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online development

Notes from meeting Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Using the master plan drawn up by Lewis, we focused on the following areas:
Social Media Assistant possibly intern from June to November/December 2017 to
effect smooth transition and merger. Then to be reviewed (intern/jobs4student).
When appropriate add details to the Contact section and to the overview in the A&H
staff section - added to A&H Staff & Content pages
Postgraduates (profiles). expand this to include HLSS and Fashion Institute PGRs.
Add in the links to/from the PGR Buddy Scheme site - added to Researcher
Development page
From September 2017 it will be a A&H faculty requirement for RD1 that all new
starters register their profile.
2nd and 3rd year PGRs will be strongly encouraged to register their profiles. add this
to Postgraduate Profiles
Facebook Groups. There are currently 3 groups. Current situation:
HLSS closed group. PGRs and PGTs. Administration by Social Media
Assistant. Mainly to promote events and activities, reminders of university
policies, photos and posts from events, congratulations, notices of
conferments/achievements. Its mainly one way communication but with
comments monitored and responded to.
HLSS International closed group. Used for peer mentor scheme from June to
October to encourage international PGs to make firm their offers. Once done,
they are invited to join the HLSS closed group
John Hyatt Learning Laboratory. Student led, forum for discussion.
Make the current HLSS closed group into an open one for all enrolled PGTs
and PGRs and broadly continue the external theme: calls for papers,
promotion of external events, some broader, relevant university activities,
tempered with quotation of the day, special series such as My Desk to
encourage engagement with PGTs and PGRs
Continue in the summer with the International closed group as before but
extend to all A&H PGRs
Set up a new closed group to replace the JHLL group, encouraging existing
members to migrate; 3 staff moderators in the background, encourage PGR
and PGT discussion.
FB groups to be streamed into the Home page Add International Closed Group
PhD blogs To be posted on the closed group and on the Noticeboard (Home page)
think this needs adding? Or Research stories? - suggest Research Stories
Lewis to shortlist some new theme pages to accommodate a daily update, to
include date (?weekends). -
Documentation including vimeos, to be transferred across to new website. Is this
going in Talks/Lectures archive? Or Research resources - explained in Latest Online
Media on Home page. In order to expand to include the range in the new faculty a
budget should be put in place. - a budget for transitional development has been sent
to Jim (this does include some annual costs) - but yes - a budget for annual running
costs for harts.online - should be drawn up and agreed.
Notes from meeting 7th December 2016
We will create/rename (whichever is the best to do technically) the Harts online
account. Twitter will be linked to FB and will duplicate the FB output. Tumblr will be
The weekly email newsletter will continue as an alternative to FB. There are currently
around 30 HLSS subscribers and this service will be offered to all PGRs and PGTs.
We will develop a space on the website for research stories blogs - if these are
the PhD blogs made by the intern ?, profile stories, achievements, and projects.
PGRs will be encouraged to set up their own blogs, with access to support sessions
during the induction period. There will be subsequent drop-in sessions for support
with technical and content management issues. - details to be featured on
Research-Online 'drop-in & Web-Tech '121' sessions, a sub page of Research
Discussion about weekly or monthly slides. - cherry picking from latest
news.harts.online content ?
Notes from meeting 14th December 2016
An invitation sent to Tasneem Sabir to meet up and discuss progress so far.
The current noticeboard will continue to have categories for events, exhibitions,
opportunities, talks/lectures, publications/projects, training/reading groups, opinions.
These categories will need refining and will include material from all the new faculty
Myriad, HSSR (HIP), Writing School, Hollings, HPP, Sociology/Criminology,

Development of Front Page fresh news to include announcements, opportunities,

congratulations, competitions.
Include the 2 main FB groups on the website, think about the International Peer
mentor FB group later.
Twitter managed by intern? Develop and encourage input/retweets from across the
faculty PGs/staff
Opinions: develop this and kick-start it by asking PGs to contribute their ideas to a
debate on a live/controversial issue.
Print leaflet produced for induction 2017, to promote Hartsonline and Faculty PGR
learning support skills/training (Myna and Kate)
Publications section links to main MMU site for PGT handbooks, PGR handbook.
Publications to include other material. - added to Research Resources

Notes from meeting 20th December 2016

We concentrated on the website, taking the existing Miriadonline and reviewing/
reordering the main tabs.
Home page will be broadly the same: Latest news from the faculty, possible
calendar of events for the week, congratulations, announcements, welcomes/
farewells, important reminders re MMU policy, FB groups, Twitter feed, relevant links
(i.e. RKE, Slideshare, Scribd)
About will have a short piece on the purpose of the website, what it is hoping to
achieve and who its aimed at. There will be information on how to contribute and
how to be involved. A link to the official MMU website.
Research stories will replace the current Newsletter section. This will have the
PGR blogs, research project news.
Researcher Development will have information on all training dates for Faculty
training, plus videos, notes, PowerPoints, links to Skills Forge, NWCDTP and other
related training sites/opportunities.
Resources will have the handbooks, information on copyright, ethics, health &
safety, links to the Library, Special Collections, Writing School, Graduate School,
Staff will have links to Faculty staff profiles on the main MMU site plus a
diagrammatic overview of the key staff in the faculty, including administrative and
support staff.
Postgraduate Profiles will be expanded to include all PGRs. There will be a search
facility by name (A-Z grid?) as well as (or instead of page numbers).
Contact will have an online form to send to Lewis, Myna, Tas, Kate to make
Question where would (job) opportunities best sit? I think on one of the links on the
right? - likely in the above the fold section of the Home page
There is a Hartsonline working group with Lewis, Tas and Kate, plus 2 PGRs from
MFI and SoFa already willing to serve on this group. Lewis will draft an email for
Kate to send to HLSS PGRs, requesting 2 representatives.