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CAMBRIDGE ESOL Teaching Awards

Delta Application Form and Application Task

Please attach the following to this application

a scanned copy of your passport
a copy of your CV
a scanned copy of your teaching qualification(s)
On completion of the application form, application tasks and declaration please email to:

Alternatively please post it to:

Tara Townley
Teacher Training Manager
51 Nguyen Cu Trinh
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Delta Application Form

Please type or write clearly in BLOCK CAPITALS
First name(s): Family name:
Daytime phone (incl. country/area code)
Sex M F Date of birth:
Nationality: Mother tongue:
Home address: Tel.

Address for correspondence: Tel.


Present occupation:
University/college attended: Main subject(s):

Final qualification at university/tertiary level ELT qualification(s)

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Professional qualifications (other than ELT):

Foreign languages other than English (indicate your level)

English language level if English is not your mother tongue (and English language examinations you
have passed - include date & grade/score)

Any learning disabilities or health problems? Yes No

(If Yes, please give details)

How did you hear about the ILA Delta course? Please state.


Google search (what?):

Facebook ILA Teacher Training ILA Website Cambridge ESOL Website

Daves ESL cafe www.tefl.com Other?

Word of mouth

ILA Teacher (who?): ILA Delta Trainee (who?):

Teacher [non-ILA] (who?) Other (please state):

Which course are you applying for? (Start date and finish date)

1st choice :

2nd choice:

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CAMBRIDGE ESOL Teaching Awards
ILA Delta Modules Preparation Course


To apply for the Delta Modules course

1. Complete the enclosed application tasks (appending CV, passport and certificate copies,
essay and lesson plan)
2. Ask your Principal, Manager, Director of Studies (or any other person who is qualified to
comment on your professional work) to act as your referee and to send their reference
directly to us

Once completed, the entire application should be e-mailed to tara@ilavietnam.com or sent by post
Tara Townley
Teacher Training Manager
51 Nguyen Cu Trinh
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Your application will be reviewed and an interview to discuss your suitability and answer any
questions you have will be arranged. This can be in person at out Teacher Training Centre in Ho Chi
Minh City, by phone or by skype. The length of the interview will mostly depend on your application
tasks. If any of the tasks need to be resubmitted, you will be given explicit guidance on how to do

Let us know if you have any queries or if we can be of help at any time.

Best regards,

Tara Townley
Teacher Training Manager
ILA Vietnam


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Part One Your background

Aims: to obtain a detailed profile of you and your career to date

to assess general literacy

[a] please submit a full C.V.

[b] supplement your C.V. with the following 500 word essay. We are interested in specific details:
levels taught, books used, etc.

My ELT career to date and my aspirations for the future.

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Part Two Language awareness and analysis

Aim: to assess your understanding of language systems and your ability to analyse
language for teaching purposes.

1. Read this dialogue

Speaker A The babys woken up.
Speaker B: Has she?
Speaker A: Look, Im busy with these clothes.
Speaker B: O.K. then.

Comment on the difference between what the speakers actually say and the intended meaning that
lies beneath

What conclusions would you draw as a language teacher?

2. Study these two exchanges and in particular the verbs in bold.

Exchange 1 A: Do you want to come to the pictures tomorrow?
B: No, sorry, Im working.
Exchange 2 A: Can I speak to Thomas?
B: Ill go and get him. Hes working in the kitchen, I think.

What tense do they use? ............................................................................

The form is the same, but the meaning is different.

1. Explain the difference in meaning.
2. What general comment can you make about the relationship between form and meaning in

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3. Study the following incorrect sentences. In each,
[a] correct the sentence
[b] suggest a possible reason for the mistake
[c] name the correct tense
[d] say what the meaning of the correct tense is.

1. A: Where are you from?

B: Im coming from Egypt.





2. How are things? I didnt see you for ages.





3. Look at those clouds! It will rain.





4. Shes been to the bank yesterday.





5. I queued for the bus when the bomb went off.





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Part Three Researching classroom practice

There are two parts to this section. It is likely you will need to complete it over several days, as some
time needs to be allocated to reading and research before you start writing. You will also need to
teach and reflect on the lesson.

a) A researched essay
b) A lesson plan
c) A reflection on the lesson

a) The research and essay [about 1500 words] here you focus on one aspect of a
system/skills area (see *below).

i. Research

Choose either a system [grammar, lexis, pronunciation or discourse] or skills [reading, writing,
speaking or listening] area.

*Narrow the focus of the area to research. You can narrow the focus by level, text-type,
structure, topic, sub-skill or a combination of these. For instance, some possible topics could
- teaching pre-intermediate learners the present perfect.
- teaching collocation to lower level learners
- teaching writing formal letters [for job applications] for high level learners
- teaching top-down and bottom-up listening skills to intermediate level learners.

Research the area you have selected. Aim to consult a minimum of four different texts. With
reference to both your reading and your own knowledge, analyse your system or skills area,
look for possible problems that learners will have with the area, as well as possible solutions
to these.

ii. Writing the essay

Your essay should include the following content:

Your reasons for choosing the area = about 100 words

Analysis of the system or skills area you have chosen [for language, in terms of MFP / for
skills, in terms of sub-skills] and possible learner problems with this area [refer to your own
teaching experience mainly but also your reading/research] = about 800 words
Suggestions for helping students to deal with these [include brief descriptions of appropriate
classroom activities and say how they will help learners with these problems ] = about 600
A bibliography showing the texts you consulted in your research and in-text referencing of
your sources and quotations
N.B. In the background essay your analysis, learner problems and teaching ideas should be
wider in scope than the lesson you plan and teach to show your range of experience.

b) The lesson plan here you plan and teach a lesson within this system/skills area (see

The lesson plan needs to include as a minimum the following components:

Aims [one or two main aims, one or two subsidiary aims and an aim for each stage]. The main
aim should reflect the essay focus but needs to be realistic to the lesson and your learners.
**E.g. By the end of the lesson learners will have been introduced to and provided with

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practice of the present perfect for talking about life experiences. (with pre-intermediate
Language analysis (focusing on the language items/skills area covered in the lesson)
Anticipated problems and solutions (of language/skills/tasks/materials in the lesson)
Procedure in a clear table format [including stage names and aims, detailed procedure, plus
interaction patterns and timings]

c) Reflection [approximately 500 words]

After you have taught the lesson, reflect on it from the learners point of view. What did they
get out of it? In which parts of the lesson did they make progress? In which parts did they

Finally, how will [or would] you follow-up on this lesson?

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Please read the following conditions carefully. Attendance is required at all sessions for the
Sign each section, and sign and date the final entire duration of the course. Candidates are
statement. expected to make a total commitment to fulfilling
all the requirements of the course.
ILA reserves the right to reject any application
without explanation X __________________________________
(applicants signature)
(applicants signature) Please send the completed application form
along with the completed application task
Acceptance of an application does not and a recent passport size photograph.
automatically mean reservation of a place on
the course. A place is only considered The fee once paid is non-refundable. In cases
reserved once the acceptance letter has been of withdrawal from the course, refunds are
received and the appropriate fee paid. given only in very exceptional circumstances
X________________________________ and solely at the discretion of the Teacher
(applicants signature) Training Manager and the Director of ILA
The Delta course is very intensive and
challenging. Candidates should be aware that I understand and accept the above
the demands of the course may exacerbate conditions.
any condition that is likely to be aggravated by
(applicants signature) Date ______________________

For office use only.

Application received:_________________ Application processed:__________________

Written application: Interview Resubmit Tasks ____________ Reject

Waiting interview: email telephone face to face

Interview date and time: _____________________________

Accepted:___________________ Rejected:____________________

Acceptance letter

By: email fax hand post date: ______________________

Payment: swift cash

Date: ______________ Receipt no: ______________________

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