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Kelly Briner

Dr. J

TEL 313

15 February 2017

Adaptive Learning Technology

Adaptive Learning Technology is a learning management system that uses computers and

interactive devices to collect data on student success and performance on a given topic. After this

data is collected, Adaptive Learning technologies attempts to find a meaningful way to alter the

instruction or practice a student is given in an attempt to make the learning experience

personalized for that specific student. Adaptive Learning tools aim to adapt the content a student

receives so they are getting content that will most efficiently help them learn. Adaptive tools also

effect assessment that students receive, depending on how a student answers previous questions

on an assessment, adaptive technologies seeks to find ways to match the assessment for that

specific student.

Adaptive learning can be used to efficiently make a students learning scale alongside their

unique minds by analyzing how the student learns and presenting them with assessment that will

help guide them towards their goal. This tool is used primarily by students in the classroom. It

gives them an intelligent tutor who creates a custom curriculum instead of treating every student

exactly the same.

For the most part, adaptive learning is made by different educational software companies like

DreamBox and EdSurge. Educational technologies are pretty limited as far as physical
application. It is difficult for them to exist on a platform that is not software or computer based

because of the nature of their design that is dependent on analyzing and collecting student data.

However if you wanted to argue over its definition, a case could be made that weightlifting

equipment that scaling and adaptive resistance that attempts to match an users strength could be

considered adaptive technology.

Adaptive Learning Technology is used when a teacher recognizes that each student is unique and

learns differently and needs a tool that will at least attempt to customize instruction, feedback,

and assessment for each student. Adaptive learning Technologies value students unique

responses in a way that one single teacher trying to make it to the end of a class period can

seldom offer.