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Learning Activities CEFR

Listening L/S - Interaction Reading Writing

Warm Up 1. YouTube Song 1. Recite the rhyme a few 1. Show pictures of a 1. Recall the previous
times, ask questions situation, guide pupils lesson, get pupils to talk
regarding the rhyme. to discuss about it about the topic.
2. YouTube Song (Why). 2. YouTube discuss
(Relate it to the pictures 2. Pupils recite the chant video.
in the textbook). learned previously and 3. Song discussion on
3. Ask pupils to count the answer the questions. places that pupils have
things that they have, 3. Q&A: Who do you want visited, their most
pupils approach next to invite to your party? favourite place.
group and ask them to What gift do you want
count as well. for your birthday?
Presentation 1. Demonstrate how to do 1. Recite the poem and 1. Talk about the moral 1. Show picture (not from
it, guide pupils to improvise (make up value of the text, guide the textbook), guide
repeat. something new). pupils to read the text, pupils to talk about it,
2. Further discussion explain and get pupils show pupils how to
about the song the to answer the questions construct sentence(s)
expressions. in the page. based on their given
3. Teacher recites the 2. Use number and word answers.
rhyme while pupils hold cards to explain 2. Show poster of road
the numbers (cards) numbers, pupils read signs, explain the signs,
accordingly; One group and identify the guide pupils to talk
recites while the other numbers based on the about a few road safety
group holds up the cards shown. Group tips.
numbers. work, get pupils to talk 3. Pupils write about their
about the number of hometown on
things in the classroom. postcards.
3. Read the text, chorus
reading, pupils repeat.
Practice 1. Pupils practice in pairs. 1. Group work, recite the 1. Group work, provide 1. Group work, pupils
Get a few pupils to poem, turn the time on pictures that similar to complete the exercise
present in front of the a paper clock according the textbook, blank out on pg. of the textbook,
class. to the time mentioned the speech bubbles, provide extra pictures.
by the teacher. guide pupils to match 2. Complete the exercise
2. Pair work, greet each the correct strips to the on pg. of the textbook,
other; Group work, correct pictures. provide sentence cards
pupils role play based 2. Group work, pupils on road safety and get
on the situation given match the correct pupils to match the
(picture cards). numbers to the correct cards, rewrite the
3. Group work, teacher word cards, complete sentences in a
calls a group and ask the exercise on pg. of postcard.
them to find a number the textbook, add on 3. Group work, pupils take
of items, repeat the more similar exercises. turn to talk about
activity for all groups. 3. Group work, provide his/her postcard,
simple scripts, pupils choose the best work
talk about themselves and rewrite it on a
and their family. mahjong paper, carry
out gallery walk
Reinforcement 1. YouTube More 1. Teacher shows the 1. Practise the dialogues 1. Draw pictures in their
/ Remedial materials time; pupils improvise in groups. exercise books.
the poem accordingly. 2. Game, in groups, pupils 2. YouTube - Song
stand up according to
the number mentioned.