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and NEW SPECIES he Force flows through all vir things, and no biology or culture prevents @ people from being able to understand OF utlize I. Even the Empire's active oppression of Force users and its propaganda campaign have simply pushed these desperate souls undergrovnd, In the shadows. in the hidden cracks within society, these beings leam to depend on the Force even more. Those who arent uncer the heel ofthe Empire may invent their awn terminology to explain the strange phenomenon, caing luck. religion, or fate ‘The sheer size ofthe galaxy guarantees that on any given day someane becomes avare ofthe Force and explores its rmsteries. Emboldened by their new awareness, suc ind viduals seek out others who have had similar experiences sionly uniting into a loose coalition. Meanwhile, the Galactic Empire uses soft and hard methods to suppress their dia logue. Most beings know of the Empire's hard methods of arrest and extermination, but most underestimate the pow ter of soft methods, Propaganca pushes individuals to daubt their experiences, to not question their new awareness, and to believe in the supremacy of tre Empire. This propaganda sometimes reinforces cultural elaments that bolster a spe inst the Force, suchas the Muun species’ sense ‘of superiority and rationality. Unformity threatens the Force, especialy the Empires version ol uniformity ach species brings anew perspective on the Force based con ts own cultural experiences. Each incvidual contributes yetanother perspective, sometimes one parallel with cultura Moon Pantoran views, sometimes perpendicular to them or completely outside the cultural norm, always layered with inteligence and nuance. With milions or even bllons of people on 2 single plane, to assure that all of those individuas think the same way about the Force is myopic and foolish ne hundreds upon hundreds of species throughout the alaxy don't fragment the Force; they instead provide new ‘meanings, new ideas, and new constructs to understand this powerful, ever-present energy. The Force, lke life Itself s enriched by diversity GAND ‘With a cultural outlook that some consider simple or tran scendent, the Gand, an insectoid species, enjoy a deep and ‘complicated culture Their emational steadiness and lappar: ent) humility should make the members of this species nat ral dsciples ofthe Force. However, it takes a specic kind of ambition to walk the Jedi path Physiology: The Gand compromise numerous subspecies. Two of the most commonly known subspecies are Gand with lungs tw thus require ammonia respirators) and Gand with, ‘out lungs who absorb the necessary compounds through consumed food and liquids. There are many other subspe- cles, and rumors of genetic manipulation abound, but no ‘ulsider has venfied these claims. The Gand find questions about thelr physlology perplexing anda ite embarrassing (On average, Gand stand a litle over one-and-a-half meters tall have three fingers an each hand, and have large compound eyes capable of sensitive night vision. Their skin Color range from brown to green to purple, Due ta thei ge ic diversity, many Gand possesses characteristics that fom the norm, including heads of urusual shapes and al Fingers, and multiple versions of internal sans. All Gand tend to have a tough yet flexible exoske! ton, and their regenerative abilities are remarkable, making them a hardy species, Society: Gand society. to outsiders. a 8 multkude of contradictions, mostly due imperfect knoviedge. For example, early academic records suggest the Gand had a monarchy. However, no such cur rertly lineage exists, and the Gand don't appear to have 8 word for queen or king. Whether the records detailed an offshoot colony, the Gand evolved anay from a monarch cal government, or the original academic mistakenly ati ted hve insect characteristics to the species, only they have no interest in the topic 0 the visitors ‘academics call Gand society meritocratic. While the Gand value individual achievement, they don't believe it superior to communal achievement, simpy diferent. For ‘ample, indvidual Gand have no fst name unt acrieving something notable. However, there is no shame in only a ing a surname. After all, a Society requires th ion of the unnamed cemics believe ming notable. and thus more individual. separates 4 Gand from the community, resulting in a philosophical Crisis for that individual. Again, only non-Gand project any connotation onto this change in status. Yo Gand, individuality is necessary and natural, both alss and again, ‘and a process that's simultaneously complex anc simple. Gand refer to themselves as “this Gand” up until they bed sd members of society. At that point, they refer to themselves by ther surname. Gand achieve some. thing particularly impressive, such as becoming findsmen, they may introduce themselves with ther frst name, Only the most accomplished of Gand call themsehes "Ifa Gand performs a shameful ac, that individual may revert to asin fe name or na name at all as temporary penance The Gand undergo tis process of naming due ess to rigid rules than to the structure of their society, culture, and lan age. They view seltpromotion the same way. For a Gand, faking a name or reputation Is as odd and strange as hhunan inroducing actor. Whi they ae rare outiers. nd to ectoid ularly concerned about the disrup utsders, Even the casual adoption of loan word may cause confusion and miscommunication at ripples unpredictably throughout Cand society. The fact that their ammonia-based atmospheres allow them to segregate outsiders makes avoiding cuture disruption an easy matter, however. It also helps that traveling Gand often, a their homeworld or a nearby Gand society to get their roots, Outsider Gand xenophobic, but the species bears no widespread hatred or fear of Gand are, however, parti (on of their culture by ur Seana eae Cen Pe Ree ere fete agent ee bance to the For ear erent a i eee a ter ata tas es A Gand weaponsmith, for ¢ to make future masterpiec Prec ec ene Penere ame er re ens ary tempering of body and mind before oe cor eee eee Cen Tae oa Academics have various theories about contradictory reports on Gand society. Some believe the society is un going rapid changes and cultural shits. Others believe the Gand explain nemselves in vague and contradictory terms to prevent cultural disruption, A few academics suggest the misinformation is @ deliberate cultural prank—an example of Gand humo Homeworld: The rocky Outer Rim planet Gand, located in the Shadola sector of the Slice, has an atmosphere of thick ‘ammonia mists that is texic to most oxygen-breathing life forms. Gand isnt near any major hyperspace lanes, anid is @ to the Centrality, @ region so devoid of stars that star ships have been known to run out of fuel when crossing its barren expanse, For these reasons, as wells for the species insular nature. Gand remains isolated from the rest of the galactic commuity. However, outsiders ean visk atthe varius orbital stations surrounding the homeworld, built to faciltate trade. The Cand designed the stations for the comfort of ofworiders so they can wander about feely wile the Gand wear beating apparatuses. A few privleged offworiders have been given permission to set foot on Gand soil, but only in the allen quarters at snaceports. As the ammonia mists are usually thick and dangerous, the majority of ofhworiders donot pro test this arrangement. Language: The language of Gand is spoken with drones and clicks that non-Gand find dificult to emulate. Likewise, most Cand struggle to produce the sounds for Basic, and so they depend on translator modules or droids. The particulars of the Gand language means translations often sound simplistic ‘or ‘childlike adding to the perception that Gand are uncom: plicated and humble Gand who travel offworld make dedicated efforts to learn other languages (mostly to avoid embarrassing. misun- derstandings). These individuals manage to master Basic, ‘although the Gand language's drones and clicks color their pronunciation, Whether these Gand have the physiology to ‘peak Basi, simply the motivation to learn, ora mix ofboth, the Gand won't say, Perception of the Force: Duc to linguistic ferences, itis difficult to understand the Gancts relationship to the Force Gand would simply say they have no relationship. and that it Isa meaningless question, Pernaps tne Force ist a separate perception as any other Gand sense, or perhaps they don't have an equivalent word forthe Force. ‘Other species wth knowledge of the Force chink that only Gand findsmen are Force-sensiive, and firdsmen’s prey ‘sear those Gand do have something more than simple ta tent, Inaddition,findsmen exhibit specific kind of mysticism in hunting thee prey, seeing signs and portent in everyday things: swirls in smoke, scratches on durastee, or reflections ‘on transparisteel, The findsmen are in decline however, and accounts of ther abilties have been fading nto myth and legend, just like tales ofthe Jel SPECIES ABILITIES 6e600 60 60 © Wound Threshold: 10 + S:2¥n ‘© Strain Threshold: 10. + Willpover "Starting Experience: 100 "© Special Abilities: Gar! begin the gamewith one rank in Discipline. They stil may not tram Decipline above Tank 2 during chatacter creation, “+ Ammonia Breathers: One notable diteence between the two main subspecies of Gand is that one has lungs ang'one does not. Those who have lungs breathe an am ‘maria @as mixture. Those without lungs do not respce and gain all necessary metabolic substances through food. When playing 2 Gand, each player chooses whether he wishes his character to have lungs or not Ihe selects to play a lunges Gand, his character 1s immune to suffocation (but not the wounds suffered from being exposed to vacuum), he chooses to play a Gand with lungs, he stars the game with an arnmo- ia respirator, and treats oxygen as a dangerous atmo- sphere wth Rating However, he gains + 10 starting XP. Despite being an Outer Rim society, the Muun remain an Important center in galactic polis: they stated and main tain the InverGalactic Banking Clan (otherwise known 3s the Banking Glan or the IGBC| and stabilzed the credit used UNSEEN WGLANTES, ROLES Vat, from the deepest Core World all the way to the edge of the Outer Rim. While Muun culture as a whole is conservative and rigid, the personal beliefs of individual Muun vary wildly, especially among those who travel the galaxy and mingle with other species. The Muun fee the same passions as any other species when facing moral and ethical decisions, ft ing fr survival or being influenced by the Force. Physiology: The humanoid Muun stand nearly two meters tall on average. Compared to humans, they have elongated heads and a sim build, giving them a gaunt look. Their skin tone falls on the paler end ofthe spectrum, usually appearing, white, pink, or gray. Their Features—a small nose, mouth, ‘and ears—are subtle, Due to their three-neart circulatory system, the Muun have a robust constitution and can often lve about a century. Whether gained through natural ability or cultural infue ‘ence, the Muun pride themseives on their advanced math ‘ematical sil, Tei chiloren boast mathematical capabilities, tha rva those of university students on other worlds. Pos- sestinga strong grounding in mathemati, logic, and sclence, the Muun have a reputation for intligence and rationality. However, their history shows that they fave some their awn harmful nd dangerous biases, rooted in thelr pride and ego. Society: The traditionalist and conservative Muun believe their society a mertocracy in which the inteligent rise up through the ranks. Muun culture praises business and eco: homies as the most intellectual and practical of pursuits ‘Those who don't join the IGBC usualy start their awn cor poration. Nevertheless since the Banking Clan fs such a massive and pervasive entity ts dificlt to know where it begins and where Mun sacety ends The interGalactic Banking Clan and thus the Muun people, remained neutral in galactic potics throughout the Republic era to keep the economy stable. Muun intemal politics tend tobe similarly neutral and supportive of the status quo. Tis attitude has trickled down to ineividual Muun, who consider ‘neutrality the highest fom of poltical practice. n fact. most Muun believe they shouldn't concer themselves with the Galactic Civil War, an apathy that the Empire encourages, However, this conflict diflers from others in thatthe Empire naw controls the IGBC, (On the other hand, Imperial control over the Banking Clan and the soft occupation of Muun worlds have caused an increase in radicalized Muun, who reject the ideal of neu tralty as a societal detaut. This new miltancy is tempered by their conservative background. Rather than partic pate in outright violence or public protests, these budding Activists engage in economic and corporate crimes, such aS ‘embezzlement and speculation, to siphon funds from Impe- rial accounts and cisrupt Imperial businesses on Scipio. A few take these funds to fill Rebel treasuries, knowing that if the Rebelion succeeds, the Muun can become truly independent again, These brave few face myriad challenges: their peers’ conservatism, their own doubts over their intr ition and emotions about ther homeworld, and the Empire's ‘consistent message that a strong Muun sa compiant Mun, UNDER THE EMPEROR'S BOOT |: oar eats esta reac geen ar ce ce ese eee Pretec eee ere me ing, For the rest of the known galaxy, the credit ere eee Pre ete re raie corporation. Even as the Muun went on with thei day-to-day lives, they knew that their world, go Ste ea ied a ene Crea Peo eo ee ee ew ee ese ree pa eee a ees eee canes have direction and purpose. They can only bs ce eet See eee eet oe cd experiments could be used to influence credit, sup See ee Pe tora Could the Empire be te: ee eee Pee ne er ene ne ered without realizing? How has thei culture been eet ere Homeworld: T : ; het ne plane in the way of natu A et the Mu th deposits. Drawing on Wi ant resources, in were able to spe re trie aeeeeaRsie : politics, however. Instead, ic was thelr estal osts of outside agenci ker, “resp ng with the native Muun, al endless J Language: Perception of the Force: ectacular struct ra nix with stone cliffs and ice pillars on Sc i insistence that the vocabulary a nay call tan offs The adopting loan wor : n teaches Basic less as a cour 4 more as a nce Mu across the galaxy. Rather than most Muun simply utlize protocol ay appear to outsiders th un unlely to have a Dar sa Muu Wound Threshold: Strain Threshold Starting Experience: ‘Special Abilities: Mun Deep Pockets: Mu > PANTORAN and time of the Repub the democratic and ns h ic P th aisaster out a Physiology: Pantorans are a nea des of blue and black. Their hal ight purple tical to humans Society: believers in nding time tran batt red, However, in Joba politics corks, and th the spi fell and the Pani their relationship with Assembly and public sq femal regarding, Pe deep booth the one cam — side B ideals ofthe R consider the Emp r culd gain. security b fa Homeworld 7h the traders, Pa 1 Speaker of with ski ed tural relatives and bat e EF ‘that Pantor no Kee ‘THE ONE-DAY WAR ee ema ena ee nerations. The ec ne ee erage cea ee ee een ey eae aoe gency powers, Sena nth cr Tee ferent oa Peet eres En ern be recognized as a global power and partiip Been ey Se ee Ce oT es eee. Seite eee ee ete cote aot * eet) creme Seal Peers ae Pook rei the Republic. Others want to educate the Talz anc integrate them into Pantoran society and political reer eee ena te eee eer es nse something. a Pcs tee eto ee eas eres Somewhat isolated from the rest of the galaxy, Pantora nit suffer direct oppression from the Empire but the loss of the Republic has meant the lass of resources ar money from the Senate, Pantora has been alone fr th two decades, strugaing against the lawlessness of is ne boring systems. As a fesut i has slowly bull up a small avy of patriots and volunteers. The Assembly fears that making the navy any larger, though, might attract the atten tion of the Emir Individual members ofthe Assembly have made thelr own undocumented deals with other planets fr resources. tech tums a blind eye 25 long as the deals dor't threaten th he likelihood of an incident forcing 0 exe sovereignty increases, Most Pantorans hope fo this to occur ater rather than sooner, especially asthe Calactic Civil Wa De ec re found in the various dialects ofits language. Each dialect is distinct enough that communication, though possible, ae ee ee ee ee ees Lae Ce eee er ‘of most Pantoran children. The homeworld’ education Continues to emphasize a Republicinspied curriculum, Pee ee ee et ee Pe et eee ree ae een ing a practical trade language, such as Huttese, Fee ee pee ee eee ey eee nd ae eae they are open to new ideas, both good and bad, Their eee Ue eee a eee ee eee match the Pantoran character. These include old, forbid- ‘den ideas about the Force. In addition, their devotion to eee Cee ek med Oe ee eee see ee aed SPECIALIZATIONS — ES Reeser aeuer Rea costa ee eco ee ee ee er improving civilization by alleviating suffering. The Artisan, ee Se ee a Se ees Jem through technological means, by stealth, oF via cun Se es SS ene eee een eg eee ee ed the Sentinel that magnify the focus on technology oF city fe The Investigator solves crimes and unearths secrets to bring perpetrators to justice. The Racer can be a Podracer ‘runner moving with speed and accuracy along the path of Set ee ee Se Ce ne es See en eee ne on Nan ee ae represent the core areas of competency that all Sentinels are likely to possess or develop. Sentinel characters auto matically gain one rank each in any three of these skills of their choice without spending starting experience, and Seeeer et eee eye eee ers Se oe eee ea eee ee en eee eeu ee es ‘age Pantoran open to the Force, it also makes them sus eee es Eee ey COR) © Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn © Strain Threshold: 11 + Willpower eee ome Se ea kee mes ea ee ee ert tes rome ee ee ee Ce eae res ere a Ce ee ee Ce mere ea ca CaS ae ee Pee ee et ee ea character may start the game with more than two ranks in eee ee eee en ee 2a free rank from a species with one from the career list and re ee Eon Cie Remove MM per rank of error ML per rank of et rts om See ee Ejed any Senses to all Pe wise and Krone fra Vglone cheeks Oe ‘eptlon checks. a, hears ty ha hen making Krone Cain +1 svaln thes Gain +2 wound testo, Sal check, the character et Sts rom tay spend 1 Desiny Po con vse and Koon Un mean Cr foe 19 Mer ark Rona Ml per rk of "Eye fom Percept Sroat rans For Sve Ferform the Resonsruct sd Viglnce thes De and Kreg eye Creosetmetosearasoe rw creeks Hard (@ @@)Percepcion crear by hal heck ory ne Be gestae ene thn Cer Cee SKEPTIC me Perorm ote Sense te 1 NPCeskl check, When targeted by 2 De ‘ne sll check ush arr Scene acon, make 3 ception check, aad ring than the chara Hara «@ @ @) Percep- ne check eal 0 orks tee Ive tha tion cece 200 Inviglnce fgeater than Force rating fFstceessl spend Qt ‘ per essen ray add Pao) aay oe Sooo 1s =a eter sessiu, add to one all's OOOO @) Streotnise BS ence oe Serpeaan oct SENTINEL: Racer Carer Sil: Computers, Decaptinn, Knowledge (Cre Worlds, Perception, Shaldugery, teh ‘ations Caren Sil Col, Coordination, Plating Pantry, Leal Remove ML per rao Sad ote from all hing Planetary na Poe In(opocal ehecksthe ca Gain +1 arin testo Rene lp rankcf Ca Sones fom Atlee ana soto checks Re Scene damage and sin Sire fom ling oy | errankof Conationea fank a Shore 10a festape an cpperent. Due a chase 200 per Tae Ful Tate action, During chase aoc Eber rank Shore any ‘ioe Hare @ 0) Pr fark i Short 0 ty y ‘hese mach to cbch toting check eres» thee made to cath Ganson ctr te | teapean opponent wens fp speed by | ‘Stone an opponet Sicetnecarageanasran JS for a number of rounds Siteed teen fine by ual 0 Cunning errant of Const ed Sule | atin when mak ing's Move maneuver t2 Sorcrange Wi mproveo Gite Sian. aint Yer and decrease I Sui Average ( @) fay etn Siler 4 aan when ma move ay beaten wt rrediun ange Remove ML per rank of Silos ‘a1 lating Barta) ane Plt Tena ued Cale +1 saa cesta Gain +1 Force ating When peroming Ful Tote Top speed {reas by 2 ingeas of The a Better Lick Nex Time acon. mate a Hard © 6.6) Coot creck > Irena compete to sie | ee Can + toa sng care term, Tis cannot org rst ade 6 PT SHORTCUT When engaging in 2 chase (rte ay site 2 sean {aa Walt ans Shontatta te check ror thelntie Eason rancur sur ran rs coma © up ants ‘inute Eston Unga ‘arcuty of eos checks teeing sno or ene yeaa amount. Se | ‘Once per session. after generating © on 8 Pie fee check cancel te sand. equa tora inca, unseen vuanres OWLESS vic. SENTINEL: Sentry Carer Shs Computers, Deception, Knomiedge (Care Worlds), Perception, Suluggey, Stealth ‘dations Career Skis: Coordination, Lightsaber, Sea, Vigilance Cin | Remove lle ark Con fitenes fm Aes rd (oranaten. tec Re stern crags sean "ack sles saint fice damage by 2 os anism Reet, When i by a args a ice damage by 2 is rr ne ‘Asser ark ot Unesny Reactors a valance ‘Once pe session, perform impeetibe Falcon wen fale make Force 6 Tease aby One eebardandian some fee safe Spend (ht ce crease the range 10 long forge. When stacking tat agape send De on: rake Ugtsaber tor enec ange tack a crest wie medium args sire Ore ote once ng Nt Serd(bardsie bi snd 0 hae | Te rs Pers patie ‘Wen targeted by combat heck. Dogg nee urbe of sin ro geste than rans of Dodge then pga eau ofthe En al teat checks ‘mune to Forse pares Perform the Far he Shad. fxs ston, mate 3 Hard 44) Deception ceck 8 Bete a stole orion May abays use Vilonce Pn making chess toe en tate care rede site umber san no eater than ranks of Doo then gases ay ofthe Cer (ain +1 ta snge crc tert. Teen ong (aracersic above 6 Wen etn 2 it that bras Bo GOO, Un rage th te sae . ENDLESS Via. NEW TALENTS folowing pages describe each new quires for gameplay See page 135 ofthe Fonce Avo Des Gore Rulebook for mote information on talents BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME ‘Activation: Active (Action) Ranke Trees: perform the Better Luck Next Time action He makes a Hard 4) cool check ithe sicceess something terrible ha pe ‘of his compettors This could be 2 high-speed 2s the GM approves it AE minimum, the compettor should suffer ama than obstacle CLEVER SOLUTION ‘tivation: Retive (nldenta Ranked: No Trees: investigator ier than the chara he does this, he must explain ing i helping. him one skill check using Cunning inked to that sil CONSTANT VIGILANCE Activation: Passive Ranked: N Trees: Sent The character mi s choose to use the Vigilance ski en making checks to determine Init FEAR THE SHADOWS Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No ‘Trees: Sent toon. The characte may perform the Fear the Shadows action. He makes a Hard (@ 4 @) Deception check tare ing a single minion group or rival within long range. If he su Gs discretion, these NPCS may not flee due to ex as f there no realistic path or means to a e only way to leave the encourtes may r a dangerous fall or etal at sphere) as purchased ths talent automat gains | Conflict atte beginning of 2 gam FREERUNNING Activation: Active (incidental FREERUNNING (IMPROVED) Activation: Active (incider Ranked: No Trees: Racer Once per round, before perform e he does so, he may us move to any location within medium Siraight up) as long as there is som Jeet tomo path to suller 4 strain sort of ob: FULL THROTTLE (IMPROVED) Activation: ive (Maneuve __ Ranked: No Trees: Racer Bile tharacter may voluntarily sutter one sain to empl Fill Throttie as a manewver. In accion, the ait Ful of Full Throttle is reduced 10 Average (@ @). FULL THROTTLE (SUPREME) ‘Activation: Passive Ranked: No Trees: Racer When the character successfully performs Full Throttle the ship's top speed increases by two for a number of rounds equal to his Cunning. instead of one. IMPOSSIBLE FALL Activation: Active Incidental, Out of Tu}, Ranked: No ‘Wees: Serr) Force talent. Once per session, when the character i falling, he may perform the Impossibie Fall incidental, He makes 3 Force poner check and may spend @ to land somewhere safe, such as on a pile of empty botes ina street ora muddy spat in the midele of a lava Fld, The character may then spend additional 9 to reduce the effects of the fal by ane range band [see Table 6-8: Falling Damage on pve 221 of the Force ano Destiny Core Rulebook), and may do so multiple times. RECONSTRUCT THE SCENE Aathatlon: Atv (Acton) Ranked: No Tees: investigator Once per session, the character may perorm the Recon- Struct the Scene acton, He makes a Hard @ @) Per= Ception check wie present st crime scete (or sar locaton) Fhe succeeds, enties al prominent phisiat Choactersics of one person wo nas atthe cime scene vinen te time wes commited ff te rime occured within the lost 26 nous) Tis coud include the persons weight heicht. and species, for example. He may ientiy al the anysical characterises of one addtional person simlary ted to te cme sere peradatona ‘SABER THROW (IMPROVED) ‘etivation: Passive Ranked: No Trees: Sentry force talent When performing te Saber Throw action the character can choose a target within fog range. the cha acter does 0 he must spendch Po Have the weapon return tohis hand ‘SENSE THE SCENE ‘ctvation: Active (Action) Ranked: No Trees: Investeaior Force talent. Once per session, the character may perform the Sense the Scene action. He makes @ Hard @ @) Perception check wile present ata single crime stene (or similsrocation, adding Ono greater than hisForce rating to the check. rhe succeeds and generates, ne may identity the emotional state of one person involved in the crime (such asthe perpetrator or victim, He may spend addtional Oto identiy the emotional state of one additional person involved inthe crime, and may do so muttipie tines. SHORTCUT Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Trees: Rac2r During chase, the character adds per rank of Shortcut to his checks made to catch or escape an opponent. ‘SHORTCUT (IMPROVED) Activation: Active [incidental Ranked: No Trees: Racer ‘When engaging ina chase or race, the character may suer two strain to add equal to ranks in Shortt to the check, STREET SMARTS (IMPROVED) ‘Activation: Active (Action) Ranked: No ‘Trees: investigator Once per session, the character may perform the Improved Street Smarts action. He makes a Formidable @@@@) Streetwise 07 Knowledge (Underworld) check, redicinig the difficulty once per rank of Street Smarts If successful, the GM reveals one vital clue pertaining to acurrent mystery the character is attempting to solve, The clue should be something that the character could rot normally find out, but it does not have to be the full answer to the mystery For Instance, it could be evidence that cancels a false lead or otherwise helos move the stary along. The GM should tailor the information depending on the Skil used; Streetwise might mean the character learns about the information from a network of street urchins, while Knowledge (Underwori) could mean the character draws on his own vast knowiedge about criminal enterprise to discover previously unseen clue ‘SUPERHUMAN REFLEXES ‘Activation: Active (Incidents) Ranked: No Trees: Racer Force talent. Once per session, when the character gener ates @ on a Piloting Planetary or Piloting (Space check he may cancel the © result and add ¥ equal to his ranks in Cool tothe results ‘TALK THE TALK Activation: Active (cidenta) Ranked: No ‘ees: Investigator \When making a Knowledge skill check, the character may spend one Destiny Point to substitute Knowledge (Under- world) or Streetwise for the required ski, The GM may sult ably embelish any information gathered due to a success fn the check to reflect its criminal and underworia origin. UNRELENTING SKEPTIC Activation: Passive When targeted by a Deception check, the character auto: matically adds ¥ tothe check equal to his ranks in Viglance. Sentinel Signature Ability Tree: My City Geog bisent wn fat, and ary ream rato, hats DIFFICULTY Tre sk check aficuty actuate My Cly Is Aver. Cisne Wher making sleek ‘haacter 308s Ito Set ‘ise ad Suva rks La “a activate yy he car Destiny Font steod of te roma 2 L ess Whe acatire My Ci he chads may) makes Streets checking of Knowedge (Core Works Outer im check SENTINEL SIGNATURE ABILITY: MY CITY ‘The habitat of many Sentinels is more than just where they live, It is their primary focus, and defending it dominates their thoughts. They study its streets and buildings, earn Ing the best ways and times to travel through it. They aiso eam the hidden secrets of those who lve there. wnether law-abiding zens or crime lords using veneers of respect ablity to avoid the rightful punishment, For these Sentinels, such knowledge and expertise is more than just useful infor ‘mation~it can become the decider between life and death BASE ABILITY COnce per game session when na chosen urban seing the charecter ray spend 2 Destny Ponts and make a Herd (© 46) Knontedee (Core Worlds): Knowledge (Outer Fn) check depending on telocoton sucess, othe remarder of the game session the creer my sffer 2 strato recall or earn te location of any individual up, or estanisment thin that cy, along wth any een information such as reputation, rumored or pen test the Empire or Rebelion,orcriminal nature Uf any ABLES VIG. ‘Once per game sess hen in an ttn sting the racer may spend 2 Destiny pots and make a Hard 4) ‘eden (Outer Fi) check sce, te rade of he are sesso, he character may er 2 ingore Oram te cabo oa sh (Core Worlds) Know Coe When making a sll check wile My Cty B acta he ‘haarter adds Eo Sk ‘Say ana Stat checks Cet ‘While My Cy actve ana ranged defense by Cet When actistne My Ch Knowledge (Underworil ‘heck stead of 2 Ko feage (Core WordsOuter il chek Ld ‘hie My iy active ana ly, fe may sue 2 sar to Stonngode the aut of Sy Seah cbeckence UPGRADES Boost Skill Upgrade: Wile My Citys ative and the char acter is in the chosen city, the character adds Eto Street tise and Survival checks. Boost Skill Upgrade: Wrile My City is active and the char acter sin the chasen city, the character adds Eto any Sku! ‘dugeery and Stealth checks he makes in tat setting Change Skill (Underworld) Upgrade: When activating My Giy, the character may make a Knowedge (Underworig) check instead ofa Knowledge (Core Worids/Outer Rim) check. Change Skil (Streetwise) Uperade: When activating My Gity, the character may make a Streetwise check instead of a Knowledge (Core Words'Oster Rim) check Cover Upgrade: While My City is actve andthe character isin the chosen city, whenever the character Is in cover, he increases his ranged defense by one Destiny Upgrade: To activate My Cy, the character needs to spend only | Destiny Point instead of the normal 2. Reduce Difficulty Upgrade: Activating he base ability requires an Average ( 4) skll check instead of a Hard OO shit check Downgrade (Stealth) Upgrade: Wie My Citys ative anc the character in the chosen city, te character may sir 2 strain to dovnerade the ciety of any Stats check once Chet oe ae caper game esion athe begining of soured encour ec pe et ound of te encouter Character stake checks Ge ea Aer atvatng Unatches Lies ‘A PC 3d Eto the com character tax cheastargtngy NEC ose to use hes vo as aredy ana uh Wiplance for his ‘Suangtecunenteund [Peng sua) ‘ates Unmatched Viglance he ray chose o into Destiny Fort. SENTINEL SIGNATURE ABILITY: UNMATCHED VIGILANCE A classic mark of many Sentinels is thet foresight and alert. ness, From carefully scouting out the terain and possible cover in likely combat locations to always watching far signs ff ambush, they are rarely if ever caught unawares. To their enemies, Sentinels appear to possess complete situational awareness, and always Seem to be a step ahead af them. Part of this isthe intense preparation that Sentinels un 0 before they conduct their crusades against injustice ‘They often carry a wide varity of useful tems on their per sons, and always seem to have just the right device or piece of gear in their pockets or packs for the current situation With plans for any contingency readied and an unending. viglance, they can be the masters of almost any encounter. BASE ABILITY ‘Once per game session at the beginning of a structured encounter, the character may spend 2 Destiny Points. I he does so, e determines the Inatve order of the frst round ofthe encounter. Characters sill make checks to determine Initiative, but these results wil only apply after Unmatched Viglance's effects ena, The user may spand Oto al 3 rumber of wounds fal t he leslec nan engape a || When periarning a combat Check Sear» i, sp, ee theuser may sen nang eect 0 ier powers ange bya number Tange, bands etal Range upgrades pies he When using. this pase spend wane a || sem stan, or h sana wi for Strngtupgadeurcses pena Oo eae te foresee ty sonar |_ nae spender pre LE Commit. Control Upgrade: The power gains the ongoing effect: Commit one or more Q, increas strain threshold by 3 per. Control Upgrade: The power gains the ongoing effec: Co: mitone or more ©. Increase te system strain threshold of ne \shicle or starship at engaged range by 3 per) commited, Control Upgrade: The power gains the ongoing effect: Com mit one or more O, Increase the hl trauma threshold of one vehicle or starship at engaged range by 5 per) committed Control Upgrade: Manipulate may be used cause droid, Including PC droid, to recover strain ‘When performing Manulse over chesk par of Mecrais sl neck the sr ay spend CBC to ga db one check Mastery Upgrade: When performing a Manipulate power check a part ofa Mechanics skil check, the user may spend 0.0 when using the power t gain on the check. The user may not activate this mule times. Range Upgrade: The user may spend Qo increase the wer’ range by 2 umber of personal range bands equal to Range upgrades purchased. The user may activate this mul tiple times, increasing the range by this number each time. ‘Strength Upgrade: When using this power to cause a Target to recover strain ar system strain or heal wounds, the user may spend (to cause the target to recover one adoltiona stain, system strain, rheal one additional wound per Strength upgrade. This may be activated multiple times. NEW WEAPONS Jedis occupation has always been peace—peace within ‘oneself and peace throughout the galaxy, Unfortunately, the ole axiom that having peace means preparing for war has been proven time and again over the countless millennia of lactic history, The tools of war are a sad requirement for life in the modern galaxy, and the most prevalent of those are personal weapons. RANGED ENERGY WEAPONS ‘With the Force at their command and their lethal, nearly Unstoppable lightsaber at tet sides, the Jedi rarely used Fanged weapons. Indeed, prejudice against blasters and pro- Jectile weapons was so widespread in the Jedi Order that many Jedi never learned to use even the simplest blaster pis tal. These days, honever, when ust possessing a lightsaber is suspicious, and the wearing of basters in palte company is as common and expected as the wearing f trousers, many Force users carry a biaster for self-defense BR-219 HEAVY BLASTER PISTOL “The BR-219 is 3 rare, high-performance heavy blaster pistol produced by BlasTech, A large, intimidating weapon, the BR-219 has a short, thick barrel with a broad aperture, a heavy-duty frame, and a custom grip with an integra recoil compensation system. These superheavy pistols were {developed in response to requests from bounty hunters and law enforcement agencies or a powerful, pisto-sized weapon for use in taking down partcuarly dangerous opponents. ‘To meet the demand, BlasTech turned to one of its most popular and well-respected product lines and developed the 'BR-219 from its E-11 series of military blaster rifles, Using the €-11's receiver and firing mechanism, BlasTech engineers then reengineered the XCiter and actuating mod le to produce an overcharged bolt, equipped the drastically shortened barrel with an improved Galen pattern, and de- veloped a special and highly volatile blend of blaster gases to feed their new weapon. Al cf thls enhanced technology ‘combined with the new bespote blaster gas made for an extremely powerfulmif slightly naccurate and finicky—pis: tol. The bolt from the 8-219 is nearly as powerful as the E-11's and the weapon produces a tremendous noise and muzzle flash when re tis nether a subtle nor a restrained ‘eapon; openly carrying one ofthese massive pistols makes ‘an eloquent point about the user's intentions, The BR-219 is not sold throsgh BlasTect’s usual dealer network. Instead, the weapon must be custom ordered straight from the factory. A thorough Imperial Security Bu- reau background check and a specially isued carry permit {are required to purchase one cf these weapons legally. Of ‘couse, this background check can be circumvented by pur ‘chasing te pistol onthe biackarket or acouiringit through ‘other less-than-egal means, Carying @ BR-219 without the proper permit is a risky business, and being found with an ‘legally purchased model is grounds for immediate Imperial Imprisonment. Using 8 BR-219 in combat for an extended period of time is, to say the least, quite hazardous, The Immense heat generated by the high-performance blaster 9 and the overcharged action of the fring mechanisms put an incredible amount of strain on the weapon (Gs may spend &@ @ from a check to cause the BR-219 to become damaged one step (undamaged to minor, minor to moderate, etc] and sufer the penalties listed on page 1166 of the Fores ano Desrw Core Rulebook until repaired In addition, Game Masters may spend ® to cause the BR: 219 ta melt dawn and explode, destroying the weapon and dealing the weapon's base damage tothe use. GLX FIRELANCE Introduced during the waning years ofthe Galactic Republi, SoreSuub's GLX Fielance is one ofthe company's mest pop. ular models of blaster rile. The product of a long and exten. Sve spate of market research among professional solcers, the weapon was developedito provide a simple, eable hig performance blaster with most of the power of 3 full-sized blaster rifle in @ package the weight and size of a carbine ‘The GLX was an immediate success, especially among bounty hunters and mercenaries. It was so popula, n fact, tat Soro Suu marketed the GLX as “the most effective weapon aval able for freelance law enforcement agents" Orders poured in from all across the galaxy, and the rifle sean became one of Soro Suub's best seling products, ‘The rile itself is @tracitionallystyed, compact weapon closer in size and weight to a blaster carbine than to a fulksized blaster rife I has @ short barrel with an integral flash hide; a topmounted carrying handle that extends the length ofthe receiver, allowing easier carrying by those with larger hands or in bulky armar: and a solid stock with bultin recoll compensators. The GLX features a select-fre system that allows the weapon to operate in single-shot or automatic mode, and its stun setting is the most powerful in its class—able to render even the toughest opponents ar ‘most dangerous creatures insensible LD-1 TARGET RIFLE ‘Merr- Son LD-1 is the company's latest foray into the highly ccompetiuve longrange blaster market. Its an elegant, well: bull blaster rife featuring a precsion barrel, ligntweight skeleton stock, and minimal foiliser reinforced polycarbon- ate furiture. The weapon's fring mechanism is @ slightly detuned version of Merr-Sonr'smiltary-grade blaster system, ving the sifle pinpoint accuracy and an incredible punch at extreme range. The LD-1 Is also equipped with a Mik, 19 computer aided macroscone with various optical enhance ments and an Autosteady gyro-gimibal system to increase the ‘weapon's performance at ong and extreme ranges Iis easly cisassembled and is sold witha custor-fitcarying case for transporting the rifle around ina relatively discreet fashion TABLE 2-1: RANGED WEAPONS fe Eneray Weap R219 Heavy Blaster Pistol ue) ce Firelance: Sowt 7 Lone a (Hea 2 Lo tometnine | Raed |g |g ‘S86 Mk Il Paladin ae 8 3 | Long (Hear) Era cae 2| 2) meas 7 | Stun setting Vitus 2 oe 5 | Autote,Disorint 2 Stun setting a 7 | Accurate 2, Cumbersome . Perce & Sion Fring | Autosve Perce 8 Sunseting Superior Ranged sows Mk Saerdart | Ra vy = | tong Net Needler Range | 5 | | short (Ugh e Since is introduction, the LD-1 has become willy popu lat ts performance, poner, and build qualty are nearly Unmatched in its segment. These qualties—combined with its offea classification as a sporting blaster, which allows to circumvent mast weapon restrictions in he galaxy—nave driven the LD-1 to consistently outsell the older SoroSuub X-45, In adaltion, aggressive marketing by Mer-Sonn and ular appearances on a popular HoloNet adventure: drama program have established the LD-1 firmly in both miltary and popular culture Itis rumored that a variant called the LD-1ais produced it small qumbers forthe imperial Security Bureau, The truth of these rumors has yet to be verified, but if there is @ special 1S@ version ofthe LD-1, it would sell for a MofTs ransom on the black market should one ever appear there SSG MK II PALADIN Contracted by the Renublic specifically for use by the Senate Guard, the MkII Paladins an orate, highly accurate blaster rifle designed for ceremarial use. Bull fo exacting specifica, tions by SoroSuu, Paladin rifles are as much works of art as they are weapons, With their highly polished black barrels and frames, pearlescent siver polycarbonate furniture, and ‘ornate Fittings they are striking weapons that make qui impression on those who see ther. Despite thelr officially ceremonial nature, these weapons are increcily potent in combat, Respectable range and accuracy, and the ability to switch between single-shot anc auto‘re make Paladin rifles very dangerous in the right hands, From the factory they ae fited with slings, collans: ible stacks, and a numberof other features designed to opt- me ther combat efficiency while maintaining thelr ceremo, nial lock. In adition, when assigned to Senate Guardsmen, these weapons were ited with an under barrel stun prod that, combined with their stun setting, made them suitable for crowd-contol duties as well as combat. 3} 2) 1.600} 9 | Limited Ammo 1 meso 7 | Pierce Today, Paladin rifles are a race sight and most remain in storage in armories deep below the Imperial Palace on Cor uscant Some have made thelr way to the galactic weapans market, however, commanding steep prices whenever they are sold The damage from the Superior quality s Included in the weapor's profile. When the integral stun prod is used in cose combat, It has the follving profi: Melee: Damage +2; Critical 6; Range (Engaged); Disorient 2, Stun Damage. OTHER RANGED WEAPONS \While blasters are often the ranged weapon of choice, many stil prefer other weapons that offer unique capabilities be- yond what energy weapons offer KWS MK I SABERDART Kaminoan Weaponsmiths, a subsidiary of Kaminoan Ar ‘morsmiths Lt, is a small weapons producer based on the watery planet of Kamino, Its products are all essentially handmade, produced in small numbers by highly trained craftsmen and old in limited runs. The company s relatively Unknown outside of certain cicles—namely bounty hunters and professional kilers—but among its select clientele, ithas 4 reputation for well ade, high-quality products. Perhaps their mast popular product isthe Mk! Saberdart ‘The Saberdart,aname that applies to both the dart itself and ts launcher, isa tiny, roughly triangular durastee alloy dart fred via compressed air The dart has three hooked baros surraunding a central cylinder tipped with an incredibly sharp needle, Within the central core of the dart isa smal, ila chamber used to deliver toxins and polsons to targets at range, Saberdarts can be used to deer anything from tra aullzers to deadly neurotoxins such as Fox M3 and Makite themfar. They ae sent, deadly, obscure, and largely untrace. able, which makes them a perfect weapon for assassins Saberdart launchers have lightweight barrels that prope their dats via compressed gas. Dart launchers can be bult Into gloves, pieces of armor, other weapons, even innocuous pleces of everyday gear ike datapads and glowrods. Saberdarts may be loaded with | dose of synthetic neu: roparalytic [see page 181 of the Force ano Desnwy Core Rulebook). or any other poison the GM deems appropriate. Whenever the wielder success'uly attacks a target withthe weapon (even ifshe deals no damage) the target aso sufers the effects of being exposed t the poison, NX-14 NEEDLER Considered incredibly niche, obscure weapons with litle combat utility, needers are & are sight in the galaxy, They are compact, smallframed, slug throwing pistols that utlize 2 powerful, miniaturized mass driver to Fre sharpened ferro ceramic darts at very high velocties. The first neediers were introduced by Gotan Arms durng the height ofthe Galactic Republic. Neary silent in the operation, and remarkably hard to detect when concealed, they were heavily marketed tolindividuals and government operatives who needed a rel able, easily concealed, lficutto-trace weapon. long with ther silent operation and ease of use, one a these weapons’ biggest seling points is their arimuniton, Darts fred from a reedler bypass personal energy shields with ease, and they ‘an be coated ina variety of lethal and nor-lethal toxins to subdue or kil targets This has made them very attractive to bounty hunters, spies. and assassins, who appreciated their versatlty and deadly utility. The NX-I4 is one of Golan Arms’ atest forays into needle technology ts smallest, most compact offering to date, this vyeapon is sightly smaller thar a grown human's hand and roughly as thick as a common datapad, It is constructed of an inert, ightabsorbing ftermesh polycarbonate with shielded internals, making an already difficul-to-detect ‘weapon nearly impossible to Find when concealed property ‘Tne weapon's standard ammuntion sa solid, spin-stablized, razor sharp feroceramic dart that can punch through neatly ‘any personal armor or shield with ease, ‘A needler removes al I added by a personal deflector shield, Anyone searching an individual carrying a concealed ‘needlet adds It her Perception check ta find the weapon TABLE 2-2: LIGHTSABER WEAPONS (ene a Crossauard Gear | Vewster | 6 | 2 | eres | betes neal Sah Ss See ee Prin | Utsaber Enanged rossguard Lerisaber wae | Ueber Pesca a en LIGHTSABER WEAPONS Jeci have always preferred their lightsabers to blasters and other projectile weapons. Even today, when openly carrying a lightsaber can be a death sentence, many Force adherents ‘carry these weapons both to secret uphold the ancient Jedi traditions of swordsmanship and to keep the'r sil honed. CROSSGUARD LIGHTSABER CCrosspuard lightsabers are common among students of ‘Makashi and any other Force users who enjoy the challenge and excitement of dueling, They resemble a standard ight saber and operate lke one with one exception: just beneath their blade, they have a smaller, lon-output emitter set in the hit. The interna circuitry is run through @ splitter, and through use of a specialized power modulator, the weapon produces two secondary, very short blades atninety-degree angles to the main blade. While their primary purpose i to ‘vet ran power away feom the main blade in practice these smaller blades coud catch an opponent's blade either biock ing itor, with alittle luc, disarming the apponent altogether, Whenever an enemy engaged with the character makes a ‘Melee or Lightsaber check, after the attack is resaled, the character may spend ® or & to hook her opponent's Dade and disarm him. Aside fom lesing the weapon, any other effects of being dsarmed are left tothe GM's cscretion. LIGHTWHIP Lightwhips are, perhaps, the rarest and most bizare of the numerous lightsaber variants, Highly modified light sabes, lighbwhips consist of a short lightsaber haft built froma alloys or composites laced with either cortosis or pik. Their internals are madifed in suen 2 way that the plasma's containment field is more flexible, allowing each emitter to create thin, snaking fluid blades several met in length. These modifications also have an unintended side effect of reducing the raw damage output and striking Capabilities. Once active, lightens can both deal damage ‘and capture or entangle an opponent. Due tothe instability of the energy blades, though lightwhips are extraordinarily hard to master and can be more ofa danger to their users than their opponents. Peace 1 Wve 1, Sunder | T ensoare 1 itso} 10 | Brsmaret I ce 5, Unviloy 4 1 500 8 wmae0 | 10 Bran Pierce 4, Vcous 1 7 | Defensive 1 When the character using a lighthip makes a successful Lightsaber combat check, she may spend & €or @ to prevent her opponent from using the Parry incidental Fecuce damage, A user may not add lightsaber crystal attachments to a lightuhip, and cannot use a lghtwhip 12 parry or reflet attacks, PHILAXIAN PHASE-KNIFE, Developed originally by an obscure cadre of artifice, these blades were popular amongst cutpurses and assassins before Republic scouts discovered Philaxia. Once the population ‘obtained technology such as vibroblades and other modem conveniences, phase-knivs fell out of favor, The weapons ‘may have remained an unremarked oddity had a wandering Jedi not stumbled across one decades later Prilaxian phase knives appear 2s no more than kife-its in their inactive state. When activated, however, they project ‘molecular shield that forms a weightless but solid “blade.” ‘The blade is sharper than comparable vbroblades, but Is unique balance makes it very dificult to wield. Tae user can ao adjust the size and shape ofthe blade on the fy: certain shapes make it suprisingly good as a thrown weapon ‘When used with the Saber Throw talent, a character may spend 2 © oF @ (instead of Q) to have the phase-knife return to her hand. A user may not add lightsaber crystal attachments to a phase-kife. Anyone searching a character Carrying a deactivated phase-kife adds to the Perception check to find the weapon, NEW ARMOR AND CLOTHING Perper sezcoumton nin gion nares usay ase ‘alaed uniform, From the uniforms ofthe Corelian Oread: aught crews tothe dress whites ofan Imperial Navy admiral to the simple coverall ofa speeder mechanic, for every job there is a garment CRASH GEAR Most sets of crash gear consist of an assortment of protec: tive wear designed to alow a user ta better survive the in evitable collisions and buffeting that are part of every race ‘oF mission, Typical outerwear includes layers of microfiber cloth and impact-absorbing gel inserts worked into a jump: sult or other form-fitting out, along with thick gloves and boots. Most importanty, crash gear comes with protective headwear. These can range from small skilcaps [known col loguialy 2s sks lds") t ul-face, intermally supported, env ronmentally sealed helmets that can rival miltary gear Uke crash gear outerwear, crash helmets include gel-packs and wicking microfiber but also have strong polycarbonate shels lined with dense polyfoam for greater protection. Some he mets are also equipped with integral face shields or fp-up visors that are tinted and polarized to protect the wearer's, eyes from bath debris and ring lights. A character wearing crash gear ignores the effects of ‘ongoing Critica Injuries on any Intellect- or Cunring.related checks but til suffers from te injuries themselves. She also canrot be disorentea, crash Gear Helmet TABLE 2. j: ARMOR AND CLOTHING or PES Ee mee mess ‘rash Gear 550 1 1 Gut ° u 2,000 2 1 3 Pi Crew Coverals ° 1 150 1 1 2 hy Stat Su 1 1) @ss00 a 1 8 G-suIT PIT CREW COVERALLS sults, or gravity suits, are seecial garments worn under fight suits by plots and races uho are regularly exposed to high e-forces, such as those experienced while racing or per forming aggressive aerobatics, C-suits use inflatable blad. ers, pressurized gel packets, and compression garments 0 xeep plots’ blood trom pooling in their lover extremities, causing a dangerous condition known as @ LOC (g:nduced loss of consciousness) which occurs when the brain is de prived of blood. C-suts plots tc push their ships or vehicles, further and operate them more aggressively without fear of blacking out A character wearing ag suit reduces the stain cost to per form a second Pilot Only manewer during a turn by 1 Working as a mechanic in a pit crew, whether fixing lonly ‘roundcars on a dusty Outer Rim backwater or maintaining, ‘laborate podracers in a high-end racing circuit, is @ dity Job. It requires clothing that stands up to hard wear and resists chemicals fuels, lubricants, paints, welding spatter, ‘and anything else heavy work can throw at, Pit crew cover. alls are thus ubiquitous wherever inabiduals work with rac ing macrines or ther powerful vehicles. These garments are sturdy, one-piece suits that fit ver regular clothes ta protect ath the clothes and the wearer. They are typically made of sturdy, tearproaf textiles and secured with heavy-auty clasps and zippers. Most are flame resistant and some can ‘even be sealed up with a helmet to act as an emergency, imited-use environmental suit. No matter the type. trough, pit crew coveralls are alvays covered in packets and hanging tabs that allow a wearer to carry tools and parts with ease, When wearing pit crow coveralls, a character reduces damage she surfers from Fires and vieapons with the Burn ‘quality by I. In addition, wearing pit crew coveralls increases the characte’s encumbrance threshold by | ‘ZEPHYR STEALTH SUIT Stealth suits, produced by companies Ike AyeixelKrongbing Textiles anciCresaldyne, are designed to make a wearer dif cult orimpassible to detect by visual or technological means. Constructed from a wide array of matera'sandusing techno! gies such as optical camouflage, sihouette breakers, ther mal sinks, and sound deadeners, they render a wearer nearly invisibleundertherightcicumstances, ephyrsareacommon type of such stealth wear for those wha often perform cover missions, and are favored amongst urban vigilantes, crim nals, and industrial spies alike. These sults have dark, muted colors with mattefinish hardware and come with gloves, boots, and a head garment that covers everything but the ‘A character wearing a zephyr stealth sult upgrades the ability of any Stealth checks she makes once who can afford to take It regularly rarely stop for this rea- son. The benefts of yaladal spice express themselves most strongly among Force users, who can use it to temporarily enhance their abilities and connection to the Force. Tris can f DRUGS AND POISONS ein ante detalles Tepe ise TS non Sr eine chime cera their position, while the powerless tum to them when no true 2l/¥ amplifies any negative emotions or effects to which the , help seems likely to arive, user experiences Yaladal spice has effects that last for one encounter. When ‘2 character under the effects ofthe spice suffers strain, she suffers tree lass strain, t0 a minimum of one. This does not apply to voluntary stain loss, Adltionally, a Force user under the effects of yaladai spice can add Q to any Force power checks she makes. When she does so, however, the spice doubles any strain and Confict suffered for using @ togenerate@. KARRAK SPICE This rare spice is well known fr is properties as a power ful painkiller and for the degenerative toxins that buld up in fong-term users. Underwotic pushers frequenty attempt ta sell it instead of medicine knowing It suppresses most symptoms of ilness long enough to appear effective, wile ; doing nothing to cure the customers of their need for its “treatment.” As i this practice were not repugnant enough, SCANNING AND the spice has another, lessinown property that offers : another venue for expoitaticn: Karak spice suppresses SURVEILLANCE eg Fore abies in those wo tae. Tis property sacked EQUIPMENT by the Imperial Science Burezu, which is working on new nays to refine or duplicate it The ISB has also developed improved forms of the spice tat are sometimes issued to Imperial agents hoping to capture a Force-using target. ae ‘When taken by charcters who are not Force users, a single ose of karak spice removes IMM adcied to checks from pain or lness for twelve hours, but it imposes automatic @ Cm all checks for twenty four hours as itsiows down thought and reflexes. Force users who take a dose of karrak spice receive both effects for twice the duration and also count While some Force users shun technology that aids avare- ness, relying on their connection to the Force 10 eve them the edge they need, being able to balance the two and craw ‘on the benefits of both can be even more effective. INFRABINOCULARS, A normal pair of macrobinoculas allows thelr user to see distant objects with great clarity, and more advanced elec their Force rating as one lower sil it i active QUESTIONER-9 INTERROGATION SERUM Interrogation sorums are a favored product of the Empire. Used by Imperial authorities fram local police forces to the ISB, and even the Inguistorus these serums come ina wide Variety of forms. Such serums are also avaliable onthe black market, where they are purchased by powerful cime lords and ruthiess viglantes, Te drug known as Questioner-9is a typical example. noteworthy primary forthe flexible means of application and forthe low synthesis cost that makes it avaiable to Imperial authorities and criminals alike, Interro- ators typically inject the serum into a restrainec or helpless target, but Questioner-9 can ao operate through ingestion by an unsuspecting diner. ‘The serum takes effect in the victim's system after a delay of about five minutes. At this point, the victim upgrades the aificulty ofall checks to withhold information or resist ‘manipulation (including resisting Force powers such as Influence) once forthe next 24 hqurs ‘YALADAI SPICE YValadal spice is a prized and expensive stimulant, worth ‘many times the value of more common drugs, such as git- terstim, an the black market. To mast, it offers a supreme clarity of thought and focus, along with a sense of relaxation that reteshes the user even trrough extended activity. The spice is extremely addictive with long-term use, but those trobinoculars alow for surveillance in dim light or at greater ranges, Both tools are of ited use ina city, where the walls of high-rise buldingsfrequenty limit ines of sight. Infrabi oculars are specialized tools designed to enhance avare- ness in urban environments. Instead of enhancing vision at @ tlstance,inrabinoculars are able to pick up heat signatures through even thick or shielded walls, outlining life forms and ther heat emitting phenomena, ‘A character using infabinoculars can see through up to ‘ovo meters of wall, possibly allowing suneliance ofa whole buiding at once. Walls made of dense materials or con. structed to shield their interiors may impose one or more Ml ‘on Perception checks to see inside, atthe GM's discretion Some models of infrabinoculars can alternate between this infrared sensor package and a long-range view equiva lent to that of electrobinoculars. This mare advanced model is also ited in Table 2-5: New Gear, on page 50. MICRODROID LISTENER ‘These tiny spiderike automata are tle more than mobile auoio bugs, barely worth the name “droid.” Characters ‘must place and activate them lke any other audio bug. hiding them behind furiture or in vents. However, once the micradroids ae in place, they follow a set of pre-programmed Instructions from their master, returning ater a set period of time or upon detection of a specific keyword or audio cue. Because microdroids da not broadcast ther survelance data, they can be quite dificult to detect until they return Paning this device without belng noticed requires an opposed Skuldugeery versis Vigilance check. Orce Sree charset st mate» Daunting @ © @) Vier tance checks locate it even when se specie sear ine for one Te microdod has no seedetense oF erase Capabitis, atbough some manufactures ther rodels whith asetfdestuct n case of ampere ‘TAGGECO PRIVACY-7 AUDIO CURTAIN This is one of a wide range of products marketed to belngs interested in privacy and ascretion. The device comprises two matched rods covered in microemiters. Users can plant the rads onto nearly any horizontal surface inorder to create ‘a sound- dampening feid between them. Multiple sets of the ods can fully enclose a conversation, or the user can place ther ata physical gap, such as an open door ar the entry to an enclosed booth ata tapcale Characters attempting io stn in ona conversation wich js being obseued by one or mare aud curtains must make 2 Hard ( @ @) Perception check to understand anything bang sai ThecM can spend of @ tohavethe character mmisundetsand key words or phrases SECURITY EQUIPMENT Sentinels often work In the shadows of their environments ‘and in the gray areas of whatever situations they encounter Devices to assist them in such dark places can make this burden litte easier to bea. MERR-SONN MODEL 31 PALM STUNNER: ‘This high-output stun weapon takes the form of a flat lens small enough to conceal in the palm of a hand. Ths com: pact construction, though, restricts its use in actual combat ‘ue to the limits of its power storage Instead, the onners of these devices typically use them to incapacitate an unaware target with a careful application ‘character can use a palm stunner on an unaware target uth a7 opposed Skulduggery versus Resilience check ‘A successfl check automaticaly incapacitates @ minion, or deals 12 damage to the strain threshold of a rival or nem- esis, In addition, each ¥ on the Opposed Stealth check increases the damage dealt by 1 ‘MereSonn Mode! 31 Palm Stunner SCRAMBLE KEY Breaking inta a facility secured with an electronic lock usualy requires a knowledgeable slicer, but the galactic underworid has invented myriad ways to perform the task in the absence of such personnel, Scramble ke, also called lottery keys or luckbreakers, are one such tool. Scramble keys interact with electric locks that require a password for code input t0 open. Instead of providing oF faking the legitimate entry code, scramble keys cycle through possible Codes at incredible speeds, offering up a barrage of possible matehes in actions ofa second, The processing power is such that they are typically able to generate potential matches faster than they can input al of them, Some criminals claim it s possible to notice when 2 scramble key generates the correct code through faint tremors of buzzing in the device, even if the Key has not yet input tis code, and that they can adlust the controls to Blow them to select the correct cade for immediate input: ‘This procedure canbe less effective, but could save valuable time'f the operator's hunch is correct. Many Force-sensitive uses find they have @ special knack for this approach and ‘cam intuitively select correct codes with ease, A scramble ey bypasses most simple electronic 1ocks within five minutes of application. At the Game Master's discretion, more complicated locks may require additional time to crack or might trigger alarms at the brute force incursion. The user may attempt to speed up this process with 3 Daunting (@ @ © @) Skulduggery check. relyine ‘on pure intuition 19 select the correct code from those the Scramble key generates, Success reduces the time needed to crack a common lock fo a single minute, but failure immeciataly triggers any relevant alarms, Force-sensitive characters may make a Force power check as part of this check, adding either 3 or 9 for each generated. TOOLS Those in tune with urban environments understand the unique challenges of city thatathers might overlook. With the proper tools in hand, though, Sentinels can be ready for anything from a simple power failure to city-wide collapse DISASTER RELIEF KIT ‘These compact containers for use in ale efforts when ca tastrophe sinks inhabited regans rom the largest cities to the most isolated villages. They contain basic ration packs capable of sustaining four indiviuals for upto 3 week, along With a limited selection of ist aid essentils. Also inside isa rugged micro-generatorfueles for a week's worth af opera tion, enough to power 2 lamp, miniature stove, water pur fir, and other essential tools. Chemically treated duraplast, sings surround the contents, sealing them against any Contamination and waterproofing the interior. The cases can ‘also double as water and food storage units, or even per sonal flotation devices in an emergency. ‘A single disaster relief kit can sustain the basic needs o four individuals of mast known species fora week, or poten tally upto ten days with careful rationing EMERGENCY REPAIR PATCH Emergency repair patches are cesigned to be both portable ‘and easy to use even inthe midst of stressful combat situa tions. Typically they consist of ¢ semi-lexible durastee! disk rimmed with auto-activating thermal welds. Some patctes also contain an electrically inert inner insulation layer to protect against shortouts. Emergency repair patches can be quickly apalied over a damaged portion of a dtoia's chas sis, then quickly spot welded into position, protecting the droid interior safe from further damage and reinforcing the chassis’ structural integrity ‘An emergency repair pateh is a one-use item that me- ianies can use to patch small ole in iems or vehicles. of ‘more commonly to heal wounds in drolds I takes a maneu ver for a character to use one on himself or another. Each patch automatically heals 3 wounds on a droid. This can be done five times ina day. The sxth patch heals no wounds, though, as the fold is so patched together that further patches would be useless. takes day forthe droid’ repair diagnostics fr some actual repairs) co restore its bady to enough functionality ta be able to accept additional emer ‘gency patches. See page 227 0” the Fonce avo Desnwy Core Rulebook for more information, TABLE 2-5: NEW GEAR re mec Karak Spice (1 dose) (80 ° 7 Karak Spice (100 dose : Cargo containen Beas e e uestoner 9 (1 dose 300 0 6 ‘uestoner 9 (100 a fargo dose container) | (®)24:000 2 Yaadai Spice (1 dose) | 1,000 0 7 “aadal spice (109 ‘argo dose contaner) | *)80:000 Inabioculars 350 1 5 bineclas tv , rane Sensors) 500 Merearia ustener |) 1.500 ° 6 Tage Privacy 7 om : Ao Curtain ‘ : EB Pam Stunner (R500 1 5 Soramble Key R750 1 4 Disaster ele Kit 250 z 2 Empergency t 1 Repatr Pate S Foot Speeder 2,000 4 4 | Reputsor Assit Uni 620 1 3 Urban Compass 125 1 1 FOOT SPEEDER These curious contraptions combine the swiftness of @ speeder car with an ease of storage and simple construc tion that rakes Keeping and maintaining them much less expensive than doin so for an actual vehicle, Foot seeders are constructed around a repulsorift pad large enough fora Single being to stand upon, with a steering vane extending up that doubles as a support for the occupant to hold onto. AAfoot speeder allows a person to function as a Silhouette 1, Speed I, Handling -1, System Strain Threshold 4 vehicle that can only operate in atmosphere, and requires Piloting (Planetary) to operate. thas a fight celing of tve meters REPULSOR ASSIST UNIT Some madels of grapping hook and cmbing harness rely (on forces other than sheer muscle paver for operation. Repulsor assist units use @ miniaturized repuisorift genera tor to make whatever they bear nearly weightless, be it a ine user climbing @ sheer wal, ora bale of cargo attached to the integrated hook via magnetic clamp and hauled up by retractable cables. A typical model is highly compact, com sisting ofa small metal case that stores both the wound-up cables and the lit generator, with a small nook or magnetic clamp clipped to the side AA character using a repulsor assist unit reduces the di culty to climb by 2 (toa minimum of 0) repulsor assist unit can also be attached to a cargo to reduce the encumbrance value ofthe cargo by 7 Repulsor Assist Uni URBAN COMPASS hile constructed around common datapads, urban com: asses are more specialized tools. These compasses. are equipped with a network of miniaturized sensors and data transmitters that connect to any actively broadcasting te: {quencies to collect inormation about the postion ofthe use, possible routes to the user's destination, local conditions, ana other information relevant to navigating a large cy. Individuals using an urban compass to find their way around a city remove IIB from checks due to unfamiaity withthe city, trafic, or other avoidable travel hazards, Addi onaly, an urban compass can turn up information on local establishments and customs, granting E] to checks to find Information about te city’s operation, various landmarks of nate, and businesses of al types. LIGHTSABER ATTACHMENTS Whether tinkering in the back of a junkyard workshop in a ‘major city or forced into new modes to disguise lick weap- fons, finding a way to modify lightsaber rarely fails to pay off, Sentine's in particular, are fond of the unexpected edge they gain from unique enfiancements to their weapon. DAMPING EMITTER Careful mocifications to the power cells and blade emit ter allow the onner of a lightsaber to add a stun set ting of sorts, drawing on the power of a normal lightsaber crystal, but with less intensity than is normally used. A damped lightsaber can stil inflict serious inures, however, a5 the emitter can only limit the power of 2 heavily mocified crystal so much, Models Inc saber attachment, Base Modifiers: As a maneuver, the wieder of the light saber may adjust the device to deal Stun damage, While the lightsabers st to deal Stun damage, it decreases the dam: age it deals by 2, Increases its crtica rating by 1, and loses the Breach quality, Adjusting the lentsaber to normal set tings requires another maneuver. Modification Options: 2 Stun Damage +1 Mods. Hard Points Required: | Price: 2.000 credits. fone; users must custom-make each ight: OVERCHARGED POWER CELL Lightsabers are exceptionally efficient weapons, able to run nearly forever off a single basic power cell thanks to the remarkable focus of the kyber crystal installed within and the contained energy loop of tne bade. As such, tampering With algntsaber’s power cell and adjusting its output usually does more harm than good, as it upsets the balance of a near-perfect system, Those who know what they are doing an sometimes overcharge the power cell of a lightsaber to increase the power ofthe blade, but these changes make the Paver cell volatile, prone to causing unpredictable Muctua- tions in the ligntsaber's effects, When installed correctly, the effect of an overcharged poner cel is more often bonefcial than its a hindrance, but the mere possibilty ofthe blade dimming at the wrong moment dissuades some tinkerers from taking the risk Models includ saber attachment. Base Modifiers: The wielder ofthis lightsaber can spend €) ‘na combat check to increase the damage dealt by 1, and the GM can spend @ to decrease the damage dealtby | Modification Options: Nove. Hard Points Required: | Price: 500 credits (one; users must custom-make each light TABLE 2-6: LIGHTSABER ATTACHMENTS (nes Price Damping Emitter I ‘Overcargea Power Ce Psa! Hit Reflex np Shien Reverse Gp Custonization PISTOL HILT ‘While the Jedi of od eisdained asters, madern Force users often need every advantage they can get. By adding a cus tomized secondary emitter to a lightsaber hit, the wielder can release the energies of her weapon at a distance in a ‘manner similar to that of a blaster bolt. Without the fo: ‘used field procuced by a traditional ightsaber emitter, the ‘beam rapily loses coherency and stopping power produc: ing only a short-range stun bolt lightsaber used in this ‘manner, though, mignt not even be recognized for what is appearing to be an unusual or custom madel of pistol instead of one of the legendary weapons of the Jedi. This additional ayer af cover could mean as much protection as the new capabilities of the weapon, The user must spend a manewer to switch from one ‘weapon mode tothe other gntsaber function to pistol func: tion, for example), “Models Include: None; users must custom rake each ight saber attachment. Base Modifiers: When the lightsaber is not ignited, the elder may ire the pistol using the folowing profie: [Ranged [Ligh); Damage 6; Critical 3; Range (Snort) Stun Damage Modification Options: Non Hard Points Required: Price: 750 credis, REFLEX GRIP Through a delicate system of motion sensors and miniatur lzed motors bult into a lightsaber hit, a craftsperson can alter the lightsaber to respond to adjustments in grip and position with greater responsiveness. The spltsecond edge fated by this system allows a combatant to more easly parry an opponents decisive stroke or block each af a hal of blaster bolts Contrling the system and keeping it from overreacting to minute o inadvertent motions can be dit ficult ta maser, but the defensive advantage of a reflex grip ‘an be worth the extra practice Models Include: None; users must custom rake each ight saber attachment. Base Modifiers: Wwhon a character uses the Parry or Reflect incidentals with a lightsaber that as a reflex rp installed, the character suffers. 1 addtional stain, but counts her ranks in Parry and Reflect as | higher. Modification Options: | Item Qualty (Defensive + 1) Mod, 1 Item Quality (Deflection +1] Mod. Hard Points Required: Price: 4,000 credits. ‘01S oF uemen EDLs Vat Eien 2,000 | Poet cr SHIEN REVERSE GRIP CUSTOMIZATION Practitioners of Form V sometimes use a reverse grip on their intsabers to assist in many of the techniques com: ‘mon to that form. Through afew careful adjustments to the rp and balance of tei lightsabers, these practitioners can make the weapons more suited to wielding in this manner, although the modifications make using a traditional erp somentat unwieldy inthe process. ‘Models Include: None: users must custom make each light saber attachment. Base Modifiers: The wiclder adds €9 to al Lightsaber (Cun ning) checks made with tis lightsaber, but adds @ to all other Ligntsaber checks. ‘Modification Options: Nove, Hard Points Required: | Price: 100 crests LIGHTSABER CRYSTALS No matter what modifications might be made ta, the heart (of every lightsaber is stl in Its kyber crystal. Even though they are primarily known as urban avengers, Sentinels stil .g0 on quests for their crystal with the same passion that rvs their crusades against injustice ETAAN CRYSTAL ‘These unusual kyber crystals form inthe deep caverns ofthe Mid Rim world of tai. Given thatthe crystals rarely form at fewer than five hundred metersbbeiow the surface, an usual ly at over twice that depth, tne formations can be extremely dificult to lacate. However, the raw crystals echo any nearby sound with a humming resonance, guiding searchers who draw near. Harvested etaan crystals retain this resonant property, causing tne activated blades of asabers using them to thrum in harmony with the motions of the blade, and to chime at nearby sounds. The blades respond especially spectacularly toa clash with another lightsaber or a blaster bolt, emitting a near-deafening crack and a bright flare of energies. A clash of blades invohing etaan crystals usually results inthe lghtsabers being forced apart, but reflected blaster bolts draw in the resonant energies from the reaction {and intensty on their new trajectory. TABLE 2-7: IGHTSABER CRYSTALS (ees fad Eien ae Baan Cysal 18) 12.000 | | 1 3] Ghost Crystal 14,000 7 i 9| ‘Base Modifiers: Insaling ths crystal changes alightsabe’s ‘base damage ta 6 and critical ating to 2, and the lightsaber gains the Breach | and Sunder weapon qualities I the crys tal is ever removed, the lightsaber loses these qualtles and reverts 10 Its previous base damage and critcal rating. In adcition, while the Etaan crystals installed in te lightsaber, ifthe character wlelaing the lightsaber uses the Improved Reflect talent ta inflict an automatic hit increase the dam. ‘age deat by that hit oy 2 ‘Modification Options: | tem Quality Vicious + 1) Mod, 2 Damage +1 Mads, 1 Decrease the weapon's critical rating by 1 to. minimum of 1 Mod, 1 Innate Talen (Parry Mad, | Innate Talent (Reflect) Mod. Hard Points Required: | Price: [R} 12,000 credits GHOSTFIRE CRYSTAL ‘These kyber crystals grow In nearly Invsble formations on 2 handful of far-flung Outer Rim worlds. Their precarious Spires of entirely transparent stones rise from rocky founda tlons. They are typically found at the peaks of mountain, when they can be located at all. Finders can use ghostfre crystals to construct a lightsaber witha blade as dificult 10 detect as the spre from wich they harvested the crystal Lightsabers with ghostire crystals at their core produce almost no sound whatsoever, and the blades are dim and translucent compared to the incandescent fie of ther light sabers. Most curious ofall are the illusory aterimages ofthe blades that follow the wielders’ motions, disorienting foes and disguising the true postion oftheir blades. Base Modifiers: Insaling ths crystal changes a lightsabe’s ‘base damage to 6 and critical rating to 2, and the lightsaber gainsthe Breach 1 and Sunder weapon qualtes I the crys tal is over removed, the lightsaber loses these qualiles and reverts 10 Its previous base damage and critical rating. In dation, while the ghostie crystal is installed in the ight saber, the wielder may spend & © 9 or @ to prevent the target from using the Parry talent to reduce damage from this attack ‘Modification Options: 2 tern Quality (Defensive + !) Mods 2 Damage + 1 Mods. Hard Points Required: | Price: IR 14.000 credits PODRACERS AND PODRACING Pisces i ove of te most ein, and dangerous sports in the galaxy, Driving custorbult acing land speeders that are itie more than alspeeder or starighter engines with saddles strapped to them, Podracer plots put their lives on te ine every time they race. They scream down straightaways and weave through deadly obstacles wit litle regard for persona safety Crashes—often fatal, always spec tacular—are common and are one of the biggest draws for the cronds, The Podracers themsehes are lage, screaming, visceral machines that buck and spt and how! like beasts at full thatte iis 2 spor of dust and adrenaline and steel and blood. This sport's particularly popular in the Outer Rim, where its ingrained, doit yourself nature and outlaw creden: jais appeal to many ofthat region's citizen, Very litte is known about the ancient history of Podrac ing, The origins of the sport are hazy at best, and seem to hhave roots in truly ancient styles of racing involving beast dav carts. There is no definite fst race ar fist Podracer although mary historians have tried to find them. Similar Sports nave existed throughout the galaxy at various points for millennia. There are mentions of something ike it dur ing the early days of the Republic, and records hed in deep vaults at C2erka Arms HO list atleast one set of engines called the “Frestarm’ for use in “High-speed Pod-Racing.” Modern Padracing, the kind practiced for the past ‘century of so, as developed on Malastare by a mechanic ‘and race promoter named Gustab Wenbus. It Was he Who Standardized the Podracer configuration—a small repulsorit cockpit driven by pairs of massive turbine, ion, or rocket motors linked by plasma energy binders and connected to the Pocracer cockpit by flexiaie control cables—and who set ua the fst modern-stye Podracing circuits. The ist vehicles used in Podracing were rickety, slapdash affairs cobbled together from scavenged parts and miltary surplus engines. They were loud, smoky, tremendously unsafe, and incredibly exciting. Rules in the fst races were simple: bulld a racer, make it fast as possible, and race it.The fist one to cross the finish line —or the last racer surviving—took home the prize. Prizes were usually parts or credits, but in some races, particularly one-on-one prestige races. the winner took home the losers Podracer as wall. As the sport gren, a unique culture gew up around Poaracing. Racers were seen as swaggering outians who spat inthe face of death. They had a rugged, self made aura about them that recalled an earlier, more viseeral ime of his- tory, They were expert mechanics and engineers as well as pilots, or so most people believed, and ter machines were as famous asthe racers themselves, LIGHTSABER HILT CRAFTING Lizistes rein myicneapons of paver Force wie es, and mastery of these weapans is as much a spiritual {act as a technical one. Once the Jedi taught their students look deep within themselves and undergo challenges to find the kyber crystals that seve as the hearts ofthese miracu ious devices In the era of the Empire, the Jedi are gone and instruction is hard to come by, but some Force sensives sti find themseives called to wield lightsabers, While the most ficult task by far is attaining < kyber crystal and attuning ‘oneself to the mystical stone, the more mundane task of cn structing a lightsaber hit is stil important. Further, reflecting the hits signficance to many Force-sensitve seciens, the crafter can customize the weight length, and function of tis ‘most elegant and puissant of weapons. The rules inthis section provice CMs and players with op tions for crafting their own ightaber hts. They offer Arti sans and others skilled in technical arts a greater chance to shine, and for play ft a wide vacety a ightsabers Players wishing to do so shoule consult with the GM, and then the m0 should collaborate wile going through the 0 sted below to create the device. As with all such mat ters, anything thatthe pla is subject tothe GM's approval Note also thatthe folling rues represent 12 more expansive and Next onstructing lightsaber hits than those included inthe Force ano Destwy Gawe Masres’s Ki, bul they ate not intended to replace them, Instead, players are encouraged to use whichever best ft into their style of play and campaign plans. Crafting follons three steps: Step 1: Select Template, in which the PC chooses wnat kinc af lightsaber hit to make Step 2: Acquire Materials, i which the PC acquires the Supplies to ould it; and Step 3: Construction, in wrich te PC actually assembles the hilt See the Lightsaber Hits sidebar, on page 177 of the Foxes aNo Desnny Core Rule ‘book. for more on hits and thely ole inthe effectiveness at a lightsabe STEP 1: SELECT TEMPLATE When a character sets about creating a lightsaber hilt, the player first chooses a template from Table 3=10: Light- saber Templates (sce page 5). The template dictates the cost and rarity of materials forthe chosen hit (Material PriceRaris), the challenge of buldingt (Check, an estimate of construction duration (Time), and possible results should the character succeed on the check (it Style Examples) Each template encompasses a numberof different ight. saber hilt that accomplish the template’s function in very different ways. For instance, the defensive lightsaber plate might representa lightsaber witha lt spike to seize enemy weapons, or one designed to let the user parry more wily. A template describes wrat a gwven lightsaber does, but not necessarily now it accomplishes it or what embel ishments it might possess; thoseare the mark of the crafter Thus, payers and CMs should fel ree to be creative in com ing up with their own unique types of weapons that given