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Neueon Tcr{vers Limited

(Formerly known awllujana Towers Limited)

Date: 14tr. December, 2016

The Department of Corporate Services_CRD,
National S k Exchange of India Ltd
Bombay Stock Exchange Limited
5th floo.r, Exc
P.J.Tor,vers, Dalal Street, MUMBAI _ 400 001 Bandra (E), UMBAI - 4OO 051
Scrip Clode: 532887 Scri ANATWR
Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Otutcome of the Board Meeting of the Company. held on 14th

- Iteg.
This is to inform you that, the foilowing items were co^siderfd
and approved by thr:
Board of Directors of the Company at their meeting helJ on
1[t}, December,2016:

7. Lln-Audited Financial Results of the Company for

{he euarter ended 30th
Septembet, 2016 along with Limited Review Iieport for the same and
yearly statement of assets and liabilities.

2' Appointment of Shri Ch. Mallikarjuna as Company Siegretary of the Company

and Key Managerial person & Compliance offict-i uZ$ 203'of the Companiesi
4,ct,2013 in place of Shri P. Apser Hussen w.e.f. 14th l)ecember,2016.

Kindly eLcknowledge the receipt.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

' i/t,tA
\t\ It,, /
/ r I IF-#
I "t'l / \r,l{/,.-'

CIN: 1401 09TG2006p t.C049743 Corp.&Admin. Office:

Regd. Office: Plot No.5/A, Vengalrao Nagal
Survey No.321, Hyderabad - 500030,
Turkala Khanapu(V), Telangana, lndia.
Hatnur (M), Medak Dist. - 502 201. T +91 -40-2381 5530/3 1 /32
Telangana, India. F +91-40-23815534.
T r 91-08458-288964/965.
www. neueontowers.corm
Neueon Tbr ers Limited
(Formerly known as iona Towers Limited)


(Forr nerly Sujana Towers Limited)
Statement of Standalone Unauditer
I Financial Results for the
euarrer end 30th Sep, 2016

S.No. Pa rticulars (Rs.in Lnkhc

Half Year [nded 'Year
30-Sen- I 6 JO-Jun-t6 30-Sier l5
(tln Audited) (Un Au(
l0-Serr-16 J0-Seo- I 5 Jl-Mar-16
lrso{trs P.o'n On".?tio;;- led) (Un Auditerl) (!n Audited) (Audited)
L l\eI 5aleS/lncotne liotn OnFrei ,^^"
) Uther Uperating Incorne t.il6.05 r.482.55 10.2 7
I 2.598.60 63.570.7 s
6.59 | ,39.780 63
! rllg!.ilsslle from Oper"tio,,s (iA) 1 96 6.59 20.92 99.77
2 LXpenses - 30..21 .67 2,605. I 9 63.59 1.67 I.39.880.4n
l. Lost ot Materials consurned
b. Purchases of Stock-in-trarte ,JI 1.342 436.80
c Changes in inu.ntori.i@ 4E.51
3 20.83 l7 381 ls 47.147.81 r r. 184,03
stock-in-trade _-- 141 8l 78 r89.90 s60.64 685.84
r. _...F."rv! vv,r!,,rJ r^ugilsg)
t26.0s t2 76
:.]lqprec ratron tnd arnort isation e\ penscs 244.43 277 22 5.56
f.OtherExpensestA@ 2.452 89 219 99 4-763.27 | :.r rs so 7.830.50
220.61) 222.s1 .+l 79
Igl3llSlg-gggjluing operations to be shown separare|v)
443.t I r,046.8s | ,635.25

3 I P ro f i t/( Loss I f , o
- ^.la]q-lllilllll
3.43 1.23 3,932.78 | zt-.ttg r6 7.364.01 52.585. r 2 |,24,148.46
^.o "oii (2.308.59' (2,4s0.23 5,489
gogts and ertepfional items (4,7s8.82 l 1,006.55 15,73t.94
4 L)ther lncome
5 Profit(Loss) frorn ordinury u.ffi (2,308.s9 (2,447.19)
38 3.04 613 9.8s
exceptional items (3 + 4) s,4t8J i9 (4.7ss.78) I t,0t2.88 15,741.79
1 .234.81 7.0 t8.73 5.966 i0
1 Proflt/(Loss) fionr ordinary o.tiuiiffi (9,s43.46 (e,46s.92) (476 I
14.253 60 | 1,396.74 25.795.56
:xceptronal itelns (5 + 6) ( | 9,009.381 (383.86 (l 0,0s3.76)
8 b-c*l"*l l*
9 rronv(Loss) tronl ordinary activities before tax (7 + gt
(9,s43.46 (9,46s.92 (416,
t0 I ax txDenses
(r 9,009.38. (383.86)l (r0,0s3.761
il l\eI rfollU(LOSS) Irorn ordinanr anriwirio" ofta.,^- ,n r
739 84 | .0,18 I.589 5 | 2.331 64 4.502 00
( I 0,205.76 (t,slt4 (20,s98.891 (2,71 5.s0 (14,55s.76)
t2 Lxlraorotnary lterns (net oftax expenses Rs. in
(r0,393.t3 (| 0,20s.76) ( r,srt4. (20,s98.891
l4 Share ot' Profi t/(Loss) of assocrates (2,7t s.s0 ( I4,555.76)
t5 Vinoritv lrrrerect
t6 ..vr
-v,!v\Lvro/ orrvr Lalssi urrlulLy rnteresl ano share ol (r0,393.t3) (t0,205.76 (1,s24. )) (20,s98.89
profit/(Loss) of associates (l 311 4+l 5) (2,71 s.50 (l 4,sss.76)
)7 rafO-l Jn enrrrh/ <lr,ra
/E^^^ \t^1..^
5.654.45 5.654 45 5. l9l
t8 Reserve excluding revaluation reserves as p., bulu,l". ,lG6iii 5
"654.45 s.191.49 5-654.4s
38,934 0s 69.286.10 59,432.99
Blevious accountins vear
t9.i xrraorotnary ttelns) (of Rs. I 0/_ each)
not annualised)

l8 38 t8 0s (36.43
h) Dilrrted z) (27.20
t9.ii t805' (36.43
Earnings per share (after extraordina.v it"ri lGf n, r oZ .u.lrf 7 ?.O

INot annualised) _
l8 38 il80s (36.43 (5.23 (27.20
llDiluted t8.38 t8 05 )o (36.43 (27.201

lN : L4
140 1 09TG2006p 1.C049243 Corp.&Admin. Office: 4
egd. Office:
I Plot No.S/A, Vengalrao Nagar,
urvey No.321, Hyderabad - 500038,
rrkala Khanapur(V),
Turkala Telangana, India.
atnur (M), Medak Dis;t. - 502 201. T +91 -40-238 1 5Sg0t31 t32
>langana, India. F +91-40-23815534.
T + 9't-r
9't -08458-288964/965,
R #ffi Neueon Ttl' ers Limited
(Formerly known as iana Towers Limited)

I resurrs have been reviewed and reconrmended
by the Audit committee and approved i:y the tlo
il;;** d of Directors at their meeting held on I 4th

l'he company adopted Indran Accounting Standards

(rnd AS) fiorn Aprir r, 2015, and accordrngry
wtth the recognition and treasurement pnnciples the at ve financial results have been prepared
laid down rn the "lnd AS 34 Interirn Financral in accordance
2013' read wilh the relevant rules issued Reportin prescribed under sectron 133 ofthe
there under and other accounting prrnciples generaly Companies Act
accepte, in lndia. This has not resulted
statement of Profrt & Loss as per previous
GAAp fbr the quarter ended 30 Septernber. 20 r in any differences in

ln the absence ofprovision fbr disclosure ofthe

other comprehensive lncome in the rbrmat announced
b,y I Bl for the year ended 3l March, 2016, differences or
account ofremr:asurement ofthe defined benefit pran
(gratuity) ofRs. 1.47 lakhs is ad.justed in ,Employee
B reflt Expenses' and related tax implication of Rs.
lakhs has been ad-iusted in'Deferred rax'which 0.5 |
otherwise should have been drsclosed under the 'omprehensive
head,other lncome'.
The cornpany prirnarily engaged in the manulacturing
and trading of steel and steel products, which in
segnrent in the ilbove disclosures.
le context ol Ind AS l0g, is considered as a single

The statement cloes not include Ind AS results

fbr the proceeding quarter ended 3I st March, 20 I 6 as the sar
20t6 is not Inandate as per SEBl,s circular dated 5th

The cornpany has three subsidiaries-a) Digitech

Business Systems Lrmited; b) Telesuprecon Lirited and
quarter ended 30 June, 20 | 6. are as follows: c iTL Africa Limited. The Consolidated results lbr the

('Rs,in Lokhs)
Pa rticula rs
Ouarter cndcd l{alf Year ended Year Ended
30-Seo- I 6 JO-J un- | 6 J0-Sen. JO-Sep-16 J0-Sen-tS
(tJn Audited
(Un Audited) (tln Audl )d) (tln Audited) (tln
Audited) (Audited )
|,122.63 r,485.59 J I.^:J 2,608.22 66,990 I 9 146.690.04
(9,546.43 (s,47| 07 (47r 1a (r9,0t7.50 (379 74 ( I 0,030.68
jarning fl 0.396 t 01 10.210 92 |.:;2( 70 (20.607 02 (2.7 | |.38
Der Shale t 4.532.67
a) Basic ( 18.18 (r 8.06 )5 (36 44 5.22 27.16
( r8.38 (|8 06 ( )5 (36.44 (5 22) (27 16
'I'he above
results will be placed on Website www.su.jana.com.

Exemptions applied at transactjon

Ind As I 0l (First t irne Adoption of Ind ian Accounting
Standards) provides a suitable starting point fbr accour ng rn accordance with Ind AS and is rerqurred to be
mandatorily fbilowed by first-time adopters. lnd AS 101 allows first-time
adopters,.*.,npion, from the rel spective application of certain requirements under
Ind AS. The Corrpany has applied the fbllowing exemptions in its
standalone financial resLrlts.
a Property, Plant and Equipment were carried in the statement of flnancial position prepared
under previor CAAP as at 3lst March 2016. The Company has
elected to regard such carrying amount as deerred varue at the date
of transaction i.e; t st Aprir, 20 l 5
b' Under previous cAAP, investtrent in subsidraries,.joint ventures and associates
were stated at cost and I :visions nrade to recognise the decliner, other than
temporary, Under Ind AS, the Company has elected to regard such carrying
amount as at 3 I st March. 20 | 5 ias :erned cosl at the date ollransaclion.

Under previous GAAP, non current [nvestrrents were stated at cost. Where
applicable, provrslon was rna to recognise a decline, other than telnporary, in
valuation of such Invesh'nents, Under Ind AS, the Cornpany has elected
to regard such carrying amourt i at 3lst March, 2015 as the fhir value on initial
:ecogltrtron as the fair value on the date oftransition

l-he Statutory Auditors of the Company have oarried out Limited Review -the quarter ended
of the Standalone Financral ResLrlits 30.09.2016 in cornpliance with
legulatron 33 ollhe SEBI (Listing obligation and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations,
2015 except the sut olary accounts.

/// n\


CIN: 1401097
09TG2006p 1.c049743 Corp.&Admin. Office:
Regd. Office:
ice: Plot No.S/A, Vengalrao Nagar,
Survey No.32'
t.321 , Hyderabad - 500038,
Turkala Khane
ranapur(v), Telangana, India.
Hatnur (M),), Medak
Mi Dis;t. - 502 201 T +91 -40-238 15530t3i t32
Telangana,, India.
Inc F +9140-23815534.
T + 9'1-08458-
Neueon To ers Limited
C, to, 1za-&TAGNrRvA
(Formerly known Towers Limited)

9 The statement ofassets and liabiiities

as required under Crause 4r(vxh) ofrhe Listing Agreemenr rs as for the Standalone financials
Rs.in Lakhs


Reserves and Surplus 5,780.03 5,77 8.90

c) Money received against share warrants 38,934.05 s9.532.95

Sub_Total Share Holders Funds

Application Money pending Allotment

) Long Tenn Borrowings

99,071.02 96,732.81
) Defened Tax Liabiliry (Net)
t2,833.s1 | |,243.99
) Other Long Terrn Liabilities
304.67 304.67
) Long Term Provisions
207 27 185 s0
Sub- Total Non-Current

a) Short Tenn llorrowrngs

| 12.379.04 96,1 s4. t I
6,778.70 7,008.86
c) Other Currenr Liabilities
38,537 s6 39.366 02
d) Short-tenn Provisions


161,283.93 | 65,903.17
) Coodwill on Consolidation
c) Non-Current lnveshnents
| 3.993.7 4 13,993.7 4
) Deferred Taxes (Net)
e) Long Terrn Loans and Advances
t) Other non-Current Assets
z,zto n 2.210.17

2,77 5.19 3,032.8 |
) Trade Receivables
13s,362.26 | 34,634.04
) Cash and Cash Equvalents
80.76 109 37
e) Short-Term loans and advances
4,726.35 2.0s7.00
f) Other Current Assets

Place . Hyderabad
Date :14.12.2016 Ntv A RAJU

CIN: 1401 09TG2006p1C049243 Gorp.&Admin. Office:

Regd. Office: Plot No.5/A, Vengatrao Nagar,
Survey No.321, Hyderabad - 500038,
Turkala Khanapu(V), Telangana, lndia.
Hatnur (M), Medak Dieit. - 502 201. T +91 -40-238 1SS301A1 ti2
Telangana, India. F +91-40-23815534.
T + 91-08458-288964/965,
VENUGOPI\L & CHENOY -1 -889 I 1612,
Tilak Road.
Chartered Accountants rabad - 500 00't.
247 53454. 247 S3BS2
24752853, 24756885
: info@venugopalandchenoy.com


The Boiard of Directors,
Neueon Towers Limited,
(formerly Sujana Towers
J.8, .Nagarjuna Hiils,

We havr: reviewed_th^e, ac:olpanying

Towers Limited (formerly Su;aia'io*"r, statement of unarudited financial
Limited), Hyde,rabad for the period of Neueon
september 2016. This st;te;;;il. ended 30th
ii",r"rporsibiritv of ther cornl y's
been approved bv the BoarJ oi'6ii""torr. management and has
our responsibirity is to issue a report
financiat statemenis based
r.uil*. on these

we conducted our review in accordance

"Engagernents to review with the standard on Re,yi Elgagement (SRE) 2,400,
tinanciai rlrilr"ntr,, issued by
the Instiitr of Chartered Accountiants
assurancLr fqrj* tri *" pran and perforrn the review
as to whether the Financiar statJnentJ';;""fr* to obtain moderate
is limited primarirv.to inquirie;;i-;;rpany of mai tal mrsstatement. A rel,iew
personner ano ana, procedures appliecl to
financial clata and thus provide
less assurance than an audit. W:
and accordingly, we do not ve not performed an audit
*-audit opinion.
Based on our review, nothing
has come to our attention that
sfatgment of unaudited financiat us to believe that the
Accountinl3 sta ndards an d other ru.og n ir"J
i"rrlil or"o In accordance with the
the information required to o" olciosed ".""r.ii -oi'Regura il.i,:TJ policies has not disclosed
obligations and Discrosyqe neauir"r:"ntrl
in terms 33 .of the SEB! (Listing
Regurations, 2015 in ing the manner in which it
is to be disclosed, or that it condins
ariy materiar misstatement.



Hyderabad 'F )+-*'

14.12.2016 P.V.SR| HAR| )

1b I