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1NC Top Level

The aff isnt topical:

USFG should means the debate is solely about a policy established

by governmental means.
Ericson 3 [Dean Emeritus of the College of Liberal Arts California Polytechnic U., et al.,
The Debaters Guide, Third Edition, p. 4]
The Proposition of Policy: Urging Future Action In policy propositions, each topic contains
compelling reasons for an audience to perform the future action that you propose.

Debates a game procedural fairness comes first.

Villa 96 Dana, Villa Political Theory @ UC Santa Barbara (Arendt and Heidegger: the Fate
of the Political, p. 37)

If political action is to be valued for its own sake, then the content


good game, like genuine politics, is played for its own sake .

Theres a life we have outside of debate, and an unlimited topic

ensures we give everything else up. Vote neg for meaningful limits.
Harris 13 Scott Harris, Ph.D Communications, Professor at Kansas, Ed Lees idol, better
than Nick at basketball [April 5, 2013, This Ballot, CEDA Forums,
I understand that there has been some criticism of Northwesterns strategy in this debate round

are a real impact because I feel their impact in my everyday existence .

It's key to fun.

Prensky 1 Marc Prensky, Internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, consultant, and
designer in the critical areas of education and learning, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of
games2train.com, former vice president at the global financial firm Bankers Trust, BA from
Oberlin College, an MBA from Harvard Business School with distinction and master's degrees
from Middlebury and Yale [Fun, Play and Games: What Makes Games Engaging, Digital
Game-Based Learning, www.marcprensky.com/writing/Prensky%20-%20Digital%20Game-
So fun in the sense of enjoyment and pleasure puts us in a
, it was still a race but no longer the same game.

The 1ACs methodology results in racial illiteracy, or the inability to

read and interpret the world through the category of race. Racial
illiteracy cements dominant power relations and makes one complicit
with racial injustice.
Headley 14 Clevis Headley, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Florida Atlantic
University, holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Miami, 2014 (On Why Race
Matters: Teaching the Relevance of the Semantics and Ontology of Race, Exploring Race in
Predominantly White Classrooms: Scholars of Color Reflect, Edited by George Yancy and Maria
del Guadalupe Davidson, Published by Routledge, ISBN 9780415836692, p. 114-115)
Teaching Race: The Notion of False Clarity
As previously stated, I describe
and political arrangements that reinforce the power and vested interests of dominant groups.

The alternative is to endorse the story of Emma Zunz.

Villa 14 - Rossa, Vila, (2014. Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borges: the Concept of Justice. Oati
Sociolegal Series [online], 4) RMT
Resorting to Borges to illustrate and share ideas about the prospects of justice in literature
signs, appearances and motivations suggests the difficulty that often occurs when judging.
Do nothing
1NC Case

Capitalism and the profit motive are ethical and inevitable they can
be harnessed to create equitable societies
Bast and Walberg 3 (Joseph, Fellow @ The American Association for the
Advancement of Science and Founder @ The International Academy of Education,
Herbert, Distinguished Visiting Fellow @ Hoover, Education and Capitalism, Chapter
6, http://media.hoover.org/sites/default/files/documents/0817939717_137.pdf, EMM)
Recognizing the challenge capitalism presents to some of our traditional notions of morality does not
others will refuse to trade or contract with us if we violate the rules

Capitalism is goodits the only way to create sustained ethical

conduct and protect the environmentcomparative studies prove
Wolf 03 Master in Economics at Oxford, a British journalist, widely considered to be one of the worlds most influential
writers on economics. He is the associate editor and chief economics commentator at the Financial Times [Martin, The Morality of
the Market, Foreign Policy, Sept 1, 2003, http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2003/09/01/the_morality_of_the_market%5D]

A sophisticated market economy works better than any other economic arrangement that
has ever existed

decades reflects the successful introduction of dynamic market economies in China and India.

Legal control over subjectivity is inevitable but so are strategic

demands on the lawradical queer anti-statist politics are
possible within the law
Peter Campbell 13, faculty member in the Program in Composition, Literacy, Pedagogy, and
Rhetoric at the University of Pittsburgh, JUDICIAL RHETORIC AND RADICAL POLITICS:
Butfollowing MatsudaI think that Butler seems to miss an important point

partially delimited in the argumentative choice of U.S. judicial opinions.

Neolib is sustainable and the alt is a useless political abstraction
Arvidsson 13teaches sociology at the University of Milano [Adam, Thinking beyond neo-
liberalism: A response to Detlev Zwick, ephemera: theory & politics in organization 13(2): 407-
This makes it trickier to do critical theory. We can of course still criticize

needs to become an empirical , and not simply a philosophical, enterprise.

Reading the 1AC doesnt change anything

Nancy Luxon 14, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota,
2014, Caring for the In-between Space of Politics: Myers Worldly Ethics, Theory & Event, Vol.
17, No. 3

There is a danger in believing that the dynamics of micro-level interactions are

and Nussbaum for an approach to commonality with greater political and normative bite.

Their method precludes any degree of fixity necessary to respond to

specific problems---this locks in the worst forms of violence
Katherine Fierlbeck 94, Professor of Political Science Dalhousie University, "Post-
Modernism and The Social Sciences: Insights, Inroads, And Intrusions", History & Theory, 33(1)
In many respects, even the dismally skeptical post-modernists are too optimistic in


listen to our unexamined preferences as if they were ethical laws."[10]

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