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1. A radiography technician needs to x-ray a growth on the urinary bladder. To

accomplish this, which plane is best suited to give the best radiograph?
2. Write the anatomical descriptive adjectives for the following common names: skull,
eye, cheek, armpit, arm, groin, buttock, neck, mouth, and hip.
3. Give TWO differences between positive and negative feedback.
4. Mrs. Roberts, in a diabetic coma, has just been admitted to Noble Hospital. Her blood
pH indicates that she is in severe acidosis, and measures are quickly instituted to bring
her blood pH back within normal limits. (a) Define pH and note the normal pH of
blood. (b) Why is severe acidosis a problem?
5. Make a diagram showing the nine abdominopelvic regions, and name each region.
Name two organs (or parts of organs) that could be located in each of the named
6. What makes up an atom and what are there charges?
7. ________________ is a type of bonding where charges caused by unequal sharing of
electrons (for example in H2O).
8. Define acids and bases?
9. What are the function and the basic building blocks of Nucleic acids?
10. What are the levels of organization?
11. _______________is toward the front or belly
12. _______________is farther from the point of attachment or origin.
13. Give the three different planes used to pinpoint regions on the human body.
14. What is the part of the membrane that lines the cavity walls called?
15. With the aid of a diagram list nine abdominopelvic regions used primarily by