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Curriculum Vitae

Name : Laxmi Narayan Patel

Permanent Address: Vill- Jhokhari, Station Road, Atrampur, Nawabganj, Allahabad (U.P).
PIN 229412.
Current Location : Bangalore
Mobile No: 09741292048
E-mail : nitdgp.673@gmail.com
Academic Qualifications:

Degree / Degree Institute Board / Year of Aggregate

Certificate University Passing % / CGPA
National Institute Of
Post Institute Of
MCA Technology 2014
Graduation Technology 7.45

BCA Punjab
L.D College of
Graduation Technical 2009 75.98 %

Ganga Intermediate
th Higher Secondary College UP Board 73.4 %
12 2006
School Certificate
High School Ganga Intermediate
68.5 %
10 th Certificate College UP Board 2004
Others - - - -


Nivaata Systems - Product Engineer

A start up company in fleet, employee tracking and mobile workforce management.
Verayu (http://www.verayu.com/) (Feb-2016 to Present) - A platform for location intelligence

erayu is location platform where we store all GPS data , received via GPS devices and data is
accessible via APIs. Verayu routing algorithms are capable of routing , cab allocation for vechile with given
set of employees. Verayu can be integrated with any GPS device and users can view their locations via
APIs or via Verayu-dashboard.
Technology Usages : Java, JavaEE, Mysql ( AWS-RDS ),Redis-Server, Rabbit-MQ,
FieldView ( http://fieldview.verayu.com ) ( Jan -15 to Feb-16 ) - Product
FieldView is a product for tracking employees in field and assigning them task from their HQ and
obtaining task status updated by resource from field.FieldView Restful APIs have capability for integration
with other companies which enables fieldview to function as a platform for other business organisations
like Groffers .

Fieldview application is build on verayu restful apis , tracking , cab allocation.

Technology Usages : Php, Laravel framework, MySQL, AWS-Sqs, Restful-Web-Service etc.
Role : Full stack developer.

Client Project :
Logistic Solution A logistic solution.
Vehicle tracking solution for logistic owners and vendors.
Logistic solution is a application for real time tracking of vehicle from field and making reports on their
location history. This solution helps user to track a vehicle at any point of time during trip.

Technology : JavaEE , Spring ,Restful-WebService, Apache Cxf.

Role : Full stack developer.

Job 2:
Java Software Developer in Aamod Info pvt ltd.
A product based company for small business solutions.
Duration : 01-July-2014 to 10-Jan-2015
Role : Full stack developer.

Project Name: HMS-Pro [Hospital Solution].

HMS Pro : This product is a complete health solution for Hospital functions.
This solution contains : IPD , OPD , Appointment , Bed allocation , Checkout , Billing and reports etc.
Technology: Struts2, JSON, AJAX, Jquery, Bootstrap.

Project Name: VTS [Vehicle Tracking System].

This product is completely tracking solution for vehicles. This was a school tracking solution which
automates start trip and end trip and their tracking for that particular duration of trip.
Technology:Struts2, JavaEE, QuartzSchedular, AJAX, Jquery, JSON, Bootstrap.

Project Name: HR-Web Service [HR Web Service].

This product is SAAS based application for providing services for other products.
It is a restful based application for consumption. It contains new employee enrolment, edit existing
employees, salary structure ,holidays management etc.
Technology: Spring, Apache CXF, Restful-Web Service etc.
Trainings / Projects Undertaken During College:
i. Samsung Smart TV application:
Submitted a multiple app based Application for Samsung Smart TV as a part of Samsung Smart Apps
Challenge (May 2012- Sept-2012).
a. Youtube Application b. Paint Application
c. Modified JavaScript - Open Source Game d. Twitter News Feed.
ii. Net Hunt : A clue based game javaEE - web application
Technology Used: Jsp, Servlet, Java Beans, Java-mail, Html, Css, Jquery,JavaScript

iii. Linux Utility Tool: A Desktop application that can be used to display information about System, file
search, and open some default programs of Linux.

iv. Subscribe system application for websites.

Technology Used: Jsp , servlet , java beans , Java-mail , html , css, jquery ,javascript .

v. www.cadnitd.co.in and www.yazaan.co.in :

Site made by me for TechFest [ not live anymore,if required please look in my github account ].

vi. Submitted Report on Rust Debug Symbol Generation.

All Source Code: https://github.com/laxmi-narayan-nitdgp/projects


Good in Algorithms and Data Structure.

Programming Language: C,C++ (Moderate), Java 7 , Java 8 (Advanced) .

Core-Java: OOPs, GUI, Threads, Collections etc.

JavaEE: JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Struts2, Web-Services , Spring, Apache-CXF.

DBMS: MySQL, Oracle.

Operating System: Linux, Windows.

Programming Environment: Netbeans, Eclipse, Adobe Dreamweaver, SamsungSmartTV Sdk.

Web Technologies: HTML5,Php5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery,Bootstrap.,Laravel 4.2

Former Technical Head of club CAD (Center for application development).
Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 12-12-1989

Gender: Male

Languages Known: Hindi, English

I hereby declare that the information given above is true and correct.

DATE: 02-02-2017 SIGNATURE:

Laxmi Narayan Patel