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Question Instructions: (1) Answer any one FULL QUESTIONS. Marks CO Bloom
number. No (2) Use of data handbook permitted. Taxonomy
Level (BTL)
(Annexure I)
1 a. Derive expression for surface tension of hollow
b. Derive expression for capillary rise in a tube
c. If velocity distribution over a pate is u=2/3y-y2.find
shear stress at y=0.15m.Assume viscosity
2 a. Find viscosity of oil used for lubrication
between square plate 0.8m and inclined
plane with slope 1:2.The weight of plate
is 300n and its slides with a velocity of
0.3m/s.The thickness of oil film is1.5mm
b. If velocity profile of a fluid over a plate is parabolic
with vertex 20cm from the plate, where velocity is
120cm/sec.Find shear stress at a distance of 20cm
from the plate, if viscosity is 8.5poise.
c. Two large plane surfaces are 2.4cm apart. The
space between these filled with glycerin. What
force is required to drag a thin plate of surface area
0.5square meter between two large plane surfaces at
a speed of 0.6cm.if the thin plate is in the middle of
two plane surfaces? Assume viscosity as 8.1poise.