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Project Topics: Intellectual Property-I

6th Semester, Section-B

Roll No. Topic

169 Concept of distinctiveness in Trademark Law
81 Determination of likelihood of confusion in
Trademark Law
82 The reasonable person in Trademark Law
141 and 87 Comparative Advertising
83 Meta tags as the basis of Trademark
85 Domain Names Protection
86 Geographical Indications in India: Issues and
172 GI and TM Interface and conflicts
144 Honest and Concurrent Use
90 IPAB : Study of Trademark dispute
91 Indias accession to Madrid Protocol: Impact
on trademark regime
96 Trademark Dilution
97 Non Conventional Trade Marks
99 Trademark Passing-Off
100 Importance of Nice Classification
101 Damages in IP disputes
102 Copyright Societies in the aftermath of 2012
103 International Registry for registration of
Geographical Indications: critique of TRIPs
104 Limitations and Exceptions under copyright
law in relation to Libraries and Archives:
International developments and impact on
developing countries
106 Treaty on protection of Audio-visual
performances: impact on developing
107 Adequacy of the principle of Idea-Expression
distinction in resolving copyright protection
and copyright infringement issues
108 Anti Circumvention Laws
120 and 138 IP Protection for softwares: A comparative
analysis of positions in India, US and EU
110 Exhaustion of copyrights and parallel
imports: What India needs to do
111 Exhaustion principle in Trademarks and
judicial position in India
112 Personality Rights: Defining the scope
113 Character merchandising
114 Pay Trademark wars: Case Study
122 Delhi University Photocopy case
115 Copyright Limitations: Comparative analysis
of Positions in India and US
116 Marrakesh Agreement and its relevance
89 Intermediary liability in copyright
117 Enforcement of Copyright in the digital age
121 Software piracy
118 NCAER Report on Parallel Imports
123 Technological protection Measures :
Interference with Fair use
124 Google Book Search Project
126 Ad words and Trademark Law
127 Fair Use: perspectives of the Indian Judiciary
128 Statutory Licensing in the copyright regime
129 From Berne to TRIPs: Evolution of the
copyright Law
130 The jurisprudence of IP
93 2012 Copyright Amendments and impact on
Entertainment Industry
131 Performer Rights
132 Trademark Infringement and the online
133 Law relating to sound marks: A comparative
98 Law relating to smell marks: A comparative
134 Law relating to shape marks: A comparative
135 Law relating to colour marks : A comparative
136 Trademark infringement over internet
137 Copyright and freedom of expression
142 Protection of literary charactersscope of
distinct delineation test.
143 Critique of the principles underlying the
concept of Secondary Liability for copyright
145 Digitization of libraries
146 Critical analysis of Napster case and post-
Napster developments
147 Protection of multimedia works under the
copyright regime
149 Compulsory licensing under copyright law: a
study of its impact on music rights.
150 The concept of originality under the
copyright law
Reproduction Right In The Digital Age
171 Academic research and copyright issue
173 Educational Accessibility and the Copyright
118 IP and competition concerns
151 Fair Dealing or Fair Use: A comparative
152 Limitations and Exceptions under copyright
law in relation to differently abled
153 Secondary meaning / acquired distinctiveness
as criteria for trademark protection.
154 Concept of substantial similarity in copyright
infringement cases.

156 Trade dress protection-comparative study of

US and Indian position
157 Graphical Representation: An obstacle to
registration of Non conventional Trademarks
159 Copyright Assignment and entertainment
industry in India
160 Copyright enforcement in the digital era:
issues and challenges
158 Fair dealing as a defence to an action for
infringement of copyright.
162 Impact of Digitisation on accessibility to
educational materials: A copyright
163 Digital Rights Management and its impact on
accessibility to copyrighted materials
170 Impact of digitisation on reproduction right
under copyrights
164 Cover Versions in the aftermath of the
Amendments to Copyright Law
165 Google Book Search Library Project: A case
166 Implications of Marrakesh Treaty on
Accessibility to Copyrighted Material For
Educational Purposes

167 Issue of Jurisdiction in Trademarks and

Copyright disputes
88 and 161 Rights in Character
168 Impact of Marrakesh on accessibility in USA

Important Dates and Guidelines

Synopsis Submission: 10th February

Paper Submission: 10th March

Word Limit -2500 words excluding footnotes and bibliography

Soft copy submission of the paper must be accompanied with all the resources referred by the
researcher as far as practical.