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Chapter 1
ANALYSIS The analysis worksheet contains a schedule to estimate the excess of revenue over expenses.

STEPS 1 Read all of the steps before working with this workbook.

2 Click the Analysis worksheet tab to view the schedule.

3 Key your name in cell B2.

Enter the data to analyze each question:

4 Enter the appropriate data in cells denoted by a question mark (?).

5 Use the schedule to answer question 1.

6 Change the data as necessary to answer questions 2 and 3.

7 Save your work as TLA1.

8 Submit on Edmodo assignment TLA1.

Problem Number: Think Like an Accountant, Chapter 1
Student's Name: Vetaka Prajakchaikul (Ting)

Design Fees Questions:
1. I would not suggest Neil to estimates the business
because his excess of revenue over expenses is less
Number of Clients 20 his salary $ 13,640.
2. The nearest dollar hourly billing rate would he need
Hours per Client 75 to charge
3. Neil cantoachieve
is $50.
goal by obtaining more
Total Billable Hours 1,500 He should obtain 25 customer per hour.
4. I would suggest that there should have only one
number of cilent in the box to put the number.
Therefore , it would be easier for accoutants to work,
Billing Rate $ 40 and do not confuse with the information.
Total Design Fees $ 60,000
Hosting Fees
Number of Clients 20
Monthly Fee $ 30
Total Hosting Fees 7,200
Total Revenue $ 67,200

Advertising $ 6,000
Cellular Phone/Internet 1,800
Insurance 4,800
Miscellaneous 5,040
Rent 6,000
Supplies 3,600
Utilities 3,600
Total Expenses $ 30,840
Excess of Revenue over Expenses $ 36,360