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Terrazas de Flores: A New Garden of

Love in Upland Cebu

Terrazas de Flores is a new flower garden in Busay, Cebu.

The Busay area in Cebu City does not have a dearth of offerings when it comes to tourist
attractions. There are old favorites like Tops Lookout and Mountain View Nature Park, and
then there are relatively new spots like Temple of Leah and Sirao Garden. Now, theres another
charming garden thats set to capture the hearts of those who love flowers and romantic settings.

Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden is a flower garden shaped in the form of terraces
following the natural contours of the mountains. Located in Brgy. Malubog, Busay, it was
opened last October 2016 and is the first botanical garden of its kind in Cebu and in the

A secret garden
A trellis with climbing plants lend an old-world charm to the garden [L]; and
Wooden markers with quotes [R]

If Frances Hodgson Burnetts novel The Secret Garden ever came to life in Cebu, it would be in
Terrazas de Flores. The garden is home to 127 species of flowers, the names of which were
identified through markers set up by University of San Carlos students. Some flowers are planted
on the ground or form part of the hedges of the terrace, while some snake up and down trellises
or cover the roof of the canopied footpath.

A bee hovers near a cluster of angel wing begonia flowers.

Scattered all over the garden are markers etched with various quotes and poems which were
personally selected by the owner. Butterflies and bees flutter about from one flower petal to
another. Up ahead, one can see the mountains of Busay, some of which have terraces as well for

The garden was designed using an ancient technique used in creating the Banaue Rice Terraces,
which the farmers of Busay are familiar with. Using this technique, flowers used as ground cover
are protected by a one-meter thick riprap of interlocking stones. This allows water to flow freely
without eroding the topsoil, avoiding the chances of a landslide when heavy rains occur.

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Fathers expression of love

The terraces of the garden were formed using an ancient farming technique.

If The Secret Garden revolves around the theme of rekindling family ties, the reason for
existence of the garden is rooted as well in a fathers expression of love for his children. Yuri
Barrameda, businessman and owner of Terrazas de Flores, says that he created the garden to be
able to spend time with his three children.
Ten years ago, Yuri bought the two-hectare property which he made into a rose farm open only to
friends and family. But having observed the lack of green spaces in Cebu, he decided to add
more flowers and convert it to a public garden.

Our country needs flower gardens. People flock to the malls, unlike in other countries where
they go to gardens and parks and only go to the mall to run errands. That posed a challenge for
me then, shared Yuri.

A nature lovers treat

The caf features a painting of the owners children.

With the colorful flowers and cool mountain breeze, Terrazas de Flores is a great place to spend
time with your special someone. Visitors can watch the world go by in one of three cabanas or at
the viewing deck, or sit beside the flowers in the outdoor benches of the garden. They can hear
popular love songs play softly from the speakers in the caf, while the lull of the waters flowing
down the small man-made lake add to the serene, relaxing ambience of the place.

For food, visitors can go to the Terrazas de Flores Caf, which sits in the middle of the property.
They offer pastries and sandwiches, hot and cold coffee, and other beverages. They also serve
rice meals which cost PhP100 and comes with beef, fish, pork, and chicken.

For now, only one hectare out of the two-hectare property has been turned into a garden.
However, there are plans to expand the development to include a topiary and an art gallery.
Directions, tips

One of three cabanas at Terrazas de Flores

To get to Terrazas de Flores, you can take a cab from any part of metro Cebu and tell
the driver to head to La Tegola, an Italian restaurant in Busay which is 900 meters away
from the garden. Another landmark is Malubog Elementary School.

When you go there, wear comfortable shoes. Exploring the garden requires a lot of
walking, so its best to leave the high heels and black shoes at home. Also bear in
mind that the temperature at the garden is usually three degrees lower than mainland
Cebu. Thus, it would be advisable to bring a cardigan or light jacket in case the wind
gets too chilly.

Entrance fee to the garden is PhP100, which allows for unlimited viewing of the flowers.
The garden can also accommodate engagement shoots as well as wedding parties,
the prices for which are available upon request.
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The month of February is usually associated with romance. But with places like Terrazas
de Flores, Cebuanos can celebrate their love for flowers all year round.

To know more about Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden and their promos, visit their
garden in Brgy. Malubog (along Transcentral Highway), Busay, Cebu City.
Tel no.: (+63917) 653-4227