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Ministerul Educaiei Nationale i Cercetrii tiinifice

Inspectoratul colar al Municipiului Bucureti

OLIMPIADA DE LIMBA ENGLEZ 2015-2016 - Etapa pe sector clasa a X-a varianta 1

I. (10 points) Read the text below and decide which variant (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.

For many young people journalism seems to be a career full of excitement and adventure. However, if you are thinking
of (1) ____ journalism, it is important to ask yourself whether this is really for you. This is because there is another
side to the world of the journalist.
Today news is everywhere: news (2) ____ are providing 24 hour (3) ____ online while readers are clamouring for the
latest headlines. It now seems that working as a journalist is more dangerous than ever. The BBC reported that 168
journalists were killed in 2006, which is the most ever recorded. It is well (4) ____ that many of them were deliberately
murdered to stop their stories from reaching the public and it is essential to do more to bring their killers to justice. (5)
____, journalists are also at (6) ____risk of physical attacks, intimidation and being taken hostage.
Press photographers too must travel to some of the most violent and lawless places in the world and their lives are
very different from the celebrity-chasing antics of the (7) ____. To get the picture that tells a thousand words, they
have to get closer to the action than anyone else. Sometimes it is impossible to (8) _____ placing themselves in
danger. One can only (9) ____ the courage of these men and women and it is worth remembering their bravery when
flicking through the various (10) ____ in the morning paper.

1 A bringing up B taking up C making up D going up

2 A sites B headlines C agents D places
3 A downloads B print outs C updates D alerts
4 A decided B spoken C known D thought
5 A Furthermore B As well as C Because D However
6 A considerable B expanded C countless D sizable
7 A cameramen B snappers C paparazzi D printers
8 A avoid B skip C deny D protest
9 A notice B celebrate C enjoy D admire
10 A supplements B additions C departments D columns

II. (10 points) Fill the gaps in the text below with ONE suitable word:

A new breed of butlers has appeared (1) ______ the scene; increasingly, it seems the rich and famous are turning (2)
______ women to perform the little domestic duties of everyday life. But while female butlers are in ever greater
demand, they are also in supply. Ivor Spencer, who runs the most traditional of the well-known butler schools, (3)
______ trained only 8 women in 21 years. Even at the more progressive butler academies, (4) ______ as Robert
Watson's Guild of Professional Butlers, fewer than one (5) ______ four trainees are female.
Butlerine Sarah Whittle says that women are in demand because they're less stuffy than men. "We're better (6)
______ picking up on people's moods," she says. "And we can organise several things at once: it's in our nature to
multitask." Whittle (7) ______ expected to be smart and professional (8) ______ duty, but she does get glamorous
perks - presents of chocolate, champagne and, on one occasion, an expensive pair of shoes. But the job has its
downside. Hundred-hour weeks are (9) ______ uncommon, the hours are unsociable and the tasks often (10) ______
than glamorous.

III. (10 points) Read the text below and use the words given in capitals to form words that fit in the gaps. The
words in capitals are given in the order in which you need to use them:



The cinema is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Its (1) ______ means that blockbuster
movies are seen by millions worldwide.
Because of this, the messages they give out are seen as (2) ______ important. Psychologists argue that film-watching
isnt always (3) ______ fun and are concerned about the (4) ______ effects it may have.
Black actors and women are (5) ______ with the number and type of roles available to them. With one or two (6)
______ the latter have (7) ______ had to play simple characters dependent on strong male leading actors.
Another important concern is (8) ______ in films. With the (9) ______ in the video industry, violent films are coming
into the home and are (10) ______ available to young viewers.

IV. (20 points) Rephrase the following sentences so that they contain the words in capitals, and so that the
meaning stays the same:

Olimpiada de limba englez 2015-2016, etapa pe sector

Clasa a X-a, varianta 1
Ministerul Educaiei Nationale i Cercetrii tiinifice
Inspectoratul colar al Municipiului Bucureti
OLIMPIADA DE LIMBA ENGLEZ 2015-2016 - Etapa pe sector clasa a X-a varianta 1

1. The rain started two days before I arrived there. HAD

It _______ two days when I arrived there.
2. Sue was the only student to hand her assignment on time. EXCEPTION
With _______________ of the students handed their assignments on time.
3. Decisions about the exact contents of the college magazine will be left UP
to the students.
It will ________what the exact contents of the college magazine will be.
4. Its unfortunate that I came to see him when he wasnt here. GOING
If I ________________ here, I wouldnt have come.
5. I dont want to interfere in their business. RATHER
I_______________________ in their business.
6. You wont get promoted if you dont work hard. BY
Only ____________________ you get promoted.
7. Finally, they sent for a doctor. SENT
Finally, ___________________ .
8. As he gets older, Tim is becoming increasingly tight-fisted. MORE
The _________________________ becomes.
9. The government is introducing new measures to help people who ILLITERATE
cant read or write.
New measures___________________ by the government.
10. They ought to have banned salmon fishing on the lake by now. BEEN
Salmon fishing on the lake _______ by now.

V. (50 points) - FORMAL LETTER

You see this advertisement in Daily News and you decide to apply for the post advertised.

Wanted: Receptionist

We are looking for young people to work in the doctors surgery at weekends. No experience necessary as all
training will be provided. We are looking for people who:

- could be responsible for basic first aid;

- wish to learn about medicine as a possible career;
- have good communicative abilities.

Send in your application to Dr. Brown, saying why you think you are suitable for the above mentioned position.

Write your letter in 150-180 words. Sign it as Sarah Davies.

Think about:
the information in the advertisement;
the layout and the organisation of your letter;
the appropriate style for your letter;
introductory and closing remarks.



Olimpiada de limba englez 2015-2016, etapa pe sector

Clasa a X-a, varianta 1

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