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Heart Rate

Learning Objectives:
o Psychomotor: Students will be able to perform the basic skills of
running, walking, jogging, squats jumps, jumping jacks, mountain
climbers, and burpees to complete the activity.
o Affective: Students will be able to recognize which exercises do
and do not get them into their THZ and be able to use that as a
baseline to set their personal workout intensity as recorded on
the THZ form.
o Cognitive: Students will be able to understand the definition of
THZ and calculate their own THZ.
o Health related fitness: Students will be able to perform each
exercise (listed on the THZ handout) for at least 60 seconds each
to determine if it is intense enough to get into their THZ.

Equipment Needed:
o Uniforms
o THZ handout
o Access to indoor or outdoor track OR gym using outer boundary
as track

o Informal, teacher observation of ability to stay moving and use
correct form
o THZ hand out that will have their THZ calculation and exercises
that get them into the THZ.

Set Induction/Instructional Procedures:

o Once they have returned from dressing introduce the topic of the
day. Teach the following terms/concepts:
Physical Fitness
Target Fitness Zone
Ways to track if you are in the target zone (HR, Pedometer,
Mile tracer, etc)
Heart Rate
How to find your heart rate
Resting heart rate
Target heart rate zone (THZ)
How to calculate THZ

o Students may have a hard time with squat jumps and burpees.
Allow them to do a simple squat and to choose if they do a
pushup in the burpee or not. Always remind them to go at their
own pace but to still push themselves so they can see
Warm Up:
See activity one on THZ card.

Main Activity:
Follow instructions on THZ Card
Students will do multiple activities and test their heart rate. The
activities can be done individually, in small groups, or as an entire
class ran by the teacher depending on the level of self-regulation the
class is capable of.
If the first portion is done and you have time, they will set their own
exercises for the second portion and try to get into their THZ.

Cool Down
Walk 2-3 cool down laps, stretch
CALCULATING YOUR TARGET HEART RATE ZONE for low to high intensity exercise

STEP 1- Find your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) by counting your pulse for 60 seconds
My RHR is ____ bpm

STEP 2- Find your Maximal Heart Rate (MHR) by subtracting 220 - your age
220 - ________ = ________
my age my MHR

STEP 3- Find "N" by subtracting your MHR (maximal HR) - RHR (resting HR)
______ - ______ = _____

STEP 4- Find the LOWER END of your Training Heart Rate ZONE (THR)
_____ x .65 = ____ + _____ = __________
N RHR lower THR

STEP 5- Find the UPPER END of your Training Heart Rate ZONE (THR)
_____ x .85 = ____ + _____ = ___________
N RHR upper THR

My Target Heart Rate Zone is ____________ to _____________ beats per minute (BPM)
lower THR higher THR
What is your Heart Rate?
Name:__________________ Date:_______ Class:_________ THZ:
Complete each activity for the listed time then immediately take your pulse.
Record it in the middle column then write yes or no for your THZ.
Activity Heart Rate Are you in
BRISK walk - 2 laps

RUN - 1lap as fast as

Jumping Jacks 1 minute

Squat Jumps 1 minute

Mountain Climbers 1
Burpees 1 minute

Jog/run laps. Measure HR

after each. Run until you
reach THZ

What is your Heart Rate?

Name:__________________ Date:_______ Class:_________ THZ:
Create your own list of activities you think will get you into THZ, 1 min each
Activity (1min) Heart Rate Are you in