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WebQuest Rubric


Content Collaboration Organization Presentation

Is well researched Each student participated Information is organized in a Video
Provides a definition and solution equally thoughtful manner Well edited
to Cyberbullying Group worked well together Steps are clear and make sense Appropriate
Provided sources were clearly Stays focused on topic Creative
used and cited
Information accurate

Is well researched Information is organized in a Video

Provides solution and definition thoughtful manner
Edited, could be better
3 Some/most sources used and Steps are mostly clear and almost
make sense Appropriate
Information is accurate Focused on topic for most of video Somewhat creative

Solution or definition provided Information unorganized Video

Few sources used and cited Steps are unclear Poorly edited, if edited at all
Information inaccurate Focus is lost Inappropriate
Lacks creativity

No definition or solution given Students did not work well No focus on topic No video presented
No sources used or cited together Steps are unclear or missing
Inaccurate information Not all students participated No organization of thoughts