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Lotus Capital Limited Job Description



Staff in Position: To be hired

General Role: Marketing and Fund Mobilisation, CRM, Product Development, Managing
the image/brand of the company

Reporting To: Head, Business Development & Strategy (Head Office)

Responsible for: Companywide Business Strategy & Development Unit

Key Functions & Responsibilities

Fund Mobilisation and Revenue
Ensure Branch Profitability
Marketing Identify and mobilize customers and funds to the company (Investors &
Product Development Come up with products that would meet clients needs and also
fill identified market gaps.
CRM Manage all customer relationships
Private Banking
Branch offices management (Abuja and Northern Region) oversee their business/
market development activities
PR & Communication Advise on Adverts, Newspaper, Articles, Presentations
Other duties assigned
Job Scope and Accountabilities

Funds Mobilisation and Financing Opportunities

Development of area market market segmentation, prospecting, marketing
Private Banking efficient management of relationships & lead generation
Co-ordination of marketing activities at branch
Budget Collation
Private Banking CRM budget
Coordinate branch activities
Competencies and Skills

Good Presentation skills (PowerPoint, branding)

Good Communication skills (written, spoken, appearance)
Good understanding of marketing and customer service delivery
Analytical Competence
High standards of ethics, integrity
Broad knowledge of service areas, company policies and business strategy
Excellent customer relationship etiquettes
Excellent time management skills

Key Interfaces

Private Clients, Corporate Clients, and General Clients

Marketing consultants
Website consultants
Investment & Research Financing Investee transactions, product development
Finance Customer Investment Details
Media/ PR Consultants Press, Newspaper, Adverts, Public relations

Key Performance Goals/Targets for 2014/2015

Fund Mobilisation N20bn company

Deposit Annual Target - TBA; Annual Profitability Target - TBA
CRM Efficient and fast customer sign-on and feedback, low level of complaints
Product Development new products (hajj, taalim etc)
Image positive and efficient management of the companys brand and news
Retention & Growth of Private Client base (50% increase)
Coordination of sub-unit functions/branch