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Futuristic Squad-Based Warfare

Credits Contents
Games Design: Alessio Cavatore The Corporation4
Graphic Design: Sean Turtle The Marauders 6
Photography: Ben Sandum,
The Forge Fathers 12
Warwick Kinrade
and Chris Palmer The Veer-myn 12

Thanks to: all of the users on the The Rules20

Mantic forums, Matt Gilbert, Models and Units21
Stewart Gibbs, Josh Roberts, Stats22
Dylan Owen... oh yes, and Ronnie too! Unit Leaders23
Line of Sight23
Copyright Mantic Entertainment Ltd. 2012
Initiative Phase 24
Activation Phase24
End Phase25
Unit Interpenetration26
Halt 26
Move 26
Move At The Double26
Moving and Shooting30
Melee and Shooting30
Pick a Target30
Determine Firing Models30
Check Range30
Firing and Hitting the Target 30
Damaging the Target31
Take It Out! Independent Fire33
Determine Attacking Models34
Attacking and Hitting the Target34
Damaging the Target34
Disrupted 35
Results 36

2 www.manticgames.com
Armoured Units38 Fraggers66
Armour Movement 38 Jumpers67
Collisions & Overruns39 Rippers67
Shooting Against Armour40 Stunts 67
Armoured Units Shooting41 Stunt-Bots 68
Melee against Armoured Units42 Armour68
Nerve Tests for Armoured Units44 Ordnance68

Ordnance45 Heroes and Monsters69

Heroes and Monsters46
Forge Fathers army list70
Army Special Rules70
Special Rules47 Infantry 70
Armour Special Rules50 Steel Warriors 70
Weapons Special Rules51 Thorgarim71
Reinforcements52 Stormrage Veterans71
Picking a Force 55 Godhammer Veterans72

Timed Games58 Valkyr72

Forge Guard72
The army lists60 Ordnance73
Corporation army list60 Armour73
Army Special Rules60 Heroes And Monsters74
Infantry 60 Weapons74
Marines60 Veer-myn army list75
Marine Veterans61 Army Special Rules75
Rangers61 Infantry 75
Heavy Weapons62 Night-Crawlers 75
Enforcers - Strike Units 62 Stalkers76
Enforcers - Assault Units62 Nightmares76
Striders62 Scourgers77
Enforcers - Suppression Units63 Ravenous Horde77
Ordnance63 Ordnance77
Armour64 Gougers 77
Heroes And Monsters65 Shredders77
Weapons65 Armour78
Marauders army list66 Heroes and Monsters78
Army Special Rules66 Weapons79
Infantry 66
Other Races80

Contents 3
he galaxy is burning. massive technological help to these planets:
The malevolent human new forms of power, transit, communication
Corporation is expanding and all the benefits a thousand year old
its sphere of influence, annexing technological society can bring.
more and more star systems to
its territories, bringing every Very few peoples turn this down.
alien civilization it can under
its control. Or, if this proves Offered membership as equal partners
impossible, exterminating them. in the Great Galactic Co-prosperity Sphere,
these new worlds will at first be optimistic
The Corporations strategy is to make contact and proud of their status, but over time they
with alien civilizations and dazzle them with discover the truth. Their societies undergo
humanitys superior technology [Note: Only massive, traumatic change, overthrowing
27 species have so far been encountered whatever customs and governance they
that possess higher understanding of the once possessed in return for the bland, pan-
sciences than the Corporation]. Appearing as galactic culture of the Corporation. Worse,
benefactors, Corporation diplomats will offer what is initially offered free in the spirit of

4 www.manticgames.com
common sentient interest does not remain most primitive culture can see through the
so for long. Soon the incorporated culture baubles the Corporation offers to the truth.
will be dependent on Corporation goods and Other times, a civilisation may be too savage,
services, and bled dry to pay for them. too advanced or just too damn alien to risk
bringing in to Mans great galactic family.
Turned into little better than puppet In these cases, the Corporation will deploy
states, these slave-societies are drugged its considerable military might. Full-scale
by the cheap, get-rich-quick attitudes of invasion and subjugation has been the fate
Corporation culture, and will gladly devote all of many, even complete annihilation if a race
of their planets resources to enriching the proves too troublesome.
Corporation and the few local bureaucrats
that run the business for it, while the majority Well trained and equipped with the best in
of the population plummet into a state of military technology, Corporation Troopers
poverty and servitude. are worth scores of the warriors of less
advanced cultures. The Troopers armour is
This form of cultural imperialism takes time, often invulnerable to the natives weapons,
and it does not always work. Sometimes the leaving them free to mercilessly mow down

The Corporation 5
Corporation Weapons Team

scores of the enemies with pulses from From its ancient beginnings in the Solar
their laser weaponry. Indeed, a great many System, the Corporation has spread like a
Corporation recruitment videos glory in malignant cancer across the galaxy, covering
human troops slaughtering spear-waving entire sectors in its tyrannical rule and
savages for the betterment of the cosmos. suffocating any attempt to live free of its
If they encounter heavier resistance, the clutches. Their expansion continues, but the
Troopers can bring the awesome firepower galaxy is a big place. The Corporation is not
of their tanks and walkers to bear. In dire the monolithic entity many think it to be, and
circumstances an expeditionary commander suffers tensions between the great Houses
may petition Corporation Central to unleash and Companies that comprise it. Many a
their most specialised force the feared House has had its trading right revoked
Enforcers who will quickly dispatch even and had to quickly move their assets out of
the most stubborn of foes. a system they previously owned under the
supervision of an Enforcers peacekeeping
A system that has been cleared of hostile force. And all those pampered, rich men
indigenous aliens is ripe for re-colonization who debate and bicker in the sterile halls of
by the humans that form the largest part Corporation Central share one, deep-seated
of the Corporations population. More often fear: that sooner or later the Corporation will
than not they too are oppressed as they strip meet its match in the unexplored expanses
the place of its natural resources. of deep space

6 www.manticgames.com
These elite warriors exist to enforce the will Very little is actually known about the
of the government they answer solely to Enforcers. They were first created in the
Corporation Central, meaning, in actuality, wake of the Mandrake Marauder rebellions,
the Council of Seven. Comprised of superior as a replacement for those treacherous
soldiers, equipped with some of the best companies of aliens under Corporation
technology in the galaxy, the troops of the Centrals direct command. Corporation
Enforcers are few in number, but each is Central does its best to keep the Enforcers
worth a score of lesser men. In firepower recruitment, equipment, disposition, overall
they are matched only by the Forge Fathers, numbers, organisation and membership
while in combat they are as deadly as the confidential. In a galaxy as large as ours, this
wild Marauders. Their loyalty to Corporation is nigh on impossible, and there are certain
Central is absolute. Unmatched in the galaxy, matters that are readily apparent to an
the Enforcers are the elite of the elite, the observer, nevertheless the Enforcers remain
armoured right fist of Corporation Central. shrouded in secrecy.

The Corporation 7
herever there is war you Marauder is not the name these creatures
will find the Marauders. have for themselves, in their own, simple
Hulking, muscled alien tongue they are Orx, but Marauder suits
brutes who revel in combat, them well. When peace reigns, Marauders
Marauders are employed as become a menace to civilisation, turning
mercenaries by all the major to piracy and looting when they can find
powers in the galaxy. For a no paymaster. Marauders can be found
Marauder chieftain, it does not everywhere, from the most densely
matter who you fight or why, only populated core systems to the depths of
how much you can pay. interstellar space. In the wilder reaches
of the galaxy, away from the Corporation
Core Worlds, it is said that there is not an

Marauder Army

8 www.manticgames.com
asteroid belt or moonlet that does not house of human civilization. Forty or so worlds of
a pirate nest of these violent creatures. It is various classes were claimed and scheduled
not unusual for Corporation scout fleets to for colonization by automated reconnaissance
travel to an unmapped system only to find a drones of the Klandax Company. Signs of
Marauder pirate lord has been there before, low level sentient life activity were recorded
and tense ship battles are often the outcome on these planets, but this in itself was not
in these situations. unusual. A Grand Settlement Fleet of some
300 ships, including a portion of Klandax
It was not always so. Until less than three Companys own military, were dispatched.
centuries ago, the Orx were confined to a
cluster of twenty or so systems halfway For Klandax, it was a great shame they had
toward the spinward end of the Sagittarius not invested in more sophisticated drones.
arm. At the time, this was right at the very
edge of Corporation territory, and even today Fleet scout teams made landfall on
the area remains far from the bustling heart Caprisiam IV, and began to survey sites for

The Marauders 9
an initial colony that would serve as base of team and wiped them out. Commander
operations for further activity in the sector. Mitrandesh had the remainder of Friers
Large numbers of natives were recorded, exobiology staff declare the Orx hostile, and
but these appeared primitive in the extreme. set about a campaign of extermination.
While the fleet surveyors started their work,
contact with the natives was attempted by The genocide took six weeks and cost
renowned exobiologist Dr Jan Friers, working Mitrandesh quarter of his fighting men. Still,
under license directly for Klandax. Friers the planet was clear. Sector colonisation
was widely regarded as a safe pair of hands, headquarters were established, and the fleet
having already participated in first contact moved on to the next scheduled world.
with four alien species. He was accompanied
by a half company of Corporation Troopers, The same thing happened there. And then
so despite the aliens savage nature, again. And again.
Klandaxs expeditionary commander Prakal
Mitrandesh was confident things would What Klandaxs probes had not revealed
go smoothly. was that this promising world cluster was
infested with these Orx. How they spread
Within half an hour of approaching the first is unclear, although it has been surmised
native settlement, Friers was dead. The that the Orx once possessed a higher level
natives had attacked in force, ambushing of civilization, or were employed as another
the Corporation representatives. Although culture as warriors their cleared worlds
they took many casualties, the natives had exhibit extensive, ancient ruins.
killed twenty-three other men, despite
their primitive weaponry. Captain Martello, Mitrandesh soon realized he had not
commanding, described warriors of enough men to pacify the entire region, and
unparalleled ferocity, simple metal blades reluctantly applied to Corporation Central for
punched through his mens sophisticated military aid, forfeiting Klandaxs sole claim to
armour by dint of their massive strength the territory.
alone. Martello insisted they had been
tricked, that the natives had drawn them Enter General Klimt. Named The White Devil
in to talk simply to assess them. Theyd God by the Kathradny [extinct], Klimt wasted
learned precisely two things: One, that the no time in extirpating the Orx from their
natives called themselves Orx, secondly, ancient worlds. But Klimt was impressed by
that they were extremely aggressive. his foe. Wave after wave of howling savages
Martello was disciplined for abandoning the would literally throw themselves at his
bodies and equipment of his men, and a lines, doing enormous damage before being
suborbital fighter was launched to destroy gunned down.
the settlement.
By this time Corporation intelligence had
Four hours later, an Orx force, carrying gained a grasp of the Orx language, and
Corporation weaponry, attacked the surveying so Klimt hit upon an idea. He had several

10 www.manticgames.com
hundred Orx captured, and once they were A century later, during the Mandrake
subdued, made them an offer. Secession War, an entire Orx auxiliary legion
turned on their masters, seized control
And so the first battalion of Orx auxiliaries of a flotilla of spaceships and scattered
were trained using Corporation war-doctrine. themselves across the galaxy.
As they were as happy to fight each other
as the corporation the worlds were soon The Marauder civilization was born, a new
cleared, and Klimt forced Klandax into an breed of space-faring Orx. Although most
embarrassing handover of the new colonies Orx auxiliaries were immediately liquidated
to Klimts own masters in House Antigone. on news of the Mandrake Betrayal, the
Corporation and its enemies still make
Klimts scheme was so successful that frequent use of these brutal but very effective
Orx were employed for decades as shock troops as mercenaries the reasoning being,
troopers all over the Corporation. it is better to have them fighting with you,
than against you.
But the Orx learnt their lessons well.

The Marauders 11
Forge Fathers

he ancient and proud While they are far fewer in numbers than
culture of the Forge humans, the Forge Fathers are renowned
Fathers has managed to across the galaxy for their grasp of advanced
retain its independence from technology. They are one of the only species in
the Corporation while others known space whose weaponry and spacecraft
have fallen. Masters of science, are more powerful than those of the Corporation.
artisans beyond compare, the Their battle-suits are nigh-on impregnable, the
Forge Fathers are the only aliens destructive capability of their thermal guns is
to trade with the Corporation on of tremendous magnitude, not to mention the
anything approaching even terms. incredible rate of fire and penetrative power of
their solid-shot weaponry. In the field of space
warfare, they are unsurpassed. Their ships are
much like they are: slow, massive, resilient to
damage, and armed to the teeth.

12 www.manticgames.com
The Forge Fathers are a cautious people in know very little about them at all beyond
most matters, their technical secrets cannot that which the Forge Fathers wish them to
be bought, and they take great pains to know. Human spymasters can never be sure
conceal the workings of the machinery that what they have gleaned is disinformation
they sell to others. The structure, workings and which is truth. It is also a sad fact that
and habits of their civilization have only there are far more corruptible individuals in
been won by the Corporation at great cost the Co-Prosperity Sphere than in the Forge
and effort, as the torture, psychological Fathers Star Realm. Corporation Central
conditioning and mental engineering is well aware that the Forge Fathers have a
employed by the Corporation on war captives great deal more information about mankind
work rarely on the robust psyches of the Forge than mankind has about the Forge Fathers.
Fathers. Were it not for the few disaffected
members of this honourable people willing Although the core of the Forge Fathers
to sell their secrets, the Corporation would realm lies coreward to Corporation space,

The Forge Fathers 13

they can be found throughout the galaxy. what they are engaged to do, a Forge Father
The great fleets of the Forge Fathers have fleet can remain in orbit around a planet for
been plying the heavens for millennia, anything up to a century before moving on.
travelling from system to system, selling This is but a short time for Forge Fathers;
their services. Although dubbed Trading the longest lived in Corporation custody
fleets by the Corporation, this is something survived one hundred and fifty years before
of a misnomer; each great Forge Father star- contriving to take his own life. It is suspected
caravan centres on one or more Ward Ships, their natural lifespan is at least seventy
a mountain of metal and stone bristling with years longer than this, and has been greatly
weapons. Smaller craft cluster about it, and extended by medical means.
these are multifarious in purpose. Besides
smaller warships, many are tailored to Relations between the Corporation and the
constructive purpose: geoengineering, large- Forge Father Star Realm are tense. Military
scale construction, fabrication, asteroid confrontation between the two almost always
mining or whatever else the clan they belong go in favour of the Forge Fathers. The Forge
to happens to specialise in. Depending on Fathers might lack the numbers or territorial

14 www.manticgames.com
ambition to exploit such victories, but any orbit; needless to say this is of great interest
trespass into their space by Corporation to Corporation peace contractors. There
Fleets has been ruthlessly dealt with, while appears to be a new pattern emerging in the
every attempt to incorporate Forge Father activities of the Forge Father trade fleets, with
worlds or clans into the Co-Prosperity civilisations earmarked for incorporation into
Sphere have been foiled, no matter the the Co-Prosperity Sphere suddenly gaining
means employed. The two powers will trade, a much higher level of technology. Several
but these transactions are always done on cultures near the borders of the Star Realm
the Forge Fathers terms. have signed mutual protection pacts with the
Forge Fathers, or even allowing themselves
The activities of the Forge Fathers are of great to by subsumed into the Star Realm entirely.
interest to the Corporation, not least because
they are capable of planetary engineering All this is exceedingly irksome to Corporation
feats that make the Corporations own Central, but while the Forge Fathers remain
efforts appear feeble. In particular the Forge preeminent in the field of space warfare, there
Fathers possess the ability to shift a worlds is little prospect that the situation will change.

The Forge Fathers 15

herever mankind has things made and shipped throughout space
gone, rats have shortly go at much lower velocity. The bulk haulers
followed. The Veer-myn of the Corporation are vast, gigantic vessels
are the latest manifestation of made from hollowed out asteroids that
this unwitting partnership. are pulled across the cosmos by tug craft.
A haulers carrying capacity is often in the
The armies and dignitaries of the Corporation hundreds of thousands of megatonnes.
fly through space at many times the speed Each one is the size of a city; a maze of
of light. Not so the cargoes needed to keep endless holds and storage bays connected
the Co-Prosperity Sphere trading. Shooting by innumerable lift shafts, corridors, and
such mass past the light barrier is unfeasibly conduits. Unless circumstances or cargo
complex and expensive, and so ore, grains, are exceptional, carriers tend to ply the
chemicals, machines, all the many, weighty starlanes between stars close to one another.

16 www.manticgames.com
Nevertheless, each voyage takes many rat to Veer-myn took place phenomenally
months, sometimes years. quickly; at most, so Corporation science
personnel have it, just under one thousand
A tugs crew rarely ventures back into the years. Perhaps this huge evolutionary jump
hauler, but on occasion inspections are occurred because of radiation leaks from
required, and so haulers all possess sections poorly shielded reactors, or because of
where basic life support and an atmosphere cosmic ray bombardment, or perhaps their
are maintained. At some point in history, race was born from some chemical cocktail,
the rat crept into these cold, dark and spilled in the transport caverns of a forgotten
inhospitable places, found some warm spot ship. More troubling is the idea that their
in which to live and thrive, and it is here that emergence was no accident at all, that the
it evolved. Veer-myn were deliberately made

Who knows when the first Veer-myn stood Whatever caused the change, it forced
upright and blinked eyes ablaze with newly the common brown rat to walk upright
minted intelligence? The transition from and grow many times in size. It gained

The Veer-myn 17
opposable thumbs, and a mind to use There are Veer-myn everywhere in the galaxy
them. Language and a vicious society came today. They live deep within the settlements
quickly, both crude mirrors of mankinds of many races, from airless colony moons
own. A new race of space scavengers was to continent-spanning mega-cities, and
born. With an intelligence close to that of a infest the depths of spacecraft. Wherever
man married with the survival instincts and they are, they cause serious problems. Their
astounding reproductive rate of the rat, they spade-like teeth are iron-hard and grow
quickly spread. constantly. They are vital tools to the rat-

18 www.manticgames.com
men, but a Veer-myn must gnaw at hard rudimentary understanding of more advanced
materials lest their teeth outgrow their technologies, and an enthusiastic if somewhat
jaws, causing agonising pain; a Veer-myn haphazard approach to experimentation. They
can chew through reinforced carbons given strip the machines of others to get to the
time. Their bodies are host to numerous raw materials they require for their devices,
unpleasant diseases that they spread from crippling city sectors or ships, sometimes
world to world, the purple pox of Indraxia, with fatal results. To prevent these mishaps,
a supposedly quarantined world, somehow Corporation spacecraft are routinely scoured
managed to break out from its point of origin for Veer-myn nests, and there are certain units
and infect fifteen systems, killing up 25% of of Corporation troopers who spend entire tours
the population of each. The Veer-myn were of duty as rat catchers aboard those warships
duly blamed, and with good reason. large enough to warrant it. On occasion,
humans cower in reinforced crew quarters
Most problematically, Veer-myn steal whatever while a ships atmosphere is vented into space.
they can. They take food and water, despoiling A drastic measure, and not always successful.
what they leave behind, ruining vital supply There are rare cases of Veer-myn tribes being
shipments. They have an almost preternatural bought off to watch over their ship, but in the
understanding of chemistry, main they are regarded as unsophisticated
pests and exterminated.

This attitude greatly underestimates the

complexity of Veer-myn society. They are
naturally secretive and appear to possess a
great deal of native cunning, so much so that
rumours of hidden cities of Veer-myn are just
about credible. Less believable are stories of
worlds overwhelmed by masses of verminous
warriors boiling up out of the ground, armed
with bizarre weapons that spit fire and searing
chemicals, or those tales told of the giant,
mutant monsters that fight beside them.

Co-Prosperity Sphere citizens should rest

assured that these are just stories, furthermore
stories that are likely to earn their teller a late-
night call from Corporation Intelligence.

The Veer-myn 19
The Rules
Warpath is a sci-fi small-action wargame the pressure and excitement build
set in Mantics fictional galaxy at war. up, giving you an extra dimension of
Warpath is a game that is easy to learn gameplay and an extra resource to
and fast to play, yet will take time and manage during the battle.
experience to master. With few and
simple rules, there is little to get in the Following the same successful
way of the fun and slaughter. development pattern we employed
with Kings of War, we have decided to
The game system uses an intriguing release Warpath at a very early stage
unit activation system that will keep of development. The system, and
both players on their toes and force particularly the army lists, are still
them to make some difficult choices in need of accurate balancing and
to outwit their opponent. And thats not thats where you can help. Please play
all like all Mantic wargames, Warpath as many games as you can and give us
has been designed to allow you to use your feedback at:
a stopwatch or a chess clock to time
your moves. As the seconds tick away, www.manticgames.com/Forum.html

Measuring Distances
You can measure distances at any time.
The distance between two models is
measured to/from the closest point of
their bases. If a model has no base,
use the closest part of its hull or torso.
The distance between two units is
measured to/from the closest models
in the two units. To avoid confusion,
keep your units more than 1 away from
enemy units at all times.

20 www.manticgames.com
In exchange well keep the rules of Heroes & Monsters
Warpath up to date for free, while we (Hero, Monster)
continue with the development of our A Hero or Monster is a unit consisting of
apocalyptic mass-battle system, which a single model: either a mighty leader or
we will unleash upon you in the not- other officer (Hero), a large alien beast or
so-distant future! armoured combat walker or exoskeleton
(Monster) or even a combination of the
Models and Units two - like a commander mounted on a
The models used to play Warpath must great war-beast (often treated as a Hero,
be glued on the bases provided with but see individual entries).
them or identically-sized alternatives.
Most models in the game fight together Ordnance (Ord)
in groups which we call units. Each unit Each Ordnance unit consists of a single
belongs to one of the following types: large gun and sometimes a number of
crew models too. Any crew models are
Infantry (Inf) purely decorative and should be arranged
Infantry units normally consist of five to around the machine, and within 1 of it, in
twenty models, as shown in Diagram A. a suitably realistic fashion.
The number of models that make up a unit
is specified in its Stats (Stats are explained Armour (Arm)
later) and will normally correspond to the Each Armoured unit consists of a
number of models you get in the boxes single model. They range in size
supplied by Mantic. Models in a unit must from mighty battle tanks to smaller
at all times be in formation, by which we armoured personnel carriers and
mean within 5 of the units Leader and include armoured cars and other
within 1 of another member of that unit, lighter vehicles.
forming an uninterrupted chain of models
(see Diagram A).

t Leader
Trooper L 1" t t
t t t
5 Infantry
t t 20 Infantry
t t
t L
L t
t t t t
t t
t t
5" t
10 Infantry t
t t
Diagram A Units

The Rules 21
In these rules, when we refer to a die or dice, we mean a six-sided die, which
we call D6. Sometimes we also use terms like D3 (the result of a D6 divided by
2 (rounding up)), or D6+1 (roll a D6 and adding 1 to the result), or 2D6 (roll two
dice and add them together).

Also, if a rule tells you that you need to roll 4+, it means you need to roll a number
equal to or higher than 4.

When you are allowed a re-roll, simply pick up the number of dice you are
allowed to re-roll and roll them again. The second result stands, even if its
worse than the first.

When called to roll-off, both players roll a die, and then compare their results.
The highest scorer wins the roll-off. Re-roll in the event of a tie.

Each model in Warpath has a name Special. A units entry will also list any
and a series of statistics (for short, unusual equipment and special rules
we call them Stats) which define how that apply to its models.
powerful it is in the game. These are:
Speed (Spd). How fast the model The Stats are presented in a profile as
moves, in inches. in the following example:
To Hit (Hit). The score needed by
the model to hit, both with ranged Forge Fathers, Steel Warriors
attacks and in melee. Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Attacks (Att). The number of dice Steel Warrior 4 4+ 1 5+ 9/11
the model rolls when attacking Special: Headstrong.
in melee.
Defence (Def). The score the enemy
requires to damage the model.
Nerve (Ner). A combination of
the models courage, training
and discipline.

22 www.manticgames.com
Unit Leaders Of course, terrain and other models
A units Leader is very important, and can still get in the way and hide targets
should be represented by a suitably from sight. To determine whether
imposing model so that he clearly stands your model can see a target, simply
out from the rest of the unit. The Leader lean down on the table and peek from
is the commander of the unit, the one behind the head of the model. If you
making the decisions and issuing orders can see the torso or head of the target
to his subordinates and is often used as model (ignore weapons, banners or
a point of reference. If a unit consists of a other decorations, limbs, tails, wings,
single model (such as an Armoured unit, etc.) then your model can see it.
a Hero or Monster), that model obviously
counts as the Leader. When checking a models line of sight,
ignore the other models in its own unit.
Line of Sight You can even lie them down temporarily
During the game, you will at times if you need to (as in reality they might
need to determine whether one of your be kneeling or even lying prone on the
models can see another one - normally ground a safe habit on the battlefield).
an enemy model that your model (and
the unit it belongs to) intends to charge If youre not sure whether a model can
or shoot. Unless stated otherwise, see a target or not, roll a die. On a 4+ it
models can see all around regardless can see it, on 3 or less it cannot.
of the direction they are actually facing.

The Rules 23
The Turn
A game of Warpath is played in turns. described in the Game Scenario section
(see page 56).
During each turn, players first roll to see
whos going to go first, and then alternate More formally, a turn is divided into the
activating their units until all of the units following phases:
in the game have been activated. This
concludes the turn and then the next one 1) Initiative phase
begins and is played through, and so on 2) Activation phase
and so forth until an agreed time limit or 3) End phase
turn limit is reached.
Lets examine each of these phases
At the end of the game the players will in detail.
then work out the victory conditions as

Initiative Phase First unit. Activates automatically.

The players execute an Initiative roll they Second Activates on 3+.
roll-off and the winner will decide which unit.
player has the Initiative in the ensuing
Third unit. Activates on 5+.
activation phase.
Final All units activate on 3+.
Activation Phase activations.
The player currently with the Initiative
must pick any one of his units and take If the test is successful, the unit is activated
an Activation Test for it. He can activate normally and can move and/or attack as
one to three units in a row before the described in the rules. The unit then
Initiative passes to his opponent, as receives a Done marker to show that it
described below. has been activated for this turn.

To take an Activation Test, roll a die If the test is failed, the unit simply mills
and consult the chart below. Note that around in confusion or fails to understand
in the case of the first unit to activate the command and can do nothing for
every time you have Initiative, the test is the turn. The unit still receives a Done
automatically successful. marker and retains a Suppressed marker
if it has one.
The required numbers are as follows:
Once one of his units fails an Activation
Test or the player activates the third
unit, or decides that he does not wish

24 www.manticgames.com
to attempt a further Activation Test, the Final Activations), you must immediately
Initiative passes to his opponent. The roll a die for that unit to see if it shakes
opponent must then activate a unit as off the effects of Suppression. If the result
described above and can continue to do is one, two or three, the unit remains
so until he too fails an Activation Test, or Suppressed and the Activation Test counts
activates all three units, or decides that as failed instead the Initiative passes
he is not going to attempt another. At this to the enemy as normal. If the result is
point the Initiative reverts back to the first four, five or six, the unit shakes off the
player, and so on and so forth. Suppression and activates as normal.
Remove its Suppressed marker.
Final Activations
Once a player has finished activating all End Phase
of the units in his army, their opponent Once all units have been activated,
retains the Initiative and can try to activate the players remove all of the Done
all of his remaining units. This is called markers from the table and do some
Final activations. general tidy-up of the field - removing
stranded casualties, dice, markers, tape
During these Final activations, all measures, teacups and all other debris
remaining units (including the first of battle. Then youre ready to begin the
one!) activate on 3+. In other words, all next turn, starting with the Initiative
remaining units count as a Second unit. Phase.

It is very importnat to note that during Game End

Final Activations, the player can keep going At the end of turn 5 of the game, either
and try to activate units even if he fails an player rolls a die: on a 3 or less, the
Activation Test. He keeps doing this until game ends. On a 4+ a final extra turn is
he has tried to activate all of the remaining played (Turn 6) and then the game ends.
units in his army and they have all received
a Done marker. It is of course possible for the players to
agree at the beginning of the game to
Activating Suppressed Units play for a different amount of turns. In
You will see later than units can become either case, when the agreed number
Suppressed if they receive fire from the of turns is reached, always roll for an
enemy and fail a Nerve test (see page extra turn in the End Phase of the last
36). A Suppressed unit is less likely to turn. You can instead decide that you
react to your activation, and might just are going to play for a set amount of
ignore their leaders orders and stay put. time we suggest half an hour per 500
points being used (e.g. two hours for a
Every time you pass a successful Activation 2000pts game). Lastly, you could also
Test for a Suppressed unit (including an play a Timed Game, as explained in the
automatic pass for a first unit, and during Timed Games section.

The Rules 25
When a unit is activated, it can execute Unit Interpenetration
one of the movement actions described Infantry, Heroes and Ordnance models
below (Halt, Move, Move At The Double can move through friendly Infantry,
or Charge) and then, where permitted, Heroes and Ordnance models. They
fire their weapons as described in the cannot however end their move on top
Shooting section. of other models, so youll have to be
sure that they have enough movement
Halt to end up clear of their friends. Enemy
The unit does not move at all. Infantry, Heroes and Ordnance on the
other hand, block movement, as do all
Move Armoured units (friend and foe).
Move each of the units models in any
direction up to a number of inches Move At The Double
equal to their Speed. Models must end The models in the unit can move as
their move in formation (i.e. within 5 described above, but up to double
of the units Leader and within 1 of their Speed. See Diagram C. This
another member of that unit, forming
an uninterrupted chain of models, as
shown in Diagram A on page 21). Diagram C At The Double

During this move, the models can make t

any number of changes of direction, as long t


as no model moves further than its Speed. t

See Diagram B. This is often refered to as a 1) Leader (Spd 4) t
moves 6" of its
normal Move or normal speed. Usually At The Double
the unit can still fire after moving like this move. t

but some heavy or cumbersome weapons L t

require a model to stay still in order to fire. 2) Leader moves 2" in

another direction, completing
its At The Double move

Diagram B Move t

t Trooper t L t
t Leader
Original t
Position of Unit t
t t

1) Leader (Spd 4) makes

a move of 3" t
L t New Position
t t of Unit
3) Each other model in the unit is moved up to 8"
2) Each other model in the unit is moved up to 4" (double their Speed stat), ending their move no
(their Speed stat), ending their move no further further than 5" from the Leader within 1" from
than 5" from the Leader within 1" from another model in the unit.
another model in the unit.

26 www.manticgames.com
normally means that the unit will be Diagram D Charge
unable to fire.
1) Unit A (Marauders Spd 5)
Charge t
is within 10" of enemy unit B,
which it wants to charge. Its
This is the most exciting type of L
charge is therefore successful.
movement but is also the most t t
t 8"
complex. A charge is the only way your Unit A
models can move into contact with t t
the enemy. A unit can charge a single L

enemy unit (the target) as long as the t


following conditions are met: t Unit B

at least one model in the charging t

unit can see at least one model in t
the target unit t
at least one of the charging units t
t L t
models can reach one model in the t t
target unit, as described below 2) Unit A charges into t t L
base contact with
it is actually possible for the models in the target unit. t t

charging unit to damage the target Charging models try to make t t

it into base contact with
in the ensuing melee enemy models and are spread as evenly as
possible amongst the enemies they can reach.
Note that no charging models could reach the
Moving Chargers enemy model furthest away (too far!), and two
chargers could not make it into base contact
If a charging model can make a double with any enemy (no more space!), so they are
move and, going around Blocking left at the back.

Terrain and enemy units, it can reach

the closest model in the target unit, the
Charge is successful. Otherwise the After moving the first model, move all
unit cannot Charge (and it must choose remaining chargers into base contact
another movement action instead). with models in the target unit by the
shortest route possible. This follows
Note that during a Charge, models the rules for an At The Double move
move through obstacles and areas of (other than Difficult Terrain not slowing
Difficult Terrain without reducing their them down) and these models must
movement as they would when not end their move in formation. As you
charging (see the terrain rules below). move into contact with the enemy, you
However, if any of a units models must spread your models as evenly as
must go through these types of terrain possible amongst the enemies they can
in order to reach their targets by the reach, trying to get as many models in
shortest route possible, the entire base contact as possible. If there is no
unit will suffer a slight penalty in the space for all of your models to make it
ensuing melee (more on this later). into base contact with an enemy in the

The Rules 27
target unit, or if some of the charging
models cannot reach any enemy,
simply place them as close as possible
behind the rest of their comrades,
and of course still in formation. The
models in the target enemy unit are not
moved, as they brace themselves for
the impact.

When charging, models can move to

within 1 of any enemies, though they
can only move into base contact with
the enemies they charged. This means
that sometimes a charging unit may
end up very close to one or more enemy
units it has not charged (e.g. when
charging tightly packed enemies).

Charging Suppressed Enemies

Lying down in cover is not very useful if
someone is right on top of you trying to
stab you with a bayonet. If a Suppressed
unit is charged, it automatically loses Single Terrain Pieces
the Suppressed marker, as the soldiers These are individual pieces like a
stand up and prepare to desperately lone tree, a boulder, a fence, a hedge
defend themselves. or a wall. They are going to either
be Blocking Terrain, an Obstacle or
Terrain Decorative Terrain.
Elements of terrain make your table
look more impressive, and also help Blocking Terrain. We recommend
hiding your troops from the enemys treating solid areas of rock, high walls
long-range firepower, making the game and other large pieces as Blocking
more interesting as troops manoeuvre Terrain. Units cannot move across
around looking for cover or a better line Blocking Terrain and must go around it.
of fire. In wargames, terrain is normally
one of two types: a single terrain piece Obstacles. Obstacles are long
or an area of terrain. The rules for both and narrow pieces of terrain,
are given below. Before the game, you like a low wall, fence, hedge, a
should agree with your opponent how stream, etc. something that a
you are going to treat each of the pieces man-sized creature could see
of terrain on the table. over and clamber across easily.

28 www.manticgames.com
Units can move over obstacles Areas of Difficult Terrain
normally (even ending halfway This type of terrain consists of things
over them) but cannot cross them like single-storey ruined buildings, alien
while moving At The Double. jungles, scattered mining or colonial
infrastructures, cratered areas or
Decorative Terrain. This category broken, rocky terrain, scree, and so on.
groups small terrain pieces These are normally made by gluing a
like individual bushes or trees, number of pieces of terrain onto a large
lampposts, street signs, etc. A unit base. This conveniently demarcates the
can move over Decorative Terrain area of the terrain the entire area of the
pieces as it pleases, ignoring them base counts as Difficult Terrain. Models
altogether. However, it is best if can move through these areas, but all
you still make sure your models distances travelled through these areas
dont end up on top of them, so you are doubled (e.g. every inch of Difficult
dont have to move these pieces of Terrain they cross counts as two inches).
terrain, which could be important
if they are big enough to influence Buildings
line of sight. Buildings are complex terrain that
deserves its own section see page 53.

The Rules 29
After moving an activated unit, you can
choose a target for them and open fire! Ranged Weapon Profiles
Each ranged weapon has its own profile
Moving and Shooting specifying its Firepower (Fire), Range
Units that have just moved At The (Ran) and any other special rules it
Double are too busy moving and cannot might have. For example:
shoot. Some cumbersome weapons
can fire only if the unit called a Halt. Fire Ran Special
When thats the case, it will be specified Laser rifle 1 24
in the weapons rules. Light Laser Cannon 1 48 Piercing (6)

Melee and Shooting For some common ranged weapons

Units that have any models in base special rules, see page 51.
contact with enemies cannot shoot, nor
be chosen as a target for shooting.
Firing and Hitting the Target
Pick a Target Each weapon being fired has a
The firing unit can pick a single enemy Firepower (Fire) value that shows you
unit as a target for its ranged attacks. In how many dice you roll when firing it.
order to do so, at least one of its models Roll that many dice for each weapon
must be able to see at least one of the that has been determined to be in range
models in the target unit. of the enemy unit. Your firing models
dice rolls, after applying any modifiers
Determine Firing Models that apply, must score a number equal
Once the firing unit has picked a target, to or higher than their To Hit (Hit) value
any model that can see at least one in order to hit their targets. Discard any
model in the target unit can open fire dice that score less than that.
with one (and only one!) of its ranged
weapons. Its a good idea to turn all Modifiers
firing models towards the target, and A number of factors can make a hit less
any models that are not firing away likely to happen. The most common are:
from it to make the distinction clear.
-1 extreme range. The target is over
Check Range half of the weapons range away.
Each weapon has a range in inches shown in -1 Suppressed target. The target
its profile (see examples below). Measure the is Suppressed.
distance between the firing model and any of -1 soft cover. The target is in soft
the models it can see in the target unit. If the cover (see below).
distance is equal to or less than the weapons -2 hard cover. The target is in hard
range, the entire enemy unit is in range (not cover (see below).
just the model you measured to).

30 www.manticgames.com
For each of these factors, deduct the If at least half of the models in the
modifier from the score rolled by the target unit are completely or partially
dice. For example, if your models obscured by intervening terrain or
normally need a 4+ to hit, but are other units (friend or foe), from the
shooting at a target in soft cover, you point of view of at least half of the
will need to score 5 or more to hit firing unit, the target is in cover.
instead and achieve the required 4+ If the majority of the target units
result. If the target was at extreme models are on, or in base contact
range as well, you would need 6s. with, an area of Difficult Terrain that
the players have agreed offers cover,
It can happen that the range modifier only the target is in cover.
applies to some of the firing models, as If the majority of the firing units
some are in extreme range and some are shots have to go through 3 or more
not. If this is the case, roll to hit separately of an area of Difficult Terrain that the
for the various groups of weapons, but then players have agreed offers cover, the
put all hits caused back together before target is in cover.
rolling to damage (see below).
If the majority of the cover is made of
Any dice that rolls a 1 is always a miss, things that in reality would partially hide
regardless of modifiers. However, if the unit from sight, but not provide much
modifiers to the roll mean that the firers physical protection against bullets or
would need more than 6 to hit, they can shrapnel use the soft cover modifier (e.g.
still shoot. In order to hit, however, you woods, bushes, camouflage nets, as well
need to first roll a 6 and then roll again as infantry units and heroes). Otherwise,
and score a 4 or more (no modifiers or use hard cover (e.g. walls, ruins, craters,
re-rolls apply to this second roll). rocky areas, as well as other units except
for infantry and heroes). It is important
Cover that you and your opponent discuss and
To decide whether the target unit is in agree before the game which terrain is
cover, take a look at it from behind the going to count as hard and soft cover.
heads of the firing units models. Always
ignore other models in the firing unit If youre not sure if the target is in cover,
theyre trained to keep out of the way. Also roll a die. On a 4+ it is not, on 3 or less it is.
ignore other models in the target unit you
cannot use your team mates as cover! Damaging the Target
After discarding any dice that missed,
If at least half of the models in pick up the remaining dice and roll
the target unit have no cover them again to try to damage the enemy
whatsoever from the point of view models. The number your firers need to
of at least half of the firing models, roll to damage their targets is equal to, or
the target is not in cover. higher than, the targets Defence value.

The Rules 31
This roll can sometimes be modified by cover from the point of view of any
special rules. For example, some units firing model), then you must take
(like most Armoured units) have a Defence any models that are visible to the
value of 7 or more, so they cannot be firers but in cover. Finally, you can
damaged unless the firer has some positive take casualties from models that
modifiers to this roll. As before, there may are completely out of sight of all
be some weapons which have different of the firing models shrapnel,
modifiers than others. You should roll ricochets and bullets going through
these separately or perhaps use different walls ensure that nobody is safe.
coloured dice to distinguish them.
Testing Nerve
Any dice that rolls a 1 always fails to After firing with all models in a unit, and
damage, regardless of modifiers. removing casualties, you immediately test
the Nerve of any enemy unit(s) that your unit
Effects of Damage Casualties inflicted enough damage on (see the Nerve
For each hit that scores damage, you section). This test will determine whether
remove one of the models in the target the enemy will stand or be destroyed.
unit. This is done in a strict sequence,
following the rules below. Note that the
rules are given in order of importance.

You cannot take the units Leader

until there are no other models
left hes always the last to die.
In reality this represents other
troopers in the unit taking on the
role (and gear) of the Leader if he
is killed.
You cannot take any models
that stand out from the normal
troopers (e.g. models carrying
support weapons, etc.) until all
of the normal troopers have been
removed. This represents other
troopers in the unit picking up the
weapons of the specially armed
trooper if he is killed.
You must try as much as possible not
to break the target units formation.
First you must take any models
in the open (i.e. visible and not in

32 www.manticgames.com
Take It Out! Independent Fire
Sometimes, units can be upgraded by giving one or more of their models a
very powerful man-portable weapon, whose nature varies enormously between
armies. In general, they are used to take on enemy tanks and other heavily
armoured targets.

When a unit fires, any model firing a weapon with a Piercing value of (4) or more
can target any visible enemy, regardless of what his teammates are shooting at.

You can resolve the shots from independent firing weapons before or after firing
the rest of the unit, but you must declare all targets before rolling any dice.

When resolving the independent fire, always determine line of sight and cover by
looking from the viewpoint of the independent firing model, ignoring models from
its own unit (basically, imagine that the rest of the unit does not exist).

Warpath: The Rules 33

If your activating unit has charged an obstacle and/or the chargers move
enemy unit, then your warriors must now meant that one or more models
strike against the enemies that they have moved through any areas of difficult
charged we call this Melee, but we terrain or over obstacles.
we also refer to it as combat or close +1 target suppressed. The target unit
combat. In reality the enemy warriors was Suppressed when it was charged.
would also be fighting back against
yours, but for the sake of playability, we For each of these factors, add or
imagine that the impetus of the charge deduct the modifier from the score
means your men are doing most of the rolled by the dice. For example, if your
attacking. If the enemy is not destroyed, models normally need a 4+ to hit,
your men will fall back and brace but are attacking an enemy that was
themselves, because their foes are very Suppressed when it was charged, they
likely to soon charge back in to avenge hit on 3+ instead. Any dice that rolls a 1
their fallen comrades. is always a miss, regardless of modifiers.
However, if modifiers to the roll mean
Determine Attacking Models that the attackers would need more than
Any model that is in base contact with at 6 to hit, they can still attack. In order to
least one model in the target unit must hit, however, you need to first roll a six
attack with its close combat weapons. and then roll again and score a 4 or more
(no modifiers apply to this second roll).
Attacking and
Hitting the Target Damaging the Target
Each attacking model has an Attacks (Att) After discarding any dice that missed,
value that shows you how many dice you pick up the remaining dice and roll
roll when it attacks in Melee. Roll that them again, to try to damage the enemy
many dice for each attacking model. Your models. The number your attackers need
attacking models dice rolls, after applying to damage their targets is equal to, or
any modifiers that apply, must score a higher than, the targets Defence value.
number equal to or higher than their To This roll can sometimes be modified
Hit (Hit) value in order to hit their targets. by special rules. For example, some
Discard any dice that score less than that. units (like most Armoured units) have
a Defence value of 7 or more, so they
Modifiers cannot be damaged unless the attacker
A number of factors can make a hit has some positive modifiers to this roll.
more or less likely to happen. The most There may be some weapons which
common are: have different modifiers than others. You
should roll these separately or perhaps
-1 defensive positions/disrupted use different coloured dice to distinguish
charge. The majority of the models them. Any dice that rolls a 1 always fails
in the target unit are behind an to damage, regardless of modifiers.

34 www.manticgames.com
Effects of Damage Suppressed count as Destroyed
Casualties instead, as described below.
For each hit that scores damage, you
remove one of the models in the target Regrouping
unit. This is done in a strict sequence, At the end of the Melee and after any
following the rules below. Note that the Nerve tests have been resolved, if your
rules are given in order of importance. unit managed to destroy the enemy it was
fighting, it can either stay where it is or
You cannot take the units Leader move up to D6 in any direction, following
until there are no other models left all of the rules for a normal move. If, on
hes always the last to die. This the other hand, your unit did not manage
represents other troopers in the to destroy its enemies, you must pull
unit taking on the role (and gear) of back. Immediately execute a full D6
the Leader if he is killed. move following all of the normal rules,
You cannot take any models except that your models must attempt to
that stand out from the normal return towards the position they started
troopers (e.g. models carrying the charge from. As you do this, you
support weapons, etc.) until all must ensure that your models end up in
of the normal troopers have been formation and more than 1 away from
removed. This represents other any enemy model (you might occasionally
troopers in the unit picking up the have to move them further than the dice
weapons of the specially armed roll would allow to clear the enemy unit).
trooper if he is killed. The enemy models are left in place.
You must try as much as possible not
to break the target units formation. Disordered
First you must take any models If a unit is not destroyed by a charging
that are in contact with your own enemy, it is automatically Disordered.
models, then you must take any Place a Disordered marker next to it.
models not in base contact with In its next activation, the unit cannot
your models. shoot or use any other ranged attack.
After their next Activation Test, whether
Testing Nerve it is successful or failed, the Disordered
At the end of each Melee, once all marker is automatically discarded.
models have attacked and casualties
have been removed, you immediately Melee Weapons
test the Nerve of the enemy unit that Unlike ranged weapons, melee weapons
your unit inflicted enough damage on do not have a profile, but normally
(see the Nerve section). This test will confer a special rule to the model
determine whether the enemies will wielding them. For some common melee
stand or be destroyed; see Regrouping weapons special rules, see the Special
below. Note that in Melee, results of Rules section on page 51.

The Rules 35
As a unit accumulates damage, it will Results
become more and more likely to lose If the total is equal to or higher than
cohesion, until eventually it will turn tail the enemy units Destruction limit,
and run from the field, never to return. the unit suffers a Destroyed! result
(see below).
When to Test
If the unit you are activating shoots If the total is lower than the Destruction
or charges an enemy unit and kills at limit, but equal to or higher than the
least 50% of their current numbers Suppression limit, the unit suffers from
(calculated at the point your unit first a Suppressed result (see below).
activated), you have inflicted a serious
amount of damage and can now test If the total is lower than the units
their Nerve. This of course means that Suppression limit, the unit is Steady,
it gets increasingly easier to cause which means it is completely unaffected
Nerve tests on enemies units as they and continues to fight on as normal.
reduce in size.
Do remember that if the Steady result
For example, an enemy unit that is caused by a melee attack, the
consists of ten warriors suffers Steady unit still needs to be marked
four casualties from the fire of one as Disordered, as explained in the
of your units. That is not enough to Melee section.
make them test. However, there are
now only six warriors in the enemy For example, lets say you are testing
unit, which means that your next unit against the Nerve of an enemy unit
to attack them only needs to inflict that has a Nerve of 8/10. If you roll
three casualties (i.e. 50% of six) to a seven or less, the enemy unit will
force a Nerve test. be Steady. If you roll an eight or nine,
the enemy unit will be Suppressed. If
How to Test you roll a ten or more, the enemy unit
Each unit has two numbers under its is Destroyed.
Nerve value. The first number is the
units Suppression limit, the second Suppressed
number is its Destruction limit. The unit continues to fight, but drops to
the ground and takes cover. This makes
To test the Nerve of an enemy unit, roll the unit more difficult to activate, as
2D6 and add to the result any modifiers explained in the Activation section.
that apply (from Special rules, etc.).
This is the total youre using to attack If the Nerve test is caused by melee
the enemy units Nerve. This total is attacks, the unit treats Suppressed
then compared with the Nerve values results as Destroyed! instead lying
of the enemy unit. flat on the ground is not a great

36 www.manticgames.com
defence against melee opponents, Destroyed!
so the unit surrenders instead and is The unit is scattered and runs for the
either slaughtered on the spot or taken hills or surrenders to the enemy. To all
prisoner (or devoured, depending on intents and purposes it is Destroyed -
the enemy). remove it from the game.

The Rules 37
Armoured Units Diagram F Manoeuvre
Armoured units (or Armour for short)
follow the rules as given previously,
except that they consist of a single Armour with
model and use the exceptions listed Speed 12
here below.
moves 7",
pivots, then
Armour Movement another 5".
Armoured units move in a very different
way from other units. So when moving
an Armoured unit, you can give do one
of the following:

This is just the same as any other unit
the Armoured unit remains stationary.

Hard Turn
The Armoured unit moves by simply
pivoting around its centre to face any
direction. See Diagram E. Full Speed
The Armoured unit advances straight
forward, without any pivot, up to double
its Speed in inches. See Diagram G.
Diagram E Hard Turn
This prevents it from shooting that
turn, just like moving At The Double for
non-armoured units.

Diagram G Full Speed

Armour with Speed 12 can move
Manoeuvre Full Speed forward up to 24".
The Armoured unit moves at normal
speed this is always straight forward 12" 24"
or straight backwards up to its Speed
in inches. At any point during this move
(i.e. before or after moving, or anywhere
along the move), the Armoured unit
can also make a single pivot around
its centre of up to 90 degrees from its
original facing. See Diagram F.

38 www.manticgames.com
Collisions & Overruns When doing so, you must ensure that
You will have noticed that Armoured they can clear the entire unit and end
units cannot charge. Just as normal, their move at least 1 away from any
they cannot move into contact with enemy unit, just as normal. If this is
other units, friends and foe, as this is impossible and your Armoured unit stops
simply too dangerous. However, when over enemy models, move these models
they are moving at Full Speed, they as little as possible to make room for
are allowed to move into contact with your Armoured unit. See Diagram H.
enemy Armoured units (smash!). They
are also allowed to move right through Immediately after finishing the
Infantry and other units (squash!), and move, the Armoured unit makes D6
they have a Crushing Strength value Melee attacks against every enemy
specifically for this purpose... read on. unit it moved over, representing a
combination of soldiers being run
Collisions over and the demoralising effect of
In a Collision, an Armoured unit having to run away from an armoured
moves at Full Speed into contact with behemoth. These attacks always hit
another Armoured unit and then stops. on a 4+, regardless of any modifier.
A Collision causes D6 automatic hits Roll to damage as normal for any hits
on both vehicles. Roll a separate die caused, using the Crushing Strength
for each vehicle and roll for damage value of the armoured unit. Test
against both your and the enemys the Nerve of any enemy unit taking
Armoured unit using the appropriate enough damage as described in the
Crushing Strength value for each Nerve section (and remember, these
vehicle. If any unit is damaged in the are Melee attacks!).
process, take a Nerve test for them,
including against your own unit!
Diagram H Overrun
It goes without saying that its much
better to launch your hardest vehicles t

against flimsy low-Defence enemy L

Armoured units than the other way t

around, otherwise you risk inflicting more

damage against yourself than the enemy.

Overruns Terrain and Armour

When moving at Full Speed, Armoured Armoured units move at normal speed
units are allowed to move through across any type of terrain other than
enemy Infantry, Heroes and Ordnance Blocking Terrain. However, if they move
units (but not other Armoured units, at Full Speed across an Obstacle or into
see Collisions). an area of Difficult Terrain, roll a die

The Rules 39
as soon as they come into contact with Prolong these imaginary lines until
the Obstacle or as soon as they are fully its clear which direction the shots
inside the area of Difficult Terrain. On are coming from. In the case of units
the roll of a 1, the unit is Immobilised comprising of several models, you will
(see Damaged Immobilised, opposite). have to resolve their fire in separate
batches according to which facing they
Shooting Against are targeting.
Armoured units are normally more Any weapon and unit that has the
vulnerable to enemy fire coming from Piercing special rule (i.e. very powerful
their flanks and rear, as their armour weapons) will count its Piercing bonus
is normally thicker at the front and as one higher (+1) if its shots are
their more delicate parts, like the coming from the flank of the target,
engine, tracks, fuel tanks, are more or two higher (+2) if coming from the
exposed to fire coming from the side posterior arc.
and especially the back. When shooting
against an Armoured unit, work out if Weapons and units without the Piercing
the shots are coming from the front, special rule NEVER get these bonuses
flank or posterior arc of the target. In as they are simply too weak to penetrate
order to determine where these arcs armour, regardless of the direction
lie, use two imaginary lines crossing their shots come from.
perpendicularly on the centre of your
vehicle, as shown in Diagram I. Obvious Targets
As they are very large and not very good
at making use of cover, any units firing
Diagram I Armoured Unit Arcs at an Armoured unit benefit from an
Front Arc additional +1 modifier to hit.
For the same reason, Armoured units
Left Arc Right Arc
never benefit from the Suppressed 1
modifier to be hit. A suppressed tank is
just as big as one that isnt.
Posterior Arc

Finally, Armoured units only count as

in cover if at least 50% of the model is
in cover from the point of view of the
majority of the firers.

Tough to Kill!
All Armoured units have the Tough (n)
special rule, as described on page 49).

40 www.manticgames.com
This basically means they are not dagage or from a failed Nerve test), roll
removed when they suffer the first point a die. On a 4+, the model is removed as
of damage, but only when they have normal. On a 3 or less, the model is left
accumulated an amount of damage in place as a blazing/smoking hulk and
equal to (n). becomes Blocking Terrain for the rest
of the game.
All Armoured units are Tough (3),
except if their entry specifies otherwise. Armoured Units Shooting
Damaged Immobilised Independent Fire
If an Armoured unit has the Tough (n) Thanks to their advanced fire control
special rule, every time you score a systems (or numerous crew), Armoured
point of damage on it, roll a die. On a 4+, units can split their fire against
the vehicle is Immobilised. Whatever different targets. This means that you
the result, you should now also make fire each weapon carried by the vehicle
a Nerve test against the damaged unit separately and in any order you like
see page 36. just declare all of the targets before
starting to fire any weapon.
If a vehicle is Immobilised for any
reason, it must remain stationary for
the rest of the game and can only Halt.

When you destroy an enemy Armoured
unit (either by removing its last point of

The Rules 41
Arc of Fire When working out the line of sight of
Each weapon on an Armoured unit can a vehicles guns, always assume that
only be fired at targets that lie at least they are free to swivel, traverse and
partially in one or more of the units arcs otherwise move as much as the design
(see Diagram I). Each of an Armoured of the model indicates. If you have glued
units weapons has a notation showing your tanks turret in a fixed position, for
in which arc it can be fired. These can example, still assume that it can rotate
be [F] for the Front arc, [L] for the Left all around.
arc, [R] for the Right arc, [P] for the
Posterior arc. Some weapons can be Melee Against
fired in multiple arcs, and this will be Armoured Units
indicated as, for example, [F/L/R], or
even [A] for weapons that can be fired Hitting Armoured units
All Around (so 360 degrees). When rolling to hit an Armoured unit
in Melee, the following to hit modifiers
Line of Sight apply instead of the normal ones:
Work out the line of sight of each 2 fast moving target. The target
weapon (and cover of its target) by is not Immobilised and moved over
looking along its barrel. 12 in its previous activation.

42 www.manticgames.com
+2 stationary target. The target However, it is much easier to find weak
performed a Halt or Hard Turn spots in a vehicles armour at point blank
in its previous activation or is range, so any weapon and unit that has
Immobilised. the Crushing Strength special rule (i.e.
very powerful attacks) will count its
If the target moved up to 12, including damage bonus as two higher (+2) when
performing a Hard Turn, no modifiers attacking a stationary armoured unit (as
apply and the attacker rolls to hit defined above). For example, a model
as normal. with Crushing Strength (2) counts as
Crushing Strength (4).
Damaging Armoured Units
In Melee, there are no bonuses for No Disorder
attacking an Armoured unit in the flank Unlike other units, if an Armoured unit
or posterior arcs, as the attackers are survives a melee, it is not Disordered
clambering all over the enemy vehicle. and it is free to act normally in its
following activation.

Warpath: The Rules 43

Nerve Tests for Armoured Units All Armoured units are Steadfast,
If you inflict one or more points of unless otherwise noted.
damage on a Tough (n) armoured
unit, and the unit is not destroyed, you If an Armoured unit is Destroyed by
immediately test its Nerve, just like a Nerve test, roll as normal to see
when you inflict 50% casualties on an whether the model is left in place (i.e.
infantry unit. the crew have abandoned it) or not (i.e.
the crew have hurriedly driven it off the
field, or abandoned it and blown it up).

44 www.manticgames.com
Ordnance units follow the main Infantry Melee
rules as given earlier, but have a few When attacking an Ordnance unit,
exceptions. We thought it convenient models always receive an additional
to sum up all such unique rules in +1 to hit, as artillery crew are not well
a separate section, so that they are equipped for close combat.
easier to find.
As they cannot move At The Double or
Movement Charge, Ordnance units must move at
All Ordnance units have the Lumbering normal Speed when they are Disordered
special rule, and therefore cannot move they are attempting to redeploy under
At The Double. In addition, they are not cover from friendly units. If they cannot
allowed to Charge. move when Disordered (they could
have been deployed inside an area of
Ordnance units treat all type of terrain terrain, for example), they become
as Blocking Terrain. They can be Suppressed instead.
deployed in areas of difficult terrain, but
in that case they can only Halt for the Note that Ordnance units are not
rest of the game. very good at getting out of the way
of Overrunning armoured units. The
Shooting player rolls two dice to determine how
As they are so bulky, Ordnance units many attack his overrunning vehicle
have the Reload! rule. gets against the Ordnance unit and
chooses the highest of the two results
When an Ordnance unit fires, first pivot crunch!
the gun around its centre to face its
intended target (this does not count as Nerve
moving), and then check its line of sight If you inflict one or more points of
along the barrel of the gun. damage on a Tough (n) Ordnance unit,
and the unit is not Destroyed, you
Tough to Kill! immediately test its Nerve, just like
All Ordnance units are Tough (3), except when you inflict at least 50% casualties
if their entry specifies otherwise. on an Infantry unit.

The Rules 45
Heroes and Monsters
Heroes and Monsters follow the main Tough to Kill!
Infantry rules as given previously, except All Heroes and Monsters are Tough (3),
that they consist of a single model and except if their entry specifies otherwise.
use the exceptions listed below.
Shooting If you inflict one or more points of
Monsters (and not Heroes!) are Obvious damage on a Tough (n) Hero or Monster,
Targets as described for Armoured units. and it is not Destroyed, immediately test
its Nerve, just like when inflicting at
least 50% casualties on an Infantry unit.

Some units (normally Armour or time immediately suffers D6 hits with
Monsters) have the ability of carrying Piercing (1). If it survives the damage
squads of infantry into battle. If a unit (and possible Nerve test), it then receives
has the Transport (n) special rule, it a Done! marker. If the Transport model
can transport any number of units of is removed as a result, the transported
Infantry, and/or Heroes, up to a total units are placed in the Transports place.
number of models equal to (n). If the Transport model remains (as a
blazing hulk) the transported units are
Mounting Up immediately placed around it and, as
Units can be deployed directly inside a much as possible, with all of their models
Transport during Deployment, when its within 1 of the hulk, and in formation.
their turn to be deployed. Otherwise a
unit can mount up by being activated and Dismounting
then move to within 1 of a Transport. Transported units cannot be activated
Transported units are removed from the while transported, unless you want
table clearly mark which unit is inside them to Dismount from the transport.
which transport for your opponent to Transported units cannot Dismount from
see (sometimes, players like to leave the a transport that moved at Full Speed
Leader model on top of, or next to the that same Turn. For a transported unit to
vehicle as a reminder). Dismount, you must attempt to activate
it. If successful, the unit is placed so
Transported units cease to exist from that all of its models are in formation
the point of view of the game until they and within 3 of the Transport. The unit
Dismount. While they are transported, must then make a normal Move (no
they can do nothing and cannot suffer Charging or moving At The Double), and
any damage. However, if their Transport counts as moving even if they decide
is destroyed, each unit on board at the not to move any further.

46 www.manticgames.com
Special Rules
Units, or entire armies, sometimes possess you can re-roll the die for shaking
what we call Special Rules. Each of these off the effects of Suppression and
special rules is an exception to the normal successfully activating.
rules. The most common of them are listed
here, but we will undoubtedly add more to Immobile
this list at a later date. The unit is so heavy that it cannot move
under its own power, or it is simply built
Bulky into a defensive position.
Size matters. This unit must always Halt when
The unit cannot be transported. activated and cannot move. If forced to
move by any reason, it is destroyed.
Not everyone is cut out to be a warrior... Infiltration
If the unit wants to Charge, roll a die. On a result The unit is extremely adept at infiltrating
2+ the Charge proceeds as normal. On a 1, the unit and acting behind enemy lines.
misunderstands the order and Halts instead. During your Deployment, you can place
this unit up anywhere on the table
Crushing Strength (n) outside of the enemys Deployment
This rule is used to represent the area and more than 12 from any
devastating effects of Melee hits from enemy unit that has already deployed.
creatures of terrible strength, or equipped
with specialised close combat weaponry. Inspiring
All Melee hits inflicted by the unit have The bravery of a heroic individual, the
a +(n) modifier when rolling to damage. presence of a feared superior officer or
indeed the mind-link of some controlling
Elite alien creature, are all factors that
Elite creatures are true masters of the contribute to make troops fight that
art of war. much harder and helps them retain
Whenever the unit rolls to hit, it can re- momentum during an attack.
roll one of the dice that failed to hit. If the unit itself, or any friendly unit
within 6 of it, fails an Activation Test,
Fast you can choose to immediately re-roll
Zooooooooooommmmm!!! the die. The second result stands. This
When moving At The Double or at Full ability can only be used once per Turn
Speed, this unit trebles its Speed rather though, so choose wisely!
than doubling it.
Note that this re-roll is for the
Headstrong initial Activation test only, and that
Ive got no time to bleed. a Suppressed unit still has to make
When you are trying to activate an additional roll to pass the test,
this unit when it is Suppressed, as normal.

The Rules 47
Jump Troops Lumbering
Some troops use anti-grav personal Some machineries of war are not built
systems, jump jets, short-range for speed, but more than compensate
teleporters and other more exotic gear for it with firepower.
allowing them to cross the battlefield The unit cannot move At The Double or at
at speed. Full Speed. When Charging, it does so at
The unit can move normally on the ground normal speed and not at double speed.
using its Speed value, or can activate its
jump jets. If it does so, its Speed changes Steadfast
to 9 (so, 18 when moving At The Double No retreat! No surrender!
or when Charging), and it can move The unit treats Suppressed results on
over anything without penalties (enemy Nerve tests as Steady instead, including
units, Blocking Terrain, areas of Difficult in Melee.
Terrain, etc.), but still cannot land on top
of Blocking Terrain or within 1 of another Stealthy
unit. If it Charges using its jump jets, in The unit is extremely adept at hiding, or
the ensuing Melee it does not suffer the benefits from thermo-optical screening.
-1 to hit penalty for charging a defensive Enemies shooting against the unit
position or for a disrupted charge. suffer an additional -1 to hit modifier.

When mounting and dismounting from Recon

a transport, Jump Troops must move This unit is trained to range ahead of
on the ground using their normal the main force, scouting the terrain
Speed value and cannot do so and use and gathering information.
their jump jets. The unit can make a single At The
Double or Full Speed move after all
Deployment is finished, but before the
players roll for the Initiative on Turn 1.

48 www.manticgames.com
If both armies have units with this rule, an activation, the enemy will test its
roll a die. The highest scorer decides who Nerve, as described on page 36.
begins to move one of his Recon units
first, then the players alternate until all Vicious
Recon units have been moved. The units attacks are lethal poisoned,
corrosive or infected with a highly virulent
Tough (n) pathogen.
Some models that form a unit of their own, Whenever the unit rolls to damage, it
like armoured vehicles, heroes, monsters can re-roll one of the dice that failed
and artillery pieces, can take quite some to damage.
punishment and keep fighting.
Models with this rule are not removed Zap! (n)
when they suffer their first point of This represents all sort of assorted
damage, but rather when they have taken alien mind-burning powers and other
a number of points of damage equal to exoteric modes of attack.
the number in the brackets. This means The model has a ranged attack.
that you must keep track of the amount of This attack has a Firepower equal
damage they suffer during the game, by to (n), a range of 24, always hits on
writing it down or using damage counters. 4+ (regardless of modifiers) and is
Piercing (1).
Whenever one of these models suffers
one or more points of damage during

The Rules 49
Armour Special Rules Units transported aboard Open Top
The following special rules are normally transports can be activated even when
given to armoured units. they dont Dismount. If you do that, up
to three transported models can fire
Hoverer temporarily place the models on the
Used for vehicles that can fly at low transporting model in order to work out
altitude, hover in stationary flight and land their line of sight and range.
vertically at will, much like a helicopter or
anti-grav gunship. If the transport has already been activated
The unit moves over anything without and has moved at normal speed, the
penalties (Blocking Terrain, Difficult passengers can shoot as normal.
Terrain, enemy units, etc.), but cannot
land on top of them. In addition the unit However, if the transport has already
cannot Overrun enemy units, and it can been activated and has moved at Full
only initiate a Collision against enemy Speed, the passengers cannot shoot.
units that also have this rule. The unit can
be charged only if its already Immobilised. In addition, transported units can
move At The Double and even Charge
The unit also has the Nimble special after Dismounting from an Open Top
rule. unit instead of being forced to make
a normal Move. However, they charge
Nimble at their normal Speed, rather than
Used for vehicles with little or no armour, doubling it.
this rule makes the unit much more
manoeuvrable. Stabilised
If moving at normal speed, the unit can This vehicle is designed to fire its
make a single extra Hard Turn move at weapons on the move.
any point during its movement. If this unit moves at Full Speed, it can
still fire one of its weapons (except for
Open Top weapons with the Reload! special rule).
Used for vehicles that have soft skin
and/or have no cover at all, so that the
crew are exposed to enemy fire.
Open Top armoured units have a
considerably lower Def value, and are
not Steadfast, as the enemy attacks can
easily cut down the crew or force them
to duck for cover inside their vehicle.
This does make them very vulnerable
in melee, where a Suppressed result
would destroy them as normal.

50 www.manticgames.com
Weapons Special Rules All hits inflicted by the weapon have a
The following special rules represent a +(n) modifier when rolling to damage.
variety of weapon effects and capabilities.
Blast (n) Pistols have the great advantage that
Booooooommmmm!!! they can be used both at a range and
Roll to hit normally. Then, any hit in melee, making them extremely
caused is multiplied by the number flexible weapons.
indicated in the bracket before rolling A model armed with a pistol has one
to damage. extra Attack in Melee.

Howitzer In addition, if the pistol has a Piercing

Some flexible weapons can either be value, it confers an equivalent Crushing
fired directly at the enemy or used to Strength to all of the models Melee
bombard very distant targets. attacks. If the model already has
The weapon may either be fired Crushing Strength, it will use the
normally or by using the Indirect Fire highest value available either its
special rule. Declare before you fire. own or the pistols for all of its Melee
Indirect fire
The weapon fires its shots in high arcing Reload!
trajectories. Receiving coordinates Some powerful weapons need a long
from observers in orbit, the operator time to prepare for firing or to reload
can engage targets it cannot see. once they have fired.
However, he cannot fire at enemies The weapon can only be fired if the unit
who get too close. has Halted during this activation.
The weapons shots never suffer any
to hit modifiers for range or cover. Saturation
However, it can never target units This rule is used for flame throwers
within 12. and other attacks where a great gout
of incendiary liquid or toxic gas fills
In addition, the weapon may be fired at an area.
targets that the operator cannot see, but This weapon always hits on 4+,
in this case it will suffer an additional -1 regardless of any modifiers.
To Hit modifier.
Piercing (n) A weapon designed to hunt and kill
This rule is given to high-powered enemy Leaders.
ranged attacks that have a better If the unit remains stationary and fires,
chance of penetrating the armour of this weapons shots ignore any cover
enemy units. modifiers and the Stealthy special rule.

The Rules 51
During Deployment, you can leave up the unit. This can be anywhere on your
to half of the units in your army behind long table edge or on either short table
and not deploy them on the table. These edge, a number of feet away from your
units are your Reinforcements and will long edge equal to the current turn
be able to arrive later during the game. number (so up to 12 in on Turn 1, up to
24 in on Turn 2 etc.).
You dont need to activate these units
during your turn. If you do attempt to For example, on your third turn the
activate them, however, you must first entry point can be on your long table
take an Activation test as normal and edge or on either short table edge
then confirm the activation exactly within three feet of your long edge.
as you would when activating a
Suppressed unit (see page 25). If the unit arrives on your fifth turn, it
can also enter from the enemy long
If the Activation test is failed, or edge, but within a foot of either corner,
you fail to Shake off the effects of or within two feet of the corners if it
Suppression, the unit will not enter the arrives on your sixth turn (the unit has
game that turn and the Initiative passes obviously encircled the enemy position).
to the opponent as normal (unless of
course this is done during the Final Place the units Leader in contact
Activations). If at the end of the game with the entry point and position
the unit is still off the table, it does not the remaining models in formation
count as Destroyed. around him as normal. Then you must
immediately move the unit at normal
When a Reinforcing unit is activated, speed, in the same way as units
immediately choose an entry point for Dismounting from a transport.

52 www.manticgames.com
The way buildings are represented on or above the target, and then the Charge
a wargames table varies enormously, is resolved applying the -1 defensive
but roughly they can be divided into positions/disrupted charge modifier. If
two categories which we will analyse the enemy is destroyed in Melee, the
separately: Devastated Multi-floor charging unit is moved in their place.
Buildings and Solid Buildings. Keep in
mind that these are quick rules, to be Solid Buildings
replaced in the future by a supplement These are buildings that are still intact
covering the details of fighting in and we assume that you are not able
ruined cities. to open them and move your models
inside them.
Devastated Multi-floor Buildings
These are the simplest type of buildings, The simplest solution is to treat these
no more than three-dimensional areas buildings as Blocking Terrain.
of Difficult Terrain, with several floors
still reachable by your models. Of Otherwise, if you prefer to use them
course, we assume that you are able in your games and decide that your
to reach inside this type of building and models can enter them, you need to
move your models. treat them as Immobilised Transport
vehicles. Before the game you must
As we said, these treacherous placers therefore decide what Defence value
are Difficult Terrain, unless the players and what Transport value to assign to
agree otherwise, so movement across each solid building on the table.
them is slow.
Listed below are some guidelines for
In addition, any Infantry and Hero Defence values.
models can move up or down a floor
Wooden hut 7+
by making a move at the double, as
we assume there are ruined stairs or Log cabin 8+
ladders, or other climbing implements, Brick house 9+
or even just piles of rubble, connecting
Concrete building 10+
each floor. Always ensure that a unit is
Bunker 11+ or better
completely on one of the floors, as units
stretching two or more floors are way
too complicated for these quick rules. As for Transport capacity, our guideline
is to say that a building has a Transport
A unit can declare that it is Charging value of 10 per 6 square section.
an enemy that is occupying a floor
immediately above or below its present When Mounting (i.e. entering) and
position. The chargers are moved so that Dismounting (i.e. leaving) from a
they are as close as possible underneath building, units can only use facings

The Rules 53
that have opening large enough for the described in the Open Top special rule
models to move through doors, gates, (note that buildings do not otherwise
large windows, etc. This means that have the Open Top rule). When shooting
models must be within 2 of the side out of a building, draw line of sight from
of the building that has such openings any obvious opening.
when entering/leaving buildings.
All the rules for attacking Immobilised
Once inside a building, the unit is Armoured units apply, except that
assumed to occupy the entire building any unit shooting at a building always
all of its floors. Other friendly units counts as in its front arc. If a building
can enter the same building up to the is destroyed, replace it with an area
Transport value, but enemy units can of rubble (Difficult Terrain) and then
no longer enter it and must instead resolve damage against any unit inside
attack the building itself in other it as you would for transported units
words the building has now turned into if their transport is destroyed. Finally,
one of your Transport vehicles. place any surviving models that were
inside the building within this area
Units inside buildings can be activated these models are automatically
to get out of them and can also be Suppressed.
activated to shoot out of them, as

54 www.manticgames.com
Picking a Force
You can play Warpath with just a few includes. We call these Irregular units,
units per side, without worrying about and they are not Solid units because
the two sides being equally matched. they are not representative of the core,
This is great for learning the game, but or mainstay force, of their army.
after youve become familiar with the
rules and amassed a large collection of In addition, if a unit has [1] after its
models, you might want to try a game name in the list, it is a Living Legend
where the forces are balanced, so that and this means that only one such unit
both players have an equal chance of exists and can therefore be only be
winning the game. included in a players army once.

To achieve this, you and your opponent must Allied Armies

pick an army before the game. First, agree You are free to mix units from different
a maximum total of points, say 2,000 points. races in your army, as long as you always
Then start picking units from the army lists keep in mind that you need a Solid unit of
provided by Mantic. Each unit costs a certain a specific race to include each Ordnance
amount of points as listed in its entry in the unit, Armoured unit and Hero or Monster
appropriate army list (including any options of that race.
like additional weapons). For example, a
squad might cost around 100 points. You can also join forces with your
friends and play with several allied
As you pick units and include them in your armies on either or both sides, as
army, keep adding their cost until you have long as the points values are balanced
reached the total you agreed. You can of (unless you agree otherwise).
course spend less than the agreed total.
However, alliances between races
The only limit we set to stop ruthless that are hated enemies in the Warpath
gamers from concocting absurd armies is background are not very realistic, so
that for every Solid unit in your army (i.e. we have given a specific list of Possible
units of at least 10 infantry models), you can Allies to each army.
include 1 Ordnance unit, 1 Armoured unit
and 1 Hero or Monster. So, for example, So please try to follow these guidelines
including 3 Solid units gives you access to and dont include units of an army that
up to 3 Ordnance units, 3 Armoured units is not a Possible Ally in your army,
and up to 3 Heroes or Monsters. unless your opponent agrees, of course.

Note that some units have an asterisk

next to their name (for example:
Stunts*). This indicates that the unit
is never counted as a Solid unit,
regardless of the number of models it

The Rules 55
Game Scenario
1) Prepare your Forces of Difficult or Impassable terrain? If you
First of all you and your opponent need are using buildings, agree how you will
to pick armies to an agreed total of treat them during the game.
points, using the process described in
Picking a Force. 4) Set Time
The game lasts 5 turns. At the end of
2) Choose a Gaming Area turn 5, the player rolls a die. On a 1-3
We assume that games of Warpath the game ends. On a 4-6 an extra turn
will be played on a 6x4 foot area, is played and then the game ends. Of
either on a table or another flat course you can agree to change the
surface, like the floor. number of turns you are going to play
for, or instead that you are going to play
3) Terrain Alien Worlds for a set amount of time (we suggest
Before the game, you should place two hours), after which the game
some terrain on the battlefield. Try to continues until the current turn ends.
recreate an evocative landscape of the Alternatively, you could also play a
futuristic/alien world your armies are Timed Game, as explained in the Timed
battling on and always keep in mind Games section of the main rulebook.
that Warpath plays better if there is a
good amount of terrain on the table. 5) Engagement Brief
Ideally, you need a few large pieces of So, when the game ends, who is going
terrain completely blocking the models to be the winner? In order to determine
line of sight, so that units have to move that, roll a die now to see what type of
around to engage targets. Also, you game you will be playing:
need a fair amount of smaller terrain
that gives your units some cover from
enemy fire. Without enough terrain D6 Type of Game
on the table, units might just sit on 1-2 Meat Grinder
the edge blasting away at each other, 3-4 Scorched Earth
which is not much fun, especially on the
5-6 Total Global Domination
receiving side. A good solution is to find
a third (and neutral!) person to lay out
the terrain for you. As a rule of thumb, Meat Grinder
try to cover around a third of the table At the end of the game, add up the cost
with a mixture of terrain types. of all of enemy units you Destroyed.
That is your score. Your opponent does
During this stage its vital that you the same and you compare scores.
agree what each piece of terrain is If the difference between the scores
going to count as during the game in favour of a player is at least 20% of
is it Blocking Terrain, an Obstacle, a the total cost of the armies, that player
piece of Decorative terrain, or an area wins. Otherwise the game is a draw.

56 www.manticgames.com
Player A Set-up Area
For example, in a game where
armies are 2,000 points, you
need at least 400 points more
than the opponent to win.
Middle Line
Scorched Earth 12
Place D3+4 Objectives on
the battlefield. For objective
markers, you should use Player B Set-up Area
25mm round bases, but
two pence coins or items
of similar size are also fine. the game (as described above) is worth
Both players roll a die. Whoever scores an amount of points equal to 10% of the
highest places the first marker, and cost of the armies. For example, in a
then players take turns placing the game where each army is 2,000 points,
markers. Objective markers must be each Objective is worth 200 points.
placed more than 12 from one another,
and not in Impassable terrain. 6) Deployment
Both you and your opponent first place
If, at the end of the game you have a unit all of your units next to the playing
within 1 of an Objective Marker and surface for the other player to see. You
no enemies within 1 of it, you control can also have a look at each others
that Objective. A unit can only control a army list, to ensure you both understand
single Objective. If you control two more what force you are going to face. Then
Objectives than your opponent, you win, both players roll a die. The highest
otherwise the game is a draw. If you scorer chooses one long edge of the
play on a smaller or larger surface, battlefield as his own and then places
adjust the number of Objectives as (or deploys) one of his units on that side
follows: add/remove one Objective for of the battlefield, more than 12 from
each 2x2 section you add/remove from the middle line (see the diagram above).
the normal 6x4 area. For example, His opponent then does the same on the
that means using D3+2 Objectives if opposite side of the table.
your surface is 4x4, or it means D3+6
Objectives on a 8x4 area. The players keep alternating in doing this
until they have deployed all of their units
Total Global Domination onto the table. You can leave up to half of
Proceed as for Scorched Earth above the units in your army off the table, and
but at the end of the game count the any undeployed unit will be treated as a
points just like in a Meat Grinder game. Reinforcement (see page 52).
In addition to points for killing units,
any Objective you control at the end of 7) Begin the Game!

The Rules 57
Timed Games
We really enjoy playing a game of he loses the Initiative and then stops
Warpath in a relaxed atmosphere, his clock and activates the opponents
along with the accompaniment of epic clock, and so on.
music, beer, pizza and the unavoidable
truculent banter. However, the game is The game ends at the agreed number
designed so that you can also decide of turns and victory conditions are
to introduce another dimension to worked out as normal. However, if a
the fight: time. This way youll be able player runs out of time during any one
to experience some of the pressure of his turns, the game ends instantly
of real battle, when snap decisions and his entire army routs immediately
make the difference between victory or remove all of his remaining units, as
defeat, life or death! if they suffered a Destroyed result,
and work out the victory conditions
Chess Clocks as normal. However, in an Objective-
The best tool for timed games is a chess based game the opponent is allowed to
clock, a clever device that ensures time keep moving his units for as many turns
is equally divided amongst the players, as there are left in the game in order
thus creating the ultimate fair and to grab Objectives before the victory
balanced wargame. conditions are worked out.

Simply agree a number of turns for the Other Timers

game and an amount of time per player, If you dont have a chess clock at hand,
and set the chess clock accordingly. dont worry the stopwatch in your
For a 2,000 points game, we suggest phone or watch, or even an hourglass
sticking to the recommended five turns or egg timer will do fine.
(plus roll for a sixth) and one hour
per player, but its up you to find the If you use one of these, then each player
pace you prefer for your games. Then, gets an agreed amount of time per
after deciding which player begins to Initiative segment (i.e. from the moment
Deploy, start that players clock. Once he receives the Initiative to the moment
hes finished deploying the first unit, he surrenders it to the opponent). We
he stops his clock and activates the suggest that each Initiative segment
opponents clock, and so on. should take five minutes.

Once Deployment is finished, stop both

clocks and begin the game by rolling
the first Initiative phase.

Once the winner of the roll has chosen

who has the Initiative, re-start that
players clock. That player plays until

58 www.manticgames.com
If a player runs out of time during his a rule, an unclear line of sight, etc.
Initiative segment, he can finish the
activation of the unit he was in the middle It is also best if any unit you Destroy is
of activating, but his Initiative then ends. removed by your opponent, together
with any Suppressed, Done or other
Make sure that you also set a time limit markers the unit had.
for Deployment (30 seconds per unit
works fine). By all means, you and your opponent
can vary the amount of time you have
Be Nice! for your game or your turns according to
Of course, its only fair to stop the chess your own taste, but if youre like us, you
clock or timer if one of the players is are going to love the pressure created by
distracted from the game (by a phone call timed games after all, in real war one
or the like), or if the players need to check rarely has the luxury of time...

Warpath: The Rules 59

The Corporation
Army Special Rules unit entry. Note that a solid that is upgraded
to include a heavy weapon team is still solid.
Command & Control
For all models in this list, the Inspiring In addition, any weapon carried by the heavy
special rule has a range of 12 instead of weapon team counts as having the Reload! rule.
the usual 6.
Heavy Weapon Teams Marauders, Forge Fathers, Veer-myn,
A heavy weapon team counts as a single Asterians.
model armed with the weapon stated in the


The Marines are well trained and well equipped they form the true core of any Corporation force.

Marines Team Cost: 50pts Marines Section Cost: 120pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Marine 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10 Marine 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10
Unit: 4 Marines (laser rifles) and 1 Corporal Unit: 9 Marines (laser rifles) and 1 Sergeant
(laser rifle). (laser pistol and energy gauntlet).
Options: One Marine can replace his rifle with Options: Up to two Marines can replace their
a heavy laser rifle for +5pts. One Marine can rifle with a heavy laser rifle for +5pts each.
replace his rifle with a tactical flame unit for One Marine can replace his rifle with a tactical
+25pts. The Corporal may be replaced by a flame unit for +25pts.
Sergeant (laser pistol and energy gauntlet) for
+20pts. Marines Platoon Cost: 240pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Marine 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10
Unit: 18 Marines (laser rifles), 1 Corporal
(laser pistol and energy gauntlet) and 1
Sergeant (laser pistol and energy gauntlet).
The Sergeant is the units leader.
Options: Up to four Marines can replace their
rifle with a heavy laser rifle for +5pts each. Up
to two Marines can replace their rifle with a
tactical flame unit for +25pts each.

60 www.manticgames.com
Marine Veterans

Marine Veterans are stubborn experts in point defence and have access to heavy weaponry.

Veterans Team Cost: 60pts Veterans Section Cost: 145pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Veteran 5 4+ 1 4+ 9/11 Veteran 5 4+ 1 4+ 9/11
Unit: 4 Veterans (laser rifles) and 1 Corporal Unit: 7 Veterans (laser rifles), one weapon
(laser rifle). team (burst laser) and 1 Sergeant (laser pistol
Options: Up to two Veterans can replace their and energy gauntlet).
rifle with a heavy laser rifle for +5pts each. One Options: Up to four Veterans can replace their
Veteran can replace his rifle with a tactical flame rifle with a heavy laser rifle for +5pts each.
unit for +25pts. The Corporal may be replaced Up to two Veterans can replace their rifle with
by a Sergeant (pistol and energy gauntlet) for a tactical flame unit for +25pts each. The
+20pts. Two Veterans can be replaced by a single weapon team can replace their burst laser
heavy weapon team (burst laser) for +5pts. The with a light laser cannon for +10pts.
heavy weapon team can replace their burst laser
with a light laser cannon for +10pts.

Rangers Heavy Weapons

With drop-packs and high-powered rifles, Rangers These tripod-mounted weapons support the
specialise in operating behind enemy lines. Marines with their whithering firepower.

Rangers Team Cost: 90pts Heavy Weapon Section Cost: 75pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Ranger 5 4+ 1 4+ 9/11 Marine 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10
Unit: 4 Veterans (heavy laser rifles) and 1 Unit: 3 heavy weapon teams (burst lasers).
Corporal (heavy laser rifle). Options: Replace all burst lasers with light
Special: Elite, Infiltration, Magnetic charges. laser cannons for +30pts in total.
Options: Up to two Rangers can replace their
rifle with a tactical flame unit for +20pts each.
The Corporal may be replaced by a Sergeant
(pistol and energy gauntlet) for +15pts.

Rangers Section Cost: 200pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Ranger 5 4+ 1 4+ 9/11
Unit: 9 Rangers (heavy laser rifles) and 1
Sergeant (laser pistol and energy gauntlet).
Special: Elite, Infiltration, Magnetic charges.
Options: Up to three Rangers can replace their
rifle with a tactical flame unit for +20pts each.

Corporation army list 61

These lightly armoured scout walkers form the vanguard of the Corporation spearheads.

Strider Section Cost: 180pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Strider 6 4+ 1 6+ 8/10
Unit: 3 striders (burst lasers).
Special: Recon, Fast, Crushing Strength (1),
Options: Replace all burst lasers with tactical
flame units for free, or with light laser
cannons for +30pts in total.

Enforcers - Strike Units

Fast, tough and lethal, the Enforcers are the ultimate human fighting force.

Strike Team Cost: 120pts Strike Section  Cost: 240pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Enforcer 5 3+ 1 5+ 9/11 Enforcer 5 3+ 1 5+ 9/11
Unit: 4 Enforcers (heavy laser rifle) and 1 Unit: 9 Enforcers (heavy laser rifle) and 1
Sergeant (heavy laser pistol). Sergeant (heavy laser pistol).
Special: Jump Troops, Crushing Strength (1), Special: Jump Troops, Crushing Strength (1),
Magnetic charges. Magnetic charges.
Options: One Enforcer can replace his rifle Options: Up to two Enforcers can replace
with a tactical flame unit or a burst laser for their rifle with a tactical flame unit or a burst
+20pts, or a rocket launcher for +30pts in total. laser for +20pts each, or a rocket launcher for
+30pts each.

Enforcers - Assault Units

Enforcers assault units favour pistol and combat blades, for close-in work.

Assault Team Cost: 120pts Assault Section Cost: 240pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Enforcer 5 3+ 1 5+ 9/11 Enforcer 5 3+ 1 5+ 9/11
Unit: 4 Enforcers (heavy laser pistol) and 1 Unit: 9 Enforcers (heavy laser pistol) and 1
Sergeant (heavy laser pistol). Sergeant (heavy laser pistol).
Special: Jump Troops, Crushing Strength (1), Special: Jump Troops, Crushing Strength (1),
Magnetic charges. Magnetic charges.
Options: One Enforcer can replace his pistol Options: Up to two Enforcers can replace their
with a tactical flame unit for +20pts. pistol with a tactical flame unit for +20pts each.

62 www.manticgames.com
Enforcers - Suppression Units

Mobile firepower without equal, the multiple heavy weapons of a single Suppression unit
are a match for large enemy forces.

Suppression Team Cost: 120pts Suppression Section  Cost: 240pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Enforcer 5 3+ 1 5+ 9/11 Enforcer 5 3+ 1 5+ 9/11
Unit: 4 Enforcers (heavy laser rifle) and 1 Unit: 9 Enforcers (heavy laser rifle) and 1
Sergeant (heavy laser pistol). Sergeant (heavy laser pistol).
Special: Jump Troops, Crushing Strength (1), Special: Jump Troops, Crushing Strength (1),
Magnetic charges. Magnetic charges.
Options: Two Enforcers must replace their Options: Four Enforcers must replace their
rifle with a burst laser for +20pts each, or a rifle with a burst laser for +20pts each, or a
rocket launcher for +30pts each. A further two rocket launcher for +30pts each. A further five
Enforcers can replace their rifle with a burst Enforcers can replace their rifle with a burst
laser for +20pts each, or a rocket launcher for laser for +20pts each, or a rocket launcher for
+30pts each. +30pts each.

Field Artillery Cost: 95pts
These really big guns can bombard enemy
troops or take out their armour.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Field Artillery 5 4+ 5+ 8/10
Unit: 1 artillery piece (field howitzer).
Options: Can replace the field howitzer with a
heavy laser cannon for +20pts.

Corporation army list 63

Apc-13 Warrior Cost: 130pts SPA-7 pounder Cost: 145pts
The Warrior is the workhorse of the Batteries of lightly armoured Pounders sit at
Corporation, safely delivering the Marines the back and shell the enemy positions.
where they are most neeed. Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Pounder 12 4+ 7+ 8/10
Warrior 12 4+ 9+ /10 Unit: 1 Blaster SPA one field howitzer [F],
Unit: 1 Warrior APC one burst laser [A], one one burst laser [F].
burst laser [F]. Special: Open Top, Crushing Strength (2).
Special: Stabilised, Transport (10), Crushing Options: Can replace the field howitzer with a
Strength (4). multiple rocket launcher for +35pts.

Main Battle Tank Flame-Thrower Light Tank

mbt-01 Pulverizer Cost: 260pts Flt-8 Firestorm Cost: 130pts
Sporting the thickest armour and an These much feared vehicles rush forward at
impressive array of large guns, the Pulverizer top speed to drench the enemy positions in
is the main battle tank of the Corporation. highly volatile flaming liquids.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Pulverizer 12 4+ 11+ /10 Firestorm 12 4+ 9+ /10
Unit: 1 Pulverizer MBT one heavy laser Unit: 1 Firestorm FLT one tactical flame
cannon or close assault gun [A], one burst weapon [A], one burst laser or tactical flame
laser or tactical flame weapon [F]. weapon [F].
Special: Stabilised, Crushing Strength (6), Special: Stabilised, Fast, Crushing Strength (4).
Tough (4).
Options: Can replace the burst laser with a
light laser cannon for +10pts. Can buy two
burst lasers or two tactical flame weapons
(one [R] and one [L]) for +50pts, or two light
laser cannons (one [R] and one [L]) for +70pts.

64 www.manticgames.com
Heroes And Monsters Weapons

Commander (Hero) Cost: 60pts Fire Ran Special
These charismatic individuals are the nodes in Laser rifle 1 24
the complex tactical net that coordinates the Laser pistol 1 12 Pistol
efforts of any Corporation force. Heavy laser rifle 1 18 Piercing (1)
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Heavy laser pistol 1 12 Piercing (1),
Commander 5 4+ 1 4+ 10/12 Pistol
Unit: 1 Commander (heavy laser pistol). Sniper rifle 1 36 Piercing (3),
Special: Inspiring (not for Enforcers), Stealthy, Sniper, Reload!
Support Grid Relay. Tactical flame unit 10 12 Saturation
Options: Can have an energy gauntlet for +20pts. Burst laser 5 36 Piercing (1)
Light laser cannon 1 36 Piercing (6)
Rocket launcher 1 36 Piercing (5)
Sniper (Hero) Cost: 50pts Heavy laser cannon 1 72 Piercing (6)
Sudden death! Close assault gun 1 24 Blast (D6),
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Piercing (5)
Sniper 5 3+ 1 4+ 9/11 Field howitzer 1 72 Howitzer,
Unit: 1 Sniper (sniper rifle, laser pistol). Blast (D6), Piercing (2), Reload!
Special: Stealthy, Infiltration. Multiple rocket launcher 2 72 Indirect Fire,
Options: Can have magnetic charges for +5pts. Blast (D6), Piercing (1), Reload!

Energy gauntlet
Enforcer Captain (Hero) Cost: 60pts This weapon confers Crushing Strength (5)
The Captains of the Enforcers combine to all of the models Attacks. It cannot be
great leadership qualities with awesome used in conjunction with a pistol though, so
combat ability. a model equipped with both must choose
Spd Hit Att Def Ner which one to use before he attacks in melee.
Captain 5 3+ 2 6+ 10/12
Unit: 1 Captain (heavy laser pistol). Magnetic charges
Special: Inspiring, Jump Troops, Crushing If in melee against an Armoured unit, instead
Strength (2), Magnetic charges. of attacking normally, the model can make a
Options: Can have an energy gauntlet for +20pts. single special attack. If this attack hits, the hit is
resolved at Crushing Strength (3), or Crushing
Strength (5) if the target is stationary.

Support Grid Relay

The model counts as armed with a Multiple
Rocket Launcher, which he can use only once per
game. This represents artillery barrages from off-
map artillery, high level bombers or ships in orbit.

Army Lists: Corporation 65

The Marauders
Army Special Rules Allies
Corporation, Forge Fathers, Veer-myn,
Melee Specialists Asterians, Rebs.
All units in this list have the Crushing
Strength (1) special rule, unless otherwise
stated in their entry.


Lethal close combat fighters, Marauder Grunts are the best mercenaries money can hire.

Grunts Team Cost: 50pts Grunts Platoon Cost: 200pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Grunt 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10 Grunt 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10
Unit: 4 Grunts (pistol) and 1 Leader (pistol). Unit: 19 Grunts (pistol) and 1 Leader (pistol).
Options: The Leader can have a ripper talon Options: The Leader can have a ripper talon
for +25pts. for +25pts. One Grunt can have a ripper talon
for +25pts. Up to two Grunts can replace their
Grunts Section Cost: 100pts pistol with a machine gun, flamethrower or an
Spd Hit Att Def Ner anti-tank gun for +25pts each.
Grunt 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10
Unit: 9 Grunts (pistol) and 1 Leader (pistol).
Options: The Leader can have a ripper talon
for +25pts. One Grunt can replace his pistol
with a machine gun, flamethrower or an anti-
tank gun for +25pts.
Their role is to cover the Grunts advance with the whithering fire of their assault rifles.

Fraggers Team Cost: 50pts Fraggers Section Cost: 100pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Fragger 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10 Fragger 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10
Unit: 4 Fraggers (rifle) and 1 Leader (rifle). Unit: 9 Fraggers (rifle) and 1 Leader (rifle).
Options: The Leader can replace his rifle with Options: The Leader can replace his rifle with
pistol and ripper talon for +25pts. One Grunt pistol and ripper talon for +25pts. Up to two
can replace his rifle with a machine gun or an Grunts can replace their rifle with a machine
anti-tank gun for +25pts. gun or an anti-tank gun for +25pts each.

66 www.manticgames.com

Whats scarier than Grunts coming at you? Flying Grunts coming at you!

Jumpers Team Cost: 75pts Jumpers Platoon Cost: 300pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Jumper 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10 Jumper 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10
Unit: 4 Jumpers (pistol) and 1 Leader (pistol). Unit: 19 Jumpers (pistol) and 1 Leader (pistol).
Special: Jump troops Special: Jump troops
Options: The Leader can have a ripper talon Options: The Leader can have a ripper talon
for +25pts. One Grunt can have a ripper talon for +25pts. Up to five Grunts can have a ripper
for +25pts. talon for +25pts each. Up to two Grunts can
replace their pistol with a flamethrower for
Jumpers Section Cost: 150pts +25pts each.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Jumper 5 4+ 1 4+ 8/10
Unit: 9 Jumpers (pistol) and 1 Leader (pistol).
Special: Jump troops
Options: The Leader can have a ripper talon
for +25pts. Up to two Grunts can have a ripper
talon for +25pts each. One Grunt can replace
his pistol with a flamethrower for +25pts.

Rippers Stunts*
The Rippers wear armoured battlesuits with A sub-species of the Orx race, the smaller
lethal powered claws for close encounters. Stunts are perfect for all dangerous jobs

Ripper Team Cost: 100pts Stunts Section Cost: 35pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Ripper 4 4+ 1 6+ 8/10 Stunt 5 5+ 1 3+ 7/9
Unit: 4 Rippers (ripper pistol and ripper talon) Unit: 9 Stunts (stunt gun) and 1 Runt (stunt gun).
and 1 Leader (ripper pistol and ripper talon). Special: Puny (Stunts do not have any
Crushing Strength and are Craven).
Ripper Section Cost: 200pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Stunts Platoon Cost: 70pts
Ripper 4 4+ 1 6+ 8/10 Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Unit: 9 Rippers (ripper pistol and ripper talon) Stunt 5 5+ 1 3+ 7/9
and 1 Leader (ripper pistol and ripper talon). Unit: 19 Stunts (stunt gun) and 1 Runt (stunt gun).
Special: Puny (as above).

Marauders army list 67

Stunt-Bots Ordnance

Stunt-Bot Team Cost: 150pts Cannon Cost: 95pts
Only the most intelligent and bravest of the This versatile artillery can be used with HE
Stunts are given powered exoscheletons to pilot. shells against infantry or anti-tank rounds.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Stunt-bot 5 5+ 1 7+ 8/10 Cannon 5 4+ 5+ 8/10
Unit: 3 stunt bots (machine gun). Unit: 1 artillery piece (big shells cannon).
Special: Crushing Strength (5), Bulky. Options: Can replace the big shells cannon
Options: Replace all machine guns with with a tank killer cannon for +20pts.
flamethrowers or with anti-tank guns for free.

Raptor Cost: 105pts Juggernaut Cost: 160pts
This light buggy can quickly deliver a small Crawling with guns and with Grunts ready to
group of Grunts right where theyre needed. jump at the enemys throats, the Juggernaut is
Spd Hit Att Def Ner the ultimate Marauder transport.
Raptor 16 4+ 7+ 8/10 Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Unit: 1 Raptor one anti-tank gun, machine Arm 12 4+ 9+ 8/10
gun or flamethrower [F]. Unit: 1 Juggernaut one anti-tank gun,
Special: Nimble, Open Top, Transport (10), machine gun or flame thrower [F].
Crushing Strength (2). Special: Open Top, Crushing Strength (5),
Options: Can have a Quad upgrade for free Tough (4), Transport (20). A Juggernaut can
(losing Nimble, but gaining Fast). transport a single Ordnance unit (which counts
as 20 models).
Bull Cost: 120pts Options: Can buy up to two machine guns,
The Bull was designed to offer better antitank guns or flamethrowers (in any
protection to crew and passengers, at the combination) [A], for +15pts each, each
expense of speed. weapon reducing its transport capacity by (5).
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Can buy a big shells cannon [A] for +20pts,
Bull 14 4+ 8+ /10 reducing its transport capacity by (10). Can
Unit: 1 Bull one anti-tank gun, machine gun upgrade the big shells cannon to a tank killer
or flamethrower [A]. cannon for +20pts.
Special: Nimble, Transport (10), Crushing
Strength (3).
Options: Can have a Quad upgrade for free
(losing Nimble, but gaining Fast).

68 www.manticgames.com
Heroes and Monsters Weapons

Warlord (Hero) Cost: 50pts Fire Ran Special
Not many creatures in the galaxy can stand in Rifle 1 24
single combat against a Marauder Warlord. Pistol 1 12 Pistol
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Stunt gun 1 12
Warlord 5 3+ 3 5+ 10/12 Ripper Pistol 2 12 Pistol,
Unit: 1 Warlord (pistol). Piercing (1)
Special: Inspiring, Crushing Strength (2), Machine gun 5 36 Piercing (1)
Tough (3). Anti-tank gun 1 36 Piercing (5)
Options: Add a ripper talon for +30pts. Replace Flamethrower 10 12 Saturation
his pistol with a machine gun or an anti-tank gun Tank killer cannon 1 72 Piercing (6
for +25pts. Can wear a jump harness, gaining Big shells cannon 1 72 Howitzer,
the Jump Troops rule, for +25pts. Blast (D6),
Piercing (2)

Ripper Warlord (Hero) Cost: 85pts Ripper Talon

When the going gets really tough, the Warlords This weapon confers Crushing Strength (5) to
wear their powered suits into battle. all of the models Attacks, as well as the Vicious
Spd Hit Att Def Ner special rule. It cannot be used in conjunction
Ripper Warlord 4 3+ 3 6+ 10/12 with a pistol though, so a model equipped with
Unit: 1 Ripper Warlord (ripper pistol and ripper both must choose which one to use before he
talon). attacks in melee.
Special: Inspiring, Crushing Strength (2),
Tough (3).
Options: Can replace his ripper pistol with a
machine gun or an anti-tank gun for +25pts.

Battlebot (Monster) Cost: 110pts

This clanking, devastating monstrosity is
piloted by an especially trained Stunt.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Battlebot 5 4+ 5 9+ 9/11
Unit: 1 Battlebot.
Special: Crushing Strength (7).
Options: Can buy up to two machine guns,
antitank guns or flamethrowers (in any
combination), for +15pts each, each weapon
reducing its Attacks by 1.

Marauders army list 69

The Forge Fathers
Army Special Rules Allies
Corporation, Rebs, Marauders, Asterians.
Legendary stubborness
All units are Headstrong (except for Steadfast
units, of course).


Steel Warriors
Steel Warriors are reliable, heavily armoured and armed with some of the
best standard-issue rifles in the galaxy.

Steel Warriors Team Cost: 75 pts Steel Warriors Platoon Cost: 300 pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Steel Warrior 4 4+ 1 5+ 9/11 Steel Warrior 4 4+ 1 5+ 9/11
Unit: 4 Steel Warriors (hailstorm rifle) and 1 Unit: 19 Steel Warriors (hailstorm rifle) and 1
Thane (hailstorm pistol). Thane (hailstorm pistol).
Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer
for +25pts. One Steel Warrior can replace his for +25pts. Up to two Steel Warriors can
rifle with a dragon breath for +25pts. replace their rifle with a dragon breath for
+25pts each. Up to two Steel Warriors can
Steel Warriors Section Cost: 150 pts replace their rifle with a mjolnir missile
Spd Hit Att Def Ner launcher for +25pts each.
Steel Warrior 4 4+ 1 5+ 9/11
Unit: 9 Steel Warriors (hailstorm rifle) and 1
Thane (hailstorm pistol).
Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer
for +25pts. One Steel Warrior can replace
his rifle with a dragon breath for +25pts.
One Steel Warrior can replace his rifle with a
mjolnir missile launcher for +25pts.

70 www.manticgames.com

The Drakkarim are young Steel Warriors that have received
specialised close-range training and weaponry.

Drakkarim Team Cost: 125 pts Drakkarim Section Cost: 250 pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Drakkarim 4 4+ 1 5+ 9/11 Drakkarim 4 4+ 1 5+ 9/11
Unit: 2 Drakkarim (dragon breath), 2 Unit: 4 Drakkarim (dragon breath), 5
Drakkarim (hailstorm rifle or hailstorm pistol) Drakkarim (hailstorm rifle or hailstorm pistol)
and 1 Thane (hailstorm pistol). and 1 Thane (hailstorm pistol).
Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer
for +25pts. Up to two Drakkarim can replace for +25pts. Up to five Drakkarim can replace
their rifle/pistol with a dragon breath for their rifle/pistol with a dragon breath for
+25pts each. +25pts each.

The mighty heat-hammers of the Thorgarim are the bane of enemy heavy armour.

Thorgarim Team Cost: 155 pts Thorgarim Section Cost: 330 pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Thorgarim 4 3+ 1 5+ 9/11 Thorgarim 4 3+ 1 5+ 9/11
Unit: 4 Thorgarim (heat hammer) and 1 Thane Unit: 9 Thorgarim (heat hammer) and 1 Thane
(hailstorm pistol). (hailstorm pistol).
Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer
for +25pts. for +25pts.

Stormrage Veterans
These elite veterans are entrusted with an awesome amount of firepower.

Stormrage Veterans Team Cost: 185 pts Stormrage Vet Section Cost: 395 pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Stormrage Veteran 4 3+ 1 5+ 9/11 Stormrage Veteran 4 3+ 1 5+ 9/11
Unit: 4 Veterans (hailstorm autocannon or Unit: 8 Veterans (hailstorm autocannon or
heat cannon, in any combination) and 1 Thane heat cannon, in any combination), 1 Veteran
(hailstorm pistol). (mjolnir missile launcher) and 1 Thane
Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer (hailstorm pistol).
for +25pts. Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer
for +25pts.

Forge Fathers army list 71

INFANTRY Godhammer Veterans Forge Guard
Stormrage veterans that specialise in the Equipped with heavy combat exoskeletons,
use of the Mjolnir missile launcher. the Forge Guards are unstoppable.

Godhammer Vet Team Cost: 185 pts Forge Guard Team Cost: 220 pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Storm 4 3+ 1 5+ 9/11 Forge Guard 4 3+ 1 6+ 9/11
Unit: 4 Thunders (mjolnir missile launcher) Unit: 4 Forge Guards (heat hammer and
and 1 Thane (hailstorm pistol). hailstorm rifle) and 1 Thane (heat hammer
Options: The Thane can have a heat hammer and hailstorm rifle).
for +25pts. Options: One Forge Guard can replace his rifle
with a hailstorm autocannon or heat cannon
for +25pts.

The wealthiest and most deranged Brokkr ride loud, custom motorbikes into battle.

Valkyr Team Cost: 110 pts Valkyr Section Cost: 220 pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Valkyr 10 4+ 1 4+ /12 Valkyr 10 4+ 1 4+ /12
Unit: 4 Valkyrs (hailstorm pistol) and 1 Thane Unit: 9 Valkyrs (hailstorm pistol) and 1 Thane
(hailstorm pistol). (hailstorm pistol).
Special: Fast, Recon, Steadfast. Special: Fast, Recon, Steadfast.
Options: The Thane can have a heat Hammer Options: The Thane can have a heat Hammer
for +25pts. for +25pts.

The hard-working miners of Forge Fathers society take to battle with reckless ferocity.

Brokkr Team Cost: 75 pts Brokkr Section Cost: 150 pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Brokkr 5 4+ 1 4+ /12 Brokkr 5 4+ 1 4+ /12
Unit: 4 Brokkr (hailstorm pistol) and 1 Thane Unit: 9 Brokkr (hailstorm pistol) and 1 Thane
(hailstorm pistol). (hailstorm pistol).
Special: Steadfast. Special: Steadfast.
Options: The Thane can have a heat Hammer Options: The Thane can have a heat Hammer
for +25pts. for +25pts.

Brokkr Platoon Cost: 300 pts (hailstorm pistol).

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Special: Steadfast.
Brokkr 5 4+ 1 4+ /12 Options: The Thane can have a heat Hammer
Unit: 19 Brokkr (hailstorm pistol) and 1 Thane for +25pts.

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Ordnance Ordnance
Jotun Surtr
Heavy Hailstorm Cannon Cost: 110pts Heavy Heat Cannon Cost: 110pts
The four barrels of the Jotun unleash a Arguably the most powerful anti-tank
veritable storm of explosive bullets against weapon in the galaxy!
the enemy. Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Surtr 4+ 6+ 9/11
Jotun 4+ 6+ 9/11 Unit: 1 artillery piece (Surtr).
Unit: 1 artillery piece (Jotun). Special: Immobile.
Special: Immobile. Options: Can be upgraded to a self-propelled
Options: Can be upgraded to a self-propelled gun, losing the Immobile rule and gaining
gun, losing the Immobile rule and gaining Speed 4, for +10pts.
Speed 4, for +10pts.

Light Drakkar Cost: 70 pts a double hailstorm autocannon for + 20pts.
A buggy-like vehicle with little armour and Can have two hailstorm autocannons, dragon
minimal weaponry, used for scouting. breaths or heat cannons (one [R] and one [L])
Spd Hit Att Def Ner for +50pts.
Drakkar 12 4+ 7+ 9/11
Unit: 1 Light Drakkar one hailstorm Heavy Drakkar Cost: 220 pts
autocannon, heatcannon or mjolnir missile The units transported by this mobile fortress
launcher [F]. are more than safe.
Special: Stabilised, Fast, Open Top, Crushing Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Strength (2). Heavy Drakkar 10 4+ 11+ /11
Unit: 1 Heavy Drakkar one hailstorm
autocannon [F]. Two hailstorm autocannons,
Fyrewyrm Cost: 125 pts dragon breaths or heat cannons (one [R] and
The mainstay battle tank of the Forge one [L]).
Fathers combining good armour, mobility Special: Stabilised, Transport (10), Crushing
and firepower. Strength (6), Tough (4).
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Options: Can have an additional hailstorm
Firewyrm 10 4+ 10+ /11 autocannon or heat cannon [A] for +30pts.
Unit: 1 Fyrewyrm one heat cannon [A].
Special: Stabilised, Crushing Strength (5).
Options: Can upgrade the heat cannon to

Forge Fathers army list 73

Heroes And Monsters

Huscarl (Hero) Cost: 60 pts Iron Ancestor (Monster) Cost: 160 pts
The heroes of the Forge Fathers are renowned A walking tank, with armour, weaponry and
for their courage and stubborness. attitude to match.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Huscarl 4 3+ 2 5+ 10/12 Iron Ancestor 4 4+ 2 10+ 10/12
Unit: 1 Huscarl (hailstorm pistol). Unit: 1 Iron Ancestor (double hailstorm
Special: Inspiring. autocannon).
Options: Can have a heat hammer for +25pts. Special: Crushing Strength (7).
Can upgrade his pistol to a brace of hailstorm Options: Can replace the double hailstorm
pistols for +10pts (counts as a double autocannon with a double heat cannon,
hailstorm pistol). Can have a Force Dome for double dragon breath or double mjolnir
+25pts. Can wear a Forge Guard battlesuit missile launcher for free. Can have a Force
(which includes a heat hammer and hailstorm Dome for +40pts.
rifle, and increases his Def to 6+) for +35pts. Thor pattern. The Iron Ancestor can freely
replace the double hailstorm autocannon with a
second melee arm, increasing its Attacks to 4.
Chief Brokkr (Hero) Cost: 60 pts Doomstorm pattern. The Iron Ancestor can
Only the meanest, toughest, craziest Brokkr freely replace the melee arm with a second
can aspire to the title of Chief Brokkr. double hailstorm cannon, lowering its
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Crushing Strength to (1).
Chief Brokkr 5 3+ 3 4+ /12
Unit: 1 Chief Brokkr (hailstorm pistol). Fire Ran Special
Special: Inspiring (Brokkrs only), Steadfast. Hailstorm rifle 1 24 Piercing (1)
Options: Can have a heat hammer for +25pts. Hailstorm pistol 1 12 Piercing (1),
Can ride a Valkyr bike (gaining Speed 10 and Pistol
the Recon and Fast rules) for +40pts. Dragon breath 10 12 Piercing (1),
Hailstorm autocannon 3 36 Piercing (2)
Weapons Heat cannon 1 24 Piercing (7)
Mjolnir missile launcher 1 48 Piercing (5)
Double Weapon
A Double version of one of the weapons Surtr 1 36 Blast (D3),
above counts as a single weapon with double Piercing (7)
the Firepower shown. Jotun 12 48 Piercing (2)

Force Dome
The enemy must reroll all successful rolls to
Heat Hammer
This weapon confers Crushing Strength (6) to
damage for ranged attacks that hit this unit.
all of the models Attacks. It cannot be used in
conjunction with a pistol, so a model equipped
with both must choose which one to use before
he attacks in melee.

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Army Special Rules They came from below!
The unit is always left behind as a Reinforcement,
The Rat Pack together with any transported unit. When it
All units in this list have the following rule, arrives, it emerges from the ground (this counts
unless their entry specifies otherwise. Veer- as a Manoeuvre). The unit is placed anywhere
myn units benefit from a +1 modifier to their on the table, except for Impassable Terrain. If
Nerve (both values) for each friendly Veer-myn that space is occupied by other units (including
unit within 6, up to a maximum of +4. Note that immobile units), move them as little as possible
transported units do count for this purpose to make space for the emerging unit, until
measure the range from their vehicle. they are 1 away from it, and then immediately
resolve this either as a Collision, leaving the
For example, a unit of Night-crawlers on its dislodged armoured unit(s) in contact with the
own is a pretty unimpressive Nerve 6/8, but emerging unit, or an Overrun, as appropriate.
if it had two other friendly Veer-myn units
within 6, it would count as Nerve 8/10. Allies
Corporation, Marauders, Rebs, Asterians.


Vicious ratmen equipped with scavenged armour, they form the bulk of the Veer-myn armies.

Night-Crawlers Team Cost: 50pts Night-Crawlers Section Cost: 130pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Night-crawler 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8 Night-crawler 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8
Unit: 4 Night-Crawlers (ray-gun) and 1 Master Unit: 8 Night-Crawlers (ray-gun), 1
(ray-pistol). Exterminator (chem-thrower) and 1 Master
Options: The Master can have a combat drill (ray-pistol). The Master is the units leader.
for +10pts. The Master can be replaced by an Options: The Master can have a combat
Exterminator with a super-drill (unit leader) drill for +10pts. The Exterminator can freely
for +30pts. The Exterminator can freely replace his chem-thrower with a super-drill.
replace his super-drill with a chem-thrower.

Exterminators (chem-thrower) and 2 Masters

Night-Crawlers Platoon Cost: 260pts (ray-pistol). One Master is the units leader.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Options: The Masters can have a combat drill
Night-crawler 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8 for +10pts each. The Exterminators can freely
Unit: 16 Night-Crawlers (ray-gun), 2 replace their chem-thrower with a super-drill.

Veer-myn army list 75

These assault troops surrender their ray-guns for pistols and blades.

Stalkers Team Cost: 50pts Stalkers Section Cost: 130pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Stalker 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8 Stalker 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8
Unit: 4 Stalkers (ray-pistol) and 1 Master Unit: 8 Stalkers (ray-pistol), 1 Exterminator
(ray-pistol). (super-drill) and 1 Master (ray-pistol). The
Options: The Master can have a combat drill Master is the units leader.
for +10pts. The Master can be replaced by an Options: The Master can have a combat
Exterminator with a super-drill (unit leader) drill for +10pts. The Exterminator can freely
for +30pts. The Exterminator can freely replace his super-drill with a chem-thrower.
replace his super-drill with a chem-thrower.
Stalkers Platoon Cost: 260pts
Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Stalker 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8
Unit: 16 Stalkers (ray-pistol), 2 Exterminators
(super-drill) and 2 Masters (ray-pistol). One
Master is the units leader.
Options: The Masters can have a combat drill
for +10pts each. The Exterminators can freely
replace their super-drill with a chem-thrower.

The elite troops of the Veer-myn, the Nightmares excel at short-range firepower.

Nightmares Team Cost: 140pts Nightmares Section Cost: 280pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Nightmare 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8 Nightmare 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8
Unit: 3 Nightmares (chem-burner and combat Unit: 7 Nightmares (chem-burner and combat
drill), 1 Exterminator (chem-thrower) and 1 drill), 2 Exterminators (chem-thrower) and 1
Master (chem-burner and combat drill). Master (chem-burner and combat drill).
Options: The Exterminator can freely replace Options: The Exterminator can freely replace
his chem-thrower with a super-drill. his chem-thrower with a super-drill.

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Scourgers Gougers

The chem-lasers of the Scourgers make short Gougers super-drills are possibly the deadliest
work of enemy vehicles and heavy infantry. close combat weapons known to the Corporation.

Scourgers Team Cost: 190pts Gougers Team Cost: 175pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Scourger 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8 Gouger 6 4+ 1 4+ 6/8
Unit: 4 Scougers (chem-lasers), 1 Unit: 4 Gougers (super-drills), 1 Exterminator
Exterminator (chem-thrower). (chem-thrower).
Options: The Exterminator can freely replace Options: The Exterminator can freely replace
his chem-thrower with a super-drill. his chem-thrower with a super-drill.

Ravenous Horde Shredders

These chittering, frenzied masses of dog-sized Huge, mutated, insane rat-humanoids whose
super-rats devour the wounded of both sides. hands have been replaced with super-drills.

Ravenous Horde Cost: 105pts Shredders Team Cost: 180pts

Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Super-rats 8 4+ 1 3+ 6/8 Shredder 6 4+ 2 4+ 6/8
Unit: 20 super-rats, 1 Master (ray-pistol, uses Unit: 3 Shredders (paired super-drills).
the same profile as the super-rats). Special: Crushing Strength (5), Bulky.

Blaster Cost: 90pts
The sheer amount of toxic chemicals that
this wicked weapon can unleash is enough to
vaporize entire enemy regiments.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Blaster 6 4+ 5+ 6/8
Unit: 1 Blaster (heavy chem-thrower).
Options: Can replace the heavy chem-thrower
with a heavy chem-laser for +20pts.

Veer-myn army list 77

Driller Cost: 80pts Tunneller Cost: 260pts
Also known as land torpedo, this This drilling machine emerges from the
bizarre drilling vehicle moves across ground and opens up with its deadly
the battlefield, driving at high speed into chem-throwers as it disgorges the best
infantry and tanks alike. Veer-myn assault troops.
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Spd Hit Att Def Ner
Driller 8 8+ -/8 Tunneller 4+ 9+ -/8
Unit: 1 Driller. Unit: 1 Tunneller four chem-throwers [one F,
Special: Nimble, Crushing Strength (6), They one L, one R, one P]. One chem-laser [A].
came from below! Special: Transport (20), Crushing Strength (6),
Immobile, Tough (4), They came from below!

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Heroes And Monsters Weapons

Night Spawn (Hero) Cost: 95pts Fire Ran Special
The largest, fattest rat-men have access to the Ray-gun 1 18 Piercing (1)
best weapons and armour the Veer-myn can Ray-pistol 1 12 Piercing (1)
lay their hands on. Chem-burner 4 12 Piercing (2),
Spd Hit Att Def Ner Saturation
Night Spawn 6 3+ 3 5+ 6/8 Chem-thrower 8 12 Piercing (2),
Unit: 1 Night Spawn (chem-burner and Saturation
super-drill). Chem-laser 1 12 Piercing (6)
Special: Inspiring, Crushing Strength (1). Heavy chem-thrower 16 24 Piercing (2),
Heavy chem-laser 1 24 Piercing (6),
Night Terror (Monster) Cost: 120pts Blast (D3)
This tragic monster is no more than a
mountain of flesh, whrithing with grasping Combat Drill
tentacles, snarling heads and malformed A combat drill confers the Crushing Strength
limbs its behavior is utterly unpredictable. (1) and Vicious special rules to the model
Spd Hit Att Def Ner using it in melee.
Night Terror 6 4+ 3D6* 5+ 6/8
Unit: 1 Night Terror. Super-drill
Special: Crushing Strength (4), Tough (5), In melee, instead of attacking normally, the
Craven, Headstrong. model can make a single special attack. If
*roll for the number of attacks before rolling this attack hits, the hit is resolved at Crushing
to hit each time it attacks. Strength (5). If the roll to damage is a 6, the
drill inflcits a point of damage and you can
roll to damage again. Keep inflicting damage
and rolling to damage until you fail to roll a
6 to damage.

Paired Super-drills
These work like a super-drill (see above),
except that the model makes 2 special
attacks to begin with, rolling to hit as normal
for both.

Veer-myn army list 79

Other Races
The absolute and iron-fisted imperialism of other, a small but effective rebel armed
the Corporation has turned humanity into the force has recently initiated a campaign
arch-enemy of many of the other intelligent of ambitious hit-and-run actions against
races that populate the galaxy. A secret Corporation outposts.
Resistance movement has formed; its ranks
swelled by vengeful freedom fighters, survivors Calling themselves The Rebs (which
of races whose worlds have been annihilated, originally was a disparaging term used by
disenchanted Corporation personnel, and Corporation troops), these heterogeneous
everybody else that has grown to resent the volunteers form an army that is as eclectic
Corporations expansionism. in weaponry, fighting style and technological
level as in the number of different races that
After only a few centuries, this organization compose its ranks. What the Rebs lack in
has grown to encompass two different cohesion, however, they more than make up
levels. On one hand, it has a vast network in motivation, as they are convinced they are
of operatives that attempt to undermine the fighting a long war of liberation to eventually
authority of the Corporation from the inside rid the galaxy from the Corporation, or the
through sabotage and propaganda. On the Evil Empire, as they often call it.

Not long ago, Corporation explorer-ships proving fruitless. This is an enemy that is
made contact with a new race inhabiting the different from anything the Corporation or
furthest reaches of the galaxy. To say that indeed any of the other races has faced
they have disturbed a hornets nest is a major before much like bees that are defending
understatement, but its nevertheless a quite their colony, the immense swarms of the
accurate description of the events that followed. insect-like Zzor never stop their attacks
until they have eliminated the enemy or
The vessels themselves were attacked with have been themselves completely wiped out.
a fury without precedent and destroyed They cannot be reasoned or bargained with,
and so was the military rescue fleet sent by nor can they be bribed. In fact all attempts
the Corporation and so were the adjoining at communication have been ignored and
systems, whose population paid the ultimate the unfortunate envoys and their escorting
price for the Corporations insatiable desire troops had to fight desperate battles against
to expand its domains. an apparently endless mass of enemies.

Now a massive containment operation And yet, these are no mindless beasts. In
is in place, but all attempts at cordoning many occasions they have shown signs of
and blockading the Zzor homeworlds are cunning and intelligence in both the grand

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strategy of their
invasion plans and
the battlefield
reactions of
their many
and differently
fighting creatures.
And dumb animals
dont build spacecraft

Other Races 81
Even before Man began its space age, there analyzing it, they have managed to prove the
had been reports of mysterious beings and existence of an alien race using a technology
fey creatures appearing to a few individuals. so advanced that they can easily appear to
Such sightings are common in the culture of have supernatural powers.
all of the races that inhabit the galaxy, not
just the human race. Any attempt at capturing them, or merely
communicate with them has led to hopeless
Stories abound in the entire Milky Way chases, where the pursuing Corporation craft
about abductions of single persons or entire have quickly lost trace of their elusive quarry,
communities, the disappearance of ships and always in regions of space surrounding
into some sectors of space, or even strange a black hole. This has led to believe that the
incidents where a ship has arrived to a so-called Asterians must make use of these
spaceport on autopilot, without its crew. singularities to travel across the galaxy,
possibly inhabiting a different dimension on
The most extreme cases have seen the the other side. Innumerable probes have
populace of entire planets or even the been launched into these black holes, but
personnel of military outposts and bases no useful data has ever been retrieved. The
vanish, leaving behind only the tiniest signs of mystery of the Asterians remains unsolved,
resistance. The Corporations best scientists as more and more systems report attacks
have studied this evidence on a galactic scale. by unidentified aliens that hit and disappear
Compiling this information for centuries and before reinforcements can be brought to bear.


Source: Intelligence Unit Tau Eridani en route to Bio-Weapons Research Outpost 51.

Mission: investigating sudden loss of all communication from maximum-security laboratory.

As we approached system 51, we had a report that an escape shuttle from the laboratory had
reached the headquarters of the 35th Marines Batallion stationed on Tallaxia. Two days later
we lost contact with the Marines and soon the entire planet went silent.

We changed course and are now orbiting Tallaxia in stealth mode. Information from the
surface is confused and contradictory. All settlements on the planets surface show sign of
conflict. Several ships have left the main starports and are heading for nearby systems.

Suspected outbreak. We will continue to monitor the situation. We advise interception and
quarantine or destruction of all vessels leaving Tallaxia. We request an Enforcers Long
Patrol detachment to blockade the system. If the outbreak is confirmed, we will be forced to
Disinfect the planet and its moons. Awaiting authorization to deploy Disinfection assets...

End of transmission

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