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S. No.

H. No. 4544

Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-seventh

day of July, two thousand fifteen.

( REPUBLIC A C T NO. 10883]



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the

Philippines in Congress assembled:

S E C T I O N 1. Short T i t l e . - This Act shall be known as

the "New Anti-Carnapping Act of 2016".

S E C . 2. D e f i n i t i o n of Terms. - As used in this Act:

(a) Body b u i l d i n g refers to a job undertaken on a motor

vehicle in order to replace its entire body with a new body;

(b) Defacing or tampering with a serial number refers

to the altering, changing, erasing, replacing or scratching of
the original factory inscribed serial number on the motor
vehicle engine, engine block or chassis of any motor vehicle.
Wlienever any motor veliicle is fomid to have a serial number Q) T o t a l wreck
on its enguie, engine block or chassis which is different from veliicle after a vehi
tkat which is listed in the records of the Bureau of Customs it is rendered inop
to the extfint of da
for motor vehicle imported into the Philippines, that motor
vehicle sliali be considered to have a defaced or tampered serial
number; (It) Unlawful tr
use or transfer of a
(c) D i s m a n t l i n g refers to the tearing apart, piece-by-piece vehicle to another v
when the motor veli
or part-by-part, of a motor vehicle;
appearing in the ce
to which it was iss
(d) Identity transfer refers to the act of transferruig the
engine number, chassis number, body tag number, plate
number, and any other identifying marks of a motor veliicle S E C . 3. Carnappi
declared as "total wreck" or is beyond economic repair by with intent to gain,
concerned car Insurance companies and/or law enforcement without the latter's
agencies after its involvement in a vehicular accident or other or intimidation of p
incident and registers the same into another factory-made body
or vehicle unit, of the same classification, type, malte or model; Any person
regardless of the va
(e) M o t o r vehicle refers to any vehicle propelled by any by imprisonment f
power other than muscular power using the pubhc highways, one (I) day but no
except road rollers, trolley cars, street sweepers, sprinklers, carnapping is co
lawn mowers, bulldozers, graders, forlUifts, amphibian trucks, intimidation of pe
and cranes if not used on pubUc highways; vehicles which run imprisonment for n
only on rails or trades; and tractors, trailers and traction (1) day bui; not
engines of all Mnds used exclusively for agricultural purposes. carnapping^is com
Trailers having any number of wheels, when propelled or intimidation of pers
intended to be propelled by attachment to a motor vehicle, shall of life imprisonment
be classified as a separate motor vehicle with no power rating; or occupant of the
in the commission
(f) OverJmulin-g refers to the cleaning or repairing of the
whole engine of a motor vehicle by separating the motor Any person ch
engine and its parts from the body of the motor vehicle; of carnapping is c
syndicates or by
(g) R e p a i n t i n g refers to changing the color of a motor person or persons
vehicle by means of pamting. There is paintmg whenever the driver, passenger or
or raped in the cou
new color of a motor vehicle is different from its color
when the evidence
registered in the Land Transportation OfEce (LTO);

Oi) Remodeling refers to the mtroduction of some changes S E C . 4. Conceal

in the shape or form of the body of the motor veliicle; conceals carnappin
six (6) years up to
(i) Second l i a n d spare parts refer to the parts talcen from amount of the ac
a carnapped vehicle used in assembling another vehicle;
vehicle engine, or any other part involved in the violation: blocks and chas
Proviided. That if the person violating any provision of this considered as a c
Act is a juridical person, the penalty herem provided shall be coming from illeg
imposed on its president, secretary, and/or members of the of the governmen
board of directors or any of its officers and employees who may
have directly participated in the violation. S E C 7. Perm
Vehicle Engines,
Any pubhc official or employee who du'ectly commits the keep a permane
unlawful acts defined in this Act or is guilty of gross neghgence engines, engine
of duty or connives with or permits the commission of any specifying therein
of the said urdawfiil acts shall, in addition to the penalty therein tlie names
prescribed in the preceding paragraph, be dismissed from the owners. Copies of
service, and his/her benefits forfeited and shall be permanently shall be furnishe
disqualified fi'om holding pubUc office. and city branch
provincial and city
S E C . 5. O r i g i n a l Registration of M o t o r Vehicles. - Any of all registration
person seeking the original registration of a motor vehicle, to the PNP: Provid
whether that motor vehicle is newly assembled or rebuilt or certificate of regist
acquh'ed fi:om a registered owner, shall, within one (I) week the second copy
after the completion of the assembly or rebuilding job or the copy shall be su
acquisition thereof fi'om the registered owner, apply to the unlawful for any p
Plijlippine National PoUce 0?NP) for the clearance of the motor the registry of mot
veMcle for registration with the LTO. The PNP shall, upon history, new ide
receipt of the application, verify if the motor vehicle or its multiple registrati
numbered parts are in the list of carnapped motor vehicles
or stolen motor vehicle parts. If the motor vehicle or any of / & . Registratio
its numbered parts is not in the list, the PNP shall forthwith M o t o r Vehicle,
issue a certificate of clearance. Upon presentation of the Vehicle Engine,
certificate of clearance from the PNP and after verification of transfer, convey
the registration of the motor vehicle engine, engine block and replacement of a
chassis in the permanent registry of motor vehicle engine, of a motor vehicl
engine block and chassis, the LTO shall register the motor twenty (20) worki
vehicle in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations vehicle and subs
within twenty (20) worldng days. engine, engine bl
engine, engine b
shall be presu
S E C . 6. Registration of M o t o r Vehicle, Motor Vehicle
unported vehicle,
E n g i n e , E n g i n e Block and Clmssis. - Within one (1) year upon
tmless proven ot
approval of this Act, every owner or possessor of unregistered the government.
motor vehicle or parts thereof in knock down condition shall
register before the LTO the motor vehicle engme, engine block
and chassis in the name of the possessor or in the name of S E C . 9. Duty
the real owner who shall be readily available to answer any seven (7) days a
claim over the registered motor vehicle engine, engine block vehicle engine, e
and chassis. Thereafter, all motor vehicle enguies, engine Customs of a pr
vehicle or parts enumerated above are unloaded shall report In the case
the shipment to the LTO, specifymg the make, type and serial motor boats, moto
numbers, if any, of the motor vehicle, motor vehicle engine, vessels, the app
engine block, chassis or body, and stating the names and wliich office shall
addresses of the owner or consignee thereof. If the motor concerning the
vehicle, motor vehicle engine, engine block, chassis or body make and serial
does not bear any serial number, the Collector of Customs
concerned shall hold the motor vehicle, motor vehicle engine, S E C . 13. C l
engine block, chassis or body until it is numbered by the LTO; Vehicles, Motor
Provided, That a PNP clearance shall be required prior to Body. - The Phi
engraving the engine or chassis number. a report to the P
motor vehicles b
S E C . 10, Duty of Importers, Distributors and Sellers of or ship for interis
M o t o r Vehicles to Keep Record of Stocks. - Any person shall not allow th
engagisd in the importation, distribution, awd buying and and international
selling of motor vehicles, motor vehicle engines, engine blocks, ^ clearance from th
chassis or body shall keep a permanent record of one's stocks, carrying goods.
stating therem their type, make and serial numbers, and the Regulatory Board
names and addresses of the persons from whom they were (PUV) and other
acquired and the names and addresses of the persons to whom goods.
they are sold, and shall render accurately a monthly report
of his/her transactions in motor vehicles to the LTO. S E C . 14. Def
of M o t o r Vehicle
S E C . U . Duty of Manufacturers of E n g i n e Blocks, Cfiassis shall be unlawful
or Body to Cause the N u m b e r i n g of E n g i n e Blocks, Chassis with the original
or Body M a n u f a c t u r e d . - Any person engaged in the engines/engine
manufacture of engine blocks, chassis or body shall cause the
numbering of every engine bloclc, chassis or body manufactured S E C . 16. Iden
in a convenient and conspicuous part thereof which the LTO person, office o
may du-ect for the purpose of uniformity and identification of registration, and/
the factory and shall submit to the LTO a montlily report of number, engine
the manufacture and sale of engine blocks, chassis or body. declared as "tot
concerned insura
S E C . 12. C l e a r a n c e and P e r m i t Required for Assembly due to its involv
or R e b u i l d i n g of M o t o r Vehicles. ~ Any person who shall other causes. T
undertake to assemble or rebuild or cause the assembly or wreck vehicle as
rebuilding of a motor vehicle shall first secure a certificate of the Insurance
clearance from the PNP: Provided, That no such permit shall
be issued unless the appUcant shall present a statement under S E C . 16. Ttu
oath containing the type, make and serial numbers of the for any person,
engine, chassis and body, if any, and the complete list of the plate from one v
spare parts of the motor vehicle to be assembled or rebuilt authority from th
together with the names and addresses of the sources thereof.
S E C . 17. Sale of Second H a n d Spare Parts. - It shall S E C . 23. Eff
be unlawful for any person, office or entity to buy and/or sell (15) days after it
any second hand spare parts taken from a carnapped vehicle. (2) newspapers
SEC. 18. Foreign Nationals. - Foreign nationals convicted Approved,
under the provisions of tliis Act shall be deported immediately
after service of sentence without fiirther proceedings by the
Bureau of Immigration.

S E C . 19. Reward. ~ Any person who voluntarily gives

information leading to the recovery of carnapped vehicles and
for the apprehension of the persons charged with carnapping Speaker o
shall be given monetary reward as the PNP may determine. of Repr
The PNP shall include in their annual budget the amount
necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. Any
information given by informers shall be treated as confidential
matter. This Act w
Senate Bill No. 2
S E C . 20. Impiemeniing Rules and Regulations. ~ The of Representati
PNP together with the Department of Transportation and on May 2 3 , 2 0 1
Communications. LTO, Philippine Coast Guard. Maritime
Industry Authority, Bureau of Customs and relevant motorists
and automotive sectors shall, within sixty (60) days fi-om the
effectivity of tliis Act, after unanimous approval, promulgate
the necessary implementing rules and regulations to effectively MARILYN B.
carry out the provisions of this Act, including the setting up SecJ-etar
of a coordinated online access and the effective clearance system House of
mentioned in Section 12 of this Act to expedite motor vehicle
data and details verification.

SEC. 21. Separability Clause. - If any provision of this Approved:

Act is declared invalid, the remainder of this Act or any
provision not affected thereby shall remain in full force and

S E C . 22. Repealing Clause. - Republic Act No. 6539,

otherwise known as the "Anti-Carnapping Act of 1972", is
hereby repealed. All laws, executive orders, rules and
regulations or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions
of this Act are hereby amended or repealed accordingly. B

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