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Mukesh K Sharma Contact no : +91-

Objective ________
Seeking position in the domain of Oracle Core DBA with leading organisation in the IT

Skill Highlights
Presently associated with Company Name (P) Ltd., Lucknow as Oracle DBA.
Worked as Oracle DBA at Company Name
Adept in installations/maintenance of Windows Server, User & Group Management, Disk &
Volume Management, and Troubleshooting.
Installation, Maintenance, Patching, Backup and Recovery of Oracle databases.
A team player with exceptional communication, analytical, relationship management skills.

Technical Skills ______________

Operating System : Windows 2007/2003/2000/NT/XP, Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10, AIX 5.3, 6.1
Languages : C, C++, SQL.
Database : Oracle9i, 10g,11GR2,ASM
GUI : Toad 7.6/9.5, Tora, SQL Developer, OEM Console, Grid Control.
Tools and Utilities : Oracle Enterprise Manager, EM console in Oracle10g, ADDM, AWR
reports, SQL*Plus, Statspack, Export/Import, Datapump, TKPROF,
Autotrace, DB Verify, Putty, Telnet, X-Manager, FTP etc.

Education __________________
MCA from GNIT, Gr. Noida (2007 2011)
BCA from Mewar Institute of Management, Ghaziabad (2004 - 2007)
XII from K.M.V. Inter college Atrauli (2004)
X from J.A. Inter college Chandauli

Training _________________
Oracle 9i Database Administration from Core Database Systems, Noida.

Professional Experience

Company Name : Company name., Location Sep2015- Till Date

Designation : DBA
Customer : Systech International USA
Tools :

Roles and Responsibilities

Installing Oracle 9i, 10g,11g Software on Solaris/AIX/Windows servers.
Creation of databases for Production/Testing/UAT.
Managing ASM instance ,ASM diskgroup,ASM disk and upgradation of ASM instance from
10.2.X to grid infrastructure for standalone system.
Migrating databases to databases.
Backup and recovery management using RMAN & export/import/Datapump utilities.
Cloning of database using RMAN.
Implementation and management of DR site i.e physical standby database using RMAN.
Database/Schema refreshes (Export/Import/Datapump).
Used job scheduling like CRONTAB on Solaris for backup and recovery activities.
Managing privileges and roles to ensure database security.
Space management(tablespace, capacity planning).
Analyzing the performance of the database and tune it if required.
Daily monitoring of the entire heavy batch runs on production databases for better
performance on server as well as database level.
Regular update on new Oracle patch release & implementation plan on databases after
testing it on UAT databases.
Management of Oracle Streams.
Troubleshooting performance Related issue using AWR and ADDM.
Management and implementation of backup and recovery procedure using RMAN
recovery catalog database.
Creation of scripts to Automate jobs of monitoring, and automate tasks to avoid manual

Notable Credits:
Upgraded database with ASM to databases along with grid infrastructure
Significantly handled numerous times various database recovery issues like complete
recovery from available archive log files or incomplete recovery in case archive log files
are missing. Restoring database from Export Backup.
Migrated as many of 15 production & 85 UAT databases of size (1.4TB, 1.1TB & 560GB)
from version 9.2.0.x to 10.2.0.x.
Working on Mview concepts on reporting database. Use to refresh as many of 170 Mviews
on daily basis for reports generation. Some of these Mview are having size of 85-160 GB.
Maintaining a single table of size 390GB & 4 indexes of size 490GB on reporting database.


Performance Tuning:
Analyzing data base performance by studying alert log files, trace files and monitoring
database processes and activities, along with checking for any waits/bottlenecks at
database/server level.
Constant monitoring for any memory latches in database, & resolving it by

setting/changing relevant configuration/ parameter in database if required.
Application tuning which involves evaluating the execution path and cost of execution of
SQL statements.
Tuning rollback segments, computing statistics by analyzing the data objects.
Generating ADDM, AWR, Statspack reports & analyzing them for better performance of
database by capturing any wait within the database as well as on server level.
Daily/weekly maintenance of all the databases to improve its performance by gathering
schema/table/index stats, rebuilding indexes on regular basis, reorganizing the database
objects, also by moving database files, if required to reduce I/O contention.
Reorganize the databases and the segments having fragmentation, row migration and
chaining intricacies to rip the optimum performance and resources benefits.
Having working experience on Solaris, AIX .
Having very excellent experience in implementation of Oracle bundle / interim patches as
suggested by Oracle Support to overcome the bug in databases if any.

Backup/ Recovery:
Performing offline as well as online backups to minimize MTTR and maximize MTBF.
Created duplicate auxiliary database using Rman restoration through tape drives.
Utilization of precise recovery method to resolve database failures.
Daily full Rman backup of 16 production databases, having three databases of size 1.2, 1.8
& 4 TB.
Good expertise in Rman configuration as well as restoration. Restored as many as 8
production databases successfully as per requirement having sizes in TBs.
Performed successful DR drill test using Rman for restoration of databases at DR site
along with all server as well as front end application configuration for creating error free
environment at DR site.
Daily & weekly export backup of main Application tables from database, monthly & yearly
full database export /Datapump backup of all production databases (having databases of
size in TBs).

Network and Os Maintenance:

I am responsible for assuring the client connectivity to database server
Maintenance of Server connection process like Listener and dispatcher.
Maintenance of OS services & server network files.
Checking & analyzing Solaris server stats (iostat, vmstat, prstat, mpstat, sar).
Monitoring spaces of all drives in Windows & mount points in Solaris servers.

Database Reorganization:
Overseeing Database/Schema refresh using export/import or datapump utility.
Creating users, granting roles, allocating tablespace as per the requirement.
Participate on project development team by designing/testing and implementing database
tables, stored procedures, triggers and constraints.

Monitor and test data centre initiatives and software upgrades on application servers.
Establish, coordinate and maintain database and database environments for testing,
production, training and user demonstration.
Operating, maintaining, & troubleshooting of Oracle database.
Creation and management of users, profiles, roles, privileges, stored procedures,
functions, triggers & packages.
Monitoring & changing of all databases listeners/schema & servers passwords on time & to
coordinate within team as per the policy.

Job Scheduling:
Daily monitoring of schedule jobs to check and verify they are successful.
New job scheduling using UNIX cron job utility & shell scripting, and Oracle DBMS_JOB
Having good knowledge for shell scripting, used further for scheduling cron jobs on Solaris
Maintain already scheduled jobs according to business requirement.
Scheduled cron job for sending auto mails having archive space, unused disk space &
errors in alert logs if any.
Running regular DBA check-ups on the databases through scripts scheduled to run using

Company Name : Company Name, Location July-2011 to Sep-2015

Designation : DBA
Customer : Systech International USA
Tools :

Roles and Responsibilities