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Holy Cross College of Calinan

Calinan, Davao City


Pornography: A Scene that should

not be seen.

Mandawe, Erika Mae

Resgonia, Kim Chandani

Rodriguez, Majha

Samson, Ervonne Jay

Tano, Deanne Lawrence

Tanutan, Rose Pearl

I. Introduction

1.1 Background of the study

The word pornography comes from the Greek term pornographos.
Pornographos is a compound word made of porni (prostitute) and graphein (to
write) which means whore-writing or writing about prostitutes. The term is
dated around AD 1864.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, pornography is the representation of

erotic behavior in books, pictures, statues, motion pictures, etc., that is intended
tocause sexual excitement. It was originally defined as any work of art or literature
depicting the life of prostitutes. The 1986 the U.S. Attorney General Commission on
Pornography defines pornography as material that is predominantly sexually
explicit and intended primarily for the purpose of sexual arousal.

A detailed definition of pornography will describe it as: 1) a carnal insanity t

hat displays sexual activities predominantly in the form of photographs, motion
pictures and writings; 2) a socio-cultural evil that treats human beings as things and
women in particular as mere sex objects; and 3) the spiritual and ethical blindness
which portrays distorted and dehumanized forms of sexual activities mostly
produced by means of abuse or exploitation. To speak in one sentence, pornography
in essence is a curse to the dignity and sanctity of human sexuality. Pornography
has also been defined as, the explicit written or visual depiction of living beings,
including humans and animals, in sexual acts or fantasies primarily to arouse sexual
responses in the reader, viewer or listener.

However, we need to remember that something sexually explicit may not

necessarily be pornographic. Various forms of art and literature would be
impoverished by a definition such as that. Also, everything which creates sexual
arousal cannot necessarily be pornographic. That would be to include an amazing
range of everyday things by which most persons are not at all aroused, while for
some they prove to be very stimulating. To be sure, it is not that the material
content of pornography is sexual that is objectionable; rather, it is the manner in
which pornography treats sexual matters that makes it unacceptable and
discernable. Thus the Lord Longford definition, Pornography is that which exploits
and dehumanizes sex, so that human beings are treated as things and women in
particular as sex objects, more accurately summarizes the challenge of the theme
we are attempting to dealing here with.
1.2 Statement of the study:
This research is conducted to provide concrete reasons that Pornography is
something that must not be seen. It specifically aims to answer:

Why Pornography a scene that should not be seen?

What is its effect of pornography to an individual?

1.2 Objectives of the study:

Many people nowadays pleasure themselves by watching lustful and
inappropriate videos, Pornography. This study is conducted
To provide reasons why pornography is a scene that should not be
seen, why it is against the Catholic faith.
To let people be aware on the issues of pornography.
To tell people the sacredness of the body.

1.4 Assumption of the study:

Pornography is really a scene that should not be seen, it is against the sacredness of

1.5 Significance of the study:

Youth: To know that Pornography is really a scene that should not be seen.
Adults: To not encourage this act to the young, and guide the young against
School and community: To spread social awareness.

1.6 Definition of terms

Explicit - stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.
Sexual - relating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities
connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between
Sanctity - the state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly
Exploits - make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).
Erotic - relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.
II. Historical Background

2.1 Exegesis

The three main categories of the sin are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the
eyes, and the lust pride of life. (1 John 2:16) Pornography definitely causes us to lust
after flesh and it is undeniably a lust of the eyes. Pornography definitely does not
qualify the things we are to think about and that is according to Philippians 4:8. Lust
is a need of a carnal body but the spiritual aspect of a human being should lead him
to control.

It was stated by some that being addicted to pornography doesnt make people
a criminal in law of the world but it is stated in Colossians 3:5 Deaden, therefore,
your body members... As respects fornication, uncleanliness, sexual appetite,
hurtful desire and covetousness. The stand of those who benefits pornography is--
this is an object or an instrument used to fulfill and satisfy the need of the human
flesh but according to the Bible people should be sexually pure. Thy shall not touch
a woman without asking her from God. A basic rule of marriage but as of today,
premarital sex is promoted through contraceptive and of course pornography.
Pornography awakens the lust and desire of a person. It makes people sexually
active and the main effect of it is craving-- craving to touch and try what has been
told in books or any reading materials and what is seen in portraits and videos.
Soon, it is possible that the dominant population of the world are hoes. Purity and
control are no longer considered when making decision in relation to sexual

God gave us the wonderful gift of imagination, but it is fed by the eye, the
imagination will be filthy. What feeds the imagination is so very important to moral
purity and thinking and therefore to sin. As Philippians 4:8 provides excellent
insight: Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble,
whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely,
whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything
praiseworthymeditate on these things.Therefore we should stay the purity of our

Do you not know that unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God, neither
fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites
Corinthians 6:9. The body we, people possess is not given, it is borrowed. Therefore,
the body should be taken care of and the law in relation to the maintenance of the
flesh should be followed and implemented. For the wages of sin is death, but the
gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23. Loving God is
following his rules. It is better to suffer for lifetime than suffer forever.


3.1 Teachings of the Church

Pornography offends against the virtue of chastity. Called to lead a chaste life,
each Christian must respect the sanctity of his own human sexuality, which involves
the integration of his physical and spiritual being. He must also respect the holy
state of marriage: Our Lord taught in reply to the Pharisees question about divorce:
Have you not read that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female,
and declared, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cling to
his wife, and the two shall become as one? Thus they are no longer two but one
flesh (Matthew 19:4-6). Therefore, the conjugal love which reflects the sacramental
union of husband and wife, and the enactment of their vows is also sacred: the
conjugal act ought to express that faith.

Pornography consists in removing real or simulated sexual acts from

the intimacy of the partners, in order to display them deliberately to third parties.
It offends against chastity because it perverts the conjugal act,
the intimate giving of spouses to each other. It does grave injury to the dignity of
its participants (actors, vendors, the public), since each one becomes
an object of base pleasure and illicit profit for others. It immerses all who
are involved in the illusion of a fantasy world. It is
a grave offense. Civil authorities should prevent the production and distribution of p
ornographic materials. (The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2354))

Pornography is a grave offense against God and His gifts to men and women.
God created men and women "in His image" to share in His divine life. Rather than
respecting and cherishing this image of God, pornography promotes a harmful and
destructive anthropology (view of the human person). It teaches people to use
others as "objects"--in this case, a means of selfish, lustful gratification. In addition,
since pornography attacks sexual desire and the conjugal act itself, it wages war on
marriage. It is important to remember what God created for husbands and wives.
(USCCB, 2013)
In the conjugal act, husband and wife are called to confirm in a responsible
way the mutual gift of self which they have made to each other in the marriage
covenant...the mutual gift of husband and wife...is in itself a mutual communion of
love and of life. The intimate truth of this gift must always be safeguarded.... The
person can never be considered a means to an end; above all never a means
of pleasure. The person is and must be nothing other than the end of every act.
Only then does the action correspond to the true dignity of the person. (John Paul II,
Letter to Families, no. 12)

3.2 Personal Reflections:

Mandawe, Jessa Erika Mae

Resgonia, Kim Chandani

Pornography envenoms the innocence of ones mind through movies,

pictures, and printed texts, these materials present lustful and inappropriate images
very openly. It can trigger sexual excitement and lustful thoughts that results to a
crime, a sin against the sacredness of the body.

Rodriguez, Mahja

Your naked body should belong only to those who fall in love with your naked
soul. Pornography? It kills love. If they'll keep watching pornography there head is
going to explode like they become addicted to that video. Pornography destroys
mutual trust and respect amon friends and couples. There's news that pornography
will be band in our country and that one is the best thing to do, because many
people are addicted to that video and pornography is not good to the mind of
people. It will just bring bad habits/wrong doing. It will just kill peoples mind and it is
bad when they are abused it. Pornography offends the dignity of the human being;
all of us should respect one another.

Samson, Ervonne Jay

Based on the societal point of view and as a student, pornography is morally

wrong for some reasons. Though it helps the human to be aware of it, it is not
written in the Bible that it is a sin doing masturbation and watching porn and can
only be illegal only if judged to be obscene. Obscenity is a concept that applies to
those forms of pornography that society considers the most harmful to sexual
morality and it punishes under criminal law. To think pornography is dealing with sex
and sexual themes. What makes pornography immoral to my insight is, first it is
wrong to the norms because it is unacceptable to the standard rules that we follow,
second it began to become a social problem, primarily because the spread of
technology and it made more readily available and lastly it is written in the Bible
that woman and man should get married before doing the sacred thing. I dont
assume that I am not watching porn with my friends but it doesnt mean that it
makes us immoral by watching.

Tano, Deanne Lawrence

The pervasive nature of technology is regarded as negative and could

potentially cause a breakdown in terms of face-to-face relationships. The availability
of pornography (especially to children) is seen as a significant ethical and moral
concern. It is really a shame to realize how people specially teenagers found
pleasure on the screen of their computers. Without knowing that they are already
doing a grievous sin. Pornography perverts the beauty of intimate love proper to
marriage, presenting images of the body and sexual acts for base pleasure
regarding other persons as objects to be used, manipulated, and sold. It is a multi-
billion dollar industry, eclipsing the amount of money generated by professional
sports. In this way pornography distorts the proper meaning and purpose of our
sexuality and does grave injury to the dignity of its participants, most especially
young women Use of pornography is a serious sin against chastity and the dignity of
the human person. It robs us of sanctifying grace, separates us from the vision of
God and from the goodness of others, and leaves us spiritually empty. Attraction to
pornography and its gratifications is a false love that leads to increasing
emotional isolation loneliness and subsequent sexual acting-out with self and
others. It depends on the exploitation of other persons: frequently the desperate or
poor, or the innocent young. Use of pornography has cost persons their jobs, their
marriages and families. Traffickers in Child Pornography may end up in prison. It has
often been associated with and has contributed to, acts of sexual violence and
abuse. As young as I am I am aware of everything and so I wish to appeal and to
reflect on the dangers of pornography in our society. We will see how pornography is
a serious affront to our human dignity. It is a very big thing to combat to redeem
purity and chastity. We should live according to the will of God and grow pure in His
sight. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Tanutan, Rose Pearl

The body, a thing God has given to each of us and therefore holy. And
pornography is a sin against the bodys holiness. It is a temporary pleasure to the
eyes but have a permanent bad effect on ones mental and spiritual life. It is an act
that poisons minds especially of the youth, an act that corrodes human relationship
and exploits individuals. And this sin, pornography, is now getting rampant on the
society. It is brought by the digital media, very available and accessible to the
public, which worsens the problem. As young as I am, I am already aware of the
different issues around the society, and I would like to help people to open their
eyes and broaden their understanding about the harmful consequences of
pornography. We should all be living in accordance to gods will, let us all respect
the holiness of the body. Let us all be pure in body, mind and in heart.

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