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‘The History of Sexuality By the same author Mads a Cian: A Mion fIaiy i the A of Te Ot of Things An Archtiog of te Han snes Te Arca Knowle nd The Doar on ange) [Ulan Roe ng shed yet ys anes Disin td Pui The Bh tthe rs The History of Sexuality Volume I: An introduction by Michel Foucault ‘Translated jrom the French by Robert Hurley Jit Pantheon Books ‘New York ah nn op 197 ano Ha aera ine ay test Contents ax one We “Other Victorians” — 1 axe 1wo The Repressive Hypothesis 18 Caper The Inetement w Discourse 17 (Chapter 2 The Perverse Implantation 36 rae Scientia Serualis $1 Chapter 1 Objective 81 Chapter 3 Domain 103 axe rive RightofDeath and PoweroverLife 133 Index 16, _PART ONE _ We “Other Victorians”