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Verbal ability.
1. love : arrow _____ a. Knowledge :torch b. Surrender:white flag c.
death:scyte d. peace:dove
2. Child psychologist have observed ___ a period of severe crabbiness, especially at the
age of 5.
a. The children exhibit b. The children exhibiting c. Children that
3. Unless the smell blood, sharks __ do not attack humans. a. Wholly b. as a
whole c. whole
4. Lawyer: courtroom a. gladiator: arena b. Participant: Team c.
commuter: Train
5. The cost of a 39 second Commercial jingle on a radio station is ____ for most
a. Very much b. So muchc. much too much
6. South : Capricorn ; North: __________ a. Scorpio b. Virgo c.
7. Choose the word most similar to sodden. a. presume b. incomplete
c. saturated
8. Not a similar meaning to acting flippantly. a. Frivolously b. stupidity
c. seriously
9. Persia:Iran _____:____ a. Formosa : Thailand b. Burma : Myanmar
c. Siam : Thailand
10. Petal : Flower ; Iris : _________ a. eye b. mouth c.
11. Which word does not have similar meaning to populated. a. Populace b.
Crowded c. Packed
12. Similar meaning Veracious remarks a. vivid b. viscous c.
13. Canary:yellow Raven :_____ a. Red b. Black c. Blue
14. Lita was ______ asleep and could not be awakened easily. A. Severe b. fast
c. high.
15. It is estimated that the present century, there ____ about 954 M illiterate adults .

a. were b. are c. is
16. Glitter: shine Tepid: ________ a. lukewarm b. cold c.
17. Cyrill told me that he will call you ___________.
a. After he gets home b. when he gets home c. because he
gets home.
18. 2 of every 10 people in Asia ___ in the city where they were born . a. lives b.
live c. living
19. Ignominious defeat means a. predictable b. humiliating
c. obvious
20. Horse : centaur ______:_____ a. goat : fawn b. fish:mermaid c.
bird Phoenix
21. Similar meaning AGGARANDIZE. a. Presume b. understand c.
22. Rochelle wants to put her on business someday and ___ in the future.
a. Have a happy family b. to be a happy family c. having a happy
23. Neither Bianca nor her classmates ______ finished with ___Science project
a. is, her b. are, there c. was, the
24. Glass : brittle ; Diamond:_________ a. rare b. sparkle c.
25. A good soldier is one who doesnt show the white feather in battle.
a. Show signs of cowardice b. Wear a white T-shirt c. Forget to bring

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