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Le Lotus Bleu

Thank you for purchasing this bank of instruments for Sylenth1

Below you will find installation instructions and a complete list of the presets

Updating Sylenth1:

First please make sure you have the latest official version installed.
You can do this by clicking on the menu box inside sylenth1s LCD.
(beta versions are often available but not required for this sound bank)

Instaling the sound bank:

Click on the menu and select Load Bank (.fxb).

Now Locate your sound bank and click open

Tip: You can save any bank as the default bank.

Just load your bank and save it with the name
FactoryBank1.fxb in Sylenth1s default location.

Full Preset List

N Preset Name Play Mode Comment Wheel Action

1 BA A Big Foot KF Mono Solid & wet Cut-Off B + Dist

2 BA Aco Syn KF Legato Mellow sound with a slightly Tone

acoustic feel
3 BA Dirty Punch KF Poly Punchy & slightly dirty. Use Filter res LFO
mod wheel to add wobble
4 BA Dists Layer KF Mono Distorted but not overbearing Filter LFO

5 BA Fast Food KF Legato Move the mod wheel to maxi- Dist reduction
mum for a cleaner sound
6 BA First Rate KF Poly Metallic sounding bass achiev- Brightness
ed by modulating osc phase
7 BA Freestyle KF Poly Raw & dirty Filter LFO

8 BA FunkyZeit KF Poly Classic synth bass. Mod wheel Decimate

adds a bitcrush effect
9 BA Kick Me KF Poly Nice 808 style bass. Use mod Overdrive
wheel for harder sound
10 BA Linguistics KF Legato Dont like wobble? Move mod LFO reduction
wheel up to maximum
11 BA Milestone KF Poly Both old & modern. Cut-off B
Turn the distortion on for dirt
12 BA Mofo Bass KF Poly Bad mofo. Mod wheel softens Cut-off B
the attack
13 BA Noisy A KF Mono Punchy & heavy. Mod wheel Cut-off B
adds more energy
14 BA On the Plane Mono Nice laid back bass. Mod wheel Dist amount
adds more bite
15 BA Override KF Mono Bass with slow lfo. Set lfo 1 Pitch B
gain to 0 for a punchy bass
16 BA Reverse Dub KF Legato Oldskool reversed bass sound. Filter LFO
Mod wheel adds some wobble
17 BA Select KF Mono Bass layered with a higher tone Filter B LFO

18 BA Simple Sub KF Mono Always useful. Mod wheel adds Tremolo

a modern dub feel
19 BA Talk 2 Much KF Mono Vowel sounding bass. Talk to Filter A
20 BA What Bass KF Poly Very dirty but not harsh. Mod Filter LFO
wheel adds wobble
21 CH 9 Syns KF Poly Mellow chord made from mul- Pan LFO
tiple sine waves
22 CH Bad Dubbing KF Poly Set phasers to chill.. or cheese Pitch B
N Preset Name Play Mode Comment Wheel Action

23 CH Big Chill KF Poly Chilled synth stab. Give the Phaser freq
delay space to breath
24 CH Buried Dub KF Poly Dubby chord. Play with the Phaser freq
delay settings
25 CH Dub Delay KF Poly Delayed stab. Aftertouch opens Phaser freq
up the filter
26 CH Five Star Chord KF Poly Clean chords. Get funky with Filter LFO
27 CH Funky Keys KF Poly Distant one finger chords. Nice Phaser freq
& easy
28 CH Imaginations KF Poly Cold or warm?. Cleaner sound Filter B
with the mod wheel at max
29 CH Journeys KF Poly Driven chords. Aftertouch con- Cut-off
trols the filter
30 CH Rebuild KF Poly Nice chords. Hold for ambience Phaser freq

31 CH Wet KF Poly Wet & squidgy. Add more delay Decimate

for a fuller sound
32 CH Wonders KF Poly Hold some chords and play Filter A + B
with the mod wheel
33 DR Clap KF Mono Synth clap. Layer with the Tone
snare for a bigger sound
34 DR Closed Hat KF Poly Closed hat sound. Use mod Tone
wheel for a brighter sound
35 DR Kick 1 KF Mono Hard kick. Cut off changes the Pitch
36 DR Kick 2 KF Mono More rounded kick Pitch

37 DR Open Hat KF Mono Open hi hat. Mod wheel gives a Volume B

kind of reverse effect
38 DR Snare KF Poly Snappy snare drum. Mod Pitch
wheel lowers the pitch
39 DR Tom KF Poly Cheese synth tom. Best from Dist
C1 to C3
40 FX Bleep KF Poly Delayed bleep/ Mod wheel = Pitch LFO
41 FX Central Line Delays KF Poly More bleeps please. Aftertouch Tremolo
bends pitch
42 FX Dark Alley KF Poly Dont go down there Mod Pitch B
wheel adds a ring mod effect
43 FX Mystery Chip KF Poly For the mystery solving musi- Pitch B
44 FX Rise & Shine Poly Rising phaser effect. Good for LFO rate
45 FX Telekinesis KF Legato Dark lfo effect. Aftertouch adds LFO rate
N Preset Name Play Mode Comment Wheel Action

46 FX Wasteland KF Legato Ambient atmosphere. Sounds a Phaser freq

bit like a guitar effect
47 KY 60 Church KF Poly Small organ sound. Mod wheel LFO reduction
at max for a more static sound
48 KY Baseball Keys KF Poly Mod wheel changes the pitch of Pitch B
the 2nd layer
49 KY Bursting Bubbles KF Poly Small bubbly synth keys Cut-off

50 KY EP Organs KF Poly Relaxed organish ep sound. Pitch B

Aftertouch speeds things up
51 KY Extended Play KF Poly Emotional ep keys. Aftertouch Dist amount
adds tremolo
52 KY First Syn KF Mono Ye olde synth sound. Mod Pitch B
wheel max for robotic feel
53 KY Floating Point KF Poly Bleak. Aftertouch opens up the Tremolo
54 KY Gothic Computer KF Poly Broken circuit keys Pitch B

55 KY Jazzmatic KF Poly Smooth jazz keys. Good for Dist amount

backing chords
56 KY Lost in Time KF Poly Ep with phaser effect. After- Phaser freq
touch opens up the filter
57 KY Magical EP KF Poly Bell-like ep. Mod wheel adds Tremolo
heavy tremolo
58 KY New Hope KF Poly Another phaser ep. Aftertouch Phaser LFO
opens up the filter
59 KY Shadow EP KF Poly Solid ep. Use mod wheel for a Detune
detuned unison effect
60 KY Single Room KF Poly Single room, one suitcase Tremolo

61 KY Wunderland KF Poly Sounds like a music box Filter LFO

Aftertouch moves the pan
62 LD Bedtime Story KF Mono Send the kids to sleep. Vibrato Tremolo
via after touch
63 LD Coffee Filter KF Poly Wet & dirty Pitch B

64 LD Decimate KF Legato Turn the distortion off for a Cut-off B

cleaner sound
65 LD Distorted 7th KF Mono Smooth distortion. Turn the Cut-off + LFO
phaser off for harshness
66 LD French Lead KF Mono Dirty lead. Use aftertouch for Filter LFO
Le funk
67 LD Funky Dist KF Legato Sync emulation lead. Play le- Cut-off + phase
gato for a slow rising sound
68 LD Funky Talk KF Poly Turn distortion off for a thinner Layer control
N Preset Name Play Mode Comment Wheel Action

69 LD Golden Axe KF Poly Mod wheel simulates feedback. Feedback

Lets rock
70 LD Grainy Smith KF Mono Tasty lead sound. Mod wheel at Pitch B
71 LD Mo Fo KF Mono Another bad mumbo jumbo. Cut-off B
Mod wheel up for flatter sound
72 LD New Rig KF Legato Distorted lead sound. High Dirt
notes like the mod wheel
73 LD Notch Lead KF Mono How many notches on your Phaser freq
belt?. Aftertouch moves phaser
74 LD Radio Lead KF Legato Dirty distorted lead. Let your Mix B
hair down
75 LD Replica KF Legato Ambient lead. Not just another Cut-off + res
76 LD Sawn Off KF Poly Saw lead. Small & fat Cut-off + res

77 LD Squidgy KF Poly Distorted lead. Also good for Cut-off

78 LD Uprising KF Legato Drench in reverb for a big ambi- Cut-off B + res
ent effect B
79 LD Vintage KF Poly Fat synth sound trying to wear Phaser freq
skinny jeans
80 LD Vowel Lead KF Legato Plastic robot talking synth. Filter A + B
Vibrato via aftertouch
81 LD West Coast Funk KF Legato Its a g thing. High notes sound Vibrato
82 PC Casual Vibes KF Poly Very chilled. Use aftertouch for LFO
auto pan effect
83 PC Good Vibes KF Poly Vibes duet Vibrato

84 PC Low Bells KF Poly Bell-like sound. Dont go past Vibrato

85 PC Wood Tail KF Poly Low keys sound better Dist amount

86 PD 1984 KF Poly Standard synth pad. Try turning Filter LFO

the res down & mod wheel up
87 PD Big Filter 1 KF Legato Big filter rise. Nice for intros Tremolo

88 PD Big Filter 2 KF Legato Big pad sound. A bit oldskool Phaser freq
jungle sounding
89 PD BiPlane KF Poly Nice playable pad. Try different Phaser freq
portamento times
90 PD Champagne KF Poly Smooth chord pad sound. Filter LFO
Probably expensive
91 PD DIsto KF Poly Raw pad sound. Use aftertouch Filter B
for vibrato
N Preset Name Play Mode Comment Wheel Action

92 PD Dualband KF Legato Good with delay. Turn phaser Phaser freq

off if played in poly mode
93 PD Ghost KF Legato Dark & scary. Long evolving Tremolo
pad sound
94 PD Life Aquatic KF Legato Life underwater. Watch out for Filter mods
95 PD Long Run KF Legato Sci-fi pad sound. Long notes LFO 2 rate
96 PD Mammoth KF Poly Big brassy pad sound. Soft Cut-off
keys = more ambient sound
97 PD Mellow Phase KF Poly Sweet sounding synth pad. Cut-off + res
Mod wheel up for brightness
98 PD Ocean Floor KF Poly Lovely pad sound. Massive Cut-off + LFO
polyphony,watch your cpu
99 PD Paradise KF Mono uplifting pad sound. Phaser off Phaser freq
if in poly mode
100 PD Release KF Poly Playable pad. Vibrato effect Vibrato
after key release
101 PD Secret Garden KF Poly Pad with a big harp. Phaser freq

102 PD Solaris KF Legato Long pad sound. Slow sci fi Tremolo

103 PD Sound of Night KF Poly Nightime in the garden of good Cut-off B + mix
& evil B
104 PD Undecided KF Poly Versatile pad for all genres Filter LFO

105 PD Wash KF Legato Another long running pad Cut-off + phaser

106 PL Bride of Plucky KF Poly Plucked from the clouds. Turn Cut-off
res up for wetter sound
107 PL Highly Strung KF Poly Stringy plucking sound. Turn Pitch B
cut off up for sharpness
108 PL Meta Lick KF Poly Metallic pluck. Mod wheel cre- Phaser freq
ates underwater effect
109 PL Reflect KF Poly Spikey square sound. Adjust Cut-off
delay high & low cut to taste
110 PL Shy Notes KF Poly Mellow plucks. Likes hiding in Pitch A
its shell
111 PL Tri-Coloured KF Poly Colourfull short pluck. Vibrato Cut-off + res
via aftertouch
112 SQ Geisha Dance KF Sequence Sequence with a eastern feel. Layer control
Higher cut-off for sharper attack
113 SQ Horizons KF Sequence Synth sequence. Kind of thing Cut-off B + mix
you hear in a docu B
114 SQ Ice Cave KF Sequence Icy synth sequence. Mod wheel Mix B
adds another layer
N Preset Name Play Mode Comment Wheel Action

115 SQ New Beginnings KF Sequence Modulated sequence. Use af- Layer control
tertouch for a wha-wha effect
116 SQ Showdown KF Arp Tension building. Play with mod Dist amount
wheel & aftertouch
117 ST Ep & Strings KF Poly Strings layerd with ep. Mod Volume A
wheel adjusts ep volume
118 ST Future City KF Poly Cinematic strings. Mod wheel Cut-off A
up creates a more static string
119 ST Just a Phase KF Poly Static phaser strings. Play with Phaser freq
mod wheel
120 ST Low Budget KF Poly B movie strings. Mod wheel LFO
ads more cheese
121 ST Lush KF Poly Nice useable strings. Mod Volume B
wheel adds a higher layer
122 ST Multi Chord KF Poly Big strings. Big polyphony use Volume B

123 ST Slow Down KF Poly Best with long notes Phaser freq

124 SY Dead Air KF Poly Soft keys = ambient sound. Mix B

Hard keys = dance sound
125 SY Fish & Chips KF Sequence You have a chip on your shul- Dist reduction
der. Wheel cleans the sound
126 SY Say Your Vowels KF Poly Vowel filter effect. Short stabby Cut-off B
chords sound good
127 SY Syn Growl KF Poly Growling synth. Also good Cut-off + levels
without distortion
128 SY Synthetic Brass KF Poly Synth brass. Hold for filter rise Pitch B

This sound bank was created with Sylenth v2.2

To get the most out of this sound bank, we recommend using a velocity sensitive keyboard with

All audio demos are 100% Sylenth1. A small amount of limiting was used on the master bus
(Flux Pure Limiter II)

Kelvin Ford 12/2010

Le Lotus Bleu Eurl