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Volume 15 #22  July 5th, 2010

Baja’s English Language Newspaper


Baja 250 Will Be Racing Through Our Town Next Week

First Sunday Street pay for parking in many of the

lots. It’s easy to get into town San Jose Residents Join
Closing Went Well but a little more challenging
getting out because you must
take the back roads. Cactus
World Wide Protest
 Decent attendance and very restful Bicycle Club volunteers were
 Holding hands to demand halt to
without cars directing traffic. The closure
stretches a mile and a half off shore drilling
BY TINA LALLY starting from the Tesoro ho-
tel and ends way up past the BY TINA LALLY
For more on this story The street closure was not
watch the video at only meant for exercise, but For more on this story
www.gringogazette.tv for families to spend time to- watch the video at
gether, and many families ar- www.gringogazette.tv
rived with moms, dads, chil-
For an indefinite period project. Children and other dren, and pets. There were
very Sunday starting June people who lived in Cabo joggers, and most of the cy- June 26 at high noon, want to convince the United
27th, Cabo’s main street will were invited to cut the ribbon clists were wearing helmets. about 25 people, almost all States state legislators, gov-
be closed to vehicle traffic along side the Mayor. Everyone was polite and Gringos, gathered at the San ernors, congress members
from 7 am to 11 am. The By 8 am many friendly. There was one lane Jose estuary to literally join and President Obama to stop
Cactus Bicycle club has pro- people were already walking blocked off specifically for hands in symbolic protest of the expansion of offshore oil
moted the street closure to their dogs, riding their bikes, the cyclists, and the rest was offshore oil drilling. drilling. The movement
promote exercise and family and enjoying the morning. for pedestrians. The global movement is started in Florida last Febru-
togetherness. This is an inno- The road leading into down- People said they called Hands Across The ary and has such sponsors as
vative idea for Cabo that town was open, so it was would return every Sunday: Sand and their mission is to Sierra Club, Audobon and
many people have embraced. easy to get into town. If you continued on page 7 push for the use of clean and Greenpeace.
Even the Mayor was on hand want to find good parking, renewable energy. They also continued on page 5
to cut the ribbon on the you have to arrive early or INDEX
Que Pasa?...................3
Gringo Gazette PRESORT STD
P.O.Box 13168 State News.................4
Palm Desert, CA 92255
Directory of Serv. ...14-15
Timeshare News.........20
Return Service Requested PERMIT NO 11 Calendar...................20
Fish Report................21
Restaurant Guide...24-25
San Jose Art District....26
Maps.......................32 25 protesters against off shore drilling turned out in San
Jose to show solidarity with protestors world wide.
July 5th, 2010 .COM

Home Town Boy Gets they just spoke through their

musical instruments.
Accepted At Prestigious The longest part of the
process was waiting in the

U.S. School line, but he said it was a good

experience, anyway. He took
the exam in December and to
Published bi-weekly in Vista, CA. and distributed in
Mexico, Canada, & The United States by
 And he went to all public schools here his surprise was accepted the Periodico Americano, S.A. de C.V.
end of January.
Nicolas hates to imagine Office in Downtown Cabo on Leona Vicario St.
BY CAMILLA FORD if he had not been accepted. between Carranza and Revolucion
Now he is working to get fi- Four blocks up from the Mall
Pomp and Circumstance because it was, “more com- nancial aid from both the
mercial and a way to be (624) 143-5750 & 143 0865
for East Cape Teen or Movin’ United States and here in
on Up! known and have fun.” He Mexico. The government or-
18 year old East Cape began with a lot of questions, ganization, CONACIT, is United States
local Nicolas Murrieta will be “Can I self produce?” supportive of youngsters P.O. Box 13168
heading off to college this fall “How?” “Why does this song studying outside of Mexico. Palm Desert CA 92255
in Boston, Massachusetts. sound different than this?” If he does get aid from here, Ph. (562) 714 6735
He was accepted to the He then got a job so he could he will be required to return
Berklee College of Music, buy equipment and a micro- and work for a year at least. Subscriptions available,
the largest independent col- phone which he was able to If he finds something produc- see page 10 or 11, maybe 12, sometimes 4.
lege of contemporary music do “although they are still not tive here then, he will stay. He Or mail $60 for one year, (26 issues) or $35 for six months
high quality. I do things sim- says Southern Baja is lack- (13 issues) to the U.S.
in the world, where he hopes
to major in music production. ply. I’m not yet into the tech- ing in the aspect of music. Online subscriptions available at www.gringogazette.com
(The higher grades you re- nical part.” But, he has “There is a lot of talent, but You may view the entire newspaper, just as it appears in
ceive in high school, the bet- learned a lot. He was able artists need to be produced, print, online
ter chance you have of get- to do more than he thought and all the main music com-
ting your major. Nicolas has he was capable of. panies are in Monterrey and Who’s to blame:
about 3.9. This will also af- Nicolas had no thought of Mexico City.”
fect his chance of receiving actually studying music until Nicolas feels he has had
his American mom, Elizabeth Publisher
financial aid). The is a four an advantage over some of
year program and he will re- Hyzer, proposed the idea. He his friends and peers because Carrie Duncan, carrie@gringogazette.com
ceive a bachelor’s in music. had originally thought of from vacations to visit rela-
When asked what he needs studying something more “se- tives in Chicago and Boston, Sales
before he goes, he replied, “a rious” because of the current he knows a bit of what it’s David Flores, david@gringogazette.com
lot of vaccines”. The number economic situation. But, his like in big cities. Also, he Cell (624) 121-1214
of international students ac- mother really supported him knows English.
cepted to this college in following his dreams.. She “The education here is
herself is a song writer and Alejandra Saráchaga, alejandra@gringogazette.com
reached 24.2 percent this good enough, though. What
year with Korea, Japan, his grandma sang profession- makes the difference is your Cellie (624) 159-7741
Canada, Mexico, and Italy ally, so music is in his genes. will,” he says. And, this
being the top five countries of Nicolas’s father, Pepe young man has plenty of that. Distribution
origin. Nicholas is one of Murrieta, who works as a The judges laughed when Antonio Fuentes
Mexico’s students. manager at Palmas de he said he was going to rap,
Nicolas grew up in Cabo Cortez, was not thrilled at but Nicolas responded, Graphic Design
Pulmo where he attended a first. He also did not think it “Wait. Listen. This is differ-
was serious enough or would reactiva.mx
very small community el- ent.” And, it was. “Mirame a
ementary school. He then give enough job opportuni- los Ojos” is Spanish poetry
attended junior high and high ties. However now he is a la Pablo Neruda crossed
school, Colegio de Estudios proud of his son. with Snoop Dog. “I like to
Cientificos y Tecnologicos or Elizabeth and Nicolas did give messages about the
“Cecyt,” in the small town of not have a lot of information, world and passion and what
Santiago (the “Zoo” town). but they started researching music is. What it means to
His dreams started about music schools last year. people at different times in
three years ago when he Nicolas wanted some place their lives. I choose to write
started writing lyrics. “It was that was more about “passion about things with meaning,
a necessity,” he says, “I and what students are dream- and I love that a song or
needed to express myself in ing of than about plopping melody has a part of me in
poetry.” (Most adults who students in front of equip- it,” he explains.
have survived adolescence ment.” His aunt who lives in Nicolas’s talent is not lim-
can probably relate.) “). He Boston sent a catalogue from ited to music, he also draws
did not learn about music Berklee College of Music, and paints, but those things
from school but on his own. and that was the only place come easily for him. “Music
He has worked mainly alone he applied. For the applica- does not. It is mysterious. Map to the offices of the Gringo Gazette,
because other musicians do tion, Nicolas had to prepare You know how you don’t do Scoop the nightclub, and Scoop the hotel.
not have the intense focus that an original song. His piece the thing you are good at or Phone 14 30865
he does. It is secondary to involved rap and singing and that is easy, you do the harder www.gringogazette.com
them. Other things are more was called, “Mirame a los thing?” he asks as if this is a www.scoopcabosanlucas.com
important. Ojos” (“Look in My Eyes”). common practice. Nicolas www.gringogazette.tv
His compositions were He had to fly to the school does not know yet that most
basic, and he started with rap and then mimic different people actually do, in fact, do
melodies and do a jazz and the easy thing. This is prob-
blues improv. He thought, “I ably the key to his present
think you are meant to do and future success. Nicolas
this. Let’s try it…” For the continues asking questions the settlement company ®
auditions, they want to see if and doing the harder thing.
you sing on key and are do- The motto of the Berklee
ing something interesting with College of Music is: to be
your voice. There was also not to seem, so Nicolas and
a short interview. He thought this college may be a perfect Specialist in The Virtual Closing ®
he had done terrible. fit. He is the real deal; there
There were people there is nothing phony about him. Your Safety Net in Mexican Real Estate
from all over the world, and Congratulations to our young
Nicolas, who speaks perfect graduates, and good luck info@settlement-co.com
English and perfect Spanish Nicolas: a young pioneer pav-
and who has dual citizenship, ing a positive road between
says there were some who Mexico and the United www.settlement-co.com
did not even speak English, States. 
.COM July 5th, 2010

expenses. Local hotels have

made deals with the unions
to allow their employees to
Good news from the work shortened hours in or-
Prez.. The consensus after der to save money and allow
President Calderon’s visit everyone to keep their jobs.
here last month was the best Other plans include offering
news he brought with him was vacation time in advance.
the check to build an alter- We’re just coming off our
nate road between San Jose second bad tourist season in
and Cabo San Lucas is al- a row and it’s going to be
ready in the mail, and that his tough for many businesses to
administration will emphasize make it through the summer
tourist promotion. Inter- with adequate cash flow.
viewed after Calderon’s de- Whale fossil donated to complies with their demands. faucet- was expected to last Off-Road race an-
parture, local entrepreneurs museum. City lawmaker City picks up stray two days, but five days later, nounced. This Friday 16 and
agreed on the above issues, Enrique Navarro gave a ce- dogs. In conjunction with the some barrios had still not Saturday 17 of July, the local
stating that they now feel con- tacean fossil to the Cabo San local humane society, city started getting water again. off-road community will hold
fident that positive changes Lucas natural history museum workers are rounding up The plant was built by a it’s Cabo 250 off-road race
are on their way and that we last week. Navarro found the stray dogs in San Jose and Spain-based corporation, it in Cabo San Lucas. The
may expect to see a recov- entire remains of what seems Cabo San Lucas in an effort
ery in tourism flow “soon”. to be a killer whale during a to minimize the health threat
Mexican cruise ship hiking trip over the mountains that sick doggies represent to
coming. The Ocean Dream near Santa Anita, just past the community. Dozens of
cruise ship, owned by the the San Jose international air- doggies have been picked
Spain-based Pullmantur cor- port and decided to donate up, with many of them turned
poration, will dock in Cabo it to the city. Museum direc- over to city workers by their
Bay this Thursday with 1,350 tor Roberto Cuetara said the owners who claim that they
passengers onboard. The fossil will be studied to de- don’t have the resources to
Ocean Dream, will sail be- termine the species and will feed them, much less to take
tween the ports of Acapulco, be displayed next to the cul- them to the vet for vaccines.
Manzanillo, Ixtapa- tural center in San Jose. To support the city’s action,
Zihuatanejo and Cabo San Elementary teachers the Los Cabos humane soci-
Lucas. The Ocean Dream on indefinite strike. De- ety will be offering free spay
weights 77,499 metric tons manding a salary increase, and neutering for a week this

is run by the city water agency party will begin at the Wal-
and has so far proven insuffi- Mart parking lot on Friday
cient for the demand, requir- July 16 at 5:00 p.m. when the
ing supply to be rotated vehicles exhibit and inspec-
and features eight decks, four access to cheap housing, and month. among barrios on a schedule tion will begin. The Cabo 250
restaurants, three swimming other benefits, the Los Cabos Desal plan undergoes that nobody can figure out. race takes place during the
pools, a library, gym, Spa, elementary teachers went on maintenance. In anticipa- Problem Chicklet kids. night to avoid the summer
two bars, a discotheque and strike last week and are tion of a hot summer, the city Child peddlers are turning heat and is an interesting five
a ball room. Expect to see an camping outside the govern- water agency announced it into a serious problem and hour experience to watch or
entirely different demographic ment buildings in Cabo San will be performing routine are hurting our image with participate in. For more in-
coming off this ship, as the Lucas and in San Jose. “This maintenance to its desalina- tourists, said Ricardo Araoz, formation, visit their website
passengers will all be Mexi- will be an indefinite strike,” tion plant in the Cangrejos
can. It doesn’t start from the said teachers’ leader Gilberto neighborhood in Cabo San
United States, and Spanish Aguilar, who stated that the Lucas. The desal plant pro-
will be the language onboard. school year is almost over vides the vital liquid to a
Why they began their trips just and all children have finished dozen barrios in the area past
before the hurricane season their studies. The children’s the Sunset Beach resort. The
is a mystery. grades will be delivered as maintenance work – and its
Hotels cutting payroll soon as the government consequent turning off the

president of the merchants at: www.elpatorojo.com

association of the popular Frontier to add third
Medano beach area. “Chil- flight to Cabo. Frontier Air-
dren are constantly harassing lines said it will add a flight
our tourists, even stealing from Kansas City to Los
personal items from them, Cabos in December. That will
and the city authorities, who be the third Frontier flight to
are the ones who can solve Mexico from KC. Frontier
this problem, are doing noth-
ing,” said Araoz. continued on page 6
July 5th, 2010 .COM

eral government to curb the Confederation of Chambers

flow of drug money into of Commerce (Concanaco)
Mexico will “strongly” hurt acknowledged that the
hotels at top destinations and travel and construction
inhibit foreign travelers, said trades have been the busi-
Restaurant ass. delivers Canucks mining in our Guillermo Prieto #189 , the president of the Mexican ness sectors most affected
donation. The local La Paz state. The state’s economy phone 612-122-0145 All Association of Travel Agents, by the climate of insecurity,
restaurant association deliv- honcho met last week with Booths will be assigned at Jorge Hernández. the economic crisis, and the
ered a check for $20,500 to Canada’s minister of Com- event check-in on November He said the limit set by influenza scare. (Remember
DIF, the family-oriented merce Paula Caldwell and 28. authorities of $7,000 a month that?)
charity run by government mining expert Paul Connors,
officials’ wives. The funds, to “strengthen mining activi-
said DIF, will be used to ties in Southern Baja, as well
equip the center for the eld- as to develop additional Ca-
erly program known as nadian investments in the
“Love and Hope,” or Amor state.” Canucks have been
y Esperanza which is its name digging in our state for gold,
in Spanish. The funds were silver, copper, zing, manga-
raised by the restaurateurs nese, phosphorus and differ-
through their annual food fest ent rocks for years. Their El
held last month in La Paz. Boleo mine has been stalled
Hotels and government for several months due to the
unite. To protect the upcom- economic crisis, but will re-
ing arrival of sea turtles that sume operations in August
wash up on our shores to with a joint Korean and Ca- Turtle huggers plan for companies and $1,500 for Concanaco president
deposit their eggs, Profepa, nadian investment of some ahead. In four interactive individuals is unrealistic and Jorge E. Dávila said the
Mexico’s environmental $1.17 billion, which should workshops, the Grupo will have an impact on virtu- downturn has meant a 40%
watchdog agency, enlisted the generate almost 1,200 new Tortuguero de las Californias, ally all travel-related firms. He drop in direct foreign invest-
help of local resorts to look jobs in the area. A.C. (GTC) created a 10 claims 95% of customers pay ment, and recreational travel
out for the critters. Resorts Annual art fest an- year strategic plan to moni- cash, mostly in dollars, and has dropped 20% in the past
such as Paraíso del Mar, nounced. Artist’s Get tor activities, as well as spe-
Costa Baja, Bahía de los Ready! Mark your calendars: cific tasks for the future of
Sueños and the Fund for the This November 28, the city turtle preservation.
Protection of Marine Re- will hold its second annual art The Grupo Tortuguero
works in 30 communities
throughout the northwestern
part of Mexico. Each of the
sites contains important sea
turtle feeding and breeding
areas and some of them have
recently reported increased
levels of nesting. However,
the primary sea turtle nesting
sites are in the Los Cabos
region, from Todos Santos to
Bahía de la Ventana, and
along the beaches of south-
ern Sinaloa and Nayarit. In
each of the GTC sites team
members work to provide
environmental education, usu-
ally linked with the monitor-
ing groups and local organi-
sources (Fonmar) formed the festival at the Marina Palmira, zations.
local environmental vigilance with some improvements. Earthquake damages
committee. Booth locations changed for mountain range. A 4.9
CCC gifts city The sale a more contiguous setting. earthquake on the Richter
of the Centro Comercial The audience seating & stage scale provoked a rock slide
Californiano, known as CCC for the musical performances on the east side of the famous
grocery store to the Chedraui will be situated in shade and Sierra de La Laguna peak,
store chain, delivered closer to the booth area than which is part of the La La-
$370,000 in property sale last year. As suggested by
taxes to the city, said Erick many of last years attendees, year, while business travel
Cisneros, head of the land a food fair is added featuring has plummeted between
registry office. some of the local La Paz res- 25% and 40%. Central bank
Local cops receive bo- taurants. All proceeds benefit figures indicate the travel
nus. Almost 700 city cops the festival itself and the Baja trade edged back up 3.2%
will receive a bonus of some Dogs humane society. If you in the first four months of
$300 this month, from funds can lend a hand, call Kathy 2010.
from the national training pro- Bezy at (612)121-5886. E- Mexico sues BP on oil
gram. Those who will receive mail:KathyBezy@ spill. The Mexican govern-
the bonuses have cared goldrush.com Potential par- ment is demanding British oil
enough to receive additional ticipating artists must sign up giant BP pay Mexico $20
training. at The Art Shop located at million to monitor the oil spill
in the Gulf of Mexico. If they
guna Sierra biosphere and that the segments most af- get the money it will be used
protected natural area. The fected will be U.S. travelers to equip 26 environmental
slide, said a government offi- and the Jewish community, study centers and train per-
cial, was apparently caused particularly on cruise ships. sonnel. Several government
by the earthquake, as the The measure is in the first agencies will participate in the
rocks are sitting there just week of a 90-day adjustment initiative. The government
overlapping each other with and fine-tuning period, and will monitor, supervise, in-
no foundation. The earth- the Acapulco Travel Associa- spect and train personnel to
quake took place on June 17 tion, among others, say they lessen the impact in case the
at 2 in the morning about 69 will seek an exemption for spilled oil ever reaches the
miles away from shore, on major travel destinations Mexican waters.
the Sea of Cortes. Mexico wants image Anti-obesity plan goes
New money exchange change. In launching the light. The government’s
rules damage tourism. The campaign “Let’s Positively plan to combat children’s
new rules adopted by the fed- Talk About Mexico”, the continued on page 6
.COM July 5th, 2010
State Tourism Director
Tosses In The Towel
 Signals possible run for mayor

State tourism director veloper Luis Cano, entrepre-

quits. Alberto Treviño, our neur Oscar Daccarett, Puerto
Southern Baja state tourism Paraiso official Ruben
director resigned his position Reach,i and many other mov-
last week, in order to work ers and shakers.
full time in the new organiza- ATA is actually an organi-
tion that he has formed which zation that Treviño hopes will
he calls ATA, All in Action launch him into City Hall.
Association. It was launched Municpal elections will be
last week at a rally in a work- held in February, and Trevino
ing class barrio as an organi- will run for mayor. Governor
zation that would work to Agundez’ presence at the
improve our quality of life in event signals that Treviño will S. JOSE RESIDENTS...
all aspects, inviting the at- probably become the official
tendees to come forward PRD party candidate for continued from page 1
with proposals in that direc- mayor.
tion. Thousands of people first
Treviño had to resign his
Present at the launching to joined hands all over Florida
position as director of tour-
show their support for ATA and now it has turned global.
ism for the state by June 30
were powerful figures such as People in countries all over
to comply with election regu-
state governor Narciso the world joined hands on
lations. No replacement had
Agundez, Pueblo Bonito re- been announced at pressthe same day and time, in
sorts’ Ernesto Coppel, de- time.  their time zones. There were
over 850 demonstrations
worldwide. Mexico had five

Taxi Drivers Report On events, the U.S. had 809,

and Canada 27. To see a list
of the global locations at
Their Business www.handsacrossthesand.com.
Click the button that says in-
 Most say it’s picking up ternational locations.
A Gringa named Chase
BY ALFREDO MARTINEZ took it upon herself to orga-
nize our Hands Across The
Sand in San Jose. She asked
We asked some of the more problems with the people to sign in to facilitate
taxi drivers we see stand- transpotadoras. a head count, and circulated
ing around everywhere, The Transit police need a petition addressed to
waiting for a fare to tell to do there job with the Obama.
us how their business is traffic. Chase acknowledge how
going. Because as the taxi Jesus Flores dependent we are on off-
biz goes, so goes the tour- This season was slower shore oil, and that we can’t
ist biz, and as the tourist than normal. The summer stop drilling immediately, but
biz goes, there go all of us. season just started. pointed out we need to push
Here’s what they told us.

Enrique Ramos
This season was not
good, but it was not bad.
Not a lot of tourists.
Hopefullythe next high
season will be better.

Rogelio Santiyan
For us it was a little bet-
ter. More people than last
season. Next season will be
better, no flu, no more street
construction. Hopefully
there will be less competi-
tion with the

Jesus Ramirez
This season was calm,
but it was a lot better than
last season. There were a lot
more people. I made
enough to feed my family,
barely. Winter season will
be better.

Cesar Flores
This season was good
for me. A lot better than last.
The crisis in the U.S. in the affected area are hav-
seems to be improving. harder for clean energy. She that it’s not just our coastal
Hopefuly the summer tour- economies and marine wild- ing upper respiratory prob-
ists, families will come. The said she was inspired to or- lems, and are often advised
Raul Garcia ganize this peaceful protest so life that is suffering (from the
world crisis seems to be Gulf Coast oil spill), people’s against going outside,” she
For me it was good. getting better.  she could be a voice in the
Hopefuly there will be no world. She also pointed out livelihoods are threatened as continued on page 6
well as their health. “People
July 5th, 2010 .COM

Celebrity sighting. Hav- cult to spend dollars in

S. JOSE RESIDENTS... ing just won the NBA Cham- Mexico. Because of the vast
continued from page 5 pionship, LA Lakers star amount of dollars brought
Lamar Odom and wifey into the country by drug deal-
said. Khloe Kardashian jetted to ers, the government is limit-
The hand holders who Cabo for their long awaited ing the amount of U.S. cur-
showed up in San Jose came honeymoon. The two stayed rency that can be accepted
from all walks of life. While at a compound owned by by banks in any given month.
participants in other parts of Girls Gone Wild founder Joe The rules, not exactly clear,
the world gathered on the Francis because “they knew went into effect this week,
beach, our protestors moved it would be very private and leaving everybody confused.
the demonstration from the security would be tight there.” And that is why some banks
beach to the estuary because But the Kardashian clan won’t exchange any of your
it was uncomfortably hot on money if you don’t have an
account there. Blame it on the
fact that the greenback dol-
lar is the world wide interna- ing at the Villa del Palmar re- ably lightened.
tional currency for dope. sort joined the group and “It seems perfectly clear
We need a makeover. practiced the rhythms of that the government is more
President Felipe Calderon salsa, swing, paso doble, hip- concerned with safeguarding
announced that the govern- hop and others. Van Amstel corporate revenues than
ment is seeking an advertis- said that Cabo is “the best children’s health”, huffed
ing and public relations place to go if you live in L.A.” Julieta Ponce, director of the
agency to improve the image  Center for Nutrition Guide-
the sand. There were moms, doesn’t know how to spend lines. Other public health ex-
dads, kids, and profession- time away from the cameras. perts agreed, lambasting the
als. Of course there was a Khloe and Lamar were not credibility of Education Sec-
group of hippies that joined alone for long because family retary Alfonso Lujambio and
hands as well, and they lead and friends joined them and Health Secretary José Ángel
the people in “a sea of oms” cameras were rolling. Khloe Córdova for reneging on their
where everyone held their and Omar have reality show promises.
hands up and chanted. They in the works. Secretary Córdova’s
brought a flag that had every Disney’s rising kid star lame explanation was that
country in the world’s flag Demi Lovato also came to “we don’t want to condemn
sewn into it. It was a very town to enjoy a family holi- any product (junk food and
peaceful demonstration with day while on a break from soft drinks) until we’ve had a
a clear message, drawing a filming her hit show on the chance to establish the energy
metaphorical line in the sand Disney channel “Sonny With density allowed in each ra-
saying no to offshore drilling. A Chance.” Wearing a tur- tion”. Whatever that means.
 In the meantime, authorities,
in their infinite wisdom, found
what they believe to be a so-
lution: smaller portions of
peanuts, chips, cookies and
of Mexico abroad. The others, which will not change
President said improving the STATE NEWS... the poor eating habits of
image of Mexico is even more continued from page 4 schoolchildren.
important than building new
highways. Tourism last year obesity by banning junk foods
declined 3.2 percent, al- in schools appears to have
quoise bikini, Disney’s rising though it was up by four per- succumbed to lobbyists.
QUE PASA?... star looked beautiful as she cent in the world at large. Even though a reasonable list
continued from page 3 relaxed on the beach with her More celebrities. Louis of banned munchies had
also offers non-stop service family and played in the surf Van Amstel, choreographer been drawn up by the top
to Cancun and Puerto on a rented jet ski. of the Dancing with the Stars Health and Education agen-
Vallarta. The weekly depar- Can’t get pesos for dol- reality show, was in Cabo for cies only last month, the de-
ture to Los Cabos will run lars? Thank the druggies. In three days, accompanied by finitive list sent to the Federal
from December 18 to April an effort to curb money laun- his Van Dancing troupe of Regulatory Improvement
16. dering, it is now more diffi- students. Some locals stay- Commission was consider-

More car loans. Presi-

dent Calderon announced his
plan to stimulate purchase of
new cars after vehicle pro-
duction and sales has taken
a bad tumble lately.
The federal government
will begin paying a state tax
on car ownership, normally
paid by car owners, for new
vehicles costing as much as
$19,700, The government
will also gradually eliminate
the tax, known as a
“tenencia,” by the end of
The Mexican develop-
ment bank will also offer
guarantees $200 million in
loans that commercial banks
will give for auto purchases.
The guarantees aim to boost
the number of car loans by
continued on page 7
.COM July 5th, 2010
to stanch the flood of illegal
FIRST SUNDAY... immigrants across his prop-
continued from page 1 erty has been sued by 16
Mexicans accusing the
they loved the idea of having rancher of violating their civil
the street to themselves. rights when he detained them
Tourists said that it was great at gunpoint when they at-
to see all the families getting tempted to cross his land af-
together, and they felt safe ter making it over the U.S.-
because the street was Mexico border illegally.
blocked off. There was mu- Roger Barnett first began
sic playing, children laughing, detaining illegals after several
and everyone had a great of them, according to Barnett,
time. Everything seemed to stole his property, killed live-
go off without a hitch and stock, and attempted to
there were no reports of break into his home. Barnett
problems, insists that he has never in-
Roaming around jured any of the illegals he has
without cars, there is a sense caught and that he always
of freedom and tranquility calls Border Patrol and turns

and the Foreign Trade Bank

has refused to bail them out
The most obvious solution
Downtown Cabo San Lucas is alive with strollers and cyclists would be a merger with
while cars are banned on Sunday mornings Aeroméxico. When the two
airlines were sold to private
that even seemed to be felt over the trespassers to the investors (both previously
by the many pets in atten- federal authorities. had to be rescued by the gov-
dance. (Pooper scoopers According to reports in ernment), the federal anti-
encouraged.) the Washington Times, the trust agency blocked single
The downtown street will plaintiffs are represented by ownership of both, but now
be closed every Sunday the Mexican American Legal there may be no alternative.
morning, so if you missed this Defense and Educational Dead Teen known to
Sunday, don’t forget next Fund (MALDEF) which is police. Remember the 15
week, you can take Sunday supported by corporate con- year old Mexican kid who
brunch at one of the many tributions from The Ford was shot and killed by a U.S.
restaurants.  Foundation, The Rockefeller Border Patrol agent a few
weeks ago? He was among twice in the same week in a crime by federal prosecu-
Foundation, and the Soros tors.
Foundation. Can’t you Grin- El Paso’s most wanted juve- February 2009 on suspicion
STATE NEWS... nile immigrant smugglers, ac- of smuggling illegal immi- Hernandez’s mother,
gos make up your minds if Maria Guadalupe Huereca,
continued from page 6 we’re welcome or not? cording to federal arrest grants across the U.S.-
records reviewed by The As- Mexico border. Hernandez said she didn’t believe her son
Five years after it was ac- had ever been arrested. “It’s
12 percent in the second half quired by the same group that sociated Press. was repeatedly arrested along
The records show Sergio the U.S. side of the border a lie,” she said in a telephone
of the year from the same pe- owns Fiesta Americana and interview with The Associ-
riod in 2009. other hotel brands, Mexicana Adrian Hernandez Huereca near downtown El Paso, not
had been arrested at least far from where he was killed, ated Press. “And if it were
Mexican production of Airlines reportedly is facing true, it wouldn’t give them the
cars and light trucks fell 51 serious financial problems four times since 2008 and but was never charged with
right to kill him.”
percent in January 2009 from
a year earlier as demand for
exports plummeted amid the
global financial crisis. Output
has recovered this year, in-
creasing 65 percent to
178,738 units in May from
the same month a year ear-
Mexico Sues AZ. Ari-
zona lawyers hired by the
Mexican federal government
sued in a federal court in Ari-
zona to declare the state’s
immigration law unconstitu-
tional, arguing that Mexico’s
interests and it’s citizens’rights
are at stake. The law requires
police investigating an incident
or crime to ask those in-
volved about their immigra-
tion status if there is a “rea-
sonable suspicion” they are in
the U.S. illegally. Mexico said
the law would lead to racial
profiling, hinder trade and
tourism, and strain Mexico’s
efforts at combating drug
In related news A land-
owner in Arizona who has
waged a 10-year campaign
July 5th, 2010 .COM

La Paz Art Festival “Thanks to the generosity

of the Marina Palmira, it will INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITY
Gearing Up Again
be the location of the Festi- KidSmart is a stay-in-school project serving
val again this year,” said Tom academically-gifted students from economically-challenged
DeJardin. “We have some- neighborhoods in CSL.
what changed where the We are currently searching for sponsors for the
 Some elements of the inaugural event last booths will be located to individual children and teens involved. Sponsors provide
year were a little sketchy but the organizers are make a more contiguous set- a school uniform and shoes, as well as a $20 monthly
all over those problems. ting, and the stage for the stipend to their honor student.
musical performances will be We also need corporate sponsorship for the new
situated more in the shade and ESL program that will be providing intensive English
BY ART MAJOR closer to the booths than last
language training to the KidSmart participants.
year.” Income tax deductible receipts will be provided to
Last year was the first year Last year there were not The financial beneficiaries all donors.
for the inagural art festival of enough food vendors, and for 100% of the festival’s
La Paz. although the home- the handful that did turn out booth rental net proceeds will
town artists turned out strong, ran out of food early on. But be FANLAP and Baja Dogs.
showing no less than 80 the organizers are all over Rafael Chavez added that Local Cell:
booths, attendance at this first that problem, as they have “everything about the festival 044-624-129-6135
effort was light, so this year added a food fair featuring d’arte benefits La Paz, and
they’re getting started with local La Paz restaurants. one of our really big hopes robynlittlewood@hotmail.com
the publicity nice and early.
The upcoming festival will be
November 28. Hey, it’s
never to early to pencil that
into your Daytimer.
Last year Maureen Ryan,
along with Helga Kuhne,
Sherry Lee Duncan, and the
La Paz Six artists began to
dream of all the people of
La Paz being able to experi-
ence the exploding world of
La Paz art and music all in
one venue Thus was born the
La Paz Festival D’Arte held
at the Marina Palmira, right
along the marina front. Ev-
eryone involved seems ex-
cited about the expanded
plans for this year’s event.
Last year, in addition to
the 80 booths, there was a
sound stage with various lo-
cal singers, dancers and mu-
sical groups, mostly young,
Mexican and flaky, taking the
stage occasionally thorughout
the day. There were some
pretty big gaps in the enter-
tainment that the organizers
say isn’t going to happen this
this year is the entire com-
munity will be involved in ev-
ery aspect of the event”.
If you can lend a hand call
Kathy Bezy at (612)121-
5886 kathybezy@
All artists’ registrations
need to be made at Jorge
Agruel’s art shop on
Guillermo Prieto, no. 189 in
La Paz. Cost for a booth is
less than $25. (612)122-
0145. 

NA Group
in English
Corner of Francisco Villa
and Carranza Streets.
In front of the Hotel Casa
Rosada, 3 Blks behind
Cabaret night club
Tues. and Thurs. 6:00 pm
Call: 624-100-7206
or 624-157-2373

.COM July 5th, 2010

Pancho Villa Death Day

Celebrated Big Time
 He went out Bonnie and Clyde style in a
1919 Dodge which is a center piece
of the annual fiesta

Recovering from the In- July 20, 1923 when he was

dependence Day celebra- 45 years old and retired from
tions, it’s nice to have time out fighting, and something this
for the rest of the week. But mordacious calls for, at least
don’t slack off entirely, be- in Mexico, a boisterous
cause in Mexico, there’s al- party. The Pancho Villa fiesta
ways another fiesta brewing. originated in 1996 and his
This time we have to death is reconstructed every
cross the brine to find the year on the exact spot where
more flamboyant fiestas. By the caper went down. Re- ing for his gun. His skull was and don’t go without a few six-pack? No, just trade your
week’s end, an almost two enactments are popular in robbed from his grave three six-packs. beer. In the old days it used
week long fiesta is starting up Mexico and as if there are not years later and is still miss- Another fiesta is not untilto go like this; the mason
in Chihuahua to commemo- enough casualties in the ing. July 16, so you have plenty builds a brick oven for the
rate the assassination of the northern states in real life, a Nowadays, the highlight of of time to get organized and baker with the understanding
revolutionary rascal Pancho few dressed-up characters as the fiesta is a cavalcade on get there. The ten day ex- that the baker will provide
Villa. You probably remem- Pancho and his cronies get horseback from the city of travaganza called cakes for the weddings of the
ber that Francisco “Pancho” 15 bullets fired into them Chihuahua to Hidalgo del Guelaguetza, (I can’t pro- mason’s three daughters
Villa was a leading figure in when they appear in their Parral, where the assassina- nounce it either) is in the his-(though at the time of build-
the 1910 Mexican Revolu- 1919 Dodge sedan from tion took place, some 136 toric city of Oaxaca. This time ing they may still be under
tion. “Of all Mexican Revo- around a corner. Not unlike miles away. Since its first oc- it is not just about partying orage). The town upholsterer
lution leaders, no one was as might re-do the undertaker’s
controversial as Pancho Villa; furniture, thereby guarantee-
no one has remained so ing that his funeral will be
strongly in people’s memory taken care of when needed.
as he has”, says Jorge Well, that might give peace of
Carrera Robles, president of mind, but sounds to me like
the Chihuahuan Culture Insti- bartering and skipping taxes,
tute. but eh, who doesn’t like the
The fiesta attracts many idea of that?
performances of classical and July 16 is when it gets
folk music, book presenta- serious. The story has it that
tions, lectures and groups of on that day in 1858, the Vir-
minstrels strolling through the gin Mary made her last ap-
historic center of Chihuahua. parition somewhere in
Getting there can be an ad- Lourdes, France. In Mexico
venture by itself. The last time this is celebrated as ‘Nuestra
I went, I took the ferry as a Señora del Carmen’ or ‘Our
walk-on from La Paz to Lady of Mount Carmel.’
Topolobampo, got a ride into Now in the state of Oaxaca,
Los Mochis, and went on the the Zapotec Indians had their
famous ‘Chepe’ train ride, ‘Guelaguetza’ (=Zapotec
right through the massive Bonnie’s and Clyde’s de- currence, this rambunctious getting wasted, but about for offering) around the same
Copper Canyon district to mise. Pancho’s body took cavalcade has grown pro- sharing and contributing to the time and were doing so for
Chihuahua. It was great. nine of the 43 bullets fired into gressively larger; with last year betterment of the individual three thousand years to a
The assassination of this car and died almost in- more then 3,000 riders par- and the community. Does that goddess by the name of
Pancho actually happened on stantly, with his hand reach- ticipating. Immagine the dust mean you have to share your ‘Centeotl.’ So here things
get complicated. Centeotl
also called Xilonen, was the
queen of corn, the hairy-type,
the main staple at the time. To
assure a decent rainfall to
provide for a bountiful har-
vest, the Aztecs offered gifts
of lives, such as goats, little
girls or maybe even their
mother in law. This ritual be-
came the feast of Xilonen,
goddess of tender corn, and
signaled the beginning of a
two-week fiesta.
When the Spaniards
arrived here in 1521, they
converted the indigenous
people to Christianity by re-
interpreting their deeply
rooted customs. After de-
stroying their temples, they
forced them to build churches
on the ruins to conserve the
holiness of the new structure
but identifying it with the new
religion. The church of
Carmen Alto in Oaxaca is a
typical example of this. It is
built on the ruins of the indig-
enous temple of Xilonen,
continued on page 12
July 5th, 2010 .COM

President Calderon cause criminal organizations

were beginning to get directly
Explains Drug Cartels involved with people, citizens
like you. And we could not
allow it nor will we permit it
 Giving speech detailing reasons for all the now.
violence, and why it’s important to fight it That is what the country
was like at the beginning of
Today I would like to talk to intimidate not only other my government. It is crucial
to you about a problem criminals but also the authori- to act firmly to defend Mexi-
which I know concerns ties and society. They began cans’ lives, integrity, assets
Mexican families; the lack of to fight among themselves, and families. It would have
law and order. engaging in turf wars and also been easy to ignore the prob-
tried to scare the government lem, as some suggest, but it
and citizens. Their actions is the duty of every govern-
went from being low profile ment to protect citizens, and
to an overt challenge against to respect and enforce the
everyone. law. And when the govern-
And this was exacerbated ment does not act, criminals
in 2004, when the U.S. lifted end up subjecting Mexican
the ban on the sale of assault families to their ambitions and
weapons. Since then, it has whims.
been very easy for criminal And I want to be clear.
groups to purchase powerful Ours is not a struggle solely
weapons in the U.S. and or mainly against drug traf-
bring them to Mexico for fickers. It is a struggle against
criminal purposes. In some every expression of orga-
President of the Republic of places, this situation ex- nized crime that affects citi-
Mexico, Felipe Calderon ceeded the capacity of secu- zens. It is a struggle against
rity and justice authorities, those who took over towns
especially municipal and or communities with weap-
I am aware of citizens’ some state ones, who were ons.
demands to put an end to not prepared to deal with a That is why it is a fight
crime throughout the country. problem of this size and were worth fighting, and one that
Which is why, since the first often subdued by corruption must be waged. And this is
day of my government, we or intimidation. not nor should it be a fight by
have forcefully combated or- Once they were estab- the president alone but by all
ganized crime. We have lished in a territory, gangs and Mexicans, particularly those
done so in the Federal Gov- criminals began to branch out who have public responsibil-
ernment not only because it to other crimes, such as ex- ity in government at either the
is our obligation, but because tortion, kidnapping innocent federal, state or municipal
your well-being and the fu- people, and controlling local level, or in other branches
ture of our children is at stake. crime. In the beginning, they such as the legislative or ju-
I would like to explain how only extorted money from dicial branches, to act on be-
the country arrived at the situ- other criminals: those who half of people.
ation we are now experienc- stole cars, sold adulterated And I say that it should be
For decades, organized
crime was almost exclusively
concerned with trafficking
drugs to the United States,
which was and still is the
world’s largest drug con-
sumer. For criminals, then, it
was important to secure high-
ways and one or two border
crossing points. It suited them
not to be seen. They kept a
low profile. But from the mid-
1990s onwards, they also
wanted to sell drugs here,
among Mexican children and alcohol or stolen gasoline, a fight by all Mexicans, be-
youth. but later they began to charge cause criminals make no dis-
That is when the violence protection money or operat- tinction and harm all sectors
began, because in order to ing fees from honest citizens. equally. That is why your par-
control the local drug market This is the main and most se- ticipation is vital.
and keep their rivals away rious problem I observed, Our aim is not only to
from the places they wished which is why the federal gov- combat crime, but to
to control, criminals needed ernment had to intervene, be- continued on page13

.COM July 5th, 2010

rows served to divide the Nahuatl word nmpalli for

properties of each family. the pads, or nostle, and for
Fresh beverages were made the fruit, are a vegetable
from the fruits that are often made from the young pad
Since Mexico is the an- sweet, and with the coming of segments of prickly pear,
when handling nopales to Put A Former
cestral producer of over 80% avoid injury from the thorny
of all varieties of cacti in the
the Europeans, those were carefully peeled to remove needles. (Don´t worry too IRS Tax Auditor
caramelized and made into the spines. These fleshy pads much, in Walmart they do all
world, is not surprising that jams and jellies. are flat and about hand-sized. On your Side !
our people use them in many this for you. They are near the
Mexico is the world’s They can be purple or green. lettuce)
ways, taking advantage of capital of cacti with more than They look kind of like duck
virtually the entire plant. De- Wash thoroughly and fol- Expat Returns,
900 species or 60% of the feet. low the recipe instructions Bilingual Services
pending on the type of cac- World’s known species. Ad- Nopales are generally
tus and leaf, some have been below. Nopales can be tightly
ditionally, almost 80% of the sold fresh in Mexico. In more wrapped and stored in a re-
used to make ropes, fishing world’s species are endemic recent years bottled or Licensed in all 50 States.
nets and fabrics, leaving them frigerator for one to two
to Mexico. Unfortunately, in canned versions are available weeks. According to
to dry in the sun and then Mexico 285 species are clas- mostly for export. They have Paul Jubb, E.A.
spinning them. This technique Reuters, some 10,000 farm-
sified at some level of risk, and a light, slightly tart flavor, ers cultivate nopal in Mexico, Enrolled Agent
was used to produce baskets of these, 118 are threatened similar to green beans, and a
as well. The leaves were of- producing around $150 mil- Richard Frank, E.A.
or endangered. The main crisp texture. They are at lion worth of it each year.
ten used as containers for threat to cacti is the illegal their most tender and juicy in Former I.R.S. Auditor
baking in pits, which brought Stuffed Nopales
collection of wild plants and the spring Ingredients:
out the flavor of the food. seeds. It is forbidden to col- In Mexican cuisine we
From the pulpy center of 6 prickly pear cactus Toll Free: 1-800-379-9949
lect and trade seeds or plants use them in dishes such as paddles, cleaned www.gringotax.com
huevos con nopales Any kind of cheese that
(scrambled eggs with nopal), you may like, just pick one
“carne con nopales” (meat
with nopal), nopales tacos,
that melts. (Oaxaca, Tax Service, Inc.
manchego, cheddar, gouda)
stuffed with cheese, or sim- 4 eggs (separated)
ply in salads with fresh white 1 Medium onion sliced. preferably small.
cheese. Also the fruit itself is Vegetable Oil Place thin slices of cheese
excellent, sweet and refresh- Salt to taste and slices of onion on one
ing, but the number of ways Any Mexican salsa nopal and cover with a
to prepare it is as great as the Sour cream second one, like a sand-
variety of prickly pears. wich.
Nopales are very rich in Preparation: Secure the nopal and
insoluble and especially Clean and select Nopales, cheese with toothpicks
soluble dietary fiber. They try to pair similar sizes, Continued on page 24
are also rich in vitamins (es-
pecially vitamin A, vitamin C,
and vitamin K, but also ribo-
without authorization. If you flavin and vitamin B6) and
the agave cactus, comes the want to buy a cactus, pur- minerals (especially magne-
famous tequila and mezcal. chase only cultivated plants sium, potassium and manga-
Other beverages available from registered nurseries. nese, but also iron and cop-
from some cacti are called One of the most famous spe- per). Nopales have a high
agua miel, or sweet water. cies of cactus in Mexico is the calcium content. Addition of
With a tool similar to a straw Nopal. It was so important in nopales also reduces the gly-
they extract the inside liquid our culture that it is even a cemic effect of a mixed meal.
of the plant and drink it, the part of our national emblem Nopales are low carbohy-
name says it all and then af- on our flag. The National drate and may help in the
ter fermentation it turns alco- Shield has its origins in an in- treatment of diabetes.
holic and is called pulque. cident that has to do with the Nowadays you can find no-
The pads of cactus were founding of Mexico City: an pal tablets in the pharmacy
often boiled and mashed with eagle perched on a cactus to control this disease.
stone tools, which resulted in flourished on a small island Nopales can be pur-
a highly adhesive mortar, ex- located in the middle of a chased year-round in Mexi-
cellent for waterproofing and lake. can markets and some gro-
insulation. Planting cactus in Nopales, from the cery stores in the U.S. They

Emergency Number
can also easily be harvested
from your own Prickly Pear
Cactus growing on your
Our public safety honchos have property.
launched emergency phone numbers to Selection and Prepara-
call the police. No, it’s not 911, If you tion
are caling from either a cell phone or a a Select small or medium
land line, call 066.  sized, firm pads. Make sure
the pads you select are not
wrinkled, soggy or too soft.
These pads (or paddles)
which are actually branches,
which range in color from
pale green to dark green.
They also contain sharp,
thorny needles, which are
actually leaves.
These thorny needles
must be removed with a
knife or vegetable peeler be-
fore cooking. Remove any
nodules, the thick stem, and
trim the edges off of the pads
as well. Make sure you wear
rubber or leather gloves
July 5th, 2010 .COM

days in July, the 19th and

PANCHO VILLA... 26th. To make it even more
continued from page 9 confusing, the fiesta is also
called ‘Lunes de Cerro’
that goddess of good crops (Monday on the Hill) since
and fertility. She now presides it’s held at Cerro del Fortín,
over the fiesta and of course, a huge amphitheater on a hill
every year a new goddess is above the city of Oaxaca.
chosen from the pretty maid- From here, there is a mag-
ens between the ages of 13 nificent view over the ancient
and 21. city and you can watch the
The highlights of the fi- performances take place. At
esta are now on two Mon- dawn on ‘Lunes de Cerro’
Pancho Villa on
horseback in an undated
photo, and the bullet
ridden 1919 Dodge he
was killed in, on display
in his native Chihuahua.
The town, not the dog. AM the delegations and delegations are presented
spectators begin to arrive, the and parade around on stage.
people walk up to the audi- seats fill up and the excite- Centeotl then takes her seat
torium, with music, fireworks ment builds. At 10:00 AM the with the governor of the state
and pageantry. Around 9:00 goddess Centeotl and her continued on page 13

Spa Cielo a Laser Medical Spa

PAIDADVERTISEMENT  2009 Recipient “Best Medical Spa” by Mexican Association of
Medical Tourism, Offers Rejuvenation Vacations here in Los Cabos
These days everybody featured on Doctors, Dr. Oz, incisions or recovery time
wants to look beautiful. and Oprah. Cielo starts the and takes an hour or less to
As 78 million "baby rejuvenation process with perform, leaving patients to
boomers" near retirement, VISIA recently seen on resume normal activities or
age is beginning to show. But Oprah and Dr. Oz. This com- their vacation. Titan delivers
with the fast pace of today's puterized skin scan which a very uniform volume of
society, an aging society now records surface and subsur- heating under the skin to
wants that fresh look without face skin conditions such as bring about collagen contrac-

spending weeks of painful wrinkles, spots, pores, even- tion and then regeneration for
recovery. A rejuvenation va- ness, early skin cancer and months afterwards. It’s pain-
cation is their solution. photo damage from too much less and can be used on the
Many people think about sun exposure. The VISIA face or any part of the body
going on vacation for a little gives us the information nec- which requires skin tighten-
rest and relaxation hoping to essary to determine the best ing such as the abdomen, un-
go home feeling and looking treatment options, yielding the derarm, elbows, knees, or
refreshed. Spa Cielo Laser most rejuvenation in the thighs.
Center takes it one step fur- shortest amount of time. Included in Cielo’s non-
ther offering skin rejuvena- Vacationers, which return surgical face lift procedure is
tion. Now they can return here to Los Cabos year after Laser Genesis and
home looking years younger, year, can take advantage of LimeLight, IPL together they
without any loss of vacation the AAD recommended an- work to shrink pore size, re-
time. nual UV skin scan. The scan, duce fine lines, wrinkles and
"People want to look bet- which is stored in the com- age spots.

ter, but they don't want to give puter, allows Cielo to follow When asked about prices,
up any time from their daily changes in their patient’s skin Dammann replies, “prices
lives or vacation," said Cathy from year to year. vary based on procedure, but
Dammann, Medical Aesthet- Cielo’s most popular pro- my clients often say, “I am
ics Practitioner and Owner, cedure is the non-surgical so surprised, this cost me no
of Spa Cielo Laser, a Medi- face-lift. Its signature service more than a round of golf or
cal Spa that offers the new- incorporates the Cutera Titan. a day of sport fishing, and I
est in safe, non-surgical cos- Titan has been the recipient have something to show for
metic skin treatments. "The of numerous awards includ- the money I’ve spent.”
public is demanding, transfor- ing: 2008 Aesthetic Medicine People can now enjoy their
mation without pain or down- Award for “Best Customer vacations and return home
time" states Dammann. Experience and Satisfaction” looking years younger! Call
Cielo, which specializes in and Aesthetic Trends and for your complimentary con-
light and laser treatments. Technologies “Best non-laser sultation 624-105-2209.
Many of Cielo’s treat- for skin tightening and wrinkle www.spa-cielo.com
ments have been recently reduction”. Titan requires no
Cathy Dammann-Fleishman is a Certified Advanced Medical Aesthetics Prac-
titioner and has certifications in Aesthetics, and Light and Laser Therapies.
Spa Cielo’s Physicians and staff are trained and certified in the United States
and Mexico and are Bilingual. Spa Cielo Laser Center has the experience you
look for in a laser medical spa, with 7 years in the Los Cabos area, 4,000
patients and over 20,000 procedures performed, Cielo is your answer to skin
rejuvenation. Spa Cielo is located in San Jose del Cabo, Plaza Los Portales,
3rd Floor next to Mega and McDonalds.

.COM July 5th, 2010

Cherry Economic News

For Mexico
 Except for the tourist sector, things
are getting better

Mexico’s unemployment In the world competition,

rate dipped last month from Mexico’s stock market is up
April and it improved over 1.67% year to date, and the
May of last year, as the peso is up 3.26% against the
country’s economic recovery dollar. 
continued to gain steam, al-
though jobless rates remain CALDERON..
above their pre-crisis levels. continued from page 10
The unemployment rate
slipped to 5.1% in May, strengthen our security and lives, such as those we have
down from 5.4% in the pre- justice institutions. That is unfortunately lost of those
vious month and 5.3% in why, for example, we are brave police, soldiers and
May 2009, the National Sta- professionalizing the police marines who have sacrificed
tistics Institute, or Inegi, said. force and, in particular, we themselves for your well-be-
Joblessness in major cities fell are improving the technical ing and security and that of
to 6.1% of the economically and operating capacities of all Mexicans.
active population from 6.5% federal police. Restoring law But I also said and I re-
in April and 6.9% in May and order is no easy or fast peat that it is a struggle worth
2009. Data from the Labor task, but it is worth doing. It waging, because our future is
Ministry show that about is worth it because that is at stake. And it is a fight
25,000 private-sector jobs how we will construct a free, which together, Mexicans will
were created in the formal safe country. Otherwise, we obviously win. Through his-
economy in April.
Mexico’s economy has
staged a strong recovery so
far this year after gross do-
mestic product contracted by
6.5% in 2009. Led by exter-
nal demand, GDP expanded
by 4.3% in the first quarter
from a year ago, and prelimi-
nary data from sectors such
as trade and manufacturing
suggest robust second-quar-
ter growth, as well.
But economic output is a
long way from surpassing the would leave society in the tory Mexicans have over-
levels it had reached before hands of our common enemy, come many enemies. We will
the 2009 recession, and do- which is crime, particularly also beat this one. With your
mestic demand has lagged the organized crime. support, we will achieve this.
overall recovery. We cannot and will not let The fight is worth it. You and
Formal employment, as our guard down in my gov- your family are the reason for
measured by the number of ernment. this fight. Thank you. 
workers registered with the And as I said from the first
Mexican Social Security In- day, this is a struggle that will PANCHO VILLA...
stitute, or IMSS, remains take time, and cost money continued from page 12
below the 2008 average. and unfortunately human
PAID ADVERTISEMENT and invited dignitaries and
celebration begins. Groups
Beach Bash is the talk of East Cape! from all over the valley of
The first annual Baja Beach Bash at The Crossroads Coun- Oaxaca present carefully
try Club was a huge success said owner Joan Hafenecker. Alex chosen dances with strong
Sanchez opened with an acoustic set, warmly received by the local characteristics in tradi-
growing crowd of people who were gathering to celebrate Joan’s tional regional dress. During
birthday and to experience this great event venue in East Cape. the dances, to symbolize the
The enthusiasm of the 150 plus crowd overcame the sudden idea of sharing and offering,
strong southern winds and moved the main concert to the inte- local gifts are tossed into the
rior space. People loved San Jose’s Pura Vida who played 4 sets crowd. The entire fiesta is
with a mix of cover songs and some original material. Great very popular, so if you can
beach BBQ food kept the crowd fed while the full bar kept them make it out there, it’s a must
happy. Old friends and new danced into the night. The Lost to make reservations in ad-
Dogs of Zacatitos played to the partying crowd from the beach vance. Make sure you sit with
stage area while the gorgeous Fire Dancers performed across the the sun behind you in the
the front of their stage. Smart guests camped overnight so they open-air theater and be pre-
didn’t have to drive home. Everyone had a lot of fun and pared for crowds. If you can
confirmed this should at least be an annual event. handle that, indulge and have
Don’t wait until the next Big Bash – come visit any Satur- fun at one of Oaxaca’s larg-
day for live music at Crossroads, Wednesday is pizza night and est fiestas. Cheers! 
any day is a beach day.
Crossroads is happy to host and help plan your event;
family reunion, birthday party, wedding, corporate event, re-
treat or..?
Crossroads would like to hear from musicians interested in
playing a Saturday night as well as joining the growing list for A rich man's
the next Big Beach Bash; which is rumored to be happening joke is always
again this surf season. crossroadscountryclubinfo@yahoo.com funny
Great food, Cool Music, Great Friends…Crossroads Coun-
try Club, www.crossroadscountryclub.com 

July 5th, 2010 .COM

EstuaryCleanUpFinished and not. The estuary in San

Jose provides life to over 200
different species and one of
 For now those species is us
An organization calling
BY ALBA themselves Angels of the Es-
tuary have been trying to tidy
The San Jose estuary is pirates would camp out here the thing up for the last ten
the final exit for the rain wa- and wait for Spanish galleons years, but it’s a battle. Every
ter that runs to the ocean from to cruise up, looking to take year Mother Angel Norma
the watershed that originates on fresh water. They would Sanchez leads her angelitos
in the mountains. It rains quite pounce on them, taking into the estuary to clean it up;
a bit up in those mountains whatever they could. While they haul out trash, aggres-
behind us, much more than they waited, they colonized sive algae that’s out of con-
here near the ocean, and we the town of San Jose. trol due to sewage being dis-
would have more fresh wa- The estuary is now a charged into it, and even old
ter to use if we had better in- sanctuary for at least two palm fronds, which need to
frastructure to deliver it here, species of wetland birds and be picked up because they
but that’s for another story. has been recognized by are prone to catching on fire.
The estuary is the rea- RAMSAR, the official global This year, in four hard their work it is a welcoming
son for San Jose’s existence;
as it was the only source of
treaty in charge of protecting
wetlands. However, it has
weekends, 97 tons of
compostable garbage was
place to go for a nature stroll,
and for bird watching. Be Emergency
fresh water for merchant
ships for many miles. In fact
become a dumping ground
for trash, both biodegradable
taken out of the estuary, with
the city donating a couple of
vehicles to the effort. All the
sure to do your part and help
us keep it clean. To become Number
more involved, contact Our public safety
work was done by the plucky www.delestero.org. You can
volunteers. 150 jumbo gar- see two videos of the estu- honchos have
bage bags were filled with ary at www.gringogazette.tv launched emergency
trash left by humans.  phone numbers to
Angels of the Estuary call the police. No,
volunteers included the local it’s not 911, If you are
media, musicians, LigaMAC caling from either a
people, organic market
people, students of Cecyt 7, cell phone or a a land
business owners, and as- I’ve got line, call 066. 
sorted citizen volunteers. problem
Teamwork, a common goal, for your
and motivated, caring people solution…
have reclaimed the estuary.
Today, at the culmination of

Directory Of
Of Services

r just $16 here

Advertise here fo Advertise
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Call 1430

CABO SAN LUCAS Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain,

• Wedding Ceremonies Orthodontic Treatment, Dental
• Creation of vows Implants.
• Vow Renewals
25% OFF IN L
Tel. (624) 143-3733 Leona Vicario
Scott A. Parsons D.D.
Universal Life Church
ednino@hotmail.com Between I. Green and Lopez Mateos
Ordained Minister 1965 Ph. 172-0474 • Cel. (624)122-4036 Next to Camarena Autoparts


r just $16
Advertise here fo
Call 1430865


Local Legal Translator
& Viceversa
# SGA-466/992 & 179/996
Ph. 143-3262
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Bill Sniechowski, D.C.

r just $16
25 Yrs Chiropractic Experience in US & Mex

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Injuries Clinical Nutrition Program
Feel Better - L
Better ook Y
Look ounger - L
Younger ast L
Last onger
Hotel Los Patios Office # 2 ½ Mile Down From Costco Toward Cabo
Cell. 044 624 118 1603

.COM July 5th, 2010

Can I Send My Kids To She told me “about 90% is

School Here?
understood, and 10% is
lost”. I asked her what she
would do if a serious issue
came up, and her son’s
teacher did not speak En- Buy - Sell - Rent
 Sure, and here are some tips glish? She said she’d either Mexico, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona
bring in a friend, or make Hawaii – Marriott, Sands of Kahana, Kahana Beach
BY TINA LALLY sure an English- speaking California – San Francisco, Big Bear Lake
teacher was there. Nevada – Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe
Enrolling your child into a ish only speaking Montessori. Another parent told Arizona – Lake Havasu
school where you can’t un- A Montessori is different from me that if you don’t speak
derstand all of the teachers is a traditional school because Spanish, “it’s important to Here Are Just A Few Of Our Units For Sale In Cabo
a difficult decision. How do the children are allowed to talk to the English speaking
the parents who don’t speak have more self-direction. The coordinator” at the school PUEBLO BONITO BLANCO PUEBLO BONITO ROSE
fluent Spanish communicate teacher’s role is to remove you are looking into. She 1) Junior Suites ..........$1,700 1) Junior Suites..........$2,200
with teachers who don’t obstacles that would impede mentioned that Colegio 2) Luxury Suites.........$2,200 2) Luxury Suites.........$2,700
speak fluent English? How natural development. Amaranto had a great En- 3) Master Suites..........$3,700 3) Master Suites.........$4,200
can you prevent crucial infor- My friend doesn’t speak glish-speaking program, so 4) Executive Suites.....$5,200 4) Executive Suites.....$4,700
mation from being lost in Spanish fluently, and only one I called them. 5) Presidential Suites...$7,200 5) Royal Suites...........$7,200
translation? teacher speaks English. I I spoke with a 6) Presidential Suites...$9,700
A friend of mine has asked her how she commu- friendly English-speaking 7) Penthouse Suites....$19,700
her child enrolled in a Span- nicates with her son’s teacher. woman named Lucy at 1) Junior Suites...........$2,700
Colegio Amaranto. She told VILLA DEL PALMAR
2) Executive Suites.....$4,700
me that 50% of the teachers 1) Studio Suites...........$850
3) Presidential Suites..$9,700
are fluent in English, and 2) 1 Bedroom Suites....$1,350
VILLA DEL ARCO 3) 2 Bedroom Suites....$3,350
50% are not. I asked,
1) Studio Suites...........$1,850 4) Penthouse Suites....$9,850
“What if my child were in a
2) 1 Bedroom Suites...$2,350
class where the teacher did
3) 2 Bedroom Suites...$3,850
not speak English? How
could I communicate with Call for pricing on AZ, CA, HI, NV or see us online
her?” She said, “the princi-
pal speaks English, and we Contact me regarding my Low Rental Rates
would bring in another En- www.TimeShareTony.com - Tony@TimeShareTony.com
glish speaking teacher to (714)841-4541
meet with you.” I also asked 17111 Beach Blvd., Suite # 203 B Huntington Beach, CA 92647
her how she feels about for-
eign children enrolling in her in the Pedregal. They have day, and the rest is in Span-
school. She told me that all been open for 26 years, which ish. There is one teacher as
children are welcomed and makes it the oldest private well as one nanny for the 12
happy there. She also in- school in Cabo. The school kids that are currently enrolled
formed me that the majority takes kids from ages 2 to 3 there. They get to rest when-
of kids have American par- years old and their sections ever they feel tired, there is a
ents and actually outnumber consist of maternal (ages 2- half an hour recess twice a
the Mexican children 3), preschool, elementary, jr. day, and their hours are from
Another bilingual high, and high school. The 9am to 1:30pm. Preschool
school located in Cabo is children in maternal have En- runs from from 8:30am to
Colegio El Camino, which is glish lessons for one hour a continued on page 18

Directory Of
Of Services
45' Private Sailing, Snorkel or
here r just $16
Advertise Sunset Cruise Charters. Bar &
Lunch, 1/2 price for locals.
Advertise h ere fo
for just $ Only $350 USD.
Book up to 10 people - 4hours. Call 1430865
Call 1430 Ph.173-0046 anytime.


got cabo?
w w w . g o t c a b o . c o m
C.S.L. Props
Affordable downtown
for just $ Studio & 1 bedrm by
month or week
Call 1430 Cel.624-1147-008 Ph.143-3262


Main Church in
Square San Jose
Bilingual Mass
every Sunday at
Noon Come join
all residents
and tourists
Father Juvencio

July 5th, 2010
Tropica Calipso Offers .COM

All Sizes Beachwear Always

What distinguishes to 24 !! The store stocks upstream
Tropica – Calipso plenty of full and skirt bot- from the
Swimwear from the other toms. herd
beachwear shops in Puerto New merchandise include
Paraiso Mall, some of which one of a kind Caftans de-
also sell Mix n’ Match signed and made right here in
swimwear? Cabo San Lucas and Mexico
Tropica-Calipso is the Lindo cotton resortwear. SPORTS
only shop in Los Cabos The friendly Tropica-
where a customer can find a Calipso sales staff are experts VOLUNTEERS
D and DD cup top. In fact, in fitting swimwear, speak
many women comment that English and will find the per-
they are hard to find back fect suit for the hard to fit
home. woman.
Let’s go to the Mall Tropica-Calipso is also
the only shop which doesn’t
Open 7 days a week,
from 9:00 am to 9:00 p.m. at
unit # 20 in the hallway as
Located in the heart of complex with movies in En- cater exclusively to size 0
adolescents – the more ma- you come in from the foun-
Cabo San Lucas just a few glish with Spanish subtitles. ture fuller-figure tain entrance to the mall.
woman will
steps from the marina, you will Then there is the section that is be able to find a figure-con- Phone 624-143-9798,
find a unique and spectacular Cabo’s Rodeo Dr. with big trol one piece suit or Mix n’ Email: tropimargarita
shopping mall, larger than most names like Guchi, Coach. @prodigy.net.mx
Match Tankini suit in sizes 12
malls in the United States and 
Canada, and with liberal use of VOLUNTEER COACHES,
marble everywhere, even the SPORTS EQUIPMENT,
stairwells and rest rooms, you Also needed are financial
will feel like you’re special at or in-kind support.
this mall. Tax receipts are available
Because shopping should for U.S. and Mexican
be an unforgettable experi- companies or individuals.
ence, Puerto Paraiso delivers
just that. A unique experience This is a non profit youth
sports program for children
that’s still comfortable and in the barrios of Los Cabos
you’re sure to find everything and La Paz.
you ever wanted in a shopping
mall. A diamond, a pair of sun- Grupo Apoyo Ray Thomas
glasses, beautiful sandals, ex- Contact Ray Thomas
clusive fashion, or just relax and paparaythomas@yahoo.com
enjoy a leisurely lunch or din- Ph. 612 157 6225
ner.You will even find a casino, and 624 109 1774
fishing excursions and movie www.raythomasgroup.org
theaters! Fronting the marina,
the mall is the perfect place to
sit and sip a cup of coffee or a
glass of wine while taking in a
beautiful sunset on the marina.
Everything you want...
We have it.
In addition to the half dozen
full service, luxurious restau-
rants, the mall has a large food
court with quick restaruants, in-
cluding Mexican andAmerican
franchises and chains. There is
also a multi screen theater

.COM July 5th, 2010

Your Transportation
Specialists Into
or Out of Mexico!
Our Scheduled
run weekly
SanDiego & Cabo.
Dry Vans, Flat Beds,
Low Beds.

Whether you’re moving a few household items or a hotel full of furniture,

Import/Export International can facilitate the process and expedite the
handling of your entire shipment. We handle all of the paperwork and
customs problems on both sides of the border.

We Ship....

E V E R Y T H I N G ! Also Providing
Air Freight!

Import Export Logistics

San Diego Ave. Del Bosque # 1968
2375 Paseo de Las Americas, Fracc. Buenos Aires
San Diego,CA. 92154 San Jose del Cabo,BCS,Mex.
Phone (619) 671-2324 Phone (624) 146-2530
Fax (619) 671-2325 Fax (624) 146-2531

July 5th, 2010 .COM


If you want to
7:30am to 3pm.
continued from page 11 The people on cam-
avoid cholesterol in eggs pus were friendly, and the
Beat egg whites until they and fat in oil, you can skip children looked happy. I
form stiff peaks; gradually that step and grill the stuffed asked why they had blue bars
beat in salt and yolks. nopales, just be aware that over all the windows, and
Heat the oil in a large skillet the cheese will melt, so was told it was to protect the
until a few drops of water place it right in the center. school during the night. Other
sprinkled into it bounce Alejandra 
university in Mexico or the throughout the country.
United States. Typically they Uniforms are re-
start with 25 children, and quired from maternal through
around 15 graduate and are high school and cost about
automatically admitted into $42 USD. Books are $83 for
Mexican universities located continued on page 23

From this to this. Just follow

the recipe. and try to forget
you’re eating cactus

Dip the stuffed nopales
in the egg batter to coat. than the bars, the school
Fry in the hot oil until CAN I SEND?... looked like any other private
golden brown on each side. continued from page 15 American school. They had
Drain on paper towels. a nice big playground, and
To serve, you can use 1:30pm. Levels 1 through 6 the classrooms were neat and
any kind of Mexican salsa go from 7:30am to 2pm, and clean. I was told that every
on top and if you like some high school goes from kid who graduates goes to a

.COM July 5th, 2010

Loreto Is Dorado a study that was actually

skewed by the number of dis-

Capitol Of Baja
carded chicken bones found
in the stomachs of dolphin in
the Gulf Stream off Florida.
 And it’s high season right now. Careful! They Evidently, fried chicken is a
might hit you as they jump into your boat favorite lunch among Florida
Dorado can often be
BY GARY GRAHAM found under almost anything
floating on the surface, from
If asked to name the single they’re strong, colorful, acro- a piece of rope to sargasso,
destination in Baja that is syn- batic and usually travel in a form of seaweed. Several
onymous with dorado, the large schools. A one pound years ago, I accompanied a
poster child of Mexico’s salt- male placed in a large tank of group of our clients on boats
water fishing, my answer warm water at San Diego Sea out of Loreto. We spread out
would be Loreto. From late World and given plenty of in search of anything floating
June and on into the hottest food, weighed 35 pounds just in the water that might pro-
part of the summer, Loreto eight months later. That in- vide shade for baitfish to
lays claim to being the credibly rapid growth is a plus gather and, in turn, attract
Dorado Capital of Baja. for the saltwater angler be- dorado. We had been look-
Dorado (aka mahi mahi or cause dorado have to spend ing for about an hour when
dolphin fish) will satisfy any a large amount of their time the VHF radio crackled to
angler’s need for action, chal- eating and they will eat just life. One of our boats had
lenge, excitement, or just about anything. Some 32 spe- found a floating log and the
downright fun. They possess cies of fish, crabs and the as- dorado where thick. A quick
the most fish-worthy of sorted creepy crawlies that calculation on the GPS told
characteristics…they aggres- live in and around sargasso us that we were three miles
sively take almost any bait, have been found in the stom- from the spot. So with pedal
lure or fly thrown at them; achs of dolphin. I once read to the metal off we roared.

As we slid into the group of with a Loreto captain who

boats, it was obvious that the had mixed modern age tech-
bite was on! The two fly an- nology with old fashioned
glers on my boat could hardly common sense. When I met
contain their enthusiasm. Us- him on the beach and climbed
ing poppers and casting from into his well-maintained
each corner of the stern, they panga, the entire deck was

THE RUN HAS attracted anglers from afar for many, many years
and seldom does an angler leave Loreto disappointed.

dropped their line into the covered with palm fronds

water on the back cast to woven into a mat. Curious, I
load it for their forward cast. asked him why he had
Instantly, dorado grabbed the brought the fronds; he smiled
poppers and headed for the and replied, “mas tarde”
horizon. Though we were the (more later). When we
last to arrive at the party, my coasted to a stop an hour
anglers gave out long before later, he laid the woven mat
the bite quit. of palm fronds on the surface
Several years ago, I fished continued on page 25

July 5th, 2010 .COM

sales manager Nick over the Summer season is

Wilburham. Quite impressive projected out at 97%. Zman
on the beach, it is hard to note: that is a plethora of
imagine not making sales. The owners, family, friends and
best feature is the 18 point exchanges. I look for an ex-
properties in California, the have a positive attitude and commission structure being cellent season of qualified
Zman and champagne Branson Mo. resort, and want to earn 15 points com- paid by the developer on prospects and thus sales!
Sirena del Mar is a Welk now Los Cabos. mission. You must have an cash sales! Zman kudos. Zman kudos. Zman life
Resorts and is one of the They chose Jerry Oregon real estate license “Zman, our management after timeshare This feature
newest timeshare resorts in Bruinsma as project director, which we assist you in obtain- team is in place and bearing is dedicated to those who
our corridor. But they’re per- and he brings with him a long ing.” Anyone interested in re- outstanding results”, stated an have been in the timeshare
snickety about who tours the history in management at the locating to the rainy northwest excited Robert Foster as he industry while pursuing other
property, as you can only at- Hilton, Casa Dorada, and USA, contact Adam at was ducking into a corporate careers. So meet Lic. Leticia
tend a sales pitch if you are Club Regina at The Westin. I atoohey@hotmail.com. board meeting at the Villa Valle, owner and operator of
staying there. There is no off first met him in 1998 when he Younger brother Brian Group headquarters. Ian Storm Catcher a hurricane
property marketing. (Those was sales manager at Club
pesky snaggers on the street Regina and I was the mem-
who offer you goodies to sit ber services manager under
through a presentation.) All the direction of Gerry Rio
marketing is through referrals Seco.
and owners staying in the one This Interval International
or two bedroom condos. affiliated resort has a premier
It is located at the very rating, which means Sirena
end of a rickety, skinny and del Mar owners will receive
barely paved road that turns two weeks for every week
off the fourlane roughly they deposit for exchange.
across from the Home De- And prices are very competi-
pot. There’s a guard at the tive. It is a points based mem-
end of the road and valet bership and the extra points
parking guys who try to take allow additional nights at the
your car but you can park it three other Welk Resorts. Or
in the nearby lot yourself if the extra points may be used
you insist. The property sits for extra weeks through In-
on a magnificent site on top terval International. You may
of the former Calinda Hotel, gift them to friends or family
which was torn down. and or use them for additional
The resort is owned by travel .
the Welk family, (think Adam Toohey and his vi- Toohey and former top gun
Lawrence Welk, the long vacious wife Gisela returned at Coral Baja two years ago, Harris joined the team on protection company based in
dead “a vun and a too and a to our Baja for a well de- is doing the same stellar work February 14. He possesses San Jose. She guarantees her
tree” band leader famous for served vacation. Adam is the for WorldMark in Seattle at 13 years with Grupo Mayan product will withstand a cat-
his champagne music which former sales director of The Camlin property, and he in four resort destinations. egory 5 hurricane. She rep-
is now heard only on eleva- WorldMark Coral Baja by also wishes to return full time Pat Garber arrived on March resents a Florida factory.
tors.) This is their fourth time- Wyndham. He was promoted to our Baja. 12 fresh from Hawaii and the After touring the company’s
share property and first out- in 2008 to project director at ”Our new sales center is Shell Vacations Club (SVC) headquarters, she decided it
side the US. Grandson of WorldMark Seaside Resort open, Zman”, stated an ob- Resorts. Bobby Lieffers has was perfect for our Baja and
Lawrence Welk, Jon in Oregon. “Zman, in the viously excited Shannon a long and storied history with started selling for them in
Fredericks, became presi- month of May we had 1100 Clairmont, project director, The Villa Group. He greeted 2005. Her protector screens
dent of Welk Resorts, 2005 qualified tours. Some days Temptations Resort and Spa, Robert on his first day, Feb- meet building codes for
and now there are 32,700 we had more than 75. I am San Jose. I toured the beach ruary 1. Occupancy for their Texas and Florida and are
timeshare owners in the two interviewing sales agents who front location with her and resorts on Medano Beach continued on page 25

Every Tuesday. Wine Tastings. La Casa del Vino Every Saturday. Farmer’s Market At La Canada November 14, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. 2nd Annual
Wine Bar. Exclusive for Baja California wines. Plaza Del Diablo 9 am to 1 pm every Saturday through Cabo for the Cure 10k/5k and 1x around the track
del Cabo unit 8, past Oxxo on the fourlane, San May in Todos Santos. Barbara Perkins, for Cancer Survivors and their families. 8:00 a.m.
Jose. barbara_perkins@hotmail.com, 612-14-00069 Unidad Deportiva “76” San Jose. 100 Pesos for
Every Wednesday, 8 pm. Free movies from in- Every Saturday until July 31st. 9am-noon. Liga Children, 200 Pesos for Adults. Los Cabos
dependent studios for teenagers and adults at the MAC used bookstore and donation center, San Women’s Wellness Foundation is to provide
City Theater in San Jose. Jose. Great bargains on thousands of donated En- awareness, educational and preventative health
Every Thursday from 8 to 9 am. Los Cabos glish books. Funds help local low income families in care programs and humanitarian assistance to
Rotary Club breakfast sessions at Casa del Mar crisis . www.ligamac.com Call during business hours families. Teresa Wieck, President of the Los Cabos
Hotel. Located on the fourlane at Km 18.5 RSVP: new summer cell for directions to store 044-624- Women’s Wellness Foundation Email:
124-0224 extension #3 159-4434 teresa.lcwwf@gmail.com
First Thursday. San Jose, Plaza Dorada at the Every Sunday, 11 am. Movie Club. “Lumiere.” Sunday, November 28, 2010. 2nd Annual La
roundabout near the Pemex. 8 am to 2 pm. Yo Childrens’ Classic Movies. At the Marine Museum Paz Art Festival 2010 An opportunity to Celebrate
Reciclo sets up tents to recieve plastics, aluminum, in San Jose. all forms of art in La Paz and a food fair. At Ma-
cardboard, batteries, computers, printers, cell Every Sunday 9 to 3. Flea market same place as rina Palmira. All proceeds benefit FANLAP and
phones, green, clear or brown glass the San Jose Organic Market. ( Across from the Baja Dogs. Volunteers contact Kathy Bezy at
Every Thursday, 7:30 pm. English Worship and old Jockey Club). (612)121-5886. E-mail:
Bilingual Message. Turn at Office Depot and stay Every Tuesday & Saturday. 9am-1pm. Liga MAC KathyBezy@goldrush.com Participating artists,
straight almost to the crest of the hill. Tezozomoc used bookstore and donation center, San Jose. sign up at the Art Shop, Guillermo Prieto #189
at Zapotecas on the left side of the street. For more Great bargains on thousands of donated English La Paz. 612-122-0145
information call (624)151-5843. books. Funds help local families in need. February 1, Tuesday, 2011 golf tournament at
Every 1st Thursday of the month. From 8:00 www.ligamac.com , Call cell 044-624-177-8507 Querencia open to the public. Must wear plus
a.m. to 2:00 p.m. General Recycling Campaign for directions during business hours. fours, ala Payne Stewart. www.knicknactour.com.
by the Non-Profit Association “Yo Reciclo”. In Every Tuesday 6:00 PM to 7:30 pm. The Scent I
San Jose del Cabo, in the park just off the High- of Wine. Weekly wine and cheese tasting. At the October 23, 2010. 12th annual Pimp n Ho Ball
way, beside the Farmacia Dorada. Information: Grand Mayan lobby bar. Presentation of 5 different at Pink Kitty. More info at
info@yoreciclo.org.mx wines from around the world. Admission $19. USD. www.pimpnhomexico.com
Every other Thursday. You guess which one. Los Reservations required. 163-4000 December 10, Friday. 5th Annual Dressed to
Cabos Tomatoes, ladies social group. All women Through November 2010. UVERDE. “You the K9’s fundraiser for the critters.
who aspire to be a tomato are welcome. Info: pick-up, You haul” trash pick-up in Los Barriles First If you would like to list your non profit event here,
loscabostomatoes@yahoo.com Monday of every month Info: send your info to david@gringogazette.com.
lacasadevos@prodigy.net.mx. There is no charge. 
.COM July 5th, 2010
No concentrations of
dorado have been reported
recently but there were some
BY GARY GRAHAM nice fish found up in the same
area as the tuna. The warm
HOOK UP!!…a wel- few blue marlin. Most boats water was the key, as was
come cry that is, echoing were having about 20% suc- finding anything floating; usu-
throughout the Sea of cess on the fish using ally there was at least one fish
Cortez. Judging from the bait…hooking one out of in the area. Slow trolling a
reports from the north, it’s five. The blue marlin were live bait in front of the por-
a good bet you will find feeding on tuna. poise pods while looking for
some action, which ex- The good news is that we tuna resulted in several
plains why most of the fleet finally had yellowfin show up. dorado instead, with the larg-
is making a left turn as they It was a long run up into the est going just over 30
go out of the harbor. Why, Sea of Cortez for the 50 to pounds.
it’s so good that even the 100 pound class fish just to Inshore fishing has been a
recent full moon couldn’t the north of the Gordo Banks bit off with the larger swells
slow down the WFO bite and only some of the boats that made it uncomfortable.
Gary Graham, gave it a shot. However, for Those that managed to fish
gary@garycgraham.com many of those that did, it was did well on the Pacific side
.Cabo San Lucas. worth the run. Scattered with snapper to 20 pounds,
Striped marlin are being pods of porpoise were hold- some sierra, some amber-
found out at the 1,000 ing the fish and it was a mat- jack and a lot of action from
fathom line but they seem le- ter of finding the right pod. jack crevalle. The Cortez
thargic and not very hungry. There were smaller fish be- side of the Cape had fish in- Westin Resort the shoreline and caballito are
Up toward Punta Gordo ing found closer to home but shore as well with roosterfish San Jose. There are still being found inside of the
where the water is much it seemed that the farther you making a good showing in the no sardina but schools of Puerto Los Cabos jetties.
warmer, there have been a went, the larger the fish be- area just to the west of the mullet are congregated along Most of the time charters
have not had to travel more
than several miles from shore
to encounter striped marlin
or tuna, though where the
best location was varied from
day to day. The yellowfin tuna
have more often been found
traveling with porpoise, rang-
ing in sizes from 10 to 60
pounds. There were reports
of yellowfin to 100 pounds or
more seen feeding, but an-
glers were not able to entice
them to strike. Overall,
catches for tuna have been
limited…it’s a matter of lo-
cating the fish and getting
them to strike.
Dorado action has been
slow; however, recently there
were a few larger fish en-
countered scattered through-
out the area, mainly single
fish, hitting lures and bait.
Schools of bolito are late to
appear this season but when
more of these baitfish be-
come established on the fish-
ing grounds, we anticipate the
numbers of game fish will in-
Wahoo were being lo-
cated near La Fortuna to
Vinorama. Anglers reported
hook ups while trolling lures
and bait along the 150' to 200'
line. Anglers targeting these
fish were fortunate if they
landed one of them, though
other days some boats ac-
counted for up to three wa-
hoo, while reportedly losing
other strikes as well. Sizes
ranged from 25 to 50
Bottom action was spotty
with mixed reports of bonito,
snapper, amberjack and ca-
brilla. More bonito were
found near Iman and San Luis
while using yo-yo jigs or
trolling Rapalas.
Inshore there have been
good numbers of roosterfish,
some over forty pounds. Jack
crevalle were prevalent as
well, with some near record
weights of 30 pounds. Dog-
tooth snapper to 45 pounds
were landed by anglers troll-
continued on page 25
July 5th, 2010 .COM


CLASSIFIEDS: Here's how to do it!
on this new 4 bed 3.5 bath Home
located at Vista Bahia on the Cabo
DO NOT PHONE! We don't take dictation. Corridor. House has executive fin-
Mail it in —Better, cause there’s less ishes , great view. For photos and a
chance for boo boos, unless your 1. 2. 3. more detailed description please re-
ply to mexicomate@hotmail.com
handwriting is so bad we can't read it. 4. 5. 6. (tf)
Address is below. FOR SALE BY OWNER. Newly
Walk it in - We've recently moved, so listen 7. 8. 9. remodeled (2009) 3 bedroom, 3.5
bath La Jolla home in San Jose. Pan-
up. We’re on Leona Vicario Street, four 10. 11.
blocks up. The street dead ends into the
12. oramic ocean views, new pool,
plumbing and electrical. For more
main drag kinda across from the mall. It’s 13. 14. 15. information go to www.fsbocabo
one way going the wrong way, but you can .com Call 624-188-8936 (Nextel)
16. 17. or US (970) 925-7005 Email:
figure a workaround. If we're not there, 18.
20. info@fsbocabo.com Brokers pro-
shove it under the door with a bunch of 21. 22. tected. $309,000 USD (# 24)
money. Trust us. 23. 24. INTERPRETER services .English-
25. spanish Any and all documents.
total number of words 26. 27. 28. Civil-legal-social security-real es-
tate. Or take me with you to legal
Times .80¢ a word x .80
Businesses send one dollar a word. Sorry, we're trying to keep meetings. Al Martinez cel.624-122-

Total amount owed this as a service for private parties 8116 (tf)

P.O. Box 13168 Palm Desert CA 92255 - 3.5 bath. Fully furnished. Great
view and built as an executive home.
Located at Vista Bahia 5 minutes
FOR RENT ONE BEDROOM two PHOENIX SPORTFISHER. Ex- WANTED: donations of used FOR SALE 1990 LINCOLN from downtown Cabo on the corri-
bathroom condo. Pool. Private park- cellent condition. Cabin cruiser twin Books, all kinds & languages, & TOWN CAR. Loaded. Your last dor . Please call my cell 044 624
ing. Close to Marina. Great location. diesel tuna tower, with 2 fishing used clothing & small housewares, chance for a luxury ride. Low mileage. 122 0518 for more info. $1,800 per
624-355-3854 (#23) chairs. VHF radio and fishfinder. can be dropped off at the Liga MAC Good maintenance records. $2,500 month (tf)
CHRISTIAN WORSHIP In En- Very low engine miles. $49,000 US Used Bookstore & Donation Cen- USD or best offer. Stanley 624-147- BEACHFRONT HOME FOR
glish (La Paz) Crossroads Christian or best offer. Cabo home: 143 4225 ter, pickup of large amounts can be 7577 (#22) LEASE 3 BD, 3-1/2 BA @ Zippers
Fellowship. Sharing the living wa- Cabo cell 624 358 0083 US: 650 873 arranged. bookstore@ligamac.com AMERICAN NURSE AVAILABLE Surf Break Prime Location $2800/
ter of Jesus with thristy people. 2929 email: city119park@juno 144-5611 all funds raised supports for nanny / babysitter / private nurs- mo Call 714-654-4658 USA (22)
3124 Abosolo between Sonora and .com. (tf). local families in need. www.ligamac ing. CaboNurse26@yahoo.com
Sinaloa. (Up the alley under the .com (tf) FRONT OCEAN VIEW LOT # 40
FOR RENT: 3BR/3BA Mediterra- AVAILABLE APRIL 1st. New house, in La Cima at Campestre in San Jose.
Crossroads sign) Contact Joyce and nean $1800/month, 3BR/3BA 2007 BAYLINER 20’ DECK boat.
David Reed 12-25436. www.cross 4 bed – 3.5 bath. Fully furnished. $115,000 Front Ocean View over
Medite-ranean (Double Lot) $2500/ Seats 10 people. Like new. Fully Great view and built as an executive 600 meters. Sits on own road. This
roadslapaz.org (tf) month, 3BR/3BA Las Palmas equipped. $29,000 USD Bob 624
BEAUTIFUL VILLA FOR SALE in home. Located at Vista Bahia, 5 min- is a steal. Will consider Promissory
$2100/month, & 2BR/2BA 129 9232 (tf) utes from downtown Cabo on the note and or best offer. email.
Puerta de Hierro. Gated community. Mykonos $3000/month. 142-6244
3 bedrooms, 3 baths. Arch view. 624 REMODELED ANTIQUE HOME corridor. Please call my cell 044 624 Rapp1952@hotmail.com (tf)
or Cell: 355-3463 (tf) in Historic center La Paz for rent. 122 0518 (tf)
RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT Fully furnished, two bedrooms, one SANTIAGO FARM 3.5 acres. Fruit TUNITIES. Are you a business
WANTED COMMISSION NEW AND USED. Great prices. bath, patio, A/C built ins, marble
SALES person. English & Spanish trees, blackberries, palms, bamboo. owner or manager who wants to
Cel.624-1475507 (tf) floors, carpet. Call Marilyn at 044- Near waterfalls and hot springs. give back to your community?
required. Beauty products to spas, 624147-5413 or Blanca 612-122
hotels. Call 143-3272 (tf) BACK PAIN? CHIROPRACTOR. $85,000. santiago.farm@yahoo Green Scholarship Program (GSP)
Dr. Stanley Song, D.C. Palmer 2047 (tf) .com (tf) university students are available for
1999 FORD CONTOUR SE, im- Graduate with 20 years U.S. expe- BRAND NEW RV/TRAILER summer jobs or internships. The
ported, one owner, just arrived from REDUCE ELECTRICITY
rience. Office 143—9597 Cell 044- PARK. Near beach, between COSTS with a gadget that connects GSP is a non-profit organization
San Diego, 75,000 miles, excellent 624-122-1426 Plaza Tamaral # 8 in Cerritos and Todos Santos. Limited that provides educational opportu-
motor, shocks, brakes, new tires, to your home or business power.
Cabo, between Immigration and 7 leases available now. Nice, small, Reduces 30% kilowatt consumption nities to talented youth needing fi-
etc. You have to drive it! $4,800 Crown hotel across from Bancomer quiet. Water, electricity, Wi-Fi, nancial assistance because of socio-
USD. Contact John: 044 624 117 and protects your appliances.
bank. (tf) Fenced and gated with 24hrs secu- Email: sofiavari@hotmail.com 624 economic circumstances. If you can
6225 (tf) rity. Big Spots. Nice palapa also for help, please call Cecilia at 044-624-
4 RENT PEDREGAL NEW 2BR 156 4564 (tf)
4 SALE BY OWNER. Owner fi- Executive Condo. 1400SF+400SF sale $14,500 USD. Cell (612) 139 355-4314 or email her at
nancing. 3 br/2bath condo. Totally 2713 (tf) IHEALTH NSURANCE. US$5, cavalos@greenscholarshipprogram.com
Balcony. Fantastic View, 2 Heated 000,000 “A” rated coverage, 4700
furnished. Pool, security. $140,000 Pools. Fully Furnished and Ready 4 SALE 1999 MERCEDES E320 (# 26)
or BO. 624-129-9232, Bob. (tf) US hospital direct billing network
Now. Call Owner, Bob Jankovics. wht. 4 dr, auto everything, plates plus Amerimed. Highest Deductible WESTIN CLUB REGINA TIME-
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WS. Furnished 2 bd 2 bath. 2 large SOLAR sales &service. Phone 14 624-151-9229. (tf) monthly.www.protexplan.com, 664-7985 (22)
balconies, pool, gas bbq, Sat TV, 25000 (tf) 4 SALE 1999 MERCEDED E320. info@protexplan.com, +1-604-724- FOR SALE BEACHFRONT Las
Internet $1,350.00 plus electric call White. 4 dr, auto everything, plates 7384. (#26) Olas 3BR Condo Call: 142-6244 (#
624 100 5240 (tf) CALL FROM YOUR COM-
PUTER. US and Canada just 2.9 no problem, low mi. $$8800 USD. GOT CABO? www.gotcabo.com 22)
FOR SALE 2006 Harley Davidson cents per minute. www.MexicoPc2 044-624-151-9229. (tf) (tf) BEACHFRONT EL ZALATE 1
Fatboy excellent condition low price phone.com (tf) FOR RENT OR SALE furnished 3 bdrm condo, sleeps 4. Beachfront.
624-100-9992 (tf) RENT CABO RENTALS - LONG
2006 ANTARES TRIKE, 15m2 br home Cumbres del Tezal (Financ- TERM TOO, 40 years of experi- $349,000 US. 624-122-2690. (tf)

strutted wing, 912S 100hp Rotax ing available) 624-100-9992 (tf) ence. Call Sharon to rent your home PEDREGAL GREAT MARINA
engine, 40 gallon gas tank w/1000 CABO RESORT CONDO one or to find your dream rental, all sizes VIEWS. Furnished 2bd 2bath 2 ter-
mile range, perfect condition, low and a half bedroom for rent, Marina and prices! www.rentncabo.com race pool, gas bbq, internet, sat tv.
hours, lots of extras, imported, Sol is the best location in cabo, by Call 145-8073 Cell 624 113-3959 $1,295.00 Greg 624 100 5240 (tf)
$25,000 USD Roberto cell (624) best beach. Olympic size pool. Res- for new listings! Personalized and 45 LA PAZ HOME FOR RENT by
147-0326. (tf) taurant one week free with 3 weeks. professional service. (tf) day, week, month, near La Posada.
LONG TERM RENTAL. Beginning $600.00 a week cell 624 1082095, FOR RENT CHRISTMAS Fully furnished, 3 Bed, 3 bath, Ph.
2/1/2009. 3 br/2bath totally fur- e-mail caboadriana@gmail.com (tf) WEEK Dec 19 - Dec 26. Deluxe 14-31314 (tf)
Meetings Daily nished condo. All appliances, linen
and more. Alarm system, security,
supply and parts. Gas fridges, new,
Studio at Cabo Villas on Medano
Beach. Ocean View. Sleeps four.
bathroom condo. Pool. Private park-
pool. Sky TV, high speed internet. rebuilt and service. SJDC (624) 142- Only $1,000. Call Bill at cell (624) ing. Close to Marina. Great location.
Effective March 1, 2010 the AA in Call bob 624-129-9232 (tf) 3792 1wahoorv@prodigy.net.mx 175-5233 (tf) 624-355-3854 (#22)
English group has moved to a 2000 FORD F-150 XLT Sport 4x4, (v16 # 8) BEACHFRONT EL ZALATE 1
new location. TRAILOR FOR SALE space for
red with matching red camper shell. AVAILABLE IN PEDREGAL. For bdrm Condo. $385,000 US. 624- rent. 1998 25' Komfort 5th wheel on
We will be located at Ace Hard- 127,000 Km., imported from a one year lease, a stunning one year 122-2690 (tf)
ware, Second floor, on Camino space at Tripui RV Park near Loreto,
Canada last year. $14,500 USD. 624- old 7 bedroom, 8 bath executive RENTING 2 or 3 BEDROOM. Baja. Trailer in good condition with
Viejo A San Jose. 144-4169 from 9am to 5 pm (tf) home. $3,500 USD per month, fully
That is, kitty corner to Mc Donald’s. Cabo Bello. In tip-top condition so everything working on great drive-thru
ASSORTED HOMEMADE furnished. Call my cell for more bring reference to match. No pets, no space 12’x60'. Trailer $8000 and space
We still meet Daily at 6PM and info 044 624 122 0518 www.casa
M-F at 4:30PM PEROGIES and sauces. 144-7375 kids, 2 adults max. Furnished. $1450. $2300/yr inc. water, maint. and secu-
(tf) granfiesta.com (tf) + security $1500. 624 156-2425 (tf) rity. Can separate and make offer. Call
530-677-5807 in Calif. before July 3
or e-mail nofishphil@sbcglobal.net
THE DOGS! Spend an afternoon
making homeless shelter dogs happy,
giving them walks and attention. Los
Cabos Humane Society is seeking
volunteers to walk dogs in the after-
noon from 5-7pm. Please contact

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.COM July 5th, 2010
$10,000 per year accord-
from page 22 CAN I SEND?... ing to Education Week.

More Classifieds continued from page 18

the year. Enrollment fees
range from $617 for mater-
nal to $1,025 USD) for high
Mexico’s schools have a
base they all follow. This in-
cludes math, science, and
reading. The difference with
school. Tuition ranges from a private school is they can
SUITES FOR RENT IN CASTLE. CABO 4 SALE REAL ESTATE and VILLA NEPTUNO FOR RENT. 3 $3,333 a year for maternal to add classes such as English.
By week or month. Fully furnished. Development. Now hiring experienced bedrooms, 3 baths, pool, tennis court,
10 minutes from Cabo. Must have car. agents. 624-172-0069 (tf) 24-hr security. Office. 624-173-0509
$5,500 USD for high school. El Camino also teaches half
Satellite. Vonage. Internet free, only Cell 624-122-2535 You can also pay monthly. in English and half the time in
$400 USD per mo. Nice. Available now. + separate studio, 650 sq.mt. lot, down- FOR RENT 2,800 Sq. Ft. home. 2 El Camino’s tuition is Spanish.
173-0046 a.m. or leave message. town, $260,000. Ph. 612-153-4035 bedroom, 2.5 bath. Appliances, A/C, about in the middle as far as There are many
$45,000 LOT IN EL TEZAL. 400 sq. 2 BED, 2 BATH FURNISHED. W/ pool, garage, Cabo view, furnished. 624- tuition Cabo and San Jose. other bilingual schools lo-
mt. View of Cabo Bay. John 619-972- D. Centro. No dogs. 7,000 pesos per 15-15-410 By comparison, average tu- cated in Cabo and San Jose.
1646 (#23) itions for private schools in the
month. 143-4142 FOR SALE/ RENT : Casa Medano, If you’re hunting for schools,
CABO MARINA 50' SLIP for rent CASTLE AVAILABLE FOR RENT 624-129-8683, http://joannechoo United States range from a nice website to start with is
with reserved parking. $2,000 per .webs.com $3,000 to more than
month. Available immediately.
July, Aug, Sept, Oct. 3 master bed- continued on page 30
rooms, really nice, must see. Only
US 847-489-2695 Email mjmenas@ $1,000 per month. 173-0046
LONGTERM LEASEAVAILABLE. I went for the meat lover’s
Italian Food That Makes
FOR RENT CABO BELLO HOME 1 Aug. Ventanas 3Bd/2.5Ba house.
7 palms condo, 2 bedroom, 2 baths, Fully furnished including Dish net- pizza, a mesquite-fired oven
pool, air conditioned, 100 yards to work. $1,500/month. Dean Cell 624- pizza with Italian sausage,

Your Mouth Water

private beach, laundry room $800 129-9807robbinsdean@yahoo.com ham, pepperoni, mozzarella
month + deposit. CellL 624 12 26872
Cabo or 001 714 296 8433 US. (tf) FOR RENT EL TEZAL. Mediterra- cheese, onions, and green
nean 3Bd, 3Ba, 3,000 sq. ft. 2-story, peppers. This again was first
HOUSE-SHARE, CSL. http: // with new kitchen granite counter tops. BY JULIA CHILD class and quite substantial.
joannechoo.webs.com 624-129-8683, Pool. Bay view. 2-car attached garage.
624-144-7061 Fully furnished. $1,800. John 619-
My friend ordered the lobster
40’ ALUMINUM CONTAINER 9’ 972-1646 (#23) I love Italian food. Ever life. His American upbringing ravioli served in a shrimp-
high, wired for 110V end lighting, le- since I arrived here I have helps; Juan has a unique under- based red sauce. Very tasty
1999 TOYOTAAVALON, excellent,
gally imported $5,995 USD San José new US tags, ,$6500, 612-153-4035 been searching for a good standing of what his mostly indeed!
105 6063, 624 132 3568. Italian restaurant that serves Gringo clientele expect from a Dessert: For dessert I
the kind of food that makes fine dining experience in terms went for the chocolate cake
School Information your mouth water and leaves
you wanting to go back again
and again. I tried many Ital-
of service, quality and presen-
tation. Another big advantage
to dining at La Trattoria is the
with vanilla ice cream, since I
have a sweet tooth, was very
much to my tasting. My friend
What do we look like, an information booth?
We get bombarded with enquires about where to stick ian restaurants in Los Cabos, price. The tab you run here loved the tiramisu, which he
your kids if you want to live in Cabo, so here you go. Call but they all fell short of what will be considerably less than ate while knocking back an
these schools direct. These are local private schools with I was looking for, until one what you would expect to pay espresso. Not Mexican
English programs. And if you have a school that you want to day a friend and I stumbled if you were to eat in your hotel espresso, but the real deal:
list here, contact carrie@gringogazette.com across a gem of a place or at one of the many over- Caffee Diemme coffee, an au-
called La Trattoria. priced Italian restaurants in the thentic Italian brand that’s
Cabo San Lucas area. I grew up eating Italian
Colegio El Camino K-12 143-2100 It’s often said that the best even better than Illy or
restaurants are unassuming food, and make it a point to Lavazza.
Centro Educativo Integral Juan Bosco 7-9, 173-0042; travel every year to Italy on
cell 155-7918 places that are usually found After dinner, we stepped
off the beaten path, far from business. La Trattoria has all outside to enjoy an after din-
Montessori Casa de los Niños Cipactlicali K-6. of the elements of an authentic
Bilingual. the usual tourist haunts. ner drink at the horseshoe
But that’s not the case with Trattoria in Sorrento or Rome. shaped wooden bar on the
Robalo and Via Lerry near Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach The interior of the restau-
Phone: 14 44716 or 624 111 3236 La Trattoria, which is not terrace facing Marina Blvd.
tucked away on some side rant is in the traditional Italian and Squid Roe. Our intent
On the Corridor style – simple and spacious
Colegio Amaranto pre-K-6, 145-8701 street far away from the was to dine at La Trattoria
hustle and bustle of down- enough to accommodate and head out for a night on
Instituto Peninsular 7-12, 104-3454 groups. There is even a back
Centro Escolar Picacho (Colegio McGregor) pre-K-12, town. In fact, this Italian res- the town somewhere else, but
taurant is right in the heart of room with it’s own bar that can we had such a great time sit-
144-5595 seat up to 30 people, which
Instituto Baldor 7-12, 104-3700; fax 104-3701 Cabo on Marina Blvd., at ting at the bar, listening to
Plaza Bonita mall, smack in they often close off for private music, people watching and
San Jose parties. Juan mentioned to me
Instituto Internacional Libertad pre-K-12, 142-0428 between Hard Rock Café laughing it up with the Mar-
and the new Starbucks, that they are going to start us- tini-making Mario and the
across from Squid Roe. It’s ing this room to host a monthly bottle-flipping Jonathan, that
been there for almost 15 wine and food tasting with their we didn’t leave until closing –
years. Just a few years ago, executive chef, so make sure at 4 am!
La Trattoria changed hands, to ask about this when you If you like good Italian
and the new owners have stop in. Overall, La Trattoria food, this well-known Cabo
done a fine job with the place. can entertain a large group Italian restaurant won’t disap-
For one, La Trattoria has while at the same time main- point. The food and service
an excellent selection of taining a quaint, elegant envi- are first class – so much so
wines from all over the world. ronment that is perfect for that I’ve lunched or dined
The owner of La Trattoria, couples seeking a romantic there regularly since writing
Juan Castaneda (or “Don dinner this review. They have $10
Juan”, as his employees know dollar lunch specials, which
him) was there when we Now for the food… include food and beer. For
stumbled in one day, he rec- First Course: I chose the me, La Trattoria was great
ommended a great bottle of Caesar salad for the first value for the quality of food
Malbec from Argentina, Al- course. It was delicious, and I and service. And when you
tos Las Hormigas Reserva. decided to order a glass of the stop by, make sure to say hello
It paired perfectly with our house Pinot Grigio, which was to Don Juan!
main course. During the crisp, dry and refreshing. My
course of our meal, I discov- friend ordered the fried La Trattoria
ered that Juan imports most calamari, which was also ex- Italian Restaurant
of his wines himself and sells cellent, and paired well with the Address:
them to hotels and restau- Pinot Grigio. We also sampled Blvd. Marina, Plaza Bonita,
rants all over Mexico, not just Lupe’s famous baby back ribs across from Squid Roe, be-
Cabo. cooked on a mesquite-fired tween Starbucks and Hard
Aside from being a top- grille. (Lupe is a local institu- Rock
notch wine critic, Juan is a tion; he also serves the best Kitchen Open for
personable guy who grew up after hour burritos in Cabo Lunch and Dinner
in Southern California, where from a cart right next to El (11 AM – Midnight),
he was a computer scientist Squid Roe.) Reservations:
before chucking it all for Main Course: Because I (624)143-0068
Cabo for a different kind of was feeling particularly hungry, www.tratoriacabo.com 
July 5th, 2010 .COM

So Will These Local

Poppies Get Us High?
 Wade through this botany lesson and find out Boost your search engine ranking

Get a listing and a link Only 00
to your homepage at
MexOnline.com that USD
Baja´s bounty: Our Prickly Poppies of Baja: promotes your business
beautiful semi-tropical The genera Argemone of Contact ceresa@mexonline.com or call 144-0595 for more info
desert landscape of Baja the Papaverceae Family or
may look, to the casual ob- Poppy Family is well rep-
server, like a monolithic resented here in Baja Cali-
panorama, incapable of fornia. With about 31-32
sustaining vitality. A species found in the world,
¨moonscape¨, as I have 5 are endemic here in Baja
heard some first time visi- California. Two thirds of cousins, the California poppy. tural mechanism against ani- rarely eaten. The plants can
tors call it... Nothing could them in Mexico, the south- The Baja argemones are mal foraging extends over the grow as tall as 1.2 meters
be farther from the truth! west US, Hawaii & Central annual or perennial herbs or surface of the leaves and high or almost four feet high.
The uniqueness of our ter- America. They are a true a non-woody plant with a stems themselves, making all The seeds are contained in
rain and climate has cre- New World native. single strong main stem that varieties of the plant unpalat- capsules with heavier spines,
ated a plethora of life, In the spring, with their has a yellow or orange sap able to livestock. But, since with thre to six valves or
adapting itself so uniquely prickly leaves and seed cap- containing latex, and has all parts of aregomes plants break-away seed pod petals
to the challenges of this sules, and yellow or white sharp, prickly spines on both are poisonous as well, this that when dry, burst open to
particular environment, flowers with four to six pet- sides of the tip of its pinnately desert beauty has a double- disperse the seeds. Grow at
that some species can only als, they can’t be missed. lobed leaves. defence system, with the ex- elevations of 2000 meters
be found here in Baja. Ex- Their flower is distinctly For one species, the ception of the seeds, that are above sea level or less & they
plore with me each issue, poppy shaped and similar in argemone platyceras favoured and tolerated by are found throughout the pen-
the bounty which is Baja structure to their more famous (munita), this defensive struc- desert doves, this plant is continued on page 30

(Bolognese or Vegetable), Pollo tion) since 1975. They also offer owned it for many years. When
We have arduously eaten Cabo San Lucas Parmesano on Fridays. They also Mexican dishes, seafood, and Surf his lease expired and the rent
our way through every have beer and wines at good prices. & Turf for only $18. You’ll enjoy the tripled, he decided to retire. But
restaurant in Southern Baja Asi & Asado. Rated best taco Mention this ad and you’ll get a free festive décor with hand-carved and he gave his blessing and support
place in Cabo by local Gringos and
for you, and jotted down side-salad with your pasta order. hand-painted chairs and Mexican to Maro, one of his loyal employ-
Mexicans alike. Prepared with Black
Phone 131-3020. MC/V, $ tablecloths. Across the street from ees of 16 years, and now Maro
an accurate description of Angus Beef to Eat there or Take Out.
Cabo Subs On the main drag the Tesoro hotel on the main drag. serves up the same great recipes
many of them here. Catering service available, pick up
across from the Tesoro. They have Ph. (624) 143-0150. Open Monday and sauces. In addition to the de-
a Taco Bar To Go for your party of
the best sandwiches in Cabo and – Saturday from 11am – 10pm. $ licious fresh boiled shrimp (you
picninc. Located just past Cabo
MC the best prices, too! From Philly For reservations please call order it by the half or full kilo),
Karting on the road to San Jose, on
Cheesesteak for $5 to their ground (624) 145-6011. $$ Maro is also offering lobster, some
V is for Master Card the service lane. Plenty of free, ad-
sirloin cheeseburgers for only $3, La Trattoria Restaurant Mexican plates, BBQ ribs and
ditional parking behind Cabo Cielo
AE is for Visa you can’t beat it! All the deli favor- – Delicious Italian casual dining. some steaks. He also has coco-
market. Open Mon-Sat 10 am to 9
ites (ham, turkey, pastrami & roast Indoor and outdoor seating avail- nut or chocolate ice cream which
is for American Express pm, Sundays 11 am to 7 pm. Owner
beef), salads and veggie sand- able. Pasta, wood-oven pizzas, is homemade by his wife. It’s a
The price ranges break Gustavo. $
wiches are also on their menu. Don’t chicken, veal, and seafood. Large, down home place, with hugely at-
Baja Brewing Company professional wine selection. At-
down like this: Finally! Due to overwhelming re-
forget to try their pickles…Best on tentive waiters, who are all trying
$ - Average Entrees $7 the planet! Open 11am to 10pm $ tached open-air bar facing main their hearts out to see that you
sponse, Los Cabos’ only micro-
Captain’s Table Seafood & strip is perfect for before/after din- have the same great food and ex-
$$ - Average Entrees $15 brewery has opened a second lo-
Bar. Fresh oysters, guacamole, sea- ner drinks and people watching. perience as the old Shrimp House.
$$$ - Average Entrees $22 cation in Cabo San Lucas. No
food tacos & cocktails, tempura Open for lunch and dinner, 12 pm The recipes are the same, but the
more braving the corridor highway
$$$$ Yikes!! tacos, ceviche and more from $2.50 - midnight. Call for dinner reser- location has changed. Maro’s
at night to San Jose to get the
USD. Great, outdoor, shaded, comfy vations Tel: 143-00-68. Downtown Shrimp House is now on Hidalgo,
If any restaurant would freshest beer in town. The new lo-
people watching place. Full bar. In Cabo, Plaza Bonita, Between the street that goes up from the
cation is on the rooftop of Cabo
like to be included here, the arroyo between Nick-San and the Hard Rock Café and Starbucks main drag in front of Tesoro, on
Villas Beach Resort on famed
Tesoro Hotel. $ Coffee. $ your right, past Pancho’s and
please call 143 0865 or Medano Beach. Not only will you
El Coral Mexican Restau- Maro Shrimp House Re- acrosss from Mama’s. Don’t for-
143 5750 and we will zip get the best beer here, but the best
rant is the oldest restaurant in member the old Shrimp House with get to try the special “Bulldog”
view in Cabo is thrown in for free!
right out with our fork Open for Breakfast, Lunch, and
Cabo. They’ve been serving whole the great food that used to be on cocktail that was made famous at
and bib. Red Snapper and outstanding the main drag of Cabo? Well, it’s the old Shrimp House. (624) 143
Dinner. Don’t forget to stop by the
steaks (Mesquite grilled to perfec- back! A Canadian named Phil 4966 $$
original Brewpub in San Jose and
a get a tour of the brewery by the
brewmaster himself! For reserva-
tions (624)157-2112
Cabo Noodles Tired of paying those
inflated prices down town and the
lack of parking! Finally, something
new for you residents and visitors
alike. Specialty pastas from around
the world as well as thin-crust piz-
zas, salads, sandwiches and deserts
– all at affordable prices. You can
eat-in or take-out. They are located
at the entrance to Home Depot and
open from 11:30am ‘till 9:30pm ev-
ery day except Sundays. Their fa-
mous Lasagna on Wednesdays

.COM July 5th, 2010
that the town is famous for. ways smiling. You can learn
DORADO CAPITOL... more by logging on to
The run has attracted anglers
continued from page 19 from afar for many, many www.stormcat.com.mx.
Zman kudos! Zman
of the water. He marked the years and seldom does an just a thought Character
spot in his GPS, and we wan- angler leave Loreto disap- consists of what you accom-
dered off in search of pointed. Dorado fishing is plish the third and fourth
dorado. A short time later he alive and well in this Dorado tries!. Until next edition
headed back to the GPS Capital of Baja, and a new Happy sharing time Zman,
numbers where we had left season will soon be here. mike zmanphd2004@
the mat. Deep in the cobalt yahoo.com 
blue water, beneath the wo- Loreto dorado TOUR-
ven fronds, we saw the tell- NAMENT July4th - 7th
tale golden shapes of dorado http://www. vagabundos. FISH REPORT...
milling about. We tossed a comloreto2009.htm continued from page 21
few sardina and the sea Fishin for the Mission
erupted as turquoise and gold Mission July15th- 18th ing larger baitfish over rocky jaw. With the water warming, 80’s Daytime temps are high
fish streaked across the sur- h t t p : / / w w w . f i s h i n g inshore reefs, though many of there are more blue marlin 90’s to low 100’s, with a nice
face. My partner and I cast forthemission.com/  the larger fish were lost, reported each day. breeze most times.
our flies into the melee and reaching the rocks before Roosterfish and jack Co-incidentally, fishing
instantly, it was ‘fish-on’, TIMESHARE... being turned. cravelle have been consistent has seemingly turned the cor-
again and again. For more continued from page 20 East Cape. East Cape is and pretty predictable every ner. While not wide open, the
than an hour, the dorado took now providing some of the morning. Their size is eye- warmer conditions finally
almost every cast. Finally the made of lightweight, synthetic kind of fishing that has made popping. Throw in a serious brought in more of the top-
two of us – hot, tired and fabric and she has sold over it famous. Yellowfin tuna to Humboldt squid bite for ani- water species. For sure, it
thirsty – sat down for a cold 500 systems in our Baja. 150 pounds are breezing be- mals up to 50 pounds that is. has kick-started all the mar-
one while the captain gath- Leticia is a former sales agent neath the porpoise. One 146- La Paz. Things are defi- lin and sailfish that have been
ered up his palm frond mats of The Grand Mayan and has pound monster won a local nitely changing here. Winds lazing around our waters for
to use another day. worked for others in our in- tournament. have laid down quite a bit. two months. “We had eight
Anglers from many gen- dustry. She is a single mom After much delay, the Water and air temps are get- swimming around our panga
erations have flocked to to three young boys. Leticia striped marlin that were be- ting noticeably warmer, too. at one time!” said one of our
Loreto to seek Baja’s is articulate, bright, bilingual, ing seen but refused to bite It finally feels like summer. anglers. It was not unusual
gold…the golden dorado very hard working and al- have gotten over their lock- Waters are high 70’s to low continued on page 31

Solomon’s Landing. Con- blocks up from the Cabaret night Molly’s Restaurant : is air can meals, Nachos, Deli Sand- and dinner daily as well as weekend
sistently good food,fun & friendly. club. Ask your Concierge for a CABO conditioned and open 8am-11pm all wiches are just a few on the menu. brunch; you’ll find Habaneros has
Beautiful setting right on the ma- MAP with their ad and directions. week. Located downtown San Enjoy your meal and cold drink with something for everyone! Full bar,
rina waterfront. Good people View pictures of The Winery and Jose, across from the church. a beautiful scenic surfing view. wine list and over 100 tequilas. Res-
watching. Large breakfast menu menus at www.loscaboswinery.net . Breakfast, lunch and dinner at rea- 624-172-6162 Open 11am to ervations at 142-2626, Visa M/C; A/
(American-style fried potatoes, Download a map or call for direc- sonable prices. Menu has Variety 10:30pm all week. C Happy hour 3-5 daily Located at
cheddar and Jack cheese om- tions, reservations (624) 143-8078- of Salads, Deli Sandwiches, Pas- Don Sanchez From the Family of Plaza la Mision Local #4,
elettes, half-inch thick honey- 143-8088 $$. tas, Traditional Mexican, Soups, Habanero’s we are proud to present Blvd. Mijares
baked grilled ham, apple sausage. Steak and Shrimp. Plenty of seat- Don Sanchez, a family atmosphere www..habanerosgastrogrill.com
ing. Has a bar in the back under a “Cantina Restaurant” offering authen-
For lunch and dinner Angus beef, San Jose
cold water lobster, the full bodied, large palapa to enjoy a good meal tic Mexican dining, a live Cuban band
Thursday. – Saturday., 130 premium
La Paz
sweet lobster, the kind with the big 7 Seas Restaurant. Fine and a cold beer. Also, there is a
tail. Brian’s special BBQ ribs and dining with the best view in town. swim wear store in the restaurant tequilas and creative cocktails. A Rancho Viejo. Open 24 hrs.
steaks grilled over mesquite Open air restaurant steps away so you can purchase swim wear, place to enjoy the finer things in life Breakfast your choice of eggs $3.
wood. Has the ambiance of a from the ocean. Watch the surf from floppers or just lotion. Come see without overpaying because life is Arrachera tacos, carne asada,
Cheers bar, where everybody your table. Sea food specialties - us and enjoy the food and atmo- too short for average! Sun-Wed. american cuts, menudo, pozole, fish,
knows your name. Reasonably Great wine list - Fantastic desserts. sphere. No reservations needed.. 11am-12am; Thur.-Sat 11am-3am; salads, seafood. Carne asada and
priced. Right on the Cabo marina, Good experience guaranteed. You $ Happy Hour 11am-5pm Daily. A/C arrachera by the kilo, w/salsa and
in the corner, inside the Tesoro will be back! Located at Cabo Surf. Zippers Bar and Grille: Located Downtown San Jose, Res- tortillas. La Paz locations: Manuel
hotel. Reservations 9:00 am to 5:00 To reserve call 14 22676 ext 307 On Costa Azul Beach. Best Grille ervations at 142-2444 Visa, M/C Pineda at Belisario Dominguez and
pm Office phone 143 7606, or call or call Mercedes cell 1586900. in Town. This restaurant is pre- www.donsanchezcantina.com Alvaro Obregon, Corner of Marquez
the Restaurant 5:00 to 11:00 p.m. Cynthia Fresh Organic ferred by local Gringos. Baby Habaneros Gastro Grill & de Leon & Belisario Dominguez and
phone 143 3050. $$ Restaurant. Outfoor, patio es- Boomers music Wednesday and Tequila Bar Blends an Euro- Malecon next to Jungle Bar. In Ciudad
Winery Restaurant Located tablishment with delicious, fresh, Friday and Blues on Saturday. All pean bistro with Eclectic Mexican Constitution at Blvd. Olachea near
in the only winery in southern Baja, organic dishes for lunch and din- Sports Events by Satellite. Angus Fusion cuisine all the while keeping road to San Carlos. Cell 612 348 9294
the eclectic old world décor is com- ner with hefty portions. Freshly Beef Charcoal Hamburgers, Mexi- things Baja casual. Offering Lunch $
patible with its innovative yet casual prepared , homemade teas, salads,
dining from a menu of tasty tapas to breads, sandwiches and dinner
full meals. Guests sit in the art gal- dishes. Saturday brunches 9:30-
lery lounge on comfortable Italian 12pm Look for the big carrot sign.
leather sofas with cocktail tables, or Between Mega and Las Mananitas
at dining tables in the restaurant or (parameter road) Behind Villa
on the veranda. A separate full bar Valentina. Open Mon-Saat 11:30-
offers cocktails, wine flight tastings, 5pm Dinner 5pm-9pm Closed
full glasses or bottles of their pre- Sundays Great atmosphere! Cell:
mium wines imported from their vine- 044-624-155-5874 $$
yards in N. California, cellared and Filippi’s Pizza Grotto.
bottled in Cabo. Patrons can tour its Family style Italian restaurant from
2,000 sq. ft. wine cave and bottling San Diego. Over 60 years in the biz.
room, and can reserve a 5-course Good quality, reasonably priced.
winemaker dinner pairing in the cave Pizza, Lasagna, Veal Parmigiana,
surrounded by the sweet smell of Eggplant Parmigiana, Pastas. Base-
aging wines in barrels. The Winery ball sized homemade meatballs (fi-
is open for tastings and lunch Tues- nally!), Italian sausage, plus, plus.
Sat from 11 am to 3 pm, Dinner 6-11 Full bar, flat screen T.V’S, air condi-
pm Wed-Sat. Live soft jazz and pi- tioning. This is their 15th location and
ano music Fri & Sat. Challenging to first in Mexico! Open 7 days a week
find, but worth the search. Follow from 11am till 11pm at Blvd Mijares
their signs and look for a wine barrel and M.de Juarez corner, San Jose
in front at 2518 Francisco Villa St., 5 del Cabo. Phone 624-130-7744. $$

July 5th, 2010 .COM

Century and a member of the High Vision to the Choosing

Communist party, was hired of a New and Better Future.”
by the Rockefeller With the theme and sub-
family, the embodiment of ject set, and sketches for the
Mexico’s main contribu- American capitalism, to cre- massive mural approved, Di-
tion to 20th Century art was ate a mural in the newly con- ego Rivera began work in
the mural. The Muralism structed RCA building in March of 1933. The 63 x 17
movement in Mexico came Rockefeller Center. This re- foot mural was to depict two
about during and after the lationship, to the outside ob- opposing views of society,
Mexican Revolution of 1910. server, seemed doomed from Capitalism on one side and
The ever-changing political the beginning. The theme of Socialism on the other, with
powers used the mural as a
form of propaganda, to get
their message of a “new
Mexico” to the
masses. In a country with an
extremely high illiteracy rate,
this form of propaganda was
very powerful. The murals
created for public spaces
in Mexico cemented
Mexico’s top muralists Diego
Rivera, Alfaro Siqueiros and
Jose Clemente Orozco into
the international art scene.
The works of these artists in-
spired a rush of Muralism
throughout the world, and
these artists began to get this mural was specific, to the symbolic worker at a
commission work outside of show “human intelligence in crossroads of industry and
Mexico. One of the most fa- control of the forces of na- science. As the mural began
mous or infamous stories of ture.” Nelson Rockefeller, the to emerge, it started to look
Muralism in America was the son of John D. and Abby less and less like the sketches
scandalous Rockefeller Cen- Aldrich Rockefeller, was that were approved and
ter incident or as Diego placed in charge of this more and more a bash of
Rivera called it “The Battle of project. The title for this mas- Capitalism. In the spot in the
Rockefeller Center.” sive piece was already de- sketches that were roughly
Diego Rivera, one of the most cided, “Man at the Cross- outlined to represent the
influential artists of the 20th roads Looking with Hope and “worker-leader,” a perfect
portrait of the Communist
leader Vladimir Lenin
The press had a field day
with this, and the public be-
came enraged after an article
in the New York World-
Telegram announced “Rivera
Paints Scenes of Communist
Activity And John D. Jr.
Foots Bill.” With this public
outcry, the Rockefellers tried
to convince Rivera to at least
remove the portrait of Lenin,
and replace it with a gener-
alized figure. Rivera tried to
negotiate saying he would not like Abraham Lincoln on the In May of 1933, Rivera
remove the figure of Lenin, other side of the mural to bal- was called down from the
but he would place a great ance it out. Neither side was Continued on page 33
American historical figure, willing to compromise.

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.COM July 5th, 2010

Mexico Now Sending based National Dairy Holdings,

which controls the Borden
brand and 18 regional dairies
Money North selling milk under the names
Flav-O-Rich, Dairy Fresh,
Velda Farms, Sinton’s, Cream
 Now there’s a good idea O’Weber, Goldenrod and oth-
BY D. LIVER ers.
Grupo Bimbo, Latin
America’s largest baked-
Not all Mexicans who in- we’re not just a bunch of un- goods company, has also ex-
vade the United States are pen- educated migrants,” says Jorge panded its U.S. operations. In
niless. Mexican corporations Smeke, a business professor at 2009, Mexico City-based
are snapping up well known Iberoamerican University in Bimbo bought the U.S. baked-
U.S. brand names, opening Mexico City. “Clearly there are goods operations of Weston
U.S. factories, and investing Mexican investments (in the Foods for $2.4 billion, taking
millions of pesos north of their USA) that are creating jobs.” over 22 industrial bakeries and by Mexican companies rose est cement maker, markets its
own country. In some cases, Mexican 4,000 distribution routes. In all, from $3.6 billion in 2005 to products as Victor, Dixie,
From Thomas’ English companies have taken over the Mexican company has 35 nearly $8 billion in 2008, ac- Richmortar and other names
Muffins to Borden milk, Saks U.S. brands. Others have ex- bakeries in the USA churning cording to the latest statistics depending on the U.S. state.
FifthAvenue department stores panded their U.S. operations out national brands such as from the U.S. Department of Cemex became a giant in 2008
to The New York Times news- or increased their investments Entenmann’s pastries, Boboli Commerce. Mexican compa- after acquiring Australia’s
paper, Mexican investors have in U.S. firms. pizza crusts and Thomas’ En- nies employ about 59,000 Rinker Group for $14 billion.
taken advantage of low inter- Newcomers to the U.S. glish Muffins to regional brands people in the U.S. Like Bimbo The deal included 415 U.S.
est rates and depressed prices market include Grupo Lala, such as Brownberry bread and and Lala, many of the Mexi- plants that produce concrete,
during the economic downturn Mexico’s largest dairy com- Mrs. Baird’s snack cakes. can companies operate regional gravel, blocks and other build-
to expand their holdings in the pany. Lala bought a yogurt About 43% of Bimbo’s 2009 subsidiaries, a structure that ob- ing materials. The company
U.S. plant in Omaha in 2007. In sales were in the U.S. scures their immense size. says it employs about 18,000
“These companies show 2009, it purchased Dallas New investment in the U.S. Cemex, the world’s third-larg- people in the U.S.
“Many people don’t even
realize (the companies) are
Mexican,” says Teresa
Gutierrez-Haces, an economist
at the National Autonomous
University of Mexico.
The Mexican investment in
the U.S. is good news for both
countries, says Lorraine Eden,
a professor of management at
Texas A&M University. The
USA benefits with jobs and tax
income, while the stream of for-
eign profits strengthens
Mexico’s economy. “In the
end, it improves growth and
competitiveness back home in
Mexico,” Eden says. “It’s a
two-way flow, and it’s good
for both of us.”
Mexican billionaire Carlos
Slim has expanded his empire
into the USA. In March,
Forbes magazine ranked him
the world’s richest person,
beating out Americans Bill
Gates and Warren Buffett with
a net worth of $53.5 billion. In
2008, Slim bought a 6.9%
share in The New York Times
Co., making him the largest
shareholder outside the Ochs-
Sulzberger family. He increased
his stake in the Saks Fifth Av-
enue department stores from
10.9% to 18%. And now Slim
has entered the Manhattan real
estate market, buying an office
building on Fifth Avenue for
$140 million. América Móvil,
a cell phone company con-
trolled by Slim, has increased
its U.S. subscribers 26% since
2008 from 11 million to 15 mil-
lion. The company sells prepaid
cell phone service under the
names TracFone, Straight Talk
and Net10.
Some Mexican companies
have benefited from the spread
of Hispanic culture in the USA.
Gruma, which claims to be the
world’s largest maker of torti-
llas, wraps and corn flour,
makes 47% of its sales in the
U.S. and Europe, thanks to the
growing popularity of Mexican
food. The company has 25
bakeries and flour mills in
Texas, California, Indiana and
continued on page 33
July 5th, 2010 .COM

Paul Clade Turnipseed and Tito Rodriguez in

Adamaha Jazz. He has
played with Diego Ramirez,
Local Guitar Man Daline Jones, Sexto Sentido,
Gabriel Hernandez among
others. His preferred style is
 Picking up gigs where ever he can modern jazz, though he feels
in a tough market that sometimes it is just too
out there for non musicians to

Self-described as a long to many different styles of

term sideman, guitarist and music, able to fit smoothly
lyricist, Paul Clade into the group’s style. Often
Turnipseed is a musician that aspiring musicians start out as
you are probably familiar with sidemen, and then move on to
if you listen to live music in develop their own sound, a
Los Cabos. He is still boyish name, and fans of their own,
looking at 42, soft spoken, or go on to form their own
“tall drink of water” with a groups.
gifted ear and sweetly groov- Since 2000, being a
ing sounds. His ability has sideman is a new category for
brought him to the place he the Music Hall of Fame, as
is musically, along with the there are many famous musi-
hard work, persistence and cians who spent most of their Paul Clade has been
love for the music which he musical career as sidemen. making his living in the
embodies. Being flexible and looking entertainment field in
He has been playing mu- at every playing experience as Cabo since 2005
sic since he was 12 years old. an opportunity to learn has

Festival in San Jose plaza and his music. He is a dedicated

the LigaMAC jazz fest. In surfer and practices yoga. He
addition to this, Clade has put is committed to beautiful mu-
together a new band that will sical expression and shows
be playing Cantina type songs his commitment by playing
Though originally from New managed to carry him through enjoy and so he connects from the 30’s and 40’s called publicly in many venues, such
Orleans, Paul grew up in Con- some demanding learning with his audiences in less eso- Speak Easy which consists of as the organic market. These
necticut. As a boy he was in- curves. The is he can now fo- teric genres. Clade, David Cantoni and days he is a non drinker,
fluenced by his father’s ex- cus on his own personal ex- These days you can find Sebastian Di Marco. Speak committed to a healthy
tensive record collection. pression coming through in him with the group Hot Steel, Easy plays Thursdays at La lifestyle and is dabbling in
Though not a musician, whatever style, and with what- a rock, soul and reggae type International in downtown raw food preparation and
Paul’s father was an avid au- ever music he chooses to be band at Baja Brew Pub on San Jose, starting at 9 pm. continues to promote and
diophile, buying up entire col- grooving to. Fridays at 10 in San Jose and And just recently he has support our community as it
lections from Wes Montgom- He originally came to
ery to Jerry Garcia, and Mexico in 1998, landing a gig
Chuck Berry to Black Sab- in Cancun where he played
bath. So Paul feels he had for six months. Promises of
some of the best teachers more gigs in Los Cabos
right there in his home. brought him here in 1999
In fact his first band was and he stayed for a year and
a Sabbath cover band, a half, when he then returned
whose band members he re- to New Orleans. He did not
mains in touch with. At the return to Los Cabos until
age of 24, in 1992, he re- 2005 when he came on va-
turned to his hometown to cation to do a little surfing.
attend the University of New Hurricane Katrina hit New
Orleans. While obtaining his Orleans at this time. His
bachelor’s degree in music, hometown in ruins he de-
studying guitar and bass, he cided, as so many of us do,
worked with some very in- to take this gift of life’s crisis
fluential teachers including the and let it change his life. He
legendary Ellis Marsalis and decided to settle down in
Victor Goin. Paul started Los Cabos, and work while
claiming his corner of fame in trying to have as much fun as
these days as a sideman. he could and live life to the
A sideman is a profes- fullest.
sional musician who is hired Since 2005 Paul Clade Saturdays in San Lucas from signed on with the Suzy Q works toward a cleaner,
to perform or record with a Turnipseed (shortened to 8-11. Speaking in Tones, band, which is performing at more sustainable place.
group of which he or she is Paul Clade because some consisting of Paul Clade, Villa del Palmar on Tuesdays Look for his forthcoming CD
not a regular member. They locals just couldn’t get the Roberto Blanco and Pedro at 8. featuring his own songs and
often tour with solo acts as hang of his legitimate family Cervera, appear freelance in Paul Clade Turnipseed is lyrics. Contact Paul at
well as bands and jazz en- name) spent three years play- various events and locations making the most of his life pseedt@hotmail.com for
sembles. Sidemen are gener- ing at The Office on Medano in Los Cabos, and have ap- here in paradise. He says ev- schedule information or pri-
ally required to be adaptable Beach with Joaquin Gonzalez peared at the World Music erything he does influences vate music classes.
.COM July 5th, 2010

have to tell others when they stopped or this reputation

go home about their experi-
ences in Mexico.
will kill tourism.
Keep up the good work
Editor: dones Mexicans extorting
We all know that good
stories get told once or
of reporting tourism abuse
so that all the stories about
We are a German and stealing from foreigners twice, but bad stories get Los Cabos are good and we Our public
couple and are living in La and finishes his letter by say- told over and over and over. continue to be the world safety honchos have
Paz since 2004. Bert and I ing “ it is our place as for- The thief who extorts or class tourist destination we launched emergency
(Petra) started a company eigners to accept it.” steals from a tourist makes deserve to be. I am sure Mr.
here in 2005 and after shut- This fabulous area of Los a short term gain but costs Stable knows that although
phone numbers to
ting down business opera- Cabos is almost entirely de- this resort a fortune in lost extortion and stealing goes call the police. No,
tions we are still legally fight- pendant on tourism. It is future business. The taxi rip on in many countries of the it’s not 911, If you
ing with a young lawyer who beautiful, the weather is offs and the gas station world, in most countries it is are caling from either
was employed by us. He great, most Mexicans are money switching and the also illegal. a cell phone or a a
cheated the company by hard working honest people, police bribery has to be ex- Peter Hatton, land line, call 066. 
USD $15,000 and requests and we need the tourists we posed and eventually San Jose 
now by the Labor Court an
additional ‘compensation’ of
USD $20.000 because the
termination of the working
contract did not achieve
Mexican requirements.
It was not clear to us
how important it is to have
an independent lawyer cre-
ate the working contract. So
far we have already spent $
3,000 on lawyers here, but
without success.
Therefore I would like to
start a self-help group and
would ask you very much to
publish this in your newspa-
per. The goal of the self-help
group would be to record
incidents, past and current,
to negotiate and discuss with
the responsible people in
politics and justice and to
create a good information
source for foreign investors
and employers.
There should also be
rights for foreigners here, not
only obligations!
Interested parties should
contact us by e-mail:
Kind Regards,
Bert Zimpel & Petra
Grupo Samadhi S.A. de
Tel +52 (612) 165 6565

I read your column in the
June 7 issue of GG. I was
sorry to read you’ve been
accused by Sudcalifornia
of being racist, and worse;
that makes no sense at all.
You simply shine a light on
defective practices, and help
us all understand better.
For what little comfort it may
bring, I doubt that there are
many cross-over readers
who read both papers. With
luck, your faithful Gringo
readership will continue to
support you, and the scant
few Mexicans who read GG
will be a non-issue.
Your paper provides a rare
service to all of us ex-pats,
and helps us understand
what’s going on (and get a
few chuckles to boot).
Best wishes for continued
Ron Paitich,
Auburn Ca
I almost lost my ability to
be politically correct when I
read the ridiculous letter
from William Stable. He is
basically saying that he con-

July 5th, 2010 .COM

when it comes time to enroll these are derived from the

CAN I SEND?... their kids in school here. Us- opium poppy, Papaver
continued from page 23 ing some of the advice given somniferum, which contain
by English-speaking parents opiate alkoids, famous for
www.remaxcabosanlucas.com who already enroll their chil- opium, codeine, morphine &
then go to about Cabo, then dren in school will make sure heroin. It is now illegal to re-
go to school information. It our information won’t be lost ceive, raise, ship or sell opium
has names of bilingual in translation.  poppy plants in the United
States; as well as, the pos-
session of seeds for the in-
tent to grow. Interesting, be-
cause many of the poppy
seeds used in cooking and
baking come from the same
opiate plant, and use for bak-
ing is not illegal. But, should
you have a poppy seed ba-
gel in the morning and take a
drug test, you may fail, so be-
ware! and refrain from cook-
ing your meal in poppy seed
oil before such a test as well,
as most of the poppy seed oil
is produced from the same
species too.
schools as well as contact in-
formation. You can call the
schools and make an ap-
pointment for a tour so you
can get the feeling of the cam-
pus, teachers, and children.
If you do not speak Spanish,
and still feel uneasy about en-
rollment, the following are
some tips offered by parents
in Cabo.
1. If you want to commu-
nicate in English, make sure
you enroll your child in a
school where some teachers
speak English fluently.
2. You can bring a friend
who speaks Spanish to trans-
3. Ask the teacher to write
down important information
so you can take it home with
you. You can also have
someone help you write im-
portant questions down in
Spanish to give to the teacher.
4. Write a letter to the
principal to make sure some-
one who speaks English con-
tacts you in case of an emer-
gency. You can make a copy
for your child’s teacher as
5. Hire a Spanish tutor for continued from page 24
you, or invest in Spanish les-
sons on the computer like insula, including our cape re-
Rosetta Stone. gion.
Hopefully these tips will All members of the poppy
help the non-Spanish speak- family contain powerful
ing parents feel more at ease alkoids. The most famous of

Our local poppies are

believed to hold promise
of healing

Although our Baja pop-

pies contain similar alkoids,
they do not contain the same
mix of alkoids or concentra-
tions that are in the opium
poppy of this family. Still,
these are not plants to be
messed around with. When
ingested, they act as GI tract
irritants, CNS stimulants, and
have varying degrees of neu-
rologic effects ranging from
relaxation and euphoria to
seizures. They are also dilate
blood vessels. Especially in
India, deaths and injuries
have been recorded from
continued on page 33
.COM July 5th, 2010

and Cherie Jordan, Brittany Senor Frog’s Carlos Ander- options include wings, fries, reasonable: Baja Blue Marg,
and Matt Neal, Javier and son (Oh that Carlos….! ) he quesadillas, mini pizzas, made with blue Curacao, fruit
Carolina Mazoy, and Tammy did not actually come to Los nachos and deep fried juices and tequila are $7,
Perconti and Carlos Ander- Cabos to open a restaurant.
son. Willy Jordan is a long- He had been in the property
There is a new bar and time Denver restaurateur, management business, taking
restaurant in town called Baja supposedly in retirement here a break from his former grills
Blue. It’s in the former loca- in Los Cabos, who has de- and bistros, when urged to
tion of the Rusty Putter, be- cided to add his life-long ex- join this motivated bunch.
tween Mega and the new pertise to the business of The restaurant opened
Barceló Hotel. You can park making a local hang out suc- with a fully trained staff and
beside it, or on the Hotel ceed. The former Rusty they have had a great start.
Zone ‘Paseo San Jose’ Putter did not do so bad in They have declared Tuesday
Street, and walk up the stairs. its formative years, but went night ladies night, with free
After Rusty Putter bellied up, broke due to the lack of con- house drinks for the ladies,
sistent product and lousy ser- from 9 to 12. They have hired
vice, not to mention over Skeleton Key, a local live folk
wrought prices. Other than and fun band to play every
that, it was fine. Friday from 6 to 10. They are
Life is a The investors have having special World Cup
brought in someone to help soccer parties, where up to calamari. regular beer $3 and a glass
song, sing it. combat the bad rep Rusty 300 people have shown up The regular menu is mod- of wine is going at about $11.
Putter had, and utilize the for the important games. In erately priced. Salads and The wine selection is excel-
awesome central ocean view short, they giving us locals a munchies start at about $7. lent and the staff is encour-
it was bought and spruced up location, hopefully making it place to relax, eat and hang They offer wraps, pizzas, fish aged to sell you the bottle for
by a collection of local inves- a hub of local activity. Carlos out, without having to wait and chips, steak, sashimi, about $25, saving you the
tors. They left in the kiddy putt Anderson is an owner but has until midnight to get started. American beef hamburgers, cost of one glass. They are
putt course, windmill and all, taken on the job of general Happy hour is Monday to lasagna, tacos, and fajitas. open every day from 11am
added an organic garden, and manager. Some people grow Friday from 4-7. They have Prices for entrees range from to midnight. For current
put in state of the art music, up to loathe their parents’ 25 peso (about 2 bucks) $10 to $25 for the NY Steak. events, you can find them
television and computer sys- business, and Carlos admits, happy hour booze and food The food is good, portions under Baja Blue on facebook
tems. Their goal is to provide that even though he is the son specials. Options include are huge and service is rea- or call them at 624 130
a local hang where everyone. of the founder of Squid Roe, house drinks, local beer and sonably fast. Drinks are a 7205. 100 % English spo-
The new owners are Willy Carlos and Charlie’s, and margaritas. 25 peso food little pricey for locals, but still ken. 

Patty is a 2 year old medium size female
who appears to be spaniel and a wire
coated ter- Cheap Love! Solomon’s Landing
rier mix. If  It’s all about the food. Great Prices,
Black is a
you are
looking for
small to Excellent Quality, Consistent Large Portions.
a nice in- If you order Lobster, this is Solomon’s claim to fame, it is the
sized 2
door pet, Pacific Spiney- tailed Lobster, which has a larger tail and more
year old
Patty is sweet, full bodied flavor, they steam it, then sear it in New Zealand
lab cross. butter, it comes out sweet and tender, not tough and rubbery like a
your dog.
She was Goodyear tire!
She gets
f o u n d If you order Fish, it is fresh, never fishy or over-cooked, They
along very well with other dogs and chil-
way out prepare it 10 different ways.
dren. She is full of energy, she is a very
on the If you like BBQ, Solomon’s has a large Mesquite Grill. He
happy girl who is spayed and has had all
highway makes his own New Orleans barbeque sauce from his old cheffing
her vaccines.
not near days in New Orleans. The Baby Back Ribs almost fall off the bone.
anything, If you like Steak, the 20 oz Ribeye USD Certified Angus Beef is
LOST DOGS: Please help spread the and is not Mesquite Grilled and comes with Idaho baked potato or Garlic mashed
word that if someone loses their dog saying potatoes and home made chopped garlic parmesan bread and veg-
to check the refuge first. WEBSITE: what she etables al dente. All for $25.00 USD. There is a Kids menu too.
www.bajadogslapaz.org Baja Dogs is Solomon’s breakfast will please you as well. For example, Om-
was doing elets are light and fluffy not greasy made with Tillamook Sharp
a registered Mexican non-profit out there.
organization, that relies completely Cheddar or Monterrey Jack cheese. The pan sautéed potatoes are
She would have died if not for a light and crispy, not greasy. Also ¾ inch honey baked ham steaks.
on Private donations as we receive kind person who picked her up. Don’t forget the pancakes with bananas & pecans. Overall a Large
no government funding. ALL dogs She has a beautiful loving spirit, breakfast menu. As Brian says, “it’s the SH**!. You won’t be disap-
have their vaccines and health is in good health, and is good with pointed.
certificates and are ready to travel all dogs and people. Black needs Lunch was how they started, IT’S “GOOD” Their taco bar has
to the US or Canada. and deserves a loving home. been mentioned in several magazines and this year Alaska airlines
listed Solomon’s as one of the top 5 places to dine in Cabo.
(English - Dhorea) 612-128-8235 (Spanish - Mario) 612-155-8948
(English/Spanish) (Maureen) mr@bajadogslapaz.org The Bar is rectangular, giving it
the aura of a Cheers Bar. There is no
designated happy hour because
up to the surface from their been dealing with since April. drinks are reasonable priced all day
FISH REPORT... trenches and they usually Every day several fish in the long. They also have a special bar
continued from page 25 bring the big tuna with them. 25 to 30 pound class have menu with VERY reasonable prices.
There weren’t many tuna, but been taken at various spots. Oh, and one more special
to hook one or two this here and there they popped Check out the photos this surprise – there is an incredible Sushi
week. Many fish broke off up and tore into a few of our week! Lots of dorado shots! Bar which opens every day at 1:00
The fish are here…no pm.
on the lighter tackle, but it’s pangas leaving anglers bat- Solomon’s Landing is located
gratifying to see so many tered and bruised and, more doubt, but bait is the biggest right on the Marina, in the corner,
anglers…especially first often than not, with nothing issue. We’re getting bait, but through the lobby of the Tesoro
timers…releasing their bill- to show after long battles it just takes time to find it or Hotel.
fish! Bravo! Our Tailhunter when the fish broke off or got wait for the bait guys to find Restaurant Phone: 143-3050
Las Arenas Fleet has been unbuttoned. it so they can sell it to us. (Spanish) Office Phone: 143-7606
seeing most of the billfish ac- Also, we’re seeing many Once you have the bait, the (English) Email:
tion. more dorado all around in La fish can be found. Hopefully, solomonslanding@hotmail.com 
There’s been a smattering Paz waters, but even more that will change but we’ll Restaurant Hours
of tuna in the 60 to 100 so, we’re finally seeing big- keep an eye out for it. We’ve Breakfast: 7:00am-12:00pm Dinner: 5:00pm-11:00pm
pound class. It seems the big ger 20 to 40 pound bulls in- been using mostly sardines, Lunch: 11:00am-5:00pm Bar: 7:00am-12am or later
Humboldt squid have come stead of the little punks we’ve continued on page 33
July 5th, 2010 July 5th 2010
One final suggestion: Do
not let your boat captain talk
you into killing a fish that you
would like to return to the sea

on. Make a deal inside a real alive. He may claim the poor
office. There are many of villagers need it, but more of-
them ringing the basin that ten he sells it to local restau-
There are two kinds of town of San Jose. Don’t be ments the day before. Your holds the marina. rants. 
fishing boats to charter: confused, La Playa is often fishing license is usually in-
pangas and cruisers. Pangas called La Playita. cluded in your charter fee, but
are basically big row boats Both Palmilla and La verify this when you make the
with outboard motors and not Playita are beach launch ar- deal. All prices are negotiable,
much in the way of amenities. eas that specialize in pangas, so talk to several companies.
The cruiser is the more mod- although they will also take you Be very careful when re-
ern looking fiberglass boat out through the surf in a panga turning with your catch, as
with shelter from the sun and to meet up with a cruiser there will be guys approach-
bathroom facilities, and usu- that’s anchored out and can’t ing you offering to smoke your
ally electronic fish finding gear. get through the surf. People do fish overnight, returning it to
Expect to pay more for the this to avoid driving in to your hotel the next day. Do
cruisers. There are three main Cabo, but it’s a messy, often not let your fish out of your
areas to charter boats: the ma- wet experience. You usually site. Also, be very cautious
rina in cabo San Lucas, the need to pick up a box lunch about chartering a boat on the
Palmilla beach near the
Palmilla hotel on the corridor,
and La Playa beach near the
is offered at many local res- docks. It’s common for men
taurants. Ask you captain to stand by, or even on, a boat
when you make your arrange- that is not theirs, and collect
Los Cabos, (literally, The the moderately priced 20 to 24
money for the following days’ Capes,) is known as the marlin foot pangas, (big rowboats with
Phone Numbers charter. When you show up capital of the world because
the next day the real owner of there are more striped marlin
outboard motors,) to custom
fitted pangas to custom fitted
the boat is not going to let you caught within 20 miles of Cabo state of the art luxury fishing
Cabo Marina San Lucas year round than any yachts for hire.
143 1251 place in the world. Catches of Charter arrangements can
U.S. Consulate Consignment Store over 1000 pounds are not un- be made in advance through
143 3566 common. tour operators, local suppliers,
Canadian Consulate New & Used Furniture & Home decorations But marlin is not the only fish hotels and fishing fleets. Mak-
you can catch. -Dorado (mahi- ing your deal the day before with
142 4333 TIENDA 17 FRUTAS mahi), yellowfin tuna and even a guy wandering around the

Humane Society SELECTAS

wahoo, to name a few, are marina is not recommended.
San Jose 130 3171 SIGNAL known to jump into your boat. Better you do business with
yT hru The deep water canyons at somebody who has an office,
RIGO’S REST. O pen Monda0 to 4 the mouth of Cabo San Lucas in their office. Fishing charter
624 151 6046 San Jose
S aturday 1 ent. harbor and the warm waters of offices can be found by stroll-
& by appoin
Ph. 044 (624) 122-4869
Hospital Phone. 105-2323 the Sea of Cortez waters cre- ing along the malecon. (concrete
143 1594 ate favorable fishing conditions boardwalk that runs along the
Red Cross most of the year. Generally, the marina.)
143 3300 peak season for marlin is mid You can book half day, full
City Hall
143 2676
Ferry Info October through December,
but after January varying spe-
cies run well each month.
Catch and release is the
day or multi day fishing excur-
sions. Expect a full day trip to
cost about $400 per boat, in-
cluding tackle, bait and food.
143 0004 The ferry leaves from La Paz, about two hours north of
here, and will take you to the mainland of Mexico in about name of the game with the mar- Check out the quality of the
Port Captain 18 hours or less, depending on which type of boat you lin and other trophy fish, but tackle before hand, the it varies
143 0002 take. For schedule, price and reservations, dorado and tuna are yours to widely. Half day trips in smaller
State Police call Baja Ferries (612) 123 6658 or (612) 123 6600 keep. There are 500 fishing boats cost between $80 and
143 1210 boats based in Los Cabos, from $120. 
Highway Patrol
143 0296
Aero Mexico
146 5097
Alaska Airlines
122 1015
America West
145 5380
American Airlines
146 5309
146 5050
146 5355
Aereo Calafia
143 4302
Golf Courses
Cabo Real
144 0040
144 5250
Cabo del Sol North
145 8200
El Dorado
144 5451 MARINA
San Jose Public
CSL Country Club
143 4654
.COM July 5th, 2010
Cabos. She moved here toms include pitting edema of
continued from page 26
permanently in late 2003
and began the planning and
the extremities, pulmonary
edema, hypotension, vomit- Tips & Tricks For
construction of Galeria de
massive scaffold and handed Ida Victoria, which has been
an envelope with the balance described in the local press
ing, and diarrhea may be
present. Following argemone
oil poisoning, patients may
Visting Mexico
of his fee of $21,000 for the “as the finest gallery south complain of whole body You have journeyed into a foreign culture and some
mural and informed he was of Los Angeles.” Galeria swelling, headache, vomiting, things are done differently here, so take a minute to
fired. After Rivera was es- de Ida Victoria is in San diarrhea, & shortness of review these pretty simple tips for having a good time
corted off the property, the José in the heart of breath. in Mexico.
mural was completely cov- the Art District. Ph. Because of these narcotic
ered by tarpaper and 0 11 . 5 2 . 6 2 4 . 1 4 2 . 5 7 7 2 and toxic effects, the If you are stopped by the police. Be polite but
wooden screens. www.idavictoriaarts.com argemone genera is consid- be firm. You don’t need to pay them any money. You
This story does not end  ered a noxious weed, espe- don’t need to show them your passport. If you have
with Rivera’s exit from cially in agricultural areas & made a traffic boo boo, standard procedure is to sur-
Rockefeller Center. FISH REPORT... farmers eradicate it routinely. render your drivers license and either follow the po-
Rockefeller accused Rivera continued from page 31 Contamination of feed with liceman to the station or go down later to pay a very
of using the Mankind at the seed of Mexican poppy may modest fine and collect your license. They do not want
Crossroads mural for willful but a few cocineros and even result in poisoning of stock, your license. They do not want you in their jail. Almost
propagandizing and Rivera some big squid has been seizures & sometimes death. always when they stop you they want a bribe. Just say
retorted “All art is propa- working, as has stripped-out Transference, although rare, no. They will nearly always let you off with a warning
ganda!” He also made a pub- bonito for slow trolling the of the toxins into cows’ milk this time, and give your license back to you. If not, the
lic statement declaring larger dorado. has also been recorded af- worst that will happen is you make a trip to the police
“Rather than mutilate the Cabo San Lucas fecting it human consumers. station. Go for the ride, think of the war stories you’ll
conception, I should prefer George & Mary Landrum Traditionally today and for have for the home folks.
the physical destruction of the www.flyhooker.com thousands of years here in If you are sick or injured. The medical profes-
conception in its entirety, but Tracy Ehrenberg Mexico, differing varieties of sion here is a crap shoot, with the dice loaded a little
preserving, at least, its integ- against the foreigner, who often is taken advantage of.
rity.” If you’re just a little sick or a little injured, try to wait
There was much debate
on what to do with this mas-
sive work. The public was
Fish until you get home. If you can’t, take a polite but firm
hand with the medical personnel. If they are suggesting
procedures that your gut tells you are not needed, fol-
split, and in the art world a
major controversy was Killeress low your gut. One of their favorite first moves is to
hook you up to an IV. How often is that done in the
brewing over censorship in US? Use your best judgement and intuition and don’t
art. An editorialist for the Local East Cape resi- be intimidated. And keep asking what every single pro-
Times wrote “A mural paint- dent Connie Unmacht cedure is going to cost. Let them know that you are
ing is a signboard. People achieved her longtime goal skeptical and they will pick on someone else. Again,
don’t hang signboards in front of breaking the 100lb. tuna be polite but firm.
of inns announcing that poi- class with this 130lb. yel- Using your credit cards. It’s tough not to use
son is on sale within. They lowfin tuna. She came close them, after all, who wants to carry wads of cash? But
don’t put up over the doors last year with a 91lb. tuna. the fact is, there is more credit card fraud here than in
of schools Latin inscriptions She used her own rod and the US. Check your credit card balance as often as
stating that children’s minds reel on the Marliniti, a hotel you can, by computer or phone, looking for activity
are befogged inside. Yet that boat out of Palmas de not your own.
Cortez using 50lb. test with Gas stations. Sometimes the pump jockeys get
squid chunks around the carried away. With your money. Get out of the car and
spotted porpoise schools. point to the green pump, (regular gas, what the hell, it’s
It took 2 1/2 hours for a rental,) and tell them what peso amount to put in the
her to get it in - after all, it tank. If you can’t say it in Spanish show them your bill.
Lifes weighed more than her! It’s best not to put in so much that you will need change
Tough, Good sashimi! Boyfriend  back, because that’s when the pea under the shell game
get a starts. And if you give them a 500 peso note, they some-
helmet! www.piscessportfishing.com the prickly poppies have been times say you only gave them a 50. Hand them the
Grant Hartman used for eye drops to soothe money and look them in the eye, and say 500 or 400
www.baja-anglers.com/ eye pain and to remove eye or 300, even if you have to say it in English. Be polite
San Jose del Cabo stains and discoloration, cata- but very, very firm and look them in the eye. They will
is what a Lenin mural on a Gordo Bank Pangas racts and fleshy bumps on the back down and pick on someone less alert.
Rockefeller business struc- www.gordobanks.com eyes. Infusions were used to Changing money. Everyone will take dollars, but
ture amounts to.” Even East Cape calm a cough, soothe bron- they won’t give you the best exchange rate. On the
though the Rockefellers had Rancho Leonero Hotel chitis and pneumonia, as a other hand, due to anti money laundering laws, most
insisted that the work would www.rancholeonero.com sleep enhancer, and to reduce banks won’t exchange your dollars for pesos unless
not be removed, at midnight Hotel Buena Vista gum inflammation and gingi- you have an account there, which of course you don’t.
on February 9, 1934, the www.hotelbuenavista.com vitis. The flowers applied as Use your hotel’s service, and ask for the exchange rate
workers of the RCA building Vista Sea Sport poultice cure itch, the ground and the piece of paper from the calculator that they will
destroyed the mural with axes www.vistaseasport.com use, or a receipt with the calculations on it. Count your
and sledgehammers and re- continued on page 34 money and compare it with your slip of paper.
La Paz
surfaced the walart and revo- Jonathan Roldan’s Tailhunter Don’t be stupid. Don’t take chances that you might
lution than the work itself SENDING MONEY... be inclined to in the United States or Canada. Don’t
would have been.” www.tailhunter- continued from page 27 walk down the street alone, drunk, after midnight. Don’t
After graduating from international.com  associate with anyone on the street after midnight. If
Parsons School of Design, Kentucky. It is a major sup- someone comes up to you and offers you drugs or
with a BFA in Illustration, LOCAL POPPIES... plier to restaurants and fast- sex, keep walking, don’t stop. Don’t even slow down
Ida worked as a freelance continued from page 30 food chains. The González to say no thank you, you are then associating with drug
illustrator and independent Barrera family, which controls dealers.
artist in New York City. mustard oil contamination, Gruma, owns one of Mexico’s Consumer complaints. Access Profeco’s website
During this period she had either from inadvertent or in- largest banks, Banorte, which at www.profeco.gob.mx to file a report. If you can’t
a wide variety of her work tentional mixing of mustard bought Texas-based Inter Na- read and write Spanish, go to their English page: http:/
published, i.e. magazine seeds with argemone seeds tional Bank in 2009. /www.profeco.gob.mx/english.htm and click on “quejas
covers, book illustrations, during processing. In 1998, That’s all small potatoes, y denuncias.” The agency is Mexico’s most respected
children’s books, local and an epidemic of argemone oil though, when compared to the government branch and famous for being not so cor-
regional newspapers as poisoning in New Delhi led U.S. investment in Mexico. rupt.
well as doing some corpo- to 3000 victims and 60 One investment company, the This is a third world country. The most charming
rate identity work. How- deaths, as well as an elevated Blackstone Group, has in- part of Mexico is its wonderful people. But, as in all
ever, never straying far incidence of gallbladder car- vested $13 billion in Mexico in countries, there are some who would take advantage
from the fine arts, she also cinoma. The liver, heart, kid- the last few years and expects of those they perceive to be vulnerable. Your best pos-
found time to participate in ney and lungs are the major to sink another $13 billion into ture is to be alert, (which includes not drunk,) and po-
group and solo shows in the targets of these toxins and the country in the next 12 lite but firm in any situation. They back down quickly,
North East. Ida loves damage is mostly caused to months. That shows a lot of as they really are nice people. 
Mexico and especially Los the cell membranes. Symp- confidence in the country. 
July 5th, 2010 .COM

continued from page 33

seeds mixed with milk for

skin irritations, the cooked
root applied to the scalp for
hair loss and dandruff, in-
gested as an antispasmodic
and narcotic, as well as, used
in rituals the prickly poppy
was smoked as a euphoriant.
Notwithstanding their
toxic traits, modern medical
researchers have been study-
ing the alkaloids of argemone.
Because argemone often has
been regarded as a close rela-
tive of papaver, it seemed to
be an interesting target in the
search for new alkaloids for
medicinal use, including as an
effective pain reliever and for
heart arrhythmia. Studies are
being performed to investi-
gate the pharmacological
anti-asthmatic properties on
airways Additionally, other
studies have had great suc-
cess with morphine with-
drawal and drug abuse treat-

World Music Day

ments from the A.
Another Baja native...
perhaps an old cure will be
revitalized for modern man?

Celebrated In San Jose
 With nearly 1000 people in attendance and
Emergency dozens of bands and individual musicians
Number BY ALBA
Our public safety
honchos have
launched emergency For more on this story
phone numbers to watch the video at
call the police. No,
it’s not 911, If you are
caling from either a about 600, with various
cell phone or a a land The second annual world
music day was a success ac- pockets of people spread
line, call 066.  cording to those who played around the plaza and historic
in it and attended it. A sol- art district of San Jose, num-
stice prayer opened the day, bering maybe another 200
and the party began. people.
Estimated people going The scheduled bands
through the main stage was started on time, businesses

were enthusiastic about the

event, and people joined in,
despite the humid heat re-
minding us that it really was
the first day of summer.
The longest day of the
year had people dancing in
the streets in an attempt to
establish this international tra-
dition in San Jose. The local
group Dead Beets (what are
they? Vegetables?), did some
lively jamming in front of
storefronts and art galleries.
Todd Clouser, Paul Clade,
Sexto Sentido and many
other local groups, such as
Pura Vida ignited the main
stages parties and good,
good vibrations ensued.
Pila Seca from San Miguel
funked the groove with their
bilingual jazz-fusion sets,
while Pito Perez rocked the
enthusiastic audience.
There was a little bit of
everything presented, includ-
ing jazz and pop, Trova and
continued on page 35
.COM July 5th, 2010
WORLD MUSIC DAY... San Jose’s World Music Day food, clothing, bedding, and
continued from page 34 is on the map now, and word whatever else families require
from the organizers is that it and can be obtained through Gricelda cleans, vacuum packs and freezes your catch
Police all stood in a row will be presented again next donations. Recently some for easy transport back home.
enjoying the shows, as the year, with free music available new sandals in all sizes were Her secret marinade and smoking process assures
audience of calm, well-or- for all, right alongside of the donated. Executive director your catch is the best smoked fish south or
dered and happy people got more than 120 countries cel- Cynthia Wickerink is on the north of the border! And filleting is no extra charge!
into some beats on the down- ebrating this day internation- lookout for shoeless kids.
town streets. Cabo Marina, by the Baja Cantina,(01 521) 1437266. VHF Ch. 71.
ally. She said some of these kids www.dreammakercharter.com dale@dreammakercharter.com
Some criticism was heard Congratulations and live in conditions where they
concerning the volume on the thanks to all the musicians, truly should not be going
barefoot. Working with so- LigaMAC assists students
cial workers, on a case by throughout the entire process. SPORTS
case basis, they also provide
medical assistance to families
They have 40 students eli-
gible to go on to post sec- VOLUNTEERS
who have no means to pay ondary education this year.
for medical treatment or Volunteers at the Centre anx-
medications. Mexico has na- iously wait to see if their
tional health insurance, but if graduating students have
people are not working and been accepted and to see
or are not paying taxes, they what LigaMAC can do to
don’t qualify for the free ensure that they continue to
medical care. be successful in school.. This
LigaMAC runs a com- upcoming year will also yield
prehensive education pro- the first university graduates
gram called ACE, which fo- to have been assisted by
cuses on keeping children in LigaMAC. It certainly warms
World Music Day was celebrated by bands school, by providing them at the soul to think of how these
playing all over town at improvised venues, as least the minimum essentials individuals’ paths have
well as on several stages set up they need to attend. changed since meeting up
LigaMAC works with social with LigaMAC. Last year SPORTS EQUIPMENT,
workers in the school to LigaMAC helped approxi- Also needed are financial
main stage drowning out the organizers, businesses and identify the children in dan- mately 460 students and ex- or in-kind support.
other venues, so hopefully participants for making this ger of dropping out because pect to register the same this Tax receipts are available
that will be worked out by such a fun day. Go to they don’t have enough year. for U.S. and Mexican
next year. www.gringotv.com to watch money to buy uniforms, If you are around this companies or individuals.
Word on the street is that the video of the event.  backpacks, shoes, and ma- summer, there is always
terials – approximately $200 something to do at the cen- This is a non profit youth
per year. tre. They are looking for vol- sports program for children

So Does Liga Mac Do

in the barrios of Los Cabos
LigaMAC offers scholar- unteers who are interested in and La Paz.
ships by issuing coupons the teaching a two hour Saturday
students can use to purchase English class and perhaps a
Anything In Summer?
Grupo Apoyo Ray Thomas
their school supplies at spe- math class. These classes are Contact Ray Thomas
cific stores. well-received; about 30 paparaythomas@yahoo.com
In order to get this assis- hopefuls will arrive ready and Ph. 612 157 6225
 You bet, but with a fraction of the staff tance, the students sign a con- eager to learn. On July 24, and 624 109 1774
tract with LigaMAC that they will be distributing back- www.raythomasgroup.org
BY ALBA clearly states the student’s re- packs. These backpacks are
sponsibilities. These include stuffed with materials and
LigaMAC is an organiza- centre, and volunteers are al- maintaining a certain grade volunteers are needed to help
tion of mostly Gringa ladies ways welcome. LigaMAC is point average, attending assemble those as well.
with a smattering of Canadian a registered charity that is run school, and attending at least The ACE program is also
and a few Mexicans who help completely by donations. The one community activity orga- asking for laptop computers
economically challenged group is filled with excep- nized by LigaMAC and three that have built in or wireless
families in San Jose. They are tional organizers, many of workshops over the course capabilities and at least XP. A clear
meticulous organizers and whom assist with many other of the school year. One of last High School students need conscience
have helped thousands of charitable organizations year’s activities was a group access to the internet to fulfill is usually
people since their inception in events in addition to the Mac mural painting at the Center their homework assignments.
where artist Yandi Mondaro LigaMAC would like to or- the sign of
and his wife, Yana, Enrique ganize a homework center so a bad
Personal Services Bascon, and Paula Day as-
sisted the students in livening
up the Centre’s wall with
that students may use the
internet there because none
of the ACE students have

works of art. internet in their homes. Most

LigaMAC offers a won- now pay for time at an
derful program called ALAS internet café, putting more
for young girls at risk of drop- strain on their minimal re-
ping out of school. ALAS sources.
takes the girls on field trips To volunteer or donate
to hotels and local industries stuff contact
to meet the management, lis- info@ligamac.com, call the
PRIVATE SERVICES ten to the various jobs avail- centre at 120-1060 or drop
able and show them how edu- by the LigaMAC center,
here cation is related to their fu- which location is way to com-
Advertise ture. They offer body aware- plicated to explain here.
for just $ ness talks by medical profes-

865 sionals, and make-overs by
Call 1430 Mary Kay volunteers.
During the month of June
the help centre is abuzz with
1997. They have three basic events. Their motto is to registration for next year’s
areas of support; education, work ‘hand in hand’ with the programs. LigaMAC stu- Meetings Daily
basic needs and medical aid. community. dents are graduating with high Effective March 1, 2010 the AA in
The good ladies run a help The Centre is open five honors and moving through English group has moved to a new
centre in El Zacatal, a barrio days a week and there are the educational system. They location. We will be located at Ace
Hardware, Second floor, on Camino
of San Jose, where recipients two dispensary days per change schools. They move Viejo A San Jose.
go for counseling, classes and month, where families can from primary to secondary, That is, kitty corner to Mc Donald’s.
assistance. There are only line up to receive basic needs from secondary to prepara- We still meet Daily at 6PM and
two full time employees at the packages. The centre offers tory college to university. M-F at 4:30PM

July 5th, 2010 .COM