganda, similar to how president use this tool to get elected. People make

that emotional connection and go forth with the passion that they feel. A lot of controversy

surrounding the decision to hold the democratic national convention right here in

Charlotte, Charlotte is one of the 23 right to work states but beyond that Charlotte also

has some of the harshest anti-union laws in the country and over course with a huge event
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like this [Democratic Convention] attracting scores of Delegates and members of the media

descending on Charlotte, In terms of protesting, 1500 people showing up protesting (as far

as I know) the protests remain peaceful, I think I only heard of one arrest. (Liz Wall,

Texas Insider). This is probably the most current piece of evidence coming from a news

report in 2012. This main purpose of this massive event is to nominate the presidential and vice

presidential candidates for the following election. People want to be absolutely sure about who

they want representing them in office and in some cases, will do anything to keep it on the track

they believe is right. This again can spark an emotional response. The persistent feeling of being

proactive in advance to prevent or even create current outcomes are all what people have come

out set to do when starting a protest.The riots in Charlotte planned on becoming a riot because

they wanted to see change and felt emotionally empowered to do so.

The impact of such protests are left on by people even years later who remember the

sights and sounds of the violence happening around them. The police, the screaming, the signs

with propaganda, the punching, the clubbing, how many people die off or are injured, are images

in the persons mind that stick with them as the years go on. The police or law enforcements at

the time are also heavily impacted as they are coming into clash with individuals who have a

different ideals from them and feel this same rush of emotional passion and anger, even in trying

to maintain peace and calmness. Everyone in some point or other within their lives has felt like

they have been wronged. They did not receive what they believed they deserved, as a such feel a

large amount of unfairness. Once a being feels this way, normally the first response is large

outcry of some form of rage. It may not always be a large overpowering storm of anger, but

many people do recognize the feeling of what they believe is receiving the short end of

the stick. People for all time have felt this way and has the idea of making something of oneself,
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and as independence has caught on as an essential ideal in the modern world culture, we as a

species begin to believe that we as people have this right to do something to change the

outcomes of situations we do not like. Humans possess the awareness of the world to make this

choice and as time has evolved, especially in America the need for such a voice to be heard as

expanded and grew. It all depends on what emotion it comes from and where the emotions lead.
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Subtopic #2

What Will We Do?

While a vast majority of people in the country are highly against Mr. President elect

Donald Trump, he did have a handful of supporters who helped him achieve his position in

office. His presidential campaign motto, Make America Great Again has become one of the

most iconic and recognizable statements made in the past two years. People who walk about in

the streets waving signs, posting on billboards, wearing t-shirts, and attending numerous rallies

in support of Mr. Trump. The majority and popular reason as to why Mr. Trump had gained so

much attention was that many of his supporters believe that he speaks his mind freely, usually

not trying to please the general consensus (depending on the crowd of course). This kind of

personality (usually), is received with very bipolar results. Many people want to be able to speak

their minds without fear of others judgement, even as teenagers, confidence is a highly desirable

and very magnetic trait. We see it in America has one of our fundamental rights, in the pursuit of

our own happiness. Many supporters of Mr. Trump felt that during the election, that they wanted

him to lead through Americas new age and would support him through it all in any way they


Much like their nomine Trump supporters are very passionate about politics. They have

ideals that they hope will make it into American society in the near future. An example of such

passion can be taken for an event in Brazil in the city of Sao Paulo. A right-leaning group

called Together for Brazil held a demonstration of support on Saturday, holding up

English-language signs with messages including "Brazilians for Trump" and "Hillary for

Prison."Scuffles erupted when they were confronted by members of two small leftist
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groups, the Anti-Fascist League and Revolutionary Periphery. Police say they detained four

people. No serious injuries were reported.The confrontation involved some 100 people

along the Avenida Paulista, one of the city's main business thoroughfares. (AP, Pro-Trump rally in Brazil turns into confrontation). This article was given

almost 10 days before the election on November 7. Many of the Trump Supporters (what

I can infer) thought of Mrs. Hillary Clinton as criminal because of what many consider a very

highly controversial email scandal. Even though this does not take place in America itself, people

around the globe began to feel its tremendous effects and pursued in to achieving the presidency

of Mr. Trump. In order to make their voices heard to the people surrounding them, supporters

would gather into groups in order to make their voices known that they were for Trump and

would set-to make him president no matter what. Even going as far as exemplifying their usage

of other languages, (most likely not their first common language). This is not however their only

source of showcasing their active source of reinforcement for Mr. Trump.

Depending upon who one should ask, Mr. Trump as a usual unfavorable image upon the

subject of women. As previously said however, is does depend on the type of person that one

should happen to question. A couple dozen Donald Trump supporters waved signs

outside a rally in Detroit Monday for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Rosanne Ponkowski was one of those pro-Trump demonstrators. She carried a sign that

said Women for Trump.Ponkowski said a recording of Trump using vulgar words

about women released by the Washington Post last week was disturbing. But she says it

didnt change her mind about the Republican nominee.Certainly, its not remarks you

would want to hear anybody saying, she said. But I think remarks, something thats
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said guy to guy in a locker room is lot different than people who act upon them. There

were a handful of clashes throughout the day between the pro-Trump crowd and

Clinton supporters heading into the rally. (Rick Pluta,Trump supporters gather outside

Clinton rally in Detroit). From the information provided, it seems that women do support Mr.

Trump in his efforts. If this statement is thought of by many people to be a resourceful, and

authentic piece of written article of the news media, then I suppose it could be assumed that

within the encounter of the Clinton and Trump endorsers that women were among them. Many

women have been hoping for chance to be like men are today in a modern society.

There are individuals of the Mr. Trump endorsement that find more proactive method in

distributing their support. A Trump supporter can be seen lunging at a black anti-Trump

protester, who is booing repeatedly, to repeatedly shove him in the face. The protester is

eventually pulled away by security officials:Hey, Ill snatch anybody up if they yell in my

face over anything, the Trump supporter who identified himself as Mike to NBC News

said afterward. I have my personal rights and my personal space. Theyre gonna start

yelling about some [expletive], Ill snatch your [expletive] up. Thats all, (Sophia

Tesfaye,Violence returns to the Trump campaign: Black protester assaulted by Trump

supporters at New York Values rally). In declaration of independence, it tells us that we as

American people have the right to pursue happiness and go after the things we want.We also

will stand up for those ideologies against those who do not agree with us. As humans our nature

and hope is that other beings like us will have the same opinions and emotions as we, ourselves

do. However when someone comes along that does not share the same viewpoint as us people

tend to possess an emotional reaction. Many Americans also consider the privacy and personal

spacing of individuals to be very important usage of American security within ourselves as

Velasquez 10

individuals. They way an individual goes about such emotion is where the actual development of

an issue takes place. With such as high and massive opinion as who the next president should be,

can be a very close personal topic.

Humans have the intellect, most likely as the most advanced species upon this planet.

With much more complex thoughts racing through our minds at once, people feel the need to

express their thought out in some form of way. In three hours, GOP presidential front-runner

Donald Trump would hold a rally inside, and they would become his roaring, jeering

crowd. A white-haired man in suede wingtips would punch a protester. A young man would

shout mother * tacos! at two Latino protesters. But for now, the Trump supporters were

still relatively alone, arriving in ones and twos mostly a mother and daughter, a retiree

in pressed khakis holding his wifes hand, a woman in platform stilettos, three machinists

who took off work. Will you take a picture of us? a woman asked a man as she and her

friend got in line. Any Hillary haters here today? a man hawking buttons called out.

Hillary haters? No one said anything, but an elderly man laughed to himself. Another

nodded to the hawker, bought a Hillary for Prison button and pinned it to his

camouflage jacket as they all inched forward. (Gabe Ortiz,Trump Supporters To Latinos at

Rally: Go Back To Mexico! Nobody Wants You!) Self expression of a persons inner working

thoughts is method people use to communicate and send messages to other beings. Particularly

the most often used is verbalization, which means they speak their feeling through a kind of


The General Public also possesses different ways of expressing their own personal

feelings about the election among and with each other. Minority groups such as Latinos have not

had the most popular opinion of Mr. Trump during his time in the political campaign. At least
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within the general public consensus. From this one article shown it can be seen the majority of

the individuals that all of the Mr. Donald Trump support are of the race of Caucasian. Now this is

not to assume, did the entire race of caucasians behave this way, however it is a bit noticeable to

some individuals. Trump supporters (at least from the article given) also used form of physical

contact and movement in order to get their point across to other individuals who have a different

opinion than they do. Even going so far as to buy merchandise to exemplifying so that they do

support Mr. Trump and want to see Mrs. Hillary Clinton go to prison. Also again with the issue

of Latinos, which have many Trump supporters feeling upset and angry funny ways to get out

this frustration by and resulting in confrontations. Our position and time is put into a place where

security is becoming a lot more increasingly wanted as a need and necessity. We as a country are

still trying to figure out what exactly we need for security and what we do not want in our

country and because of this it is causing a lot of controversy and collisions of two different

worlds. This reasoning also explain people's very split opinions about mr. Trump as well as why

some are incredibly passionate to vote for him while others may be incredibly declined to.

Trump supporters will fight for the ideals they believe in to make their country into the

place they believe Americans deserve. Because of their tremendous support ,however this is led

to a lot of Confrontation and a lot of reporting of how they had demonstrated their support for

Mr. Trump. This is of course taking into account these might be labeled as extreme cases and

might very diverse among person to person. However there is one thing to be made certain. The

political campaign of mr. Donald Trump worked its way into winning an election, which sets

nearly an entire nation into a swirling whirlpool of opinions,rallies, and riots.

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SubTopic #3

What Will We Do?

While the media has gained attention of the support party of Trump, the group that has

really gained attention are those who are opposing him. As said before, Mr. Trump has not had

the most popular opinion when it comes to the general public. Many of peoples opinion of him
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range from very supportive and enthusiastic about his ideas to full out rage and complete

opposition of his political campaign. Such people who do not want to see him take the

presidential office, have started up protests,rallies in the streets, and immense propaganda to

speak out that they wish to not have him lead the nation. Much like the Trump supporters, his

opposition feels very strongly about his issue as politics are considered to be a very controversial

topic depending on the year of the election. Mr. Trump puts out into the open air what many

people consider highly controversial ideas. Many people opposing his position take great issue

with these ideas and have demonstrated that in the ways of their actions. Opposition toward

Trump shows the eyes of the American people what they will do not stand up for what they think

is right.

In many of the recent news, the sea of rallies and protests of Mr. Donald Trump and his

recent win of the 2016 election have been almost all that the media is talking about. Protester

have many ways into proceeding about the issue, in order to get to where they believe is a better

society. Around Oct. 3, a couple of Trump supporters were assaulted in Zeitgeist, a San

Francisco bar, after they were allegedly refused service for expressing support for Trump,

GotNews reports. The two Trump supporters were attacked, punched, and chased into the

street by some thugs that a barmaid called out from the back. Lilian Kim of ABC7 Bay

Area tweeted a photo of the men, in which one was wearing a Trump T-shirt and the other

was wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt. The man complained the staple gun Bullock sold

him didnt work. I told him Ill give you your money back,' said Bullock. But he kept

calling me all kinds of names. The man punched Bullock in the jaw so hard he lost a

tooth.This blonde girl grabbed my iPhone and threw it as hard as she could to the
Velasquez 14

pavement, he said. And before I could pick it up, the brunette who was throwing the food

at people punched me in the head. My glasses and my hat flew off. There were claw marks

on my neck. Last week, the two women were formally charged with assault and battery.

The night of the rally, Treadstone and a group of Trump hat-wearers were denied service at

a popular Mexican eatery. Customers began screaming at the Trump backers and throwing

food at them. Earlier, at the West Hollywood rally, a can of Monster energy drink, eggs,

and dog feces were also thrown at pro-Trump demonstrators, according to Breitbart

News. The can of Monster hit one man on the back. (,Anti-Trump Violence

Sweeps the Nation). As mature and reasonable adults as one hopes to believe society is, people

can go about their personal beliefs in anyway possible. As children we are told to behave in

certain way and either obey or be disobedient, and therefore be rewarded or punished. As adults

however we are shown to have lot more freedom, (at least today) of who we want to be, want we

want to believe in and what we want to go for in life. People also have the choice of what ways

to look at a circumstance,

idea, or belief and are not bound by certain rules set out by people whom they consider to be

above them. The protests in Portland attracted over 4,000 people and remained largely

peaceful, but took to the highway and blocked traffic. Acts of vandalism including a

number of smashed windows, vandalized vehicles, and a dumpster fire caused police to

declare a riot.Protesters tried to retain the peaceful nature of the protest and chanted

"peaceful protest". In Chicago, a Trump supporter named David Wilcox was harassed by a

group of young African-American men who noticed the Trump bumper sticker on his car.

The group eventually shoved Wilcox to the ground and repeatedly beat him, before one of

them stole his car with Wilcox hanging onto the window from outside. (Wikimedia
Velasquez 15

Foundation Inc., In an attempt to express the ideas of an anti-Trump society, it

was decided upon in the mind of one of the beings present at one of theses riots, who is a citizen

of the United States, that the destruction of another opposing idealists car was the mature and

proactively solid method in order to prove their point. What started as a mostly peaceful anti-

Donald Trump protest at the State House in downtown Indianapolis ended with the police

dispersing the crowd Saturday evening. Seven people were arrested and two Indianapolis

police officers were hurt. But, two groups broke off from the main crowd when the protest

moved to Monument Circle. One of those groups threatened violence toward the police and

eventually started throwing objects at officers.

Two cops were hurt. Riggs said those injuries were minor. We do have a reports that some

of the protesters showed up with backpacks full of rocks. (Abdul Hakim-Shabazz,Indy

Politics) According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Police officers protect lives and property.

Detectives and criminal investigators, who are sometimes called agents or special agents, gather

facts and collect evidence of possible crimes.The physical charge of a citizen upon a police

officer would be considered by the United States law to be a federal or local offence. If police are

to follow and uphold the nature of which there job description code dictates, they must follow

and protect against all regulated crimes and offences that were previously decided upon. If not

they will be going against the code of which all officers have to uphold.

This is part of a news reporting from November 10th, only two days after the election

results were posted. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets.

Marching on Trump towers in new York and Chicago. More than a hundred arrests.
Velasquez 16

GIO BENITEZ: George, good morning, good morning to you. In so many ways, these are
protests fueled by social media and don't expect them to die down anytime soon because right
now the number one trend on Twitter is that #Trumpprotests.

CROWD: Racist, sexist, anti-gay. Impeach Donald Trump today! Donald Trump has got to

BENITEZ: Overnight, protests across the country turning violent in the early morning hours.
As thousands of protesters from New York to Los Angeles gathered in the streets to protest the
election of Donald Trump. Police in Oakland used tear gas to keep the crowd of nearly 7,000
at bay. Major freeways in Los Angeles shut down as crowds burned effigies of Trump and
marched on city hall.

More than 10,000 gathered throughout the city, crowds blocking traffic, chanting, screaming.
Expressing their frustration, some climbing scaffolding and street signs to protest above the
crowd. (Scott Whitlock, mrc News Busters)

Very similar to supporters of Mr.Trump, the aversion of his campaign feel the need to

explode their opinions so as to make their argument clear. The burning of items in revolt and

revolution is also something that many might recall as may be an act done during the times of the

revolutionary war. In comparison, it seems that both of Mr. Trump's supporters and opposition

operate in very similar fashions.

In conclusion, the anti-Trump rallies have possessed their own method of

pronouncement about why they dislike Mr. Trump, and what they plan to do in order to keep him

out of office. From rallies to burnings, to smashing car windows and the projectile of their own

beliefs, as a community they have set off a message that is still going around the country to the

very day. With the conflict of such an enormous issue still going on, it's hard to tell what people

of both of these minorities will do in response. We only have the actions of the past to venture a

Velasquez 17


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