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My Wrong Love Story

My Wrong Love Story

Shalu Murthy

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My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 1:

Sharanya Ashok was hurrying through the stairs. She had to reach third floor before
3.30 P.M but it was already late, the clock was ticking away merrily. She was late for her
first day of networking classes she had enrolled a month earlier.
Sharan was an engineering graduate and like many other fellow engineers she was
rendered jobless. Tireless hours over the internet and after multiple browsing through
Naukri and Monster, she lost hope of finding herself a job. Eating and watching TV
became her full time work, that after sometime, she felt she was losing her identity. She
had already put on an extra 5 pounds to her ever increasing weight.
Frustration was over-ruling her optimistic attitude. She decided to do something
rather than being at home. Sharanya was then a proud employee of a BPO. Again after
countless hours of calling and speaking with varied customers, it didnt give her the
satisfaction she wanted to feel. Irritation and her sleep deprived body started taking its toll
on her health and her attitude.
Most of the time, she skipped meal just to catch up on her beauty sleep. After 2
months of working in a BPO, she decided it was just not her in that job anymore. She quit
and even before she realized what was happening, she was sitting with a bowl of pop corn
and a glass of lemonade right in front of the TV.
Sharan stopped visiting her relatives and friends. The fear of being asked about her
placement made her sit glued to the idiot box. She had no answer for it. One day, as she
was surfing through channels, her mobile sang her favorite song. Sharan grabbed it and
with a mouthful of chips, she managed to say a muffled hello.
It was her cousin Lavanya. Lavanya was doing her 3rd year engineering in a reputed
college and everybody was sure shell end up with a good job in an MNC.
Hey Sharan, how are u? Long time no see? Lavanya spoke sweet.
How come she is so sweet to me all of a sudden...There must be something
Sharans mind was speaking of its own.
Oh hi Lavanya, Im fine. I was just a little busy. How come you are calling me all of
a sudden?? Sharan spoke with a sarcastic tone.
Hey come on, I do message you, you never respond! Aunty was telling me you were
depressed about not finding a job, so I didnt want to disturb you! Lavanya quipped.
Sharans face was red with embarrassment. She was mad at her mom for speaking
about her to her cousins. She had to control herself before she broke down over the phone.
Lavanya sensed the tension building in Sharans voice so she was quick to continue,
Hey no worries, youll get a good job soon. I was going past your home in my bus when
I saw your scooty parked outside, so I just called.
Oh, thats fine! Sharan used all her will power to stabilize her trembling voice.
Why dont you try doing some computer course mean whileit might come in
handy? You can search job on the other handwhat do you say? I heard networking
courses are too good for job seekers now. You must give it a go! Lavanya was waiting
for Sharans response.
Sounds good, will try. Thank you. Sharan felt bad for thinking low of her cousin.
After all Lavanya wanted to help.
Alright see you soon then, take care Sharan Lavanya ended their conversation.
There started Sharanya Ashoks journey in finding a right computer centre for her
networking course. She found one which was a little farther from home, however it was
famous for its placement records and coaching. She had enrolled herself one month ahead
of it.

My Wrong Love Story

Panting and almost out of breath, she reached her class 15 minutes late.
Hello.huh...may I come in?? Sharanya interrupted the class.
Everybody was staring at her. Sharanya was pretty embarrassed while the entire
students eyes were fixated on her.
Oh youre late. Come in early tomorrow. Please come in now! The staff in charge
was rather a serious person.
Sharanya walked inside hoping to find an empty place to sit. There was just one
empty chair beside a guy. She had no other go but walked over to the empty chair and sat.
Sharanya then spoke in a lowered tone to the guy next to her. Hey hello Im
Sharanya. Could you please tell me what he spoke before I came in?
And the response she got was was a long cold stare from the guy that Sharanya could
almost feel he was threatening.
Ill tell you later was his curt response after his cold stare.
What a rogue!! was all Sharanya could think of.
But fate had other plan for Sharanya Ashokthus began her wrong love story!

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 2:

Sharan had her first chance to relax after the class began when her class-in-charge
had given them ten minutes break or power break as he named it.
Sharan stretched her arms. She felt as if she was a cat grouched up in a place for a
long time. In the process, she pushed the pile of books that the guy next to her had piled
up on his desk.
Im very sorry Sharan immediately moved to collect the books for him. Once she
collected all the books and looked up at him, he was giving her the cold stare once again.
Oh no, not again! Hes scary when he stares that way!! Sharan was worried if he
could read her minds voice.
Are you this clumsy always? He questioned Sharan and after one long cold look in
to her eyes, he moved away from her towards the exit.
Sharan was dumb and wild with rage.
How dare that rogue question me and he called me clumsy!! That irritating idiot!!
Sharan couldnt control her anger. She decided to confront that guy. As she walked
towards the exit, she was stopped with a bright smile.
Hello, Im Simi, Simi Johnson.
Sharans anger cooled a little. She gave a small handshake before she introduced
Hello Simi, Im Sharanya Ashok.
Hows class? I found it pretty boring and sleepy!! Simi was rubbing the sleep off
her eyes.
Yes, same here, it was very boring!! Sharan was reminded of her fellow
classmates behavior.
Their silent conversation was interrupted by a loud ring of a mobile phone.
Hey, I guess you had dropped your mobile phone in your place! Simi pointed
towards Sharans place.
Sharan then retrieved the mobile. It was a black blackberry wrapped up in a shiny
mobile cover.
Hey, its not mine!! I guess it belongs to the idiotic fellow who was sitting next to
me!! Sharan was sure she had pushed it when she accidentally toppled those books. Now
she was dreading meeting the guy again.
Hey he seems cute actually, all rough looks and all that!! Dont you find it
interesting? Simi was curiously looking at Sharan after asking that question.
Are you crazy Simi!!? He scares the hell out of me! Why dont you switch places
with me then? Sharan wanted to find herself away from that weird guy.
You sit beside that Weirdo!! Sharan was generous to offer.
My name is Rohan and not weirdo! You can keep that name for yourself! The
doorway framed the guys image.
Sharan was very embarrassed and guilty.
Hello, Im Simi and this is Sharan. Simi continue with the conversation.
Well she didnt mean it the way your thinking, we were just chatting. Simi tried to
help Sharan out.
Hello Simi! Rohan extended his hand.
Hes being so polite to her but with me he was such a rogue!! Sharan was stunned
on seeing Rohan switch on his charms with Simi.
Poor gal, shes falling for it! thought Sharan.

My Wrong Love Story

If you dont mind, can I take my mobile back? Rohan was extending his hand
towards Sharan.
Sharan hastily handed over the mobile that she dropped it.
Oops, am sorry am really sorry! Sharan then took Rohans mobile from the floor
and gave it to him.
I told youre clumsy, didnt I? Rohans sarcastic reply made Sharanya so angry that
she ended up speaking back to him.
Oh yes, Im clumsy and youre still a weirdo!!
Saying so, Sharanya marched past them angrily, while Rohan's lips held a sly smile at
her outburst of emotions.
"She's Right for all the wrong reasons!" Rohan murmured.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 3:

What an irritating guy!! And Simi likes him!! God!! She must be crazy to like him!
Thoughts were fumbling in Sharanyas mind. They were racing each other because
Sharanya couldnt stop scolding Rohan.
Sharanya decided its better to wash her face and relax, she felt she was giving too
much space for that annoying fellow in her mind.
Once back in class she found her seat was take by Simi. Sharanya silently thanked her
and carried her bag and mobile to Simis place. Sharanya replaced Simi in the first row
but she was uncomfortable to find a pair of eyes following her every movement. She
decided to confront those eyes but not until her racing heart was normal. She felt it weird
to experience hatred and a dangerous kind of liking for the annoying guy!
Whats wrong with me!!? Sharanya found herself questioning so much that she lost
track of what was happening in class and didnt even realize that the staff was asking her a
Hey!! Sir is asking you a question!! the girl next to Sharanya tapped her hand.
Huh... What is it? Oh Sharanya stood with guilt at her stupid behavior.
Lost in dreams is it? Next time please stop counting sheep and concentrate in class!
The staff gave an almost threatening look over his thick rimmed glasses. Sharanya
sat down sheepishly. These classes had meant another way of landing in the right job for
Sharanya but she had managed to sabotage her first class itself.
Sharanya was more irritated and her mood worsened for the day. She was silently
swearing at Rohan.
Once or twice she heard Simis soft giggle and her temper rose as quickly as ice kept
on a heating pan.
Hey are you ok? the girl next to her looked at her with concern.
Oh no , I guess Im looking like a terminally ill patient!! Sharanya wondered.
Im fine. Thank you! Sharanya found herself grinning at the girl next to her.
Sharanya had a nagging feeling that she was being watched.
Whats wrong with that Rohan? Hes a jerk! Sharanya had to force herself to keep
her mouth shut. She strongly felt that whatever she spoke about him, he knew!!
By the way am Sathyaveni, you can call me Satya. Yourself?
Oh Im Sharanya. Are you also on the lookout for a job? Sharanya started a
conversation to stop her wandering mind.
As the conversation proceeded, Sharanya had found herself a good friend. She felt
Satya was easy going, she was committed in work and she would be getting married in
another year. She had no pressing needs to search for a job but she didnt want to waster
her time.
Sharanya found Satyas attitude very positive and motivating that for the rest of the
class, she almost forgot that she was disturbed.
Once the class was over, Sharanya started packing her things. Satya was waiting for
her since they had to board bus together.
Hey let me use the washroom, Ill wait there. Please come soon. Saying so Satya
Sharanya was almost ready to start. She got up from her place, when she heard her
Sharanya turned back to find her face to face with Rohan.

My Wrong Love Story

She was all alone. Even Simi had left Rohans side. Sharanya came face to face with
his dreamy eyes. She almost slipped and moved back but Rohan quickly held Sharanyas
wrist and pulled her close.
Im sorry for irritating you. Hope you dont stay mad at me anymore.
After telling this, he left her hand and moved towards the exit.
Sharanya had to urge herself to stop the shivering she was experiencing. Of course
she had had friends who were guys but this time it was all new sensation. She could
almost feel butterflies in her tummy.
Sharanya then steadied herself and met his gaze. Its ok. Bye
Saying so, Sharanya walked past Rohan, when she found him pulling her shawl.
And dont quit thinking of me Sharanya! Rohan held a small smile.
Sharanya had enough for the day; she simply pulled the shawl from his hand and
walked past him after giving him one deadly look.
Rohan raced her.
It took me a long time to get you and Im not going to let you go easily
Sharanya went white as snow while, Rohan left her in silence all the while jingling
his car keys!

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 4:

Ma, why is the lunch not yet ready? Dont you know I have class at 3!!? Sharanya
was yelling at the top of her voice. It was the third day of her class and she was already
feeling tired. Three sleepless nights in a row was taking its toll on her health. She had
been having weird dreams that she could not sleep.
The dreams seemed too real and it was disturbing Sharanya that she could remember
all those dreams and Rohans eyes were still haunting Sharanya during the class. Sharanya
s mind then drifted to the weird dream she dreamt last night.
She dreamt of a large house with marigolds in full bloom and she could almost feel
the chill wind hitting her cheeks. She was dressed in a flowing white dressshe was not
even sure how she got into it! Her always messy hair was braided beautifully while lovely
white orchids decorated them. Her always bare neck held a silver chain with a golden
locket, which she was afraid to open. Her hands were playing along with it yet she dared
not to see whom it held.
Lovely sapphire was dangling from her ears. Her chipped nails were beautifully
manicured and a pale peach colored her brittle nails. She was however bare foot and
Sharanya muzzled her feet into the soft carpet below. She felt she was walking through
She was standing facing the gardens which she saw through a large French window.
The blue drapes that clung to the window frame were fluttering wildly as if struggling to
break free. The lush green grass was so inviting that she wanted to walk over its softness.
The ever smiling Marigolds sweet intoxicating smell was mixed with something more
masculine when she realized that she was not alone in the room.
Before she could act, a strong hand held her shoulders. Sharanya turned to face the
unknown stranger. His jet black hair was dancing to the tunes of the breeze outside. His
grip was as strong as the wind itself. Sharanya was drowning in his dreamy eyes. She felt
her body go limp at his touch.
She could watch stars in broad day light, silvery moon in her cloudy abode and the
strong rays of sun shining down his glory. How could she feel all the phases of a day at
the same time, with a known yet an unknown person?
The stranger held her hand until his lips met her long slender fingers. Sharanya was
feeling as soft as the velvet of her dress yet she wanted to see him once again. She wanted
to caress his face, the one who showed her a different world.
When she held his face, Sharanya turned as pale as her dress.
Ro..Roh..Rohan She gasped for breath when Sharanya woke up with a start! All
this while it was Rohan whom she dreamt of while she dreaded him right from the day
they met.
Sharanya was almost shivering at the recollection of her dream.
Hey, are you alright? Satyas touch bought Sharanya from her confused world.
You look tired! Didnt you eat? Are you ok? Satya was worried at Sharanyas
Im ok, just a little drowsy! Sharanya bluffed.
Im just feeling hungry! I skipped lunch today. Mom was preparing while I came,
there was just no time! Sharanya grumbled.
Oh, no wonder youre tired! Dont worry cheep up we have our power break!
winked Satya.
Oh yes!! The girls giggled.

My Wrong Love Story

Whats funny there? Hey you there, the one in white top why you are laughing!
Whats your name? scorned the staff.
Sharanya! Sharanya was caught the second time and she was more embarrassed
since Rohans eyes were always on her.
You have spent money to join this class! Do you remember that!!? The staffs
mean look brought tears to Sharanyas eyes.
Alright lets have out power break now, shall we? And Ms.Sharanya after break you
need to take a session on yesterdays topic! The staff now held a happy smile and walked
out the class.
Hey, Im sorry!! Satya held a sorry look.
Dont be yaar it happens! You go for break I need to prepare for this stupid
session now!! Sharanya was too frustrated to be angry.
Alright, you better wash your face. Ill get you something from caf is that ok?
Satya wanted to help Sharanya for not pulling her name when the grim faced staff had
questioned her.
Hey thats ok, dont get me anything! But Sharanyas protests were over ruled and
Satya pulled her out of the class.
Sharanya went to the restroom and let the cool water run over her face. Her tension
had subsided a little. She then walked back to the class. On her table were a packet of
biscuits and a can of fresh juice.
Aw how sweet of Satya!! But where is she! wondered Sharanya.
She didnt have time to search her friend. She started her preparations for the session
she had to take while eating the pack of biscuits and sipping her juice.
15 minutes had passed, when she heard Simis loud laugh. She turned just in time to
find Rohan holding her hand.
Hes a womanizer for sure and I keep dreaming of him!! Whats wrong with me?
Sharanya was furious with herself for being concerned of Rohan, though she didnt want
Satya returned to her place, just when Sharanya finished her preparations.
Here you are! Sorry, I had to wait in queue to get these! Satya held a polythene bag
in her hand.
Whats this? Sharanya opened the bay to find a pack of chips and a pack of
Why did you buy these again? I already ate the biscuits and juice you kept at my
place!! Sharanya now grew suspicious.
No, I came just now! What are you talking?Satya was confused, but Sharanya
knew what had just happened.
Sharanya turned to meet Rohans gaze!
Rohan replied, Never skip food Sharanya! There is a bar of chocolate in your bag,
eat it! Its home-made! And yeah, this white dress is as pretty as the white dress you wore
last night Rohan then started staring at his mobile, while Sharanya froze in shock.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 5:

How does he know what dress you wore last night? Whats happening Sharanya?
Satya was surprised at the turn of events.
I dont know how he knew of my dream!! Sharanya was still dazed when the staff
entered the class. Satya pulled Sharanya back to her place.
Hey you relax, dont let that weirdo guy freak you out!! You better concentrate and
give your session now Satya was trying to cool down Sharanya but Sharanya was already
in deep thoughts that concentrating was getting difficult for her.
Ms. Sharanya, get ready for the session. Let me get your attendance sheet before
that, and once Im back lets start. Saying so, the grim faced staff walked out of the class.
Sharanyas mobile blinked to life with one unread message and when she read it she was
even more scared of Rohan
It read,Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of mans desire to
understand. Do well Sharanya. Rohan
What does this guy want from me? How did he even know my no? Hes creeping
me out! Sharanya exasperated sign made Satya a little uncomfortable too.
Sharanya decided to confront Rohan once the class gets over. She put her fears and
doubt behind her and went ahead with the session.
After half hour, Sharanya was done with her lecture. Amid a roar of applause, the
staff beamed a bright smile and said Im Impressed Sharanya. That was a wonderful
lecture. You have the knack to get the details I guess. Well, times up for today.
Tomorrow well not be having any theory class only Practicals.
Once the staff moved out of the class, Sharanya got up from her place when Satya
held her hand.
Be careful. I dont like him much. Satyas genuine concern moved Sharanya.
Well I dont like him a lot either, but I need to ask. Sharanya then started moving
towards the last row, but she was not able to find Rohan. All she could see was Simi
packing her bag.
Hey Simi, where is Rohan? Sharanya gave a cold stare.
He left, Didnt you see him? Simi responded all the while packing her stuff into the
Ok then see you tomorrow. Bye. Waving a big bye to Satya and Sharanya she
moved out of the class.
Hey when did he leave Sharanya? I didnt see him leave!
Alright, lets sort it out tomorrow. Lets go! Sharanya knew she was going to meet
Rohan very soon and get her answers.
Both of them were confused and decided to start home.
Once home, Sharanya was not able to watch TV peacefully, her mind kept wandering
back to Rohan and his mysterious ways. He seemed very smart but he always seemed to
have a dangerous yet an exciting edge to his personality. His long tawny eyes reminded
Sharanya of a Persian cat. They were seductive yet something in them that could stop
heart beat by jus merely staring at those eyes. They had power and Sharanya had
experienced it.
His firmly set chin and a days stubble made him look all the more attractive,
dangerously attractive. His face was etched with perfect features except that his nose had a
little twist of angle yet that had not altered his charming looks, it only added to it.
Sharanya was aware that the entire girls in her class would want to trade places with
her, even Satya herself for the unaltered attention she was receiving from Rohan. However

My Wrong Love Story

since Satya saw Rohans weirdness Sharanya was sure Satya would not like to near even
to the likes of Rohan.
His choices of clothes were equally good. The aura of mystery surrounding his weird
ways was something Sharanyas mind kept thinking about. She was sure she started liking
Rohans surprising ways but she was scared.
How could she like an unknown man, who always seems to read her mind even
before she could speak? Though his exciting nature was alluring, Sharanya had to keep a
check on her growing fondness towards Rohan.
Her mobile rang her favorite song when Sharanya was brought out of her fantasy land
into the present world. She jumped to pick it hoping it would keep her mind from thinking
about Rohan.
Hello, who is it? Sharanya was wondering who could have called since the call was
from an unknown number.
Hey, Im sorry I had an important work. I had to leave early but you were searching
for me! Care to have a chat now?
Sharanya was petrified hearing Rohans voice on the other end.
Come on Sharanya, why are you getting scared of me! I lo.. i mean I like you. Thats
not wrong! Rohans voice echoed in Sharanyas mind.
He likes me!! Sharanya wondered and she was feeling happy and stupid at the same
How did you know of my dream?Sharanya managed to find her voice and with a
stern voice questioned him.
Do you think it was a dream? Rohans question made Sharanya sit up with surprise.
So was it all real? Sharanyas mind was racing with question which Rohan was yet
to answer.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 6:

What must I answer for this question Sharanya?

The truth Sharanya gasped.
Come on Rohan, You are scaring me. How do you know what I do and what I did
even without me telling you? Sharanya was frantic for an answer.
I just happen to know Sharanya! Rohans answer was as cool as himself.
That is it!! You either tell me or Im changing my timing for the classes! Saying so,
Sharanya banged the phone.
She was mad at Rohan for disturbing her peace of mind. How could a guy be so
arrogant and stupid and smart at the same time?! Sharanya s heart skipped a beat when her
phone rang once again. Sharanya slowly picked her mobile and again it was an unknown
number. She decided shell give Rohan one last chance.
Hello! Sharanya answered the phone.
Hey Sharan, how are you! Idiot! the male voice on the other end was chirpy and
full of enthusiasm.
Hey Ram!! How are you man!? Sharanya was surprised that her friend Ram Kumar
had called her.
You dumbo, you didnt bother to drop a message so long now speaking as if you
care is it!! Ram sounded angry.
Oh am sorry Ram, I was pretty depressed about not finding a job thats the reason
Sorry, hope you forgive me! Sharanya made her voice sound as sweet as possible.
Alright alright, stop your stupid acting. How are you monu? Rams soothing voice
eased the tension out of Sharanya.
I am ok now Ram, How are you? And great you still remember my pet name!
Sharanyas smile reflected in her voice.
Hey, how will I forget that!!? I named you monu dont you remember? And by
the way I got job! Called you first to tell you! beamed Ram.
Hey cool congrats. Which office and whats your designation? Sharanya was
Sharanya curiosity was quenched after she knew that her dear friend Ram was going
to work as Software engineer in a reputed MNC. Through her conversation she also came
to know that he had to report to his city office which was pretty close to her Networking
Sharanya, you had been for a long time over phone! I dont know whats with you
gals and mobile phones!! Sharanyas mom was loud in her grumbling.
Dinner is ready, come here now. Stop that TV and Sharanya couldnt take her
moms advice.
Hey, mom shouting will call you tomorrow morning Ram. Sharanya hushed over
the phone.
Okie monu. And this is my number make a note of it, you better message and call
me regularly! Take care.bye Ram hung up the phone before Sharanya could respond.
Sharanya waited for some time hoping she would get a call from Rohan but nothing
happened. Suddenly there was a beep indicating one unread msg.
Sharanya hit the read button.
It read,
Oye monu, what are you doing? Ram here
Oh I thought it would have been from Rohan! My god, why do I keep thinking of

My Wrong Love Story

Sharanyas head was banging and there was dull throbbing pain that replaced it.
Sharanya was playing with her gold ring that embraced her forefinger all the while she
was lost in thoughts when her mom shouted her name again.
Coming ma. Sharanya dropped her gold ring when she got up and hurried to the
dining table.
That night she had a different dream. She dreamt as if she was standing over a cliff
perched between the mountains, and there was a wild strong wild that was blowing. The
gray and dark clouds above indicated that there was a storm approaching. Suddenly
Sharanya could see a flash of lighting in between those dark clouds. Her hair was not
braided and it was dancing wild to the winds tunes. Her long black dress had silver
borders just like a silver lining for every dark cloud. The heart shaped pendant still braced
her neck yet Sharanya couldnt gather the courage to open it. She toyed with it with her
fingers. Long silver dangling adorned her ears.
She had her first taste of the rain drop when it started drizzling like a shower.
Sharanya closed her eyes and let the rain wash over her body. She started feeling cold and
her warm soft fingers were closed and cold when the rain started lashing it s intensity. It
grew darker and creepier as time passed. Sharanya wanted to run but she couldnt move.
She closed her eyes and prayed for the scary feeling to pass.
Suddenly her numb fingers were entwined between warm hands when she felt herself
being hugged. She was sure it was the same stranger, since she could smell the same
strong scent. This time she didnt pull away but rather went with the flow. She couldnt
stop herself when she found her fingers had found its way between the soft curls of his
She murmured, Where have you been, I was scared!
Im here right beside you! The stranger murmured back.
When Sharanya opened her eyes, there was another flash of lighting with a loud
growl of thunder and the stranger had vanished in to thin air.
Sharanya jumped awake and she was wondering what her dream meant. She checked
her mobile, it was 3AM and she had received 2 new messages and both were from Ram.
She replied for his message and lay back in her bed. She had lost sleep.
Suddenly she realized her ring was missing. She got up switched on the light and
started searching all over her bed between her pillows but she couldnt find anything.
Oh no, I lost the ring! Moms going to kill me! Sharanya sat at the corner of her
bed almost making a grumpy face while her head was pounding away happily.
Ah, these dreams and these headaches and now this, lost ring!! Sharanya had
enough reasons to grumble.
She switched of her bedroom light and returned to her bed reluctantly.
Her whole bedroom lit up with her mobiles glow when she received a message.
This Ram never sleeps I guess! He replies this late too! Sharanya wondered.
When she hit of the read button, it read,
Your rings fallen behind the couch in your living room. Dont worry, Sleep well
now. Rohan.
Sharanya was too used to Rohan's behavior now that she was not surprised any more.
However she realized that her instincts were right!
He was attractive but too dangerous to be associated with!

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 7:

The rest of the night, Sharanya slept peacefully and woke up with a start when the
alarm chirped in a lovely cuckoos tone.
Sharanya got up, looking all grumpy and irritated with messy hair. She had lost sleep
right from the day she had met Rohan. All her nights had been filled with weird dreams
and her days had been filled with Rohans awkward behavior.
Ah, this is worse than the BPO job!! Oh god, what is happening to me!!? Sharanya
was grumbling to herself. She then pulled her blanket, closed her face and decided to give
sleep another try.
Once Sharanya woke up, she checked out the time. 5 hours had passed since then.
Ma, are u there? Can you give me a bed coffee? only silence was the answer.
Ma where are you? Sharanya pushed her blanket away and stretched her body like
a feline before she made her way to the living room.
AhNow time to retrieve my ring!! Sharanya pushed her couch and looked below
it, she couldnt find anything.
Weird! Rohan told me its here!! Might be he lost his super powers!! chuckled
Ma, where is my coffee? Sharanya walked into the kitchen.
Fear gripped her throat. Her happy smiling face was no more to be seen. She went
pale and as white as the snow. Sharanya froze as if she had seen a ghost. Her hopes and
dreams were drained. She was paralyzed with unreasonable fear with what she saw.
Somebody was lying face down in a pool of blood and Sharanya could see blood
gushing out their wound. Her fear was clouded with her curiosity and the need to make
sure it was not her family. She slowly started moving towards the pool of blood, hopping
every now and then to avoid contact with blood but few drops of it splattered on her night
She slowly walked past the blood and tried to turn the person over with steady hands.
Dont do that Sharanya! Rohans voice was clear as crystal.
Rohans order grabbed Sharanyas attention, but she was in no mood to listen to his
orders. She stood up straight and shouted at Rohan.
What the hell is happening here? Who is this it better not be anybody from my
family Rohan else Sharanyas voice trailed off as her eyes were filled with hot tears
that burned her cheeks when she sobbed.
A loud bang interrupted Sharanyas sobs. Her gaze met Rohan who was shot and
blood was gushing out of his heart.
Before Sharanya could reach Rohans out stretched hand, the lovely cuckoo tone
chirped loud and clear.
Everything around Sharanya started to dissolve right in front of her eyes. There was
no more Rohan or blood. Sharanya found herself in a mist of smoke and fog. Nothing
seemed clear. When the mist cleared Sharanya found herself in her bed under the blanket.
She had slept .When she checked the clock, the clocks hand had just crawled ten minutes
from the time she had last snoozed her alarm.
Sharanya jumped out of the bed and ran to the kitchen. Ma... Where are you?
At last my daughter got up... But why are you shouting what happened? Whats...?
Before her mom could complete the sentence, Sharanya wrapped her arms around her
Whats with the sudden love burst? Sharanyas mom was surprised.

My Wrong Love Story

Oh its nothing! after she had let go of her mother, Sharanya moved back to her
What was that dream! It seemed so real!! Rohan was shot! Sharanya heart reached
out to Rohan in her dream. She was restless and she had a tough time keeping her hands
Fear had it s own way of eating in to ones self confidence and trust. Sharanya could
clearly visualize the pool of blood and the shot that tore Rohans heart. She had dreamt of
somebody dying.
Do you think it was a dream? Rohans remarks haunted her peace of mind.
So it was not a dream? What if Rohan is really hurt!! Oh my god, where will I find
him now!! Sharanya frantically searched for her mobile phone.
She searched for her message from Rohan. There wasnt any.
How odd can that be? I read his message last night!! Sharanya was on the verge of
going crazy searching for answers. Her despair was obvious since she was nowhere near
to her unanswered questions.
A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a
courageous person afterward. Sharanyas courage was being peeled layer by layer as the
time passed.
She reluctantly ate her breakfast but her mind and her heart was elsewhere. Half way
through her food, when her mobile gave a loud beep she hurried to retrieve her mobile.
Cant you eat without that stupid phone! Must ban mobiles these
daysChildren. Sharanya gave a deaf ear to her moms complaints.
Her body, mind and soul were waiting for Rohans message.
The message displayed Fear is the dark house where negatives are developed. Fear
not. Im fine. You have still not taken your ring from the place I told you. See you soon.
Only then Sharanya was able to give a deep breath of relief. Very soon she observed
that not everything about Rohan was magical.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 8:

Rohan had sent her flash message from his mobile so Sharanya had to save the
message to read it again. However she was not aware and had not saved it thereby erasing
from the phone memory.
Aw, now thats why I didnt have his messages that he had sent last night Sharanya
realised. Once she found that out, she was sure Rohan wanted to keep his distance from
her. Yet there was still something missing in the whole puzzle.
Million questions clouded Sharanyas mind. Why was Rohan not ready to be
associated with Sharanya though he was close to her through her dreams, calls and
messages? Sharanya wanted to know her answer and was not ready to give Rohan another
chance to play with her question.
We often confuse what we wish for with what is. Sharanya then made a note of
Rohans number and decided to call him back. Just to make sure her mom doesnt
overhear, Sharanya slowly locked her room and made the call. The call was picked up
after three long rings.
Hello. A loud energetic male voice answered the call.
Rohan? Sharanya was doubtful if she was doing the right thing.
Sharanya?? Are you ok? Rohans loud clear voice was not so clear now.
Im fine but I want to meet you. Sharanya was determined to make him speak.
Well meet in class just few more hours to go! Rohan responded.
No, can we meet somewhere outside? Sharanya didnt want her whole class
looking at her suspiciously.
I dont think its a good idea Sharanya! Rohans confusion was evident.
It is a very good idea. Meet you at the coffee shop near our class at 3 today!
Sharanya hung up after she made herself very clear to Rohan.
Now all she had to do was make sure she was confident when she met him. She felt
herself melting just with his cold stares. All those dreams had added oil to her desires. He
was too attractive and too real to be true. But all these stuff happened only in movies, not
to any ordinary simple minded girl like Sharanya. She was already losing her mind
thinking of Rohan when she didnt know anything about him.
The air of mystery was pulling Sharanyas action and deeds towards Rohan. She
realized that in just a week she had developed a deep infatuation on Rohan, though she
was not ready to accept it was love.
Sharanya squeezed her eyes shut and took several deep breaths, trying not to smell
Rohan in front of her. But it was useless. In that moment, Rohan was everywhere. He was
in her mind, he was in her heart, and he was in her memory. He smelled good in her
dreams. And the blissful aftershock still throbbing felt wonderful, when everything else in
her life was an obstacle to be overcome.
Sharanya was sure she couldn't have made that much of an impression on Rohan, but
why was he around her always? Watching her every move? Her love on Rohan was
evident since she had kept quiet to his behavior, yet she felt herself being locked in a room
full of mirrors. She wanted Rohan to like her the way she is rather than looking into her
mind always.
Her dedication towards finding the right job was now scattered. She was now fully
dedicated in finding who Rohan was. Sharanya had completely forgotten the oncoming
competitive exams in her class to select deserving individuals to attend an all India
networking conference to be held at Coimbatore for 2 days.

My Wrong Love Story

When news about conference was announced in her class last week, the whole class
was abuzz with excitement since it meant exposure and landing themselves in a good job.
Sharanya was excited at this opportunity and had discussed their preparation strategy with
Satya. Alas, now she was least interested in it, her attention was completely devoted to
Sharanya decided to wear a knee length white skirt with her favorite lavender top.
Her messy hair was carefully braided which she never did. Black kohl adorned her eyes.
Fruity flavored lip balm was dapped over her chapped lips which was now lush and full.
Single pearl droplets hung low on her ears. She packed her bag and was ready to leave.
Shouting a loud bye to her mom in the kitchen, she slipped out of the door before her
mom could come out .
Sharanyas mood was on a happy note. Humming her favorite song, she walked
towards the empty bus stop since it was late afternoon.
Confusion was a luxury which only the young can possibly afford and Sharanya was
already bathing in it.
On the other hand, a not so happy Rohan was searching his car keys in an attempt to
reach the coffee shop. Rohan was sure he was going to be late but he wanted to clear the
air out with Sharanya.
All her thoughts were bombarding each other in Rohans mind. And all her thoughts
were about him. He attempted to stay away from her but her dreams and her confusion had
made him reach out to her.
Shes an ice princess!! How am I going to make her understand what I really feel
and what I really do!! Rohan was lost in thoughts when his car hit the flower pot when he
attempted to take it out of the garage.
Hey, what happened Rohan ? Yuvaraj, Rohans brother-in-law peered from the
Oh its nothing, dont worry Yuvi!! Rohan waved a big bye to him before his car
sped away.
Dont worry hell be fine!! Yuvaraj patted his wifes shoulders when Ranjani,
Rohans sister joined him in the balcony.
Rohan had been violently confused by her real presence in the opposite corner. For
months he had been possessed by the imagination of her.
She had been distant and closed away, a princess in a tower, and his imaginations
work had been all to make her present, all of her, to his mind and senses, the quickness of
her and the mystery. Her presence had been unimaginable, or more strictly, only to be
Yet here she was, and he was engaged in thinking the ways in which she resembled,
or differed from, the woman he dreamed, or reached for in sleep, or would fight for.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 9:

Sharanya was the first to reach the coffee shop. She found herself a comfortable
corner table, which she felt was secluded. Keeping her bag on the couch she sat down,
only to be lost again in Rohans thoughts.
Madam, may I have your order? The waitresss voice bought Sharanya out of her
dream world.
Can you give me some time? Im waiting for somebody!! Sharanya gave a warm
smile since her heart was full of happiness. In between her weird dreams and the air of
mystery surrounding Rohan, she didnt realize when she had lost her heart to him.
He was very attractive and any gal would have fell in love with him but for Sharanya
it was just not his looks. The aura around him was so captivating Sharanya felt his
presence very near, a breath away.
Oh my god!! Rohan screeched his car to a halt.
Somewhere on his way to the coffee shop, Sharanyas thoughts resounded in Rohans
There was a loud honking of horns when Rohan decided it was best to park his car
elsewhere till he regained his composure. Once safely parked away near the pavement,
Rohan let his head rest of the soft cushion of his seat.
What have I gotten myself into now!!? Theres too much work to be done and now
Sharanya!! Rohan was surprised to know Sharanya had fallen for him after his scary
outburst of emotions. Rohans mind was swirling with memories of his past and present
with phantoms of future.
Rohan was orphaned at a very small age and his aunt and uncle had taken him into
their loving nest and bought him up as their own son. Ranjani was more of a doting
mother rather than an elder sister to Rohan. Both of them grew up in Singapore where
Ranjanis dad was employed.
All was well for a while till Rohan grew up to a stage where he could speak. When
Rohan was 5, he woke up screaming from his dreams. In his most nave innocent voice, he
managed to say fire-in-the kitchen to his alarmed parents who woke up to his shrill
Rohans mom managed to get the fire out before it got out of hand but all of them
were now puzzled and stunned at Rohans behavior.
How did he know about fire ma? Ranjani questioned her mom.
Oh, he didnt Ranjani!! Hes a kid; he would have got the waft of smoke before we
realized it!!Her mom patted her cheek and made her go to bed, but Ranjani was not ready
to believe.
Further events only added suspicion about Rohan in Ranjanis mind. Finding out her
misplaced books, helping her mom with forgotten telephone numbers and making fun of
Ranjani when all she would have done was to think about what she was going to speak
made her suspicion grow bounds.
At the age of 10, Rohan was the class topper while Ranjani struggled with her
subjects. While she toiled and burned the midnight oil to get her grades, Rohan slept
Rohans adopted parents slowly came to know about his gift.
However they didnt stop him from using it nor did they hate him. Both, His mom
and dad taught him good moral values and channeled his energy in a positive way. So
without any need, Rohan never wandered in to other persons thoughts since he respected
others privacy. His parents were proud of him and his magical gift.

My Wrong Love Story

Alas, that was not the same way Ranjani was feeling about him.
Theres something about evil about him! One of her friend commented.
Her friends were adding oil to the already burning fire of hatred and suspicion. Love
and trust had been changed into jealousy and hatred in Ranjanis heart.
Though Rohan was well aware of those changing emotions yet he yearned for his
sisters love. By the time he had reached his adolescence, Rohan knew he could read
people mind and can predict what was going to happen. However he was not sure if it was
a boon or bane. He was psychic, yet he kept to himself.
Rohans world was pretty small compared to Ranjanis, his family and his two best
friends, Deepak and Shriram. All the three of them were bonded as if they were brothers.
Time and Rohans special abilities had not changed anything over many years, it only
grew stronger.
Rohan was attractive and handsome, so he was quite popular unlike Ranjani who
hated him more. Girls became Ranjanis friends just to get to know Rohan. Eventually
Ranjani lost the hope of finding one good friend and all her hatred and frustration were
towards her brother.
Slowly Rohan realized that his sister had drifted away from him and his family. She
was all alone and she wanted love and affection. Yet when he tried to get close to her,
layers and layers of hatred and mistrust had settled over her by then.
Then came Shreya, like a breeze between all those hurricanes and challenges in
Rohans life. She was Deepaks cousin and Rohan had met her at a party in their home.
Shreyas silly giggles, pretty expressions churned Rohans mind. His heart yearned for her
and he was twined in the web of his love for her.
Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart." One day when Shreya had flown to
India for a family get together, did it dawn in Rohans heart that he was in desperate need
of her? Her voice, her memories and her laugh filled his hollow heart.
A loud ring in his mobile phone bought Rohan out of his past. Sharanya calling was
displayed in his mobileFifteen minutes had passed since he had parked his car.
He decided to speak out to Sharanya but how would she react when she was in love
with him. It was as if he was seeing him all over again, the days when his heart yearned
for Shreya!
The most difficult thing to explain in life is the simplest truth called love.
He drove his car to the coffee shop and parked it. Rohan had to close his eyes to stop
all other images clouding his mind and had to focus on the truth he intended to tell
When he entered the coffee shop, his eyes were wandering to find Sharanya. He
found her seated in a corner table behind the bamboo bushes. Sweet music of her innocent
laughter filled the air and for once Rohan forgot why he had come there.
What is she laughing about? Isnt she supposed to be alone?? Rohan wondered.
Behind the bushes, Rohan could almost make out another person sitting. His voice
seemed very familiar and his hands were casually brushing against Sharanyas.
She was too engrossed in the conversation that she had not noticed either Rohan or
the casual flick of her fingers.
Rohans temper rose. He was not happy about somebody touching even Sharanyas
fingers since he knew a lot more about her than herself. He remembered his dads
saying.Anger is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
Rohan clenched his fist and before he could take another moment to let go of his
anger, Sharanya yelled his name.
Rohan, Im here! Sharanya waved her hand towards him.

My Wrong Love Story

Rohan started walking towards Sharanya when he froze in shock upon seeing the
other person with her.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 10:

Shriram?? Rohans eyes went wide in shock.

Hey Rohan, What the hell are you doing here!! My god!! Im so surprised!!
Shriram almost jumped up and gave a big bear hug to Rohan.
Dude, its so good to see you after so many years and after what
happened..hmmm Im sorry, chuck that now! How are you Rohan!!? Shriram was
grinning like a child.
How do you guys know each other? Sharanya was confused.
Oh, I know Rohan from my childhood the question is how do you know him
monu? Shriram quizzed.
Rohans mind however was thinking of its own accord. Monu huh! Why didnt I see
this coming?He wondered.
Hey hes the one I was talking about, Ram! By the way I never knew your name was
Shriram!!Sharanya felt as if she was left alone in a maze only to be more confused at
every other turning.
Yeah, my parents believe in astrology so they changed it right before college! But is
Rohan your batch mate? Really? Rams surprised tone made Sharanya wonder what else
Rohan had under his sleeves.
Yeah, why is there any problem with that?? Sharanyas raised eyebrows made
Rohan quiver with discomfort!
Of course there is!! but before Ram could proceed, Rohan interrupted.
Shri, Enough of giving her my biography!! Can we just sit down and order
something? Rohan dragged Ram by his collar.
Sharanya just followed them like a puppy lost in crowd.
When comfortably seated, all Sharanya could do was stare at the bonding that was
happening between them. She had come there to find her answers and stop her heart from
following the blind attraction she felt towards Rohan, but whenever she tried it, fate
seemed to have other plans! Now again, she was left to her confused state, her smile was
replaced with a small frown.
What are you frowning at? Ram was staring at her now.
Oh nothing! I guess I got to go! You guys have a nice time!! Sharanya could felt
the cold stare once again but this time she felt it had some warmth.
Hey, come on dont go!Ram pleaded her.
How do you know Sharanya? Rohans gaze shifted to Ram.
We were from same college, same department and same class Shes my best
buddy and my gal friend!! Ram grinned at her and Rohan held the frown now.
Yeah, we are friends Sharanya added to avoid the disturbing situation
So what are you doing here? Did you gal friend call you out for a coffee? Rohans
frown was now visible and his eyes lost it warmth it held earlier.
No da, She never does that!! My office is two blocks from here, I came to grab a
quickie and found my gal friend all alone!! Ram now winked at Sharanya.
I just gave her company and was waiting so that I could punch the person who made
my monu wait! Sharanya felt as if Ram really meant all that he said but to avoid the
confusion, she decided to confront him later.

My Wrong Love Story

Oh stop goofing around now! Sharanya gave a warm smile to Ram which lightened
the situation but in Rohans heart a battle of anger, possessiveness and jealousy was being
Love watches one with sharp eyes, hatred watches with sharper eyes but Jealousy and
anger watches with the sharpest for it is love and hatred at the same time. Yet he was
jealous, though he did not show it, for jealousy dislikes the world to know it.
How are Ranjani and uncle? Shrirams question bought Rohan out of the world he
was transformed into.
They are doing great, Ranjani is married and Im staying with them now! Rohan
finished his sentence though all the while his eyes held Sharanya.
By the way Ranjanis Rohans sister!! Ram gave the information to Sharanya
seeing her puzzled look.
How is Shreyas family? Is Deepak speaking to you yet?? Rams voice was filled
with sympathy.
Rohan wanted to speak about Shreya to Sharanya but not when Ram was around,
though since the question was posed to him he was forced to answer.
Yes they do speak to me, as for Deepak Im yet to convince him!! Rohan was so
uncomfortable speaking about Shreya in front of Sharanya. He felt as if air was sucked out
of his lungs and his throat felt dry. He quenched his thirst just when their orders were
Between mouthful of food, Sharanya managed to ask Ram, Whos Deepak and
whos Shreya? Rohans sister??
Rohan was wild at Sharanyas curiosity however before he could respond; Ram broke
open the truth to Sharanya.
After having a hearty laugh, Ram spoke huh! Hey its not sis stupid its gal friend
monu!! He didnt tell you or what?
Truth, no matter how enlightening it can be can also break heart in minutes. Sharanya
couldnt get to swallow the food she ate. Her clear happy face was now clouded with
betrayal and unhappiness. She realized Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant
everything to her, but she had meant nothing to him.
The scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to
diminish a person than exposed ones. It eroded her strength, her self-esteem, the very
foundation over which her love was built.
Before Sharanya could control her tears that had almost peeked out of her eyes, she
managed to excuse herself saying she was dizzy and was planning to go home rather than
attend the class.
Let me drop you! Rohan got up and fetched his keys.
No... I dont want you!! I meant dont take so much trouble! Sharanya protested
though her heart yearned for the time alone with him.
Hey ill take her now dont say anything monu!! Ram hurried to take his bike
while Sharanya was shuffling through her bag to pay for the sandwiches they bought.
Its not as it seems Sharan! Rohan tried to explain himself but was cut short of
Dont do this once again to me! I know what you are now! Sharanya managed to
hold herself together when she felt herself being manhandled.
Dont you dare touch me!!? Sharanya almost shouted.

My Wrong Love Story

Whats wrong with you, one minute you love me and the next you hate me is it!!
How fickle minded you are! Rohans words stabbed a sharp knife in to Sharanya heart.
The same fingers that wanted to caress his face, however was not so soft anymore.
Brutal force took over when Sharanya gave a tight slap to Rohan while the people eyes
were transfixed on them.
Dont ever come in to my life!! You are the wrong love story I had ever indulged!
Sharanya stormed out while Rohan was fuming with anger, though not sure of whom he
was angry with! Himself or her!!

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 11:

Ram started his bike when Sharanya came out of the coffee shop.
Shall we go? Ram asked Sharanya.
Yes, we can! Giving one final look towards Rohan who stood behind the closed
door of the coffee shop, Sharanya sat on the bike.
Ram drove the bike in leisure not aware of the raging battle of betrayal and hurt
Sharanya was facing.
Sharanya had never truly loved or been loved. She knew time will heal all wounds
but her feelings for Rohan were something she didnt want to forget. Her heart and her
mind were back in the coffee shop with Rohan. She felt miserable hitting him in front of
There are things that we dont want to happen but have to accept, things we dont
want to know but have to learn, and people we cant live without but have to let go.
The peeping tears were now free flowing and Sharanya couldnt stop it. Her heart had
shattered in to thousand pieces and she couldnt bear the pain of rejection before she could
even tell him her feelings.
Ram who was chit chatting all the way had not noticed anything. Only after a while
did he realize that Sharanya was crying. He stopped the bike near the pavement of the
Hey monu, whats wrong with you? Ram was concerned and thought that she was
in pain.
Shall we go to doctor? Is your head paining? Ram got down from the bike as soon
as Sharanya got down.
Its my heart Ram not my head! Sharanya wanted to scream to him but she felt
difficult to even speak and breathing was tougher for her.
Seeing her condition Ram immediately held her before she could collapse.
Oh god, come lets have a coffee first! Saying so Ram held her hand tight and they
walked into a restaurant nearby. He made her sit and poured her a glass of water.
Please drink it monu! Are you ok? Ram was genuinely concerned over Sharanyas
health while Sharanya was more concerned of her broken heart.
Whats wrong? Why are you crying? Ram now asked her with a stern voice!
Ram, I can go home now. Im fine, it s getting late for your office now!! Sharanya
managed a weak smile and wiped her tears.
Huh? You thought Im leaving you here!! No way! Ill take half a day off. Now you
better say whats bothering you! Ram answered.
Well its difficult to answer!! Sharanya toyed with the glass.
Oh now come on Sharanya! Ram was getting frustrated since he was not able to
know the reason why she was upset!!
Well you have got yourself a good job!! But look at me! Im pathetic! Sharanya
managed to find some reason to tell him.
So all these tears are for being jobless? Ram was surprised at her reason. Though
he was not sure if it was the actual reason he decided to believe her.
Yup! Sharanya managed to smile at Ram.
Oh! Youre stupid! Ram managed to say.
If you choose to be sad then you will be sad but there times you don't know why
you're sad. Tears start flowing from your eyes. Sharanya commented.

My Wrong Love Story

Oh now dont start your vague stories I dont understand it Sharan! But everything
passes monu. Trust me! Ram comforted her.
Sharanya decided to get to know her bit of Rohans story from Ram.
You forgot to tell me whos Deepak ! Sharanya was waiting for her answer from
What? Ram was confused at her sudden question.
Hey, you were speaking of Shreya and Deepak to Rohan? Ring any bells? Sharanya
managed to get Rams attention.
Oh tat Deepak is it!! Well Rohan , Deepak and myself were very close when we
were in Singapore. Ram quipped.
Oh Rohan was in Singapore? I mean you were also in Singapore? Sharanyas
surprise was evident!
Hey, of course we were in Singapore. We were School mates and I studied my first
year college too in Singapore only Madame! Ram was speaking proudly of his education
and his family fortunes but Sharanya was least interested.
Then what are you doing in India? Why did you quit college there? Sharanyas
curiosity got the better of her.
Well, thats a tough question Ram was suddenly in a pensive mood sipping his
coffee that he had ordered.
Hello Mr.Ram, Whats so tought about it! Just answer yaar! Sharanya pestered
Hmmm after a very bad incident, our friendship was broken actually and things were
getting out of hands and my parents were scared if my future will be spoilt! So I was
deported her! Ram grinned at her.
What was so bad!!? Sharanya badly wanted to know.
oh you wont quit asking me or what! Why are you so curious monu! Ram was
suspicious now.
Hey, come on if somethings bothering you and if it was so life threatening for you ,
I ought to know right? Sharanya winked at him.
Rams heart softened for her .He replied.
Alright, it was a very bad state for all of us! For Rohan and his family and for us
You mean for you and Deepak right? Sharanya was still waiting for Rams story.
Yes, Shreya was Deepaks cousin actually! Ram hesitated and Sharanya asked him
to go on.
She was kidnapped and murdered! Ram finished his sentence. Sharanya froze in
What the hell! Who did it?? Sharanya was as pale as if she had seen a ghost.
Gazing into thin air, Ram finished her question with a single answer.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 12:

What? Sharanya was not able to believe her ears.

Ram held Sharanyas hand and spoke again. Yes, Sharanya! I know you cant
believe itwell neither can I!! But thats the truth
Ram held Sharanyas hand and assured her. Dont worry! Rohans not a bad
personWe were friends for a long time before this accident shook us Sharanya!
You told me Shreya was Rohans gal friend!! How can one kill his own love! Its
not possible!! Sharanya argued with Ram.
What happened Ram? Sharanya was still not able to get out the shock she
experienced. No matter how much she hated Rohan for hiding about his past love life she
was sure he was not capable of something so cruel. She had seen some warmth behind
those cold eyes.
Rohan met Shreya in Deepaks party. Actually Deepak was having a secret crush on
his cousin but he didnt tell anybody. When Rohan fell for Shreya, he consoled himself
but never uttered a word about it until one day he blabbered it to me. But we kept it as a
secret from Rohan. Rams face now wore a weary look. Recollecting the past was not a
fruitful experience for Ram.
Go on Ram. Sharanya nudged him.
Like all love stories, Shreya fell for Rohan! Who wouldnt , Rohan was smart and
intelligent and he was handsome!! Rams eyes were lost as if he was looking into the
He continued, Deepak and myself were jealous too but as with friendship our love
outgrew jealousy and hate! He was my best pal Ram sipped his coffee and went on.
Rohan and Shreya were so much in love that they couldnt be apart for long. He
used to drop her and pick her up and we saw their love growing. One night, Shreya was
dressed in all her glory. She looked beautiful and that time I understood how both Deepak
and Rohan fell for her. Draped in purple silk sari with matching accessories, she was a
stunner...Deepak and I was playing Xbox when she asked my suggestion on how she
looked. I didnt know that would be the last time I saw her...She informed us about the
surprise Rohan was to give her since it was their first anniversary. Rohan and Shreya
planned to meet that night for dinner since it was their first anniversary.
Ram heaved a big breath but decided to go ahead.
Shreya didnt return home that night. We thought that Rohan would have taken her
to his place. All our questions were answered shortly when police called us. When we
reached the address the police had given us, it was too late. Shreyas beautiful neck was
slashed with a knife and her open wound was bleeding. Rohan was beside her. We knew
she was with Rohan last night but we didnt have a clue what would have happened.
Sharanya felt as if she was seeing a crime series in an english channel. All that
mystery and suspense surrounding Rohan was nowhere to be seen now.
Ram went ahead with the story while Sharanya had not touched her cup of coffee.
When Deepak questioned Rohan, Rohan was acting innocent. He told that he had
not seen her since he was with his mom who was admitted in hospital that night but we
were not ready to believe it. Before Shreya left home, I saw her speaking to Rohan over
phone but he was bluffing right in front of my eyes. I couldnt take it and I punched him
right in his eyes. Shreya was my sister Sharan He had killed her and he was acting
innocent I couldnt take it!! Ram looked down as if he had been knocked out.
Rohan couldnt have killed Shreya Ram. There is no logic. Sharanya with all her
heart clung to belief that Rohan was innocent.

My Wrong Love Story

Chuck your logic monu! Hes a monster!! When I knew he was a mind reader and
he was psychic I must have stayed away but I didnt! Rams frustration was building and
Sharanya was helpless.
Hes a what?? Sharanya was more surprised now. She couldnt take in all these
information at a single stretch.
He can see future and look in to peoples minds!! Ram clenched his teeth when he
finished his sentence.
He didnt tell you, did he?? He didnt tell Shreya tooThat poor gal trusted him and
loved him but her fate was doomed. Though hes my friend Im concerned only of you
now monu! Please stay away from him! Dont go and meet him in private, got it!! Ram
was now very serious in his conversation.
I dont get it!! How did the police knew where Shreya was? Sharanya quizzed
Whats wrong with you!!? Im speaking something so important and you still try to
defend Rohan! Whats with you gals!! Ram heaved a exasperated sign.
Tell me Ram! Sharanya urged him.
Ram continued, Well thats the funny part! Rohan called the police. He was there
before police came! The police found him sitting beside her body. Rohan was then giving
clues about the killer to the police!
How did Rohan know if he was in the hospital with his mom? Sharanya was totally
confused now.
His magical capabilities you see, its all bull shit monu!! I dont trust him anymore!
Ram banged the table.
So youre saying that he had visions about her death? My god, how worse could it
have been for him!!? Sharanyas anger just disappeared. Now she wanted to apologize to
Rohan for her stupid behavior.
What the hell! Hes a killer monu! Dont sympathize!Ram was so angry seeing
Sharanyas reactions.
Then why didnt the police arrest him Ram? Sharanya challenged Rams anger.
Because that bull shit police wanted proof. We didnt have proof nor was Rohans
fingerprints found anywhere. He was clean, but Id say hes a smart criminal Sharanya
Rams cool attitude was no where to be seen.
So he might be innocent Ram, his mi. Sharanya was cut short when Ram got up.
Hey, where are you going? Sharanya got up with him.
Im going to pay the bill and drop you home. Drop this Rohans topic please. Ram
headed towards the bill counter.
Sharanya was very confused at Rams anger and the friendship he had shown at the
coffee shop earlier. She was wondering which was true color of Ram.
Before she could ponder further, she saw a tall man staring at her. Sharanya was not
sure if it was her or somebody else he was staring at.
Before she could call Ram, the tall stranger got up from his table and started walking
towards her. Sharanya was now getting scared. Before she could move, the stranger called
out to her.
The tall mans face had a scar running through his forehead. Though he was decently
dressed and looked presentable he seemed dangerous.
Just then Sharanya noticed a shiny knife tip in his pocket. It glittered in the late
afternoon sun and Sharanya already tasted fear.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 13:

Sharanya gripped the edge of the table in fear. The stranger was fast approaching her
and she couldnt find Ram anywhere. Sharanya's eyes were transfixed on that shiny tip of
razor, the stranger was carrying. Sharanyas heart was drumming away in fear. Her throat
went dry and she had difficult standing. She started moving towards the crowded bill
counter in an attempt to find Ram.
Her hand was snatched and she was pulled towards the stranger before she realized
what was happening. The stranger held Sharanyas hand with so much force that her wrist
was bruised.
Raaammmm! she shouted in fear when their eyes met.
Stay away from him! He is dangerous! the tall guy ordered Sharanya and before
she could make out what he was speaking, the stranger merged into the crowd and was
outside the restaurant.
Hey monu, what happened? Ram hurried towards Sharanya.
Sharanya was too startled with the experience that she sat down and was rubbing her
wrist to settle the burning sensation she felt.
Its that tall guy!! He told me to stay away from Rohan and that hes dangerous!
Sharanya managed to point out the guy in the crowd.
Who is it?? Where is he? Ram was not able to find any tall guy.
He was here, he bruised my wrist Ram! Ive never seen him before. Sharanya
managed to gulp down the glass of water to relax.
Im sorry; I shouldnt have left you alone. Are you ok? Shall we see the doctor
before I leave you home? Ram spoke while he sat down on one knee carefully examining
her wrist.
Hey, no! Im fine! Sharanya smiled at Ram.
He told, Are you sure? You better listen to that stranger! Stay away from Rohan, got
it! Ram was looking deep into Sharanyas eyes.
Im ok, dont worry! And what are you searching in my face? Sharanya winked at
Ram to ease of the tension building in her head.
Who was he, why did he carry a knife around and how does he know I know
Rohan! Why everybody are so scared of himis he really the murderer!! Sharanyas
head was spinning with too many questions, and Rams voice seemed a whisper to her.
You have a beautiful smile monu! I wish I get to see it for the rest of my life! Ram
rested his chin on her hand.
Sharanya was too confused to notice any change of emotions in Rams voice. She
was too immune to Rams growing affection towards her that she just smiled and patted
his chin.
Now Mr. Romeo, will you please drop me home and chuck your filmy romance!
Sharanya got up with her bag and started walking towards his bike.
Ram was still confused. How was he going to make her understand that he was
attracted to her, without spoiling their friendship! That was still a herculean task for him,
since he knew Sharanya too well.
Right from the day their friendship started, Ram was able to relate to Sharanya right
away. He was always found with her that they were teased together but still their
friendship flourished. Ram was possessive of her yet Sharanya was not aware of it.

My Wrong Love Story

Ram had hid it too well since she didnt like it. As their college days passed, his
attraction towards Sharanya got stronger and it was getting difficult to let go of her. When
he decided to propose her, Rams friends had suggested him to wait and take it slowly.
Once their college was over, Ram was asked to take care of his Dads business but
since he had to leave Chennai, he didnt want to take it up. He searched a job for himself
in a MNC with his fathers recommendation and decided to tell his liking towards
Sharanya on her birthday which was five weeks away, but with her impassable nature,
Ram decided it was going to be a battle.
Hello, are you going to come out or stand there and dream Mr.! Sharanyas voice
bought Ram in to reality.
Hey, am coming! Ram was grinning at her when he met her near his bike.
So Ram, where are your parents? In Chennai or in Singapore? Sharanya started a
casual conversation hoping to get some answers from Ram.
Nopes, they are in Singapore! Ram spoke while he drove his bike with great
Where do you stay then?Sharanya continued her conversation.
I stay in my guesthouse here in Chennai. Ram answered her.
I never knew your rich!! Wow I have a rich friend!! Sharanya teased Ram.
As she continued her conversation, she learnt that Rohan and Deepak had
completed their engineering from Singapore and both of them were into their dads
As they reached Sharanyas home, Sharanya spoke her mind out aloud, I wonder
why Rohan is doing this networking course then!
Monu, please stop thinking of him! I know youre curious but this curiosity is not
good. Already the stranger told you to stay away from him yet you keep thinking of him. I
know you started the conversation with me to know more about him only! Dont use me
Sharanya, I care for you, please take care!!
Saying so, Ram turned his bike and speed away in anger. Sharanya felt guilty for her
behavior. Ram was a caring person yet Sharanya managed to ruin it! Now she was stuck
with questions and her broken love for Rohan., for both she didnt have any answers yet.
Did I fall in love with a murderer? Sharanya wondered and ended up having a head
Sharan, you came home early? What happened? No class is it? Sharanyas mom
enquired her.
No ma, I felt sick, head ache! Am going to sleep. Before her mom could reply,
Sharanya was in her room and she jumped into her unmade bed.
How did I end up in this mess? Sharanya closed her eyes and tears welled up. Her
thoughts were roaming around Rohan and Ram and the stranger. Is Rohan really the
murderer!!? How could he have killed somebody he loved? Yet he hid everything from
me!! Who is he!! Why is he in my life!!? Sharanya sobbed her heart out...
You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never
understand what pain really is until you have lost it.
Her soft sobs were interrupted with the loud ring of her phone.
Rohan calling was displayed in bright blue font.
Though Sharanya was scared, she decided to confront him rather than break her heart
Hello Rohan, what is it! Sharanya said with her feeble voice.
Are you safe? Did that bloody guy hurt you in the restaurant? Rohans voice was

My Wrong Love Story

Did you kill Shreya? Sharanya could no longer hold her suspicion.
There was a long silence.
Tell me Rohan, did you kill her? Sharanya almost shouted in the phone.
Im Responsible Sharanya!
Rohans answer was all Sharanya could hear rest whatever he spoke was mere
silence! Her heart and mind couldnt bear anymore of what he had to say. She burst out
crying over the phone, bitter tears for the untimely death of a girl whom she hasnt seen,
for her broken heart which had volumes of love to be told to the wrong person and for her
wrong love story.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 14:

Rohan was shocked hearing Sharanyas sobs over the phone. He had always wanted
to protect her unlike how he had been with Shreya, but now it was all in vain! Sharanya
couldnt understand him nor was he able to make her understand.
Sharanyaplease stop crying! Rohan almost pleaded to Sharanya!
Why do you bother Mr.Rohan? Sharanya was still not able to stop her tears. Her
dimples were filled with tears.
Rohans heart was not able to take Sharanya crying; he felt Shreya in her! Shreyas
warm love and her soft smiles were something Rohan dreamt for long after her death, but
after he met Sharanya he was not haunted by his past. Sharanya had some magic in his
life, though he didnt want to believe it. He didnt want her to get hurt just like how he had
lost Shreya!
Sharanya I cant bear if you cry! I see my Shreya in you! Please understand! Rohan
was not able to believe he had said something like that to Sharanya!
Rohan was a man of few words, if he loved he loved deeply that it could scar his
heart yet he didnt care. Shreya was still that scar that he wanted to mend to heal it.
Sharanya listen to me once. I know Ive not been truthful to you but this is not what
I am! Rohan sounded very sincere to Sharanya.
What are you Rohan? You know Ive been losing my mind over you! Ive never had
been this way with any guy and now Im making a fool of myself over somebody who
loves somebody else!! Sharanyas frustrations were evident from her answers.
You are very important for me Sharanya! I dont know why and how but I joined
these classes to meet you!! Rohans voice resounded from the other side.
What? Now it was Sharanya who was more confused with his answers.
I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again
and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken. Id
rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I
lived. But Shreya is not one such in my life. Rohan paused before he continued.
She was a breath of fresh air and lovely as the daisies she loved Sharanya!! Rohan
was melting while he was speaking of his lost love.
You would have loved her Sharanya, if only you would have met her! She was
young, nave and such a box of energy She never let me feel sad or lonely. I was the
luckiest guy to have even known her let alone fall in love with her! But when I was loved
back it was whole new feeling. Rohan went ahead.
There are moments in my life that I'll always remember, not because they were
important, but because Shreya was there with me! No matter how ugly you think you are,
that special person that loves you believes you are the most beautiful and irresistible thing
on earth and nothing can ever change that. Shreya made me feel that Sharanya! She was
the one good thing that ever happened to me but it didnt stay long! Rohans voice was
trembling with emotions.
Sharanya sat up on her bed wiping her tears. Only after Rohan had spoke of Shreya
could she feel the immense love he had had for her.
You didnt kill Shreya! Sharanya spoke in a low voice as the truth dawned on her.

My Wrong Love Story

How can love hurt! How can it kill the one we love? If it does, it can never be Love.
True love lies in the dawn of one heart when it meets another. Love never kills, it only
fills those empty spaces between hatred and jealousy with something so sweet that over a
period of time hatred, possessiveness and jealousy vanish.
Yes I didnt kill her but Im responsible! Rohans voice was soft now. It was
feeble as tears were flowing out of Rohans eyes.
What happened? Sharanya was now desperate to know the truth!
Sharanya! Open the door; Ive bought coffee for you! Sharanyas mom was
knocking the door
Rohan spoke, Well speak tomorrow in class Sharanya! This cant be discussed over
phone. Now you please take care of yourself. I know you have a bad head ache! Please
sleep you mean a lot to me! I dont want to lose you too! Bye
Before she could respond, the call was cut! She hurried to the restroom and washed
her face with cold water.
Sharanya! Open the door! Her mom was shouting.
Yes ma, Im coming! Sharanya hurried to drink her coffee. She realized after all
her love story was not wrong.
On the other hand, Rohan laid back over the couch with tears filled eyes. It was
brimming with tears that when he closed his eyes, it was flowing down his rugged cheeks.
Speaking of Shreya had bought so many memories that it was difficult controlling his
emotions now.
He was still able to feel Shreyas touch, her smell and the sound of her voice
resounded in his head. True love cannot be found where it doesn't exist, nor can it be
hidden where it does.
Rohan! Rohan, open your eyes
He heard his name being called twice before he realized his sister Ranjani standing
beside him.
Oh, Im sorry! Do you want anything Ranju? Rohan spoke while he dried his eyes.
Still thinking of Shreya? Ranjani questioned Rohan while she sat beside him in the
Hmmmm Ive never stopped thinking of her Ranju! You know! Rohan gave her
a fake smile.
Im sorry Rohan; Ive been the reason for all your woes and....even ...even moms
death! Ranjanis eyes were clouded with tears.
Oh, please dont cry Ranjani! It was meant to happen this way! Ill get over Shreya,
she was too good to be true and I couldnt take it though I lost her! Rohan patted
Ranjanis hand.
Rohan, are you ok? You were crying when I came! Ranjani was very concerned of
her brother.
Well, Im ok, but someone just black mailed Sharanya and Im not very happy
about it and I dont think I can bare another loss! Rohan opened his heart to his sister.
Is this the Sharanya you told me about earlier? Ranjani was curious to know more
about Sharanya since he had stopped speaking to girls after Shreyas death.
Yes! Rohan got up and moved towards the large window overlooking their garden.

My Wrong Love Story

Do you love her? I mean like her? Ranjani was cautious about her words since
she didnt want to hurt Rohan.
Hell, I dont know what I feel Ranju! If shes with me or away from me, I feel so
over protective of her. And now she loves me! What am I supposed to do! Am I not
cheating Shreyas memories? Rohan was frustrated and angry with his feelings towards
Alright now just tell me who black mailed her! Ranjani decided to clear the air out
for him.
You wouldnt want to know! Rohan tried to go to his room but Ranjani stopped
You better tell me! Ranjani was persistent.
Rohan replied Arun!
Rohan looked at Ranjanis sudden change of expressions. Her pensive calm face was
nowhere to been seen now and she had gone pale just hearing his name! She was suddenly
feeling all weak and scared.
Yuvaraj who had just entered the room hurried to hold his wife, when he saw her lose
her balance
Are you okk.? Before Yuvaraj could finish his question, Ranjanis eyes had
blurred out as she lay motionless in her husbands arms, as Rohan hurried towards his

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 15:

Ranjaniwake up...Open your eyesYour safe...Ranjani

The voices seemed far away for Ranjani, she was still not able to take the reality that
Arun, the one who havocked their life was in the same city.
Ranjani, drink some water!
Ranjani slowly opened her eyes and gulped some water. A pillow was propped up
and she was made to relax.
Are you ok? Yuvaraj was wearing a concerned look and he was holding her hands
all the while he spoke.
As Ranjani lay there against the pillow she was thinking If only Arun was not there,
I would have never got a loving husband like my Yuvaraj!
RanjuIm sorry are you ok? Rohans voice bought her back to the bitter reality.
Hey you guys quit worrying about me! Im fine! Ranjani flashed a broad grin.
You scared me! With wet eyes, Yuvaraj wrapped his arms around his wife and she
Rohan decided it was best not to spoil their privacy and left the room.
Once outside, he made himself a cup of coffee and was lazing around in the garden.
The chill breeze and the subtle moon light was the perfect evening for romance.
Rohan was not ready to let go of Shreyas memories but he was not able to stop himself
from thinking about Sharanya.
Her long straight hair, her tom boyish nature was just the opposite of Shreyas
elegance and stature but it still held Rohans attention many a times. He had found himself
probing in to her mind without any reason and all that he had seen there were beautiful.
But he had not anticipated that he would like her so much, it had happened eventually
but now Rohan was torn between two worlds, worlds so apart that he had to choose one to
let go when it was time.
Without having any control over his emotions, he dialed Sharanyas number.
The wait on the other side was pretty long, since Sharanya was speaking to Ram.
After what seemed like an hour to Rohan, Sharanya called back.
Hey! Sorry, I was speaking with our friend! Sharanya chuckled.
Who the hell is that? Rohan was too angry to keep his cool.
Why are you angry now? Its Ram! Sharanya answered in a pretty irritated voice.
Alright, how is your head ache? Rohan tried to hide his frustrations.
Im ok but can I ask you something? Sharanya hesitated!
Yes go ahead! Rohan urged her to speak.
Do you know the stranger who spoke to me in the restaurant? Sharanya finally
popped the question she intended to ask.
Yes, hes a known foe but please stay away from him, hes dangerous! Rohans
sincere answer was met with a loud laughter on the other side.
You wont believe, he said the exact same words about you! Sharanya managed to
control her laughter.
Stop it Sharanya! Its not funny! Rohan was pissed off and he hung up even
without saying a bye.

My Wrong Love Story

After hearing the frustration and irritation in Rohans voice, Sharanya realized she
had just struck the wrong chord. How come dumb stuff seems so smart while you are
doing it!! wondered Sharanya while she was waiting for his call another time but it didnt
Soon it was time to go to bed; Sharanya carefully combed her hair, brushed her teeth
and came to bed. Her mobile came to life with a single unread message from Rohan.
It read; Be ready tomorrow sharp at 3 near our class, we are going out! Youll get
your answers tomorrow.
Sharanya was too excited and scared at the same time.
Millions thoughts were running in her mind. Do I trust him or should I listen to Ram
and that stranger and stay away from Rohan!!
But Sharanya, no matter what wanted her answers to her questions. She wanted to
know what Rohan was like behind all those layers of mystery, fear, and illusions he had
Sharanya hardly slept that night. She was not able to quench her curiosity with just
that message. She tried calling him but didnt receive any answer from him.
The next morning was too cloudy and thunder clouds were visible.
Sometime in the noon, Satya had called Sharanya asking why she had not come to the
class. Sharanya bluffed that she was ill but Satya was not ready to believe it.
Hey Rohan didnt come too? Satya asked Sharanya suspiciously.
Oh is it so? Sharanya acted innocent.
Ok fine, but be careful. I mean take care Sharanya, hope ill see you in class today?
Satya questioned Sharanya.
All Sharanya wanted to do was hang up so she assured Satya that she was alright
before the call was disconnected.
Sharanya decided on an orange kurtha. This time she didnt take pains to braid her
hair, she wore a single pony while a single diamond stud adorned her ears. She was on
time and was waiting for signs of Rohans car.
After ten minutes, Rohan drove up to her and asked her to get in to the car. Once
safely inside, Sharanya was not able to hear any of the traffic, the car glided smoothly on
the road.
Are you very rich? Sharanyas nave question bought a smile in Rohans lips while
she noticed that he had a beautiful dimple.
You must laugh quite often, you are always too serious. Sharanya managed to
break the mesmerizing effect Rohan was having on her.
I will try! was Rohans only answer. Only silence was Sharanyas company till he
parked his car in front of his house. Rohan swiftly opened the cars door.
This is my house, come in! Rohan swung the gate open.
Sharanya hesitated but Rohan knew what was running through her mind.
He answered her suspicious look, Dont worry, I have a family. My sister wanted to
meet you. Come in! He held her hand as he walked towards the house. Sharanya was
pleasantly surprised.
Once inside the house Sharanya was introduced to Ranjani and while Ranjani was
busy chatting with Sharanya, Rohan bought out cups of hot coffee with hot samosas for

My Wrong Love Story

Sharanya was stunned seeing Rohans other side. He was so easy going and he smiled
often and his laughter sounded musical for Sharanya that she almost wished they were
Once Ranjani had excused herself after she received a call, Sharanya found herself all
alone with Rohan.
Shes a very friendly person! Sharanya pointed to Ranjani while she spoke to
Oh yes she is, very friendly and a very big heart that she accepted me though I was
her adopted brother! Rohan quipped.
You were adopted? Sharanya had a quizzical look.
Yes I was, my parents died when I was too young, but Ranjanis family has been my
world as far I remember! Rohan smiled magically.
So now for the question I asked you last night, who is that stranger why is he asking
me to stay away from you? Sharanya had held too long to that question that she wanted to
know the answer right then.
Hes name is Arun! Rohan answered.
Shreya's murderer......My x boy friend! Ranjani completed the answer for Rohan.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 16:

Huh? was Sharanyas only response.

Why would your x boy friend kill Rohans gal friend! They are no way related
right? Sharanya was looking at Ranjanis face for an answer.
Yes, they are no way related but what if Rohan was the one who got Arun arrested
for his drugs business? What if Rohan was the one who beat him black and blue when he
pushed our mom down the stairs? What if Rohan was the one who striped his life of the
false love he was portraying? Wouldnt he try to even out with Rohan? Wouldnt he try to
take out the one best thing from Rohans life.that special something which added color
to his life? Ranjanis series of questions itself held the answers.
And Shreya was his color, the one thing which was there when all of us deserted
him. Ranjani finished her answers with a teary eye when she sat on the couch. Rohan was
quick to be beside her and held her hand till Ranjani relaxed.
Im sorry, please dont cry! You dont have to tell me anything, I didnt know itll
hurt you this much! Sharanya felt guilty for her curiosity.
Oh no, please dont be! I wanted to tell you all these, especially after I knew Arun
threatened you! He knows you mean something to Rohan, and now he s out to spoil his
life again! Ranjani walked towards Sharanya and held her hands before she continued her
You mean something to Rohan Sharanya; Im seeing him emote after so many years
only after he met you. You get angry only with people who matter to you and you matter
to him, to me! Ive not been very good all these years and its only because of Rohan I
have a life now, I want you to trust me, I want you to trust him!
Ranjanis sincere answer moved Sharanya.
I might have had few apprehensions but i came out with him since i trust him! Dont
worry Sharanya smiled at Ranjani and held her hand assuring her that everything was
going to be fine.
Ranjani, now enough of drama, better have your tablets on time else Ill have to
complain to Mr. Yuvi! Rohan pestered his sister.
Is she sick? Sharanya questioned Rohan.
Oh yes, shes sick cause shes having a baby inside her tummy! Rohan winked at
his sister and Ranjani giggled for her brothers silly comments.
Oh wow, congrats! Sharanya was very happy for Ranjani since she felt her past
would not have been pleasant.
Thanks now I better have my medicines and lie down for a while. Doctors order or
else my hubby and my brother will kill me! With a chuckle Ranjani left to her room, and
Sharanya found herself alone with Rohan once again.
Thanks for understanding and not questioning her about Arun Sharanya! Rohan
was grateful for Sharanyas understanding.
You dont have to thank me, I understood she got emotional and it s not rocket
science to get it Rohan. Sharanyas smile was creating warmth in Rohans frozen heart.
Arun was not a good guy; I knew it the very first time Ranjani bought him home. I
tried telling her but it was useless. Ranjani was very nave and very stubborn that time
might be cause of the fact that she resented me.

My Wrong Love Story

Rohan paused when Sharanya questioned, She resented you, you got to be kidding,
and she adores you!
Rohan smiled before he continued, Yes she adores me now but not back then. She
was possessive, jealous of me and my abilities which Im sure Shriram would have
mentioned to you by now.
Sharanya nodded her head.
She was not happy with the attention I was getting from her friends, my friends and
our parents. Though I was adopted, Ranjanis parents treated me like their own son; they
taught me how to channel my abilities but Ranjani was not able to understand how much I
need somebody especially with these abilities. Everybody thinks its a boon Sharanya but
its not. Its a responsibility that I had to hold right from my small age. Rohan showed
signs of frustration.
As Rohan took Sharanya out to the garden he continued, There have been times I
could hear everybodys thoughts and I have had such terrible headaches as if Im going to
die, times when I didnt know what I was seeing in my mind and times when Ive cried
myself to sleep. Its not easy to look in to the future not everything is pleasant and it s not
that I have magic that I can turn on and off, it s a constant flow and I have to live with it.
The only thing I can control is reading others minds but it took a great deal of strength to
do it. Mr.Vishwanathan, Ranjanis dad was my mentor. He taught me how to deal with
life but not with losses.
Sharanya sensed fatigue in Rohans voice. They were surrounded with flowers of all
possible shapes and sizes and the fragrance was filling the air but Rohans story didnt let
Sharanya enjoy the serenity of that place. The buzzing of bees and the silent hush of
flowing water in the fountain was a mere whisper to the ongoing battle in Rohans heart.
Lovely orchids hung low and the dull evening light was casting its orangey shadow upon
Please, you dont have to if its hurting you! Sharanya requested Rohan.
No its ok, its time you knew the truth. Rohan paused to run his fingers over
Sharanyas cheeks, which surprised her.
Ive put your life in danger too, am sorry Sharanya, please forgive me! Rohan
wrapped his arms around Sharanya while tears were trickling out of his eyes.
Sharanya was both surprised and shocked at the same time. For somebody who she
felt was devoid of emotions were full of them now and she decided no matter what shes
going to stick with Rohan through his hard times. However she was not sure if her love
was diminished or it grew out of bounds when she was exposed to the soft side of Rohan.
Sharanya felt it stupid to ask him if he loved her, not at that point of time. He had too
much to deal and she didnt want to add her love as a burden.
Sharanya was not sure if she saw him as a friend or the guy who had taken her heart
with his mysterious ways. You really know you love someone when all you want is for
them to be happy; even if that means that you are not a part of it.
Sharanya looked at him as her friend but she realized it was too late, she realized she
was in love but she let it stay.
To love someone when there is no chance of that love ever thriving, that is romance.
It doesnt require candle light dinners, costly gifts, and a long drive. Just the hope that one
day love may set in their heart just like how it set in yours.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 17:

Rohan was still hugging Sharanya and he was not ready to let go. He realized
Sharanya had meant to him more now after he realized her wonderful nature.
Rohan slowly let go of her and decided to finish his story, he paused as he held
Sharanyas hands and looked in to her eyes.
He spoke, Ranjani resented me! It was obvious but I couldnt do the same. I cared a
lot for her! She didnt quite understand. Then came Arun, the whirlwind in our life. He
was out to spoil our lives but nobody understood except me! I was able to convince my
parents but not Ranju. For her, I seemed to be jealous of her relationship. It never struck
her odd when Arun never introduced her to his family or the way he always spoke of
marrying her. Ranjani felt he was in love with her but thats not the truth.
As he continued holding Sharanyas hands he spoke, I wanted to show his true
colors to Ranjani. So I started to spy on him and only then I knew he was a drug dealer.
One fine day, I busted his place with Police and my family. Only then did Ranjani realize
how true I had been in my words. Ranjanis world fell apart. She was in love with him and
she was so sincere that she couldnt take it. Arun was dragged to jail while my sister lay in
her own prison. She hardly came out or ate food. It took me almost a year to change her
attitude and to bring her out of her misery. That is when she met Yuvi, in Deepaks party.
Oh but you met Shreya in Deepaks party? Sharanya was quick to relate the events.
Yes, Yuvi is Shreyas brother. Rohan slowly let the truth sink in to Sharanya once
Your sister married Shreyas brother?? Sharanya sat there with her mouth wide
Yes, but it was not instant unlike me and Shreya. Ranjani didnt want to make the
same mistake once again so she decided to take it slow. They were only friends and Yuvi
and myself became instant friendsIve always liked him. Just three months before
Shreya was killed, weird things started happening. Ranjani started avoiding me like
before. I thought it was some sickness or old memories but one month into it I couldnt
take it nor could my parents. She was away from home for some day on pretext of her
university exams but I couldnt believe it. One day I had vision of my sister all alone in a
dark room when she was injected something by a tall man and I could almost hear her
wails of help.
Sharanya knew this was no easy story for him to tell. As he continued telling her,
Sharanya felt herself transported into their lives.
I searched for my sister for almost two days, visiting all her friends home but it was
in vain. One day I saw Arun across the street in a Chinese restaurant while I was
grumbling to my Shreya. I and Shreya decided to follow him and we reached an old
building which seemed deserted. I immediately knew Ranjani might be there and called
Yuvi. After half hour of waiting for Yuvi, we broke into the house while Shreya rushed to
my sister I decided to teach Arun a lesson and I managed to completely ruin his face and
his body. I remember breaking his leg and Yuvi pulled me away from him. We found my
sister in torn clothes and in an unconscious state. We rushed her to hospital in Yuvis car
while I left Arun with a warning not to come near Ranjani again. Guess that was my
biggest mistake.
Sharanya immediately regretted her curiosity.
Rohan please, its killing you from inside I dont know how or why but Im feeling
what youre feeling. Sharanya almost pleaded.

My Wrong Love Story

But Truth is the only answer for this Sharanya and its high time! You need to know
it. Rohan assured her before he continued.
Ranjani was given drugs when Arun held her captive so she had to be admitted in
hospital for medication. It was my mother who was always with her and was supporting
her but almost a week later that bloody Arun turned up at the hospital also. He demanded
that he meet my sister when my mother tried to stop him he pushed her down. My mother
was old and the sudden jolt sent her into serious medical condition. That was the day I
decided to take Shreya out for dinner since it was out first anniversary, but when I came
back that afternoon I knew what had to be done. Seeing my sister and my mother in that
condition in the hospitalI dont know I got wild with anger. I went to find Arun and
beat him black and blue. When I left him he was only half alive but still he managed to
threaten me, to make my life as meaningless as his! I beat him again and went to the
hospital to be beside my mother but the day held more mysteries!
Sharanya knew what would have happened next. She slowly walked away from
Rohan and started toying with the orchids. So Arun managed to havoc your life! He
killed Shreya, isnt it? Sharanya felt the deep scar it had left in Rohans heart.
Yes, he did it! That bloody guy took my love away from me he slashed her
beautiful throat let her lying in that pool of blood while she struggled in pain. It was all so
quick in my head that I couldnt do anything.I dashed to where my Shreya lay
motionless. The rest, Im sure Shriram told you.
"But why did you sister go to him after all this....i just dont get it!" Sharanya was
feeling bad for Ranjani's stupidity.
"That's cause he told her he had her pics and they were morphed and he would release
it in the net. Ranjani didnt want my family to suffer in it and he had only asked her to
accompany him for a week. She felt she didnt want to create a fuss since she didnt know
his evil ways. Arun was obsessed with Ranjani...and our family riches...and she
unfortunately fell in to his trap!" Rohan hung his face with exhaustion.
But didnt you speak to Shreya before she left her home that day? Why didnt you
tell her all that happened to your mother? Sharanya was helplessly stuck between her
love and the pity she felt for Ranjani.
No I didnt speak to her! I didnt call her after afternoonin fact I almost forgot our
anniversaryhow can I remember when my family was dying Sharanya.dont you
understand it? Rohans voice resounded in the garden.
Yes but somebody had called her Rohan, Ram was sure it was you! Sharanyas
suspicion grew.
Yes, somebody had called her and Im sure its Arun! Not even my friends were
ready to believe me, I couldnt say about Ranjani or her condition Sharan. She was my
sister. Only Yuvi knew and I couldnt risk putting her modesty in papers. To be associated
with that slick slime it was not going to do her any good so I didnt tell the cops about her
association with Arun. But they found finger prints of Arun in the crime scene. Thus the
hunt for him began but he escaped.
Rohans flashback held lot of mysteries and pain with in itself that Sharanya almost
ran her fingers over Rohans rugged cheeks. She needed to touch him to make sure he was
ok after all the pain and torture he had to go through.
Yuvi knew everything that happenedDeepak detested me while Shriram was
transported elsewhere to stay away from me. I seemed so dangerous to all than that
Arun! I was alone for the rest of my life Sharanya! Rohan ran his fingers through his hair
when they noticed Ranjani standing by the door side.
Hey how are you feeling? And when did you come Rohan asked Ranjani.

My Wrong Love Story

Well I came long time back but I didnt want to disturb you guys! smiled Ranjani.
Yuvi was a gentleman Sharanya.He stood against his family and married meHis
family never spoke to me or Rohan but since I have Yuvis baby now they are in speaking
terms with us..Yet Deepakhe never speaks to me or Rohan! Ranjani was walking as
she spoke.
Rohan came to Chennai when one of Aruns accomplices gave information to Rohan
about his whereabouts almost after four years when Rohan took over my dads business...
As soon as he reached Chennai, he decided to follow Arun just to catch him red handed
for his crime. But all things didnt go as planned and many a times Rohan was not able to
keep up with Aruns mysterious ways. One day as Rohan hid behind a tree watching over
Arun, he noticed Arun following a girl. And the same girl was visible every time Rohan
was watching Arun. Ranjani completed the rest of the story as Sharanya grew pale.
Who is that gal? Arun seems dangerousYou need to save that poor gal
Rohan.Who is she? Sharanya was so disturbed on knowing the truth.
Its you! Rohan wrapped his fingers around Sharanyas hand that he felt her shiver
when she knew the truth.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 18:

Me? Why on earth is he following me? Sharanya was tensed since she knew how
grave the situation was.
Well Im still trying to figure that out thats why I tried reading your mind though
it not a good idea! Rohan repented for his mistake.
Why dont you try to check out Aruns mind? Sharanya sensed fear in her voice.
I need to be in close vicinity of him for me to do thatcause Im not super human
Sharanya I need to be beside that person or at least build up a connection with his
mindits a rather complex process! Rohan was toying with her fingers.
Dont tell me you still didnt build up that connection Rohan you should have
Before Sharanya could complete Rohan interrupted.
Sharan I didnt know that he was going to mess up my lifeI thought he messed up
only my sisters life for which I literally tore him up but the time I realized he had
screwed my happiness it was too latewhen I followed him I wanted to catch him with
proof not some mind reading facts which people wont believe so I didnt take that chance
but every time I followed him I was more disturbed that he was following another gal.
He thought that might be you are Aruns family or his gal friend, Ranjani
continued, so he decided to get to know you first and you know what happened after
thathe haunted your dreams your thoughts but that was not to scare you Sharanya just to
make sure nobody is affected by that bludy guy. Ranjani concluded.
I get it nowsorry Rohan I had hurt you many timesscolded you too but I didnt
know you had so much of painhope you forgive me. Sharanya was looking deep in to
Rohans eyes.
Sharanya dont be sorry you are a wonderful galI didnt know if I could trust
youyou need to forgive me! Rohan brushed aside a tuff of hair that had escaped the
strong hold of her band and tucked it safely behind her ears. Rohan was slowly caressing
her cheeks as he spoke, I care a lot for you SharanyaPlease dont doubt that!
As the gentle breeze caressed Sharanya, she realized how much she was in love with
Rohan. How much his mysterious ways have paved way for her outburst of emotions with
the person she least expected. How much her love story was wrong yet she wanted to
pursue it.
Sharanya was drenching in Rohans care for her. She was almost drowning in his
eyes when their eyes met. If falling in love was so exciting, she realized how very exciting
living the rest of her life with him would be. His hands still lay against her cheeks as if he
didnt want to stop touching her.
The Sun had set behind them as they still stood close to each other , not wanting to
break the magic of the moment.
You must leave Sharanya back home Rohan, it late!! Ranjani broke the magic that
had formed in that short span of time.
Oh yes. Shall westart Sharan? Rohan fumbled for words when he realized
what had just happened. He was falling for her without any intentions. He felt
embarrassed and ashamed as he realized his Shreya was taking a back seat now.
Yes, lets start. Sharanya beamed with happiness not aware of Rohans state of
As Sharanya bid good bye to Ranjani, Rohan drove the car quite rash.

My Wrong Love Story

Hey, are you ok? Sharanya tried to touch Rohans head when he merely moved
aside as if he didnt want her touch.
Sharanya was shocked at the change of emotions, few minutes ago he had not wanted
to let her go but now he was totally different.
Im ok im ..Fine! Rohan managed to say as he bought the cars speed under
control and drove more steadily.
Sharanyas happiness was short lived. She had seen rays of hope for her love few
minutes ago, but it had turned to dust. Silence was their company throughout their drive.
She asked Rohan to stop the car few kilometers away from her home.
As she descended from the car, Rohan managed to hold her hand just in time.
Am sorry Sharanya? I was reminded of Shreya! Rohan spoke soft.
Its ok! I know she can be the only love in your life! Sharanya smiled sadly as
Rohan let go of her hand. Rohan stayed in his car till he saw Sharanya safely reach her
With closed eyes he lay against the steering wheel when the mild throbbing in his
head reached its peak. He knew he was going to have glimpses in to the future but he was
not ready now, not after the emotional turmoil he had to go through that day.
But it was not something he could control, not something that he could stop. His
headache got worse when he tasted the bitter future.
Sharanya was tied and her mouth was stuffed with cloth and taped strongly. The
stranger walked towards her when her eyes went wide in shock, she tasted blood when the
stranger slapped her across her cheek! Her eyes were clouded with pain and fear.
Everybody thought they got rid of me right?? Oh nobody can do that Sharanya
You must have known better!! The stranger had a hearty laugh before he slapped
Sharanya again.
You will know and you will feel just like Shreya now!!Rohan will pay for his
mistakes...Do you want be Shreya... here let me show you! The Stranger walked towards
Sharanya showing the shiny tip of knife he was holding. It glittered as if it was also
feeling victorious just like the stranger.
Sharanya quivered with fear. She had not wanted to die so soon! She managed to say
a muffled please but Stranger showed no mercy. He placed the knife tip over Sharanyas
throat and exerted minimum pressure when the shiny tip found it s way in trickling blood
in its path.
The loud horn of his car bought Rohan in to reality. He was profusely sweating in
spite of the cars cooling system. He knew what he had to do to stop it from happening.
Applying full force on the accelerator he turned his car and drove towards his destination.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 19:

Sharanya had seen hopes of her love surviving but it had flickered low in the past few
Sharanyawhy are you so late today?? Sharanyas mom spoke to her as Sharanya
walked past her. She was completely exhausted and frightened after she knew the truth,
thought she managed to hide it too well from Rohan.
Sharanya? Her mom had to shout at the top of her voice to gain Sharanyas
Huh? Yes mawhat is it? She managed to answer.
What is wrong with you? I asked why you are late. Sharanyas mom gave her a
stern look.
Well I had to practice thats all..why so many questions ma!! I feel hungry!! Can I
have dinner now? Sharanyaanswered.
Oh is it so? Her moms questions were making Sharanya feel uncomfortable.
Just then the loud ring of the doorbell interrupted their conversation.
Sharanyas mom opened the door to find Ram waiting outside.
Oh Ram, how are you? Ive not seen you for quite some time, isnt it? Her mom let
Ram inside as Sharanya shifted uncomfortably on the couch.
Hey Ram, what a pleasant surprise! Sharanya acted as if she was pretty happy to
see him.
Hi, Im fine! Ram mumbled before he sat on the couch.
Ma, can you please get something for Ram to eat? Plzz... Sharanya managed to
convince her mom to leave them alone as she was sure Ram was angry though she was yet
to know the reasons.
What the hell are you doing with Rohaneven after I told you about his weird
ways!! Whats wrong with you monu! Why dont you understand? Rams voice was
I was.i was just trying to know the truth Ram, I deserve to know the truth!
Sharanya spoke in a hushed tone.
There is no truth at all he killed her and he was there... what more do u need to
know??Ram was now furious.
You dont know the truth Ram, how can you be so sure it was him!! it was
Sharanyas turn to get furious.
I just know it, thats all! Ram gave out a deep breath.
How did you know I went out with Rohan? Sharanya questioned Ram.
Well, he had called Deepak and had been going on and on about his visions and how
you were in trouble bull shit! Im there to take care of my monu, why is he even bothered
Sharan? Ram answered.
I was in trouble??I dont get it! Sharanya was confused. She didnt even realize
Rams love pouring out for her.
The only trouble youll be having is if you are still going to go out with him!!So try
to Ram was cut short when Sharanyas mom bought coffee for them.
Sharanya and Ram couldnt converse any further since Sharanyas mom had been
sitting with them. So the Conversation was more on a funny note and Sharanyas mom
couldnt sense the tension between them. As Ram bid good bye to Sharanya and her
mom, she couldnt stop thinking about what Ram had told earlier.

My Wrong Love Story

On the other hand, after his brief call with Deepak, Rohan drove directly to Akashs
Akashs room was dark and lit with a single zero watt bulb. His clothes were strewn
everywhere and the stench from the room was unbearable. Rohan pushed the door open
and walked in to the welcoming stench. Akash lay sprawled across his cot in an inebriated
state. Rohan pushed him and tried to wake him up but it was of no use. He kicked Akash
hard against his tummy.
Ah..Who the hell is it? If I owe you money will pay you laterJust go away else
Ill have to hit you hardbut Akash froze hearing Rohans voice booming in his room.
No you owe me your life...your future...shall I go or shall I stay? Rohan
Rohan? Akash sat up straight.
YesCan you come outanytime soon Ill die if I stay in this room anymore.!
Saying so Rohan walked briskly out of the room. Sensing he was in danger, Akash
quickly wore a shirt and followed Rohan.
Why are you here RohanI gave you information about Arun as soon as he landed
in Chennai I saved your sisters life now why are you doing this to me!! Akashs voice
was humble and he seemed pretty scared.
Oh you sick guydont take credits for something you didnt do!! Tell me where is
Arun now!! Rohan almost grabbed Akashs collar.
Hey..please leave me Akash tried to escape out of Rohans stronghold but it was
You owe me big time bro!! I saved you remember, right from the time Arun was
arrested for his Drug dealership till the point where he is wanted for murder! Only cause
you helped me bring his wrong side to light! Now dont think you can go away easily, I
can still get you arrested!! Rohans threat almost bought Akash on his knees.
RohanI swear I didnt do anything!! Right now I dont know where Arun is! I was
the one to inform you as soon as he came heredont you remember! Akash pleaded
but Rohan was not ready to let him go.
Listen carefully Akash, Ill give you a weeks time maximum, I want you to bring
Arun to me!! And this time if you dont, dont forget ill make sure your behind bars! This
threat was more than enough for Akash to go scurrying down to find Arun.
Rohan didnt want to lose Sharanya just like how he had lost Shreya! After all he was
feeling warm inside only after he met Sharanya after many years! Love has unusual forms,
unusual timing, but the only usual way to fall in love was to open ones heart to that warm
feeling. As in Rohans case it tried to open his heart whose key has been lost long since.
Rohan reached home late to find Ranjani sincerely waiting for him at the dining table.
Hey, why havent you slept? Where is Yuvi, how did he let you be awake for so
long? Rohan was worried if his behavior was disturbing his sister.
Yuvis yet to come! He had an important work it seems! By the way why are you so
late? Ranjani was concerned if Rohan had met new snags in his current state.
Well, I had work tooSo what do you think of Sharanya? Rohan didnt want to
tell Ranjani his current state and tried hard to change the topic.
Well shes perfect to be Mrs. Rohan! Ranjani smiled delightfully.
Rohan reciprocated her smile while his sister knew Rohan had already opened his
heart for the streaming rays of Loves sunshine.

Chapter 20:

My Wrong Love Story

As Rohan jumped on to his bed, his mobile rang. He smiled as he saw Sharanyas
name blinking on his mobile phone. He was sure she was doing something to his heart, but
he didnt know what he had to do with her. Other than protecting her right now, he needed
her innocence, her charismatic nature, her cheerfulness in his life. He wanted her to fulfill
his life which lacked luster.
He picked the call after 5 long rings.
Hey Sharan, are you ok? He was scared and he had to admit it.
Im fine but what did you mean when you told Deepak about me being in trouble?
Sharanya spoke what she had in mind.
Huh? How did you know? Rohan was surprised.
Thats not importantJust tell me the reason Rohan! Sharanyas voice was stern.
Oh I just meant about Arun following you tats allBut. But how did you know?
Rohan wanted to know how she was accessible to that information.
Ram came home, Deepak had told Ram! But why did you have to tell Deepak all
this? Sharanya was confused.
Sharan, the one person I wanted and still want to trust me is Deepak. He had a big
crush on Shreya and when she died, it took not only my happiness but also Deepak's! It
was as if I stole his love but now I want to make it up to him. I want to prove that our
friendship was not built on such a loose foundation. I just dont know I want him to
believe me Sharan it a basic need for me now just like food!! Rohan closed his teary eyes
as he thought of the beautiful memories he had with his friend.
But Rohan.how did you know Deepak had a crush on Shreya? Sharanya was
sitting upright now. She was sure she heard Ram say that he and Deepak didnt disclose
the secret to Rohan.
Wellit doesnt matter, does it!! Rohan answered.
Sharanya was totally confused; there was something missing in the whole puzzle.
Sharanya was sure but she just couldnt figure it out. She wanted time to think.
Did Deepak speak to you? Sharanya continued.
Yes, hes coming to Chennai in two weeks when I promised him ill prove my
innocence! Rohan shifted his shoulders as he continued speaking.
Sharanya, before I forget we have the Networking conference next week. Day
after tomorrow is the eligibility test. You need to prepare.in all this confusion I dont
want you to miss out on that! Rohan completed his statement.
Oh! Sharanya was wondering how Rohan was still able to manage his cool.
Ill teach you, if you dont have a problem. Simi will be coming to class pretty early!
She wanted me to teach herSo Rohan was waiting for an answer.
Simi wants you to teach her?? And you are ok with it?? Sharanya felt red hot fumes
burning her throat. Here she was, yearning for his love but he wanted to associate himself
with another girl.
Sharan.i need you to understand What you feeling towards me are not what you
think it isSo try to Rohan couldnt continue any further when he realized she had
disconnected the call.

Ahhh to hell with this!! Why am I avoiding her!! Why did I have to tell her all
this!! Rohan was cursing himself for his stupid behavior but he realized how much he

My Wrong Love Story

had wanted to protect her. Being with him meant danger right now and he wanted
Sharanya to be far away from this.
As he lay on his bed, sleep took over him as he closed his heavy lidded eyes and he
dreamt after a long time.
Perched high above the rocks and mountains, Rohan sat near her in the rope car that
was moving at a slow steady speed. Crisp summer wind was messing with her hair. As
Rohan raised his hand to put away the locks of hair behind her ears, her smile met his
Drowning in her brown eyes, Rohan tried to remember the last time he felt that way.
Her finger entwined in his. As she lay on his shoulders, he ran his palm across her cheeks.
She looked up to meet his gaze. The Day seemed brighter; it held more meaning for him.
As their gaze was transfixed on each other, they didnt realize the storm brewing outside.
Rohan slowly kissed her eyelids her forehead and as their lips were few inches away from
each other, the whole cable car shook only then did Rohan realized the magic of the
moment is not going to last forever.
Suddenly the door opened and she was pulled out with so much force that Rohan
could hold only her heart shaped locket before she was taken away from him. Rohan
slowly meddled with the locket with teary eyes. His happiness was stolen from him once
The heart locket bore his name. As much as Rohan was confused, he slowly dared to
open the locket. Fear gripped his throat as he threw the locket away from him! The locket
fell down from the rope car and as it came spiraling down and hit the floor; the glass
shattered to reveal the pictures of Shreya and Sharanya and a criss cross pattern ran across
Shreyas picture.
Rohan got up sweating and panting for breath. Even after 2 glasses of water, Rohan
was not able to relax. He prayed to God for the first time and he prayed for Sharanya!
The next day was bright and sunny. Sharanya called Sathya and confided her secrets
with her.
Huh? Rohan is a magician huh? Sathyas question was met with mockery from
Hey, its not like that. Okie forget it we need to work on the test. Come to class
early. Saying so Sharanya kept the phone contended that she would be there before
Sharanya dint want to give up without a fight. After all it was her wrong love story.
But little did she know that the conference held lot of mysteries and answers which would
bring her world shattering down.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 21:

Sharanya reached the class well on time. She was waiting for Satya and Rohan
eagerly but was met with disappointment when Simi came in.
Hey you came so early? Simi quizzed Sharanya.
Yes, I thought ill study with Satya for that conference test! It seems very important
right. Sharanya oozed confidence in her answer though she felt small in front of Simi.
Sharanya was finding it difficult to digest the fact that Rohan wanted to teach Simi .
Rohan buzzed in to the room in another ten minutes. As soon as he saw Sharanya his
sleep starved eyes were full of energy.
Somebody told they wont turn up?? Rohan winked at Sharanya.
Sharanya liked his playfulness though she found that was something she had not seen
in Rohan. She just smiled.
As Rohan slung his bag over his shoulders and walked passed Sharan, she felt a
strange tinge on her skin.
Was love so powerful? Was it so magical that even the mere look of them causes all
new sensations? Sharanya pondered.
Can miles truly separate you from loved ones. If you want to be with someone
you love, aren't you already there with them! Sharanya looked at Rohan only to find him
looking at Simi.
The love which was tender and free flowing froze as she realized only she was in
Hey hi, sorry am late! Satya breezed in to the room unaware of Sharanya state of
Hey dont mind, shall we start? Sharanya didnt want to ponder on her love any
Yes, but before that one quick work.hmm, here is my wedding invite. Satya
reached in to her back and pulled out a cute invitation which was smeared with turmeric.
WowYoure getting married so soon? Sharanya couldnt help but felt very happy
for her friend.
Yes Blushed Satya. Hey, wait let me invite Rohan and Simi!
As Satya took two more invitation and walked towards them, Sharanyas mobile
rang. It was Ram. Sharanya had a quick conversation and kept the phone but was confused
with Rams request over the phone...
So are they coming? Sharanya enquired Satya as soon as she returned to her place.
After a heart laugh, Satya spoke, Well Rohan asked the same about you!
Sharanya peeked to see Rohan; he was already looking at her. Feeling shy, Sharanya
looked away. She had never felt this way before, though she felt angry with Rohan for
being with Simi, his one look was enough to melt her as slowly as a lit up candle.
As the other student took their places and as the class proceeded, Sharanya couldnt
help but wonder why Ram had asked her to get ready tomorrow after her class since he
wanted to take her out. She was wondering if she should tell this to Rohan. Since Ram
was Rohans childhood friend, Sharanya decided itll be good to tell Rohan but eventually
forgot it.
Once the class was over, as she started packing her bag, Rohan was standing in front
of her.
Hey Satya, Ill be dropping her home Rohan pointed at Sharanya as her eyes went
wide in shock.

My Wrong Love Story

Huh? Why? I can go on my ownIm capable of it! Sharanya spoke in her

Sharan I need to speak about something and its about Arun!
The very mention of Aruns name bought fear in Sharanya.
Sensing that there was something very important, Satya bid her farewell to Rohan and
What is it? Did he hurt your sister? What happened? Is he going to hurt me?
Sharanyas nave question bought a smile on Rohans lips.
NoNo hes not going to do anything with you! Im here right?
Oh, What is it? Sharanya managed to hide her tension.
Well, Ive spoken to Akash, Aruns accomplice! Well get hold of him soon but next
time you see him anywhere just let me know! Rohan finished his sentence. Both of them
then headed out towards Rohans car but a pair of eyes was following their every
Rohan dropped Sharanya home and as he was about to drive back to his home, he
noticed a red Alto. It seemed queer since Rohan was reminded of seeing that car
somewhere else.
As he was driving steadily, the red alto seemed to be following him. Rohan knew
there was something fishy. He then made a sharp right turn without turning on his
indicators. Rohan knew it was dangerous in the crowded roads of Chennai but he wanted
to misguide the car.
The person in red Alto didnt expect that Rohan would be taking that sharp turn. He
was forced to join the oncoming traffic and before he could realize what was happening he
missed Rohans car.
On the other hand, Rohan joined the traffic after taking a U turn but he was safely
behind the red alto. Now it seemed as if he was following it. Rohan tried to peep and he
could make out only the dark blue jacket he was wearing.
After few minutes, the blue jacket guy realized that Rohan was behind him in the
traffic since he saw Rohans cars number plates in his rear view mirror. He decided it was
not safe for him to get rid of Rohan now so once the traffic was cleared, he sped away as
Rohan was dumbstruck since he dint realize the stranger saw him.
The next day dawned lucky as Sharanya, Satya, Simi, Rohan and another girl named
Shwetha were selected for the Networking conference. Sharanya was all smiles since she
knew it meant an assured job but on the other hand was also apprehensive about Simi
being selected.
They had to leave to Coimbatore the coming Friday night to attend the conference on
Saturday and attend the official lunch on Sunday. All the four of them were super excited
except Rohan. He was still trying to figure out the Red Alto person.
The Centre had booked tickets for all of them in a bus and the tickets were handed
over to the respective people amid clouds of applause and congratulations.
Sharanya walked over to Rohan to speak to him since he seemed least bit interested.
Though she knew the real reason for him to join that course, she felt happy for him.
Hey, congrats why are you so dull and upset? Whats wrong now? Sharanya
asked out of concern.
Thanks SharanI am fine! Rohan managed to lie.
Hmmm okay, arent you excited that five of us are going to be a part of that big
conference? Sharanya wanted to see Rohan in a happy mood.
Well, I doubt it...Im expecting company! Rohan walked over to the dais to collect
the ticket as Sharanya stood wondering what he meant.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 22:

Sharanya hopped in joy when she told the good news to her parents. Though she told
Ram about being selected for that conference, he didnt seem happy because she had
refused to come along with him.
Congrats was the only words that he uttered before he hung up. Sharanya wanted to
hear the happiness in Rams voice but if didnt happen.
With just two more days to go, Sharanya was pumped up with energy. She was madly
in love with Rohan, she was yet to sort that out but that didnt dampen her happiness. She
had been selected for that conference and that surely meant an assured job. She silently
thanked her cousin Lavanya for her suggestion.
Sharanya decided to surprise her cousin with a thank you gift so she headed out to her
house the next day morning. Since it was study holidays, Sharan was sure Lavanya would
be at home.
On the other hand, Akash had been keenly following Aruns every movement.
A big plaster lay across Akash forehead and his head was still reeling with pain from
last night. He had cornered Arun in a pub last night asking him to accept his mistake and
get solace through justice. However Arun was adamant and he denied having anything to
do with his crimes. Akash tried pleading then went ahead to blackmail him, since Akash
knew he had to get himself out of the hooks with Rohan and the only way to do it was to
handover Arun.
Akash had been doing business with Arun for a long time; however he had not been a
part of his murder plans. When Rohan had given him a handsome amount, he had helped
Rohan to put Arun under bars for their drug business since Rohan had not given Akash
name to the police. However Akash realized it was the biggest mistake he made right after
Shreyas murder. He was still under the hooks of Rohan and he desperately wanted to
escape his strong hold.
Things had got ugly in the pub when Arun hit Akash and ran before Akash could get
out of the shock and pain. When Akash recovered from the initial shock, he knew he was
bleeding and hurried to get out before the pubs management arrived.
After seven stiches across his forehead Akash realized Arun was a very dangerous
person. He immediately called Rohan the next morning and narrated the turn of events.
Rohan knew the problem was getting out of his hands so he asked Akash to continue
monitoring Aruns movements while he had to call a series of people.
Once Rohan had hung up, he dialed to his father, Mr. Vishwanath.
Vishwanath had been a man of few words but he always kept them up. When his
wife passed away leaving him to tackle all the mess, he had patiently handed over them to
Rohan and retired. However he had been an active part of their business guiding each and
every step of his son. When Ranjani was in depression, he made sure he spent almost his
entire day tending to his daughter. He had never taken a single day for himself after his
wifes death.
When Shreya was murdered, he stood by his son no matter how many people had
stood against him. He was a man Rohan truly respected and honored.

My Wrong Love Story

Rohan had been constantly updating the events happening in Chennai. It was
Vishwanath who had nagged Rohan to bring down Arun for his evil ways. Rohan knew
his dad was practical and he always had ways to overcome any problem in life.
After few initial rings, his dad picked up the phone. Vishwanaths warm voice bought
tears to Rohan when he realized how badly he had been missing him.
Dad...How are you doing? Rohan almost chocked.
Rohan! How are you? Im fine. Is everything alright? Vishwanath knew something
was wrong the instant he heard Rohans voice.
Rohan narrated every single incident that had last happened from the time he had
spoken to his dad.
Rohan, I think its time. We cant handle it alone anymore! Arun needs to be drilled
by the police. Ill speak to Mr.Krishnamurthy. He is with the police force but I dont
know his post as of nowlet me make few calls and get back to you!
After his dad had disconnected the call, Rohan lay wondering where this was leading.
He was scared for the first time since now not only his mind was involved, his heart was
involved too.
Without his knowledge, Rohan murmured, What have I done bringing Sharan inside
this mess!
Elsewhere in a different part of Chennai, Sharanya boarded the bus to reach her
cousins house. She had been day dreaming when she noticed a red alto behind the bus.
Nothing was peculiar for some time but she realized the alto was just behind the bus,
though there was enough space for it to overtake and it had been taking all the turns the
bus had been taking.
Sharanya grew suspicious; she flexed her body so that she could get a glimpse of the
driver. All she could see was a blue jacket of the driver.
Fear gripped her body, as she dialed Rohans number. She was met with
disappointment when the recorded voice told her that the number was busy.
Her destination was nearing and she could taste fear almost as clear as the coffee she
drank that morning.
As Sharanya was trying to call Rohans number, Akash was busy prying on Aruns
business. Arun had reached the bus stop and had booked tickets to Goa while he was busy
speaking to somebody over the phone. Though Akash tried to overhear the conversation, it
was too noisy in the bus stop for him to over hear.
Arun was waiting to board the bus as Akash hid behind another bus, not knowing
what to do. If Arun left to Goa, he could probably never find him again but following him
was also equally dangerous. So deciding against the odds, Akash also booked a ticket to
Goa in the same bus however he chose the last seat.
As Arun moved, Akash moved along with him as if he was his shadow. Arun stopped
beside a small shop to buy a pack of cigars and he moved away to light it. As Akash was
busily following Arun, he had failed to notice somebody else was also behind Arun.
Akash dialed Rohans number to keep him informed of his plan. While he was
punching the numbers in his phone, he heard a loud bang along with a deep wail of pain.
Akash gazed up only to be clutched in fear. His heart stopped a beat while he saw
what was happening to Arun.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 23:

Sharanya flexed her body once again to see the progress of the red alto only to be
surprised. There was no sign of the car anywhere. It was as if it disappeared in to thin air.
With the mobile still clutched tight in her hand, she was surprised to find the car
She was frightened as soon as her mobile rang. It was from Ram. She immediately
picked his call.
Hey, where are you? asked Ram.
Hey Ram, you know what happened? There is somebody following meIm scared
Ram. Sharanya managed to tell Ram before she gulped down her fear.
What? Where are you monu? Ram was too tensed hearing her response.
Im near Adayar, on the way to my cousins house!
Wait in the bus stop itselfStay with the crowd, Im coming. Saying so Ram
hurried to take his bike.
On the other hand, Rohan had dozed off on the couch as all the confusions were
taking a toll on his health. He woke up startled as his phone rang. It was his dad.
Yes dad, did you speak to Mr.Krishnamurthy? Rohan was curious.
Oh yes, Hes the commissioner of Police but hes not in Chennai. Hes in
Coimbatore. Ive explained our situation. He asked me for your number, hes promised me
that he will connect you with an appropriate person from Chennai. Will that be okay
Yes dad, its fineDont Worry. Rohan felt relieved that help was within reach.
You take care of yourself Rohan, and dont forget that young lady Sharanya
tooShe needs you now. Alright? His dads remarks had made him wonder how much
he needed her.
After their brief conversation, Rohan looked at his mobile to find numerous missed
calls from Sharanya. Sensing danger, Rohan dialed her number but it was busy.
Oh godWhat happened to my Sharanya!! Rohan was worried to death.
Elsewhere in a different part of the city, Akash was stunned to see what was
happening to Arun.
As Arun was standing behind the bus leaning on the bus, smoking his cigar, huge
luggage were hurled at him by mistake as the people on the top of the bus were arranging
the luggage.
Arun was startled and started moving away from the bus. But as he was moving a
black cloth was thrown over his face and the sharp edge of razor glided smoothly across
his neck slicing it open.
As blood was gushing out, the guy in the blue hooded jacket pushed Arun aside. His
single stoned silver Ruby ring gleamed as he stood there with the knife stained in blood.
He stood there for a minute as if he was taking immense pleasure in killing. He savored
the fear and pain Arun was undergoing.
He immediately covered his blood dripping knife with a cloth and ran over to a red
alto parked in some distance and brought its engine to life, before he could sped away he
turned and saw Arun sprawled in the blood and was satisfied with what he had
As soon as Akash knew the killer was out of sight he dropped his mobile as he ran to
save his once friend and partner Arun. Akash turned his still body. Blood was gushing out
of his throat as if it was an ever running river.

My Wrong Love Story

Akash throat went dry and tears welled up in his eyes.

ArunBuddyArun!! Akash shouted as grief struck his throat.
Still there was neither movement nor any signs of life.
Arun, dont you dare die leaving me like this ArunGet upYou need to live
Arun..! Akash shouts and wail bought a large crowd around him.
Akash had suddenly turned in to a baby. He was not able to stop neither his tears nor
the blood out of Aruns open wound. He immediately pulled out a dirty hand kerchief of
out his pant pocket and applied pressure over Aruns neck.
Please call an auto. Please... Akash begged the crowd around him.
Though the crowd displayed only lethargic attitude fearing police, few good people
still existed. In some time an auto pulled up in front of the pool of blood that had formed.
Akash somehow dragged Arun in to the auto and hurried to the nearby hospital.
As Arun was being hurried down the hospital corridors by his friend, near Adayar bus
stop Sharanya was patiently waiting for her friend Ram.
Ram reached the bus stop after an hour. Sharanya was tensed and irritated standing in
the bus stop. She tried calling Ram but he had not picked her call. As soon as he stopped
his bike in front of Sharanya, she was ready for a fight.
Hey, hey, dont fight nowI was stuck in heavy traffic and I was out when you told
me what happened. I hurried to come to you. Rams cute expressions and voice had
mellowed Sharanya mood. Sharanya realized how much he had taken troubles to get to her
so she just frowned.
Hey you look good when u smileso please monu Ram pleaded.
Sharanya smiled.
Okie now tell me what happened did anyone hurt you? Rams question was
interrupted when Sharanyas mobile rang.
Rohan calling was displayed. Rams cute features disappeared as soon as he saw
Rohans call.
Sharanya seemed helpless as she picked the call.
Hey, you ok? You had called me so many times? Rohan sounded worried.
Ya Im fine, no I just called to enquire how you are coming to Coimbatore! bluffed
Sharanya when Ram was staring at her.
Oh, but before that theres something that we need to speakListen... Rohan was
not allowed to speak any further when Ram had pulled Sharanyas phone and
disconnected the call.
HeyWhy are you behaving like this Ram! Why did you disconnect the call!
Sharanya fumed with anger.
I dont like you speaking to him simple! Ram maintained his cool.
Why!! Hes your friend Dont you have so much trust on your friend? What a
person are you! Sharanyas anger grew out of bounds.
Monulisten to me Hes my friend but now I care only of youso... Ram
couldnt speak any further as Sharanya stormed away in anger.
Ram parked his bike and caught up with Sharanya just as was she was about to board
an auto.
Hey wait... why you are behaving like this! Ram held Sharanyas hand since he
was surprised seeing her so angry.

My Wrong Love Story

Let go of my hand RamI dont want to be your friend since youre a person who
speaks and thinks so cheap of his friend! Sharanya almost shouted at him.
But I care for youwhy dont you get it... Hes danger. Okie ill believe he didnt
kill Shreya for your sake but just being with him is enough to get you killed! Ram blurted
Why do you care... Before Sharanya could proceed, Ram shouted in desperation.
Because I love you Sharanya!!

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 24:

Rams proposal was like a bang in the middle of Sharanyas head. She had least
expected it. Her friend, the one whom she truly confided of her problems was in love with
her. And she was in love with a guy whom she didnt know too well though he had
opened up his past.
Rohans present was confusion and his future was still a mystery for Sharanya. Was
she a part of his present and future? He had not answered her yet. Sharanya wanted to
patch things between Rohan and Ram so that she could reach Rohans heart through Ram
but now it was totally useless. Ram had lost his heart to Sharanya.
Huh? Ram what are you telling me! Sharanya managed to speak once she was out
of her initial shock.
Yes monuive been in love with you for a long time I wanted to tell you but I
couldnt. I decided that your birthday will be the apt day but I dont think I can hold on
anymore I truly love you and I want to take care of you for the rest of my life
Sharanya! Ram was almost out of breath when he completed his sentence.
Sharanya was too surprised and shocked to react. She stood there as if she had been
turned in to a lifeless statue.
I need to go Ram!! There was an unusual silence between both of them. Ram was
waiting patiently for her response but he knew it was useless.
Sharanya boarded an auto in some time and left Ram in his confused state. Sharanya
herself was puzzled and confused that she didnt want to answer him nor did she want to
confess her love for Rohan to Ram. She respected Ram and liked him for his wonderful
nature and she didnt have the heart to hurt him. She needed time. She desperately needed
time to sort out her emotions before she could play with others emotions.
After reaching home, Sharanya was too depressed. How was she going to make Ram
understand her feelings for Rohan? It was not logical yet it was all that she wanted. Ram
was thinking of Rohan as his deadliest enemy so now what was Sharanya supposed to do.
On the pretext of headache, she locked herself in her room. Her mobile was abandoned in
her bag. She was drowned in self-misery and guilt.
Lying on his bed, Rohan was also drowned in thoughts and his thoughts were only
about Sharanya.
Why hadnt she picked my calls? Is she ok? Should I go to her house and check out
or should I just wait!! What is happening? Why cant I just ignore her thoughts!!? Rohan
was restless and was wide awake. Sleep seemed a distant dream for him.
He had received call from Surendar, the Commissioner of Police from Chennai who
had promised him help. He didnt have time to see Sharanya and explain things out; he
was only concerned of her safety and well-being.
But when he did make out time to call her after he had sorted things out, she was not
responding. Had she lost that interest in him? Had she lost love that he knew was evident
in her eyes? Rohan was disturbed and he knew how much he wanted Sharanyas love.
Even the mere thought of Sharanya showering her love on somebody else had ignited
jealousy in him.
And why hadnt Akash picked his calls? Rohan wondered. He had been calling him
since afternoon but there was no response.

My Wrong Love Story

Might be he ran away!! Oh God, hes the only one who can lead me to that bloody
Arun. I better call Mr. Surendar and ask him to look out for that cheat Akash its high
time police questioned him. Fits good for that two timing slime!! Rohan almost started
puching in the number when he received a call from an unknown number.
Hesitantly, Rohan picked the call.
Hello, this is Akash Ro... Rohan You better come to G.M Hospitals near Avadi..
And please hurry and please bring twenty thousand rs.. Please... Between sobs, Rohan
realized Akash was in danger.
Hey, what happened? Rohan grew suspicious.
Hey come here youll know everything! Rohans question was met with a loud
beep when the phone was disconnected.
Rohan informed Yuvi without disturbing Ranjani.
Hey take care Rohan and anything just call me!! Got it? Yuvaraj was concerned
Dont worry Yuvi, We are going to find who killed our Shreya and they will pay for
it!! Rohan bid good bye before his car screeched across the road towards Avadi.
The next morning, Sharanya retrieved her mobile only to find numerous calls and
messages from Ram and Rohan. She had totally forgotten Rohan in this confusion.
She dialed Rohans number but it was directed to his voice mail.
Why is he not answering his call!! Sharanya wondered but she didnt have time to
ponder much over it. They had to leave for the conference that night. She started packing
her clothes with her mothers help.
The day moved at a snails pace for Sharanya, not knowing what happened to Rohan.
She tried to call him many times but it was useless. She had purposefully avoided Rams
calls and messages. She didnt know what she had to respond.
At around 6, her dad had dropped her in the bus stop along with her four other friends
and one staff. Sharanyas eyes were longing to see Rohan but there was no sign of him. As
soon as Sharanyas dad departed she tried to call him again. This time, Rohan picked the
HeyWhere are you? We are at the bus stop? Sharanya wanted Rohan to
accompany them but was met with disappointment with his answer.
No Sharanya will join you directly. Ill come to Coimbatore through flight. I have
work here. Take care! Rohan disconnected the call.
Rohan was frantically making calls and arranging money for Aruns recovery. His
death would create more mystery for Rohan.
Why would anybody kill Arun!!? Isnt he the killer? Rohan asked Akash as soon as
he knew what had happened.
I dont know We are bad people I accept but Arun wont kill anybody but when
his fingerprints were there I was not so sure. But when somebodys trying to kill Arun I
dont understand!! Akash broke down.
Rohan knew and understood what had happened. There was somebody with Arun
that day when Shreya was killed. Arun was not the murderer, it was somebody else but
Arun had tried to save ShreyaThat was why his finger prints were there!! Arun knew
who had killed Shreya, but why did he run away? Rohan was tired but he was determined
to find the cold blooded murderer who had taken his happiness from him.

My Wrong Love Story

The following morning he had called Yuvi to come to the hospital. He told his
brother in law all that had happened.
Yuvi, I need to leave to Coimbatore! Sharanya is alone there This has something
to do with me I need to be there to protect Sharanya just take care of situation here
Dont worry Rohan! Only after Yuvis assurance Rohan left to Coimbatore .
After the bills for the operation was paid, Yuvaraj went to his office as there was an
important meeting.
Akash, suddenly remembered how he had forgotten to tell about the ruby ring, the
most important clue. He tried calling Rohan unaware of the fact that he was in an
I need to tell him this!! Akash rushed to Rohans home.
As soon as Akash reached his home and asked for Rohan, Ranjani greeted him inside
unaware that he was Aruns friend.
Inside, two more people were seated. Both of them were well dressed and looked
Ram, Deepak, this is Akash, he is also Rohans friend! Ranjani smiled.
When Deepak extended his hand towards Akash, Akash froze as he noticed the single
stoned silver Ruby ring!

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 25:

Akashs hand trembled when he extended his hand.

Are you ok Mr. Akash? Deepak had noticed his trembling fingers.
Yes, Im fine. I need to go now!! Can you tell me where Rohan is? Akash wanted
to get out of that place. He was scared and now he knew who the killer was. He had to
inform Rohan!
Oh, Rohan has left to Coimbatore. Hell be back in another dayprobably by
tomorrow evening. Didnt he tell you? Ranjani questioned.
Oh yeshe told me I forgot. Now I need to go! Saying so, Akash rushed out of
the house and stumbled over a flower pot.
The loud bang bought Ranjani out and she was surprised seeing Akash hurry.
Inside her home, Deepak was pacing like a wild cat.
Hey dude, you better sit now! Why are you so tensed? Ram spoke to Deepak.
Deepak didnt pay heed to his question. Once Ranjani was inside, Deepak excused
I would be staying in Rams place. Please ask Rohan to call me once he reached
back home! Deepak then hurriedly carried his bag and walked out the house without
waiting for Ram.
Ranjani held Rams hand before he could follow Deepak.
Please take care of him Ram. Hes still very upset! Ranjani sounded very
I will Ranju! Dont worry. Hes that way after Shreyaa death and you know it!!
Dont worry everything will be okay. Ram assured Ranjani before he left.
Once inside the car, Deepak threw his luggage in the back seat and climbed on to the
front seat.
I know Ram; This Rohan is wasting my time. That bloody guy took away my Shreya
now hes taking away my happiness by calling me daily telling how he didnt kill Shreya
and now this new gal Sharanya!! Deepak was blasting away in anger while Ram rode the
Hey chill Deepak. You know Rohan, Hes always like this. Trying to prove hes a
smart ass when hes not. You dont take unnecessary tension Deepak. Lets go home!
Ram persuaded his friend.
Akash seemed pretty upset seeing me right...and how is he Rohans friend. Ive seen
him with Arun before many times!! Rohan is a totally fooling us. I need to catch hold of
that Akash now!! Deepak was deep in thoughts while the car drove to Rams home.
Akash, on the other hand was busy booking tickets to Coimbatore. He now knew who
had tried to kill his friend. He was sure it must be the same person who had Shreya but
how could the killer be Rohans friend!! He needed to convey this to Rohan at any cost
but all the tickets were booked since it was weekend.
He somehow managed to get one corner seat in a bus that was in poor condition. He
had to go, he was running out of time.
Rohan had reached directly to attend the conferece that afternoon and everything
went on well. Sharanya was on cloud nine since seeing Rohan.
Thank god, he came Sharanya was secretly thanking god for sending him. She had
missed him dearly.

My Wrong Love Story

After the conference was over, Rohan quietly moved to the guys dormitory without
waiting to speak to Sharanya.
Sharanyas happiness was drained when she knew Rohan was not around. She tried
calling his number but it was still switched off.
That night at dinner, Sharanya met Rohan, she almost dragged him to the garden
outside when she confronted his unruly behavior.
Whats wrong with you Rohan!!? You dont even want to speak to me is it?
Sharanya was bubbling away in anger.
Sharan, chill! I just wanted time alone! Rohan tried to stay calm when there were
thousand questions running in his mind.
Non sense! Dont bluff Rohan! You know how much I like you but you dont even
acknowledge it! I know your heart is with your dead gal friend but why are you playing
with mine? Sharanya couldnt hold her anger anymore.
Sharanya, will you please stop it! I have more problem than this to worry about! So
keep this love bull shit away from me for some time! Rohan lost his calm.
He wanted to shout and scream. He knew the killer was very close but he didnt know
who and it was driving him crazy. He felt Sharanya life was in danger but she didnt
bother about it and it drove him crazier!!
What? Sharanya was shocked at his answer. So you feel my love is bull shit for
you, is it Rohan? Sharanya eyes were clouded with tears.
Oh god! Rohans head was throbbing with severe pain.
When Sharanya tried to move, he held her hands to explain his situation in a calmer
way but was met with pure disgust from Sharanyas eyes.
To hell with this Saying so, Rohan pulled Sharanya close to him, wrapped his arms
around her struggling body and pressed his lips hard on hers. Her system crashed. She was
wild with rage yet she melted against him.Her heart was racing so fast and her mind went
into dizzying rounds. It was sheer madness yet Sharanya couldnt break free from his
trance nor his hold.
Could a kiss be so powerfull? Could it damage heart which can never be repaired
beyond time? Sharanya mind wondered yet she was there in his hold at the most wrong
time. She had wanted this kiss to be more passionate and full of love but it was edgy and
dangerous. She tried to push him but his strong hold proved too difficult for her.
When Rohans senses cleared, he let go of her. Sharanyas legs went weak. She
collapsed on the ground. Rohan went to hold her but was stopped when Sharanya sobbed.
SharanyaIm sorry ...Sharan Rohan felt guilty for his stupid behavior. But
Sharanyas sobs got louder. He immediately called her friend Satya and Sharanya went
into the dinner hall with her. Rohan realized how he had hurt herhe shouldnt have
touched her. She was nave and he had behaved foolishly!
The next day post breakfast, all the participants were free till their Departure time.
Sharanya and her friends along with Simi and Rohan decided to visit Marudhamalai Hill
Temple in Coimbatore.
As they were about to depart from the place, Rohan and Simi were engrossed in
serious discussion.
HeyRohan watch out!! Satya pulled Rohan just in nick of time when a red alto
went past him. It grazed Rohans hand and there were few blotches of blood in his shirt.

My Wrong Love Story

What the hell... Who is driving that car!!? Simi was shocked when she was the
speeding alto!
Its him, its the killer! Rohan ran behind the car.
Somewhere in distance, Akash spotted Rohan. He had enquired about Rohans where
about from Yuvi but had not told him his real intensions.
Hey Rohan!! Akash saw Rohan running towards him but had failed to notice the
Speeding red alto.
Akash? Akash move away!! Rohan waved his hands frantically but it was of no
Akash ran towards Rohan. He had to tell him who the killer is!
Rohan Wait man im ther. He ran out of words when the speeding Alto hit
him and he was thrown in air. He was hit by the nearby pavilion and blood rushed out his
mouth and ears and he was grasping for air!
ShitAkash!! Rohan ran to him while his eyes were filled with hot tears.
Sharanya was a mute spectator to all this when she realized what would have gone
through Rohans mind!
Rohan gathered Akash in his lap and tried to speak soothing words.
Dont worry AkashIts going to be okay. Just hold on for some timelisten to me
Akash!! Rohans tears burned his throat.
Ro..Ro..RohanI know the kill..killer!! Akash managed to say between deep
I know dude now relax...hold on!!Rohan held his head high for the blood to stop
gushing out of his wounds.
Sharanya had managed to reach the place and stood beside Rohan with tears.
Akash slowly breathed his last breath and the rest was mere silence was him.
Hey..Akash..Wake up Rohan was shaking him vigorously holding his shirt
Rohan, hes dead! Sharanya slowly patted his shoulders as she spoke in between
Rohans sobs.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 26:

Rohan couldnt do anything to stop this. He had not been given that boon to look in to
the future this time. He was so close to the murderer yet he couldnt grasp the truth. He
had lost one valuable life no matter he was a crook or not.
He deserved to live!! Rohan muttered as his blue jean were fully covered in blood.
By then a large crowd had gathered and the police was informed. Sharanya stood
beside Rohan.
Once Akash body was taken to the government hospital, Rohan got up from the place
he was sitting holding Akash.
RohanRohanCome here!! Simi slowly helped Rohan and made him to sit in a
nearby tea shop. All of them were shaken by the gores of the accident.
They all witnessed how a life was taken away from the clutches of Akash. Sharanya
realized what Rohan underwent every time he saw in to the future. How his dreams were
shattered every time he dreamt. It was no boon...it was a curse in disguise.
Simi slowly held Rohans hand and spoke, Rohan, you need to get out of this shock.
Now look at me Rohan!
Rohan was totally gripped by his the last words of Akash which was heard only by
Save me!! Akash has merely framed these words before his breath had mixed with
the air making it one, taking him into another world where one cant reach.
Rohan slowly looked up and his eyes met with Sharanya!
She was looking as if she was in that accident. He realized how shaken she was.
Rohan slowly moved and walked over to Sharanya.
Dont worry I wont let anything happen to you! I promise! Rohan framed
Sharanyas face as he spoke.
Sharanya was so badly frightened. She didnt know who it was or why it had
happened. But she knew they wanted to kill Rohan and that very thought had frightened
her. Yet he was swearing to keep her safe.
Sharanya wrapped her arms around Rohan and started weeping. How stupid she had
been. She was not able to look through his heart. He wanted to protect her when his own
life was in danger. What more can she wish for!
Rohan didnt speak anything to console her. He simply held her. Silence is greater
when the only words spoken were of love.
All of her friends didnt disturb them because they knew there was something more to
what met their eyes.
As Sharanyas tears dried, Rohan still held her. When they moved apart, Sharanya
knew she was indeed in his heart.
Here, both of you better drink this. We need to go to the local police station now!
Satya held two cups of hot tea.
Thanks! Sharanya managed to sit along with the others. Simi simply smiled at
Dont worry; Hell take care of everything for you! Simi held Sharanyas hand and
here smile was as reassuring as Rohans words.
Our heart sees only what it wants to see no matter how naked the truth can be.
Sharanya realized how much she had mistaken Simi when their relationship was simple

My Wrong Love Story

You people, go to room and pack. Ill got to the station. Dont discuss this with
anybody okay. Satya please take care of Sharanya! Rohan instructed.
No, Im coming with you! Sharanya was adamant.
Rohan couldnt deny. He immediately called Yuvaraj and informed him what all had
happened. Yuvaraj was shocked. Rohan reassured him and asked him to check on Aruns
Later he made another call to Mr. Krishnamurthy, his dads friend and had informed
what had happened. Since Rohans dad had already told his friend what had happened,
Krishnamurthy understood and asked him to meet him in his office in another hour.
All of them reached the room and refreshed. Rohan wore another set of clean clothes
yet he had shed few tears when he had scrubbed the stains of blood from his body when he
Rohan and Sharanya started to the Commissioners office. They were asked to wait
for ten mins before they were led into another room.
Mr. Krishnamurthy seemed like the lion in his den.
Hello Rohan! He extended his hand.
Hello Uncle, This is Sharanya! Rohan introduced her.
Rohan then narrated what had happened that morning. Sharanya listened carefully to
their conversation when she remembered she had been watching Simi and Rohan that
morning when they spoke. She even remembered seeing the speeding red alto. At that
instant, Sharanya grasped Rohans hand!
Sharanya? What happened? Rohan was surprised since she had not held his hands
even when they came and when he tried she had just walked past him.
I know the numbers! Sharanya was still gazing in to thin air.
What? Mr. Krishnamurthy was puzzled. What is she talking?
I know the numbers on the car plates you know Rohan, how I was jealous of you
and Simi and I was watching you people when I saw the car tooI remember the
numbers! I was just shocked when I saw a man dying so I didnt realize it!! Sharanya
neither was too excited to stop talking nor was she bothered of their company.
Do you remember the number? You sure? Rohan was perplexed.
Yes. Its AP 05 7632! Thats the number Rohan! Sharanyas brows were knitted in
Now that was what needed. Let me check on it. Saying so the police officer left to
make few calls.
Oh Sharan, Thank you so much thank you! Rohan squeezed Sharanyas hand
before he left to make a call.
Rohan returned in a short while and they bid good bye to Krishnamurthy. On their
way to the hotel, Rohan told Sharanya about what had happened!
They tried to kill Arun? But why? Sharanya was confused.
We are yet to find that! I need to leave immediately. I would be leaving by flight
Sharan so you reach home safe and call me as soon as you reach home! Got it! Sharanya
merely nodded her head while Rohan dashed for his flight.
What happened? Where is he of to? Satya questioned Sharanya.
To Chennai, Guess he has something up his sleeves! Sharanya hoped with all her
heart that nothing should go wrong with Rohan.
While Sharanya and her friends boarded the bus and were half way to Chennai,
Rohan had reached Chennai.

My Wrong Love Story

He immediately called up Surendar who was the Chennais police Commissioner.

Hello, yes, did you find whose car it is Mr. Surendar? Rohan was anxious.
Huh you did! Thats great! Rohan was very close to the killer, thanks to
What did you just say? Its registered under Deepak Manor Reddy?? Rohan was
profusely sweating.
Are you sure? Rohan was still under shock.
Yes I am Boomed the voice from the other end.
That cold blooded creature who had murdered Shreya was Deepak??Rohan held
on to a nearby pole as his head was spinning in circles.

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 27:

Do you know him Mr.Rohan? Surendars voice boomed from the other end.
Rohan couldnt speak any further. His voice chocked over the lump that had suddenly
formed in his throat. He disconnected the call.
Yuvaraj reached Airport just in time to see Rohans eyes swimming in tears.
Hey, what happened? Rohan you dont worry well find the killer!! Yuvaraj gave a
brotherly hug to Rohan before he dragged Rohan along with him to the car.
You wont believe who is in town? Yuvaraj expected a response from Rohan but
all he got was a blank look.
Alright Ill tell you. Its Deepak!! Yuvaraj beamed.
He is in Town for a long time Yuvi!! We just didnt know!! Rohan had a serious
look on his face.
Oh come on I dont understand anythingbut sorry to disappoint you he still
doesn seem to trust you Rohan. Ranjani saw him when he came home! He is Yuvaraj
was cut short when Rohan almost screamed.
What? Is Ranjani safe? Ill kill that bloody guy if he tried to mess with RanjuI
swear I will Yuvaraj eased Rohan before he could get wild.
RohanWhats wrong with you. You were the one who called Deepak to come
here. You were the one who wanted him to trust you. How can he hurt RanjaniHe is
your friend, my cousin! Yuvaraj was rendered speechless when Rohan almost grabbed
his collar when he told the truth.
Thats because hes the one who killed my Shreya, your sister! Hes the one who
tried to kill Arun; hes the one who took Akashs life!!
What? No how can it be Rohan your confused!! Yuvaraj was shocked and
terrified with truth! He had been with Deepak since his childhood, though Deepak was an
adamant person how he could have killed Shreya!!
Yes it is!! The cars number belonged to Deepak Manor Reddy!! It was the same car
which tried to kill me! It was the same car, Akash had told me about, and it was the same
car which took his life!! He deserved to live Yuvi!! He asked me to save him yuvi save
him before he died!! Do you even know what it means!!? Rohan was wild with rage.
Rohan had least expected this! He had expected that the truth would clear his
conscience, but that was not what was happening. He was feeling the bitter pang of
betrayal as if it was an epidemic disease. His dreams, his hopes were shared only with his
friends, somebody whom he had called as family. Yet, it had broken his wings of
happiness, butchered his peace of mind and at last left him hopeless as if he was a
stranded victim, a lone survivor!
Rohan how can heYuvaraj was feeling the sudden jolt the truth had givem
Where is he now Yuvi? Rohan clenched his teeth as he bought the cars engine to
Elsewhere, Sharanya had reached Koyambedu bus stop and amid the crowd struggled
to reach the auto stand.
Hey, let me help you!! Her bag was snatched and Sharanya was wondering who it
Sharanya managed to see Ram with her bag in his hand through the crowd..
Hey, how are you? Sharanya gave a warm smile.
Good, Shall we go? Ill drop you home! Ram started walking and Sharanya
struggled to keep up with him.

My Wrong Love Story

Hey, its okay. Ill call dad! But her answers were met with blunt looks.
Once inside the car, there was complete silence. Sharanya broke it and spoke first.
Ram, Im sorry .i know Ive ignored you but please try to understand my state!
Sharanya was still searching for words whereas Ram drove the car steadily.
RamIm in love with your friend Rohan! I know Rohan loves mebut your my
friend and even before I propose him I need to tell you because I respect your friendship
and I value it.
But it seemed as Ram didnt pay heed to it, He took a sharp turn and Sharanya was
RamDrive slowly whats got into you! Sharanya managed to compose herself
from the shock he gave her.
Still silence was the only answer Ram gave his friend.
Sharanya wanted to continue her conversation though there was a lack of interest
from the other end.
Hey by the way whose car is it?? I never knew you had an ..Alto!! Sharanyas
voice flickered.
Oh its my friends!! Ram drove as steady as his voice.
Oh! quipped Sharanya.
Elsewhere Rohan and Yuvaraj entered Rams home only to find Ranjani sitting in the
What the hell are you doing here!!? Rohan almost grabbed his sister.
Hey I came to convince DeepakWhy are you so tensed? What happened?
Ranjani managed to stand up from the couch with her baby bump.
Yuvaraj entered right in time with two glasses of juice and was surprised when he
saw they had company.
WellRohan! How are you? Deepaks sarcastic tone was evident.
You bloody guy!! You slimy creature!! Rohan pounced on Deepak not giving him
one chance to know what happened.
Rohan punched Deepak and he was met with the same force. They then smashed the
fish tank as the glass shattered all over the floor. Rohans leg swept out in a wide, graceful
art, connecting with Deepaks ankles, throwing him off balance. Without even realizing
what exactly was happening, Deepak found himself flat on his back, sucking in deep
breaths of air that seemed devoid of oxygen, wincing as tiny glass pieces from the broken
fish tank dug painfully into his back.
Now thats enoughYuvi whats happening! Why are you not stopping them?
Ranjani was panic stricken.
This good for nothing killed my sister Ranju!! He is the killer! Yuvaraj didnt move
a muscle but just stood still.
YuviStop them or I will!! Ranjani indicated her baby bump before Yuvaraj
realized what his wife meant. He hurriedly went to separate the dueling friends.
Once Rohan was pulled awayDeepak crawled to a nearby table for support. When
Ranjani tried to tend to Deepak, Rohan swore at him angrily.
Deepak had lost two teeth and a deep cut ran along his lip. He had a blackened eye
and was wounded in several places due to the glass pieces across the floor. Rohan himself
was hurt. His shirt was torn and blood was trickling out of his forehead.

My Wrong Love Story

How can I kill Shreya? You cheat you are putting the blame on me...and...And
youre turning Yuvi against me!! I should have known!! I Trusted you and Deepak
managed to speak.
Shut up You killed Akash... You tried to kill me!! And you killed my Shreya! I
knew you loved her, so how could you DeepakYou sick weirdo!! Rohan was held back
by Yuvi lest he caused any more damage to Deepak.
How did you know I loved Shreya?? How?? Deepak was surprised!

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 28 :

Ram told me! Thank god he did!! Else I wouldnt have known your motive!! You
killed her just because she loved me!! You should have told me Deepak I would have
given anything up for you!! Rohan eased as he sat down. He was too tired and devoid of
What? No how can I kill Shreya!! I didnt!! I loved heryes I accept but I gave
up for you!! Deepak was confused and angry with Ram for sharing his secret!!
Dont you dare bluff to me!!? Rohan tried to hit him again but Ranjani stopped
Let him speak Rohan!! She gave a stern warning.
I didnt kill her RohanShe was my cousin. We grew up together how I can do it
when I was in love with her. I didnt even know where you took her until Ram told me
later that night!
But I had not told her to come out that night!! I was only planning and had told only
Ram about it!! I had not called Shreya!! Rohan answered frantically.
Then why did you kill Akash!! Why did you try to kill Arun!!? Rohans anger grew
I didnt! I saw Akash only when he came to your place yesterday. He got scared
seeing me and Ram and he ran out of your home!! Ranjani told he was your friend!!
Deepak spluttered.
Ram was with you when Akash met you? Rohan now grew suspicious.
Deepak nodded. Rohan enquired the time when Deepak met Akash.
It was around 7.45 in the evening! Ranjani confirmed.
Rohan immediately checked Yuvis phone and found out that Akash had called
Yuvaraj sharp at 7.50 PM enquiring about his where about.
Is Ram using your car? AP 05 7632? Rohan held Deepaks gaze.
Yes, Hes using it from the time he came to Chennai! I didnt want it to be with the
travels where my dad had rented it about 6 years ago! The travels didnt pay the rent for
the car and I didnt want it to be transported nor given to my relatives who had tortured
my dad in to buying the car and hiring it as a business proposal! So I requested Ram to use
it! Why? Deepak was confused while Rohan clearly understood what happened.
Where is Ram? Rohan moved towards Deepak and touched him gently.
Deepak was surprised at Rohans gentle touch. Hes gone to pick his friend
Sharanya! Why?
Rohan didnt waste any time. He asked his brother in law to inform Surendar to
follow his GPS in the car.
Rohan asked Ranjani to tend to Deepaks wounds and asked them to be safe.
Im sorry buddy!! Rohan uttered before he ran out to his car. Yuvaraj followed
him. Deepak lay motionless trying to clear the puzzle.
Why did Rohan ask about the car? Deepak was still wondering.
Ram drove through a deserted road.
Hey, where are we? Sharanya didnt know their route but was assured when Ram
told it was a shortcut since all the roads were blocked or diverted but was surprised when
he stopped the car in the middle of the deserted road.

My Wrong Love Story

Hey? What happened? WhyA piece of cloth was pressed against Sharanyas
mouth as she lost her conscience.
When she woke up, she was strongly tied against a chair and it was completely dark.
As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could make out a dark figure standing in front of
Hey...Where is Ram? What have you done to him? You Sharanya froze in shock
when she realized the silhouette was none other than Ram himself.
Ram?? Sharanya sat as if electricity had passed through her.
Yes, monu!! Its me!! Ram smiled.
Never guessed right?? Well my parents have always said am good in acting though I
didnt take up any classes! smirked Ram.
You killed Shreya? Sharanya was still not able to believe her eyes.
Oh hell, yeah! I killed her!!
Why?? Sharanyas voice echoed across the empty room.
Well, simple I loved her!! Loved her silky black hair, her mesmerizing eyes, he
slender hips, her long legs, and her sexy voice! Who wouldnt monu!! She was a stunner!!
But as usual Rohan got the ladies! He was a ladies man monu!! Deepak was as usual the
loser!! I was always the winner but they didnt realize!! laughed Ram.
You thought the guy who warned you in the hotel meant Rohan?? Ha ha ha!! He
meant me silly! He saw me kill her, savor the pain she underwent!! That idiot tried to save
her after I went, thats why his finger prints were all over Shreyas lovely body!! Ram
paced the room.
Why did you kill her, you moron? Sharanya tasted blood when Ram smacked her
hard across her face.
I would have been good to youI was good to you! If only you would have
accepted my love! You are adamant! Just like that idiotic Shreya! I made moves on her in
the party itself but she warned me! When Shreya was in love with Rohan, I befriended
her! She trusted me!! Deepak fell for her, poor fellow! I told it to Rohan to let go of
Shreya but he didnt do it immediately! That night only I knew Rohan had planned to take
her to dinner. I spoke to her and told her to meet Rohan in the place where I planned. She
did go, dressed up in all her glory!! I only wanted to have her!! I went after her!! She
didnt let me to even touch her. She protested, warned me that she would tear down my
image and respect with my friends and family. The only way left for me was to kill her
monu!! Oh wow!! It was so good you wont believe!! You need to kill a person to know
its joy!! Ram smiled at Sharanya!
You sadist!! You never loved her!! Deepak is not the loser!! You are!! Sharanya
faced another slap as she lost her conscience.
When Sharanyas memory resurfaced, Ram held her hands. Sharanya tried to jerk her
hand free but couldnt.
I didnt want to kill Shreya but I had to monu! I thought I could frame Rohan for the
murder!! I was free but Ranjanis boyfriend turned up. He tried to save her but she died!!
He fled from the scene thinking of his past record of crimes. I thought it was over and
done. I wanted to have a happy life with you monu. You spoilt it!! Ram squeezed her

My Wrong Love Story

WhyWhy did you kill Akash?? Sharanya wanted to know the truth. She knew
somewhere in the deep corner of her heart, help was nearing but for that she needed time.
She started her conversation once again to prolong the time.
Well he saw me kill Arun! Guess he identified me when he saw me in Rohans
home!! Thats why he came after you people to Coimbatore. But I killed him just in time.
Now dont you want to know how I planned to kill your Rohan!!?
That you can tell me when you come with me to the police Station!! Rohan stood a
few meters away from them.
HowHow did you find out where I wasRam panicked.
Well, not to surprise you anymore, I have few friends. Torchlights bought light to
the room which was only lit up with a small bulb.
Yuvaraj, Deepak, Ranjani along with Surendar and his police force stood beside
Ram was terrified and pulled Sharanya into his clutches. He pressed the knife against
her throat.
Dont move!! Ill kill her. Ram threatened.
It was now Rohans turn to be scared. Leave her! Deepak warned Ram.
Oh its the loser monu!! Sharanya knew death was very close to her. How she
wanted to wake up and find it to be a dream. She missed her parents dearly. They didnt
know anything yet.
Ram pressed the knife and its shiny edge pierced her skin as the first drop of blood
trickled from her neck and stuck to the knife.
Surendar shot Ram and before anybody could realize what happened, Ram was shot
yet he managed to take the knife take deeper plunge in Sharanyas throat!

My Wrong Love Story

Chapter 29:

Ram fell back while Sharanyas vision blurred. Now the blood was not trickling but
there was a constant flow. She remembered Rohan rushing towards her and carrying her
while she closed her eyes.
Sharanya was in a semi-conscious state before she was sedated. She overheard
patches of conversation.
I need to go dont sharan.love.be back soonlive...for me
Nothing made sense for Sharanya. It was at least a day before she came to her senses.
Once she opened her eyes, her parents were before her. They rushed to her and cradled
Ma dadIm sorry...i Sharanya couldnt speak continuously.
Dont be sorry Sharanya!! I told your parents everything!! Everything will be
alright! Ranjani stepped into the room.
Sharanya managed to ask for Rohan.
He left Sharanya! He had to go to close few police formalities and business was
pending there!! Ranjani felt sorry for Sharanya when she realized her love as tears rolled
down Sharanyas cheeks.
After six month, Life returned to its normalcy. Sharanya was placed as Network
Administrator in a reputed firm. Her parents never spoke of that fateful night or of Rohan.
Ram was declared dead when he was bought to the hospital. Her mom had told her.
Though he was the murderer, Sharanya always felt warmth from him. He was her friend.
There were many nights when she cried herself to sleep.Ram's parents were miserable!
They had not expected Ram to a physco!How they wished they had concentrated more on
their son, but now it was too late.Arun had recovered and was on the right path this time.
He had found himself a decent job and even asked Ranjani's apology but she was thankful
she met him, else she wouldn't have married Yuvaraj, her loving husband.The truth
dawned on Deepak! He was thankful to God for Rohan, but he always wondered why and
when Ram had changed to the ugly monster.
Satya was happily married and Simi was also placed as a network admin. They were
in constant touch. Once when Simi had accidentally mentioned Rohan or Ram, Sharanya
broke down. From that day, Simi took efforts not to mention both their names.
One day in office, Sharanyas mobile rang with her special ring tone. It reminded her
of Rohan. No, she had to put the past behind her. She hurriedly picked the call.
Hello Sharanya, this is Ranjani! Ranjani greeted her.
Oh hi, how are you? Are you regular to doctor?? Sharan managed to smile.
Oh yeah. Can you come down to your lobby; Im waiting here for you. Rohan
wanted me to give you something! Ranjanis warm voice flowed through the phone.
Oh, alright. Ill come down! Sharanya hurried down the stairs to the lobby only to
be taken in to Ranjanis arms.
Wow, its so good to see you!!Ranjanis baby bump had grown bigger and she was
due in another two weeks.
Yeah! Sharanya hugged her back.
Did you come alone? Sharanya was concerned.

Oh nothey wouldnt let me drive!! My dad has come down to Chennai. He bought
something from Rohan! Rohan asked me to give you this. Ranjani handed over a small
box wrapped in gift wrapper.
Oh, I cant take this! Please give it back to him!! Im sorry Sharanya protested.

My Wrong Love Story

Oh no hell kill me!! You better take it!! Saying so Ranjani forced the gift into
Sharanyas hand. I need to go! See you tonight!!...i mean some night!! Bye!! Ranjani
walked fast towards her waiting car.
Sharanya stood there with memories of Rohan! Why did he do this to me!! Why
didnt he even try calling me!! Tears, hot and bitter burned her cheeks. She swiftly wiped
them and went to her place. She had not cared to open the present. It lay inside her bag.
She reached her home around 8 that night. As she stood outside her door, there were
too many slippers outside.
Wonder who it could be? As Sharanyas mom opened the door, Sharanya peeped
inside but there was nobody except for an elderly person.
Oh there you are, come soon! Refresh and come!! Sharnayas mom instructed her.
Sharanya didnt argue but did as she was told. She had no interest to argue. Once she
came out to the living room, her mom thrust the coffee cup in her hand.
Give it to him!! Hes going to be your father in law!! Sharanyas mom told her.
Sharanya was shocked but she didnt have time to express. She gave the coffee and
with tears filled eyes proceeded to her room when a familiar voice stopped her.
Not willing to know whom youre going to marry? Rohans image framed the
doorway to her parents bedroom.
Sharanya was stunned seeing him. What is he doing here? Am I dreaming?
Sharanya wondered.
Hes my dad!! Mr.Vishwanath!! And hes here to ask your hand for his son!! Your
parents accepted but you seem to be confused!! Rohans remarks were sarcastic.
Sharanyas tears were now free flowing. She couldnt hide her happiness yet she
wanted to cry. How much she had missed him.
Oh no!! Dont you cry!!? Rohan moved fast and gathered her in his arms.
Didnt you see my gift?? Rohan asked Sharanya as she nodded her head.
Well, why dont you see now!! Rohan dug through her bag and retrieved the small
Sharanya didnt speak but did as she was asked. As she opened the box, a thousand
small diamonds smiled at her. It was a beautiful diamond studded ring.
I had got it for Shreya for our anniversary!!Rohan didnt flinch this time but
I needed time to think it out Sharan! I loved you, I realized as soon as I read your
mind, your heart! But I wanted time to forget the past, to move on!! I wanted to promise
you a brand new beginning and not from where Shreya had left! You deserve a new
beginning. Im giving you one now!! I know I loved Shreya but guess god had different
plans! You complete me Sharan!! Will you marry me?? Rohan proposed her in her house
in front of her parents.
Sharanya was completely speechless, she just nodded. Rohan hugged her and kissed
her forehead.
Now lets try out the ring, shall we?
Rohan slid the ring into Sharanyas fingers and it fit perfectly as if it had been waiting
just for her fingers amid their families.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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