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Jessa Marie S. Triumfante.


Demographic Implications of Marketers here in

Legazpi City
Demographics are statistics that companies keep on
business clients and consumers. These marketing statistics may
include the sizes of businesses so companies can better
differentiate between small, mid-sized or large companies. But
they are more commonly used to identify differences in personal
attributes among consumers. There are many different types of
demographics companies use for various purposes. Common
demographics include age, gender, race and ethnic origin.
Companies also track demographics like education, household
size and occupation. Most demographics are defined or delineated
by specific ranges. For example, the age demographic may
divided into ranges such as 18 to 24; 25 to 34; 35 to 54; and 55
years and over. People within these age groups have different
values. Their preferences for certain products or services may
vary as well. Similarly, statisticians may divide income statistics
into groups to differentiate those in the lower middle, middle and
upper class.

This chart shows the demography marketers of Legazpi City.

As you can see, the table shows the total population, population
density, population growth rate, number of households, average
household size, total land area in urban and rural, and toal
numbers of barangays in urban and rural and the literacy rate.
This simply means that the businesses that are going to establish
here in Legazpi City will be successful because of the people who
will accommodate and buy for their goods. But it should not be to
the extent that it has many malls or establishments but the
population was too small for consuming. It should be balance.