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JoySmart Solutions

Through JoySmart Solutions, Joy Global helps solve its

customers toughest challenges using data-driven intelligence,
collaboration through partnership and experienced-based
service execution. It is a solutions-based offering designed
to help reduce costs and increase productivity for customers,
while helping them achieve or exceed their operating and
financial goals.

JoySmart Solutions are integrations

The mining industry is changing rapidly due to the need to
of our smart connected products and
improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety. With systems, advanced analytics and
these challenges in mind, Joy Global is helping bring mining direct services customized to solve
performance to the next level. customers toughest challenges.

We have a rich history of providing world-class products for minings Smart Products
toughest challenges. Our future lies in leveraging our direct service To maximize performance, you have to start with the best products,
network to help our customers attain new levels of productivity and and ours are world-class. Our products also are smart, meaning they
performance. Through JoySmart Solutions we can help re-shape what is can be programmed for specific operating conditions, and many
possible in mining. come equipped with sensors that provide usable data to further
optimize performance.

Ted Doheny
President & CEO
Direct Service
Direct service is the foundation of our business. Our model
allows customers to have direct access to subject matter experts
in applications, maintenance, quality and other fields, at any time.
Our global world-class components, processes, methods and
metrics can be rapidly customized to attend to our customers
requested needs.

Advanced Analytics & Processes

JoySmart Solutions leverage connectivity, big data, high-speed
computing and advanced analytics to optimize performance in
real time. Sensors in our smart products capture data, which complex
algorithms translate into visual information that can predict significant
changes in operating conditions in the mine. The direct approach
allows us the capability to enhance each mines performance with
world-wide benchmarking.

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JoySmart Solutions at Work
Data Information Direction Results

Underground Mining: Longwall Systems

Joy Globals smart, connected longwall systems include complex
networks linked to highly sensitive gyroscopes, and thousands
of sensors that are constantly monitoring the performance and
health of the system.

During operation, as the longwall system moves forward, the

roof is collapsing behind it. Sensors placed in the roof supports
transmit data to the surface. Complex algorithms translate the
data points into visual information that can predict significant
changes in operating conditions in the mine.
Multiple roof supports failing to achieve set Operating with insufficient Hi-Set pressure

In a recent case study, the roof support data analyzed by

Joy Globals algorithms, detected a roof cavity forming. Through
advanced analytics, we were able to predict roof instability,
JoySmart Solutions can be used to significantly impact productivity, cost impossible to see with the naked eye, and define the root cause
curves and safety at our customers mines. Here are some examples of for those changes. This allowed for immediate actions that
impacted the overall mine productivity. Mike Rikkola, Program
potential benefits: Manager Remote Health Monitoring

Costs Surface Mining: Electric Rope Shovels

Lower cost per unit produced by reducing overall parts and Joy Globals smart connected products feature
consumables expenditures thousands of sensors that are constantly providing data for
Optimized costs for power/fuel, labor and rebuilds monitoring equipment performance and health, as well as
operating practices.

Safety JoySmart Solutions helped a mining client reduce operator-induced

Automated processes and controls reduce the probability damage on their fleet of electric rope shovels, avoiding additional
and/or severity of mishaps at the mining site maintenance costs and increasing the availability and productivity
Increased awareness through training and standard setting of the fleet.
Continuous Improvement Metrics Targeted Maintenance
Operator Influenced Events
Shovel operators were not aware of the damaging effect swing Brakes related faults/warnings 89%

Productivity impacts were having on their machines. Collisions between the

Lube & air related fault/warnings 74%

Improved system availability, performance, utilization dipper and the bank while swinging accumulate damage in the
and consistency handle structure and ultimately result in cracking that requires
Benchmark Comparison Review
Improved awareness via on-demand reports and dashboards significant machine downtime and cost to fix. L2 Swing Impacts L2 Boom Jacks Motor Stalls
Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

Leverage extensive Joy Global engineering knowledge to

solve problems Through JoySmart Solutions, we were able to engage with the customer to understand how the established operating behaviors
and environmental conditions combined to increase the likelihood of swing impacts. We used data from the machines to illustrate
the problem. We quantified how individual collisions contributed to the overall damage observed on the machine. All this information
was used to guide an operator training plan, to set targets for improvement and to monitor ongoing performance.

By providing that visibility and understanding, we were able to achieve an annual reduction of 40% in swing impacts, reducing
wear on the machines and increasing availability. Anthony Reid, Program Manager - Remote Health Monitoring

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Direct Service Leader
Every Customer is a Reference
At the core of our commitment to customers is providing world-class
service through our direct service network. This allows us to collaborate
with our customers to develop innovative product systems that lower
their cost of ownership while safely maximizing production. Our goal
is to make every customer a reference by providing them with
world-class service.

At Joy Global, we know our customers

make the best references, so we work
hard to be a service leader in order to Global Network
earn each customers trust and respect. Performance
Life Cycle Management JoySmart Service Centers are strategically located around the world in order to
Michael Rikkola,
conveniently serve our customers. With each new service center built, Joy Global
Program Manager
Remote Health Monitoring products and people are becoming more connected, allowing for expanded
benchmarking. Recent additions include service centers in Australia, Chile,
Prognostics & Health Peru and Russia.
Located strategically in zones of mining activity, each service center brings local
support that is world-class. Services offered are structured to fulfill the lifecycle of
Life Cycle Management mining equipment, optimizing equipment for productivity.

JBS Operational Excellence Our commitment to world-class service is delivered through world-class processes
Products/Process/People and metrics. Our Joy Global Business Systems processes bring operational excellence
by prioritizing the elimination of waste, simplifying processes, automating and removing
Flawless from the Start people from harms way. We leverage those principles throughout our global network,
with the ability to rapidly customize locally.

This sets the stage for effortless execution of our JoySmart Solutions. Bringing
JoySmart Solutions
together the best products, the best people and the best service, JoySmart Solutions
is a fully customizable solution to minings toughest challenges.

Ready to take mine performance to new levels?

Contact your Joy Global
Try JoySmart Solutions today. service representative
for more information on
JoySmart Solutions or visit

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Joy Global worldwide locations

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