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World Records

1. First to introduce Virtual Reality in Academics won India Book of Records Jan 2017

2.Most no of Innovation Awards- Awarded by URF Global Award Dec 2016

3. Invented Flipped Classroom concept at MBA- New World Record holder from World Record Indian,
Sept 2016

4. Winning Most no of Awards received for Teaching Innovation from High Range Book of World
Record ,Aug16

5. World Record Holder for introducing Innovative Teaching Methods( Flipped Classroom and Design Thinking
for Educators) from Telugu Book of Records,Aug16

International Awards

1.Teaching Excellence Award 2016, Indo-American Education Summit 2016 by Indus Foundation.USA,
Sep 2016
2.Shortlisted Under Hybrid Learning Innovation for Reimagine Education Awards 2015 The global awards
for innovative higher education pedagogies enhancing learning and employability sponsored by the
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and QS Stars.Dec 2015
3.MTC Global Award for Innovation in Management Pedagogy 2015, organized by MTC Global.
Bangaloruu , Sept 2015

National Level Awards

1. GRABS Best Young Teacher Award 2017- from GRABS Educational Trust, Chennai, Feb

2. Sahrudya 2017- National Award in Education Excellence .Sagar, Jan 2017

3. Adarsh Vidya Saraswati- National Award of Excellence 2016 from Global Management Council.
Gujarat, May 2016

4..Winner, Trend setter in the Best Techno Faculty Award 2015 organized by ICTACT,Govt of TamilNadu,
A initiative by Govt of India, Feb 2015