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Yg Berusaha Mdm Zarina Afandi, Principal of International Islamic School Malaysia Kuantan,

Yg Berusaha En. Kaharudin Abdul Rahman, Principal of Setiabudi Secondary, representing

the General Manager of IIUM Lower Education Sdn. Bhd.

Distinguished guests, respected parents, beloved students,

Teachers and Staff of International Islamic School Malaysia Kuantan.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Good Morning.

First and foremost, let me express my sincere appreciation for the honour I have been
accorded to officiate the ceremony for the 2nd Annual Sports Day of International Islamic
School Kuantan. I am most delighted to be here with you today in this gathering of leaned
teachers, lovely students as well as parents. I would like to thank the school for giving me
the opportunity to be part of this important event and I feel proud for you to willingly come
here and use the accommodation and facilities provided by our school.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am grateful to the effort made by teachers of IISM Kuantan to organize this important
event. This event gives opportunity for all to appreciate the efforts made by the students to
perform in academic as well as in co-curriculum. Speaking of co-curriculum, this event
provides excellent opportunities for students to develop a range of skills from acquiring an
awareness of physical wellbeing and developing a sense of selfesteem, to picking up
important values such as teamwork, fair play and a cando spirit. Furthermore, this event
also presented an opportunity for IIS students to learn values such as empathy and
compassion for others examples of essential social emotional competencies.

I take this opportunity to say that I am proud to have this school organized by responsible
people to reach the international school standards as well as Islamic. I hope that these
efforts will be continued to ensure the mission and vision of the school can be achieved in
the future.

Again I wish to thank all the persons involved in this event for their valuable contribution to
the success of this special event. Let me once again take this opportunity to express my
sincere gratitude to the organizers of this event for inviting me to officiate this ceremony. It
is my expectation that everyone here will find this event useful for today and future benefits.
Invited guests, parents and teachers, ladies and gentlemen, with these few remarks, it is
now my pleasure to declare that the 2nd Annual Sports Day of International Islamic School
Kuantan is officiated and wishing the best for the schools future undertakings.