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Annexure to IAD Cir. No.82/2010 Dated 28.12.



BO: Panjuana Dist. No. 110200

Dated: 18.02.2017

Branch Manager to Circle Office


Sl. Particulars Frequency Date when last If untallied

No. tallied & verified upto date,
by the authorized steps taken for
official tallying the
same be given.
1 Draft Payable Account Daily 31.01.2017
2 Remittance in Transit Daily 31.01.2017
3 Imprest Accounts Weekly 31.01.2017
4 Bills Purchased and Bills Fortnightly 13, 27.01.2017
5 Bankers Accounts Weekly 31.01.2017
6 Subsidy Reserve Fund Monthly 31.01.2017
7 Cash Order Account Monthly 31.01.2017
8 Suspense Account Monthly 31.01.2017
9 Sundries Account Monthly 31.01.2017
10 TravellersCheques and Gift Monthly 31.01.2017
Cheques Payable Accounts
11 Mini Deposit Accounts Monthly 31.01.2017
12 CDS (ITP) Accounts Monthly 31.01.2017
13 FOBP / FOUBP / FOBNLC / Monthly 31.01.2017
14 Inward Bills (Inland & Foreign) Monthly 31.01.2017
15 Outward Bills (Inland & Foreign) Monthly 31.01.2017
16 Suspended Interest Quarterly 31.12.2016
17 Derecognized interest Quarterly 31.12.2016
18 Safe Fixture & Furniture (SFF) Quarterly 31.12.2016
19 Motor Car and Cycle (MCC) Quarterly 31.12.2016
20 Public Provident Fund (PPF) Quarterly 31.12.2016
21 Sr. Citizen Savings Scheme - Quarterly 31.12.2016
22 Inoperative Accounts (including Quarterly 31.12.2016
more than 10 years)
23 Impersonal Accounts Quarterly 31.12.2016
a) Overdue term deposits
b) Margin money (LCs & BGs Quarterly 31.12.2016
both inland & foreign)
c)Claims received from Quarterly 31.12.2016
organizations like DICGC, CGO,
d) Specify, if any other Quarterly 31.12.2016
24 Acceptance, Endorsements and Quarterly 31.12.2016
Other Obligations

PART B: Physical Checking and Tallying of Balances

Sl. Particulars Frequenc Date/s when If not physically
No. y physically checked, reasons
checked and therefor be given.
Tallied by
the If untallied upto date,
authorized steps taken for
official tallying the same be
25 Inland & Foreign Bills Purchased and Daily 31.01.2017
26 Cash balance including foreign currency Fortnightly 13,
27 Stock of Gold Coins. * Fortnightly 13,
28 Petty Cash and Cash / Stamps for Monthly 31.01.2017
Postage & Telegram
29 Stamps in Hand and Stock Monthly 31.01.2017
30 Stock of Gift Cheques Monthly 31.01.2017

*The Stock of Gold Coins to be verified physically as per Gold Coin Stock Vault Register and it
tallies with inventory outstanding in CBS system.


Sl. No. Particulars Frequency Date when last If found short,
physically checked give details and
by the authorized inform action
official taken
31 Inward bills for Collection Monthly 31.01.2017
(inland and foreign)
33 Stock of Security Forms High Monthly 31.01.2017
Stock of Security Forms- Quarterly 31.12.2016
34 Stock of Non-Personalized Monthly 31.01.2017
Debit Cards and PINs
35 Articles in Safe Custody Monthly 31.01.2017
36 Shares, Debentures and Monthly 31.01.2017
Government Securities
37 Parcels outstanding Monthly 31.01.2017
38 Furniture and Fixtures, besides Quarterly 31.12.2016
banks vehicles, have been
verified physically and are in
good condition.


Sl. Particulars Frequency Date when last In case of non-
No. checked by the compliance,
authorized official give reasons.
41 Exception Report &Temporary Daily 31.01.2017
Overdraft (TOD) Report , Morning
Checking Reports
42 Users are activated/de-activated as Daily 31.01.2017
per daily arrangement register, list of
active users is checked daily and
passwords of ID users, who have
been transferred from the branch or
retired from the Bank, have been
43 Outstanding in proxy accounts are Daily 31.01.2017
generated and checked daily. All
proxy entries are adjusted within
three days.

It is certified as under:

1. Balance in Account Number 3171118 [Sundries before TDS], Account Number 3171160 [Non-
Customer Sundries Account] and Account Number 3171165A [RTGS Inter-Bank Account] is made NIL
(except un-cleared effects) on day-to-day basis.

2. Unrecovered service charges kept in shortfall are being recovered through SHORTFALL menu on
daily basis.

3. Interest SUCCESS / FAILURE reports [Deposits and Advances] have been downloaded / saved &
printed and checked as per guidelines. Corrective action on all accounts appearing in interest failure
reports has been taken and interest applied thereon.

4. In respect of all the securities obtained to secure loan accounts;

a) All security details have been entered in CBS system through SRM.

b) Date of Checking / Inspection of security is entered in the system.

5. Limitation is alive in all borrowers accounts. Detail of all the BC letters obtained have been entered
in the relevant fields in the CBS System.

6. All the Cust. IDs to which no account is attached have been disabled / closed.

7. Details of Service Tax paid on relevant expenditure are being fed in the System through CENVAT
menu and is being claimed promptly from Circle Office every month. The Suspense entries on this
account are being reversed on monthly basis.

8. Signatures for all new Accounts Opened are being scanned, uploaded and verified in the System
daily and there is no pendency relating to the month.

9. Cash, including foreign currency, is being held in the joint custody of a Deputy Manager (or above)
and the Officer / Head Cashier.

10. Securities / Charges as stipulated in Terms and Conditions of Sanction of Loan Accounts stand
created / registered and continue to remain in force and are fully insured. Exceptions, if any, have been
reported to the higher authorities.

11. All stocks pledged / hypothecated with the Bank have been inspected, correctly valued, got fully
insured (wherever necessary) and are in good condition. Shortages and / or old stocks, wherever
observed, have been reported to the higher authorities.

12 (a) All Know Your Customer (KYC) Norms and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Measures have been
fully complied with in respect of all the accounts opened during the month, except the following:

Sl.No. Parameters Non-compliant accounts

1. AOF not held on record
2. Identification Proof not held on record
3. Address Proof not held on record
4. Self Attested photo not held on record
5. Account holder/Introducers signature not verified
6. Permission from Chief Manager for opening
High Risk accounts not held on record
7. Risk Classification not entered in CBS

12 (b)The updation of Customer Identification Data i.e., Name, Address, Occupation, Income/Turnover,
etc., alongwith Photograph/s is done at least once in five years in case of Low Risk Category customers
and once in two years in case of High and Medium Risk Category customers.

12 (c) The review of Risk Categorization of customers has been carried out at a periodicity of not less
than once in six months.

13. Cash Transaction Reports of Rs 10 lakh and above have been generated from the system and are
being monitored on daily basis and kept on record.

14. There is no delay in remitting TDS (of any kind) to Central Government Account.

15. Legal Compliance Certificate in respect of all eligible borrower accounts has been sent to the
controlling office up to the month of January 2017

16. All guidelines relating to Clean Note Policy, Detection and Impounding of Counterfeit Notes, Facility
for Exchange of Soiled & Mutilated Notes & Coins are being strictly adhered to.

17. All the eligible applications for sanction of refinance from IDBI / SIDBI in respect of Term Loans
sanctioned have been lodged with Controlling Offices.

18. (a) All the lease deeds in respect of lockers are held on record and keys of all the vacant
lockers are duly entered in the relevant register and held on record.

(b) Locks of lockers surrendered during the month have been changed.

19. All the original PPOs are held on record and pension, in respect of those pensioners
where Life Certificate has not been received, is not being credited in their accounts.

20. (i) Monthly meeting of Customer Service Committee was held on _________ (date) and
the minutes of the same have been sent to Circle Office.

(ii) The information displayed on Comprehensive Notice Board in the branch has been updated,
wherever amendments/ modifications have been issued by the Bank.

(iii) The Information Folder available with the Incumbent Incharge/ Second man/ May I Help
You Counter containing relevant instructions relating to the information displayed on the
Comprehensive Notice Board have been updated/ replaced by revised ones.

21. Lease Deed/s of Bank Premises is/are available with the branch / office and is/are in force.

22. All Regulatory / Statutory Guidelines are being complied with and all cases of Compliance Failures /
Breaches / Penalties / Incidence of Non-compliance, if any, is reported to Controlling Office

23. It is certified that the Credit Information Reports (CIRs) (both Consumer & Commercial Category
Accounts) extracted as per list provided by the Credit Information Company are correct. The Charges in
respect of CIRs have been recovered from the customer and credited to Income Head of the branch.

24. Surprise visit of the following Extension Counter(s) attached to the branch was undertaken by the
Incumbent as per the date(s) mentioned there against and the irregularities / deviations, if any, stand
reported to the Controlling Office:


Name: Deepak Gupta

Before signing, please go through the above certificates carefully and explicitly indicate those which
are either not complied with or are not applicable.
Please use separate sheet/s wherever required.



BO: Panjuana Dist. No. 110200

The Chief Manager,

Audit Section,
Circle Office,
We submit status of compliance of the following:
GOVT.BUSINESS 0 Daily transactions slips are being taxes to Link office as YES NO
DEPTT. 1 well as to RBI on the same day (Currency Chest Branches
0 A dedicated counter for Govt.Business is established in the
2 branch and is functioning regularly (authorized branches.)
0 Online transactions of direct taxes(OLTAS) are being done
3 regularly even if there are NIL transactions(authorized
0 Service tax has been deposited on due date and monthly
4 return has since been filed with the concerned of service
tax CENVAT claim of input services has been adjusted after
netting the service tax (authorized branches.
0 Monthly Pension scrolls have been sent to Link/Nodal Office
5 before1st of the subsequent month
0 Monthly reconciliation of CBDT /CBEC has been reconciled
6 with Nodal office/Focal Point branch up to the previous
month(authorized branches)
CUSTOMER 0 May I help you counter is being manage properly.
COMPLAINTS 0 Cheques received for clearing/collection are being branded
8 with crossing stamp & proper is issued to the tenderer.
HRD 0 Leave register is being updated on regular basis and mirror
DEPARTMENT 9 record of leave of Incumbent/Internal auditor is maintained.
SME 1 All eligible applications under CGTSME have been lodged in
INSPECTION 1 Proper record of SBLD is maintained are same is being
DEPARTMENT 1 referred while passing instruments for payment.
1 Secrecy of Pass word is maintained.
1 Observations of concurrent auditor are being dealt with on
3 daily basis.
1 Fortnight meeting of Incumbent in charge Coordinator and
4 Internal auditor is held on regular basis only or branches
under Concurrent audit.)
IBR DEPARTMENT 1 Reply to all unreconciled entries pointed out by IBR has
5 been sent.
SAM 1 Securitization Notice in all eligible accounts issued after
DEPARTMENT 6 permission from competent authority.
PLANNING 1 Minimum level of cash is being maintained and security
DEPARTMENT 7 norms for movement of cash observed.
1 Efforts are being made to curtail other operative expenses
8 by 10%Efforts are being made to curtail other operative
expenses by 10%Efforts are being made to curtail other
operative expenses by 10%
GAD 1 All basic amenities are being provided to the customers as
DEPARTMENT 9 well as staff. Further ambience of the branch is maintained
& SFF items/records are properly maintained.
IT DEPARTMENT 2 It is confirmed that no SRM/MIS creation is pending
2 No signatures are pending for upload and verifications
RETAIL BANKING 2 It is confirmed that CMS system is operated daily.
CREDIT 2 All cases of overdrawing allowed beyond vested powers
DEPARTMENT 3 during the month have been reported & moved for
confirmation to the Competent Authority.
INTERNAL 2 One day service to staff in HRD/GAD matters & three days
CUSTOMER 4 services advances tendered.


Annexure to IAD Cir. No.82/2010 Dated 28.12.2010


BO: Panjuana Dist. No. 110200
Dated: 18.02.2017

Branch Manager to Circle Office


With reference to the above, we confirm that:-

KYC (Know your Customer) norms have been adhered to. AOF's in respect of all the
accounts opened during the month are complete, duly attested and properly filled.
Newly opened accounts are monitored by the Incumbent In charge as per HO guidelines.

Multiple Customer IDs have been clubbed and Beneficial Owner has been updated in all
eligible accounts.

Balances of all Computerized Accounts are tallied on daily basis and necessary recording
is made in the register maintained in the branch. All balance reports are taken at month
end and the same stand tallied and are duly initiated.

Morning Checking is being done on daily basis in terms of IAD Circular No. 17/2013 dated
17.06.2013 & 26/2013 dated 28.08.2013. All MIS reports are generated and checked
periodically and discrepancies are updated in the system.

Sundry, suspense, remittance in transit, ODD, Clearing Receivable and Payable, Draft
Payable Imprest Account and other Impersonal Head accounts have been operated as
per Bank's guidelines and all balances are tallied up to date.
Vouchers have been handed over to Daftri against proper receipt. Vouchers have been
tallied with the system, stitched/ sealed and duly signed by the Custodians have been
kept in joint custody in Fire Proof Almirah/ Strong Room.

Ultra Violet Lamps have been installed on all the concerned seats. Genuineness of
cheques/ drafts of Rs. 100000/- & above presented for payment in the clearing or on the
counter for payment/ transfer have been verified through Ultra Violet Lamp. Stamp to
this effect is being affixed on the back of the instruments by the verifying officials.

System has been provided to the Cashier, making the payments and the concerned
employee is verifying the status of the cheques through system before making the

Cash Reserve Book has been maintained and updated every time of deposit and with
drawl of cash from Strong Room and it is being initialed by the Custodians.

Proper control over tokens has been maintained. PNB 135 has been maintained on daily

Bait Money has been maintained and kept along with cash on the counter and in the
Strong room.

System generated Cash receipts are being issued and no manually receipt has been

Minimum Cash ratio has been maintained. All Cash receipt and payment guidelines are
being adhered to.

Stock reports in all CC accounts have been received and entered in DP Register. Stock is
checked periodically on alternative basis by the bank officials and record thereof has
been maintained properly.

Due Date Register for obtaining Balance Confirmation Letters in Loan accounts has been
maintained in terms of Bank guidelines and limitation is not going to expire in any loan
account within next twelve months.

Charges in respect of CIRs, CIBIL reports, CERSAI registration and Investigation charges,
Processing Fee, Upfront fee, Documentation charges and all other related charges have
been recovered from the customer and record thereof has been maintained.

Interest codes in deposits and Advances have been filled up properly. No old Code is
available in the system.

All Limit proposals/ CRs due for renewal stand renewed/ reviewed. Credit Risk rating/
PNB Score/Rule Based Lending Module has been prepared in all loan accounts, where it
was applicable/ due.

Security forms are checked physically at regular intervals by 1st and 2nd Man of the
branch alternatively.

Periodically checking of Alarm, PIR Censure Alarm system, Time Lock and CCTV Camera
is being done and record thereof has been properly maintained.

Officers are visiting the branch on Sundays/ Holidays to check the security aspect of the
branch and record thereof has been properly maintained.

Staff Movement Register, Deviation Register, Complaint Receipt & Disposal Register,
Claim Case Register, Dak/Dispatch Receipt & Disposal Register, Loan Application Receipt
& Disposal Register, SSI Application Receipt & Disposal Register, Application Rejection
Register, Unit Inspection Register, Old Record Register have been maintained and

All IT Department guidelines have been adhered to. Neutral earth checking is being
done once in two months. Old hardware has been disposed off as per bank's guidelines.

Duty sheet of the staff has been rotated as per bank's guidelines.

Complaint-cum-Suggestion Box is installed in the branch and it is opened on daily basis

and record thereof has been properly maintained.

All the taxes are deposited with the related departments well within stipulated time
period and periodically returns are filled with Income Tax Department.


Name: Deepak Gupta

Before signing, please go through the above certificates carefully and explicitly indicate those which are either not complied
with or are not applicable.Please use separate sheet/s wherever required.

Please submit MMC in first week of every Month.

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