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Table of Contents
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Prologue: Revenge of the Slave Lords! ..................................... 5
Alternate Beginning for WORLD OF GREYHAWK" Setting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

PART 1: Gl-3
CHAPTER 1: Darkness over Sterich ..................................... 12
CHAPTER 2: Into the Mountains ....................................... 18
CHAPTER 3: The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief ........................ 20
CHAPTER 4: The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jar1 ....................... 27
CHAPTER 5: Hall of the Fire Giant King ................................ 34

PART 2: D 1-3 ........................................................ 49

CHAPTER 6: Into the Depths ........................................... 50
CHAPTER 7: The Route to the Warrens ................................. 55
CHAPTER 8: Warrens of the Troglodytes ................................. 57
CHAPTER 9: The Journey to the Shrine ................................. 62
CHAPTER 10: The Shrine of the Kuo-Toans .............................. 63
CHAPTER 11: The Borders of the Drow Kingdom ......................... 70
CHAPTER 12: The Vault of the Drow ................................... 73

PART3:Ql .......................................................... 93
CHAPTER 13: The Demonweb Pits ..................................... 94

EPILOGUE: Fate of the Queen .......................................... 121

APPENDIX 1: The Queen of Spiders ..................................... 122
APPENDIX 2: New Magic Items ........................................ 124
APPENDIX 3: Further Adventures in the Depths ........................... 125
APPENDIX 4: Further Adventures in the Demonweb Pits .................... 126
APPENDIX 5: Special Monsters ......................................... 127

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Deep within the bowels of the Earth there text to serve as reminders of specific details of demonic citadel-stealing would be ideal), or
lives a fell race, the drow, who conspire and encounters. by a gate or telepon that places the adventur-
plot to enslave and destroy the surface realms. ers on the borders of Sterich as all the Abyss
The webs they spin are many, and the tendrils Refereeing the Adventure breaks loose, and the only way home is
of their power can be felt from the Crystalmist through the lair of the Queen of the Spiders.
The ultimate success of this adventurein your
Mountains to the Pomarj. Yet as deadly as Finally, the demoness statistics and abili-
campaign rests upon you, the DM. It is your skill
these creatures are, they are pale shadows ties, though they have appeared elsewhere,
and knowledge, not only of the adventure and
compared to the grim power they worship- are summarized in Appendix 1 for use with
the AD&D@rule system, but of your players as
The Queen of Spiders! this adventure. Appendix 2 contains a com-
well, that determine how enjoyable your games
The story of the Queen of the Spiders is one plete list of new magical items that appear in
with this adventure are. There is no right way
of plots within plots, wheels within wheels. this series. Appendix 3 summarizes further
to run any encounter. There is only your way of
Each level of the conspiracy has its own mas- adventures in the maze-like realm beneath
running encounters. You may add or delete from
ters (or mistresses) and hidden reasons for the Hellfurnaces, and Appendix 4 suggests
the story as you see fit. What is contained within
their actions. All the parties involved wield further adventures for the Demonweb Pits.
is only a skeleton, it is your input that makes it a
their own dread powers and are forces to be
worthwhile adventure.
reckoned with. It is recommended that at the
The adventure begins with getting the char-
start of the adventure no characters be of less
acters to Sterich, where strange doings are The statistics for all creatures encountered
than 8th level, with loth level the norm as the
afoot. If the characters in your campaign have are collected for your easy reference. The com-
characters leave the surface world and journey
played through A 1-4, begin play with the plex details of the drow, kuo-toa, svirfneblin,
into the sunless realms of the depths beneath
Prologue Section that follows. Characters and other-planar creatures (demons and
the earth. Characters of less than 8th level will
gathered together for this adventure begin on daemons) are collected in Appendix 3. Study
quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the
the borders of Sterich in Chapter One. these (especially the drow) before you begin
creatures they must face, and it is recom-
Upon discovering malign forces afoot in the the adventure; many of the details will be
mended that those of much lower levels begin
nations bordering the Crystalmist mountains, needed regularly.
play with Temple OfElemental Evil or Scourge
the players are directed to the first of their stag- The less complex details for all other crea-
of the Slave Lords, which provide the ground-
work for this adventure. Just as characters of ing bases, the Steadingof the Hill Giants. What tures are summarized in the map booklet, in a
the characters find there leads deeper into the central section. When you start any part of the
too low a level will have difficulty dealing with
mountains to the south, to the Rift of the Frost adventure, remove the campaign maps and
the encounters within, those of supremely
high level (18 + at the start of the adventure) GiantJarl (Chapter 4), and finally to the Halls of collected creature statistics from the map
the Fire Giant King (Chapter Five). booklet, and keep them handy; they will be
will undoubtedly find the challenges within
unsatisfying, and surely one such as Lolth Deep in the bowels of the Fire Giants halls, needed for every encounter.
the players should discover something of the
would not wish to let into her web any oppo-
nent she feels could give her a fair fight! Such
nature of the creatures that have urged the gi- Treasures
ants to attack human lands-the drow. The
characters are best left running their own bar- Most creatures have valuables of some sort.
drow are known to most of humanity, at least
onies and kingdoms, provided what support Whenever gems are noted, the base values are
by legend, but an organized force that is pow-
they may for lesser adventurers. given in the text. Use standard procedures to
erful enough to manipulate the giants into
war with mankind is unheard of! check for variance, rolling Idlo for each gem
Getting Started The trail of the drow leads deep within the
(or for lots of 5 or 10 gems, as you choose), ap-
Before starting the adventure, each player plying the following results:
earth, through the realms of other evil creatures
should have the Players Handbook, a set of unseen by mortal eyes for centuries, terminating
dice, and his or her character. Unearthed Ar- Idlo Result
finally in the Vaults of the Drow, and the city of
cana will also be helpful for the players, not Erelhei-Cinlu,where the dark elves rule. 1 Increase to next higher value, and roll
only for new spells and classes, but for under- Yet the trail does not end there, but leads again using ld8. No stone may in-
standing some of the beings and encounters in off the Prime Material Plane entirely, for the crease more than 7 times.
this adventure. The DM should have his copy truly malevolent force behind the ills of 2 Double value; do not roll again.
of the Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monster Sterich is the Demonic Queen of Spiders,
3 10%-60 % (ld6) greater value; do not
Manual. The Fiend Folio@Tomeand Monster Lolth! Only by confronting her will the PCs be roll again.
Manual ZI will prove valuable as well for full able to free the land of her dread curse. 4-8 No change.
descriptions of some of the monsters the play- As can be seen, the adventure begins simply
9 10-40% (ld4) less value; do not roll
ers will encounter. If the DM desires to expand and quickly snowballs into an epic adventure again.
the realms of the underearth beyond the scope where the fate of the world may rest firmly in the 10 Decrease to next lower value, and roll
presented in this text, the Dungeoneers Sur- hands of the PCs. This is the nature of the ad- again using ld8+2. No stone may
vival Guide is highly recommended. venture, that as one foe falls before flashing decrease more than 5 times.
For ease of play, the adventure is divided swords and flaming spells, another is discerned
into chapters, with each chapter lasting about behind it, one more powerful than the first, Gem Value Categories
an evening of adventuring (some evenings which must in turn be defeated.
may entail covering two chapters, while some, This adventure is designed for use with the 1,000,000 gp 10,000 gp 10 gp
like the chapters involving challenging Lolth World of Greyhawk Fantasy setting. It may 500,000 gp 5,OOOgp 5gp
on her home plane, may take several evenings be adapted for use in your own campaign ei- 250,000 gp 1,000 gp 1 gp
to play.) The DM should carefully read the ther by locating it in a similar area in your own 100,000 gp 500gp 1Osp
chapter (or two)to be covered in that evening, game world (another mountain-bordering 50,000 gp 1oogp 5 sp
highlighting or marking any sections in the state suddenly beset by gigantic invaders and 25,000 gp 50 gP 1 SP

The Schemes Of The Drow While the Noble houses of the dark elves and will band together against a common
There dwells a race deep within the recesses feud, the demoness Lolth spins her own webs. threat. This material is represented in the sec-
of the earth, a race that shuns the light of day She has been growing in power over the years, tion on the Vault of the Drow, and is included
and worship fell beings such as spider-demon despite the defection of Eclavdra and her ilk. here so the DM is not confused by the early
Lolth. This is the race of the dark elves, also Using the power she has gained, she is ready to appearance of letters from Eclavdra, and
called the drow. make her next step; the invasion of a world! brooches bearing the motto Despanna.
This adventure revolves around the machi- Lolth draws worlds into her web, worlds to
nations and plots of the largest drow commu- be conquered. She intends to add the World Worshippers ofLolrh
of Greyhawk to her collection. House Kilsek
nity in the Crystalmist mountains, the city of
Erelhei-Cinlu. This great drow city, the largest Lolth controls one of the 666 layers of the Clan Hook (Allied with Puffball)
of its type, is located in the beneath the Abyss, and uses her power as ruler of that Clan Puffball (Allied with Hook, Gem)
realm to attack realms in the Prime Material House Despana
Hellfurnaces, but the plots spun within its
walls threaten to draw in all the overworld na- Plane. She has many under her sway already, Clan Gem (Allied with Puffball, Fungi)
tions and their peoples. and is attempting to subdue others through Clan Shelf Fungi (Allied with Gem)
In Erelhei-Cinlu, the chaotic drow have a her servants on those plains. Her next target is House Noquar
semblance of order in that they are ruled by the Oerth, home of the player characters. She Clan Mushrooms (Lozenge, Crescent)
eight great noble families who preside over 16 intends to suck the dimension in, a bit at a Clan Horsetail (Lozenge)
merchant clans. The city maintains male and time, and place it within her realm. Once she House Everhate
female fighting societies to keep rivalries be- has done this, she will crush the population Clan Lozenge (Mushroom, Horsetail, Cres-
tween families and clans in check. A separate and enslave them to her will. cent)
clerical organization, worshipping the spider- The drow are unaware of Lolths exact House Godeep
demoness Lolth, maintains a loose control plans, only that she has great interest in Clan Morel (Crescent)
over all of the above. Oerth. Eclavdra, leader of House Eilserv, is House Aleval
Such has been the way things have been in concerned that any plan by Lolth will reduce Clan Crescent (Morel, Mushrooms, Loz-
Erelhei-Cinlu for centuries. The drow clergy her own temporal power, and so is encourag- enge)
have encouraged the worship of the spider- ing the giants to step up their attacks on the
demoness Lolth, and the demoness gained lands of the Yeomancy and Sterich. Worsh~ppersof rhe Elder Elemental God
great power in this plane as a result. Lolth, in her own way, sees Eclavdrasforces House Eilserv (Elcavdra)
Recently, however, there has been a split in as softening up the area for her main attack. Clan Coiled Whip (Prism)
the noble families of Erelhei-Cinlu. Two no- She does not, however, wish Eclavdra to be- Clan Bars (Bone)
ble families, House Eilserv and the lesser come truly powerful on the planet she is about Clan Bone (Bar)
House Tormtor, have sought to extend their to conquer, nor does she wish houses Eilserv House Tormtor
power over the surface world through actively and Tormtor to become the supreme ruling Clan Chain (Prism)
encouraging evil agents in the lands above. It houses in her new world. Clan Prism (Chain, Coiled Whip)
is house Eilserv that provided the support for This is how the player characters first come
the slave-lords of the Pomarj, and have been to Lolths attention. The demoness is aware There are two outstanding merchant clans.
rallying the giants of the Crystalmist moun- that a band of hearty adventurers has already Clan Urn is neutral to all other houses and
tains to raid the human lands. foiled one of Eclavdras plots in the Pomarj, clans. Clan Star is similar, but favors Eilserv.
This sudden increase in activity (with the such that Eclavdra has approved the removal Most NPC drow encountered are Chaotic
equal increase in power for the houses in- of these characters. Lolth sees these characters Evil in the extreme. They are cruel, corrupt,
volved), brought those two houses into con- as a potential threat to her own plans, and so is and contemptuous of lesserraces. All oth-
flict with the other noble houses of the vault. setting one against the other. If Eclavdras ers exist to serve them in attaining their partic-
The other six houses felt that Eilserv and agents slay the characters, they will be out of ular goal, primarily, and secondarily, the goals
Tormtor were acting in an unseemly fashion position when she begins her operation. If the of the drow as a people. They have seen the
and appealed to the clerical followersof Lolth. PCs defeat the agents, Lolth will arrange to benefits of banding together, and will not be-
The priests attempted to bring Eilserv and its send the players after Eclavdras giant allies, so tray their people for a handful of coins,
ally back into line, but the houses (led by as to weaken Eilserv and Tormtor and reward though they agree to help if it help advances
Eilservs ruler Eclavdra) pulled away from the the loyal houses of Erilhei-Cinlu. If the play- their own schemes. Afterward, of course, their
worship of Lolth entirely, instead offering ers characters defeat Eclavdra and discover the non-drow allies may be fed to the spiders
their veneration to a nameless Elder Elemental demoness own hand in the matter, Lolth re- while they laugh and applaud. Drow are al-
God, and encouraging his worship among wards the characters by permitting them to ways looking for their angle, and how they
their servants in the surface world. come into her web and die at her hands. can benefit to the greatest degree in any par-
The situation among the drow houses is Each side sees the player characters as a re- ticular situation.
critical. The other nobles are as yet unwilling source, a cats-paw to be used against a rival
to strike against the rebel houses in the open, without risking their own hides. Neither side
but an uneasy peace exists. Both factions considers the player characters to be a true
maintain an uneasy truce in the subterranean threat to their plans, and this may result in the
city of Erelhei-Cinlu, but each side is watch- overturn of all their schemes.
ing the other. The Merchant clans continue
their trade in the underground depths, each The Factions of Erelhei-Cinlu
relying on a noble house for protection. Only The following information is an overview of
the existence of the fighting societiesprevents the drow society for theJudge. In general, the
open warfare. drow are untrustworthy toward non-drow,

This chapter is provided as a bridge be- der you desire and can be inflicted upon what- the chance that the object hits is equal to that
tween the adventures within this book and ever player character you wish. It is given above. The damage done varies with
those in the first two books of this series-The recommended that you spread this misfortune size. Small objects (flowerpots, bricks) inflict
Temple ofElemen tal Evil (TI -4), and Scourge around, however, so that one player does not 1-8 points of damage, medium-sized (large
of the Slave Lords (AI-4). If your players have feel consistently picked on. stones) 2-12 points, and large (boulders, fur-
not played either of the above, begin the ad- niture, sides of beef) 2-16 points. Naturally,
venture with the next chapter. Broke! there is no sign of any culprit. Indeed, the
In this chapter, the player characters suspect whole thing looks accidental. And of course,
Some minor crucial moment when money is
that the slave lords, whom they destroyed, it is not.
needed (to pay for a meal, for example), a
have returned. The characters are the target of
savage attacks and mysterious accidents. character reaches into his purse and pulls out a
dead rat! Some clever thief has cleaned out the Rent Problems
Strange, yet vaguely familiar men shadow
purse, leaving a small token of his apprecia- When the characters arrive back at their
them. In time, it becomes clear that someone
is acting against the player characters. Just tion. If the other charactersfind this amusing, rooms, they find all their goods piled near the
who and why is what the characters must let them make the same discovery when they front door of the building. Their rooms are oc-
learn. check their pursues. Obviously, characters cupied by strangers (who naturally dislike
Ideally, this chapter should occur several who have intelligently protected their funds people bursting in on them). The landlord
weeks or months after the PCs defeated the with magical protections (such as magic has rented the room to someone else. He can
slave lords. It is best if the characters consider mouth) discover the thief in the attempt. He offer many reasons-he has heard of a charac-
these foes as past history, simply another he- is a lowly cutpurse who immediately surren- ters bad credit rating, the new tenant is an
roic event in their lives. If possible, subtly en- ders and pleads for mercy. He does not impli- important official, a member of his wifes
cate anyone else, although it was suggested he family, or has simply paid an exorbitant
courage this attitude by questioning them on
what their next adventure will be and congrat- rob the characters by the head of his local amount for the room. Whatever the case, the
guild. characters are not going to get their rooms
ulating them on the defeat of the slave lords.
For best effect, you want the coming events to back. Furthermore, word of the event spreads
be surprising! Mistaken Identity quickly. Other landlords either refuse to rent
The PCs should gradually gain a picture of As the characters are walking down the rooms or demand huge sums, far beyond any-
what is happening to them. However, this pic- street, they hear a voice shout out, You! thing reasonable.
ture should never be clear. You want them to Stop! Wheres the 100 gold ya owe me, ya The new renters, of course, are agents of the
be mystified and in search of answers. By the lousy welcher? Down the street is a fat mer- slave lord who have arranged for this little in-
end of the chapter, it should be clear that all chant, shouting and pointing at one of the dignity. They do not know their employer,
their questions can only be answered in player characters. He has mistaken the PC only that they received a large sum of money,
Sterich. for someone who owes him money. He pro- the address of the characters, and instructions.
Since ideally some time has passed since the claims loudly for all to hear that the character
defeat of the slave lords, the PCs have proba- is a cheat and double-dealer. When con- The Clumsy Guardsman
bly traveled away from the scene of their last fronted, however, he realizes his mistake and At some point when the player characters
adventure, possibly across great distances. apologizes for the case of mistaken identity. If are near a group of city or town guardsmen, a
Thus, the following events and encounters are threatened, he screams for the guard. crossbow bolt is fired at one character of the
designed to be used in nearly any town in Of course, even if his apology is accepted, group. It hits as if fired by a 0 level human.
which the charactersfind themselves. As such, the damage is done. Many heard his accusa- Whether the bolt hits or misses, a startled
this town is not named nor is a great amount tions, but no one heard the apology. By the grunt of surprise and astonishment comes
of detail given. It may be anything from the end of the day, no merchant will offer credit to from a nearby niche. The PCs see a horrified
great city of Greyhawk to the lowly village of the character or his friends, nor will they take guardsman therein, staring down at his cross-
Hommlet. orders without cash in advance. When possi- bow. Extremely upset, he begins to profusely
ble, merchants will raise prices slightly for the apologize for the accident. It wasnt sup-
1. A String of Bad Luck Party. posed to do that! I was only futing the sights! I
The returned attentions of the slave lords to The merchant thinks he is helping with a even had the safety catch on! He obviously
the player characters begins innocently practical joke. Shortly before the player char- seems just as startled as the PCs. However, if
enough. A few unfortunate things begin hap- acters arrived, a man gave him several gp to they lean on him too hard, the other guards-
pening to one of the player characters. At play out his part. The description he can give men nearby come to his support. Ultimately,
first, to the amusement of the others, the is of no help. the party can either accept that it was an acci-
events are centered around this one person. dent or bring down the wrath of the entire city
However, gradually the same bad luck befalls Falling Objects guard upon them.
the entire group. As a player character steps out of or into a The guardsman is truly innocent. Although
Behind all these events is a slave lord or his building, an item mysteriously falls straight the bolt was fired from his weapon, the trigger
agents. However, his hand is never directly ap- toward the character. A loose brick may fall, a was pulled using a minor spell cast by a magic-
parent in any of these events. Everything is flowerpot may blow off a ledge, a rope may user not far away.
done through others, who are in turn hired by snap in the process of moving a heavy piece of
others, who yet in turn receive orders or sug- furniture, and so forth. Roll to see if the char- Fire
gestions from others. Once defeated by the acter is surprised. If so, the object hits on a roll During an otherwise quiet night, a fire
player characters, the slave lord is taking no of 17 or better. If not surprised, the character breaks out in the characters building. It is
chances this time. can dodge the object entirely by rolling his very late at night, well after honest men are
The following events can be used in any or- dexterity or less on 1d20. If the dodging fails, asleep. If a character is awake, the fire is no-

ticed shortly after it starts. The blaze can be expensive, and are upheld by the magistrate. woodcutter, in town for his own reasons. He is
extinguished with little difficulty. None of the If characters refuse to pay, point out that the not following the party; all has occurred by
PCs equipment is damaged. injured party (the guardsman and his family) chance. He creates a scene if pressured by the
If no one is awake, the characters are alerted are legally permitted to pursue a blood ven- player characters, which should make them
by thick smoke and roaring flame. Opening detta against their enemy. Thereafter one out look foolish.
their door, they see the exit blocked by fire. of every 10 encounters is with a family mem-
Those willing to brave the flames and heat can ber seeking to kill that PC. It is probably easier Real Shadlows
run out this direction. Others may escape out to pay the compensation and be done with it.
Sometime after the previous incident, have
the window. The characters have 1-6 rounds After all, the player characters may have acci-
the same player character or one of his close
before a flash fire enters their room. After dentally injured a whole family of successful
confidantes notice a stranger watching the
this, each victim suffers 2- 12 points of damage adventurers!
party. As before, if the characters watch this
per round until escaping. Only those things man, he appears to pay them no notice. He
the characters take survive the flames (unless Evil Rumors again seems to follow wherever they go. This
able to resist burning and intense heat). By
At first, the characters notice suspicious time the man is actually shadowing the PCs;
morning most of the building has burned to
stares from those with whom they deal. Then he is an agent of the slave lord. If confronted,
the ground. The landlord is then convinced
these stares become a reluctance to deal at all. he denies everything. His instructions are to
that someone in the party is a jinx or has put
The characters are finally openly refused serv- watch the PCs for several hours and then note
the evil eye on his business. There is no sign of
ice or turned away. Doors are closed in their all his observations on paper in a secret code.
what started the fire. This he seals in a tube and drops into the main
faces. Merchants will not sell them goods.
The fire was actually started outside by a
Honest folk shun them; someone has been cir- well of the city. However, the tube is not to be
hired arsonist, who has long since disappeared
culating unwholesome rumors about them. collected. Another agent secretly scans his
into the night. The arsonist sincerely believes
As with all gossip, it is impossible to trace it to mind with an ESP spell while he prepares the
the man who hired him was the landlord, but
its source, and similarly difficult to counter. report.
this was an agent of the slave lord using a cun-
To beat the rumors, the characters must affect After several hours, the tail on the party is
ning disguise.
scrupulously correct behavior for several replaced by a different man (who the PCs may
weeks. Paladins are exempt from these ru- or may not notice). His instructions and pro-
The Frame mors, but suffer from association with the cedures are identical to those of the first
As the player characters are peacefully sit- other undesirables. agent.
ting in an inn, a number of heavily armored
and armed guardsmen enter the establish- 2. Suspicions and Clues Spy of the Slave Lord (1st Level Fighter): AC
ment, accompanied by a little man in robes. 10; hp 8; MV 1 2 ; #AT 1; Dmg 1-4 (dag-
As the string of bad luck for the player char-
These men look about from table to table ca- ger); THACO 20; AL N(E); XPV 18
acters increases in intensity, they should de-
sually. It is clear they are searching for some-
velop suspicions that someone or something is
one. Conversation stops as they spread out
behind their woes. At this point, you want to
3. Messages and Meetings
and move through the customers, examining
fuel their paranoia, making them nervous and By now the player characters should suspect
each carefully. At first they pass by the player
jumpy. that someone or something is working against
characters, paying them no more notice than
them. However, all their efforts to locate their
the others. However, the guardsmen carefully
Nosy Strangers tormentor should have ended in frustration.
circle around the party, trying to look natural.
A surprise message is discovered when a
When in position, the captain of the group A curious stranger comes up to the player
character reaches into his pocket. The crum-
orders one of the characters to surrendej and characters and asks them an innocuous ques-
pled piece of paper reads:
come along peacefully. He is under adest for tion. Do you know of a good inn? Have
theft from a local temple. If the PC resists, the you lived here long enough to recommend an
guardsmen use force. They are only interested honest tavern keeper? Are you from
in the one character (plus any others who in- around here? Your accent seems different. your misfortune, be at the Tattered Flag
terfere). Another guardsman is sent to search The characters will probably think little of Public House tonight. Do not fail to come
the characters room. Other PCs may accom- such minor interruptions. But in the hours or you will never know the source of your
pany him if they wish (in which case more and days that pass, other strangers ask other ills. I will know you.
guards come along). The guardsman finds a questions that slowly begin to probe into their
jewel-studded chalice, the one stolen from the backgrounds, religious beliefs, abilities, and The PCs have no trouble finding the Tat-
temple. There is no doubt this was the stolen past experiences. These folk are agents of the tered Flag Public House; it is a well known es-
item and that it was hidden among the charac- slave lord, attempting to gain more informa- tablishment. But unless they specifically ask,
ters goods. tion about the party for their master. they do not know that the place has a reputa-
All prisoners are taken to the local gaol for tion as the watering hole of the toughest and
questioning. This takes several hours, and False Scent meanest ruffians of the area. It is noted for its
only ends when a cleric is brought in to use de- brawls and wild evenings.
Once the PCs are a bit suspicious, tell one There is no ambush or trap set at the Tat-
tect lie. Of course, the local magistrate may
player that his character notices a man watch- tered Flag. But for several nights before the
insist the characters be punished for other
ing the party. The man doesnt do anything in PCs arrive, agents of the slave lords spread sto-
actions during the course of the arrest-
particular, and if anyone watches him he ries among its patrons, referring to some ad-
attacking guardsmen, injury to property or
seems to pay no attention to the group. If the venturers who are boasting of their prowess
persons, or injury to authority. Any guards-
PCs go to a public place, the man seems to fol- and insulting the lineages of several regulars
men harmed by the PCs press suits for com-
low them. This lasts for several hours. How- at the place. It is just a coincidence that the
pensation by them. These are undoubtedly
ever, the man is actually an innocent
description of this group is amazingly similar a third flails away at him. meet again. Their plans do not sound pleasant
to the PCs. If the thugs beat the player characterssense- at all. The more they drink, the louder,
When the PCs enter the place, read the fol- less, they strip them of all cash and dump meaner, and more physically abusive they get.
lowing to the players. them in an alley several blocks distant from The PCs must leave very carefully if they do
the Tattered Flag. They also relieve them of a not wish to start another fight.
Even though the sun still glows in the west- few minor magic items. If the PCs immedi- Naturally, the Tattooed Thug and his
ern sky, it is dark and gloomy inside. Until ately return to the Tattered Flag, they find it friends didnt just come here by accident. An
your eyes adjust, all you can see clearly are closed for the night. If they come back the agent of the slave lord suggested this tavern,
a number of tables and chairs and hulking next day, they are stopped by several guards- mentioning also that the player characters
bodies. There is a steady clatter and clink men at the entrance who tell them the place might be found there.
of mugs and dishes and many voices raised has been closed by order of the town council.
in boisterous and crude song. The bar is The third message arrives the next morn-
peculiar. It is large and wooden with shut- Tattooed Thug (10th Level Fighter): AC 6; ing. The messenger was hired by a handsome
tered windows that open into the kitchen. hp63;MV12; #AT3/2;Dmgbyweapon young man, who was obviously nervous and
Drinks and platters of food are passed + 6 (strength), with knife (Dmg 1-3) and frightened. The message reads:
through the windows to serving wenches. sap (Dmg 1-2); THACO 9 ; AL CE; XPV What gods have you offended to curse
You manage to find an empty table. 2,232 your fortunes so? I fear for my own safety just
to be near you, yet I cannot remain silent,
As their eyes become adjusted to the light, Tattooed Thugs Friends (19 7th Level Fight- Dangerous forces loom in the west, forces that
the characters begin to see the true nature of ers): AC 8; hp 42; MV 12; #AT 312; toy with your lives. For your sake I must speak
the Tattered Flag. The place is occupied by a Dmg by weapon + 2 (strength), with knife with you. Tell this messenger of a private place
score of the biggest and meanest looking (Dmg 1-3), sap (Dmg 1-2), or club (Dmg where I can meet with you. I will be careful;
thugs imaginable. They gradually fall silent as 1-6); THACO 12; XPV 561 none will follow me.
heads swivel in the direction of the party. The messenger carries a reply to the person
Then the largest walks over to their table. His The player characters find a second message who hired him, if desired. His instructions are
head is shaved in rows, the remaining hair when they return to their rooms after their lit- to go to a certain bridge at noon and think the
standing in stiff bristles. His face is lined with tle adventure at the Tattered Flag. It has been name of the place their characters will be at,
tattooed welts in coiling patterns and his teeth slid under their door. The landlord remem- After one minute of thinking, he is to leave.
are cracked and broken. bers that a young man came by, but cannot The bridge named is always very crowded at
I hear theres a new bunch in town who describe him. The message reads: noon with traffk going to and from market.
think theyre real tough. They said some Your accursed misfortunes continue! I saw At the location chosen by the PCs, allow
things we dont like. Aint that right, boys? a riot at the Tattered Flag and feared I would them time to prepare any traps, surprises and
There is a general nod of agreement from the be discovered. Let us try again tonight at a ambushes they desire. When the appointed
other patrons who are gathering about the more peaceful place, the Hammer and Sword. time comes, a group of men bursts upon the
PCs table. I hear that someone like you was There is more at stake than you realize! scene -the Tattooed Thug and his friends!
bad-mouthing us. We dont like people bad- If the characters check, they find that the They seem as startled and surprised as the
mouthing us. It makes us angry. We think Hammer and Sword is indeed a much more player characters.
maybe you ought to have your attitude fiued. placid and respectable establishment. There The party has been set up once again, but
The shutters of the bar windows slam tight. As are no traps or ambushes on or around the this incident is not what they might think.
the last one is being closed, the landlord pokes premises. There are no burly thugs drinking at The newcomers are actually members of the
his head out and says, If you guys bare your the bar. The characterscan find seats in a quiet city guard. Tipped that a dangerous fugitive
steel, Ill see you spend the rest of your days in corner without attracting any undue atten- could be found on the scene, they have come
our fine town dungeons! The thugs are look- tion. Everything appears safe. bursting in. However, just before they ap-
ing for a fight and there is nothing the player Fifteen to twenty minutes after the charac- peared, a hidden magic-user (an agent of the
characters can say that will avoid it. If they try ters arrive, the front door suddenly slams slave lord) cast a phantasmal force about
to leave, they are pushed back into the room, open. There, standing in the doorway, is the them, disguising them as the PCs nemesis.
and fists begin to fly. Tattooed Thug and his companions (possibly The magic-user hopes that the PCs attack, of
The 20 thugs have no intention of killing somewhat worse for wear after last nights en- course, and maintains the illusion only until
the characters, only to give them a good beat- counter). Unless the PCs are disguised, they they do so.
ing to let them know who is boss. They do not are quickly spotted. Boys, thems the dogs If the PCs attack, the ploy succeeds, and the
draw weapons (nor use magical devices) unless who closed down the Tattered Flag! he damage is done. As the illusion vanishes, the
the PCs do so first. If a character draws a shouts, sounding somewhat surprised. Lets foes stand revealed as guardsmen, and angry
weapon, the various thugs make it clear that teach em that lesson again! With that, he ones at that. The penalty for attacking a
the PCs were the first to do so, and that this and his companions charge across the room. guardsman is steep-at least several months in
will certainly bring down the law upon them Another fisdight quickly erupts. Once again, a dank cell. Furthermore, the guardsmen are
all. the thugs only fight non-lethally unless the going to pursue this arrest with great vigor,
Use the weaponless combat system laid out PCs escalate the incident. seeing that justice is liberally and harshly dis-
in UNEARTHED ARCANA (Appendix Q). If the player characters are disguised, the pensed. They do not lightly tolerate any of
The thugs are considered to be exposed tar- Tattooed Thug and his boys do not recognize their own being hurt. It is strongly recom-
gets. Well-versed in tavern brawling, they them. Instead, they grab tables and benches mended that the player characters leave town
quickly pick up chairs (large, heavy objects), (dumping other customers as need be) and as quickly as possible. If they remain, they are
and seek to gang up on characters, two thugs begin drinking heavily. Their loud conversa- treated as common criminals, no matter what
holding down an opponent (grappling) while tion centers around what they will do to those their alignment or class. Repeated attempts
dogs they thrashed last night if they ever are made to arrest them. The more they resist,
the higher the level of those sent to arrest the slave lord. Ever since the defeat of the have always received messages from interme-
them, until eventually name-level bounty slave lords (and the destruction of their opera- diaries.)
hunters are set on their trail. Furthermore, the tion), he has thirsted for revenge against the The spider-hounds have been trained to
more they resist, the more they damn them- offending PCs. He has patiently rallied his obey simple commands spoken in the lan-
selves in the eyes of the law. followers and set out on the trail. For weeks he guage of the drow, which is known to Turrock
has wandered, following clues and coming (their master).
Guardsmen (10 2nd Level Fighters): AC 7; hp ever closer. As he has traveled, the flames of
9; MV 1 2 ; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8 (longsword); revenge within him have grown. Tonight, dis- The Slave Lord: As per details given in A1-4
THACO 20; AL LN; XPV 38 covering his enemies were staying in a small (any one, DMs choice)
inn, he has prepared the final act. He has one
4. The Lonely Inn goal-to slay the player characters, no matter Turrock, Master of the Spider-Hounds (8th
what the cost! To this end, he will do any- LevelFighter): AC 1; hp 55; MV 12; #AT
This encounter is used after the player char-
thing. 3 / 2 ; Dmg By weapon + 1 (strength);
acters have left town (whatever the reason).
Before using it, you will need a copy of the sta- The slave lord has no regard for the prop- THACO 13; plate mail + I , battle axe
erty or safety of others. He would burn the inn +I,longsword +Z(ALLE,INT21,Ego3,
tistics of the Slave lords (see adventure A1-4).
You will also need the map of the Lonely Inn. down if necessary, and even sacrifices himself detects invisible), shoes o f Fharlangnh,
if there is no other way to destroy the hated ring ofsustenance; AL LE: XPV 1,275
Select any one of the slave lords who was not
adventurers! But he does want them to know
slain by the party, preferably Edralve or
who has defeated them, and thus takes the Spider-hounds (huge spiders): hp 18 each;
Stalman Klim. If all the slave lords were slain,
lead in this fight. All those with him are like- XPV 199 each
use one of your choice (assumed to have been
wise fanatical in their goal. No quarter is
found and resurrected by his or her followers).
shown, and every attempt is made to kill Fighter #1 (Marbreau, 7th Level Fighter): AC
Add three levels to the slave lords experience,
them. Compared to the price of failing in 4; hp 45; MV 12; #AT 312; Dmg 3-10
to reflect the passing of time, but use approxi-
their mission (the tender ministrations of (sword); THACO 14; ring mail + 1 , ring
mately the same magical items as before.
The encounter begins on a stormy evening
Eclavdra and her ilk), death is preferable to re- o f protection + 1 , longsword o f life steal-
when the player characters are warmly and
turning without proof of the characters de- ing + I (ALNE, INT 15, Ego 10, detectin-
mise. visibility, locate objects, detect slopes,
safely sheltered in a small country inn. Select
the time and place most suitable for this en- Still, the slave lord has prepared thor- detect large traps, speaks NE, Drow, Un-
mnter. Read the following aloud. oughly. Stationed in and around the inn are dercommon); AL NE; XPV 885
his followers. Outside the front door, in addi-

tion to himself and the Master of the Spider- Fighter #2 (Karmik, 7th Level Fighter): AC 5;
Rain crashes in sheets against the tightly Hounds, are two 7th level fighters. After the hp 34; MV 12; #AT 312; Dmg 5-12;
shuttered windows of the little inn, driven opening attack, the fighters charge into the THACO 14; ringmail $ 1 , battleaxe +3,
by the gusting wind. The torrents drumroll inn, attempting to keep the PC fighters occu- boots oflevitation, potion ofESP, AL NE;
across the roof, the patter rising and falling pied. The Master of the Spider-Hounds re- XPV 747
with each blow. Loose shingles clatter, the leases his pets if he has not done so already.
shutters bang against the window sills, and The slave lord attacks the PCs by the most ef- Bowmen (3 4th Level Fighters): AC 5; hp 22,
the old beams of the inn creak and moan. fective means at his disposal. 20, 17; MV 12;#AT 1 or 2; Dmg 2-9 or 1-
The innkeeper clatters about with pots and Positioned at each of the three windows is a 61 1-6; THACO 18; poisoned arrows, long-
bowls, setting them out to catch the drips 4th level fighter armed with a shortbow. At sword + I ; A L E ; XPV 238, 230, 218
from his leaky roof. Youve managed to the first sound of an attack, they break the
drag your table and chairs to a dry spot shutters open (which takes 1 round, and then Thieves (2 6th Level Thieves): AC 8; hp 26,
near the hearth. His little son heaves an- begin firing on the PC spellcasters, attempt- 23; MV 12; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8; SA back-
other log onto the fire, cutting the chilly ing to interrupt their powers. The third of this stab at + 4 for triple damage; THACO 19;
damp of the storm. The innkeepers group (the one along the side wall) is shielded Thief #1 (Alfonce) wears a ring o f mind
dumpy wife clatters in the kitchen, prepar- by a protection from magic scroll, with 7 shielding, Thief #2 (Gaston) wears a
ing hunters stew and dumplings for the rouhds remaining at the time of the attack. neutrally-aligned ring o f faerie; AL N;
dinner. At the back door are two 6th level thieves, XPV 381 and 363
Suddenly the door, caught by the wind, hidden to either side. They do not enter to at-
slams open and a burst of cold wet rain tack, but attempt to backstab anyone who If the characters defeat the slave lord, they
swirls throughout the room! tries to leave. Those who leave in haste are not eventually learn his identity. They have either
likely to notice these two and are thus auto- faced him once before, or find papers on him
The player characters suddenly come under matically surprised. Those who exercise cau- that identify him and connect him to the slave
attack at this instant. Standing in the open tion may notice the thieves before it is too lords previously encountered.
doorway is either the surviving slave lord (if he late. There are two particular mysteries sur-
is a spellcaster) or an armored man holding As previously noted, the slave lord fights to rounding this slave lord. The first applies only
several spiders on leashes. Because of this en- the death. He screams invectives at his foes, if the PCs previously defeated and slew him
trance, the NPC gains a + 1 bonus to surprise. blaming them for all his misfortunes. Further- (or her). Who or what restored this evil villain
If the slave lord is present, he instantly casts more, he rants about how the PCs have inter- back to life? The second mystery is where is
his most powerful destructive spell at the fered with the plans of his masters. But just the slave lords base NOW?
party. If the armored man is in the doorway, who these masters are, he does not say. (Nei- If the players think a little, it is obvious they
he releases the spiders, giving a lilting com- ther the slave lord- unless the lord in ques- did not succeed in destroying the slave lords.
mand, and they spring to the attack. tion is the Drow, Edralve-nor his minions The roots of this evil group were deeper than
The inn is also surrounded by minions of know their masters identities exactly. They they suspected. Furthermore, it should not be
too hard to deduce that the PCs lives are going lum reads as follows. Insert the name of the sage is sent by another slave lord survivor.
to be very brief unless the slave lords are fmally country that the PCs visited most recently. The minions of the slave lords are all for-
and totally defeated. The characters have irri- eigners to the area, having the appearance of
tated these foes (to say the least) in the past. Eastward your journey must be. Seek out men from the west. Their equipment and
Ifthe PCs defeat the slave lord without utterly your foes in the lands of. So it is by the all- clothing is of Keoland and Sterich make, a
destroying it, they fmd the following papers: knowing mind of Algorthas the Seer. fact readily apparent to local craftsmen.
If all of the attackers escape, leaving noth-
A message from Eclavdra of house Eilservs (Algorthas lives near the city of Istivin in ing behind, the party must do a bit of detec-
to the slave lord: the land of Sterich.) tive work. Locals in the area remember the
It is distressing to hear of the causes of Finally there is a message written in code group rode off to the west. Someone recog-
your failure in the operations in the Po- from another of the slave lords. A read fan- nized their accent as being from the west
marj . Certainly before we can consider fur- guages is required to read this one. lands-Keoland or Sterich.
ther aid and assistance, those responsible
for the interference must be utterly de- Although they seek to hide it, there is ap-
stroyed as an example of our power. I parent consternation in the noble houses.
charge you and your organization with this Her displeasure in our failure has resulted
task. We await the heads of our enemies. in the unpleasant demise of the others.
Pray bring them to us. She has ordered scouts back from the far-
thest banks of the Javan. As precaution, I
So authorized by the hand of E--- . have placed all of our people on immedi-
ate alert. Should the situation require dis-
The signature on the message is blurred, mantling operations here you will be able
though the first letter (E) may be made out. The to make contact in Flen.
message is stamped with the seal of a javelin in
silvery wax unlike any seen by the characters. She, in this case, is Eclavdra. The mes-
An elegantly scripted note on expensivevel-

Alternate Beginning for WORLD much as possible. With a saddened heart he
OF GREYHAWK Setting you. By hearing these words you shall leaves the party, most likely never to be seen
know that my son has found those with the again.
The Brother strength to face the tale I tell.
It is possible that the characters playing Evil times have befallen the lands of The Road to Sterich
GDQ 1-7 are active in the WORLD OF my liege the Earl of Sterich. Our homes, The road that leads to Sterich, on the borders
GREYHAWK setting without having played the lands of a strong and free people have of the Javan River, may be of varying length, ac-
A1-4 Scourge of the SfaveLords (for example, lived for centuries in the shadow of the cording how far the characters have wandered
if the player characters involved in that adven- great western mountains. We have de- since the end of A1-4, and where the fmal battle
ture are no longer active). The characters so fended ourselves from those enemies that with the slave lord takes place. Use your en-
mentioned would not have the slave lords as would come from the west. Our swords counter charts of your own devising, those pro-
implacable foes for that reason, and so must and our lances have been our strength. But vided in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK
have another reason to head in the direction of now our strength is weak. Greater force setting, or those given in this book.
Sterich. The following encounter provides than that with which we can contend de- This section briefly covers the long journey
such a basis for adventuring toward the Cry- scends upon us. Giants roam our home- from wherever the characters began to the
stalmist Mountains. lands, driving us further from our western Earldom of Sterich. For this chapter, you will
One evening, while the characters are laz- borders. Dark figures ride in the night. need the Wilderness Map in the Map Booklet.
ing about in their favorite castle, inn, tavern, The wise among us feel plots unfolding be- However, this map is designed for characters
or whatever, a trusted henchman of one in the yond our understanding. using the WORLD OF GREYHAWK Setting.
group enters, obviously excited and short of We are in need of those such as your- It assumes that the characters are beginning
breath. Good sirs! he cries out, good sirs, selves. My son has chosen you to hear my their journey somewhere in the general area of
forgive my intrusion but I would beg to words. I pray that he has chosen wisely. We the Pomarj or the Wild Coast (where Scourge
speak. Dropping to one knee, he turns to his plead for your aid. Tell my son you will of the Slave Lords ended). If you are not using
master and continues. I have just this hour hear our plea. Journey to Istivin in the this campaign setting, or if your player charac-
received joyous news-my brother, unseen to Earldom of Sterich that you may save us. ters have wandered out of this area, you must
mine eyes for many years, is coming here! In- provide your own wilderness maps.
deed, the messenger swears he is but a days The speech ends and the brother opens his While the characters are making this over-
ride behind. I ask of thee to grant me the leave eyes and shakes his head. I know not what land journey, roll for encounters as normal, ac-
to receive and entertain him for a few days. He has transpired here, but act as I my father bid cording to the rules given in the Dungeon
only lingers a fortnight upon which he must me. Now by his command I must await your Masters Guide (page 47). The exact encounter
retrace his journey to the west. The NPC per- word. For one day I shall remain and then I can be determined by the table below, the ta-
sists until the boon is granted or until the PC must again undertake my wanderings. He bles in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK Set-
will obviously hear no more of it. With this, bows once again and steps back. ting, those in the DMG, or those found in
the whole business seems settled. If the characters accept the challenge, the Monster Manual Il. The exact choice is left to
Two days later, however, the NPC returns to brother gives them general directions to you, as referee.
the group with a stranger. Looking at the two Sterich-the probable length of the journey In addition to providing random encount-
closely, it is easy to see a family resemblance. and a listing of the lands through which the ers, this chapter also describes several specific
The stranger has the same face and eyes, characters will pass. If there are any notable ones. These are not keyed to any location on
though older and harder-looking. He seems hazards, he mentions them, although he is the map, although each has general terrain re-
more self-confident and commanding than not particularly well-informed. He does not quirements. You may introduce any of these
the characters henchman. Read the following accompany the party, for his orders are to con- encounters whenever you deem it appropri-
to the players. tinue his search for brave heroes. The PCs are ate. Some may provide the player characters
the first that he has found willing to take up with more information and motivation for
Sirs, I would like to introduce you to my the cause, however. their journey; others provide a break from the
brother. He has traveled greatly, from the If the player characters refuse the plea, you monotony of random encounters. You may
lands of Sterich to our doors. I am greatly as referee must find some other method of also want to prepare special encounters of your
pleased to present him to you and ask you getting them to journey to Sterich. You can al- own, ones that best suit the character of your
to listen to what he has to say. ways point out that this is the type of heroic campaign.
The brother steps forward and bows. challenge at which any good hero would leap. As the characters move west toward Sterich,
Sirs, I have traveled to these lands not Finally, there is the small detail of the NPC they hear dark rumors about their destination.
just to see my younger self, pleasurable henchman. Player charactersmay be surprised Sterich is a noble land, ruled by Earl Quer-
though this may be, but also at the request to discover that one of their henchmen is so so- chard and a vassal-state of Keoland. In recent
of my father the Viscount of Javan, who in cially prominent-the second son of a Vis- months, however, a darkness has fallen over
turn has been commanded by the Earl of count. Furthermore, he has the royal blood of that land, as tribes of giants and non-humans
Sterich. By my fathers word, I say the fol- Keoland in his veins. He reluctantly explains have moved down from the mountains into
lowing. that he and his father had a falling out many the area, wreaking havok in their wake. Fell
At this, he closes his eyes and stiffens. years ago. This has compelled him to take up creatures are said to roam the lands after dark,
The tone of his voice changes deeper and the wandering life. Although what happened and those folk who do not live in the fortified
thicker, becoming that of an older man. I then saddens him, he has no regrets. How- citadel of Istivin (the capital) keep their shut-
am the voice of the Viscount of Javan. ever, because of the strain between himself ters and doors barred at night.
Through my chosen instrument, I speak to and the Viscount, he cannot accompany the When the characters reach the shores of the
player characters on their journey. Instead, he Javan river, or otherwise reach the borders of
must travel with his brother, aiding him as Sterich, continue with Chapter 1.

Read the following to new characters start- onslaught of the giants and their allies. They
ing this adventure, or to characters who have Those who choose to come to the aid of are found acting as additional support in
played the Prologue and have reached the this land in its time of need shall be re- Sterich to maintain the peace, transporting
eastern borders of Sterich. warded with the treasure of the creatures valuable items (either for trade or to safety), or
they defeat, without tax or surcharge by looking for non-human raiding parties. There
Your party crosses the last of the low hil- the crown. Those who choose to abandon is a 4 in 10 chance that someone in a given
locks, and you see spread before you the this land in its time of need, or to flee or band of dwarves knows the location of the ori-
wide, muddy flow of the Javan river, the aid the forces of darkness, will be cursed in gin of these giant raids (Chapter 3).
longest in this part of the world. The nor- the eyes of the kingdom, and held as trai-
mally rich banks are crowded with a city of tors. Hill Gianrs: This is a raiding party from the
dirty tents and hastily-built shelters, as if By my hand, my wish and will, and steading of the hill giant chief (Chapter 3).
an entire city had decided to go adventur- with the stamp of the signet ring that is the There is a 10% chance that one has a map lo-
ing. A similar collection of muddy colors seal of my power.. . cating the steading, so they can find their way
dots the far shore. Between the shores is a Kimbertos Skotti, King of Keoland, back later.
steady line of rafts and small craft, hauling Lord of the Gran March, Plar of Sterich,
people from the far side to the near. and Protector of the South. Fire giant with bugbears: This is another raid-
ing party under the giants controls. The fire
The tents are refugees from Istivin and from The call of a nation in danger (and the giant, one Garoof by name (hp 65), has been
the more remote towns that have been chance for easy money without having to assigned the task of reporting back success to
plagued by giant raids. The people have fled worry about giving some of it to the crown) his King through the hill giant chief. If inter-
with all they could easily carry, though some should intrigue the characters to move toward rogated, Garoof may admit that the main
of that has been taken by the ferrymen as the Istivin, even if the clues of the slave lord in the headquarters for controlling the raiders is in
cost of transport to Keoland and safety. As a Prolgue did not point that way earlier. Adven- the hill giants steading (which is a lie, but
vassal state of Keoland, those who are able to ture (and a little cash on the side) awaits! there is no love lost between the tribes of
flee are doing so. Those characters from the Prologue who giantkind).
Should the PCs inquire among the refugees wish to follow the trail of the slave lords ac-
about the reasons for flight, they get various complice in Flen find the following. The Inn Patrol, Keoland: This group of 26-33 soldiers
responses. Those from the areas bordering the at which the accomplice was supposed to be (see following details) is mounted on light
mountains tell of raids by huge giants, hill, staying is boarded up and empty. Those in the horse, and equipped with lance, javelin, and
frost, and others, wielding great powers and area tell tales of dark shadowsmoving through longsword. They bear the shield device of
in alliance with evil troops and powerful mon- the night, and hideous inhuman screams, but Keoland, the black lion on red.
sters. Those from Istivin tell a different story; no one living (nor any body or evidence of a These troops have been sent across the
the Earls citadel has fallen under an evil fight) was found the next morning. Javan to help the Sterich natives keep order,
curse, a blackness that threatens to eat the hunt down bands of non-human raiders, and
world. Random Encounters in Sterich be a mobile strike force to react to specific
The PCs questions are interrupted by a rider raids. Their base is in Istivin, and they are
bearing a shield with the image of a black lion on Use the following encounter key for ran- aware of the situation there (q. v.). The patrol-
red, the symbol of the royal house of Keoland. dom encounters in Sterich,.both on the way to men from Keoland resent being sent from
Istivin and when traveling to or from the Jo- their relatively secure patrols into this hill
The rider asks the PCs if they are adventurers,
but regardless of the answer, he UNOIIS a scroll tens. Check for encounters once every eight country that is leaderless and overrun with
and reads the following: game hours. If all three special encounters foul creatures and greedy adventurers. They
have been used, re-roll any result of 87 or have instructions to allow human adventurers
above. to head toward Istivin and not to molest
To all who hear this proclamation who are
good and strong fighters, mighty and them, but they ask for the destination of all
Id100 Encounter other groups.
knowledgeable wizards, proverbially wise
sages and clerics, masterly thieves who use 01-05 Dwarves, mountain (11-20) Each is on a light horse (HD 2; MV 24)
their abilities in the service of goodness 06-10 Giant, fire (1) with bugbears and armed with lance (Dmg 1-6, ranges 1/
and justice, heed the words of the His 11-20 Giants, hill (1-4) 2 /3), 4 javelins (Dmg 1-6, ranges 2 14 /
peerless Majesty, Kimbertos Skotti, King 21-25 Patrol, Keoland 6), and longsword (Dmg 1-8).
of Keoland, Lord of the Gran March, Plar 26-35 Patrol, Sterich
of Sterich, and Protector of the South, 36-40 Patrol, false 1 Officer (Level 5; AC 4; hp 30; XPV 240)
through this humble spokesman. 41-45 Raiders, goblins (10-80) 2 Sub-Atlerns (Level 3; AC 4; hp 18 each;
The land of Sterich has been placed in 46-50 Raiders, hobgoblins (10-80) XPV 89 each)
dire danger that exceeds the abilities of or- 5 1-60 Raiders, human bandits (10-80) 6 Sergeants (Level 2 ; AC 5; hp 12 each XPV
dinary levies and mercenary troops to con- 61-65 Raiders, ogres (10-80) 44 each)
tain. Foul witcheries and great malign 66-70 Raiders, orcs (10-80) 17-24 Regulars (Level 0; AC 5; hp 6 each;
magicks have conspired to destroy this no- 71 Raiders, trolls (1-4) XPV 11 each)

ible state. It is therefore my wish and thus

my will that all such goodly men and
women and those of demi-human stand-
ing hie with all due haste to Istivin to aid in
the repelling of this great danger.
Refugees (10-60)
Special encounter

Encounter Details
Dwarves, mountain: This hardy race is taking
a battering in their mountain homes by the

Patrol, Sterich: These patrolmen are on foot,
recruited from the local area. They bear the
shield device of Sterich, the black and red lion
on red and black shield. They try to stop ev-
eryone they meet and ask of their business in
the area. They do not harass any adventurers
heading toward Istivin, but ask for papers and proaches them or talks cheerfully to them. one is on me, good sirs, though I fear your
identification of those that seem to be depart- Women protectively hustle their children kindness will here be poorly repaid. With
ing. They are always polite, though strongly away from them. Men stop their work and that she pours drinks for the group.
suspicious of strangers. stare at the player characters as they pass. If the PCs choose to ignore the whole event,
Each is armed with dagger (Dmg 1-4) and The characters have no trouble finding the she stares at them, mystified. Finally she
longsword (Dmg 1-8), and leader types have village inn; it is a bright and gaudy place. speaks. Sirs, you do not understand, do you?
missile weapons as well. Outside, in the shade of an old elm, a group Youre not leaving town. I appreciate what
of rough-lookingmen drink and bowl. Several you have done, but you have earned no
1 Captain (Level 7; AC 4; hp 42; XPV 561) neer-do-wells lounge on the benches scat- friends here. They, she says with a nod to-
2 Lieutenants (Level 4; AC 4; hp 24 each; tered about the yard. Inside, the inn is lively ward the others, they would just as soon you
XPV 156 each) and gay. A sassy serving wench whisks through let me alone. Look at them; theyre all scared
4 Sergeants (Level 3; AC 5; hp 18 each; XPV the tables, countering indelicate compliments out of their wits. You stood up to Albere, one
89 each) and suggestions with biting wit. A game of of Big Johanns band. You can bet that he is
8 Veterans (Level 2; AC 5; hp 10 each; XPV bones is played at one table with furious zeal. going to come back.
40 each) The innkeeper has just finished tapping an- A man at a nearby table leans over and says,
41-50 Levies (Level 0 ; AC 7; hp 3 each; XPV 8 other barrel of ale when the characters enter. Indeed, it is so. You, meddling strangers,
each) The common room quiets for a second as the have more than likely doomed us all. When
crowd surveys the new arrivals, and then falls Big Johann and his men hear what has hap-
Patrol, false: These are human raiders (ban- back into its noisy habits. pened, theyll come for their revenge! And
dits) that have defeated a patrol and taken its The party can find a table without any trou- theyll take it out on us! By now you can hear
guise. Refer to the type of patrol (either) for ble. Surveyingthe room, they see a typical col- voices of bitterness and discontent throughout
numbers, colors, and equipment, though lection of villagers, with a few apparent hard the inn. To the minds of the locals the out-
only one of the group is a leader, commanding cases here and there. Still, things dont seem come is certain. Big Johann (apparently some
first-level bandit troops. If they encounter a unusual, especially considering that an honest local bandit or warlord) and his men are going
superior force, the false patrolmen try to bluff working day has just ended. to return and punish the town. And it is all
their way through, but the PCs may notice While the PCs are getting settled, a small the fault of the player characters. They even
discrepancies -ill-fitting uniforms or lack of scene erupts at an adjacent table. A rough- hear outcries that the townspeople turn the
decorum. looking fellow, none too handsome and a bit party over to these villains and possibly avoid
done in for drink, is getting a little too for- any retaliation! In no time at all the word is
Raiders: None of these independent raiding ward with the serving wench. She makes it out all over town.
groups is directly associated with the giants. clear with a slap across his face that she wants If the characters wish, they can take the
An agent of the giants has traveled and spread nothing to do with him, but he only gets cads choice and leave town. None of the
word that the pickings are easy in Sterich, and meaner and more demanding. This is obvi- townspeople try to stop them, although they
humanity will be in flight therein. These ously not the way a gentleman should treat a are pelted with some garbage and a few
groups are merely drawn in like vultures to a lady! And no one in the place is doing any- stones. The townspeople are more than happy
fresh kill. They know nothing of the location thing. All the other customers make pained to inform on the group, hoping to divert the
of the hill giants headquarters. efforts not to notice what is happening. wrath of Big Johann. Otherwise, the PCs can
Use standard details for all raiding mon- If none of the PCs decide to step in, the own up to their actions and await his arrival. It
sters. drunk trips while getting up to chase the lady. should be very clear to the characters that they
Jumping up, he glares at the party, furious, are not going to get any shelter or assistance
Refugees: These are 10-60unarmed zero-level and loudly blames them for his accident. On from the townsfolk. The only person who has
humans, either fleeing their farms for fear of the other hand, if anyone does the chivalrous the slightest feeling for them is the wench
the giants or fleeing Istivin in fear of the dark thing, the cad is easily faced down. they rescued.
sorceries. Though tough-looking, he is craven and An hour after Albere leaves town, Big Jo-
gutlesg, the type who considers a quick stab hann arrives. With him are Albere and the
Special Encounters: Choose one of the follow- from behind a fair fight. Any strong-looking rest of his men. In a booming voice Big Jo-
ing, as seems most appropriate. When all character who acts tough and isnt bluffed by hann announces himself-a frost giant riding
three have been used, re-roll all random en- the drunken bullys words can get him to show on the back of a wooly mastodon! With him
counter result of 87 or more. his true colors. Muttering imprecations and are an assortment of other giants and crea-
The Special encounters are Big Johann, unfinished threats, he slinks out of the inn. tures, his men. They make no secret that
Trap-door Giants, and Stone Giants Return. During the confrontation, the entire inn falls they intend to smash this town and the player
silent, except for the clink of the innkeepers characters flat. It is up to the party to stop
1. Big Johann cups. Everyone pretends not to notice what is them!
This special encounter should occur just as going on while watching the scene out of the Big Johann carries a giant-sized axe and a
night begins to fall. The characters see in the corners of their eyes. When it is all over, there saddlebag containing three boulders for toss-
distance a small town, a comfortable place to is a strained attempt to regain the gaiety and ing. Johann swears fealty to the Frost Giant
spend the evening and more inviting than the cheer of the inn. However, it is never quite the Jar1 in Chapter 4, but has never visited that
cold ground. same. A strained forced edge creeps into eve- leaders glacial home nor does he know its ex-
To the villagers it is obvious that the PCs are rything. act location.
important and powerful adventurers. Nor- But there is at least one person who has not
mally their arrival would be a point of inter- forgotten the gallantry of the player charac- Big Johann (Frost Giant): hp 50; XPV 2,950
ters. The serving wench, having slid away dur-
est, but here the characters are greeted with
ing the confrontation, returns to the table Smokey (Mastodon): hp 60; XPV 2,960
fearful looks and sullen glowers. No one ap-
with a bottle of wine for her rescuers. This

Ogres (10, BigJohanns Boys): hp 23 each; taller than a man. These are piled high with the Kings Agent.
XPV 205 each their goods. The Kings Agent can be found in his tem-
The leader of the giants comes forward un- porary headquarters at the Manor of Algorthas
Albere (6th Level Fighter): AC 2; hp 36; MV der a flag of peace. He wishes to parley with the seer. This agent is Lashton, a 15th level
12; #AT 1; Dmg 2-9; THACO 16; chain the player characters. If this is agreeable, he wizard who has been entrusted to oversee the
mail +2, longsword + I ; AL CE; XPV 441 sits in the middle of the field and talks. He situation, in particular the strange bubble
looks tired and haggard and his speech is slow that has swallowed the city. Lashton is eager to
2. Trap Door Giants as he carefullypicks out his words in common. prove his worth to his lord, in hopes of receiv-
Greetings, little folk, he rumbles. I am ing a grant of land from his Majesty. He is also
This encounter should occur any time the interested in attaining for himself the credit
Thane Ogier of the Stone Folk, once of the
player characters are traveling through open lands of the Oberulsprulheim, or that which for the rescue of Istivin, and to that end nor-
plains, either in the wilderness or on the edge mally assigns newly arriving adventurers tasks
you call the Crystalmist. Who might you be?
of farming lands. of lesser importance (and lesser status).
Upon hearing the names of the player char-
The party is riding through the middle of a Lashton is not an evil man, but an unwitting
acters, the giant will recognize them (if they
grassy plain, past what may be natural forma- have adventured in A1-4), having heard their ally of evil in that his attempts at personal ad-
tions or perhaps ruins even older than antiq- vancement only play into the hands of the evil
names through the stones. He explains that
uity. Dotted throughout the tall weeds are
his band is leaving the Crystalmist. The powers that threaten the land. When portray-
rings of large stones. Nature and accident may ing Lashton, present the image of a petty bu-
stones say that evil times are coming. Our
account for them, but they might also be the reaucrat more interested in the proper forms
lesser brothers burn and destroy the lands of
foundations of some ancient primitive village. being filled out and in personal status than in
the Little Folk. And behind them the are
When the characters are in the midst of this doing anything about the problem at hand.
darker energies. Their power we can feel in the
area, have the party roll for surprisewith a - 1 The King of Keoland is aware of his agents
rocks. It is time for you, Little Folk, to arise.
penalty. Suddenly, five huge trap doors fly shortcomings, and to that end has assigned
Beyond this he will say nothing more.
open in the area around the party. Rising up
If the player characters offer any gift or the Prefect Randos as an aid. Randos is a
out of each is a hill giant with a massive club. stocky cleric who tries to moderate his lords
show any particular kindness to the stone gi-
They waste no time in attempting to pound actions and more foolish orders and, just in
ant, he gives them a gift in return. Going to
the player characters. case, has been given a scroll with three resur-
his band, he returns with a round of cheese
These giants, while not brilliant, have clev-
the size of a wagon wheel. Made from the milk rection spells, just in case.
erly devised this trap to ambush travelers and The characters are ushered into Lashtons
of the mountain sheep, it is of exceptional
caravans. Each has dug a pit deep enough to chambers, which are filled with ornate pieces
quality and rarity. While not magical, it is
conceal himself comfortably. They watch the of art and other objects rescued from the
quite nourishing. A single wedge will serve to
trail through small peepholes. If three or more city. Lashton is there with Randos and Algor-
adequately sustain a man through the most
of the giants are slain, the survivors scramble
trying of activities. thas the Sage, and is bellowing something
out of their pits and flee. about an error in one of the Seers books.
If attacked, the giants use their loaded
Stacked in huge bags in the bottom of the
wains as boulders. (Lashton has appropriated the seers house as a
various pits are 7,000 sp, 2,000 ep, a sword base, but is spending a good deal of his time
+ 1 , and 24 light quarrels + 1 .
Stone Giants (17): hp 40 each; XPV 2,200 going through his hosts library, hoping to in-
each, 37,400 for all crease his own magical power with any arcane
Hill Giants (5): hp 46 each; XPV 1,952 each,
lore found within.)
9,760 for all
Istivin Lashton demands that the characters iden-
tify themselves and their mission. He tells
3. The Stone Giants Return As the characters approach Istivin, they feel
them that if they are interesting in aiding the
like they are walking into an approaching
This encounter can occur in any deserted or cause, they will have to follow orders, and rec-
storm. An electric tingle causes the hairs to
sparsely populated area. If the PCs have ognize the authority given him (by the seal of
rise of the backs of their necks, and the very air
played adventure A1-4, they have met the the King of Keoland, a ring he wears of his left
tastes sharp and acrid. hand) and if necessary, to obey the leaders of
stone giants once before. If they have done so,
The PCs see what has happened to Istivan
take pains to ensure that the party does not several patrols of Keoland troops that are
from several miles away. Where the towers of
rush out and slaughter everything in sight be- based on the manor grounds. (Such an atti-
the Earls citadel should rise, there is instead a
fore talking. tude alone should guarantee an instant dislike
large, ebony sphere, as if a god had taken the
As the PCs top a rise, they can make out a of the man). Lashton then orders Algorthas to
city and left in its place a huge black pearl. As
band of figures marching in the distance. summarize the situation for the newcomers.
the characters approach, they see that the
Though they are far off, the figures are clear Read the following to the players:
hemisphere cuts through the city around the
and distinct. Solemn and perhaps even grim,
citadel like a knife, and buildings are literally
they march across the landscape. Several are
cut in two by the perimeter of the black bub-
pulling handcarts and most have bags and
packs. They seem to be headed in the partys
About a half mile from the city, the party
general direction.
encounters a Keolandish patrol (see details
This group is a band of stone giants, leaving
above). The leader of this group says that the
their ancient homeland for distant lands. If
area is under the Kings protection and no
the characters approach them, the giants halt
looters or trespassers are permitted without ex-
while still some distance away. The band of 17
press consent of the Kings Agent. Further,
includes females and children, most carrying
any adventurersseeking to aid in repelling the
huge packs or bags slung over their shoulders.
evil that has befallen the area should report to
Several are pulling gigantic carts with wheels
Algorthas Story most imperceptably, but definitely expand- First Level: bless, penetrate disguise,por-
ing. This latest bit of foul enchantment has ten t
The nation of Sterich has always had to deal put the population in full flight, and all help Second Level: augury, find traps, slow
with the dangers of the non-human popula- is needed to maintain order. poison
tion of the Crystalmist mountains which make Sterich, then, has two problems: invaders Third Level: speak with dead
up our western border. These mountains are within, and its missing citadel. There is glory
the home of a large number of hostile races, in defeating the magical power that holds the Note: Should the characters return to Is-
including the various breeds of giantkind. ruler and his court, so this is Lashtons stated tivin after defeating the hill, frost, or fire gi-
These giants have been conducting small raids purpose. The player characters will be as- ants, Lashton will have the party explain their
against our western farms and towns for years, signed another task-that of finding and de- adventure and their reasons for taking each
and a sizable portion of our militia has been stroying the headquarters of the giants, and and every action, in detail. He demands that
devoted to protecting that portion of the dealing with whomever is responsible for the characters write all this down. If none are
realm. gathering their forces together. literate (or if none admit to it), he orders Ran-
Recently, however, the number and size of Randos has some ideas. The giant head- dos to take their dictated testimonies. Lashton
these raids has increased dramatically, and quarters is probably located in the Jotens to then takes the notes and secretly adds a few
worse yet, they appear to be more coordinated the south, since that is where many of the at- modifications, so that the only way the party
than is normal for such dull brutes. It has been tacks originate. The exact location is unknown survived was through the kind aid and wise
confirmed that several giant leaders have em- as yet. Randos points out that whoever defeats counsel of his august self. He then sends the
erged, and these leaders are rallying their peo- the giants will receive the treasure they have report it to Keoland.
ple in a genocidal war against humankind. taken as reward, and Lashton (reluctantly) Lashton then indicates the next target for
In normal times, the nation would be agrees. Lashton announces that the party may the partys explorations (and admits surprise
hard-pressed, and aid was requested from now set out without delay. They cannot de- that they did not think of it themselves). If the
Keoland. But to make matters worse, a fear- cline, as they know too much. If they refuse to characters have defeated the hill giants, he
some spell has befallen the city of Istivin, cut- help, they will be imprisoned, for the good of notes that new information leads him to be-
ting off all normal leadership. the realm. lieve that a frost giant Jar1 of incredible
This foul magic first appeared a fortnight If the characters want to talk with Algor- strength has taken on the mantle of rulership
ago. Some say that a powerful demon ap- thas, Lashton permit it, but only for five min- of the tribes. If the characters have defeated
peared in the courtyard of the citadel. Some utes, saying the sage has been drafted into the frost giants, he points out that careful re-
say that a gift from another country was in- aiding the Kings Agent in more mighty mat- search has pinned the leadership on a fire gi-
stead a deadly trap. Some even say (the sage ters, and his time is therefore valuable. The ant named Snurri Iron Belly. If the characters
glances at Lashton) that it is the result of sage will freely admit to having given their 10- return from fighting the fire giants without
meddling in arcane matters that were too cation to the slave lord in exchange for gold. investigating the Drow, he is amazed by their
powerful. He specializes in knowledge, and knowledge lack of patriotism, and quickly orders them
In any event, by the next morning the en- is neutral. He will also note on the map the back to the halls of the defeated King to inves-
tire citadel was covered by this black hemi- general location (the hex row on the map) in tigate further. He may even wish to speed
sphere. One of two things happen to those which the steading may be found. This is in- their journey by magic.
who approach the sphere. If they are strangers formation that he has recieved from Sterich In each case, Lashton himself will have
to the land, the sphere appears hard and solid patrols that Lashton, the Kingsagent, has not made no further progress on the bubble, ex-
as rock. If they are native-born, however, they yet thought to examine. cept to determine that it is not from the Prime
can walk right through into the sphere itself. Material Plane. News of the partys successes
Those who entered, however, have never been Lashton, The Kings Agent: AL LN; Level 15 will then (with careful rewording) please the
seen again. Magic-User; hp 36; MV 12 ;AC 2; THACO King with Lashtons success, as he tries to fig-
14; #AT 1; Dmg 1-4 or by spell; bracers of ure out how to banish Lolths present to
The black bubble is Lolths device, a prel- defense AC 2; XPV 12920; Spells: Sterich.
ude to opening the portal into Oerth from her First Level: comprehend languages,
realm. The bubble is resistant to all magic and erase, identify, magic missile, read
weapons, and even the will of a minor deity magic
cannot cause it to disappear. Up close, the Second Level: detect evil, detect invisi-
sphere looks like ball of black twine or bility, E s t forget, shatter
webbing, with layers inside layers inside lay- Third Level: clairvoyance, detect illu-
ers. sion, dispel magic, protection from
The bubble will only admit those who are evil, protection from normal missiles
native to the area, and has swallowed a goodly Fourth Level: confusion, magic mirror,
number of people in their sleep originally, as minor globe of invulnerability, ul-
well as later investigators (the most recent be- tra vision, wizard eye
ing a local cleric named Trose, who investi- Fifth Level: conjure elemental, contact
gated without Lashtons permission). Lashton other plane, feeblemind, Leomunds
has issued direct orders that no one touch the lamentable belaborment, passwall
bubble until further orders. If any of the char- Sixth Level: disintegrate, legend lore
acters are natives of Sterich, the bubble denies Seventh Level: limited wish
them access. Lolth has other plans for these Randos, The Kings Agents Assistant: AL
adventurers.. .. LN; Level 5 Cleric; hp 25; MV 9 ; AC 5;
Finally, the bubble is growing, slowly, al- THACO 18; #AT 1; Dmg 2-5 (mace) or by
spell; XPV 370; Spells:
The Road to Sterich
Random Encounter Chart (OverlandJourneys)
Ulek* Silver Keo- Good
Creatures Pomarj (an) Wood land Hills Sterich Jotens
Bugbears 01-02 - - -
Demi-humans* - 01-05 - 01-03
Dwarves, hill - 06-~OC 01 -
Dwarves, mtn - 11-15~ - 04-07
Elves, High - 16-20b 02 -
Elves, Patrol - 21-22b - -
Elves, S Ivan - 23-25b 03-10 -
Giant, ire
Giant, frost
Giant, hill - - _.
Giant, mtn - - - 09
Giant, stone - - - -
Gnolls 03-05 - - -
Gnoll mix 06 - - -
Gnomes - 26-30 11-15 10-13
Goblins 07-12 - - -
Goblin mix 13-15 - - -
Halflings (H) - 31-33a 16 14-15
Halflings (S) - 34-36ac 17-18 16-18
Halflings (T) - 38-39a 19-20 -
Hobgoblins 16-17 - - -
Hobgoblin mix 18 - - -
Humanoids* - 40-41~ 21-25 19-24
Kobolds 19-20 - _. -
Bandits 21-25 42-46 26-29 25-29
Brigands 26-28 - 30-31 30-32
Cavemen - - - 33-34
Merchants - 47-50 32-43 35-43
Patrol, light - 51-54ac 44-50 -
Pilgrims - 5 5-57bc 51-52 -
Raiders - - c 44-45
Tribesmen 29-30d 58-60d 53-55f 46-47d
Norkers 31-32 - - -
Ogres 33 - - 48-52
Orcs 35-41 - - -
Orc mix 42-44 - - -
Treants _. - - -
Trolls 45 - - 53
Unicorns - - - -
Standard 46-00 61-00 56-00 54-00

Encounter Table
* See the appropriate sub-table below.
** Use for all lands of Ulek unless noted otherwise (a=
county, b = duchy, c = principality)
Halflings: H = Hairfeet, S = Stouts, T = Tallfellows
Tribesmen: d = hillmen, e = woodsmen, f = 50% hillmen and 50% marshmen
Mixed groups (60% normal number appearing for each type): Gnoll mix= gnolls and flinds; goblin mix = goblins and xvarts; hob-
goblin mix= hogoblins and norkers; orc mix= orcs and ogrillons

Subtable # 1 : Demi-Humans

county Duchy Princ.

of of of Good
Encounter Type Ulek Ulek Ulek Hills Sterich

Dwarves, hill 01-02 01 01-60 01-40 01-15

Dwarves, mountain 03 02 61-90 41-43 16-55
Elves, gray 04 03-05 91 - 56
Elves, high 05-06 06-65 92 44-45 57-58
Elves, sylvan 07-08 66-85 93 46 59-60
Elves, valley - 86 - 61
Elves, wild - 87 - - 62
Gnomes 09-60 88-92 94-96 47-80 63-82
Half-elves 61 93-95 97 81 83-85
Halflings (H) 62-75 96-97 98 82-85 86-88
Halflings (S) 76-90 98-99 99 86-95 89-97
Halflings (T) 91-00 00 00 96-00 98-00

Subtable #2: Humanoids

Encounter Type (all) Keo1and Sterich Jotens

Flinds 01-15 01-07 - -

Gnolls 16-40 08-20 01-06 01-05
Goblins 41-70 21-70 07-25 06-40
Hobgoblins 71-75 71-72 26-40 41-45
Kobolds 76-90 73-85 41-75 46-70
Orcs 91-00 86-00 76-00 71-00

Use the encounter charts provided below 37-51 1-6 Giants, hill 30 miles of one of the giants' headquarters
when the characters are adventuring in the Jo- 52-56 1-2 Giants, mountain (the steading, the glacial rift, or the hall of the
tens, the Crystalmists and the Hellfurnaces. 57-61 1-2 Giants, stone fire giant king), there is a 20% chance that
For the purposes of this adventure, these areas 62-64 1-2 Lions, mountain one bugbear knows the exact location.
have been broken into separate regions on the 65 1 Manticore
map. Players may find the secret escape pas- 66-80 1-10 Ogres Caveman: IL 40% ; 'IT Variable
sages from the hill giant's steading (or the 81-85 10-40 Orcs
jarl's glacier), and so avoid large sections of 86-90 1 Prospector Chimera: IL 40% ; 'IT F
further outdoor encounters. But should they 91-95 10-40 Tribesmen
not, use the following encounter charts. 96-00 1-4 Trolls Dragon, Red: HD 10; hp 20; no spells; IL
Theloten range is a spur to the south of 60%; 'IT HST
Sterich, serparating that land from the Crystalmists
Yeomancy further to the south. The Jotens are Dragon, White: HD 6; hp 30; no spells; IL
Number Creature
the most acccssable of the three ranges 20%; TTEOS
Idloo Appearing Type
through which the party may journey, as all
but the tops of the highest peaks are below the 01-05 1-3 Bears, Cave Mountain Dwarf: IL 50% : 'IT Mx5 + Qx20 +
timber line. Pine forests are the norm in this 06-10 11-20 Bugbears GR. Patrols of mountain dwarves are hunting
region, with thick clumpings of maple, usk, 11-15 11-20 Cavemen for giant raiders. There is a 60% chance that
and other northern broadleaf trees in the val- 16 1 Dragon, adult white any such party encountered within 2 hexes of a
leys. 17-21 10-40 Dwarves, mountain giant headquarters will know its location,
The Crysralrnist mountains, the parent 22-31 1-6 Giants, frost though they will not aid the PCs in attacking
range of the Jotens, dwarfs its child with its 32-41 1-4 Giants, hill it.
heights. Most of the peaks in this range are 42-51 1-3 Giants, mountain
snowcapped, and glaciers are common 52 1 Giant, storm Firedrake: IL 80%; 'IT Nil
throughout its length. The greatest of these 53-57 10-40 Goblins
glaciers forms the headwaters of the Davish 58-62 1-4 Lions, mountain Firenewt: IL 75 % ; 'IT KMF
river. Travel is perilous in this region due to 63-67 1-4 Mammoths
the ever-present snow and sheer icy drops. 68-77 1-10 Ogres Firetoad: IL 20% ; 'IT C
The Hellfurnaces, just south of Cry- 78-82 10-40 Orcs
stalmists, are barren of snow and ice, though 83-87 1-3 Rhinoceros, woolly Cloud giant: IL 40 % : 'IT E + Qx5. Cloud gi-
an occasional peak will show white through 88-92 1-8 Trolls ants of good alignment will not attack the
the steam. The Hellfurnaces are still active, 93-97 1-6 Trolls, Ice party unless attacked themselves. If ap-
and the traveler is always in sight of some 98-00 1-2 Wolverines, giant proached, they offer general directions and
smoke plume, hot spring or eruption when possibly aid against their more malicious kin.
traveling through the area. The heat of the Hellfurnaces Evil cloud giants attack the party, or if faced
land negates the coldness of the altitude to a with powerful opponents offer aid with the
great degree, and this land is the home of Number Creature intention of later betrayal.
warmth-loving creatures that relish the heat. 1dlOO Appearingype
Sages propose that the incredible activity in Fire giant: IL 35 % ; TT E. All fire giants in the
the Hellfurnacesindicate some sort of gateway 01-10 11-20 Bugbears Hellfurnaces know the location of the hall of
into the elemental plane of fire, but this has 11-15 11-20 Cavemen their King and Liege, Snurri Iron Belly. Those
yet to be proven. 16-20 1 Chimera encountered in other mountainous areas have
21-23 1 Dragon, young red only a general idea (within 2 map hexes) of the
Random Encounters 34-33 1-4 Firedrakes locations of any giant headquarters.
34-38 1-6 Firenewts
Check once each 12 game hours by rolling 39-43 1-6 Fire toads Frost giant: IL 30%: TT E. All frost giants
ld6. An encounter occurs if the result is a 1. 44-53 1-6 Giants, fire found in the Crystalmist Mountains know the
Refer to the appropriate chart, and roll ldloo 14-55 1 Giant, storm location of the glacial rift of their Jarl. Those
to determine the creature type. 56-60 10-40 Goblins encountered in other mountainous areas have
All creatures randomly encountered have 61-65 2-12 Hell hounds only a general idea (within 2 map hexes) of the
standard chances of being found in lair. Trea- 66-70 1-10 Ogres locations of any giant headquarters.
sure types are given, but the exact details are 71-75 10-40 Orcs
left to the DM's discretion. 76-85 1 pvmlicb u:11 -:..--. . IL 25%; 'IT D. All hill giants
86-90 1-4 'I he Jotens know the location of their
Jotens 91-00 1-2 'I tding. Those encountered in other
Number Creature )us areas have only a general idea
ldloo Appearing Type Encounter Details map hexes) of the locations of any
01-05 1 Bear, Cave Use standard detai
06-10 1-10 Bugbears cept as detailed belo giant: IL 90%; 'IT E. These giants
11-20 10-40 Cavemen yLL KIjoin the other types in the attack
21-30 2-12 Dogs, wild Bugbear: IL 25%; TT JKL or M (B). These on Sterich and humanity. Due to the activity
31-35 11-20 Dwarves, mountain creatures have joined the giants in their plun- in the area, they have only a 10% chance of
36 1 Giant, cloud der of the land. If any are encountered within success if they summon aid (ogres, trolls, or
giants). They will attack any group of Lit- Hell hound: IL 30% ; TT ( Mad Amos was a captain of the guard in the
'olk who may provide treasure and 2- a--- Yeomancy before taking to theJotens to search
1. Mountain lion: IL 10%; T for gems. He is a little bit eccentric as the re-
sult of being alone so long, but has finely-
ie giant: IL 30% ; TT D. These giants are, Manticore': IL 20%; TT E. honed survival skills and knows the Jotens like
the back of his hand. For a sizeable fee, he will
group, undecided about the growiiig war
I humankind. They do not attack unless
ugre: IL 20%; TT B S Q t Mxiu. iviany of
gladly take the PCs to the valley of the hill gi-
:ked first, .nor
. will thev aid the nartv in
I ,
these brutish creatures have been used as fod- ants' steading. He will not accompany them
way, save t'o hint at dark forces pulling the der for the giant invasion. There is a 10% into the steading itself. (One of his finely-
igs of the 1eaders of the other giant types. chance that one of the ogres knows the loca- honed survival skills is staying away from, or
tion of any one unplundered giant headquar- directly behind, all hostile creatures, espe-
Storm giant: IL 5 5 % ; TT ES+ QxlO. The ters. cially large ones.)
storm giants h:ave little to do with the dealings
of their lesser brothers, although they occa- Orc: IL 35%; TT L (COS + QxlO). Troll: IL 40 % ; TT D.
sional meet w ith them. If encountered in a
friendly fashion before the PCs reach theJarl's Pyrolisk: IL 30% ; TT D. Troll, giant: IL 30% ; TT C.
glacier (Chapt er 4), the storm. giant will relate
- . cornpiiiuii
a problem of his own - a niissirig :-- ------*-- /\finA
rivapcciui (LVL~U
<+h T,,,]
L L ~ ~ L L C L I . Troll, ice: IL 10%; TT D.
known as Olgani. Unbeknownst to her kin, AC 4 ; hp 38; MV 9"; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8 (long-
Olgani is being held prisoner by the Jarl. sword) or 1-3 (knife, in bolt); THACO 16; TT Wolverine, giant: IL 15% ; TT Nil.
Q; AL CG; IL 10%; XPV 280
Goblin: IL 40%; TT K (C).

Once the characters enter the hex contain- vival, of course, as well as opportunity. Some Giants Bag Contents Table
ing the steading of the hill giant chief, it provision for movement of surviving giants is
should be clear to them they are in the correct given in the latter scenarios, but you must Idloo Item in Bag or Other Container
area. Well-worn paths, giant tracks, lair cairns modify or augment these groups according to 01-03 old axe blade for use as hand chopper
of great boulders, and warning signs declaring the outcome of previous adventuring by your 04-17 boulders, small ( 1 - 4 )
(in rough giant) the rulership of Nosnra, party. This principle also holds true with re- 18-19 bowl and spoon, tin or pewter, bat-
Chief of the Hill Giants. gard to any additional scenarios which you use tered
The player characters should soon be able to if they concern any of the creatures connected 20-21 brass items, various and sundry, bent
locate the steading itself in the base of a broad with this series. Such continuity of encounters 22-23 caltrops, iron, large ( 1 - 6 )
valley. The surrounding mountains are rough will certainly tend to make the adventures of 24-25 cheese, hard, slightly moldy, and
and riddled with caves, any one of them suf- the party more meaningful and exciting. stinky
ficient to serve as a hiding place.
26-30 cloak, shabby, wool or hide
If the party decides to retire between forays Upper Works 31-32 comb and hairpins, bone
against the Steading, they may be assured of
The map shows the huge timber stronghold 33-40 cooking pot, iron
relative safety at the hidden cave base camp-
of the local clan of hill giants. All outer walls 41-43 horn, drinking
provided they take moderate precautions not
are of logs of at least 3 feet in diameter. Inner 44-47 knife, skinning
to leave a plain trail or to be followed to this
walls dividing rooms and the like are about 2 48-53 linen:, various, soiled, patched
sanctuary. There are sufficient supplies there
feet thick, and doors are great iron-bouad log 54-60 meat, haunch of
for several weeks stay. Each time they return
affairs of 1-meter thickness-single doors be- 61-64 money, copper (100-400 pieces)
to this base camp they may receive experience
ing approximately7 feet wide and 6 feet high. 65-67 money, silver (20-80 pieces)
points benefits, if any, accruing to them be-
All inside floors are of stone. Ceiling height 68-69 money, gold (10-40 pieces)
cause of the previous adventure. It may like-
varies from about 16 feet at the edges to 32 70-76 pelt, fur, worthless and mangy
wise be assumed that magic-users have their
feet at the center, and there are great black- 77-83 rope, 10(FM)-120(FM) coil, very
spell books hidden there.
ened rafters above which hold up the roof. strong
The steading itself appears to be a solid,
The Steading is in a nasty damp area, where 84-85 salt, small bag or box of
wooden fortress without visible windows, but
hard rain is a daily occurrence and wet fogs a 86-90 sandals, old
no giants, or any other creatures, can be seen
nightly event. All wood in the place is very 91-98 skin, water or wine, full
about the place, and only the occasional
damp. (Normal fire has only a 2 % chance per 99-00 teeth or tusks, animal, no ivory value
bursts of shouting or laughter can be heard
disrupting the quiet dusk. If there are guards round of burning or setting the place afire, (1-8)
at the main gate, they are either well-hidden and even magical fires have only an 8%
or derelict in their duties. chance per round of the same.) If the party Encounter Key: Upper Level
should manage to set the upper works of the Wandering Monsters
Notes For The Dungeon Master Steading aflame, they will be forced to wait a
week before trying to discover a way into the Western Sections (West of Great Hall): en-
There is considerable information con- lower (dungeon) level, for hot embers will counter 1 in 10
tained herein which is descriptive and inform- prevent entry before this period of time. All
ative with respect to what the players see and loot from the upper works is lost in such a fire, 1. 4-12 orcs rushing to get shields for platters.
do. This does not mean that you, as Dungeon but all giants from location 11 of the upper 2 . 2 hill giants from Room 11 going to sleep
Master, must surrender your creativity and be- level escape to safety in the lower level, going off a drunk.
come a mere script reader. You must supply to location 26. 3. 3 ogres from Room 11 going to get one of
considerable amounts of additional material. A standard die roll is required to open all the guards.
You must make up certain details of areas. doors because of their great size and weight. 4. 1 hill giant from Room 11 taking a stroll.
There are actions which are not allowed for Doors stay open if left that way. Fireplaces are
here, and you must judge whether or not you indicated but the location of cressets and bra- Great Hall to Room 11: Encounter 1 in 8
will permit them. Finally, you can amend and ziers are not. Location 22 is an open stockaded 1. 1-4 hill giants heading for Room 13 from
alter monsters and treasures as you see fit, yard, while rooms 23-25 are an outbuilding Room 11.
hopefully within the parameters of this adven- which is connected to the main lodge by a 2 . 1 cloud giant from Room 11 heading for
ture, and with an eye toward the whole, but to huge palisade of tree trunks 3 feet in diameter front gate.
suit your specific players. Morale should not and 30 feet tall. 3 . 2 stone giants from Room 11 heading for
be a factor in most giant actions.
front gate.
If time permits, the giants organize traps, Giants Bags
ambushes, and last ditch defenses against con-
tinuing forays into their stronghold. You must There are numerouJ vccmIvIIJ wllcll Eastern Section: Encounter 1 in 12
work up such cases and plans according to ex- and chests are searched by the party. The con- 1. The giantess coming from Room 11 to get
isting circumstances, but assuming clever ad- tents of these containers may be determined
her cave bear in Room 7 .
vice to the giants. randomly by using the table hereafter. The 2. 1 hill giant with 1-4 dire wolves from Room
If you plan to continue the campaign by us- number of items in the bag or container is 22 going to Room 4.
ing the other adventures in the series, be cer- simply determined by rolling 5d4 to obtain a 3. The chief and 2 ogres going to get some tro-
tain to keep track of the fate of important random number of items between 5 and 20. A phies from Room 6 to show off in the Great
giants and their allies or captives. The former roll for each item is then made on the Con- Hall.
will generally flee to the next higher ranking tents Table (following). If any item would be 4 . 2-8 young giants from Room 3 heading
stronghold, and the latter will be available for duplicated, roll again to select a replacement. through Room 22 to raid the pantry (Room
assistance to some parties. This assumes sur- 18).

Rooms and Areas HillGiantYoung(12): hp 26, 24, 21, 21, 21, There is a bed, small table, chair, stool, two
18, 17, 17, 16, 16, 14, 13; XPV 85 + 4/hp chests, a coffer, and rugs, hides, and the like
1. Entry and Cloak Room
each, 1,788 for all in the chamber. The chests contain only cloth-
ing, as she wears her jewelry, but hidden in the
The place is bare, but there are many pegs straw mattress is a leather pouch with 29 gems
along the walls, and various items of giant
in it: one jacinth (5,000 gp), three emeralds
outemear (capes, cloaks, erc.) and bags hang The snores of two soundly sleeping giants (1,000 gp each), four topaz (500 gp each),
from them. Use random bag contents for any can be heard among the 10 beds and 10 chests eight amethysts (100gp each), five zircons (50
opened. Noise could alert those at area A or B, in this room. There are items of clothing gp each), and eight agates (10 gp each).
below: hanging from walls and a couple of torches are
smouldering in wall cressets. No treasure is in Cave Bear, Snookums: hp 35; XPV 755
A. Two snoring hill giants are supposedly the room, save a small pouch in the first chest
guarding the entrance. There is a nearly searched, which will contain 110 pp. 8. Chiefs Chamber
empty keg of ale between them. Unless at-
tacked and slain immediately, any molesta- Hill Giants (2): hp 39, 38; XPV 1,868, 1,856 This room is hung with rugs and skins and
tion will enable one to alert the other guard at there are hides on the floor. There is a bed,
B. There is 1 chance in 20 that any well- 5. Maids Chambers two chairs, a small table with a tun of cheap
planned scheme to kill them will fail, other- wine on it, an old shield and some of the
wise they can be slain simultaneously and chiefs weapons (in the corner), a chest with
Four giantesses are in this room, and there
quiet maintained. his clothing, and other clothing hanging on
are the usual furnishings about the place.
Only the nasty old matron (the strongest of pegs. A thick chain (for his cave bear) is set
B. Steps leading up to the watch tower where the group) is inclined to fight, but she domi- into one wall. Nothing ofvalue is in the place.
another hill giant guard is dozing. A flagon nates the others. If the matron is slain, the
which contained mead is at his hand. An iron three others do not fight, and even cooperate 9. Arms Room
hoop and straight bar hanging on ropes from a
with the party by describing rooms 8, 9, and
rafter above will alert the place if struck to- 10 (the chiefs sanctums) and telling how to This is the location of the better trophies
gether. The giant wears a belt with a gem-set get there safely if they are allowed to have the and personal armor, shields, and arms of the
gold buckle. The six gems are worth 100 gp matrons hoard of treasure. In an iron chest chief. There are also four huge fur capes. Al-
each, and the gold in the buckle is worth 100 under the matrons bed are three bracelets though there is no real value to most of the
gp; but as a piece of jewelry the complete item (worth 2,000-8,000 gp each), 3000 gp, and 4 items herein, there are five javelins of lighr-
has a value of 1,400 gp. potions (extra-healing, hill giant control, ning wrapped in an old rag which is stuffed
healing, poison). The maids do not particu- under a cloak thrown into a far corner and
Hill Giant Guards (3): hp 40, 34 (A), 27 (B); shielded from sight by three spears and a club
larly want the potions.
XPV 1880, 1808 (A), 1724 (B) leaned against the wall in front of it. Of the
Hill giantesses (4): hp 34, 27, 24, 23; XPV other dozen or two items in the place, only
2. Sub-chief s Room
504,462,444,438 one of the capes, a giant otter fur (worth 2,000
gp) has any value to the party.
This place contains a scattering of
6 . Hall of the Chief
furnishings-hides on the floor, a bear skin on 10. Small Dining Room
the wall, a chair, a stool, a huge chest, and a
Numerous interesting things fill this place.
vast bed mounded with furs.On a shelf 9 feet This room is also used for the council meet-
There are two tables, five chairs, two stools,
above the floor are a beaten silver comb set ings of the chief. It contains a long table, a
and rugs, hides, and skins on the floors and
with four pearls worth 50 gp each (total value great chair, a lesser chair, and six stools. There
walls. The tables have pottery flagons and
300 gp), a copper mirror (worth 200 gp), and a
platters on them, and pots and kegs are all are several shelves, a smaller table and chair,
large gold hair pin set with a 500 gp pearl (800 and some miscellaneous items (a mug, some
about the place. There are trophies on the
gp total value). Under the furs on the bed is a paper scraps, an old knife, a rock paper-
walls: heads (various animals and monsters),
sleeping giantess, who will awaken on a 1-4
skulls, skins, and some arms and armor. Di- weight, etc.). There are hides on the walls and
(on Id6) or if a loud noise occurs in the room. floor. The secret door to 10A is merely a hid-
rectly across from the fireplace are eight
The chest contains 980 cp, 320 sp, and 1,500 shields, one of which is a shield + 3 , but only den door concealed behind a manticore hide
gP. a detect magic spell will reveal it as such. hung on the wall. A rough skin map of the
There is a brass jar on the mantle of the fire- area, showing past and planned raids, hangs
Hill Giantess: hp 29; XPV 474 place, but it has no value. A skull there is also on the wall opposite the fireplace.
valueless, but inside is a large gem worth
3. Dormitory 2,000 gp. (One of the kids was playing with it 10A. Several scroll tubes are concealed in this
and stuffed it inside the skull, and it has been room, under a stack of logs in the alcove to the
Here 12 young giants are rollicking and northwest. Only one tube has anything in it,
forgotten. )
beefy smacks, shouts, and laughter are easily this one being sealed and marked with a trian-
heard. All these creatures have weapons and
7. Chamber of the Chiefs Wife gle containing a Y.Inside is a set of instruc-
fight as ogres. Noise from here is regarded as tions on the next raid, written in giant, and
the kids having fun. There is no treasure, but signed Eclavdra. Also in the tube are the
Solka, wife of the chief, is in the great hall
by wearing the young giants garb, with suit- (room 11) but this room contains her pet cave plans for the Steading, but this plan does not
able padding, the party could pass as the show the lower level. Note that the steps lead
bear which acts as a guard and will immedi-
youngsters if not seen closer than 20 feet.
ately attack any intruder, for it can smell the to the secret area at the dungeon level.
person at the door. The bear makes no noise.
11. Long Hall dant here-no fewer than 12 of each (all sized low, for further details of the items about the
for giants, of course). There are four great place.)
This 80-foot long passageway is dim, shad- swords (two-handed with respect to man-sized
owy, and generally deserted and ignored, for creatures), two huge iron maces, and a sheaf Hill Giantess Cooks (5): hp 24 each; XPV 444
all of the feasting and fun is beyond in the of 6-foot-long spears that giants use for jave- each, 2,220 for all
Great Hall. A few torches burn smokily along lins. All shields are against the walls, and be- Ogre Servants (11): hp 12 each; XPV 150
either wall. hind the seventh one checked is a magical war each, 1,650 for all
hammer +2. One other hammer is out of Orc Slaves (29): hp 4 each; XPV 14 each, 406
Great Hall sight in a corner, and it is seen by close inspec- for all
tion. This weapon has a magic mouth spell
This place contains trestle tables, benches,
placed on it to speak to a dwad: Heres a kiss 18. Kitchen Workroom
stools, and so forth. To the north of the fire pit
for you, runt! so until it has spoken it will ra-
(where a whole ox, two sheep, and four pigs This is also a ready storage area and eating
diate magic very strongly.
roast) is a higher table where the chief, his place for servants. There are three tables, a
wife, a cloud giant visitor, the sub-chief, and long counter, stools, benches, and kitchen
14. Main Guest Chamber
the three stone giant visitors are seated. On gear about. There are numerous sacks, boxes,
the wall directly behind the chief is a small
The cloud giant and the three stone giants and barrels containing flour, dried meal,
ballista which he uses as a cross bow. It fires
(now at #11) are lodged here. There are six dried fruit, honey, erc. Various cheeses,
spears and there are six there. Barrels and kegs
beds, four chairs, four stools, seven chests, smoked meats, and sausages hang from the
of ale, beer, and mead stand here and there.
and two tables in the room. Various skins and rafters. There are several casks and tuns of ale,
All of the tables are full of various sorts of
hides cover the floors, several hang on the beer, mead, and wine. Loaves of bread are
meat, cheese, bread, and drinking containers
walls, and there are giant garments on several stacked on one table.
(horns, mugs, cups, etc.). There is singing,
pegs. All found are worthless, as are the con-
talking, laughing, shouting, arguing, wres-
tents of all chests and the four bags tucked un- 18A. This is a storage room with more provi-
tling, joking, and the like going on, so the der the beds. One torch burns smokily in the sions as above, as well as the stairs leading to
place is a veritable din of noise.
west end of the room in a wall sconce; at the the lower level.
Various servants and orc slaveswill be entering
other end is what appears to be an unlit torch,
the Great Hall from the west. For the moment,
but it is actually a giant slaying sword belong- 19. Servants Quarters
however, the following creatures are present:
ing to the cloud giant, and if it is touched the
special illusion is dispelled. The sword is This large common room has various sizes
Nosnra, Chief of the Hill Giants: hp 65;
unique; with 14 intelligence and 8 ego, it of cots, tables, chairs, stools, and the like. It is
THACO 10; Dmg 4-24 or 2-18/4-24 (bal-
speaks the languages of hill, stone and frost cluttered with old clothing and junk. In it are
h a , fire rate l , range 30); XPV 2,180
giants in addition to Common and its align- six giantess maids (non-combatants) and a rel-
Solka, the Chiefs Wife: hp 41; THACO 12;
ment language (Neutral Good). It can,detect atively handsome giant warrior, who will im-
Dmg 2-16; XPV 546
enemies, but has no other powers. It is a + 2 mediately do battle in order to show off for his
Other Hill Giant revelers (20): hp 44, 40, 40,
weapon, + 4 vs. any type of giant. admirers. He will not raise a cry for help unless
40, 39, 38, 38, 38, 38, 38, 37, 37, 37, 37, brought to half his original hit points or less.
37,36,36,30,27,27;XPV 1400+ 12/hp,
15. Common Room On the round this happens, he will raise help
42,680 for all
by shouting with a 60% chance each round of
Cloud Giant: hp 63; XPV 5,258
The place has 12 cots, 10 boxes, four stools, being heard. (This giant is the dire wolf
Stone Giants (3): hp 51, 48, 43; XPV 2,514,
one table, two benches, and various odds and keeper of area 22, and he has a whip hanging
2,472, 2,402
ends, all of which are of absolutely no value. beside the door to the east. The whip need
Ogres (8): hp 31, 29, 28, 28, 28, 27, 26, 20;
only be shown to the wolves to make them
XPV 90 + 5 /hp each, 1,805 for all
Cave Bear Throat-ripper: hp 43, XPV 819
16.Common Room cower and fall back.)

This place is almost identical to # 15, with a Hill Giantess Maids (6): hp 29 each; XPV 494
Each giant wears 1-4 pieces of jewelry worth
few cloaks, some hides on the floors and walls, each, 2,964 for all
200-1,200 gp each. Each ogre wears 1-2 pieces
and so forth. A small chest on a stool in the Hill Giant Hero: hp 43; XPV 1,916
worth 200-800 gp each. The sub-chief, the
northeast corner of the room contains some
chief, and his wife each wear 4 pieces worth
dwarven and elven ears, and one of them con- 20. Orc Slave Quarters
1,000-8,000 gp each. The chiefs pet bear
tains an earring set with a gem (of 100 gp
wears a collar studded with six small rubies
value). This hall is a messy and smelly place filled
(total value 1,000 gp).
with pallets and junk. All but two of the slaves
17. Kitchen are working elsewhere, the two in this place
12. Arsenal
being too injured (since giant kicks break
This is a typical giant kitchen with counterS bones) to labor. They will happily aid a party
Herein are 30 helmets, 26 shields, 22
along the walls, several tables, benches, a stool or which will spare there lives and set them free.
spears, nine clubs, and three great axes, all
two, and various items for cooking and baking These orcs know about the rebellion in the
suitable for giant use but none of any use to
(pots,kettles, bowls, knives, forks, spoons,ladles, dungeons, and they will tell the party that any
little folk (such as PCs).
spits, and so forth). There are 29 orc slaves about orcs they see there should be hailed as friends.
the place who will run away from any suong- Otherwise, they know only the kitchen area
13. Weapons Room
looking p q . The five giantess cooks and 11 and the Great Hall.
young ogre servantswill also run,but they will call
Spears, shields, clubs and axes are abun- orc convalescents (2): hp 3, 2 ; XPV 13, 12
for help. There is nothing of value. (See #18, be-
2 1. Ogre Quarters with clothing and equipment for the troops out of the way against the walls, revealing a
and himself. A sack on the wall holds giant- floor of blackish stone, much worn by the
The hill giants employ ogres for scouts, sized boots, and one at the bottom holds tread of countless feet.
messengers, servants, and the like, for the 1,300 gp and 8 tourmalines (worth 100 gp
ogres are trusty flunkies as well as hard workers each). Another sack under the cot contains old 2. Chamber of the Keeper
and fighters. In addition to those in the Great (worthless) helmets.
Hall and the young at work in the kitchen The keeper is a ghastly hill giant, hunch-
area, there are five of them here playing at backed, twisted, and with but one good eye.
knucklebones and drinking small beer. Amid Encounter Key: Dungeon Level He is thoroughly wicked and evil, strong, and
the heaps of skins on which they sleep (there remorseless. He is never without one of his
It will be evident from merely descending
are 22 such heaps) is hidden a leather sack two pet carnivorous apes and both are in his
the stairs and observing the walls that the ma-
(heap 15) containing a potion of storm giant lair, one guarding to the north of the door, the
sonry work is quite good, certainly superior to
strength and a delusion potion. Locked in a other on a platform built above it! The keeper
orcish work, except in a few places. The ob-
great iron chest with the key held by the has a chain shirt, and he fights with a battle
servant party will note that most of the stone-
strongest ogre (now at #11) are 955 sp, 705,
work is old, even that which bears recent chisel
axe + 3. His room has many skins on the floor,
gp, and 79 pp. The strongest ogre in the room a bed, table, chair, two boxes, several crates
wears a gem (worth 1,000 gp) on a thong marks or is patched with new mortar and
and barrels, one chest, and odds and ends of
around his neck. The creatures have 381 cp as shored up with newly hewn stone. Passageway
armor, weapons, furniture, tableware, and so
ceilings are arched and buttressed every 10
stakes for which they are playing. Noise from forth. None has any value. A loose stone in
feet, with the peak of the arch about 17 feet
this place will attract no attention whatsoever. the floor hides his treasure: 5,400 gp, five
overhead. Ceiling height in most smallish
large spinels (worth 500 gp each), four huge
Ogre flunkies (5): hp 26, 23, 18, 16, 15; XPV rooms in the dungeon is 20 feet or so, again
arched and buttressed. In the large rooms and garnets (100 gp each), and a large earthenware
90 + 5 lhp each, 940 for all jug which holds four potions of water breath-
chambers the ceilings are 30 feet high. The
overhead in the natural cavern area (19-21) is ing.
22. Open Compound
of varying height, passages about 10 feet, and
The Keeper (hill giant): AC 3 (chain shirt); hp
large areas about 20 feet or more. The roof of
Fourteen dire wolves run free here, and 49; THACO 9 (battle axe + 3 ) ; Dmg 5-19
cavern 23 is about 40 feet high. All natural
they will immediately attack any non-giant or (2d8+3); XPV 1,988
non-ogre entering their area. If they see the cave areas have stalagmites.
whip (room 19), however, they cower and Carnivorous Apes (2): hp 29, 26; XPV 315,
make no sound, but otherwise they howl and
Wandering Monsters
bite! All Non-Natural Areas: Encounter 1 in 12
3. Cell Block
Dire Wolves (14): hp 25, 23, 22, 20, 20, 19, 1 . 4 ogres (hp 23, 22, 20, 27; XPV 820 for all)
18, 18, 18, 17, 17, 15, 13, 12; x p v 6 0 + seeking some orcs. In the outer guard room are two bugbear
4/hp, 1,868 for all 2. The Keeper and his pet (from Room 2) out guards armed with morningstars. If not en-
inspecting. gaged immediately, they will raise an alarm by
23. Guard Room 3. 12 ora (hp 7 each, XPV 204 for all), two striking a large brass gong near the door. If
with heavy crossbows with poisoned bolts they are prevented from doing this, and are
There is a huge horn to wind to call the dire (Dmg 2-5 + poison), out raiding for food. faced by an obviously superior enemy, they
wolves. It rests upon the small table in the will direct the opponents to cell iv. (see be-
center of the room. There are eight stools and Other Areas: Encounter 1 in 20 low), and when the party is occupied the bug-
two benches along the walls. A sheaf of 18 bears will smite the alarm and flee. The room
spears is by the door. A line of seven giant- In 19-20: 1-4 Subterranean lizards (from area contains a table, two stools, torches, and keys
sized shield and four clubs stands along the 21) to cells i, ii, iii, and v.
south wall. No creatures are in the room. In 2 1 : 1-3 carrion crawlers coming up from the
sinkholes Bugbear Guards (2): hp 17, 14; XPV 203, 191
24. Barracks
Rooms and Areas In the cells are:
This room contains 10 beds, 10 chests, 10
stools, two tables, one bench, and miscellane-
B. Boulder wall
G . Posts for r c k l orc guards (2 orcs from area i. A human prisoner, a merchant, now quite
ous junk. There a few hides on floors and insane (hp 4).
walls. Several broken weapons and dented 19)
W. Watch points for bugbear guards; one
helmets are strewn about. The place is de- ii. A human prisoner (hp 6), an engineer, kept
serted. bugbear each.
alive to help with the excavation of new areas
1. Marshalling Area
of the dungeon. He cannot aid his rescuers,
25. Barracks but he will take service.
This room is primarily meant as the place
This room is identical in contents to #24, iii. An elf fighterlmagic user chained to the
where slaves are rounded up and sent about
above. wall. He will serve with any character of good
their tasks under guard. It is also used for the
revels of the dungeon crew when off duty. alignment for 1 year after rescue without pay
A. This alcove off the barracks belongs to the in gratitude for his freedom.
There are a few smoky torches burning along
sergeant of the guards who is now feasting.
the walls. The benches and tables are pushed
There are three chests in this area, all filled

Oaklock Gilderlief (elf): AL NG; Level 5/8 Argratin, Bugbear Captain: AC 4; hp 24; 16. Armory and Smithy
FighterlM-U; hp 14 (original 31); MV THACO 14;Dmg 4-10;XPV 231
12; AC 9; THACO 16; no weapons or Here are stacks of giant arms and armor, be-
spells; XPV 2,596 Bugbear lieutenants (4):hp 19 each, XPV 2 1 1 ing repaired, or fabricated. In the area first en-
S 17 I 1 7 W 14 D 16 Co 15 Ch 11 each, 844 for all tered are 19 pike-sized spears, 41 6-foot
spears, 16 battle axes, nine two-handed
iv. Trap-Three skeletons, each wearing a 8.Guards: These alert fellows are readying for swords, and other weapons and armor usable
brass ring with a glass gem. The bugbear an attack. One is always at the south exit only by giants. A bit further on are some hel-
guards will claim that they have been in- watching B to the East. They are armed mets balanced on shields and propped up by 6
structed to keep these skeletons safe, as there with hand axes (for throwing) and morning each war hammers and maces, and if these are
is something magical about them. They have stars. touched the whole will fall with a clatter to
no key to the cell to back up their tale, but the warn the Armorer and Smith of trouble.
lock can be forced with ease. As soon as the Bugbear guards (6):hp 21,17,17,17, 16,13; These two are fire giants who will immediately
cell door is opened, the three skeletons spring XPV 135 + 4/hp each, 1,214 for all raise a shout and come to fight. They are by
to attack with swords previously covered from the forges and bellows in the eastern section of
view by dust and dirt. 9-11.Slaves Quarters (Good Behavior area) the area. There are seven dwarves chained
there, forced to labor making weapons. Six of
Skeletons (3): hp 8 each; XPV 22 each, 66 for These areas have a few smoky torches on the the latter are useless to the party, being intent
all walls and moldy straw strewn on the floor. only on immediate escape, but one is an 8th
Some benches are built into the walls. Each level fighter who will serve with the party as
v. Large cell with five captured o x rebels. door is barred from the outside with a heavy long as he gets a treasure share equal to his
Three others of their number have already iron rod. level and a chance to fight giants. The fire gi-
been tortured to death, so they will be very ants each have a sack filled with 4,000gp.
willing to help any creature promising them 9. 24 unarmed orc slave, very poor morale.
escape from the toils of the giants. These orcs Fire Giants (2): hp 57, 50,XPV 3,612,3,500
will lead the party to room 19, if they wish, 10. 30 unarmed orc slaves, very poor morale.
and will see them safely past the guards be- Mongo (dwarf): AL LN; Level 8 Fighter; hp
hind B if the PCs can handle the bugbear at 11. 24 unarmed orc slaves, very poor morale. 70;MV 12;AC 9;THACO 14;no weap-
W to the west of that place. ons; XPV 1,600
12-14.Slaves Quarters (Unruly) S 18/29 I8 W 11 D 10 Co 17 Ch 6
Orc Rebels (5): hp 6 each; 16 hp each, 80 for
all At each position marked W is 1 bugbear 17. Passage
(hp 16;XPV 199), armed with hand axe and
4-8.Bugbear Quarters Complex morning star, constantly alert and watching. This passage to 17A is blocked by stones:
Each area is secured by a barrel gate through Orcs have piled finished and rough stones be-
Each of these areas will have a few torches which the bugbears can see. Each set of bars is fore the door to close it. The wooden door it-
and braziers burning. There will be a few secured by lock and chain as well as bolt. The self is bound with moldering bands of bronze
hides and skins on the walls and floors, straw chambers are unlit, have only scanty straw, and a heavy bronze bolt secures it. The corri-
and similar litter mounded for bedding, a few and are quite noisome with orcish odor. dor is disused, dusty, and reeks disgustedly.
stools and small crates, boxes and the like for
(worthless) personal belongings, and tables 12. 48 unarmed orc laborers with fair morale. 17A. Weird Abandoned Temple
with scraps of food and odds and ends of eat-
ing utensils upon them. 13. 24 unarmed orc laborers with fair morale. This room is of faintly glowing purplish
green stone, carved with disturbing shapes
4.12bugbearsatready(hp20~2,15~4,14~ 14. 16 unarmed orc laborers, highly anxious and signs which seem to stare out from the
6;XPV 135 + 4/hp, 2,356forall). Each has a to attack their captors, with good morale. walls and columns, to shift position when the
spear for hurling, a morning star, and 2-8gp. watchers back is turned. Touching the walls
15. Torture Chambers makes one chilled and contact with a pillar
5. 12 bugbears, asleep. These monsters are causes the one touching it to become nau-
identical in all respects to those described in This large area contains various implements seous.
Room 4 above. for torturing prisoners large and small. There At the far west end of the temple is an altar
are two racks, an iron maiden, thumbscrews, of pale, yellow-gray translucent stone. It feels
6. 12 bugbears as in Room 5 above. iron boots, chains, whips, branding irons, greasy to the touch, but it has no effects upon
strappadoes, etc. A fire put in the center of those who touch it. Behind this altar is a flight
7. Chamber of the bugbear captain: Five b u g the room gives it all a hellish light. There are of low, uneven steps which lead to an alcove
bears (the captain and four lieutenants) are two dozing hill giants behind the large rack to with a concave back wall of purplish-black,
sitting around a crude table drinking ale and the north, one wearing a gold chain set with a glassy appearing substance. If any creature
discussing a plan to wipe out the orcs of area fire opal (total value 2,000gp intact, or 1,300 stands before this wall and gazes upon it for
19.Each has a bastard sword. The captain at- gp otherwise). one round, a writhing amorphous form of
tacks as an ogre, with bonuses of + 1 / + 2 to sickly mauves and violets will be seen stretch-
hit and damage, respectively. Each bugbear Hill giants (2): hp 39, 36;XPV 1,668,1,632 ing its formless members towards the viewer.
has 20-80gp, and the captain has an addi- This sight causes the creature seeing it to have
tional 31 agates (worth 10 gp each) hidden in a 50% chances of becoming insane. If the
a pouch under his armor. creature does not go insane, a touch upon the
curving will cause a scarab of insanity to ap- 2 1. Lizards Lair idioo Treasure
pear upon the altar for the first one so doing, 01-25 None
and a 5,000 gp gem for the next. A mated pair of exceptionallyold and large 1-100 cp
subterranean lizards have chosen this spot to 1-100 sp
18. Vestry raise their four young. These reptiles occasion- 1-100 ep
ally dart forth on forays to hunt and devour 1-100 gp
The visible walls of this place bear faint troglodytes or orcs, but their main hunting 66-70 1-20 p.p
traces of disgusting murals and bas-relief de- ground is the series of caves beneath their 1-8 gems
pictions of nasty things. A flight of ridged, own, the entrance to which is through the sink 76-82 1 piece of jewelry
step-like stone slants steeply downward to- hole at the east edge of their lair. (The lizards 83-87 1 potion
ward the south, but this way is completely feed upon the fungus and the fungus eaters.) 88-91 1 scroll
blocked by tons of stone blocks and rubble. They are without treasure. 1 ring
93 1 wand (or rod or staff)
19.Natural Cavern Subterranean Lizards: hp 47, 40, 25, 22, 20, 1 miscellaneous magic item
19, XPV 350+ 61hp each, 3,138 for all 94
95-97 1 sword or misc. weapon
This place is part of the large area of natural 98-00 1 armor and I or shield
caves and caverns which the ancient builders 22. Partially Cleared Passage to Cistern
of the dungeon came upon. It is now inhab- 24. Storage Room
ited by 78 orc escaped orc slaves, rebels against The well-lit chamber at the end of the
the hill giants, for whom the place is a sanctu- broad passage is filled with a deep pool of wa- This chamber is filled with scattered tools
ary. (See G, above.) The o r a are armed with ter. This dark liquid is cool and wholesome to for digging and stone masonry. There are
clubs, axes, daggers, and various cast-off drink, and nothing dwells in it. It is an emer- shovels, pickaxes, hammers, drills, chisels,
weapons, although there are seven cross-bows gency water supply fed from several spouting baskets, and so forth, many sized for giants,
amongst them. There are three leader-types springs which come through holes in the wall others for smaller creatures. The door to the
12 guards with great strength, and 63 others. to the west. The pool is 14 feet deep, and at north is locked with a huge padlock. (This
They obtain food from raids, supplemented the bottom is a small outlet (large enough for area will house any ogres surviving from a
by fungus found in a subterranean cave which a man to pass through) of finished stone, ob- burning of the upper level if applicable.)
is entered through the sink hole in the south- viously man-made if anyone is there to see it.
east of the cavern. They have an uneasy truce This outlet gives a slanting upward access to 25. Wine Cellar
with the troglodytes (see Area 20, hereafter), the stream which flows through cavern 23.
and trade food to these creatures for water. Any creature going down the stream will come The door to this room is also padlocked. In
The total of the orcs treasure is 45 gp, 23 sp, out about a mile below the steading in a small addition to several large casks, 11 big barrels,
and 119 gp. If approached in a non-hostile pond. and some various kegs, there are 13 tuns (5
manner they will become agreeable if fighting gallon) of exceptional wine stored here. Each
against bugbears andlor giants is mentioned. 23. Cavern of the Camon Crawlers
has a bung seal with a blob of black wax im-
pressed with a deaths head. If the wine is
Orc Leaders (3): HD 1 + 4 (hp 11, 10, 9); All carrion crawlers in the whole complex of tasted it is 75% probable that the taster will
THACO 16; Dmg 2-9; XPV 60 for all caves and caverns come to this area from time
continue to quaff it until in a drunken stupor.
Orc Guards (12): hp 8 each; XPV 18 each, 216 to time to breed. Over the years a litter of (One quart will make a giant reel, while a gill
for all bones has built up from the prey these crea- will make a human tipsy. It is the property of
Orcs (63): hp 5 each; XPV 15 each, 945 for all tures have dragged here to devour at leisure. the creatures masterminding the attacks by
All sorts of bones, human and otherwise, are the giants, a gift to the chief for his good serv-
20. Troglodyte Cavern heaped and piled here and there. Seldom ices, but the party can at best guess at this fact.
does any other sort of creature venture into the The wine is black, has a slightly earthy smell,
A small tribe of trogs are forced to dwell place, for any that do usually end up by add- and tastes like no other such drink.) It has a
here. There are 20 males, 13 females, and ing there bones to the litter. There are two
market value of from 200 to 800 gp per quart.
seven young (young are non-combatants with crawlers in the northeast finger of the cavern.
two hp, XPV 7). Being trapped between the Every turn there is a 30% chance that 1-3
26. Gallery (being cleared)
orcs at Area 19 and the lizards in Area 21 they more of these monsters will appear from the
are trying to make do until they can escape. north or south along the stream or by one of The north face of this area is being cleared,
The leader has 4 gems (500 gp each), and the sink holes. and a few tools are in that area. The place is
there are seven mediocre (100 gp each) and There is a treasure in the place, but it will otherwise unremarkable and empty. (Note
two poor (50 gp) gems among the other take three persons to search a 10 x 10-foot- that here, and at 27 will be the location of gi-
males. They are regarded as holy things by the square area 1 turn. Each area thoroughly ants surviving a burning of the upper level of
trogs, and any creature touching the gems will checked might discover some treasure, but
the steading.)
be savagely attacked. each such area may be searched but once. Use
the following table to determine what is
27. Chamber (being cleared)
Troglodyte Males (20): hp 15, 14, 14, 13, 13, found.
12, 10 x 6, 9, 8 x 5, 7, 6; XPV 36+ 2lhp Another unlit and unremarkable place with
each, 1126 for all Carrion Crawlers (2): hp 19, 16; XPV 656,644 a few tools left lying around.
Troglodyte Females (13): hp 13, 11 x 3, 10, 9,
8, 7, 7, 6, 5, 5, 4; XPV 28+ 21hp each,
471 for all

28. Quarters for Stone Giant Miners dropped). The bars which hold the manticores cover has four iron spikes set into the floor 10
prisoned are thick, and close set, so they cannot feet below, and each spike is poisoned. There
Three stone giants who are subordinates of fire their tail spikes through the gaps; but those is a 50h chance to fall into the pit, each per-
the leader in the Great Hall above make this bars which are to the north are not so closely set. son passing over the area checking-a second
their abode. There are piles of skins about, (See also Room 32.) line having but a 2 5 % chance of falling in if
five cots, several stools, two tables, and several persons in a leading row drop into the trap.
chests and sacks containing personal gear. Manticores (4): hp 51, 48, 45, 40 XPV 933, The room has various items which will imme-
These monsters are the master minds and en- 909, 885, 845; 3,572 for all diately be noticed:
gineers for all work in the dungeon. There are
14,230 gp in the third chest opened. 31. Minor Treasure Room Large chest: 23,840 gp
Iron Box (locked): 4,139 pp
Stone Giants (3): HD 9+3; hp 47, 44, 39; This place is the storage area for the excess Small coffer: 62 gems (41 of 100 gp, 13 of 500
XPV 2,458, 2,416, 2,346 coinage of the chief. There are seven chests gp, 8 of 1,000 gp)
and some empty boxes. The chests contain: Small Coffer: 17 pieces of jewelry (500 gp
29. Empty Chambers each, no gems)
1. 13,OOOcp
At first glance the whole place appears to be 2 . 27,300 sp-scything blade trap which in- In addition, there are three empty and bro-
unused, but there is a faint glint of light from flicts 2-12 points of damage, severing on a ken boxes, and in the southeast corner what
the far (west) wall. Was that the gleam of light score of 20. appears to be a broken barrel. The latter is an
reflected from a gem? Entering to see what the 3. 7,140 ep and a potion ofpoison illusion, for it is actually a well-made and wa-
glitter was reveals a pile of coffers, one tipped 4. 27 copper ingots each worth 400 cp ter tight cask which contains a map showing
so as to spill its contents of (phony) gems and 5. Empty the location of the glacial rift of the frost giant
jewelry. The dotted area to the east shows the 6. 11 ivory tusks worth 1,000 gp each. Jar1 and an obsidian box. In the latter is a
spot where thick iron bars drop to trap in- 7. 980 gems of 1gp value each-poison nee- chain of weird black metal (adamantium al-
truders once the treasure is disturbed. (See dle trap in lock, another in (empty) false loy) and instructions written in hill giant. The
Rooms 30 and 32.) bottom. instructions show that the chain is a magical
device which is to be looped into a figure 8.
30. Prison 32. Secret Room Thus shaped, it will transport up to six persons
in each circle of the figure 8 to the Glacial Rift
This area holds four insane manticores. These This hidey-hole is provided with spy holes if one of their number holds the map. It will
monsters are caged here by Nosnra to guard his for the chief so he can look out upon areas 1or appear that a large growth of the yellow mold
treasure. They are fed kitchen garbage dumped 29. (There are also spy holes at about 5 feet covers the southwest corner of the room, but
down a chute from above, and the manticores high which the hill giants have never noticed.) this is another illusion hiding the following
are wild with rage at their captivity. They in- There are three levers on the west wall of the items hung upon the wall: a quiver of 11 ar-
sanely attack any creature if the opportunity room, each raises and lowers one of the sets of rows + 2, a spear + 3, and two swords + 1 , f l a -
presents itself. The dotted areas to the north bars which are described at 29 and 30. metongue (#I: Chaotic alignment of either
show where bars are (the south line) and where good or neutral, Intelligence 10, Ego 12, de-
others will drop (the north line) after the mon- 33. Chiefs Treasure Room tects gems, kind and number, communicates
sters enter chamber 29. (The Northern bars are by empathy; #2: Neutral alignment, either
raised when the eastern bars in room 29 are The hidden pit with a snapclosed trap door good or lawful, Intelligence 6).

It is assumed that the party has either fol- footprints, the ice and wind-driven snow hide cal fire is used, the area is also filled with a
lowed a map obtained at the Steading or used all traces of who or what use the ledges to gain thick fog which reduces visibility to 5 feet.
the magical chain found there, to arrive in the access to the caves. The party must learn for A boulder blocking passage can be moved
neighborhood of the Glacial Rift. If they themselves what lies in store. by three persons of normal strength, success
spend a few hours searching the area, they will If the party decides to retire between forays indicated by a roll of 1-2 on ld6. A character
discover a hidden cave in which they can safely into the Rift, they may use their hidden cave with 18 or better strength can move such a
hide themselves, their mounts, their equip- as a base if they have seen to its provisioning. rock alone, at the same chance. If aided by
ment, and even treasure if they take mini- Of course, magic-users must have their spell other party members, add 1 to the chance for
mum precautions with respect to keeping books in order to regain spells used. When the each helper with 18 or greater strength.
their hiding place secret, i.e. do not lead pur- party does retire to rest and recuperate, expe- If the party is on the floor of the rift and
suers to the spot, make undue noise there, erc. rience points should be awarded for treasure fleeing from pursuing monsters, any change
In any event, the same search will also re- taken out and monsters slain. in direction by the party calls for a die roll
veal the Rift. The thick arrow indicates the (ld6) to determine if the monsters continue to
beaten path which the giants follow to enter Notes for the Dungeon Master follow; 1-27 indicated that they do so, but 3-6
the place. There are two icy ledges along ei- means that the party successfully eludes the
There is considerable information con-
ther face of the Rift. Both slope slightly down- monsters. This is allowed due to the blizzard-
tained herein which is descriptive and inform-
ward, with occasional high steps which like conditions in this area.
ative with respect to what the players see and
combine to make the paths progress from 250
do. This does not mean that you, the
feet above the bottom of the Rift at their be-
Dungeon Master, must surrender your creativ-
Encounter Key: Upper Areas
ginnings to about 150 feet above at their far
ends to the south. The Rift, and the openings
ity and become a mere script reader. You must Wandering Monsters
supply considerable amounts of additional
along it are the entrance to the caves and tun- Encounter occurs 1in 12 (ld12); check each
material. You will have to make up certain de-
nels in its face. Caves and caverns are from 25 turn. Wandering monsters are assumed to be
tails of areas. There will be actions which are
feet to 45 feet high, tunnels and passages are creatures not shown on the matrices, and their
not allowed for here, and you will have to
from 20 feet to 30 feet ceiling height. The appearance is simply chance, although they
judge whether or not you will permit them.
party may travel on the surface of the glacier- can reinforce existing monsters in an area if
Finally you can amend and alter monsters and
mountain (over the caves shown) to circum- circumstances favor this action on their part.
treasures as you see fit, hopefully within the
vent the whole Rift ifthey so desire. Ropes can
parameters of this adventure, and with an eye
be lowered to gain the ledges below-from 50 i. Giants, frost (1-3)
toward the whole, but to suit your particular
feet to about 150 feet depending upon posi- 2. Ogres (4-18)
players. Morale checks for the giants should
tion. As the rim and the ledges are covered by 3. Wolves, winter (2-8)
not normally be made. If time permits, the gi-
ice and snow, each turn that the party is mov- 4. Yeti (2-5)
ants will organize traps, ambushes, and last
ing along them a die is to be rolled; 1 in 6 in-
ditch defenses against continuing forays into
dicates a member of the party has slipped and
their stronghold. You must work up such cases
Rooms and Areas
fallen, and there is a 3 in 6 chance that the
and plans according to existing circumstances, B. Positions of large boulders.
character falling will continue to slip and slide
but assuming clever advice to the giants.
over the edge. If the party is roped together,
When playing this chapter, be certain to 1. Guardroom Ice Cavern
when one member slips over the edge, the
keep track of the fate of important giants and
next must be rolled for with a 2 in 6 chance of
their allies and captives. The former will gen- Four frost giants lair in this place at all times
following. If more than half of the party goes
erally flee to the next higher ranking strong- to prevent any unauthorized use of the south
over the edge, all fall. Each member falling to
hold, and the latter will be available for passage. If any combat is going against them,
the bottom of the Rift takes Id6 damage for
assistance to some parties. This assumes sur- one of their number will flee down this pas-
every 10 feet falling distance, 10 dice maxi-
vival, of course, as well as opportunity. Some sage to give the warning of intruders to the
mum due to the cushioning effects of snow
provision for movement of surviving giants is guards at Areas 9 and 10. There are four piles
shown, but you will have to modify or aug- of hides, four giant sacks, and a pile of rocks
The whole place is windy and very cold. Vis-
ment these groups according to the outcome and ice chunks for hurling. The guards will
ibility atop the Rift is about 150 feet. The
of previous adventuring by your party. This certainly hurl missiles if they are not immedi-
wind at the bottom of the Rift is worse still,
principle will also hold true with regard to any ately meleed. Their treasure is at Area 6. See
and visibility there is only 30 feet. The floor of
additional scenarios which you use if they con- also Area 2 hereafter.
the rift is a maze of snow and ice hillocks and
cern any of the creatures connected with this
mounds, with peaks of ice and rock thrusting
series. Such continuity of encounters will cer- Frost Giants (4): hp 49, 47, 46, 44; XPV
up here and there like fangs. Movement
tainly tend to make the adventures of the 2,936, 2,922, 2,908, 2,880; 11,646 for all
through this howling maze of cold is reduced
party more meaningfid and exciting.
to 50% of normal. Due to wind force and ed-
2. Guardroom Ice Cave
dying currents, levitation or flying there will
cause movement in a random direction equal
Upper Areas (Caves and Rift Floor)
Three frost giants on standby guard. If they
to one-half the distance flown or levitated. The northern sections of the caves and ca-
hear noise from Area 1 they will rush to their
(Use Id8 to determine direction: 1 = north, verns are basically formed from ice, with a few
help, or if they are attacked they will raise a cry
2 = northeast, 3 = east, and so forth.) areas of rock here and there. In these areas a
to bring the guards from Area 1 to aid them.
The map the party has shows only the en- faint greenish light makes torches or similar
There are four piles of sleeping skins and two
trance to the Rift, and they have no idea as to lights unnecessary. Fireballs used in such areas
bags in the cave. Under the third pile of skins
which path to follow or what they will en- makes the footing within the area of effect
is a silver belt worth 1,600 gp, one giant wears
counter (other than the certainty of frost gi- very slippery (slip and fall 2 in 6 per 10 feet
ants). Other than a few traces of giant a jeweled chain on his wrist (3,000 gp neck-
moved). For from 2 to 5 turns after such magi-
lace), and one sack holds 4,126 gp. There is an 6 . Ice Provision Cave near guard positions one and four. These gi-
ample supply of boulders and ice blocks at ants have no treasure.
hand for hurling at opponents. There are various pieces of frozen meat,
some bales of cloth, piles of hides, and a few 10. Four additional frost giants occupy this
Frost Giants (3): hp 50,42, 41;XPV 2,950, odd boxes and barrels of foodstuffs here. The area. Each wears an armband exactly as de-
2,838,2,824;8,612for all third barrel moved will reveal a hole with scribed in Area 8. There are eight bags piled
3,000gp, four 1,000gp base value gems, and into the corner at guard position eight, each
3. Empty Ice Cave a cleric spell scroll with one cure serious holding 200-1,200gp. There is also a rock
woundson it inside a silver tube worth 300 gp. ledge at about 9 feet high which has a stone
If loud noise is made herein, the ceiling of box on it; inside this box are six more arm-
ice and icicles will collapse, inflicting 3-30hit 7. Cavern bands and a pouch of 2 1 gems ( 100 gp each).
points of damage on each creature in the cave. The stone box will not be seen unless it is ac-
This natural rock cavern is covered with ice tively looked for by a creature within 5 feet
4 . Small Ice Cave formations, so that unless the party pays par- able to view something that far off the
ticular attention, only the lack of light which ground.
This is the den of five winter wolves-a pervades the ice caves will make this place dif-
male, female, and three half-grown young. If ferent from earlier caves and caverns. There Frost Giants (8):hp 59,55, 52, 50,46,45,44,
the young are molested, the parents will fight are four big heaps of furry hides near the 40;XPV 2,250+ 14/hp each, 23,474 for
at twice normal values. They have no treasure, southeastern end of the place (or more if ogres all
although there is a litter of bones and the like from the Steading survived, for they will also
in the place. be here). Under each is an ogre, who awaits 11. Cave of Bones
audience with the Jarl. Any noise will awaken
Winter Wolf Adults (2): hp 36, 3 1 ; if young them, and they will give the alarm to Area 8 This place is the disposal area for unwanted
are harmed THACO 9, Dmg 4-16;XPV and attempt to give the party the slip and bodies and similar refuse which is tossed into
425,400 warn the giants, too. Each ogre has from 100 the place by the various giants in the upper
Winter Wolf Cubs (3): hp 19, 18, 16; XPV to 400 gp and 1-4gems (100gp each). area. Although it certainly appears that there
340, 335, 325 might be some treasure scattered among all
Ogres (4):hp 24,22, 21, 19;XPV 790 for all the bones, there are only a few coins (1-6each
5 . Ice Cavern of cp, sp, gp) and some broken weapons, pot-
8. South Cavern tery shards, and the like. It takes 1 turn to
The giants have frozen eight corpses of their search a 10-foot square area, and the toads
victims, standing them upright in blocks of Ogre mercenaries serving Jarl Grugnur from area 12 will come into the place to look
transparent ice. Evidently these are meant to dwell here. There are 12 ogres here. All fight for expected food when they hear noise. Roll
frighten off trespassers. The bodies are obvi- fiercely. Also in the place are five chests, each turn, giving 1/6 greater chance per turn
ously mutilated and very dead, not merely twelve sacks, and three barrels, as well as many with a 1 in 6 probability on the first turn.
frozen whole. Each of these corpses has some piles of the usual skins and hides used for
valuable item with it in the ice: beds. Chest # 2 contains an ear collection, and 12. Lower Bone Cave
#4 holds 1,300 cp, 2,111 sp, 792, ep, and
1 Dwarf with a battle axe + I 5,300 gp. Sack #9 contains six pieces of silver This place is littered with bones and skulls,
2 Elf with a long case at its feet (wand ofcold jewelry (worth 100-600 gp each) and eight and is the lair of five ice toads. These creatures
with 16 charges) pieces of gold jewelry (200-800gp each). Bar- feed on the leavings in area 11. They have but
3 Human wearing a jeweled belt (worth rel #1 contains skulls. Hidden under the loth one treasure, a naturally shaped piece of
7,000gp) pile of skins are two potions o f healing and a reddish-purple amethyst (5,000 gp base
4 Human with a tube in its hand (a scroll of gold armband with an inset ivory and amber value) which resembles a toad. They have it on
protection from elemen tals) bear (jewelry value 2,000 gp, damaged value a protuberance in the middle of the cave, and
5 Dwarf with a spilled pouch of 37 gems (10 700 gp). The latter is a pass to the Jarl. worship it as a god. The toads rest on small
gp each) at its feet ledges from 8 feet to 12 feet above the cave
6 Human wearing a ring o f fire resistance Ogres (12): hp 30,28,27, 26, 26, 24,23, 2 3 , floor, and they will hop down and savagely at-
7 Half-elf grasping a sack with a burst seam 23, 22, 22, 20; XPV 90 + 5/hp each, tack anything which touches the gem.
showing silvery coins (471sp) 2,550 for all
8 Human in gleaming armor (armor o f vul- Ice Toads (5): hp 37, 31, 26, 22, 19; XPV
nerability - 2 but appears as + 2 until ac- 9-10. Cavern Guard Complex 205 + 5/hp each, 1,700for all
tually struck in combat)
The giants here are always alert, and the po- 13. Ice Cavern
If a fireball is used to melt the ice blocks, all sition of each guard is shown by a circled num-
magic and jewelry will be destroyed. Lesser ber. These guards will co-operate and attempt This place is the home of a band of yeti who
fires or chipping will cause melting or vibra- to set up ambushes by the movement of those are scouts for the frost giants. Six yeti are here,
tions which have a 10% per block cumulative in area 9 eastward to 10,via the north passage, but have no treasure. The yeti leader is at loca-
chance of causing the ceiling of ice and icicles while those in area 10 move clockwise into tion A. He wields a longsword +3, frost
to collapse and inflict 6-60hit points of dam- area 9 to come into the rear of attacking forces. brand (Neutral, no intelligence, +6 vs. fire-
age on each creature beneath. using or fire-dwelling). He has a hoard of 11
9. This area holds four frost giants. Each has ivory tusks (each worth 800 gp, weighing 40
his regular weapon plus one boulder at hand. pounds) under a mound of snow.
There are plenty of additional boulders piled
Yeti ( 6 ) :hp 26, 2 5 , 2 4 , 2 4 , 2 3 , 2 0 ; XPV 3,320 (Any party member able to speak the lan- platinum) which they intend to give to theJarl
for all guage of frost giants, or if a comprehend lan- as a gift if he appears to be doing well.
Yeti Leader: hp 3 1 ; THACO 12 ( + 3 Sword) or guages spell or the like is available to the
1 5 ; Dmg 1-6/4-11 or 7-14; SD save at + 4 party, will immediately understand this as a Stone Giants ( 5 ) : hp 5 5 , 5 2 , 49, 46, 42; XPV
vs. magical fire (from sword); XPV 630 dire warning!) Only 10 feet beyond the west 12,416 for all
bend of the cavern, the walls appear to be cov-
14. Misty Ice Cave ered with old, rough ivory-it is full of brown 26. Special Visitors Cave
mold. Mounds down the corridor appear to be
Escaping hot air from somewhere beneath the bony remains of various creatures, but the This location is warmed somewhat by vol-
filters into this place, making it full of damp, growth covers them, so no positive observa- canic activity, and it is lit by dim reddish light.
cold fog. The stuff cuts visibility to 3 feet, and tion can be made. There is no treasure. In it are three fire giant messengers who have
the floor is very slippery (with a 2 in 6 chance delivered their message and are about to de-
of falling). Check to see if the fall causes the 22. Guard Ice Cave part for their own land. There are three huge
fumbling and dropping of whatever the party piles of furs and skins in the place, a rude ta-
has in hand. Dropped items (which are not Two frost giants are posted as guards here, ble, a bench, three stools, a large brazier, and
too large) have a 1 in 4 chance of falling into a one watching at the cave mouth, one sleeping three sacks, each with 3,000 gp plus the usual
crack in the floor and dropping somewhere on a pile of hides. Each is armed, and there are contents. The strongest fire giant carries a to-
into the bowels of the earth, to be forever lost. eight throwing boulders in the cave. They ken of the Jarls fealty to King Snurre, a solid
each have a sack, but neither have any trea- silver statue of a bear, rampant, with topaz
15. Ice Cave sure. eyes (500 gp each) and ruby fangs (eight gems
worth 500 gp each) worth 6,000 gp (silver is
This is the den of two snow leopards which Frost Giants ( 2 ) : hp 49,47; XPV 2,936, 2,908 worth 100 gp). The statue is carried in a bag at
are the hunting dogs and pets of the yeti in his belt.
area 13. These creatures lair on a ledge above 23. Guard Cave
the floor of the cave, and they will always at- Fire Giants (3): hp 60, 58, 5 5 ; XPV 3,660,
tack intruders by surprise ( 1 - 3 ) or complete This position is manned by four frost gi- 3,628, 3,580
surprise (4-6).They have no treasure. ants. One giant watches down each passage
while the other two sleep on heaps of skins. 27. Wolf Pack
Snow Leopards ( 2 ) : hp 24, 19; XPV 245, 226 Each has his weapon and four boulders to
hurl. There are sacks in the cave but no trea- This wild pack of seven animals is encour-
16-19. Barracks Cavern Complex sure. aged to roam the place by the frost giants.
They have no treasure.
This area houses the band of frost giants Frost Giants (4): hp 4 8 , 46, 44, 42; XPV
currently readying for a raid into the lands of 2,922, 2,899, 2,866, 2,838; 11,520forall Winter wolves (7): hp 39, 3 3 , 30, 29, 28, 26,
mankind and his ,associates. Each of the sub- 2 5 ; XPV 245 + 5/hp each, 2,765 for all
areas have piles of hides for sleeping, a table 24. Visitors Cave
and stools, and a few extra giant-sized weap- 28. Snow-covered Dome of Ice
ons around, but there is no treasure except as Five hill giants are camped here awaiting a
indicated. All have club, spear, and four boul- summons from the Jarl. The cave has five This formation has been caused by the crea-
ders to hurl. heaps of hides and five giant-sized bags. Bag ture which lairs inside, a remorhaz 30 feet
At location X in area 18 is a clear spring #4 has a gold-inlayed skull with a report from long which has recently moved into the rift. A
of water about 30 inches deep, at the bottom Nosnra, the hill giant chief, to the Jarl inside. number of skeletons are around its icy den,
of which are 272 clear rock crystals worth 10 gp It is a pass to the Hall of King Snurre, the fire one of a human with a ring o f three wishes on
each. giant king, also, and the biggest hill giant its bony finger and a bastard sword + 2, giant
knows that they are bound south to the realm slayer (unintelligent, either Lawful Good or
16. 4 frost giants, hp 49, 46, 43, 39; XPV of the fire giants after seeing the Jarl so as to aligned to suit the most likely PC user). If the
11,478 for all take a message to the fire giant king. Each hill monster is destroyed by magical violence (such
17. 4 frost giants, hp 48, 47, 42, 40; XPV giant wears a fur cloak worth 1,000-6,000 gp as a fireball, lightning, wall offire, or fire ele-
11,478 for all mental), the treasures are lost-destroyed or
18. 6 frost giants, hp 5 5 , 5 2 , 50, 45, 45, 45; Hill Giants ( 5 ) : hp 40, 38, 37, 3 5 , 34; XPV sunk into the ice and nonrecoverable.
XPV 13,500 for all 9,208 for all
19. 4 frost giants, hp 5 1 , 48, 44, 41; XPV Remorhaz: HD 10; hp 58; THACO 10; XPV
11,576 for all 25. Visitors Cave 4,262

20. Ice Storage Cave Five stone giants of very large size have 29. White Pudding
come here to pay their respects to the Jarl and
This place is full of large and small pieces of to see how well the frost giants are doing in There are two of these monsters, one at each
frozen meat, some of the chunks resembling their war on humankind. They will report place 29 is shown on the map.
parts of human and demi-human bodies. their observations to other stone giants if they
get the opportunity. They will fight only if at- White Pudding ( 2 ) : hp 77, 66; XPV 2,124,
2 1. Ice Cavern tacked. Each has a weapon and three rocks 1,992
handy. Among the five piles of skins in the
A rune of warning carved into the ice floor cave is a jeweled crown worth 15,000 gp ( 9
clearly shows that this place is to be shunned. gems worth 1,000 gp each, 2,000 gp worth of

30. Sinkhole cluding a silvered set of black chainmail + 3 , caves and caverns. Of course, this is a ruse,
27 urns of small value, and 61 bottles and cleverly laid by those who motivate the gi-
This is an ice-coated sink hole around 12 flasks which have no value except for one ants.. .
feet diameter and 100 feet deep which gives which holds poison, one which is a potion of
access to the Lower Level (area 2). fire resistance, and another two which hold B. Six ice toads inhabit this area. They are very
potions of diminution and polymorph (selo. hungry, and if any creatures come near them
Encounter Key: Lower Areas The ancient male is directly against the por- they will seek to kill and devour them.
tion of rock which splits the entry to the lair
This area is basically natural formations, into a north passage and an east passage, and Ice Toads (6): hp 35, 31, 25, 22, 17, 16; x p v
with some rough-hewn connecting passages he will surprise intruders on a 3 in 6 basis. His 205 + 5 / hp each, 1,960 for all
and enlargements made here and there. Pas- mate is at A.
sages are about 25 feet high, while the roofs of 5 . Entrance Cavern
small caverns are 30 feet to 40 feet high, those A. This location is a ledge with a cavelike re-
of the large ones 45 feet to 60 feet tall. Light in cess, the whole being about 30 feet above the This is the actual entrance to the Jarls com-
this area comes from torches and cressets floor of the cavern. On the ledge a medium- plex. It is always guarded by two large frost gi-
which are actually cages for fire beetles, the sized, very old female dragon, the mate of the ants with weapons and boulders. One will
latter mostly in the part inhabited by the Jarl. ancient male, hides and watches to see who fight while the other sounds a great iron horn
Survivors of attacks on the level above will enters the place. Frost giants bearing treasure hung on iron chains from above. The horn re-
most likely make a stand in area 1 below or at- to dump on the pile are the only acceptable quires 1 full round to reach, and another
tempt to hide in area 3 below if weak and intruders, for all feeding is done personally by round to wind. There is no treasure here.
hotly pursued. the Jarl and his wife who bring tender morsels
to their pets. The female dragon will fly si- Frost Giants (2): hp 62,60; XPV 3,118, 3,090
Wandering Monsters lently to the aid of the male, surprising oppo-
Encounter occurs 1 in 10; check each turn. nents 4 / 6. She hides twelve gems , eight opals, 6 . Emissaries Cavern
and four diamonds (1,000 gp each).
1. 4 frost giant guards making the rounds. Five ogre magi, recently arrived from the
2. 3-12 ogres on an errand for the Jarl. White Dragons (2): HD 6 (female, hp 42, Lord of their kind, are here. They have had
3. 3 frost giantesses and 3 ogre servants out for XPV 602) or 7 (male, hp 56, XPV 973); audience with the Jarl, and after a special was-
a walk. THACO 13 (both) sail to be held on the morrow they will depart
4. 1 frost giant and 2-5 winter wolves search- for home with a treaty scroll. This scroll is
ing for possible intruders (ONLY ifparty is 3. Storage Cave signed (a special mark) by the Jarl and offers
known to be around). the Lord of Ogre Magi 100,000 gp value in
The place contains some remnants of car- gems, plus whatever loot his minions garner,
Rooms and Areas casses, a few broken boxes with provisions that if they will join the war upon mankind in this
are spoiled, some spilled sacks containing territory. Each monster bears a pouch with 10
B. Positions of large boulders. moldering grain, casks of wine turned to vine- gems worth 500 gp each (tokens from the
gar and stove-in ale barrels. Jarl).
1. Grand Entry Cavern A small iron casket in possession of the larg-
4. Deserted Cavern est ogre mage holds a gift to the Lord of ogre
This place is obviously meant to be impres- magi, a trick box with 18 plates of platinum
sive, as its walls bear carvings o f battle and There are broken items of giant furniture (100 gp each), 18 plates of electrum (10 gp
hunting scenes in bas-relief: These carved here and there-tables, benches, stools, each), and 18 plates of silver (2 gp each). They
scenes show giants slaying enemies, hunting chairs. Burned out torches are in wall cressets. slide in secret combination to open a small
dragons and other fearsome monsters, and so There are three skeletons of frost giants magical box o f holding. (Although the con-
on. Torches burn a t intervals along its length. plainly visible near the center of the cavern. tainer is but ten inches long, by six inches
The boulder closing the passage to the west is wide, by four inches deep, it will hold 3 cubic
About 4,000 gp are scattered around these
well concealed and looks much like the nor- bones, and a man-sized shield + I also lies feet of material of 3,000 gp weight, whichever
mal cavern walls, so treat it as a hidden door. nearby. The monsters at location B will attack is the lesser.) The box opens by sliding plates
any creatures. on the left, then the top, then the right end in
2 . Vaulted Cavern
platinum, electrum, silver order on each end,
A. Frost giant skeleton half buried under the reverse on the top. If any plate which
The noise of moving the boulder which stone rubble. The clear indication here is that slides is moved out of order, a tiny poisoned
closes the place off from the rest of the com- the giant was attempting to flee north for es- pin will punch into the member holding the
plex will awaken the two white dragons kept cape from the cave-in of a passage south (be- box (hits any armor class on 12 or better, - 4
herein. A large ancient male rests atop a heap hind the rubble) but he failed to make it and on poison saving throw). The box contains
of treasure: 72,000 sp, 17,320 ep, 2,966 pp, was killed by falling rock. One of the giant 2,000 gp and 2 potions (frost giant control
eight silver boxes filled with ivory (weight skeletal hands clutches an iron tube with a and cloud giant strength).
3,000 gp each, value 4,500 gp ivory, 1,500 gp map which shows the Grand Entry Cavern The ogre magi leader also wears a necklace
each per box), one alabaster statue (4,000 gp (area 2) as a storage place, area 3, area 4 as the o f missiles (5 fireballs of 7, 5, 5, 3, and 3 dice,
value), seven white marble statues of no great Great Hall ofjarl, and a passage south (where respectively) and he will not hesitate to use it.
worth, a scattering of 1,900 1 gp base value the rubble is) which supposedly leads to vari- The positions of the ogre magi are indicated
gems, 11 pewter serving pieces of small worth, ous barracks rooms, the Jarls private chamber, by circled numbers.
24 various weapons (a dagger +2 among
and a treasure room, the passage going 60 feet
them), nine shields, eight suits of armor (in- south and then leading to a complex of 10

Ogre Magi (5): hp 34, 29, 29, 27, 26; XPV area. They have no treasure. ransom, but they can warn the party of what
5,370for all lies in the areas 1 5 , 16, and 17.
Frost Giants (4):hp 5 1 , 48, 44, 43; XPV
7. Guest Cavern 11,652 for all Fire Giantesses (3): hp 46,42,40;
XPV 1,752,
A torchlit, tapestried place, with skins and 11. Great Caverns of the Jarl Ogres (4):hp 25, 22, 20, 17;XPV for all
hides covering the floor, and a bed heaped
with pelts. There is a chest, a bag, a table, two This is where all the special functions and 15. Weapons Cave
chairs and a small cabinet here. The cloud gi- feasts take place. Various tables and benches
ant who is the current guest has just agreed to now line the east and west walls, pushed out Here are stored 62 throwing rocks, 16
join the Jarl as his chief henchman (and hopes of the way until a time of need. Caged fire shields, 29 spears, 10 clubs, and 9 helmets, all
to end up replacing the Jarl and ruling the rift beetles dimly illuminate the place, and the of frost giant size. There are also nine battle
himself). The chest holds 11,000gp, and the area appears completely deserted, for guard axes which the giants can hurl, and a chain-
giant wears a silver belt set with ivory and posts A and B are more than 30 feet above the mail shirt of giant size.
gems (one ruby, two violet garnets, four fire floor and hidden in dark shadow.
opals, and twelve zircons, worth 3,000 gp in 16. Common Quarters Cavern
all). A & B. Each of these ledges holds a watchful
frost giant armed with a ballista which he can There are one male frost giant, 12 giant-
Cloud Giant: hp 70;XPV 4,870 fire once per round. Each has four spear- esses, and nine young about the place. There
missiles for his ballista, two boulders, and his are bed piles of skins and hides, a few stools,
8. Prison Cavern club. Neither has any treasure. 11 large boxes, 5 chests, and many pegs with
14 capes and 9 bags hanging from them. Un-
Several torches light the place dimly. A Frost Giant Guards (2): hp 53 each; Dmg 4-24 der the 9th box is a hole with 19,560gp in it.
storm giantess who is comely to those of her ilk or 3-18 (5-30) with ballista; XPV 2,992 If the male is killed, the others will not fight
(and is strong and fights as if she were a male) each unless they are also attacked.
is chained on the north wall with huge mana-
cles at the wrists and ankles. A fur rug in the 12. Audience Alcove and Throne Dais Male Frost Giant: hp 49;XPV 2,936
middle of the place bears a table and two Frost Giantesses (12): hp 40, 39, 38, 38, 38,
chairs. Upon the table are heaps of food on A huge ivory and bone throne, decorated 38, 35, 35, 35, 35, 34, 3 2 ; XPV 1,200 +
golden platters (six, each worth 500 gp), in sil- with skulls, silver and gems rests at the back of 12/hp each, 19,644for all
ver bowls (three, each worth 100 gp), and two the place. Behind it is a white dragon hide, Frost Giant Young (9):hp 24, 21, 20, 19, 19,
huge flagons of ivory set with six gems (100gp and before it is the skin of a huge polar bear. 19, 18, 16, 14; XPV 300 + 6 / h p each,
each) set to tantalize her into submitting to An alabaster table and three ivory stools are to 3,720for all
the Jarls will and becoming his leman. This the forefront of the throne, the seats of the
durance vile makes her a friend to any who res- Jarls lieutentants. It is unlit and empty now. 17. Kennel Cave
cue her, although evil characters will cause this The throne weighs 600 pounds (of silver)
aid to be of brief duration. (Characters of the and has the following gems inset: one small The Jarls hunting pack of four polar bears
same alignment will have an ally for the dura- diamond (5,000 gp) and.40 huge but dull are kept here. There are two males and two fe-
tion of the adventure in the rift, while those of ones (actually quartz, 10 gp each), eight topaz males; jeweled collars on the males have eight
obviously opposite alignment will be deserted (three of oriental type worth 1,000 gp each, gems each, the females have six gems (all 100
one or two encounters after freeing her.) the others 500 gp each), 10 inset pieces of am- gp each). They are very quiet (surprise 4/6)
ber (100gp each) and 20 citrines (50gp each). and will attack immediately.
Olgani, Storm Giantess: hp 94;XPV 7,542
13. Guard Area Polar Bears (4):hp 48,45,36, 3 3 ; XPV 5,544
9. Servants Quarters Cavern for all
Two frost giants look east and west at all
Sixteen ogres dwell here at the present times. They have clubs and two boulders 18-19. Caverns of the Jarls
time. They each have their own pile of hides each. If an intruder is seen, they will sound a
and rags for sleeping, a wooden box for their large gong on the north wall. They have no These large caverns provide quarters for the
goods, a peg for their outer garments, and a treasure. frost giant gentry. There is a cot, chest, chair or
sack. Each ogre has from one to 100 each sp, stool, and several hides and skins for each in-
ep, and gp in his box or bag. They serve the Frost Giant Guards (2): hp 56, 5 2 ; XPV habitant. They are lit by torches and a few fire
Jarl willingly and fight fiercely. 3,034,2,978 beetles. There are many pegs holding cloaks,
capes and bags along the walls. Four huge
Ogres (16):hp 30,28,27, 2 5 , 25, 24,21, 2 1 , 14. Kitchen Cave Complex lockers, three hampers, and six wardrobes are
19, 19, 19, 18, 17, 17, 16, 14;XPv 90+ in various places. Each male giant in the place
5 / hp each, 3,140 for all Three fire giantesses and four ogres are in has 2,000-8,000gp plus his armband (as de-
the west spur roasting a horse over the natural scribed in Area 8 of the upper level). Each fe-
10. Antecavern fire pit there and otherwise readying the Jarls male has 1,000-4,000gp. The young have no
food. Various foods and furniture and utensils treasure.
Four frost giant guards are alert here at all are about the main room and the east arm.
times. Each has a club, spear, and throwing Amidst piled foodstuffs to the north are 4 hu-
boulder at hand. They will shout to alert the man captives in a cage. They are not fighters
guards to the south if intruders enter their or otherwise useful, nor will they bring any

18. 9males; hp 58, 55, 55, 53, 50,49,49,48, Dwarf-sized suit of splint mail contains six parchment scrolls in tubes: #1 is
46; 2,250 + 14/hp each, 26,732 for all Tapestry depicting a giant raid on human worthless, #2 is a cursed scroll, #3 is a map to
11 females; hp 43, 40, 40, 39, 38, 38, 38, lands (worthless) the Hall of the Fire Giant King (Chapter 5),
38, 38, 36, 33; XPV 1,200 + 12/hp each, Skull of a shedu (see Walrus tusks) #4 is a scroll of protection from magic, #4 is a
18,252 for all Huge iron mace (normal) scroll of gibberish with explosive runes on it,
8young; hp24, 21, 21, 20, 20, 20, 18, 15; Pelt of a giant lynx and #6 is a scroll of two magic-user spells (cys-
XPV 300 + 6/hp each, 3,354 for all Jaws of a subterranean lizard tal brittle, energy drain). These tubes will be
Elf-sized suit of plate mail + 2 taken by the Jarl if he is forced to flee and has
19. 3 males; hp 61, 57, 52, XPV 2,250+ 141 Human-sized buckler (non-magical) time to get them.
hp each, 9,130 for all Light crossbow (non-magical)
4 females; hp 40, 37, 34, 32; XPV 1,200 + Tapestry commemerating the Jarl in battle Grugnir, Jarl of the Frost Giants: AC O / -4
12/hp each, 6,516 for all with a giant eagle (500 gp value) (with shield vs. normal/missile attacks);
5 young; hp 2 5 , 2 2 , 18, 17,14; XPV 300 + hp 80; THACO 5; Dmg 10-40 (6d6+4);
6/hp each, 2,076 for all Some worthless furs and tapestries showing SA hurl rocks (to 24, Dmg 6-24); XPV
other triumphs by the Jarl hang on the short 3,830
20. Jarls Antecavern and Trophy Hall north walls. There are several illuminated by Lady Amgroth: HD 10 +4; hp 70; THACO 9;
caged fire beetles. There are well-worn steps, Dmg 5-30; XPV 3,230
The western spur of the cavern is a private au- each about 3 feet high, at the eastern end of Winter Wolves (Bez and Rebez): hp 40, 37;
dience hall, with pelts and skins on the walls and the place. Thick leathery hides screen the ca- XPV 445, 430
floors, a table, and four chairs. On the end wall vern from area 21.
hang two normal shields, a heavy crossbow of A. Behind the wall hangings on the eastern
speed, two non-magical two-handed swords, 21. Jarl Gmgnirs Private Cavern portion of the north wall is a hidden escape
and a pair of huge decayed ivory tusks (worth 10 tunnel. It is a natural passage about 1 mile
gp). Some worthless scrolls are on the table. The forepart of this area is filled with a huge long which turns south and exits at the base of
There are three chairs and two tables in the west- table, four chairs, three wardrobes, five the mountain/glacier area, out of sight of any
em area, the trophy hall, which has actual rugs chests, five trunks, and seven coffers. The near the rift. The alcove to the northwest ap-
upon its floor. On the south wall are a great walls are hung with heavy tapestries and vari- pears empty, but if it is examined with care
number of items, including: ous pelts and skins, all of no particular worth. there is a 1 in 6 chance per person examining
Grugnir, Jarl of the Frost Giants sits at the ta- the area that they will note a thick iron bar
Pelt of a cave bear ble in his chain jack, with a huge shield + l , protruding from the wall at about 10 feet
Hide of a su-monster + 4 vs. missiles nearby, his sword at his hip (a above the floor. The bar moves downward and
Skin of a wyvern non-magical two-handed sword which the Jarl transports whatever or whoever is standing on
Rack (antlers) of a giant stag wields in one hand, for + 4 to hit and dam- the floor of the alcove to a spot some 50 feet
Mounted teeth and claws of an umber hulk age) and a platinum drinking horn set with distant from the entrance to Snurres Hall (the
Mounted claws of a giant scorpion eight gems (1,000 gp value each, jewelry value Hall of the Fire Giant King).
Horn of a wooly rhino 9,000 gp) in his hand. Across the table is his An apparently empty ledge along the
Pair of mammoth tusks Lady with a cloak of sabertooth tiger hide southwest wall is the resting place of an iron
Pair of mastodon tusks about her, an iron mace at her hip, and a gold box, totally invisible, and strongly locked.
Quiver with 16 normal arrows flagon set with eight gems (500 gp value each, Unless powerful magical sight (i.e. true see-
Head of a giant boar jewelry value 6,000 gp) in her hand. Two huge ing, gem ofseeing, erc.) is employed, it is de-
Skin of a griffon winter wolves crouch under the table, and tectable only l in 6, with but one chance for
Two man-sized shields (the second is a shield these pets will note even invisible intruders any party, for the magic on the chest is strong
+2; if it is removed from the wall a spear due to their keen sight, hearing and sense of and it does not radiate any magic or clue. The
trap is released, firing straight ahead and smell. box contains poison gas which will form a
hitting on a 5 or better (Dmg 3-18) All the various containers in the room con- cloud 30 feet per side, and any within it must
Mounted dwarven skull with an iron crown tain clothing and useless items except as fol- save versus poison at -3 (the contents in-
(no value) lows: chest #2 holds 3,800 pp; chest #5 has tended are to be taken to the fire giants
Two crossed spears and a flail 15,750 gp; box #4 has a covering of old socks stronghold and given as gifts to the dark elves
Tapestry depicting the. jTe o- 1r l1 c A e C e o t n C oa ~c ct nwri mi i i
J u L L L a L VI vuc IinAerneoth them o r e e ; m + t potions (delu-
h,,tU u u L i u L a c I x CIILU~ aiL L I ~ A behind the uprising). In the iron box are: a
giant (worth 1,875 gp, but Olgani will de- sion, extra-healing, giant S Irrength (storm), hammer o f thunderbolts, a pearl of wisdom, a
stroy if possible) healing, human control, oil o f slipperiness, set of eight small jars of paints (Nofzursmar-
Case of crossbow bollts (25, 11 of which are poison, and speed); coffer #; ! has nine pieces velous pigments), a ring o f invisibility, and a
bolts +2 of jewelry (each worth 1,000-10,000 gp); cof- wand ofparalyzation (45 charges).
Wings of a giant eaglc fer #6 has a contact poison on it and holds 196
Great axe gems (104 of 50 gp, 51 of 1,000 gp, 35 of 500
Human-sized suit off ield plate armor gp, 6 of 1,000 gp, and 1 of 5 ,000 gp) worth a
Mounted pair of walk- __-__-
1s tlisks ,----
lnnp __ which
nf ..______ _-
is - - --- nf
tntal - - 84
- 70-13- DPI-.
- 7 T

an ivory-coverediron horn o f valhalla; but The eastern portion of the cavern is partially
if the tusks are touched, the shedu skull screened off by hangings. There is a huge bed,
will scream ALARM! ROBBERS! in the a small table, a chair, two stools, a chest, a
frost giant tongue, and continue to do so trunk, and various odds and ends of clothing,
until the skull is smashed) armor, and weapons here and there. The walls
Human-sized shield bearing the insignia of are hung with pelts and rugs of no worth. The
the Yeomancy lid of the trunk has a secret drawer in it which

The party might have arrived before the huge trix indicates otherwise. Passageways in the regularities are very difficult to map anyway,
obsidian valves which bar entrance to the Hall Hall are vaulted and some 30 feet high. Halls, and general directions and descriptions will
by means of the transporter found in the lair chambers and rooms are 40 to 60 feet high. suffice for the mapper and make the whole
of the frost Giant Jarl, and in this case they The floors, walls and ceilings in the place are more realistic in any case, for such an area
will have to search to find a place of safety to of black, reddish-black, dark gray, and dull would be nearly impossible to accurately map
rest and recover their strength between forays brown rock. In some places it has been hewn, under existing conditions.
into the Hall. If the group journeyed hence by but in others it appears to have been fused by As has been said in the previous adventures
some other form (horseback, mounted on hip- heat. All doors are made of iron plates. Open- in this series, while considerable detail has
pogriffs, erc.) they will have noted such a ing them requires giant strength so normal been given, it is up to you to fill in any needed
place 2 miles distant from Snurres sooty pal- probabilities of opening resisting doors are cut information and to color the whole and bring
ace. This hidden refuge will prove to be safe in half. Pillars in passageways and other places it to life. You, as Dungeon Master, must con-
from detection as long as the party leaves no are of black stone. tinue to improvise and create, for your players
plain trail to it, and as long as they are not fol- The lower level is mostly natural, and the will certainly desire more descriptions, seek to
lowed to it. (If they thrice venture forth from details of the place will be given hereafter. do things not provided for here, and generally
the cave to raid the Fire Giant Hall there will When the party gains this level, do not be too do things which are not anticipated. The
be a 10% cumulative chance per additional precise in calling direction or distance. As script is here, but you will direct the whole, re-
raid that the hideyhole will be found by the with any such map, the twists, turns, and ir- write parts, and sit in final judgment on char-
giants, i.e. a 10% chance the fourth raid,
20% the fifth, erc.) The ravine which is near
the safe cave leads directly to the spiney, bro-
ken heap of slag which is indicated as the site
of the Hall by their map, or obvious to them
otherwise, for it has a wide well-trod path
leading up to two great slabs of black stone,
obsidian portals which give access to Snurres
Hall. But these gates will open to the party if
one of the members has fire giant strength (or
greater) and mass, or a chime of opening to
employ, or one of them can cast a knock spell.
Each valve is 29 feet tall, 10 feet wide, and no
less than 3 feet thick.
The plain about seems most evil and drab.
The sky is gray and filled with sooty clouds. A
distant volcano can be seen, and far to the
south a glowing river of molten lava moves
sluggishly down a slope and out of sight. It is
hot and the air smells of heated rock and
metal. The ground is full of cinders and sharp
rocks. The place is lit by night with dim red
light from the flaming gases shooting forth
from the earth and from molten rock. On the
second and any successive raids upon the
place, there is a 50% likelihood that the gates
will be ajar, and some guard will be watching
for the attackers in order to alert the Hall.

Notes for The Dungeon Master

The pile of lava, slag, and jutting black rock
which houses the Hall of Snurre is a steeply ris-
ing hill about 300 feet high at its summit. It is
difficult to scale, but the party may do so if
they desire. Everywhere are vents which
smoke, and some of these holes spurt out jets
of flame from time to time. The party will
never locate any other entrance to the place,
and there is a 2 in 6 chance that any member
investigating a vent hole will be struck by
flaming gases (Dmg 2-12).
The upper two levels of Snurres Hall are lit
by torches, braziers, natural gas jets, and even
molten lava. Most of these lights will be extin-
guished if the place is heavily attacked. The
lower level is unlighted except where the ma-

acters actions. If you have already taken your knowledge being known by whatever means is ants if and when they learn the intruders are
players through the first two adventures, you being employed (sage, commune legend lore, within. How will they react? From whence will
will wish to be particularly mindful of how contact otherplane, or whatever), and roll the they call in guards? Where will Snurre go?
their behavior there will have altered what is percentile dice for each scrap. Base your com- Most assuredly, he will not remain seated
shown here on each level matrix. Use the pa- munication to the party upon this, but always upon his throne when an attack is in progress!
rameters given to design your own epic. Be judge for yourself if the information thus im- You have not ceased being a Dungeon Master
disinterested and be just. This is a very difi- parted is too much or too little. by using this prepared scenario. You simply
cult scenario, and the players might rue Remember also that these giants are both have some details handled for you so that you
thoughtless actions, but do not allow this to the toughest so far encountered and that they can better script the more important details.
temper what you have before you. Likewise, have the best advice immediately available to When the party retires from the Hall, the
do not set about to entrap the party in a hope- them. As soon as the party strikes and then re- fire giants will lay whatever traps and am-
less situation. Allow their actions to dictate tires, the attack will be assessed and counter- bushes they are able to under the circum-
their fate. In any event, never reveal too much measures taken. Some notes to this effect will stances. Lights will be put out, sentries will be
information to players. For example, if they be found in the matrices for each level, but posted, and so forth. In the play-test version, I
learn about the drow, give only scraps of de- you will have to design some reactions person- had the giants who survived the first foray by
tails from your information sheet; determine a ally. Even when the party first enters the Hall the (exceptionally strong and well-played)
percentage probability of the particular bit of you will have to gauge the reaction of the gi- party set several ambushes, each surprise be-
ing set to allow them to retire quickly behind a
turn in a passage or through doors, gradually
falling back on the corridor to the 2nd level.
However, even the females and young fought,
as the King has so ordered, and I assumed that
their fear of him, (and the drow) was greater
than their fear of the party-or at least equal.
As the characters offered no quarter and slew
every giant or other creature encountered with
absolute ruthlessness, their opponents fought
with hopeless abandon and sacrifice. How you
will manage must be based upon knowledge
only you, as judge and referee, can have. Re-
gardless of what your players do, morale
checks for the giants and their associates
should seldom. if ever, be made. What hope
have they? The rationale of this whole series of
adventures is a fight to the finish. Only the
leaders and those they take with them will
normally seek to move to a place of safety, the
rest will stand fast and battle to the end.
Finally, drow weapons and armor do not ra-
diate magic.

Encounter Key: Level One

Wandering Monsters
Encounter occurs 1 in 12; check each turn.
All wandering monsters are assumed to be
creatures not accounted for on the matrices.
Their appearance is mere chance, although
they can actually reinforce existing monsters
in the area if circumstances favor this action on
their part.

1. 2 fire giant guards

2. 2 fire giantesses with 12 gnoll workers
3. 4 young fire giants with 1-4 young hell
hounds (HD 4)
4. 3 giant visitors (1 cloud, 1 frost, 1 stone)

Rooms and Areas each) and set with 12 fire opals (1,000 gp bles along the hallway. At the end there are
each) and 12 rubies (5,000 gp each). The walls four beds, eight chests, two wardrobes, and
1. Entry Passage
are inlaid with colored stone to show various four stools. There are always four fire giant-
scenes of victory by King Snurre over oppo- esses waiting in the hallway outside the
The floor here is polished obsidian, and
nents. Behind the throne the wall shows the Queens chamber and four giantesses in the
great wall hangings can be seen by the party as flaming skull which is Snurres own device, end chamber. Each fights fiercely to protect
soon as they enter. The tapestries between the
flanked by fire giants with clubs over their the queen, and those at the end chamber will
torches are done in bloody colors and show shoulders. Huge torches burn in bronze cres- rush to aid the others. They have swords and
victorious fire giants. The door guard is in al- sets. (The secret door is actually one of the fight as frost giants with respect to hit proba-
cove A. flanking giants inlaid on the wall. A cresset to bility and damage. Each wears 2-5 pieces of
the left of it is pulled down to cause it to swing jewelry worth 500-2,000 gp each. Amid the
A. The tapestry hanging before this post is 81 hides, pelts, skins, and furs in the end
inward. )
loosely woven so as to allow the fire giant Four fire giants in chain shirts guard the chamber are several of value; numbers 17, 24,
guard in the dark recess to clearly see whoever King at all times, and their positions are 40, 59 and 77 are each worth 1,000-4,000 gp.
enters. If intruders are spotted, he will wind
shown by the circled numbers. Each has a There is no other treasure.
the great bronze horn to warn the Hall (area
huge throwing hammer and an axe. Crouch-
2). The guard has a club and four boulders. Fire Giantesses (8): hp 44, 42, 40, 39 (hall-
ing beside either arm of the throne are two
If the party severely defeats the giants in the
large hell hounds which are the Kings con- way), 45, 40, 38, 35 (end chamber); XPV
Hall, a ballista (from 10A) will be set up at the
stant companions. 2,400 + 14/hp each, 23,722 for all
far end of the hallway in anticipation of a sec-
King Snurre himself is seated upon the
ond raid. This weapon will have a trip at 30
black seat of the throne. He is clad in black 5. Queen Frupys Chamber
feet into the passage, and the trip will be
iron armor and a white cloak, and holds a
nearly invisible (notice only 1 in 6, if the party
huge two-handed sword. The cloak is white The floors and walls here are covered with
is using lights, and check only once for all).
dragon hide, which bestows a + 3 bonus to rich rugs and tapestries (of no great value).
The ballista will fire 6 spear missiles, with a 2
saving throws vs. cold-based attacks and re- The place is well lit by torches and a large bra-
required to hit AC 10, and no adjustments for
duces all damage from them by half. When zier, and this makes it very hot indeed. The
dexterity are to be given. Each missile inflicts
the weapon is swung, flames appear along its Queen is a veritable harridan, a sly and cun-
2-16 points of damage when it hits.
blade, for +4 to hit and + 6 damage. The ning horror. She is, if anything, uglier than
King fights as a storm giant when he is armed Snurre. Topped by a huge mass of yellow or-
Fire Giant Guard: hp 56; XPV 3,596
with his sword, or otherwise as a cloud giant. ange hair which looks like a fright wig, Queen
Snurre is 13 feet tall, hugely muscled and Frupys face is a mass of jowls and wrinkles, set
2. Grand Hall
extraordinarily ugly, very broad, with bandy in the middle of a very large head which sits
legs. His teeth are tusk-like and protruding, squarely upon her shoulders. Her body is
Two ettins are always here, using their four
almost orange in color. His head beneath his lumpy and gross, and her skin is covered with
heads to watch all directions. Each is armed
iron helmet is bald, but his side whiskers and bristles the color of her hair. Her little pig
with a huge morning star of black metal (treat
beard are bright orange and full. Snurre wears eyes, however, are bright with intelligence un-
as + 1 to hit and damage) and a spear. If they
a necklace of coral skulls (worth 15,000 gp) usual in a giant. She wears garments of black
throw the latter weapons, they will then arm
and has a broad girdle set with 66 garnets (100 dragon hide, set with iron studs, and this gives
the right hands with morning stars and the
gp each). He only wears his crown of iron her an effective Armor Class of 2. She fights as
left with maces. If the guard at the gate
when on his throne; it is otherwise in his bag. a normal fire giant male, but has a + 2 hit bo-
sounds the alarm, these monsters will move to
The crown is set with six rubies (1,000 gp nus and + 4 to damage. She wears eight pieces
hold the mouth of the entryway until help ar-
each), six diamonds (1,000 gp each), and a of gem-set jewelry (each worth 2,000-5,000
rives from Areas 3, 18, and/or 21-25. The
huge jacinth (10,000 gp). gp). She wields an iron sceptre as a weapon.
floor of the Grand Hall is reddish-black,
Out of sight are two pets, a pair of giant wea-
highly polished stone, the pillars are carved
Hell Hounds (2): HD 7; hp 49, 46; XPV sels which she dotes upon and which obey her
into the shapes of dwarves straining to hold up
1,217, 1,209 every command.
the figure atop them, and the light flickers
Fire Giant Guards (4): AC 2 (chain shirts); hp Any intruders entering the place will be
weirdly from burning gases spurting from the
63, 61, 59, 58; THACO 9; Dmg 5-30 or 5- commanded by Queen Frupy to kneel in her
walls. The tapestry on the south wall screens
20 (throwing hammer); XPV 3,708, August Presence and state their business, so
the entrance to the Royal Apartment. that she may fairly dispose of their humble re-
3,676, 3,644, 3,628; 14,656 for all
Snurre Iron Belly, King of the Fire Giants: AC quests. Any so foolish as to do so will be sorry,
Ettins (2): hp 49,44; THACO 10 (spear, mace)
0 (iron armor); hp 92 ; THACO 4 / 9 (with / as Frupy will call forth her pets and herself
or 9 (morning star); Dmg 1-8 (spear), 2-16
without sword) Dmg 13-48 (7d6 + 6, with strike at the most powerful appearing of the
(mace), 4-19 (morning star); XPV 3,484,
sword) or 6-36; SD cloak (vs. cold, save at intruders. Against a kneeling victim, she gains
3,404 + 3 for half or quarter damage); XPV bonuses of + 4 to hit, + 8 to damage, and de-
5,572 capitates the victim on a natural 20. She will
3. Throne Room and Audience Chambers
then bellow for her serving maids to come to
4. Chamber of the Queens Serving Maids her aid.
Two steps of white veined black marble lead
up to this area. The floor is a deep red pol- Queen Frupy: AC 2; HD 10+4; hp 74;
The length of the hall and chamber proper
ished stone, the huge stone pillars of polished
are covered with hide rugs and wall hangings. THACO 8; Dmg 9-34 (5d6+4); XPV
obsidian, between them a massive throne of
Note the one which screens the entrance to the 3,436
jet and black and white banded onyx, the
Queens private chamber. There are torches Giant Weasels (Redant and Rogue): hp 24,
whole with sard (12 pieces worth 1,000 gp
on the walls, and six chairs and three small ta- 19; XPV 221, 201


Frupys chamber contains a huge bed cov- 7. King Snurres Private Quarters 8. Cave
ered with furs (of only 100-600 gp value each,
12 total), a small table and two chairs, a stool The great iron doors to this place bear the A 10-headed pyrohydra lurks to either the
and dressing table with a huge silver mirror blazon of the flaming skull. Six hell hounds north (1-3) or south (4-6) if it hears any crea-
(value 1,000 gp, and it shows invisible or mag- roam the outer hall. The walls here are set ture coming up the steps to its lair. It attacks
ically changed creatures in there real form), an with torched cressets and draped with crude by surprise 3 in 6 normally. It is very vicious, as
ebony and mother of pearl wardrobe (filled tapestries. There are six chairs and two the King beats it and torments it for fun, and
with her clothing), an iron chest, two bronze benches along the walls, and three tables are hopes to take revenge on virtually any other
caskets, a huge chest of 12 drawers, and 21x0s- interspersed, each with a keg of ale, beer, or living thing. It attacks by biting on the first at-
mall coffers of copper on each table. mead and leather or horn drinking vessels at tack with as many heads as possible. It will
Each bronze casket has an asp inside. #1 hand. Eight normal shields and eight normal breathe fire for 10 points/head, and 1-10
holds 4,000 cp; #2 has 4,000 pp covered by a swords decorate bare patches on the walls. heads will breathe in a single round, though
spell so that they will appear as coppers until There is a step up just at the pillar of reddish any one head may only breathe twice per day.
they are taken out of her chamber. stone which ends the forehall and marks the
The iron chest has a trick opening in the side entry to the chamber proper. Pyrohydra: HD 10; hp 8 per head; THACO
which allows the person to get its contents. If the 10; Dmg 1-10 each; XPV 2,320
lid of the chest is opened, a cloud of fire en- Hell Hounds (6): HD 6, 5 , 4 (2 of each); hp
globes all within 10 feet of the chest, doing 6-36 33, 30, 25, 22, 18, 17 (in order); THACO 9. King Snurres Treasure Cave
points of damage (no saving throw). Inside the 13, 15, 15; XPV 748, 730,445,430, 312,
chest is a jade box (worth 5,000 gp) with a hid- 308 There is a chimney up the southeastern
den compartment which can only be detected by wall. The cave is filled with a pile of 28,000
means of X-ray vision or true seeing. The com- The bedchamber of the King contains a cp, three mounds of 4-16 worthless tapestries
partment contains a scroll with feet randomly huge bed, a table, a small throne of ebony and and furs, several dozen bales of valueless
determined 7th level spells-cleric, druid, or three lesser chairs, a tall cabinet, four trunks, cloth, scores of various vessels and containers,
magic-user, matching the class of the first such an iron chest at the foot of the bed, and a and urns and vases of pewter and brass and
character who examines it. bench near the entry. The floor is covered with bronze (plus 12 of silver and six of gold worth
All but one of the copper coffers contain pelts, and the walls are hung with tapestries 200-1,200 gp each). There are also eight iron
unguents and the like. Coffer #3 contains six (worthless) and trophies: two shields, an axe, trunks, six chests, and five large coffers. De-
pieces of very fine, gem-set gold jewelry worth four swords, a flail (used to subdue the pyro- tails of all are given below.
7,000-10,000 gp each, and a jeweled pendant hydra at area 8) and a hammer. All of these are
with a stone, from the inky depths of which sized for giants and otherwise normal and Each trunk is about 7 feet by 5 feet by 4 feet.
come flashes of color. (This is a wizard eye de- non-magical. A ledge on the south wall at 9 Each chest is about 5 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet.
vice fashioned by the House Tormtor of the feet above the floor holds 39 skulls (human, Each coffer is about 2 feet by 1 foot by 1 foot.
Drow, and allows them to see through it.) dwarven, elven, giant, and other various and The locks are large, rusty, and impossible to
The drawers in the chest contain worthless sundry monsters and creatures), eight helmets open by thieves tools. They must be opened
personal articles, except the fLfth drawer from and helms, and five sets of armor (two hu- by Bend Bars attempts or knock spells.
the bottom. There below some underthings man, one dwarven, two elven, of chain,
Queen Frupy has concealed three potions-fue splint, or plate as desired) of no particular Trunk #1: Locked, no trap. 72,000 sp.
giant control (to be used by her on the King, of worth. The eight fur pelts on the bed are Trunk #2: Locked, no trap. Empty.
course), delusion, and mammal control. worth from 1,000 to 4,000 gp each. The con- Trunk #3: Unlocked, no trap. 60,000 cp, be-
tainers in the room hold nothing but the per- low which is a sack containing 11 pieces of
6. Chamber of the Kings Guard sonal gear (clothing, footwear, and bits of jewelry (each worth 1,000-10,OOO gp).
armor) of King Snurre. On the table are bits of Trunk #4: Unlocked, trapped; blade in lid
Four fire giants rest here before assuming carved ivory, some teeth of animals, bits of chops down (THACO 10, Dmg 3-24; if
active duty with Snurre; all sleep lightly. They wood, and some stones (one of which is carne- misses, ruins 2/3 of treasure). 3 cubic feet
wear chain shirts. There are four cots and four lian, worth 1,000 gp). Together these items of silk, worth 3,000 gp per cubic foot.
stools in the chamber. Under each cot are two serve the king as a divination device-quite Trunk # 5 : Locked, no trap. Eight pieces of rare
lockers, each containing clothing and 1,000- worthlessly, of course. wood inlaid with mother of pearl, each
3,000 gp. Each guard carries 12 gems (worth Flaming jets of gas and a huge iron brazier worth 1,000 gp. (Each is the size of a foot-
100 gp each) in a belt pouch, and each is full of glowing coals light the whole place in mans mace.)
armed with throwing hammer (as those in an eerie manner. The secret door to the north Trunk #6: Unlocked, no trap. 13,000 ep.
area 3) and sword. A table in the center of the is very well concealed, and it can be located Trunk #7: Locked, no trap. 12 fine ivory tusks
room has several platters and flagons in it (all only 1 in 10 by magical means, never by such each weighing 2,000 gp and worth 1,500
worthless) along with a small tun of wine and normal means as possessed by an elf, for ex- gp each.
a cheese covered with mold. (Inside the cheese ample. (The same is true of the door to Area Trunk #8: Unlocked, trapped; 9 large invisi-
are 48 gems worth 100 gp each, for this is the 8, but magical means locates it 1 in 4, as it is ble asps (hp 6 each, save vs. poison at + 2),
repository for the wealth of guards on duty.) not as well concealed and is only 1foot thick). six pieces of jewelry (invisible until
There are 12 boulders in the entry hall, six A projecting stone to the left of the secret touched) worth 1,000-4,000 gp each.
along either wall. door, 1 2 feet above the floor, is pushed in to Chest #1: Unlocked, trapped; gas trap of
cause the 4-foot-thick portal to pivot to form weakness, forms a cloud of 10 radius.
Fire Giant Guards (4): hp 63,61, 59,58; Dmg an opening 4 feet wide on either side, and 10 Empty.
5-30 or 5-20 (throwing hammer); XPV feet high. Chest #2: Locked, no trap. Rocks only.
14,656 for all

Chest # 3 : Unlocked, trapped; squirts acid (1 2 carved statues, of unknown mineral and ant helmets, three chain shirts, and 17 stud-
feet forward, 3 feet wide) when the chest is workmanship. Each strange idol brings a ded leather jacks-all armor for giants, of
opened (Dmg 3-12, save for all equip- (cumulative) - 1 curse to its possessor course. There are also 17 giant-sized shields
ment), 12 potions and eight scrolls, deter- when it is carried, the curse affecting all here; one is a shield ofmissile attraction - 2 , 8
mined at random, but no poison, hits, damage, saves, etc. All the idols radi- big barrels of oil are stored at the southern end
delusion, cursed, or otherwise harmful ate magic and a dim evil force. of the place.
items. Coffer #5: Locked, no trap. 500 gems of good
Chest #4: Locked, trapped; spike trap (four size and appearance (worth 1 gp each), 11. Chimera Pen
forward, four backward, all four sides; 15 then 266 average gems (worth 10 gp each),
range, THACO 10, Dmg 2-12 each), then 39 small but fine gems worth 1,000 The fire giants keep a large chimera here.
17,300 gp. gp each. This creature will attack on sight, as it hates
Chest #5: Locked, no trap. Empty. everyone except fire giants. It has no treasure.
Chest #6: Unlocked, trapped; contact poison 10. Arsenal Complex
on lock and handles (save at -6 or die). Chimera: hp 55; XPV 1,660
One black cloak, one pair of black boots, Two fire giant guards are always at the ready
(man-sized), give 7 5 % chance to be here. If summoned or attacked, they bring the 12. Advisors Chamber
invisible/move silently in dungeons. chimera at Area 11, if they can. Each giant has
Coffer #14: Locked, trapped; poisoned nee- a spear, sword, and three throwing rocks at Eight gnoll servants / bodyguards are loung-
dles shoot inward from sides when treasure hand. There are torches to provide light and a ing here, for they obey only the commands of
is lifted; 25% chance of hitting any body bench in the place. the Advisor or the King or Queen. The Advi-
part put inside, 72 gold rings worth 20 gp sor is a grossly fat but very strong and quite
each; #4 is ring ofprotection + 3; #8 is ring Fire Giants (2): hp 60, 57; XPV 3,660, 3,612 fast renegade mountain dwarf named Obmi.
o f contrariness; #2 1 is ring ofcommanding He is in his spartan study, room A.
water elementals; #26 is ring o f delusion A. This wing contains 30 huge swords, two The chamber contains a mixture of small,
with contact poison inside (die, no saving ballistas, 44 spears, 18 throwing hammers, six medium, and large furniture. There is a small
throw); #56 is ring o f three wishes. maces, nine great axes, and a quantity of table, a plush chair with a footstool, and a
Coffer #2: Locked, no trap. 1,000 cp, under giant-sized throwing boulders. Hidden in the couch in small size. There is a long table, two
which are 1,325 pp. far southwestern corner under the spears is a benches, two chairs, and 12 chests sized for
Coffer #3: Locked, no trap. Packets of leaves longbow + 1 and a quiver of 20 arrows + 1. man-like creatures. There are four huge
and seeds and husks (hot spices worth chairs, a table, and a footstool sized for giants.
9,000 gp for the lot). B. This wing contains another supply of stones There are rugs on the floor, tapestries on the
Coffer #4: Unlocked, no trap, 7 highly crafted for use as missiles, 11 massive clubs, 17 fire gi- walls, and bronze cressets with flaming

torches. The chests contain the bedrolls, per- out on a rack near the door, and his axe+l One says: The fire giant of stone left and left
sonal gear, and the treasure of each gnoll(200- and hammer +3 are on the wall above. Un- elbow, in dwarf.
800 gp each). Chests #3, #8, #19, and #12 derneath the armor are his gauntlers o f ogre
contain bottles of wine and spirits and are power( + 3 to hit, + 6 damage). His ringofin- 14. Door Guard
locked. visibility is on the small stand near his bed.
Chest #1 contains 8,493 gp. Chest #2 holds Two fire giants with swords stand guard
Gnolls (8): hp 15, 14, 13, 12, 12, 11, 11, 10; 904 pp, a silver ewer and silver bowl, each set here at all times.
XPV 420 for all with nine red garnets (100 gp each) and three
violet garnets (500 gp each). The bejeweled Fire Giants (2): hp 58 each; XPV 3,628 each
A. The door to this study appears to be locked silver set is worth 6,000 gp intact.
from the outside. Obmi is here at work on the Upon entering the room, Obmi palms the 15. Kitchen
problems besetting his King. He has been ring, dons the armor (2 rounds), puts on the
Snurres advisor for 25 years, spending 5 years gauntlets (1 round), thongs the axe to his belt (1 This place is typically filled with busy work-
as a slave before that. He is armed only with a round), hefts the hammer and holds the shield ers: a fire giant matron who is huge and fat;
dagger hidden in his boot, hard at work on (1round). At fmt opportunity he will attack the four fire giantess servants; and 12 gnoll
several scrolls on the plain wooden desk in the party and raise a hue and cry for help, but he will thralls. There are benches, counters, a table,
room. There is a case against the north wall do so only when he knows help will be able to several stools, three cupboards, various bins
which contains various maps, scrolls, etc., all come. Obmi knows a bit about the drow, and he and barrels, and miscellaneous kitchen gear
written in fire giant or dwarvish. He uses a will bargain that, or anything else, to save his around the place. The area to the east is a nat-
plain wooden box as a footstool, and it seem- life. If faced with no quarter to be given, he will ural fire pit, where flaming gases are used to
ingly holds old clothes of his, but in a false fight to the very end. roast whole creatures. The circle to the north-
bottom are hidden 92 gems-two diamonds west indicates where a 6-foot diameter chute
(5,000 gp each), eight opals (1,000 gp), 13 aq- 13. Council Room goes down to the lava pool on dungeon level
uamarines and 10 topaz (500 gp), 12 ame- 2. It is slippery and greasy from garbage, and
thysts, 13 spinels, and 16 tourmalines (100 The King and his council meet here, but it empties 2 feet above the lava. The servants
gp), and two bloodstones, three citrines, eight the place is now empty. There is a long table and gnolls will fight only under the direction
onyx, and five zircons (50 gp). Also in the cell and five great chairs around it. Against one of the matron.
is a rude wooden pallet on which he rests occa- wall is a stepped platform with a small chair
sionally. beside it. There are hides covering parts of the Fire Giant Matron: HD 11+ 3 ; hp 60; THACO
If Obmi hears noise in the outer area, he polished black floor, and rude tapestries adorn 10; Dmg 5-30; XPV 3,660
uses a peep hole in the door to watch, and if the walls. There are several torches in the Fire Giantesses (4): hp 44, 40, 39, 37; XPV
the intruders (PCs) are winning he yells for room, but none are lit. 3,016, 2,960, 2,946, 2,918
them to help him. He claims that the giants Gnolls(12): hp 14, 12, 11, 11, 11, 10, 10, 9,
have held him (a prince!) captive for 10 years, A. Within this alcove is a table with a flat 9, 9, 9, 8; XPV 582 for all
trying to trick information out of him when chest upon it. If the chest is lifted or moved,
torture failed, or to subvert his loyalty to six poisoned arrows shoot from the north wall, 16. Storage Chamber
dwarfdom. He further claims that several hu- striking at the same hit probability as do fire
mans in black robes aid the giants in their giants, and inflicting 2-8 points of damage. This place is jammed full of barrels of ale
questioning. Finally, he asks to be allowed his The arrows strike the south wall and shatter if and mead, boxes, sacks, hampers, smoked
armor and weapons in order to gain sweet re- they miss interposing creatures. The chest is sides of meat, smoked fish, cheese, sausages,
venge upon Snurre, for he knows exactly locked and full of stones. There is a map of the etc. There are smaller boxes of salt, and spices
where the King will be! If disbelieved and area hanging on the wall. There are large (worthless hot peppers) in a copper container.
worst comes to worst, Obmi bolts for room B, chests against both the north and south walls, There are tuns of wine and casks of beer near
bars the door, and equips himself as quickly as the northern one filled with 8,438 sp, the the door. Heaps of hard bread are everywhere.
possible. southern one with 4,188 gp and six bone ba-
tons with runes of fire giant upon them. Each 17. Guest Chamber
Dwarf Obmi (at present): AL CN; Level 91 11 is a pass saying: OEcial Business On Behalf
Fighter/Thief; hp 79; MV 9; AC 9; ar- O f KING SNURRE THE FEARSOME. Both The doors to this room are closed on the
mored); base THACO 12; #AT 1; Dmg 1-4 chests are locked, of course. outside by a great bar, as King Snurre does not
(dagger); XPV 8,980 fully trust the three rakshasas who are the
S 18/94 I 1 8 W 18 D 16 Co 17 Ch 16 B. Four extra chairs are stored in this alcove, guests therein. Naturally, the party entering
and a huge cabinet holds 83 scrolls and 367 will see the three creatures as inoffensive and/
If equipped with items from area B: AC - 2 pieces of paper or parchment. Most are worth- or trustworthy types. There are four beds, two
(plate + 2 , shield +2); THACO 9; Dmg by less, but the 68th scroll tube contains a set of tables, two chairs, two stools, two wardrobes,
weapon (axe +1 2-7, hammer +3 4-7); SA instructions for the King, telling him to three chests, and a foot stool (in reality a chest
gauntlets o f ogre power; SD ring o f gather forces of hill, stone, frost, and fire gi- with an illusion cast upon it), rugs, tapestries,
invisibility The THACO figures should be ants, along with whatever strength he can and flaming torches in the place. There is no
adjusted for ability score and magical weapon raise in ogres, ogre magi, cloud giants, and apparent treasure in the place, but each rak-
bonuses. any other creatures for an all-out attack on the shasa carries 100 to 400 gp and two to twelve
provinces to the east and northeast. The scroll 100 gp value gems. The disguised chest holds
B. In this chamber, Obmi has a soft bed, a promises powerful help from drow. It is a jeweled sceptre worth 10,000 gp, four po-
small stand, a table and chair, a cabinet, two signed Eclavdra. The papers are message tions (ESI? extra-healing,invulnerability, un-
iron chests, an arming rack, and stores of food copies to and replies from various types of gi- dead conrrol) and a scroll of five cleric spells
and ale. His plate + 2 and shield +2 are laid ants and others already mentioned above. (detect lie, true seeing, continual darkness,

cure critical wounds, sym bo1 of persuasion). Hell Hounds (6):HD 5 ; hp 30,27,26,24,22, 25. Barracks
21; THACO 1 5 ; XPV 4,200for all
Rakshasas (3): hp 40, 39, 36; XPV 1,745, Eight fire giants are loafing and gaming
1,737,1,713 22. Kennel Chamber here. There are 10 cots, 10 chests, a table, two
benches, four stools, and a large wardrobe
18. Barracks Four large and two medium hell hounds are about the place. There are several pegs here
here. If the young at area 2 1, are attacked and and there, and they hold cloaks, capes,
Currently only six fire giants are housed yelp, the six beasts will split into two groups, shields, and five bags. There are only worth-
here. They typically lounge around sharpen- half circling southwest, and the other half cir- less giant items in the chests and other con-
ing weapons and telling lies about their abili- cling south and then west. They love their tainers. The guards here have swords and
ties. There are eight cots, eight stools, and handler at area 23. They have no treasure. spears. The largest fights with a battle axe +3
eight hampers in the place. Each cot is heaped (man-sized) after throwing his spear. There
with skins. The hampers contain the giants Hell Hounds (6):HD 7 (hp 47,45,42,40) or are also 2 1 boulders in the place. The eastern-
personal gear. Pegs on the wall hold their bags 6 (hp 37, 34);THACO 13; XPV 8,693 for most of the three pillars has a secret door and
and cloaks. There are five clubs, three axes, six all contains 7,842 gp and three pieces of gem-
spears, and six shields scattered about. The studded jewelry worth 1,000-8,000 gp each.
place is lit by flaming gas jets. There is no trea- 23. Kennel Keepers Quarters
sure around, but one of the clubs is hollowed Fire Giant (1 large): hp 73;THACO 7 ;Dmg 8-
out to hold the boys party fund: 149 pp, 271 Here dwells the Keeper and his wife. These 33 (5d6 +3); XPV 3,868
gp, 160 ep, 233 sp, 184 cp, and 31 gems worth fire giants will rush to the aid of their charges Fire Giants (7):hp 65, 58, 56, 55, 5 5 , 54,5 1 ;
100 gp each. if they hear a commotion outside. Each has a XPV 2,700+ 16/hp each, 25,204for all
sword and club. Due to their size and
Fire Giants (6): hp 62, 59, 57, 54, 53, 50; strength, the Keepers wife fights as a male, Encounter Key: Level Two
XPV 2,700+ 16/hp each, 21,560for all and the Keeper gains + 1 to hit and + 3 to
Wandering Monsters
19. Giantess Quarters The Keepers chamber contains a large bed, Encounter occurs 1 in 10;check each turn.
a table, two chairs, a bench, a chest, a cabinet,
Eight fire giantesses make this room their three barrels (beer and ale), two buckets, and 1. Two fire giants and two fire giantesses out
home. This torchlit chamber has 12 cots, eight a crate (dried meat for the hounds). There are for a romantic stroll
stools, eight boxes, a table, a bench, and pegs torches burning. Pegs hold wearing apparel 2. Two trolls escorting three hill, two stone, or
with various garments and the like. Each gi- and two bags. The second bucket has a false two frost giants
antess wears one to three pieces of silver jew- bottom which holds 199 pp and 68 gems 3. Four trolls with 4-16 gnolls (armed)
elry worth 100-400 gp each, but worth only worth 50 gp each. There is a shield, axe, and 4.Drow Istorvir (see below) with 2-8 wererats
10% of that if damaged. four javelins of lightning on the wall to the
north. There are hides and pelts on the floors Male Drow (Istorvir of House Tormtor): Level
Fire Giantesses (8):hp 45,43,41,41,41,40, and walls. A number of skins and furs are 7 / 7 Fighter / Magic-User; hp 40;MR 64 % ;
40,38;XPV 2,400+ 14/hp each, 23,806 heaped on the bed and bench. One of the six AC 3 (chain + 1, shield); THACO 15; #AT
for all on the bench is a hell hound cloak which al- 3 / 2 ; Dmg 2-7 (sword); SA/SD see special
lows the wearer to appear to all observers as a notes; XPV 4,760;Spells:
20. Communal Quarters hell hound and if it is worn for three full turns First Level: charm person (x2), magic
the wearer gains the abilities of a 7 dice hell missile (x2)
Five giantesses care for 15 young giants and hound. If it is worn for 8 consecutive hours, Second Level: knock, mirror image, web
giantesses here. All have weapons (kids toys the wearer becomes a true hell hound, and re- Third Level: lightning bolt, protection
for the youngsters) and will fight. There are mains such forever. This magical pelt is used from normal missiles
six cots and 12 bunks along the walls. In each to wrap a cursed longsword -2. There are Fourth Level: ice storm
wing is a bench, three chairs, six stools, one three other hell hound hides in the chamber,
long table, and various boxes, hampers, and all q&te normal. Encounter Areas
cupboards. The only treasure in the place is
1. Hall of the Dead Kings
the giantesses gold jewelry: each wears one to Hound Keeper (fire giant): hp 68;THACO 8;
three pieces worth 200-800gp each, or 10% of Dmg 8-33 (5d6 + 3); XPV 3,788
This dark hall contains 20 huge sarcophagi
that if damaged. Fire Giantess: hp 59; THACO 9;Dmg 5-30;
(lettered A-T) standing upright along the
XPV 3,226
walls, and four even larger ones (lettered U-X)
Fire Giantesses (8): hp 50, 47, 43, 41, 39;
laying upon the floor. Those upon the floor
XPV 2,400+ 14/hp each, 15,080for all 24. Guard Post
are of stone, and U and V have stone like-
Fire Giant Young (15): hp 33, 31, 30,30,28,
nesses of fire giants carved upon their lids,
27,26,26,25,25,22,21,19,17,16;XPV Two fire giants are on duty here at all times.
while W and X are blank. Those that line the
475 + 8/hp each, 9,925 for all Each is armed with sword and spear and has
walls are stone (A, B, C, F, G, H, J, 0, P, Q),
four boulders nearby. An iron cylinder near
iron (D, E), bronze (I, K, L, M, N, R), and
2 1. Entry Hall to the Kennels the north wall is struck to sound the alarm if
brass (S, T). All of them bear likenesses of fire
intruders are seen.
giant kings and queens (13 kings and 1 1
Six young hell hounds scuffle and play queens respectively). Examination will reveal
hereabouts. They are part of the pack at area Fire Giants (2): hp 59 each; XPV 3,644 for
that these burial vaults contain only the re-
22, and will flee to there by the safest route if each
mains of the king o r queen, moldering gar-
ments, a few corroded weapons, and similar 5. Community Quarters each). The Headsman has his gigantic axe at
things. (Wererat grave robbers have taken hand, gaining + 2 to hit and damage (but
anything of value long ago.) The secret tunnel In this large area are housed one leader (ser- only when wielded by a creature as strong and
in the southeast corner is about 2 feet in diam- geant), three other males, six females, and massive as he). If he hits with a natural 20, roll
eter. It twists and turns so that any person us- eight young. There are two large beds, five l d 6 ; he severs an arm ( 1 or 2 ) , a leg ( 3 ) , or a
ing it will lose all sense of direction. It exits on cots, seven bunks, two large cabinets, two ta- head (4, 5 , or 6). Damage from the weapon is
level # 3 at area 2 . bles, four chairs, four stools, three buckets, 12-42 (lOd4 + 2 ) . The Torturer has a sword
four chests, six hampers, a crate, and three nearby.
2. Ettin Guards Chamber small boxes here and there. There are torches If both Headsman and Torturer are engaged
on the walls as well as pegs holding clothing in melee, they react as follows. The Torturer
The four ettins here are not on duty but and seven bags. Miscellaneous gear, eating will grab his opponent and attempt to throw
generally serve as guards at level 1 , area 2 . Two utensils, and odds and ends are scattered him or her into the iron maiden (position
are asleep and the other two are quite alert. about the place, too. Each male has 200-400 shown by a circle A) and slam it shut (inflict-
Each is armed with a spear and morning star gp in his bag, and the females each have 100- ing 10-100 points of damage and trapping the
+ 1, although those sleeping have their weap- 300 gp hidden in their personal areas. All are victim therein until released). This requires a
ons to the side. The chamber has a rude table, armed with various weapons, even the young, hit score success (which indicates that the grab
a bench, two stools and four cots. Torches light and there are 20 throwing rocks in the cham- and hurl score were successful plus another
up the place. There are nine pegs holding ber. successful hit score, this time at + 4 , to slam
clothing and six bags. In the far corner is a the device shut).
hamper with six sacks of coppers, each sack Fire Giants (4):hp 66 (sergeant), 60, 58, 5 5 ; If closely pressed, the Headsman will grab
holding 5,100 to 5,800. This is the ettins ac- XPV 2,700 + 16/hp each, 14,624 for all and toss his opponent down the well (position
cumulated pay. Fire Giantesses ( 6 ) :hp 5 3 , 5 0 , 4 7 , 4 4 , 41,40; shown by a circled letter B), thus inflicting 9d6
XPV 2,400+ 14/hp each, 18,250 for all of damage (but modified by discarding any 6
Ettins (4): hp 53, 49, 48, 46; THACO 10 Young Fire Giants ( 8 ) : hp 37, 36, 33, 28, 2 5 , rolled, as the water 90 feet below breaks the
(spear) or 9 (morning star); Dmg 2-16 2 3 , 20, 17; XPV 475 + 8/hp each, 5,568 fall, so actual damage will range from 0 to 45)
(spear) or 4-19 (morning star); XPV for all and trapping the victim, possibly to drown.
1,950+ 14/hp each, 10,544 for all The Headsman does this on any hit. The Tor-
6. Smithy turer will likewise follow his course of attack-
3. Visitors Chamber ing, tossing as many victims as possible down
The sound of hammering, obviously of the well until the room is cleared of opponents.
This room houses four stone giants who metal, occasionally is heard in this area. The The Headsman will generally use his axe.
have been working for the King as engineers. hall outside this place is tinged a bloody red The stairway and the torture chamber are lit
Each has a club, and there are also 11 boulders with the light from the lava bed and gas jets in by torches. The chamber contains a large rack,
in the place. The room is torchlit and contains the smithy. A knotty-limbed, burly fire giant a smaller one, and five other pieces of appro-
four cots, four stools, four lockers, a table, a is working here. He is the weapon and iron priate equipment, in addition to the iron
big barrel of beer, and pegs holding clothing smith. His exceptional strength gives him + 2 maiden and well. Various chains, bats, irons,
and four sacks. A haunch of meat is on the ta- to hit and +4 damage. The molten lava is whips, ropes, wires, and the like are festooned
ble along with various mugs and platters of used to heat the items he works. With him are about it. A table, two chairs, a stool, and a
tin. Each giant has 1,000-4,000 gp and 3-12 two trolls who serve as his assistants. About large barrel of ale complete the picture.
gems worth 100 gp each. him are three giant swords, some various
pieces of armor and several axe and spear Fire Giant Headsman: hp 6 3 , THACO 9; x p v
Stone Giants (4): hp 47, 45, 44, 40; XPV heads. He is doing a bit of repair wofk on a 3,708
1,800 + 14/hp each, 9,664 for all special giant-sized mace of black metal which Fire Giant Torturer: hp 59, THACO 7 , Dmg
is a +4 magical weapon (Dmg 5 - 1 6 / 5 - 1 2 ) . If 12-42 (with axe); XPV 3,644
4. Storage Room he is attacked, there is a 2 in 6 chance per me-
lee round that he will toss the mace into the Cells
This area has been cleaned out to serve as lava bed and destroy it if the encounter is go-
quarters for either five hill giants (armed with ing against him. All cells are indicated by a C, and G is the
clubs) or Chief Nosnra of the Hill Giants, his guardroom for the cell complex. Cells have
wife Solka, and their cave bears Throatripper Fire Giant: hp 70; THACO 7 ; Dmg 9-34 rings set in the walls, chains, buckets, and
and Snookums. The latter are here if they sur- (5d6 + 4 ) ;XPV 3,820 straw heaps.
vived the partys visit (Chapter 3). Trolls ( 2 ) : hp 40, 38; XPV 970, 954
In the former case the room will have five IC. Shallaria, an Elven female for sacrifice in
heaps of skins for bedding, a table, two benches, 7. Torture Chamber the Temple of the Eye (normal elf, hp 8 ) , is
and two chests. In the later case the place will here. She is of highly noble birth and will send
have two cots, two trunks, a chair, two stools, a The steps lead down to this cluttered room her rescuers 10,000 gp, 20 arrows + I , an ar-
table, and a coffer. Usual hill giants will have with a 50-foot ceiling (which enables even row of giant slaying, and a set of cloaks and
only 200-1,200 gp each. The Chief will have very tall victims to be hung in chains well boots of elvenkind if she escapes. The reward
brought along whatever he could salvage and above the floor). Vision range is 15 feet in will come from 1-2 months after she leaves to
carry here. In any case the room is illuminated by these murky depths. The Kings Torturer and return home. She will wish to depart as soon as
four torches set in wall cressets. the Royal Headsman are playing knuckle- possible, and has no desire to confront the
bones with stakes of seven pieces of jewelry drow, who her legends say are vile, perverse
Hill Giants ( 5 ) : hp 46, 40, 38, 37, 36; XPV (worth 1,000-4,000 gp each) and two piles of beings that once were elves.
8,364 for all gems (68 worth 10 gp and 39 worth 50 gp

I b

2c. Eight male elves meant for sacrifice in the ential to Snurre. Boldo was the Kings chief happens, the drow will never by surprised by the
Temple. They are normal elves only, and will lieutenant, and he will do anything to get party. The secret door to the east opens into a
follow the princess. back into Snurresfavor. He will happily lie to passage about 1 foot wide and 1 1/2 feet high. It
the party and tell them he is here because he is rough, and a man an annor could not hope to
Elves (8): AL CG; INT High; SZ M;MV 12; tried to prevent Snurre from taking his current pass along its length. Even a halfling would have
AC 9; HD 1 + 1; hp 7 each; THACO 18; hostile course, and if he is free he can get sev- to worm down it.
#AT 1; Dmg by weapon; XPV 34 each eral other fire giants to aid them in overthrow-
ing and slaying the King. Boldo will betray Wererats (3): hp 22, 19, 18; Dmg 2-9(Drow
3c. Androcor, a merchant being held for ran- them at his earliest opportunity. He is quite sword +I); XPV 238, 234, 230
som. He is a normal human (hp 6), and he bright and he will not be rash. Fire Giant: hp 58;XPV 3,628
cannot pay.
Fire Giant, Boldo: hp 82;XPV 4012 8. Secret Room
4c. Empty cell. There is a one-way invisible
door at the back of this cell which opens only 14c. Kendar, an unfortunate titan, is chained This place is pitch dark and the lair of seven
with a key held by the drow at area 12. and drugged here. He is able to employ cleri- wererats armed in the same manner as those in
cal spells of up to 6th level when conscious. If the guardroom above. The strongest has poi-
5c. Two noble centaurs, Sedgar and he were aware, he would help any party to de- son on his dagger, and #3 and #7 use poison
Chaunsleaf, imprisoned and bound for tor- stroy the inhabitants of this place, although on their swords. They will gain either surprise
ture and execution. They will offer at least he would certainly not mind seeing evil char- (1-3) or complete surprise (4-6)unless the
minimal help to any who free them. acters in any party die also. Only a neutralize darkness is countered (light, detect invisibil-
poison spell will remove the drug from his sys- it&etc.). If the encounter goes badly, survivors
Centaurs (2):hp 30,27; XPV 205, 193 tem before 12 hours time (when it will be nat- will flee down the stairway to level #3, area 15,
urally eliminated). The titans quarrel is with and warn the drow.
6c. Empty cell. the Snurre and his minions, and he cares little In the secret room are three very heavy iron
for the Dark Elves once they are driven back chests, all locked, and each has a poisoned needle
7c. Three gnolls punished for insubordina- below the surface. in the latch which hits on a 12 or better. Chest # 1
tion. One of them is dead. holds 3,200 gp, seven pieces of jewelry worth
8c. Empty cell. Titan, Kendar: AL CG; INT Genius; SZ L; 1,OOO-4,OOOgp each, and nine pieces worth
MV 15; AC - 1; HD 20;hp 126;THACO l,OOO-lO,OOOgp each. Chest #2 contains 8,000
9c. Troll being used for torture practice, as it 7;#AT 1; Dmg 7-42;SD become invisible, gp, a potion ofpokon, and a scroll of protection
was disliked ahd caused trouble. It is mindless 2 /day levitate, become ethereal; XPV from lycmthropes. Chest #3 fxes two poisoned
and enraged, so it will attack instantly given a 25780;Spells: darts upwards when the lid is opened (THACO
chance, but it otherwise sits motionless. First Level: command, fight 16,save at - 1). The chest is empty, but an invisi-
Second Level: hold person, know align- ble inscription is written inside the lid, and it
Enraged Troll: THACO 12; hp 36; Dmg 6-91 ment shows where a stone in the staits down can be re-
6-913-13; XPV 938 Third Level: dispel magic, flame walk moved to reveal a ring of shooting stars, a rod of
Fourth Level: detect lie, protection from cancellation, a scroll of seven cleric spells (deter-
1Oc. 7 gnolls caught stealing gold. They will evil 10radius mine at random), and six potions (diminution,
not help any creature and if freed they will Fifth Level: raise dead, true seeing heahng, and four randomly determined). A very
simply run away as fast as possible. Sixth Level: heal, word of recall well-hidden compartment in the lid of the box
holdmg the potions holds p i p of the sewem
Gnolls (7): hp 14, 13, 13, 12, 11, 11, 9;XPV G . One fire giant and three wererats (in hu-
362 for all manoid form) are conversing in this guard- Wererats(7): hp 24,21,19,18,16,15,14;Dmg
room. The giant has his sword, a spear, and 2-9 (Drow swords +1) + optional poison;
l l c . 2 (inanimate) human skeletons. two boulders nearby. Each wererat has a XPV 150 + 4/hp each, 1,558for all
shonsword + 1 (no alignment, abilities, etc.;
12c. Gareth, a female human thief chained to these are black metal drow-made weapons) 9-11. Temple of the Eye
the wall. She will gladly admit to being a thief and (normal) dagger. The room is torchlit, Illusionary walls screen this area. This place
caught trying to find the Kings treasure and in it are a table, chair, stool, bench, and is illuminated by a strange swirling light
room, and volunteer to aid the party faithfully several kegs. On the walls are pegs holding a which seems to be part of the very air of the
for a chance to escape. If opportunity presents bag, a cape, a shield, keys to the cells, and a place. Eddies of luminosity drift and swirl
itself, she will heist as much in gems and shirt. Keg #1 holds small beer, #2 holds water, here and there, causing the whole scene to be
magic as she can and then slip away, but until and #3 holds mead. A smaller keg on the table strange and uncertain. Distances and dimen-
then she will actually help the party. Of holds excellent wine (and also the drug which sions are tricky to determine in the shifting
course, during this time she will be casing stupefies the titan with a mere quart or so.. .). light of rusty purple motes and lavender rays.
each character to learn what he or she carries. There is a loose stone in the floor to the east of Globs of mauve and violet seem to seep and
the door. It hides a cache of 321 ep, 608 gp, slide around. The ceiling of the Temple is out
Human, Gareth: ALN; Level 1 1 Thief; hp 61; and 2 12 pp. The guard wears a brooch on his of visual range, 50 feet at the lowest, and well
MV 12;AC 9;THACO 16: #AT/Dmg By cloak which is set with six gems (50gp each) over 65 feet where it vaults upward.
weapon (currently unarmed); XPV 3676 around a black pearl (500 gp). (He knows
S 15 I 1 5 W 8 D 18 Co 16 Ch 17 nothing of the secret tunnel to area 8).
If the encounter seems to be unfavorable, the
13c. Boldo, a fire giant, hangs here in chains wererats will turn into rats and escape down the
as punishment for failing to be properly defer- drain at point X,thus alerting the drow. If this
9. Giants Worship Area candelabrum having three branches. These creature touching them will be transported to
are made of bronze green with age, and each level 3, area 18. (You should devise the 24
Each pillar radiates a sense of unease and in- branch holds a fat black candle which burns glyphs upon this pillar and select which two
security (simulate this by making players un- with a flame of leaping lavendar and deep are the trigger mechanisms. )
easy in whatever way you find best) in a 5 glowing purple but never grows smaller.
radius. The wall to the west is a mural showing Nothing save the metal triangle stands 12. Drow Clerics Area
giants bowing to a cairn of black offering sacri- upon the third tier.
fices, giving gifts, erc. The floor on this side of If the altar stone is touched by living flesh The entrance to this area is protected by a
the column in the center is of porphyry, the or hit, it will begin to fade in color, and in 3 powerful magic spell, a wall of tentacles,
pillars of serpentine, and their well-polished rounds it will become a translucent amethyst through which drow can freely pass. It appears
surfaces clash with each other and the strange color with a black, amorphous center. Any as rough brown-purple stone. The wall can
light as well. The scenes on the west wall grow further touch when the altar is thus trans- only be harmed by magic weapons or the fol-
more horrific, showing human and giant sacri- formed will paralyze a creature touching it for lowing spells: dispel magic (removes 50 hp),
fice near the altar (north) end. 5 to 20 turns. If the drum is beaten, the disintegrate (destroys 100 hp), or symbol of
chimes rung, and the triangle struck while the persuasion (which allows all those of the same
10.Servants & Thralls Worship Area altar is changed, a glowing golden eye will alignment as the caster to pass through un-
swim into view from the stones writhing ten- harmed). The wall has 20 tentacles (able to
The polished floor of red and black hom-
ter. Roll ld12 to determine the fate of each use up to four against a single opponent) and
blende seems to flow between the obsidian pil-
creature seeing the eye: two beaks. If any non-drow touches the wall,
lars which close off this area. Each of these pillars it grasps the victim and sets off a hissing and
radiates mild fear in a 2 radius, and if one is
Id12 Effect champing noise to alert the occupants of the
touched, the creature contacting it must actually
chamber beyond it. If the thing is forceably
save versus fear or run away in absolute panic. 1 Death attacked and damaged, it then uses its tenta-
Anyone passing between two pillars takes 2-8 2 Insanity* cle attacks for damage. If attacked by any spell
points of electrical damage, or double that if 3 Rage* (attack own party) or spell-like magic (e.g. wand), or if reduced
wearing metal armor. The wall to the east shows 4 Fright and weakness* (50% to 99 or fewer hit points, the wall creates dark-
a scene of various creatures crawling, then creep- strength loss) ness 20 radius and starts biting with its beaks
ing, up to huge, vaguely squid-like creatures 5 Age 1-20 years if any creature comes or is brought close
with 10 hairy tentacles. In the forefront of this 6-12 No effect (looked away in time) enough. (Note that the darkness is only pro-
mass self-sacrifice are elves and men, but there
are also dwarves, gnolls, om, trolls, halflings, * Curable by a remove curse spell duced on the intruders side of the wall.
ogres, goblins, etc. amongst the crowd. Those
If the three tentacle rods (see area 12 hereaf- Wall of Tentacles: AC -2; HD 10 (hp 200);
near the monsters are being tom apart and eaten
ter) are present when the eye appears, how- THACO 10; #AT 22; Dmg 1-20, (x20
as dainty morsels. There are 3 of these ghastly
ever, and the braziers are lit, the alter becomes tentacles)/ 1-10 (x2 beaks); SA poison
things, mottled in various shades and tints of
transparent heliotrope in color, the black mass beaks; SD darkness ZOradius, spell immu-
purple and violet.
at the center grows larger and shows swollen nity as described above
11. Priests Area
veins of purple, and the eye is a fiery red-
orange. A tentacle will come-out of the altar The inner chamber is lit by sconces with the
The north wall of cloudy purple stone and grab the nearest living creature, draw it same non-self-consuming black candles as are
shows an amber-like inlay of a huge inverted into the stone, and whatever it was will be to- in the Temple, so the illumination is dim and
triangle with a Y enclosed in it and touching tally gone, destroyed. The altar will return to eerie. The walls are hung with purple cloth,
the sides of the triangle. Beneath this, hang- its dead state, and atop of it will be the thing and the floor is thickly carpeted in black. The
ing on chains from the ceiling, is a black metal most wished for by the party-or something inner room is screened off from the other by a
triangle and cylinder. The first tier of the area which will enable them to attain the end or brocaded hanging of black with the floor
is of black stone shot through with veins of vi- state they most desire (that is, help in locating thickly carpeted in black. The inner room is
olet. The second tier is of dark gray stone, with and fighting drow who follow Lolth). If a sec- screened off from the other by a brocaded
specks of lilac and orange and purple. The ond summoning of this Elder Elemental God hanging of black with orange, gold, lilac, and
third tier is dull black stone with whorls of is made within the same day, it will act as fol- mauve. There are three drow herein.
plum and lavender and splotches of red. lows: The antechamber is the quarters of two
There is a great drum of blackened skin and lesser priests. In it are two low black couches,
chitinous material on the western third of the Id12 Result each inlaid with silver. To one side is a round
first tier. On the eastern third of this tier table and two arm chairs. At the foot of each
1 Seize and devour 1-4 more creatures
stands a rack from which depend nine silver couch is a low table with a basin and ewer of
and not grant any desires
cylinders. (These chime tubes are hollow and jasper (the set worth 3,000 gp). There are
2 Strike everyone present totally blind small stools and enameled coffers also. Two
are worth 1,000 gp each.) and not grant any desires
On the second tier is a huge stone altar chests hold personal effects. A huge wardrobe
3 Raise the ability score of each person
block of dull, porous-looking, somewhat rusty of ebony contains the clerics vestments-two
present by 1 in each category and black underrobes, two mauve cassocks, and
black mineral. To either side of it are ranked take no sacrifice
large bronze braziers whose corroded green caps and sashes of black with mauve embroi-
4- 12 Ignore the whole thing dering. Coffer #1 holds a scroll with a cleric
coloration is particularly nauseating in this
setting. To the left and right of these braziers, spell (word of recall) and three bars of black
The large pillar in the east on the first tier is metal (adamantiurn, worth 3,500 gold pieces
set in triangular form with the point to the of malachite and is covered with graven signs
south, are two sets of three candelabra, each each) which weigh 100 gp apiece. Coffer #2
and sigils. If the correct pair are touched, the contains 100 of each type of coin, each type in

its own black leather pouch, and a pouch of gather information on Eclavdras actions. two benches, two chairs, three stools, two
100 gems worth 50 gp each. A copper brazier Eclavdra is a strangely attractive female buckets, six chests, a large box, and a cabinet
near the door gives off an incense smoke drow dressed in silver-embroideredblack gar- in the room. There are hides on the floors and
which is sweet, cloying, decaying-smelling, ments, with a small black metal cap which al- pelts on the cots. Pegs hold clothing and sev-
disgusting and euphoric all at once. lows her silver hair to float free. She is the eral bags (2-5). Each giant has 100-400 gp.
The inner room is the sanctuary of the primary motivating force behind the entire gi- The Jarl has whatever loot he managed to sal-
priestess. It is candle-illuminated, although ant uprising. She has a mace on her belt, and vage from his former stronghold.
two small braziers of black and silver are burn- wears a ring of amber set with an amethyst
ing also. The walls here have certain tapestries (worth 2,500 gp) to control her greater purple Frost Giants (6): hp 61, 59 (guards), 58, 55,
of suggestive nature. The furnishings include tentacle rod with six violet arms. 52, 49; XPV 2,250+ 14/hp each, 18,844
a large bed, two small tables, three coffers, a for all
buffet, a cabinet, a large wardrobe, two di- Amalica of House Eilserv: Male Level 4 Cleric;
vans with a low chest between them, a dress- hp 24; AC 0; THACO 18; #AT 1; Dmg By 14. Guest Chamber
ing table and chair, a large silver mirror (worth weapon; XPV 476; Spells:
500 gp), two hampers and two chests. All fur- First Level: cause light wounds, darkness, Two cloud giants, a noble and his lady (?)
nishings are of ebony or black stone. Silver in- fear (x2), resist cold from the Sulhaut Mountains, have come to
lay is typical. Second Level: chant, holdperson, silence hear King Snurre tell why his warfare will
The wardrobe holds various garments and 15 radius, snake charm profit them, and make them powerful. The
the priestess vestments of mauve, black and Equipment: chain + 1, shield + I, purple giants have two spotted lions as watch-animals
plum, stitched with gold. This garment is set tentacle rod (THACO 13, #AT 3, Dmg 3 each; at the door. The male has a ring coat (AC 1)
with 10 violet garnets (500 gp each), 10 topaz if all hit, double damage and slow 9 rounds) and both have great morningstars and throw-
(500 gp each), 10 black opals (1,000 gp each), S 9 I17 W 16 D 16 Co 15 Ch 15 ing boulders nearby. The female wears a thick
and 10 oriental amethysts (1,000 gp each). It fur garment which makes her AC 2. The
is covered with a plain black wrapper to pro- Orgoloth of house Eilserv: Male Level 4 Cleric; chamber contains two very large beds, two
tect it. On the dressing table are two combs, a hp 24; AC - 1;THACO 18; #AT 1; Dmg By wardrobes, two small tables, a large table, two
brush, four pins, and 10 unguent and cos- weapon; XPV 476; Spells: chairs, two stools, two buckets, a cabinet, a
metic jars. These items are of onyx and silver, First Level: cause light wounds (x2), bench, and four chests. There are tapestries on
set with tiny gems. Each is worth 200-800 gp. curse, fear, resist cold the walls, rugs and hides on the floor, and furs
The chests and hampers hold the priestess Second Level: chant, holdperson (x2), si- on the beds. The place is torchlit. On the
personal effects. The buffet and cabinet hold lence 15 radius small table near the bed to the south is a plati-
eating utensils, jars of spiritous liquors, table- Equipment: plate +1, shield +1, russet num box set with moonstones and sunstones
ware, etc. tentacle rod (THACO 13, #AT 3, Dmg 3 each; (value 5,000 gp). It holds 78 gems of various
A coffer on the low chest between the di- if all hit, total weakness in one arm for 9 kinds (100 gp each), a present to them from
vans has a poison gas trap (fills the whole area) rounds) the king.
and contains a scroll of three spells (gate, un- S 10 I12 W 16 D 17 Co 10 Ch 15
holy word, restoration). A coffer near her bed Cloud Giants (2): AC 1 (male) or 2 (female),
contains six potions (firegiant control, human Eclavdra, Ruler of House Eilserv: Female Level hp 78, 64; XPV 5,498, 4,774
control, philter o f love, philter ofpersuasive- 10/ 10 Cleric/Fighter; hp 60; MV 12 ; AC Spotted Lions (2): hp 34, 30, XPV 504, 480
ness, poison, polymorph (self)). Beside her -8; THACO 12; #AT 312; Dmg By
bed on a small table is an ewer, basin, and weapon; XPV 17,850; Spells: 15. Trolls Chamber
goblet made from lapis-lazuli (each is worth First Level: cause light wounds, curse,
5,000 gp). A small screen of ebony, inlaid darkness, fear, resist cold (x2) Eighteen troll guards nest here. Four of
with amber (worth 1,500 gp) sets off a dress- Second Level: hold person (x2), know their number stay in the north passage, and
ing area in the southeast corner near the ward- alignment, silence 15 radius (x2) four stay in the passage south. Each of their
robe, where a lowbacked chair stands with a Third Level: blindness, cause disease, positions is shown by an X. The other 10 mon-
gown thrown over it. This effectively hides the dispel magic, prayer sters remain in the large room. Each has a
use of the secret door. Fourth Level: cause serious wounds, cure heap of sticks, bones, hide and skin scraps,
The drow clerics in this inner chamber are as serious wounds, poison and other nauseous material. Each has 10 to
follows. They speak all of the giant tongues, Fifth Level: flame strike, true seeing 100 gp hidden in their nest. There are dozens
and troll and gnoll as well. Each wields a ten- Equipment: chain +5, shield + 3 , mace of various pole arms, morning stars, and
tacle rod, fully detailed in Appendix B. + 4 , violet tentacle rod (THACO 7, #AT 6, swords heaped in the middle of the room.
Dmg 6 each; if 3 hit, numbs for -4 to hit for These may be used to arm the gnolls.
Amalica, a male drow cleric, is clad in black 3 rounds; if all 6 hit, numbs for 6 rounds and
with violet trim. He is armed with a lesserpur- permanent - 1 Dexterity) Trolls (18): hp 41, 37, 36, 36, 36, 35, 34, 34
ple tentacle rod (4 feet long with three rub- S 14 I 1 8 W 17 D 18 Co 10 Ch 18 33,31,30, 30, 30, 29, 28,26,24,22; X P i
bery purple tentacles). The rod is activated by 650 + 81hp each, 16,276 for all
the ring he wears, which is of hematite with a 13. Guest Chamber
rune carved on it (500 gp value). 16. Thrall Pen
Orgoloth, the second male drow cleric, If the Jarl of the frost giants survived the
wears a black robe with pale green trim. He partys visit, he is here with his wife and two Forty-two unarmed gnolls dwell here. Each
has a ring similar to Amalicas, and wields a guards (posted by the door). The room is oth- has a heap of straw and a hide cover. Though
lesser russet tentacle rod. Though of the erwise occupied by six frost giant messengers not free, they will never help humans for any
House Eilserv, he is secretly in vassalage to from the Jarl. The place is only dimly lit by a reason. They will gladly arm to fight intruders
Neldyne (area 16 of level 3), and has orders to few torches. There are eight cots, a long table, if given the chance.
Gnolls (42):hp 10 each; XPV 48 each, 2,016 shortsword + 1 , dagger + 1 5 . Cavern
for all
Drow Fighters (3): MR 54%; AC 3; HD 2; Eight fire giants are stationed here as a
17. Thrall Pen THACO 19; SA/SD see special notes; XPV guard and reserve by Snurres order (and he
65+ 2/hp got his instructions from the drow, of course).
Twenty-eight unarmed gnolls dwell here. Equipment: chain + 1, shortsword + 1, dagger At either end of the place one of their number
Their attitudes are as those in area 16. watches; each such position is indicated by a
Rooms and Areas G. Each giant is armed with a sword, spear,
Gnolls (28):hp 12 each; XPV 52 each, 1,456 and has several boulders nearby for throwing.
for all 1. Cavern They have no treasure, although there will be
piles of hides thrown for bedding, a hamper
Encounter Key: Level Three Three ropers dwell here and conceal them- or two, some personal wear, and eight bags in
selves amongst the natural stalagmite forma- the place. In crisis situations, this is where
Level 3 is all natural, the tunnels and ca- tions. They will be 75% likely to wait until King Snurre, Queen Frupy, and/or other im-
verns showing no marks of being hollowed out prey is towards the center of the area before at- portant fire guards and guests will retreat to.
except for the entranceway to the level from In the event they do, there will be whatever
tacking. Each has a number of gems (worth
above and where the exit from the level is (be- 100 gp) equal to its Hit Dice in its internal di- goods they salvage in the cavern as treasure.
yond the River of Lava in the northwest cor- gestive organ. Note that the cavern is fairly
ner). The areas of the level are dark and still. colorful, having many reddish, pale yellow, Fire Giants (8):hp 63,62, 59, 57, 56,55, 53,
Only a few are lit, such as the lava cavern and and shining blue-grey rock formations which 49;XPV 2,700 + 16/hp each, 28,864for
where the fire giants have gathered at area 5 . glisten in the light of torches or lanterns. all
All passages are at least 15 feet high, small
caves are 20 feet or so from the floor to ceiling Ropers (3): HD 10 (hp 39,XPV 3,996),1 1 (hP 6 . Great Vaulted Cavern
vault, and large caverns are anywhere from 25 48,XPV 5,868),12 (hp 60,XPV 6,060);
feet to 75 feet high (areas 7 and 19-20should THACO 10, 10,9 In the middle of this place is a permanent
be treated as among the highest). A few illusion of a huge sleeping red dragon atop a
patches of phosphorescent growth can be mound of treasure (see area 7 below). What is
2. Glowing Cave
added, the light making it possible to see actually there is a gorgon which has been
movement across it but not sufficient to illu- This small offshoot of the cavern which runs charmed and instructed to ignore such crea-
minate an area. If the party were to remain north and south is filled with luminous plant tures as hell hounds and fire giants and trolls.
still, they might hear water dripping and per- growth and contains 12 hungry fire beetles. It obeys the drow, of course. If any creature
haps a far distant echoing of stone striking Between 1-4of their number will be on the speaks to it in the common tongue or in the
stone-but only a single occurrence. As is ceiling and drop upon any creatures entering language of red dragons it has been instructed
usual with natural areas, do not worry over- their lair, always surprising them unless 1 or to stand quietly but to breathe upon the crea-
much about describing direction of passages ture as soon as they are seen and within range.
more of the party is looking upwards. These
and walls of caves and caverns, let alone size creatures served as a source of gifts for the frost There is no treasure in the cavern.
and shape. Primitive mapping techniques un- giants in the past. They have no treasure.
der stress conditions would develop just about Gorgon: hp 43;XPV 2,180
the same sort of chart as your players will when
Fire Beetles (12): hp 10,10,9:8,7, 7, 7,6,6,
they explore this level.. .wretched, but suffic- 7. Treasure Trove Cave
5, 5, 4;XPV 20+ 2/hp each, 576 for all
ient to get from place to place. If they have
made it this far, they do not need any help Here sleeps a real red dragon, a very large
3. Cavern
from the DM! ancient male. Brazzemal is his name, and he
As this long cavern hooks eastward and ter- can both speak and use spells. If the boulder is
Wandering Monsters moved, Brazzemal will certainly awake and
minates, it provides a lair for 2 large fire liz-
ards, a mated pair of false dragons with a use his ESP spell to find out who intrudes
Encounters occur 1 in 12; check each turn. upon his privacy. If cornered and in desperate
clutch of three eggs. Both are quite old and
their skins are reddish gray with large mottl- straits, the dragon will swear to anything in or-
1. 3-12 wandering trolls der to save his life. Brazzemal is persuasive
ings of red orange, so at first glance they are
2. 2 fire giants and 2 hell hounds (HD 6,
80% likely to be mistaken for red dragons. and deceitful, of course, and his real desire
THACO 13), patrolling will be to stay and devour the party.
Their nest has several dozen shiny rocks, but
3. 4 male Drow watchers, 3 in 4 to pass the none are gems.
party unseen (see below) Brazzemal, Red Dragon: HD 11; hp 88;
Fire Lizards (2): hp 66,54;XPV 2,274,2,126 THACO 10; SA Breath Weapon; XPV
Patrol Leader Calirnar of House Eilserv: Level 6,508;Spells:
7/6 Fighter/Magic-User; hp 42; MR 64%; First Level: detect magic, erase
4. Cave
AC 2; THACO 14; #AT 3/2; SA/SD see Second Level: ESE mirror image
special notes; XPV 4,188;Spells: Four hell hounds are on guard here. They Third Level: invisibility 10 radius, pro-
First Level: charm person (x2), magic tection from normal missles
will give voice if they detect any intruder.
missile, spider climb Fourth Level: confusion, polymorph
They have no treasure.
Second Level: knock, mirror image
Third Level: lightning bolt, protection
Hell Hounds (4): HD 7 each; hp 41, 38, 35,
from normal missiles Treasures: The place appears strewn with coins
30; THACO 13; XPV 825+ 8/hp, 4,452
Equipment: chain + 1, shield + 1 , of all sorts (about 20,000each of copper and
for all
silver, 9,000 each of electrum and gold, no 31 pieces of jewelry (200-800 gp each) on duty at all times in the entry passage. The
platinum) and a few dozen gems. All the 12 ivory statues with inlays of gems and/or drow are clothed in black capes, soft boots of
worthwhile treasures are covered by the coins. precious metals (200-2,400 gp black hide, and wear hoods over their hel-
Brazzemal also has another 666 gems pressed each) mets. Each carries 1-10 pp per level of experi-
into his stomach to protect it. Each is worth 1 1 idol of bloodstone (1,900 gp) ence. The room has only their bedrolls and
gp. If struck by cold or electricity or similar 11 gold service pieces (500-3,000 gp each) some miscellaneous gear.
magical attacks, from 60% to 90% of them 17 silver or electrum service items (100-
will be destroyed. Searching the pile takes 1,000 gp each) Drow fighters (6): MR 54%; AC 1; HD 2; hp
quite a while. Assume that one randomly de- 4 small containers: one coffer, one ivory 14,12, 12, 12, 11, 11; THACO 20; SA/SD
termined item is found per turn per person case, one silver egg, one mala- see special notes; XPV 118 + 2 / hp, 852 for
searching. chite box, and one crystal basket all
(see below) Equipment: chain + I,, shield, shortsword
Loose coin and gems: Contents of containers: + 1 , dagger + 1, hand crossbow with 9
19,830 cp 5 Chests: 5,000 sp each poisoned darts
21,010 sp 2 Chests: 7,000 gp each
8,700 ep 1 Chest: cheap blankets, and four carved Drow Leaders (3): AC - 2 ; HD 6 (hp 35, MR
8,475 gp jade figurines worth 1,000-8,000 62%, XPV 835) and 4 (hp 24, 21, MR
222 gems (10 gp each) gp each 58%, XPV 361, 349); THACO 16 and 18;
8 jars: rare unguents and perfumes (200- SA/SD see special notes
Buried under the coins: 2,000 gp each) Equipment: chain + 2 , shield + 2 ,
17 large containers: 8 chests, 1coffer, 8 jars 1 Coffer: 4 potions of fire resistance shortsword + I , dagger + I , hand
(see below) 1 IIvory case (worth 400 gp): jeweled crossbow with 9 poisoned darts
1 suit of human-sized plate mail + 4 necklace worth 2,000 gp
11 jeweled man-sized weapons (assorted, 1 Silver egg (worth 500 gp): 51 gems 9. Wide Passage
worth 300- 1,800 gp each) worth 100 gp each
1 longsword + 2 of red dragon slaying 1 Malachite box (worth 1,000 gp): 800 pp Twelve piercers make this their home, and
(determine abilities randomly) 1 Crystal Basket (worth 3,400 gp): 1scroll they await the unwary prey patiently. The
in jeweled scabbard (6,000 gp) of 7 magic-user spells (any) floor of the place is strewn with shattered
2 silver mirrors (300 gp each) 8 . Cave skulls and bones. Amidst these gleaming
1 gem of controlling fire elemenrals (as white remains glints a gold necklace set with 5
per the stone of earth elemen- This is a drow guardroom, with six guards gems (1,100 gp intact; total gem value 800
tals) and three leaders (all male). Two sentries are gp).

No.HD hp THACODmg XPV 24,23,20, 18, 1 7 , 1 7 , 17,16, 15, 12; x p v Second Level: mirror image, ray o f enfee-
650 + 8/hp each, 23,342 for all blement
2 4 22, 19 15 4-24 148, 136 Third Level: lightning bolt, slow
4 3 16, 13, 12x2 16 3-18 83, 74, 71x2 14. Narrow Cavern S 8 I17 W 12 D 17 Co 9 Ch 12
4 2 12, 11, 10x2 16 2-12 44,42,40~2
Equipment: chain + 2, ring o f protection
2 1 5, 3 18 1-6 15, 13
This place is striated with layers of blue and +3, shorrsword +2, dagger +3, wand o f vis-
10. Singing Chamber green and greenish blue deposits and streaks. cid globs (79 charges)
There is green slime growing on the passage
This small place has excellent acoustics, and roof and the pool of water at its end. The 16. Small Cavern
the drops of water falling into the pool along slime on the ceiling covers about 40 feet of
the southwestern portion of the wall make a space just south of the pool, and it will drop 1 A metal spear trap is located north of the entry
pleasant musical sound which can be heard in 6 per creature per round (i.e. check for each passage. Furthermore, a fine trip wire is set so that
from 60 feet in the quiet and at 30 feet dis- member of the party under its growth area, a 1 as an intruder enters the cavern it triggers a torrent
tance in normal conditions. The pool edge is on a six-sided die indicates that the slime has of small iron spheres which pour into the last 20
lined by a huge gray ooze blob and another dropped upon them). There are 36 agates (10 feet of the passageway and first 10 feet of the ca-
gray ooze lays along a ledge 11feet high in the gp each) in the pool of water, and any creature vern. These 1/4 inch balls make a loud noise, and
southeast of the place. reaching in to get these stones is 50% likely to any creature in the area has a 5 in 6 chance of fall-
have the slime attack. The slime in the pool ing down for the first 3 rounds after they are re-
Gray Ooze (2): hp 24, 17; XPV 320, 285 blends with the greenish rock of the pool. leased, and a 2 in 6 chance for the next 3 rounds
thereafter (unless the victim instantly stands sull
11-13. Stinking Caverns 15. Gray Cavern and does not move about). Naturally all targets
are easier to hit, and dexterity bonuses are ne-
All of these places are inhabitated by troll This dark-colored place is the drow strong- gated. Creatures which fall are not able to attack,
servants of King Snurre, and the stink which point, and two guards watch each of the six and lose both shield and dexterity benefits.
comes from these creatures, their nests, and ways which meet at this cavern. There are six There are nine female drow in the cavern.
what they leave about is noticeable in the cor- other guards. These 18 male drow guards are Eight are 4th level fighters, special guards
ridor which leads southwest from area 9. Their commanded by three higher level types, who from the female fighters society. These guards
chieftain is in area 13. The trolls will support are in the main part of the cavern to the east. protect Nedylene of House Despana, a noble
each other in case of attack. These include the female guard commander, a generally opposed to anything Eclavdra at-
female mercenary fighter (Greyanna), and a tempts. She is here to check up on her rival,
11. Thirteen trolls, each with the typical noble of House Tormtor by the name of Bm- and she will be suspicious of ANY creature en-
messy mound of sticks and bones and other herd, who was sent to accompany the others tering her current abode. On the other hand,
noisome things. In each nest are 5-50 of each on their mission to the giants. she will not be adverse to seeing her rivals
type of coin. If they hear a disturbance at area Each drow has 1- 10 pp per level of experi- plans go wrong. If things are apparently going
12 they split into two groups and move there ence. Each above 4th level has one gem per badly inner the upper levels of the Hall and
to attack. level (worth 100 gp each), or double the num- Eclavdra is apparently slain, Nedylene will
ber if multi-classed. rally the remaining drow in areas 8,15, 16,
Trolls (12): hp 37, 35, 33, 33, 30, 30, 30, 26, and 20 to make an organized tactical retreat.
36, 24, 22, 20, 19; XPV 650+ 8 / h p each, Male Guards (18): Level 3 Fighter; hp 18; MR Nedylene wields a demon stafT(see Appendix
11,578 for all 54%; AC 0; THACO 18; SA/SD see spe- B), a black leather-like staff, very strong, and
cial notes; XPV 229 each, 4,122 for all carved with disgusting scenes and vile runes.
12. Sixteen trolls, as above. They move in 2 Equipment: chain + 1,shield + I, shorrsword
groups to area 11 if they hear combat. +1, dagger + 1 , hand crossbow with 10 Female Drow Guards (8): Level 4 Fighters; hp
poisoned bolts 28, 26, 25, 24, 24, 24, 22, 21; MR 58%;
Trolls(16): hp 36, 34, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, AC - 3; THACO 18; SA/SD see special
29,29,28,28,25,22, 17, 14; XPV 650 + Female Guard Commander: Level 5 Fighter; notes; XPV 265 + 4/hp each, 2,896 for all
8 / h p each, 14,008 for all hp 30; MR6O%; AC -4; THACO 16; SA/ Equipment: chain + 2, shield + 2, shorrsword
SD see special notes; XPV 5 10 +2, dagger +2, hand crossbow with 10
13. Twenty-seven trolls nest here. The largest Equipment: chain + 2, shield + 2, shorrsword poisoned bolts, atlatl with 3 poisoned jave-
is the chieftain, and the other two large trolls +3, dagger + 1 , hand crossbow with 10 lins
are his lieutenants. If they hear suspicious poisoned bolts.
noises, or if they are assaulted, the trolls will Female noble (Nedylene): Level 8/7 Cleric/
use the multiple passages to surprise and sur- Female Mercenary Greyanna: Level 9 Fighter; Fighter; hp 48; MR 66 % ; AC - 6; THACO
round their attackers, leaping upon them to hp54;MR68%;AC -5;THACOlz; #AT 14; #AT 312; SA/SD see special notes; XPV
tear them to shreds. The three leader types 3/2; SA/SD see special notes; XPV 2,948 10,518; Spells:
nest in the southeastern spur of the cavern, Equipment: chain +3, shield +3, shorrsword First Level: curse, cure light wounds (x3),
and each nest will contain 100-400 of each +3, mace +3, atlatl,l3 poisoned javelins protection from good
coin type. The chieftain has 5-30 gems worth Second Level: detect charm, find traps,
100 gp each, and a jeweled mace worth 6,500 Male noble Bruherd: Level 416 Fighter/ hold person (x2), silence 15 radius
Magic-user; hp 30; MR 62%; AC -3; Third Level: blindness, dispel magic,
gP -
THACO 18; SA/SD see special notes; XPV prayer, remove curse
Trolls (27): hp 41 (Chief), 39, 38, 36, 33, 33, 2,025; Spells: Fourth level: cure serious wounds, neu-
32, 32, 32, 32, 31, 31, 29, 28, 28, 27, 24, First Level: charm person (x2), shield, tralize poison
ventriloquism S 13 I15 W 17 D 16 Co 11 Ch 17
Equipment: chain + 5 , buckler + 3 , mace 19. Venting gases of flame and smoke illumi- In addition to bedding and a small amount
+ 3 , demon stafir(Dmg 4-24, fear with no nate this area in a wavering bands of light and of personal gear, there is a chest holding 2,080
save; damage heals 1per day only by rest; once shadow. Amidst this vaporous inferno are two pp and 200 gems (100 gp each) hidden under
per day, wielder may summon one Type I de- salamanders who are enjoying a change of an illusion to look like a rock formation in the
mon, and may shapechange into a Type I11 clime. The flames and smoke make them im- far northeastern corner of the place. The com-
demon for 5 rounds) possible to see beyond 30 feet. They are totally mander has a small coffer which contains two
neutral with respect to whom they attack, al- potions of speed and two of extra-healing.
17. Jeweled Cavern though they know and respect the drow. They These will be used by the drow if necessary. A
have no treasure. A rope bridge is suspended constant watch is kept on the east entry to the
If light strikes these formations, the mineral from this area to area 20, about 15 feet above cavern, and if intruders come, the Dark Elven-
deposits here make the place glitter and spar- the lava river. folk will know of it. If threatened by powerful
kle as if it were sown with jewels. It is breath- characters, the drow will flee to safety back
takingly beautiful, and is the current lair of Salamanders (2): hp 45, 38; XPV 1,275, down the passage from whence they came
three illithids (mind flayers) who have de- 1,205 here, i.e. the one to the north-northwest; this
cided to see what is going on with their way is protected by a monstrous guard at loca-
friendly enemies, the drow. They plan to ob- 20. Secluded section of the cavern which tion A.
serve events, and the dark elves ignore them. serves as the meeting place and council cham-
Each illithid carries 2-12 gems worth 100 gp ber for Eclavdra and her minions. Currently at A. This is the location of a huge charmed
each (bribe money) and they have an amulet this place are six male fighters, three female lurker above. It will fall upon any creatures
o f the planes and a tome o f clear thought in a fighters, and an 8th level female commander which pass under it after a command is given
small black metal box which can only be (particularly favored by Eclavdra) named Vi- to it by Eclavdra.
opened by persons of 18 or greater intelli- conia, who has (amongst other equipment)
gence. three bolts ofpower (see Appendix B). Lurker Above: hp 63; Dmg 2-8; SA smother
Eclavdra will be here with as many of her in 2-4 rounds; XPV 2,382
followers as survive if things go badly on level
#2. Otherwise Nedylene will be rallying the Special Note: The characters will discover in
troops here. searching area 20 an adamantite tube worth
18. Small Cavern 200 gp, containing a scroll of one spell (wish)
Male Drow Troops (6): MR 52%; AC 1; hp 14, and the players map of the Depths of the
This is a guardroom which is exactly the 12,11,11,11,10; THACO 20; XPV 118+ drow. This tube has been left behind by Vico-
same as area 8 above. Refer there for full de- 2/hp, 852 for all nia so that, in the event Eclavdras scheme is
tails. Female Drow Troops (3): Level 4 Fighters; hp foiled and the ruler of house Eilserv slain, the
30, 27, 23; MR 58%; AC 1; THACO 18; attackers will be aware of the existence of the
Drow fighters (6 males, Level 2): XPV 118 + SA/SA see special notes; XPV 385, 373, drow homeland and, it is hoped, launch an at-
2/hp each, 852 for all 357 tack against Eilservs rival factions.
Drow leaders (3 males, Level 6, 4, 4); XPV
835, 361, 349 Equipment (all 9): chain + 1, buckler + I , Equipment for a pair of hoists (derrick-like
shortsword + I , dagger.. + 1, hand cross- machines with straps for cargo of any sort,
19-20. Red Cavern Inferno bow with 10 poisoned bolts even large animals) will be found in nooks on
either side of the river of lava. It will take sev-
This huge space is lit up in reddish light by Viconia of House Eilserv: female Level 8 Drow eral hours to set these hoists into working posi-
the bubbling, steaming river of molten lava Fighter; hp 60; MR 66% ;AC - 5; THACO tion, but once done they will not be
which flows through the place. The cavern 14; #AT 3 / 2 ; SA/SD see special notes; disturbed. The characters will be able to move
stinks of sulphur and heated rock, and the XPV 2,050 supplies and pack animals across the river of
temperature there is very hot, although a Equipment: chain + 5 , shield + 3 , shortsword lava when they are ready for the next part of
strong draft cools it somewhat. The roof is no + 4 , 3 bolts ofpower, hand crossbow with the adventure!
less than 60 feet high. 10 poisoned bolts

This chapter covers general notes on the un-
derworld that stretches from the King Snurris
fortress to the vaults of the drow. Specfic en-
next widest is a Secondary route section, the
smallest is a Tertiary Passage, regular or secret.
Use a combination of these tools-the
places for lurking foes than do the primary ar-
teries of the underworld.
Assume that the maximum rate of travel is
counter areas are covered in the next six chap- large-scale hex map of the whole underground 1 mile (1 hex) per day per 1 inch of basic
ters. The following deals with the passages complex, and the smaller ones for passages of movement rate, based on the slowest member
and random encounters within them. various sizes-for the partys travel and explo- of the expedition, and only if unnecessary de-
ration of the entire underworld. lays are avoided and mapmaking is sketchy.
A. The Realm Whenever a random encounter occurs, as- Reduce movement by 1 mile for every hour of
sume that the party is near the center of a delay, and assume that careful mapping will
General Description
small piece map appropriate to the passage slow the party to 6 miles per day at most.
The following may be read verbatim, or
size. You may of course turn it to any orienta- You may have crevasses and sinkholes as of-
simply paraphrased as needed.
tion desired. Note that the sample maps in- ten as is illustrated with the tunnel pieces, or
The passageway from the caverns beneath
clude faults, spurs, splits, rubble, small caves, you may include such hazards every mile or so.
the Hall of King Snurre Iron Belly runs to the
sink holes, crevasses, columns, stalactites, oc- There is certainly a chance for a slip and fall
northwest, rough and twisting, from 12 feet
casional pools, rivulets, and even streams. into a crevasse if proper care is not exercised.
to 16 feet width for some 300 feet. Then it
Crevasses are 110-300feet deep, so consider
suddenly widens to 30 feet and more in
Travel any fall as fatal if it is not prevented in some
places, obviously hewn, and goes almost per-
Do not penalize the party if they take sensi- way. Adventurers roped together, using poles
fectly northwest, slowly sinking in gentle
ble steps to insure a successful adventure, such to hold onto, etc. are not likely to slip. Other-
slopes and by natural terraces.
as deciding to take a number of pack mules to wise, consider there is a 1 in 20 chance of slip-
The rock is of all colors, although grays,
carry supplies and equipment-even an extra ping while trying to move around or otherwise
browns, and yellowish tan are most common.
spell book. As always, be as fair and unbiased pass over a crevasse. Any such slip will precipi-
Parts of the route are worked, but much of the
as possible. Neither help by suggestion or in- tate a fatal fall. Should you feel extremely be-
tunnels are natural passages, caves, galleries, and
ference nor hinder in any manner not called nevolent, you might allow a saving throw or
so forth. The route always descends. The dark-
ness is not total; there are sometimes patches of for. Managing a party with mules can be try- dexterity check as a chance of a last desperate
phosphorescent lichens, lighting the way with a ing for a referee, but it is probable that these grab for a handhold.
beasts will be slain at the first encounter area Sink holes are 10-80feet deep. While there
faint glow (almost like faerie fie).
anyway. is no real chance of slipping into them, if the
Swarms of fire beetles pass now and again,
As there is no practical way of establishing party is running in haste or traveling without
and their glowing abdomens shed sufficient
any sort of route camp to safely store goods of light, treat sink holes as pits, with a 1 in 3
light to see clearly. Cave bats flutter overhead
any sort, the characters will be presented with chance of falling in. Damage thus sustained is
periodically, huge ugly things which have for-
a problem. This is compounded by the follow- Id6 per 10 feet.
saken the clean air of the upper world for the
ing situation: Ceiling height in the primary tunnels
foul atmosphere of the subterranean. Now
ranges from 20 feet to 50 feet, the average be-
and again a current of dank, cold air can be
Beyond the first encounter area, teleportation ing about 35 feet. In the secondary passages
felt moving downwards and bearing a musty
over any distance greater than 1 / 2 mile is im- the roof overhead varies from 15 feet to 40 feet
scent throughout the corridors of this dismal
possible. above the floor, with 25 feet being usual. In
the narrow tertiary tunnels the ceiling is from
Should the party ever remain still and lis-
When a character with this ability first con- 8 feet to 25 feet high, with an average of 15
ten, they will note many strange sounds-
siders its use, inform the player that the PC feet or so. Where enlargements occur, the roof
twitterings, squeakings, scrabblings. Various
can feel strange forces, possibly magnetic, will be near maximum height. In large caves
and sundry tiny noises can be heard, noises
which will certainly hinder teleportation. or caverns, the ceiling height will be 10 feet to
which are disturbing despite their muted
Thus, short of the use of a wish, the party is 20 feet above normal maximum. In huge ca-
committed to go and return afoot. They may verns, such as the one in Chapter 8, ceiling
have to return to the surface after concluding height is 100 feet, 150 feet and as high as 200
Using the Maps
this module, or they may be able to press on, feet in places. Before PCs find this place
The characters map, found in the furthest
for the treasures along the way are aimed at (should they hold to the path), there are two
reaches of the fire giant kings hall, shows only
supplying them with the force necessary to encounter areas they must contend with. (See
a relatively narrow section of the whole area-
continue. Certain creatures have been specifi- Chapter 7).
that part which pertains to this adventure and
cally places so that they may offer assistance or
the others in the set. You might wish to de-
velop the other areas shown on your large-
succor. B. Denizens
Travel along the system of subterranean
scale map. If so, you can then allow your Two races of creatures dominate the setting,
passages will be at a slow rate because of the
players to explore passages which are off their creatures with whom most adventurers should
slippery and often slanting or terraced floors.
map , thus eventually completing their ver- as yet be unfamiliar. The most dominant by
Footing is treacherous in places, and the tiers
sion , and , of course, having many adventures far are the drow-the powerful dark elves of
to clamber down are often nearly 3 feet from
along the way. You can place other drow en- legend, who now rule most of these passages
top to bottom. If mules accompany the party,
claves, locate the realm of the mind flayers, and whose Vault lies at the end of the tunnels.
these beasts will not slow movement, for they
expand the underground sea and place the The Kuo-Toa (or gogglers), a race of fish-like
are sure-footed and negotiate the worst places
Kuo-Toan stronghold, etc. For various ideas, humanoids now fading in power, battle
with relative ease. The rubble and detritus,
see Appendix 3. herein against final extermination. Though
natural projections, protrusions, ledges, and
The maps in the map book show three typi- not the equals of the drow by any means, they
stoney spears are more common and prove a
cal passages of the undergound. The widest still merit special attention by the DM, for
real hazard in the secondary and tertiary tun-
passage is a section of Primary Tunnel, the their many skills are noteworthy.
nels. These lesser-traveled ways offer more

Please study the details given for each of Drow Table 2: Brooches of the Merchant Clans Drow Table 5 : Merchant Train Composition
these races (especiallythe drow) before contin- Allied Train Male Drow
uing this adventure. You should be proficient Noble Size Merchants Fighters Leaders
in proper play of the spells usable by every Id20 Brooch description House
drow (and familiar with their effects)-so Small 1-2 2 1
much so that all such enemies that you repre- 1-2 Bars, 4 (pewter) Eilservs Medium 3-4 6 2
sent fight with skill and intelligence, fighting 3 Bone, white enameled Eilservs Large 5-8 12 3
to defend their homeland from alien invaders 4 Chain links (3), brass Tormtor
(the player characters!) with all the tools at 5 Crescent, silver Aleval Train Bugbear Slave Pack
their disposal. 6-7 Gem, red enameled Despana Size Guards Bearers Lizards
Various additional notes are given below. 8 Hook, black iron Kilsek
9 Horsetail mushroom, Small 4 5-8 1-2
1. Drow (Dark Elf) pink enameled Noquar Medium 8 9-16 3-4
Equipment 10 Lozenge, green enameled Everhate Large 16 17-24 6-9
Nearly every drow wears a brooch indicating 11 Morel mushroom,
his or her alliance with either a merchant clan white enameled Godeep Drow Table 6: Merchants Valuables
or a Noble house. Whenever such brooches 12 Mushrooms (2), Merchant Chance for Number of Rolls
are left to random determination, use Drow yellow enameled Noquar Train size Valuables (on table below)
tables 1 or 2 to find the exact type and affilia- 15-14 Puffball mushroom,
tion. tan enameled Kilsek Small 30% 1
15-16 Prism, blue enameled Tormtor Medium 45 % 2
Patrols 17 Shelf fungi, Large 75 O h 3
There are three types of drow patrols in the russet enameled Despana
underworld-all-male, all-female, and mixed 18 Star, lilac enameled ldloo Valuables Carried
(drow and other creatures). The number and (>-pointed) Eilservs *
type of non-drow troops are determined by 19 Urn, violet enameled None ** 01-45 110-300 silver ingots
the size of the passage in which they are en- 20 Whip, bronze coiled Eilservs 46-75 31-50 gold ingots
countered. Use Drow tables 3 and 4 to find 76-80 5-10 platinum ingots
the exact composition of any patrol encoun- * inclination only, no formal alliance 81-83 2-5 mithril ingots*
tered. ** currently uncommitted, no inclination 84-85 1-4 adamantite ingots**
86-89 1-100 gems, base value 50 gp each
Merchants Drow Table 3: Patrol composition 90-94 5-12 potions
The size of a drow merchant train deter- Male or Female Patrol 95-98 1-4 scrolls
mines the number and class of its members, as 7-10 Fighters 99-00 1magic item (ring, rod, staff, wand,
summarized on Drow Table 5. It also deter- 1 Patrol Leader or miscellaneous magic)
mine the chance of the train carrying valu- 1 Patrol Commander
ables (other than the usual trade goods), and Mixed Patrol * value in the underworld 250 gp per pound
if so, the number of rolls to make; see Drow 2 Male Fighters ** value in the underworld 400 gp per pound
Table 6. Male Patrol Leader (all ingots weigh 10 pounds each)
Each train includes slaves, which are a mix- (var) Troops (see table 4)
ture of various races. Use Drow Table 7 to de- Drow Table 7: Races of Slaves
termine the exact types. Bearers are always Drow Table 4: Non-Drow Patrol Troops Id20 Race of Slave
leg-chained in files of up to six.
Roll ld6, and add zero for a Primary passage,
+ 6 for a Secondary passage, or + 12 for a Ter- 1 bugbear
Drow Table 1: Brooches of the Noble Houses 2 dwarf
tiary passage.
Noble 3 elf
Id8 Brooch description House 4-5 gnoll
Id6 ( + ) Troops
6 goblin
Crossbow, platinum Godeep 1-3 11-16 bugbears 7 half-elf
Daggers, silver (crossed) Everhate 4-5 2 trolls + 11-16 troglodytes 8-9 half-orc
Javelin, electrum Tormtor 6 4 ghasts + 7-12 ghouls 10-12 hobgoblin
Mace, adamantite Despana 7 11-14 bugbears 13-17 human
Nightmares head, bronze Noquar 8-11 2 trolls + 11-16 troglodytes 18-19 orc
Staff, copper Eilservs 12 4 ghasts + 7-10 ghouls 20 troglodyte
Sword, mithril Kilsek 13-15 2 trolls + 7-10 troglodytes
Wand, gold Aleval 16-18 4 ghats + 7-10 ghouls

2 . Kuo-Toa 2 Monitors 23-27 Drow merchant, medium
4 Whips with dagger, spear, and garrote 28-32 Drow patrol, male
ECuo-Toans are fish-like human oids, the Cleric/ Assassin with mantrap and gar- 33-37 Drow patrol, mixed
-C A l l 17---
prouucrs 01
spaw~lmg.MI RUO- 10am with the
rote 38-42 Ghouls (9-16) and ghasts (2-5)
same Hit Dice have the same hit points, as fol-
12 Slave bearers (unarmed) 43-47 Illithids (1-2) and wererats (2-5) (d)
48-52 Lizards, subterranean (2-5) (b)
Hit Points for
C. Encounters 53-57 Lizards, huge subterranean (2)
Hit Dice Males Females 58-60 Lurker above (1)
Placed encounters
61-63 Piercers (5-20)
Handle all noted encounter areas with great
2 12 10 64-66 Purple worm (1)
care. Antagonists of the party should act and
3 18 15 react in organized fashion-the drow and il- 67-69 Shadows (2-5)
4 28 24 lithids with great cunning and cleverness, the 70-74 Shriekers (5-8)
5 35 30 trolls, bugbears, troglodytes, and similar den- 75-79 Shriekers (1-4) and violet fungi (1-4)
6 42 36 izens of the cavern in Chapter 7 not quite so 80-82 Slug, giant (1)
7 56 49 83-85 Snake, giant constrictor (1) (e)
intelligently, but with vigor and purpose.
8 64 56 86-92 Spiders, giant (2-5)
9 72 n/a 93-94 Spiders, phase (1-4)
Random Encounters
10 90 n/a There are separate tables for random en- 95-97 Ropers (2-5)
11 99 n/a counters in the tunnels, according to the size 98-00 Rust monster (1) (b)
12 120 n/a of the passage or proximity to a special en-
TERTIARY PASSAGE: 1 in 12 chance
counter area. Make one random encounter
Groups check for each mile (hex) of tunnel traveled ldloo Creature Encountered
Outside of their shrine, the Kuo-toa are en- through, plus one check per night (as the
countered in one of three types of groups- party decamps). The probabilities of such an 01-07 Ants, giant (11-30; 1 in 10 is a war-
pilgrims, a cleric party, or a war party. encounter vary according to the locale, and are rior)
shown on each table. 08-17 Beetles, fire (2-5)
Pilgrims: These travelers are usually heading 18-22 Drow merchant, small train
for the shrine to make their abulations. PRIMARY PASSAGE: 1 in 10 chance 23-27 Drow patrol, male
28-32 Drow patrol, mixed
14-24 Pilgrims (unarmed, 1-6 female) ldloo Creatures encountered 33-35 Green slime (1) (e)
2-5 Warriors with dagger and short bow 36-38 Illithids (2-5)
01-15 Beetles, fire (2-5)
1 Patrol Leader with dagger and har- 39-45 Jermlaine (15-30) (c)
poon 16-18 Beholder (1)
19-20 46-48 Lich (1)
Black pudding (1)
1 Monitor 49-53 Lizards, subterranean (2-3)
21-25 Bugbears (13-18)with slaves (19-24)
2 Priests (unarmed) 54-56 Lurker above (1)
26-30 Drow merchant, small train
11-14 Slaves bearing shell offerings to the 57-68 Piercers (5-20)
31-35 Drow merchant, medium train
Sea Mother and equipment (food, 69-71 Rust monster (1)
36-39 Drow merchant, large train
clothing, erc.). 72-74 Shadows (2-5)
40-44 Drow patrol, male
Cleric Party: This is a group of priests going to 75-77 Shambling mounds (1-4)
or coming from the shrine detailed in Chapter 45-49 Drow patrol, female
78-80 Shriekers (2-8)
10. The party consists of the following: 50-59 Drow patrol, mixed
60-64 Gas spore (1) 81-83 Slithering tracker (1)
Ghouls (9-16) and ghasts (2-5) 84-88 Svirfnebli (2-8) (d)
7- 12 Warriors with dagger, spear, and shield 65-69
89-91 Trapper (1)
70 Gray ooze (1)
5-8 Warriors with dagger and short bow 92-94 Umber hulks (1-2)
2 Patrol Leaders with dagger and har- 71-72 Green slime (1)
Illithids (1-2) and wererats (2-5) (a, b) 95-97 Vampire (1)
poon 73-77
98-00 Xorn (2-5)
4 Priests (unarmed) 78-80 Marlgoyles (3-18)
81-82 Mold, brown (1)
1 Lama (unarmed) Footnotes
83-84 Mold, yellow (1)
5-8 Slave bearers (unarmed)
85-86 Ochre iellv, ,(1)
I , a. If within 6 miles of the Kuo-Toan shrine,
87-88 Purple worm (1) the encounter is with a party of Kuo-Toan
War Party: These creatures will occasionally go
forth to capture slaves or raid a group that is 89-90 Rust monster (1) clerics instead.
91-92 Shadows (2-5) b. If within six miles of the Vault of the drow,
hostile to their kind or has given offense to the
Sea Mother. 93-95 Slug, giant (1) the encounter is a drow patrol (mixed type)
96-00 Trolls (1-4) and troglodytes (9-16) (a) instead.
24 c. If within 6 miles of the Kuo-Toan shrine or
Warriors with dagger, spear, and shield
SECONDARY PASSAGE: 1 in 12 chance other Kuo-Toan outpost, the encounter is
Warriors with dagger and short bow
8 Warriors with dagger, net, and spear ldloo Encounter with a Kuo-Toan war party instead.
4 Patrol Leaders with dagger and har- d. If within 6 miles of the Kuo-Toan shrine,
poon 01-10 Beetles, fire (2-5) the encounter is with a band of Kuo-toan
2 Commanders with dagger and harpoon 11-15 Bugbears (13- 18) and slaves (19-24) pilgrims instead.
e. If within 6 miles of the Vault of the drow,
1 War Party Lord with dagger and har- 16-17 Bullette (1) (c)
poon 18-22 Drow merchant, small the encounter is with a Type I, 11, or I11 de-
mon instead.


In the first third of the journey to the Vault Jeggred of House Aleval: Level 5/7 Fighter/ Fourth Level: cure serious wounds, poi-
of the Drow, there are two set encounters: Magic-user; MR 64%; AC - 2 ; hp 33; son, tongues
with a drow outpost and a next of illithids THACO 14; SA +2 to hit with crossbow; Fifth Level: cure critical wounds
(mind flayers). The latter are the friendly ene- chain +4, shorrsword +2, dagger +2, Canon Akordia: Level 6 Cleric; MR 62 % ; AC
mies of the drow, and should the party be able hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts, rope -3; hp 30; THACO 17; SA/SD + 1 to hit
to prove to the dark elves that they have slain o f entanglement; XPV 5,712; Spells: with staff sling; chain +3, buckler +3,
mind flayers, there is a 90% chance the drow First Level: magicmissile(x2),sleep, ven- mace + I , staff sling, 3 glass globes (see be-
will be well-disposed toward the party. The triloquism low); XPV l , 105; Spells:
other 10% may be aware of the partys in- Second Level: -detect invisibiliq mirror First Level: cure light wounds (x3), curse,
volvement in the destruction of the giants, image, ray of enfeeblement fear
seek to stop the characters before they reach Third Level: lightning bolt, slow Second Level: holdperson, silence 15ra-
Lolths temple, or just do not care about the il- Fourth Level: ice storm dius, resist fire
lithids . Third Level: animate dead, cure disease
Drow Female Contingent Staff sling: Minimum range 3, maximum
Encounter Area D-3 This group consists of eight female fighters
9 ; - 2 to hit at 6 or more. Minimum ceiling
height 30 feet. Apply standard procedures for
Use encounter piece I1 for this meeting, fat- of 2nd level and two of 3rd level, led by two
miss location, but triple distance (to 3-18
ing either end of the piece in a southeast- female clerics. The lesser is Akordia, a canon
northwest direction to conform to the (Level 6) noble of the House of Despanna. She
The missiles for this weapon, three glass
passageway. The area is south of the tunnel carries a special sling staff and three glass
globes carried by Akordia, contain a luminous
nexus. It is dimly illuminated by phosphores- globes (see notes below). Hidden on her per-
irritant fluid. This vaporizes on impact in an
cent lichens. son is a small brooch of a blue-black mace, in-
area of effect, a cloud 10 feet in diameter and
This is a drow checkpoint with two separate scribed (in drow) Despana.
12 feet tall (half diameter if broken on vertical
patrol groups, males to the left, females to the The leader, High Priestess Vlondril (9th
surface). Each victim within the area must
right. The males will have two pickets out on level), is a servant of the Great Fane of Lolth.
save vs. poison or be blinded and out of action
duty to observe the passage in both directions. She is always cloaked in black, but wears a
(scratching furiously) for 7-10 rounds or until
Despite rivalry between the groups each will magical lurker cloak (see Appendix B) under-
cooperate fully with the other in an intelligent neath. She is charged with reporting to the the eyes are washed. The luminous droplets
attack and defense pattern. The two groups Fane any significant event which transpires af- on the body cause an armor class penalty of
are detailed below. ter the fall of Snurre (and the ruin of Eclav- + 1 to +4, lasting for 2-5 turns or until
washed off. Both effects last for 1 round at
Each dark elf has a small leather pouch con- dras plans, for the latter is an opponent of the
least, and can only be removed by another full
taining 1-4 pp per level of experience (the Fane). Thus, if for any reason the drow are se-
round of washing.
higher in the case of a multi-class). Each drow riously threatened, she will attempt to save
above 4th level has, in addition, one gem herself by using her magical cloak to change
(worth 100 gp) per level above 4th. The side caves contain only a few spare
into a lurker above and fly off without being
items-sleeping silks, several small boxes of
provisions, and individual kits with eating
Drow Male Contingent Hidden in Vlondrils hair is a golden spider
utensils, cups, etc. There are two black metal
pin inscribed (in drow) Lolth, Queen Death
There are 10 3rd level Fighters to the south- medallions (of adamantium alloy) bearing a
Mo ther.
west, two of whom are on guard duty and will likeness of a spider on one side and a female
report the presence of any creature moving drow on the other. Each is suspended by a fine
Female Fighters (8): MR 54%; AC 0; HD 2
along the passage. The two leaders are 4th loop of black chain. Hidden at the bottom of
(hp 10 each); THACO 17; SA + 1 to hit
level Fighters, and the unit commander is 6th one provision box is a bone tube belonging to
with crossbow; chain + I , buckler + I ,
Level. The commanders liaison is a noble Vlondril. It contains a scroll of seven cleric
named Jeggred (of House Aleval), a Fighter/ shorrsword + I , dagger + 1, hand crossbow
spells: find traps, neutralize poison (x2),
with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 154 each,
Magic-user (Levels 5 / 7). If he is slain or taken tongues, cure critical wounds, heal, stone tell.
1,232 for all
and carefully searched, he is found to be wear-
Female Patrol Leaders ( 2 ) : MR 56%; AC 0;
ing small brooch of a brass wand, inscribed (in
HD 3 (hp 15 each); THACO 17; SA + 1 to Encounter Area M-12
drow) Alevd.
hit with javelins; chain + 1, buckler + I , Use encounter piece I1 (reversed) when this
shorrsword + I , dagger + I , atlatl with 3 encounter occurs. This area is the westernmost
Male Fighters (10): MR 54 % ; AC 0; HD 3 (hp
poisoned javelins; XPV 235 each spy post of the illithids, one of which the drow
13 each); THACO 17; SA + 1 to hit with
crossbow; chain + I, shield + I , shorrsword are well aware but do not care to deal with at
High Priestess Vlondril: Level 9 Cleric; MR this time, due to the recent reverses suffered.
+ I , dagger + I , hand crossbow with 10 68%; AC -6; hp 48; THACO 8 (with As is usual throughout the sunless world,
poisoned bolts; XPV 2 14 each, 2,140 for all
mace); chain +4, shield +3, mace + 4 , phosphorescent lichens growing sparsely
Male Leaders ( 2 ) : MR 58 O h ;AC - 2 ; HD 4 (hp
18 each); THACO 16; SA + 2 to hit with lurker cloak (polymorph self to lurker about these passages and caves, and make it
above; see Appendix B) under normal black possible for normal vision to function at up to
javelins; chain +2, shield +2, shorrsword
+2, dagger +2, atlatl with 3 poisoned jav-
cloak; XPV 4,876; Spells: 10 feet.
First Level: bless, cure light wounds ( x 2 ) , There are 12 ratmen working herein with
elins; XPV 337 each
protection from good, fear (x2) the mind flayers. Four wererats are in the tun-
Male Commander: MR 62 % ; AC - 3; HD 6
Second Level: augury (x2), hold person nel proper (two above the cave area and two
(hp 28); THACO 16; SA + 1 to hit with
(x2), silence 15 radius, snake charm below), about 60 feet from the center. These
crossbow; chain + 3, shield + 3, shorrsword
Third Level: continual darkness, cure dis- watchers are in rat form, and will scurry back
+4, dagger + 2 , hand crossbow with 10
ease, prayer, speak with dead to give warning if any creatures approach.
poisoned bolts; XPV 793

They have drow shorrswords + 1, and baldrics their servants, the illithids flee northwest and On the other side, the mind flayers have en-
and hangers kept to either side of the passage- then into the secret tertiary exit to the north- camped in the alcove off the pool area. They
way where their eight comrades guard two il- east. have folding cots, a small table, two folding
lithids (four to one side, four to the other). stools, some utensils, and hampers for food.
The stronger illithid is near the cave pool Wererats (12): hp 17 each; XPV 218 each, Each has a small coffer of personal effects.
with a bound drow merchant captive. He is 2,616 for all Each coffer has poisoned needles in the latch.
questioning the dark elf about the current al- Illithids (2): hp 43, 38; XPV 2,316, 2,256 One contains apotion ofheafing,200 gp, and
liances, power groups, and feuds between the a black sapphire (worth 5,000 gp). The other
drow clans and noble houses. If the illithid The wererats nest in the caves opposite has 1 5 0 gp , 5 8 pp , a potion ofpofymorphsef&
gets any chance, he will kill the drow so no those which contain the pool. In a small place scarab o f death, and a small silver crescent
tales can be carried. (suitable for their rat size, but which must be brooch (of the Aleval merchant clan).
When the party is sighted, the ratmen rush crawled into by even so small a creature as a A nearby nook, blocked by a small boulder,
to warn their masters and fellows. The were- gnome) is a nest of animal skin, old cloth, contains an iron chest. Within it are 300 cop-
rats prepare to ambush the party, but only af- bones, etc. Under this is a dull olive cloak per and 300 silver ingots (10 pounds each).
ter each illithid delivers an opening mind (non-magical but valuable if the party eventu- These are used as bribes to subvert drow ser-
blast. The weaker of the mind flayers will sur- ally reaches the Vault of the Drow) which was vants. The handle of the chest lid is actually an
vey the melee, using psionic domination upon among the drow merchants possessions. Each iron tube which contains a scroll of protection
any character who approaches, while the ratman has 30 gp and a gold ring set with from undead, and (hidden in an inner lining)
stronger returns to be ready to do away with moonstone (worth 400 gp) as indication of a scroll of protection from demons.
the prisoner. When the battle goes against service to the illithids.

(Encounter Area Q-18/ 19) three move to positions where they can ob- 6 . Cave
serve the intruders.
Fourteen drow are located here to oversee
Wandering Monsters any activities in the cavern as a whole, as well
Drow male: MR 54%; AC 1; HD 2 (hp 8);
Encounter occurs 1 in 12; check each turn. as to aid merchants and scout for invaders.
THACO 20; SA/SD + 1 to hit strength bo-
Four male fighters are commanded by another
nus; chain + I , buckler + I , shortsword
Western Half Eastern Half of higher level. Eight female fighters are com-
+ 1, dagger + 1, poisoned javelin; XPV manded by another who is mounted on a
1 Drow Patrol, mixed 1 Troglodytes (7-18) 134 each
nightmare and carrying a death lance (see Ap-
2 Drow merchants* 2 Bugbears (2-12) pendix B). If the drow position appears in
3 Gargoyles (2-8) 3 Trolls (2-5) 2. South Gallery
jeopardy, the female commander pulls back so
4 Trolls (2-5) 4 Troglodytes (7-18) This passage is filled with mineral deposits the males can take the attacks, and retreats to
from dripping water, and it is also the home of the northwest to inform her superiors and the
Encounter Details 14 piercers. They are near the middle of the House of Noquar.
place, and 1-3 will drop on each creature pass- Each drow carries a small leather bag or
Drow (patrol or merchants): As described on ing beneath. There is no treasure. pouch containing 1-4 pp per level of experi-
page ##. Equal chances for small, me- ence. The female commander has two 100 gp
dium, or large merchant train. HD hp NumberTHACO Dmg XPV gems in addition to the coins. Hidden on her
person is a small pin of bronze, a nightmares
All bugbears, gargoyles, troglodytes, and 4 19 4 15 4-24 136each
head with Noquarinscribed in drow on the re-
trolls in this chapter are as follows unless oth- 3 13 4 16 3-18 74each
erwise noted: 2 9 3 16 2-12 38each
1 5 3 19 1-6 15 each
Male Fighters (4): MR 54 % ; AC 1; HD 2 (hp 9
Bugbear (Underworld type): AC 3 (ring jack each); THACO 20; chain + I , buckler + 1 ,
3. Glittering Cave
and shield); hp 14 each; Dmg 4-10 (heavy shortsword + 1 , dagger + 1(EI, hand cross-
morning star) or 2-8 (heavy throwing This small cave is only about 8 feet high and bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 136
spear); XPV 191 each its walls have many crystals which cause light each, 544 for all
Gargoyle: hp 22 each; XPV 275 each to reflect and refract. The protruding crystals Male Commander: MR 58%; AC -2; HD 4
Troglodyte: hp 12 each; XPV 60 each have no worth, but there is a scattering of 121 (hp 18); THACO 18; chain + 2 , buckler
Troll: hp 28 each; XPV 749 each crystal gems (worth 10 gp each) in the north- + 2 , shortsword +2, dagger +2, hand
ern quarter of the cave, seemingly pieces crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 312
Areas 1-40 which dropped from the walls. This is bait for Female Fighters (8): MR 56%; AC 0; HD 3
1. Entrance to the Grand Cavern a trapper with no treasure, as the drow re- (hp 15 each); THACO 20; chain + 1, buck-
cently looted it. ler + 1 , shortsword + 1, dagger + 1, atlatl
The terraced ledges lead down to the glis- with 3 poisoned javelins; XPV 235 each,
tening floor of this huge cavern, the ceiling of Trapper: hp 73; XPV 4018 1,880 for all
which drips with stalactites, the floor with Female Commander: MR 62 O h ; AC - 4; HD
stalagmites, and here and there littered with 4. Side Cavern 6 (hp 30); THACO 16; chain +2, buckler
+2, shortsword +2, dagger +2, death
broken stone-detritus and fallen stalactites. This area has a high ceiling (90 feet), and
Thick columns and great masses of rock lance (Dmg 1-6, plus 3-12 from negative
many ledges and shelves along the south, east,
stretch all the way to the roof, with many pro- energy, plus save vs. poison or 1-4 level en-
and north curve of the cavern wall house 15
truding ledges and indented shelves here and ergy drain); XPV 805
gargoyles, who perch at 65 feet to 80 feet
there. This room of the cavern is 200-300 feet Nightmare: hp 32; XPV 856
heights to swoop down on prey and attack
wide, 200 feet long, and 175-250 feet high or from behind. They will pursue northwards,
more. Note the positions indicated by the fol- The males sleep in the southern cave below
where the roof of the gallery is high, but they
lowing letters: area 6, the females in area 6 proper. Each has a
do not go eastwards. They have no treasure.
bedroll of silks, and several boxes of provisions
B (Three positions): Three bugbear sentries in each cave. There a few personal and eating
Gargoyles (15): hp 22 each; XPV 275 each,
with heavy morning stars and two heavy and grooming items with each bedroll. There
4,125 total
throwing spears. If an enemy or intruder is de- are some strange straps (harness) and wooden
tected, two attack while one goes to alert the racks in the males cave (gear for pack lizards),
5. Spur Cavern
others in the cave warrens. and long metal-hooked poles (guiding
A very large purple worm has recently ankuses for the creatures) stand nearby.
Bugbears (3): hp 15 each; XPV 195 each, 585 moved into this place to lay her eggs, rest, and Concealed under the dung and fungus bed-
for all will then leave. There are six eggs in the north- ding of the nightmares stall is a lead-lined
east finger of the cavern, and they will hatch hollow in the stone floor. It has a stone lid
D (Three positions): One Drow Level 2 in 3 turns. The proud mother is resting. There with a secret catch. Inside this cavity are the
Fighter, male. If intruders are identified, the is no treasure inside the worm, but there are following items, with contents as noted:
sentry sighting them casts dancing lights to eight of her castings about the place, and the wooden chest (1,000 sp)
show the location and identity of the crea- sixth contains 11 gems (worth 100 gp each) iron cup (empty)
tures. All are in positions where they can see at and four vials of holy water. 10 leather bags (100 gp each)
least one other sentry, and the others can be belt (100 pp)
thus alerted. The drow making the sighting Purple Worm: hp 118; XPV 7,260 pouch (20 gems worth 100 gp each)
reports to his superiors (area 6) while the other 2 pieces jewelry (worth 5,000 gp each)

ivory case (worth 250 gp, black metal chain denkainen s sword, reverse gravity passages, so they will take the one to the
& medallion with female figures of spider and Eighth Level: Bigbys clenched fist, mon- northeast nearby as soon as the giant slug (area
drow) ster summoning VI, Otto s irresistible 14) moves on.
leather case (4 potions: extra-healing, heal- dance
ing, poison, polymorph selg Ninth Level: power word kill, time stop 10, 32 ghouls with 1-6 gp each.
If the poison is mixed with wine in the iron 11. Four ghasts with 7 gems (100 gp each).
cup, it gives the imbiber total immunity to The entire lair is doubly magical, for in ad-
poison for 6 turns. dition to the permanent illusion, Asberdies 12. Two ghasts with a sack containing 3 pieces
has cast 600 magic mouth spells in various of jewelry (worth 5,000, 3,000, and 1,800
7. Sunken Cave area-walls, floor, ceiling, and on stalactites gp) and 2 tubes. One is a scroll of 3 cleric
and stalagmites too. The hollow where he lies spells (cure light wounds, tongues, conjure
Two narrow flights of stair-like terraces lead
downward about 20 feet to debouch into a low is lined with silks and velvet cloths, but no animals, the last producing 3 brown bears
treasure. Just a few feet northwest is a small with 28 hp each). The other tube contains
ceilinged cave which appears totally dark and
deserted. This is a permanent illusion, for this ledge with a few broken stones. One of these a map showing the northeast passage lead-
place is the lair of a lich. This horrid creature has a hollow spot into which is thrust a folded- ing to the tertiary route leading to area SI
up portable hole. T-17 (not detailed in this module). Draw
normally rests on the ledge at the southern tip
The portable hole contains a jeweled crown this in on the players map.
of the place. It will not bother passers-by, and
will attack only if intruders enter the lair, then (80,000 gp), a gem-set orb (50,000 gp), and a 13. Four ghasts with 300 gp and 18 gems (10
scepter likewise encrusted with precious stones gp each).
directing spells at magic-users and clerics by
(65,000 gp) which were the lichs in life. They
preference. The lich is a 20th level magic-user,
now bear a curse which affects any living crea- Ghasts (10): hp 19 each, XPV 266 each (area
and wears a ring ofprotection + 3 .
ture that takes them. The magic will turn the l l ) , hp 24 each, XPV 286 each (area 12),
Strategy: If the situation permits, it will
individual or individuals into a wight after hp 20 each, XPV 270 each (area 13)
start with ventriloquism, saying to intruders:
L I sickening and dying. The curse can only be re- Ghouls (32): hp 10 each; XPV 85 each
I am an automatic magical warning device.
moved by a cleric of 20th or higher level. (The
This cave is unsafe and may collapse if en-
items radiate both magic and evil.) Also in the 14. Giant Slug
tered. Please leave immediately. It may use
hole are 1,000 gp, 10 garnets (10 gp each), a
repulsion, reverse gravity, and I or limited wish This monster blends into the niche it has
to deter intruders who appear powerful, as it bag of dust of sneezing and choking, a stafirof
found beside the passageway northeast, where
prefers to be undisturbed rather than fight. striking, potion of longevity, scarab ofprotec-
it initially rested to digest a meal and then de-
Monster summoning and invisible stalker are tion from evil clerics, and a scroll of seven
cided to stay because of the excellent food
magic-user spells (knock, tongues, minor
also preferred, to avoid personal melee. It may supply. (The drow will soon get rid of it.) It
erect a wall o f force before it as a shield, and globe o f invulnerability, wall o f ice, stone o f
has no treasure.
use time stop to gather party items (including flesh, charm plants, symbol of fear).
magic-users spell components and clerics Giant Slug: hp 87; XPV 3,392
8. Side Cavern
holy symbols) and either destroy them or hide
them outside the lair. In any event, it prefers This place is similar to cavern 4. It has 15. Hundred-Foot High Shelf
to flee (by dimension door or teleport, invisi- dozens of ledges and shelves 70 feet or more
bly and with its portable hole) rather than Two hieracosphinx are nested here awaiting
above the cavern floor, ahd these places are
fight to the death. the roosts of 23 gargoyles (hp 22 each, XPV the return of their drow mistress and master.
They will not attack unless some creature
275 each, 6,050 total). These creatures greatly
Asberdies the Lich: AL N(E); INT Supra-Gen; comes near them (20 feet or so) and will come
fear the drow, and they will attack no creature
SZ M; MV 6 ; AC 0; HD 20 (hp 66);
to a name command only. They have no trea-
with a drow or wearing drow garb, but they
THACO 7; #AT 1;Dmg 1-10 or by spell; SA will attack any other creatures not so pro- sure, but one has a medallion with a staff of
fear, paralysis touch; SD immune to normal tected. They have no treasure. copper set round with eight perfectly matched
weapons, charm, cold, death magic, elec- emeralds (24,000 gp value) and the name
tricity, enfeeblement , insanity, polymoph, 9. Cavern Stable Eilservs in drow characters engraved on the re-
sleep; XPV 23,256; Spells: verse.
There are six pack lizards tethered here near
First Level: burning hands, charm per-
a mound of fungus fodder. The creatures are Hieracosphinx (2): hp 49, 43; XPV 1,188,
son, magic missile (x2), ventrilo-
for use by merchants in need of their services. 1,116
q uism
Second Level: invisibility, mirror image, They will attack anyone unchaining them un-
less controlled by means of a hooked goad 16-18. Troll Caves
ray o f enfeeblement, web (x2)
Third Level: dispel magic, fireball, f l ~ (which they recognize as the sign of master- The stench of these caves is noticeable from
ship over them).
lightning bolt, phantasmal force 10 feet outside each cave. These places are
Fourth Level: charm monster, confusion, filled with a noisome mess of rotting carcasses,
dimension door, fumble, polymorph Pack Lizards (6): hp 33 each; XPV 489 each,
2,934 for all bones, sticks, excrement, pelts, etc. The trolls
other dwelling in these areas have moved all of their
Fifth Level: cloudkill, cone o f cold, hold treasure to the tribe leaders lair at 32.
10-13. Complex of Low Caves
monster, teleport, wall o f force The trolls will move to support each other,
Sixth Level: flesh to stone, globe o f in- This is the temporary residence of a pack of the troglodytes, or the bugbears if they be-
vulnera bility, invisible stalker, repul- 10 ghasts and 32 ghouls who are on their way come aware of attack through information,
sion northwest to serve the drow. They do not wish noise, etc.
Seventh Level: limited wish, Mor- to follow the broad and well-tracked primary

16. 10 Trolls: hp 29, XPV 757 each 26. Additional Bugbear Warren axe (THACO 16, Dmg 1-8); XPV 56 each,
17. 16 Trolls: hp 30, XPV 773 each 2,016 for all 36
Twelve bugbears inhabit this area. Each has
18. 18 Trolls: hp 31, XPV 789 each
15 gP* 29. Gen Leaders
19-23. Cave Warren Four large trogs are lodged in the forepart
Bugbears (12): hp 15; XPV 195 each
This complex of caves and connecting pas- of the area, while two huge ones (the elders)
sages serves as the lair of a large tribe of bug- 27. Sub-chiefs Cave are housed in the northernmost portion of the
bears who are in indirect service to the drow. gallery. Each leader wears a small medallion of
They have been equipped with ring mail Ruddug is the third in command in the gold hammered into a likeness of a human
jacks, large shields, and heavy, well-made bugbear camp, and is nearly as large as the skull (worth 20 gp). The 2 elders have small
morning stars ( +2 damage bonus) by their chief. He gains a bonus to damage. With him rough gems (worth 10 gp each) set into their
Dark Elf masters. All details below are per are two personal guards who are nearly as devices. On the shelf at the back of their area
bugbear. strong. Ruddug likes cloth, so his quarters are is a human skull sheathed in gold (worth 230
a mess of piles, bolts, and bales of such mate- gp) with two huge garnets (worth 2,000 gp
19. 8 bugbears: hp 15, XPV 195 each; 11 gp rial. Hidden on a high ledge behind a stone is each) set in the eye holes. There are also four
each a bag with 450 sp, 130 gp, 18 pp, and 7 gems sheaves of javelins here, 48 in all.
20. 8 bugbears: hp 16, XPV 199 each; 14 gp worth 50 gp each.
each Large leader trogs (4): hp 17 each; THACO 16;
21. 8 bugbears: hp 17, XPV 203 each; 12 gp Ruddug, Bugbear Leader: AC 1 (chain, large metal bardiche (Dmg 2-8); XPV 116 each,
each shield); HD 4 (hp 25); THACO 15; Dmg 5- 464 for all
22. 12 bugbears: hp 18, XPV 207 each, 19 gp 11 (heavy morning star); XPV 235 Huge elder trogs (2): hp 22 each: THACO 15;
each Ruddugs Bugbear Guards (2): AC 2 (scale metal bardiche (Dmg 2-8); XPV 198 each
23. 14 bugbears: hp 16, XPV 199 each; 13 gp jack, large shield); HD 4 (hp 22 each);
each THACO 15; Dmg 5-11 (heavy morning 30. Communal Cave
star); XPV 223 each This place is normally empty of activity ex-
24. Huge Cave cept during tribal feasts, councils, or when the
28-30 Troglodyte Caves males gather to attack. There are eight imma-
This is the den of 45 female bugbears and
62 young. There are 10 males here to guard These areas designate the warrens of the ture females here at all times to tend the area.
the females and offspring. Amid the litter of troglodytes. (See also Areas 36-38) Here the
bedding, food scraps, and junk is a chest with tunnel ceilings are only about 6 feet high, and Young female trogs (8): hp 6 each, XPV 13
683 cp, 397 sp, and 155 gp. The females and the caves themselves not much more spacious. each, 104 total
young will not fight unless in a life and death All of these trogs are one tribe, and they work
situation. Bugbear males are equipped as de- in cooperation with the trolls and bugbears. 3 1. Eastern Cavern
scribed at the beginning of this chapter. The cooperation is demanded by the Dark This portion of the great cavern is filled
Elves, of course, but the inhabitants of the with fungi patches which the troglodytes
Bugbear Females (45): hp 9; XPV 62 each place have found that they are all prospering tend. The fungi supplies much of the food for
Bugbear Young (62): hp 3; XPV 14 each through mutual aid, so that they now come the creatures which inhabit the place. There
willingly to each others assistance. Nearly are narrow paths wending between these
25. Chiefs Den everything used by the trogs is made of stone fields of mushrooms and other strange and gi-
or fashioned from bone. They have a few pos- gantic growths. (The fungi are fed with the
Grubblik the chief is a huge creature who sessions of wood, leather, or cloth, but such
attacks as a 4 die monster. With him is his son refuse and offal, and the place is less than fra-
items are rare. Troglodyte stats are as noted at grant.) A dim light from many of the phos-
Bruzblid who is a leader. Grubblik gains a + 4 the beginning of this chapter, with the hit
damage bonus in combat; Bruzblid gains + 3. phorescent lichen growths reveals the strange
points and any exceptions noted in the areas shapes and blotched colors of the fungi, and
They have two females of large size who fight themselves.
as males and are similarly equipped (hp 14 flame will show the colors as whites, grays, yel-
each). Their treasure is in a large iron box with lows, tans, browns, reds , oranges , pinks,
T. Unit Den: Each unit den holds a small mauves , and violets.
a lock (Bruzblid has the key). Inside are 3,000 amount of troglodyte goods-valueless
gp, one piece of jewelry worth 6,000 gp, and a S positions indicate 1-4 shriekers
junk piled into a nest, and no treasure- V positions indicate 1-4 violet fungi
poisonous spider which he feeds so to keep it and a male, female, and two hatchling
there to bite anyone who places a hand inside Beneath the underlined patch of violet fungi
trogs. The male has a stone club.
the lid. Saving throw is at + 2, but damage is (V) is hidden a 10,000 gp gem and a jug ofaf-
5-20 due to sickness from the spiders poison. chemy
Adult male trog: hp 11, XPV 58
Adult female trog: hp 7, XPV 42 32-35. Trolls Den
Grubblik, Chief of the Bugbears: AC 1 (chain Hatchling troglodytes (2): hp 5, 2, XPV 12, 9
shirt and large shield); HD 4 (hp 30); The trolls live in relative peace with the
THACO 15; Dmg 6-12 (heavy morning 28. Long Cave bugbears and trogs, as explained previously.
star); XPV 280 They are rewarded with food and wealth by
Bruzblid, Son of Grubblik: AC 2 (chain A trog gen of 36 young males is quartered the drow, and the cooperation with the other
shirt); HD 4 (hp 24); THACO 15; Dmg 5- here. They have no treasure. inhabitants of the cavern has caused them to
11 (heavy morning star); XPV 23 1 prosper greatly.
Trog males (36): hp 10; metal-tipped javelin
(THACO 13, Dmg 2-8) and metal battle

32. Chiefs Den 36. Guards' Quarters chief, for they have a strange mutual liking
and communicate with each other. In the
The tribal chief and five lesser trolls dwell Four trogs of large size are here. They relay
southeastern spur (at B) is a shelf of rock upon
here. All are stronger than average. At the information to areas 37 and 38.
which rests a huge flail which the chief uses
back of the cave is a natural hollow which is
Large trogs (4): HD 3; hp 17 each; metal- when mounted. When he wields this weapon
used as the repository for the tribal wealth: tipped javelin (THACO 13, Dmg 2-8) and he has bonuses of + 2 and + 3 to hit and to
1,300 cp, 789 sp, 2,011 gp, 54 pp, 38 garnets metal battle axe (THACO 16, Dmg 1-8); damage, respectively, but only he can so em-
(10 gp each), 14 pieces of jewelry (1,000 gp XPV 116 each, 464 total ploy it to this effect. There is no treasure with
each), a potion o f healing, and a bronze these creatures. If they are slain the chief will
statuette-an idol of some weird shark god go absolutely mad with rage.
37. Guards' Quarters
(Sekolah, venerated by the Sahaguin), which Four additional large trogs are located here.
is inlaid with ivory, coral, and pearls (worth Wyverns (2): hp 49, 41; XPV 1,415, 1,335
9,500 gp intact, 5,500 gp for parts). This lat- Large trogs (4): HD 3; hp 16 each; metal-
ter object has an undetected secret compart- tipped javelin (THACO 13, Dmg 2-8) and 40. Magic Pool
ment in the head portion, and therein rest a metal battle axe (THACO 16, Dmg 1-8);
This body of clear water has absolutely no
pair of lenses. These crystal devices do not give XPV 113 each, 452 total
effect upon creatures who drink from it. In
off any dweomer, for they are not magical,
fact, it is often used as a watering place by ca-
and the wearer will detect nothing when look- 38. Trog Chiefs Lair
vern inhabitants, although they also use the
ing through them unless he or she is in the
This huge old trog has a bastard sword +2 stream that feeds it and other small collection
Vault of the Drow (Chapter 12).
(no special abilities) and four metal-tipped pools here and there throughout the cavern.
javelins. Two of the latter are normal, but G o Furthermore, the pool does-not speak or oth-
chief: hp 49; Dmg 7-10/7-10/4- are javelins o f lightning; the chief isn't aware erwise communicate in any manner. It is quite
14; XPV 917
of the difference. Amidst the litter in the broad, and some 8 feet deep (about 2-foot
(5): hp 40 each; Dmg 6-9/6-9/ place are 27 gems (worth 100 gp each), a sack contour) at its center. At this spot rest 89 gems
3-13; XPV 845 each, 4,225 for all with 12 ingots (10 pounds each, five silver, six worth 10 gp each. They are covered with a
gold, one platinum), and one piece of plati- light layer of sand. If any of these gems are re-
33-35' In and around these lairs' their num jewelry set with 12 gems (value 7,500 gp moved from the pool for more than 1 turn,
rank Odor is masked by the pungent reek Of intact, gem value 4,600 gp). Hidden in a they will turn a like number of gems within a
small cranny are four potions ofplant control. Wfoot radius into stones of 1 gp value
(quartz crystals). On the other hand, if an in-
33. 8 trolls: hp 28 each; XPV 749 each Trog chief: HD 6; hp 39; THACO 13 (9 with
dividual tosses 1-4 gems into the pool, he or
34. 10 trolls: hp 31 each; XPV 773 each sword, with javelin); Dmg 4-10 (bastard
will find that a like number ofgems in his
35. 10 trolls: hp 26 each; XPV 733 each sword + 2 ) or 2-8 (javelin) or 1-6 + 20
or her possession are of better quality (flaws
electricity (javelin o f lightning); XPV 534
are cleared, so those gems are automatically
36-38. Additional Troglodyte Warren
one category higher). As the effect is more
39. Side Gallery
T. Unit Den: Each of these places exactly du- likely to cause 10 gp- _ gems
- to become 50s, or
plicates those noted befoie, i.e. one male, Stabled here (at A) on chain tethers are two 50 gp gems to become lOOs, the drow mer-
one female, and two hatchling trogs with wyverns which the trog chief (#38) has raised chant who knows the secret of this pool usu-
no treasure. from the time they hatched from eggs taken ally tosses only 10 gp gems into it. The pool
by him. He rides the larger one into battle radiates a dim dweomer, but the gems which
while the other fights along beside its sibling. are in it do not give off any magical aura.
They will obey and follow the troglodyte
Use the Random Encounter tables noted in his attention. He will come forth and offer in than one 100 gp gem per deep gnome, and
Chapter 6 for encounters between the warrens the common speech of the underworld (unde- agree to going halfies on any others taken,
of the cave-dwellers and the shrine of the kuo- rcommon) to take the party across for the the Svirfnebli will certainly agree to accom-
toans. There are in addition two encounter ar- proper fee each. Each time he repeats this of- pany the party to the shrine cavern.
eas along this route. fer (and it will not be understood by the party The deep gnomes hate the kuo-toa people
When a random or pre-set encounter oc- without magical aid or an interpreter), he has as much as they despise the drow, and this
curs, use the special encounter piece included a 10% cumulative chance of going berserk group has spied upon the shrine, for they are
especially for the purpose-the sample pass- and attacking. prospecting in the area. As they have just
ageway sections or the encounter pieces as ap- When Thoopshib sculls the barge, it will taken the last gems from a vein here, they are
propriate. Note that encountered monsters take him only 6 rounds to travel directly across willing to get others from their enemies. Nat-
will act /react with intelligence and organiza- to moor the barge in the opposite bank cove. urally, the small fighters know the passages
tion commensurate with their mentality and If others scull the craft, it will take twice that well, and they have small secret passages
social development. This is especially applica- long, they will move diagonally downstream, which allow them to spy upon the shrine from
ble with respect to the ancient race of kuo-toa and there will be no possibility of mooring the high on the walls or from above.
people, who have a highly structured and barge, so it will be carried off downstream by Trosli Garnetgetter is of a very respected no-
complex society within their shrine area. the current after disembarkation. If ble gnomish family. He has an ability nor-
Where the main passage nears the shrine Thoopshib is somehow forced to take a party mally possible only to deep gnomes of higher
chamber, they way becomes quite well-lit for a across, he will leap into the Svartjet in mid- level; that is, he is able to call a creature from
subterranean tunnel, with many growths of stream, taking the sculling oar with him, and the Elemental Plane of Earth once per day to
phosphorescent lichen growing along walls seek his giant gar friend. The barge will be car- serve or otherwise aid him, but this Trosli is
and ceilings, shedding a dim but constant ried downstream at a rate of 9 miles per hour. loath to do, for he must pay the elemental
light. There is a 70% chance that the vessel will creature in fine gems. The creature answering
ground at hex B2-24, but failing that it will the call is determined at random using the fol-
Encounter Area W-27 continue at an average speed of 5 miles per lowing table :
hour all the way to the Sunless Sea. Travel up-
Use encounter piece IV for the crossing of
river in the barge is impossible. It is not possi- Id20 Result
the Svartjet River. The surface is very smooth
ble to walk along the riverside.
here, as the channel is over 80 feet deep. On 1 24 HD earth elemental
One of the side caves serves Thoopshib as a
the far bank, in the cove shown, is moored an 2-7 16 HD earth elemental
8 x 14 barge with a sculling oar. This barge is
home. He has a large pile of dried seaweed to
8-12 12 HD earth elemental
sleep on, various shell and stone containers
operated by Thoopshib, a kuo-toan of great 13-16 8 HD earth elemental
and utensils, and odds and ends of worthless
size and strength. 17-19 xorn
gear are around the place. He has found a nat-
Thoobshib is a rogue monitor with 18 dex- 20 summons fails
ural pot in the floor, however, and a stalag-
terity and 18/00 strength. He is quite chaotic
mite thrust into the mouth of this opening
and a bit insane. He is a 13th level for pur- Each of the Svirfnebli has a small tablet
appears to be quite natural. Beneath this stop-
poses of attack and saving throws, and attacks compounded of special minerals which restore
per he has sequestered 1,420 gp, 691 pp, 77
4 times per round, always to kill. Thoopshib 4 hit points, while their leader has a full dozen
may be unbalanced, but he is very sly. Nor- gems worth 10 gp each, two porions of extra-
extra of these curatives. Trosli Garnetgetter
healing, a black metal medallion with a spider
mally, any creature acquainted with his service also has a pouch containing six large stones
relief on one side and the head of a female
will whistle or call for service, pay a fee of 1 pp which shatter and release an obscuring gas
drow on the other, a poisonous cloak, and a
(or its equivalent), and be ferried across. The (15 diameter cloud, 10 feet high) when
gold sphere (a 9-die fireball from a necklace of
solitary kuo-toan does not care who or what he smashed by hurling against a hard surface, as
transports. well as four yellowish rocks which release poi-
If the barge is threatened or attacked, he son gas in a similar cloud when smashed.
will leap into the Svartjet and summon his
Encounter Area A2-31 Each of these deep gnomes has double the
only companion, a giant gar over 30 feet long. Use encounter piece V when this area is number of gems usual to their kind, i.e. 10-40
The gar stays just upstream from the crossing reached. Describe the multitude of openings worth 10 gp each.
area, and if it is urged on by Thoopshib, it has available to the party, and indicate that this
a 1 5 % /round chance of upsetting the barge. area is faintly lit by the glowing lichens and Svirfnebli, 3rd level (5): MR 20%; AC 2; hp
The gar will bite damage 80% of the time phosphorescent streaks of mineral in the walls 20 each; 7 gas darts; XPV 305 each, 1,525
anyone is in the water there, 25% if the char- of the passageway. They will nor see any crea- for all
acter is walking on the water, though only tures or hear any noise, but there are eight Svirfnebli, 4th level (2): MR 25%; AC 1; hp
10% if levitating or flying up to 20 feet above svirfnebli watching them from hiding. 25 each; 3 acid darts; XPV 430 Each, 860 for
the water (the maximum height of its leap). There are five 3rd level deep gnome fight- both
ers, two 4th level deep gnome fighters, and Svirfneblin leader Trosli Garnetgetter: Level
Thoopshib, Kuo-Toan Monitor: HD 13 (hp one 5th level leader, named Trosli Garnetget- 5 Fighter; MR 30 % ;AC 0 ; hp 30; 3 acid darts,
90); THACO 6; #AT 4; Dmg 4-10/4-10/2- ter. If the party stops and searches the area (or 6 stones of obscuring gas, 4 stones of poison
512-5; SA/SD see special notes; XPV calls out in friendly terms), the Svirfnebil gas; XPV 585
6,520 leader will show himself and offer the peace
Koronnah, Giant Gar: hp 65; XPV 1,200 sign, recognizing the party as creatures from
the upper world. He will converse in sign lan-
The noise of the river will mask normal guage, or speak normally if some magical
sounds from the hearing of the kuo-toan, but means of communication or understanding is
bright light in the cavern will certainly attract available. If the adventurers offer not fewer

Wandering Monsters above, but the soldiers therein are female venturers will see that the space to the north is
kuo-toans. Each of these two areas houses 16 a great sunken area, and if they proceed closer
Encounter occurs 1 in 12; check each turn.
females armed with dagger and short bow. they will observe it is an arena or pool filled
There are two 3rd level sergeants in command with transluscent green water and surrounded
Western Half of the Shrine (ld8) of each barracks, armed with shield, dawer. bv six tiers of stone benches. the whole form-

1. Drow Merchants, small train and spear. ing a square around a raised stone platform in
2. Kuo-Toan Guards the middle of the 25-foot-deep depression
3. Drow Merchants, large train Kuo-Toan females (16): HD 2; hp 10 each; (actually 30 feet deep with 5 feet of water in
4. Kuo-Toan Monitor XPV 56 each, 896 for all it). Northeast and northwest will be seen
5. Drow Merchants, medium train Kuo-Toan sergeants (2): HD 3; hp 15 each; stone block walls with one arched entry on
6. Kuo-Toan Pilgrims XPV 110 each each side and many narrow (1 wide x 3high)
7. Kuo-Taon Priests slits piercing them at about 20 feet above floor
8. Drow merchants, small train C. Common Room level. The whole area is auiet. but there is a
- definite feeling that there are other creatures
These are areas specially set aside for pil-
Eastern Half of the Shrine (ld6) about, hostile creatures, alien things.
grims to meet, have meals, read, etc. There
At this point any intelligent creature ob-
1. Kuo-Toan Pilgrims are a number of tables, benches and stools in
serving the party will ignore it. This is a place
2. Kuo-Toan Priests each such room (2-6 of each). There are words
where traffic is not uncommon, and those en-
2. Kuo-Toan Monitors of praise to Sea Mother painted on the walls
tering are permitted to approach the shrine
4. Kuo-Toan Pilgrims and religious tracts on tables. There will be
and make obeisance to the Sea Monster, ob-
5. Kuo-Toan Guxds from 1-8 kuo-toan pilgrims in a common
tain the required passes, and move on. (See
6. Kuo-Toan Pilgrims room at any given time.
area 3) The shrine community is organized
only with respect to its guards and hierarchy,
For kuo-toan guards, use the following Kuo-Toan pilgrims (1-8): HD 2; hp 12 each;
not its pilgrims or passersby.
group composition. XPV 60 each
8 Warriors (2nd level fighter)
2. Ramp and Stairs
1 Sub-Leader (3rd level fighter) M. Monitor Position
1 Leader (4th level fighter) The ramp leads to a flight of broad steps
The Kuo-Toan at these positions is an al-
which give into the pool of water surrounding
ways alert monk-like fighter who guards the
Encounter Key area and assures peace and tranquility for wor-
the idol. From this position it will be evident
that the seats of the arena will hold about
A. Pilgrim Apartment shippers at the shrine.
2,000 creatures of approximately human size.
From three to six of the kuo-toa will be The depth of water in the pool cannot be de-
Kuo-Toan Monitor: HD 7 (hp 56); THACO
found in each apartment. If five or six are in- termined due to its transluscent quality. The
13; XPV 1,098
dicated, one is female. All are simple 2nd 20-foot-tall idol atop the dais can be seen as
level creatures and unarmed (though they stone. Although the rising tiers of the pyra-
1. Entrance to the Low Cavity
may bite if threatened!). The sparsely fur- mid obstruct vision northward, it can be ob-
nished chamber will have mounds of seaweed The party is met by a chilling scene when served that there is some sort of opening in the
on wooden sleeping pallets, a rough bench, a first they step far enough northwest to view northern wall of the place.
small table and several stools. Walls are about the dimly lit space ahead. Greenish phospho- When the party descends to the place where
1 l / z feet thick, doors are of (precious here) rescence from lichens, coupled with a grayish the water meets the steps, they will have to
wood with iron bindings. Each pilgrim will luminosity from slug-like creatures as large as measure with a pole of some sort, or actually
have 2-8 ep and pp each. a mans fist which crawl everywhere (walls, enter the water, to find its depth. If the party
ceilings, floors) give the area an undersea ap- stays on a direct route to area 3, the steps lead-
Kuo-Toa (3-6): HD 2, hp 12 (male) or 10 (fe- pearance, and a strange salt tang is in the air to ing up to the first tier of the pyramid, they
male); XPV 60 (Male), 56 (Female) enhance this impression. Directly to the north will be safe, but there are dozens and dozens
the adventurers will see a huge dark green of leeches elsewhere in the pool, and these will
B. Barracks creature, rather like a giant lobster-headed attack any warm-blooded creature at a rate of
woman, with one pincer raised and the right 1-4 attacks per 10 feet traveled. All are small
Each barracks chamber holds the number of
extended ahead and open. This stone idol is for their kind, having only 1 hit die, but they
troops shown in parentheses after the B. These
detailed at location 4. The walls and pave- are very hungry. Of course the kuo-toans can
are special shrine guards (hp 12 each), com- ment of this place are well-made, but very pass amongst these creatures without being
manded by a sergeant of 4th level (hp 28). worn. Obviously, this area is old. It feels alien
The arms used are: molested.
and foreboding. The shape of the stones and
50% with dagger, spear, and shield
the illumination of the area are wrong to any Leeches: hp 2 each; XPV 16 each
50% with dagger, net, and spear
creatures from the upper world, particularly
leaders have dagger and harpoon
warm-blooded ones. A glance left and right 3. Steps of the Ziggurat
will reveal the archway to the west and the 20-
Kuo-Toa guard: HD 2; hp 12 each; XPV 60 If the group reaches this point they will be
foot-wide, 40-foot-high opening leading east.
each able to see low altar stones with shells upon
As the group proceeds further into the area,
Kuo-Toa sergeant: HD 4; hp 28; XPV 222 them. There are 2 such containers on the first
they will note the stairs up to the west and the
tier of the ziggurat, and other pairs on each
slits in the east wall of the entranceway. The
BF. Barracks, Female successively higher altar. Each tier of the pyra-
bend of the eastern corridor will be noticed if
mid is 12 feet high, and the steps are steep.
These correspond to the barracks noted the area is observed. Looking ahead, the ad-

These steps must be ascended by all creatures 8 feet above the floor of the tier. ual and temporal ruler, the Priest-Prince Va-
passing through, so that homage can be paid The idol will not move or come to life, but Guulgh. Upon the steps of the palace are
to the Goddess, an offering paid, and passage it is possible to be gated to her court on the El- posted eight soldiers and two leaders, exactly
continued elsewhere. Groups coming in from emental Plane of Water. Blibdoolpoolps as in area 5. A herald is here as well, armed as
other tunnels are held in waiting areas while name is carved into the base of the statue in the leaders and bearing a shell horn upon
appointed representatives perform the neces- kuo-toan characters. If the extended left claw which an alarm is blown if the area is under at-
sary obeisance. is grasped while the individual stands upon tack. This alerts positions 5 , 30, 32, and the
the altar, and her name is pronounced cor- barracks 60 immediately southwest. Other
First Altar: This block of white stone tinged rectly, the creature is immediately transported positions can hear the alarm, but it must be
with green splotches is relatively small to deep waters of the plane where Sea Mother sounded a second time to alert ALL soldiers to
(2x2x4long) and has two ordinary-looking holds court. (If the individual cannot breathe come to the palace. If it is blown a third time,
basin-sized sea shells atop it. On the left is one water, he, she, or it is immediately in Blib- all kuo-toans in the shrine cavern will then
filled with 337 gold pieces; on the right is a doolpoolps debt for having the goddess save come to battle with the enemy.
shell filled with fresh water and snail shells. the individual from drowning by magic spell.) The ancient facade of the palace is carved
(Pay 1 gp per person-excluding slaves and The individual coming before Sea Mother from living rock. Upon it are pillars and
lowly servants, of course-and take a snail must offer the goddess 10,000-60,000 gp in columns, hewn so as to give the place an im-
shell pass for each, and present them to the pearls, or double that amount in other gems, posing aura. Upon its walls are bas-relief fig-
guards as usual.) or risk the wrath of Blibdoolpoolp. She will ures of all sorts of sea creatures and kuo-toans
grant a small favor to the individual making carved so as to present the appearance of com-
Second Altar: This stone block is blue and an offering, and then return the individual to ing towards the entrance of the palace. Crab-
twice as large as the one below it. It holds two the altar before her idol. Those without offer- like creatures with kuo-toan heads are carved
beautiful shells with silver chasing upon their ings are geased not to harm, cause to be into the stone near the doorway, the stony
edges and ridges. Upon the left the shell basin harmed, or aid in the harming of any worship- gaze of these weird sentinels appearing to fall
is filled with brackish water and crab claws, pers of Sea Mother. They must further con- upon all who ascend the steps.
the one on the right contains 71 pp and 18 tribute 60,000 gp value in gems to the shrine Four of the troops have shield, dagger, and
gems of 10 gp value each. Worshippers of the (or bring a number of drow whose combined spear; four have dagger, net, and spear. The
kuo-toan goddess go here and pay for a crab levels totals 600; Blibdoolpoolp hates the dark leaders and herald have dagger and harpoon.
claw pass. The guards will accord friendly elves, but cannot oppose their patroness and
treatment and escort for 1 mile to such per- other helpers directly!). The individuals are Kuo-Toan guards (8): HD 2 ; hp 12 each; XPV
sons, but they must know the secret sign/ then returned to the altar, with the ability to 60 each, 480 for all
countersign of worshippers of Sea Mother speak Kuo-Toan and marked secretly so that Kuo-Toan leaders (2): HD 3 (hp 18)XPV 119,
(fore- and middle fingers raised as a V as all kuo-toans will recognize one in the service HD 4 (hp 28);XPV 222 each
the claw of Sea Mother, the same sign from the of Blibdoolpoolp. Kuo-Toan herald: HD 6 (hp 42);XPV 552
left, with fingers pointing ahead as the For more information on the Sea Mother,
counter), with the utterance of Sea Mothers check her entry in the LEGENDS & LORE TU- 7. Throne Room of Va-Guulgh
true name (Blipdoolpoolp, pronounced Blib- lebook.
Immediately to the north of the arched en-
trance to the throne room is a low dais with a
Note: From the upper tier of the ziggurat
shell throne upon it. The throne is a strange
Third Altar: This green stone is 3x3x6 long the guards at area 5 can be distinguished.
chair carved of white coral set about with rare
and holds two gold inlayed shells with insides
shells and sculptings in ornamental stone of
of mother of pearl. The shell on the left holds 5. Guard Post
octopi, crabs, eels, and fish. There are 3 2
salt water and live lobsters, the one on the
There is a squad of soldiers here, eight lesser light-colored pearls (100 gp each) and 16 of
right contains 24 white pearls (100 gp each)
ones and two leaders. Five face to the north, darker color (500gp each) set as eyes for these
and 16 black pearls (500gp each). Supplicants
five to the south. They are here to check and sculptures, and there are four figures or crabs
for a special favor from the Sea Mother take a
regain tokens of homage to Sea Monster from fashioned from precious red coral (worth
lobster to the pool at area 15, and place it those who pass through the shrine cavern. 6,000 gp each) which can be pried from the
prayerfully there. Any other use of an offering
Those without passes are netted, subdued, settings of the throne.
is sacrilege! A gem or pearl is offered up when
and taken to location 9 (slave pens) for incar- Flanking the throne are a pair of malachite
the lobster is taken. Approach to the tier
ceration and eventual sacrifice. If the soldiers statues 7 feet tall, each resting on a pedestal 3
should only be made by means of the north
are threatened, they will attempt to alert loca- feet high-copies of the idol of Sea Mother in
ramp; if any other mode of approach is ob-
tion 6. (Corporal of the guard, post number the shrine area. They have no value And hide
served, the kuo-toans will regard the action as
5!). Four of the troopers have shield, dag- nothing. Each, however, radiates a faint
defilement of the shrine and react accordingly,
ger, and spear; four have dagger, net, and dweomer, as Blibdoolpoolp uses them to view
i.e. a full-scale alarm and attack.
spear. The leaders have dagger and harpoon. what happens in the chamber. (There is a
4. Idol of Bilbdoolpoolp, Sea Mother 50% chance that she will do so on any given
Kuo-Toan guards (8): HD 2 ; hp 12 each; XPV turn.)
Upon the summit of the ziggurat stands a 60 each, 480 for all The floor of the palace is of polished ser-
malachite statue 20 feet tall. It appears to be a Kuo-Toan leaders (2): HD 3 (hp 18, XPV pentine, and the six pillars in the chamber are
nude human female body, with articulated 119), HD 4 (hp 28);XPV 222 each carved of white marble in the form of water
shell covering the shoulders, and a lobster spouts. The whole place is alive with a shifting
head and claws in place of the expected hu- 6 . Palace of the Priest-Prince green luminosity from the glowing green and
man head and arms. The right claw is open gold ceiling overhead.
The entire north wall at this location is
and raised, the left is open and held out about The throne room is guarded by six cleric/
taken up by the palace of the kuo-toan spirit-
assassins, one before each pillar. Each is armed magic, prayer pallet of seaweed will be found 1-100 each of
with dagger, harpoon, and garrote. They will Fourth Level: cause serious wounds, sp, gp, and pp plus 2-12 gems worth 50 gp
attack any intruder in the most effective man- tongues each. The four rooms to the west and south are
ner. Fifth Level: plane shift, true seeing storage chambers for food, seaweed, and vari-
ous worthless items. There are, however, two
Kuo-Toan Chief Whips (6): Level 6/6 Cleric/ If given the chance, Va-Guulgh will flee large casks of brandy which have no great
Assassins; hp 42; THACO 18; SA/SD see through the secret door to the western secret value, but if they are sampled there is a 10%
special notes; XPV 2404 each, 14,424 for room if threatened by powerful antagonists. chance per individual drinking that too much
all; Spells: Otherwise, he will attempt to seek safety in will be imbibed, thus causing the individual
First Level: cure light wounds, darkness, the bottom of the pool, where various fish, to become noisy and clumsy ( - 2 on dexterity
fear shellfish, crabs, turtles, and other creatures in all attacks).
Second Level: varies by cleric, as follows. will obey his commands to obscure his move-
3 clerics: hold person, chant, detect ments and hinder the passage of any enemies. 9. Passage to the Slave Quarters
charm (There are several large clams which can hold a
The worn stones along this tunnel indicate
2 clerics: hold person, know alignment, limb with strength of 18/01). If this fails, he it has seen the passage of countless score of
resist fire will either go down to the rooms in the lower feet. The kuo-toans keep their numerous
1 cleric: hold person, know alignment, area or fight to the death.
slaves penned below. The stairs lead down
silence 15 radius
into a guard room where four troops and their
Third Level: blindness, dispel magic Secret Room: This small area is known only to
leader (who carries the keys to all of the doors
the ruler of the place. The door has an iron
in the slave area) are on duty. This area, like
The eastern archway leads to a private audi- bar, and Va-Guulgh will use it to secure the
those above, is well lit by underworld stand-
ence chamber and council room. It has an up- door from any chasing him. He will then pro-
ards. All doors are of bronze and iron.
per balcony which extends along three sides of ceed to equip himself with a pair of boots of
The troops have dagger, net, and spear. The
the place. There is a long stone table, a throne speed, a charged ring ofprotection + 3 (which
leader has dagger and harpoon.
chair, and six smaller stone chairs in the cen- has 6 charges for saving throw purposes before
ter. There is nothing of value, although the it is finally drained and useless), and a trident
Kuo-Toan guards (4):HD 2; hp 12 each; XPV
wall murals of undersea scenes, inlaid in bits o f submission. There is also a pouch of 20 60 each, 240 for all
of colored stone, appear valuable to those not black pearls (500 gp each) there, which he will Kuo-Toan serjeant: HD 4; hp 28; XPV 222
able to determine the worth of the minerals attach to his harness. If the priest-prince con-
used to form them. In other respects this place ceives the situation to be hopeless, he will
To the east and west of the guard room are
is much the same as the throne room. abandon the shrine entirely, making for the
two general slave barracks rooms of 20 x 70
Svarjet or Pitchy Flow with all haste to alert
size. The western room holds three gnolls, one
8. Private Wing the main community of kuo-toa people of the
half-orc, two hobgoblins, two lizardmen,
dire events at the shrine. If the situation can
The western wing of the palace is given over nine orcs, and eight troglodytes. The eastern
be recovered, he will attempt to rally his
to the personal pool of Va-Guulgh, and it is chamber contains two dwarves, three
troops and counterattack.
here that he entertains honored and impor- Svirfnebli, and 2 1 humans (one of whom is a
tant guests. All the area is of green stone- 7th level paladin, Ratenef).
Lower Area: The stairs to the south lead west-
serpentine, malachite and azurite, carved so All slaves are fairly well acquainted with the
wards to a lower complex of rooms, each se-
that they go from green to blue in their upper normal parts of the shrine cavern, especially
cured by a very thick wooden door with iron
parts. The waters of the pool are of translus- the orcs and deep gnomes. Freed slaves will
bindings (these rooms are shown by the
cent green, and here it is likely that the priest- happily kill kuo-toans; whether or not they
dashed lines beneath area 32).
prince will be deporting (unless an alarm has will help liberators directly is a function of
The two rooms to the south and east are
been sounded). alignment and treatment as well as initial re-
those of the priest-prince. He has various
There are two 4th level fighters, one to ei- action.
items of furnishing there, including a couch,
ther side of the pool, who guard the ruler.
four chairs, two large tables, a small table, two
Each has 26 hit points, but neither is armed. Ratenef: AL LG; Level 7 Paladin; MV 9 ; AC
benches, and a large cabinet in which are sev-
They will give warning of any intruder. Va- 9; hp 60; THACO 16; #AT 312; Dmg 0
eral special ceremonial robes embroidered
Guulgh wears only a harness with a dagger, (unarmed, but partial to two-handed
with shells and sewn with seed pearls (value 3
and is a Level l o / 10 cleric/assassin. swords); XPV 955
x 1,000 gp, 1,600 gp, and 2,750 gp respec-
S 17 I14 W 16 D 17 Co 17 Ch 15
tively). In the far chamber is a chest with his
Kuo-Toan Guard: HD 4; hp 26; unarmed;
XPV 222 personal arms, a shield, a spear, and a man-
The corridor north leads to a dozen small 11
trap. In a secret compartment within a shell
Va-Guulgh the Mighty, Priest-Prince of the cells. In the first pair are two bugbears each,
ewer of no particular value are hidden three
Kuo-Toa: Level 10/ 10 Cleric/Assassin; hp the next pair is empty, there are two trolls in
pairs of rose quarts lenses (these cusps are of
90; THACO 12; #AT 2 ; Dmg 2-5 each (dag- the next two, and again two empty cells, then
ger, bite); SA/SD see special notes; XPV use to those who adventure in the drow vault
a drow merchant of the puffball clan (with the
area Chapter 12) and two brooch-like pins,
15,250; Spells: clan pin hidden inside his boot-an enameled
one a pair of silver daggers inscribed Everhate,
First Level: command, cure light tan brooch shaped like a puffball mushroom,
the other an adamantium miniature of a mace
wounds, detect magic, protection useful in dealing with the drow), chained to
with Despana written in drow runes thereon.
from evil, protection from good the wall, and in the last cell is a pair of ghasts.
Second Level: hold person, resist fire, si- The six small rooms (about 10x 15) are the
Empty cells usually contain filthy seaweed
lence 15 radius, spiritual hammer cells of the personal attendants of the ruler,
bedding and some scattered and gnawed
Third Level: continual darkness, dispel the 6th / 6th level cleric / assassins detailed
above. Amongst their personal effects and a

The large room to the west is a standard tor- practice to hone the edge of their weapon gp each) worth 19,000 gp at the exact center of
ture chamber, with the usual rack, iron boot, skills. All of the weaponry is quite normal. the pool. It weighs 35 pounds.
chains, irons, erc. The place at the far (north) Floor area is clear for fighting. In the eastern
end of the line of cells is a disused storage room, two 5th level fighters practice with net Kuo-Toan females (4): HD 2; hp 10 each;
chamber, with a few barrels and crates of pro- and spear against shield and spear. In the XPV 56 each
visions in the forepart, and junk stuffed into other room are four troopers of 2nd level try- Kuo-Toan males (11): HD 2; hp 24 each;
the back. Behind this refuse is a concealed es- ing net and spear vs. the same, and shield and THACO 15; Dmg 4- 10 (bite); XPV 60 each
cape tunnel which leads north about 40 feet to spear vs. the same.
a 60-foot-deep sinkhole. The sinkhole gives 15. Offerings Pool
onto a natural passageway which eventually Kuo-Toan fighters (2): HD 5; hp 35 each;
Devotees of Blibdoolpoolp bring their live
ends in a shaft upwards into the secondary XPV 345 each
lobster offerings to this place and toss them
passage northwest (about a mile north of the Kuo-Toan fighters (4): HD 2; hp 12 each XPV
into its bluish green waters. (The diamond-
shrine cavern). 60 each
shaped pool is ritually emptied by servants of
the priest-prince, who gains the benefits of
10. Meditation Rooms 13. Library
the sacrifices as table fare.) There are 10 sol-
These chambers are provided for the use of This chamber is the repository for countless diers here, eight troops and two leaders. There
pilgrims and regular inhabitants of the shrine works on clericism, fighting, assassination, are in addition four archers, a pair at the
area to read various writing pertaining to Sea arms, combat, and tactics. There are 1,786 mouths of the corridor north and that west.
Mother and her works. There are four stone ta- various folios, scrolls, books, and collections All the soldiers are alert, watching the area
bles, two stone benches and eight bone stools in kuo-toan and drow of no more than 10-100 and area 14 as well.
in each room. Besides short tracts, there are 27 gp value if sold to a book dealer of the upper Four of the troops have shield, dagger, and
scrolls and 18 books in each place, and these world. There are many shelves and pigeon- spear; four have dagger, net, and spear. The
items are worth 1,000 gp and 2,500 gp respec- holes, racks and cabinets holding these works leaders have dagger and harpoon. Each archer
tively if brought to the upper world and sold and single sheet folders as well. Four small is armed with dagger, short bow, and a quiver
to a book dealer or religious college. In both of wooden desks, four chairs, a bench, and two of 20 arrows.
these rooms the party will note a tract-like long tables are in the room. Kuo-Toan soldiers (8): HD 2; hp 12 each;
sheet which contains writings in elf and in There are six light globes suspended from XPV 60 each, 480 for all
kuo-toan. The latter is a translation of an ac- the ceiling, each of which holds a phosphores- Kuo-Toan archers (4): HD 2; hp 12 each; XPV
count of an elf who escaped from the home cent liquid which gives a yellowish green 60 each, 240 for all
land of the dark elves. The fragment says: light. If the chain of the 5th is pulled, let Kuo-Toan leaders (2): HD 3 (hp 18, XPV
loose, and then pulled down strongly, a secret 119), HD 4 (hp 24, XPV 222)
"...and these degenerate filth continue to compartment in the north central wall will
consort with all manner of foul things and open. Note that this small space cannot be de- 16. Fingerling Pool
d- (smear destroys several words) but this tected by magical means other than true see-
The young of the kuo-toans are raised in
does not mean that they are particularly ing, and it is lined with sheets of bronze and
lead inside so as to prevent magical viewing or these pools until they are about a year old and
watchful for trespassers. Any wearing a nearly 2 feet tall. (At this time their lungs are
cloak of sickening (another smear here) can the radiation of magic from its contents. In-
capable of breathing air, and they are brought
move freely about, and the merchant clans side this nook are stored a. map of the shrine
out and taken to the main city for raising and
and noble houses employ all sorts of ser- area (which does not show the secret doors and
training.) There are 315 tiny, 161 small, 43
vants and slaves who roam through the exits!) and a black iron box. The box is locked
medium, and nine large fingerlings in these
black and debauched City of (smear) -ng and cursed with a plane shift which will move
the first creature touching it to the Eternal 20-foot-deep pools. Four female fighters
the brooches. Most of these abominations guard the pool, armed with dagger, net, and
worship the disgusting creature they call Plane of Fire unless the word sloolbpah is pro-
Mother of Lusts, and if I could only.. ." nounced. Inside the box are a Manual of
The fragment ends here. Gainful Exercise, a Tome of Understanding
and a Grim Grimoire, a nonesuch work which Kuo-Toan fighters (4): HD 2; hp 10 each;
XPV 56 each, 224 for all
The kuo-toans use this to emphasize the will cause the loss of 20,000 experience points
badness of the drow who do not worship Sea from any reader except a thief or an assassin-
17. Royal Spawning Pool
Mother. a thief gains or loses nothing, but an assassin
will gain 1 level of experience from reading Only the ruler of the shrine area and his
11. Training Rooms and pondering its contents for 1 month). As concubines (see area 28) may use this pool. It
all of these works are scribed in kuo-toan, is 40 feet deep and its bottom is strewn with
These chambers are for the training of assas- reading them might be troublesome. 311 large gems (100 gp each). Four female
sins. There are dummies and charts of kuo- fighters are in pairs guarding the two arched
toans, deep gnomes, drow, trog, humans, erc. 14. Breeding Pool entrances to the place, and another pair is sta-
A few common weapons are strewn about, but tioned to the north.
there is absolutely nothing of real value in ei- This is where the kuo-toan females lay their
eggs, and the males then fertilize them with Each guard has shield and dagger, and a
ther room. spear which is tipped with a one-time-only
milt. The pool is about 42 feet deep in the
center. There are presently four females and paralyzing substance coating its head (save vs.
12. Fighting Instruction Rooms poison or be paralyzed 2-8 days).
11 males spawning. If they are disturbed, the
Hung about the walls of this place are vari- females will not fight, but the males will fight
ous daggers, spears, nets, shields and har- at double normal level and damage. There is a Kuo-Toan Guards (6): HD 4; hp 24 each; XPV
poons. It is here that kuo-toan fighters 206 each, 1,236 for all
jade idol of Sea Mother with pearl eyes (1,000
18. Royal Fingerling Pool for each individual, a few stools, small 25. Armory
wooden tables, and pegs in the walls ready to
The seven large fingerlings in the pool here, This large chamber has racks full of the fol-
accept harness or weapons.
the spawn of Va-Guulgh, are swimming hap- lowing:
pily about in the greenish 20-foot depths of East Section: Here the 10th level captain is
the water. Beside the pool are two platinum 40 soldier harnesses
quartered. His pouch contains 20 sp, 20 gp,
basins (12 inches deep by 18 inches across, 10 150 shields
and 20 pp. Inside one of the harnesses hang-
pounds each) used to bring food to these crea- 250 applications of shield glue
ing from a peg are sewn 40 yellow pearls worth
tures. The value of each basin in perfect con- 30 nets
100 gp each.
dition is 5,800 gp, or half that if damaged. 60 short bows
The Captain gains bonuses of + 2 / + 4 to
60 empty quivers
hit and to damage (respectively, the former in-
19. Guard Room 1000 arrows
cluded below). He has a shield, two daggers, a
200 spears
This chamber is furnished with 19 narrow spear, and a harpoon, all nearby.
100 daggers
pallets covered with dried seaweed and silk 40 harpoons
cloths. There are a small table and two Kuo-Toan Captain: HD 10; hp 90; THACO
1 container (60 applications) of pa-
benches also. 10; #AT 3; Dmg 2-5 (bite) and two
ralysis poison
This is the quarters of the female guards, weapon attacks ( + 4 damage bonus); SA/
and there are four here at present. Each has SD see special notes; XPV 3,060 There are also some boxes with drow weap-
shield and dagger, and a spear which is tipped ons, but these are all so old and corroded as to
with a one-time-only paralyzing substance West Section: There are two lieutenants quar-
be useless. There are 12 bucklers + I , 12
coating its head (save vs. poison or be para- tered in this part of the area. Each has 10 sp,
shortswords + 1, 14 daggers + 1, and six hand
lyzed 2-8 days). 10 gp, 10 pp, and five white pearls (100 gp
crossbows with 28 bolts. (If these items are
each). Each is armed with dagger and has
used they will break immediately upon any
Kuo-Toan Guards (6): HD 4; hp 24 each; XPV spear, net, and harpoon at hand, with shield
employment, though if the attack succeeds,
206 each, 1,236 for all hanging nearby.
10-80% of the normal damage is inflicted
20. Seraglio Kuo-Toan Lieutenants (2): HD 8; hp 64 each;
XPV 1,365 each
The walls of this place are draped with 26. Storage Chamber
gauzy green hangings of no value, but they This area is filled to overflowing with bales,
23. Sergeants Quarters
hide the stone behind. The six concubines of boxes, crates, barrels, trunks, hogsheads, and
the priest-prince dwell here. They are indo- Twelve of these minor fighting leaders kegs-stacked and piled all over, with only nar-
lent and pampered, and they will not fight. dwell in this chamber. The typical furnishings row paths between them. All of the containers
Each has a couch, various personal effects, and include 16 pallets, two benches, four stools are of small worth, being dried fish, seaweed,
the following jewelry: a necklace (5,000 gp), and a long table. Each fighter has one sp, gp,
cheap cloth, fish skins and scales, shells, bone
an armband (2,000 gp), and three ornamental and pp per level. A chest in the room contains
meal, carved bone items, and similar goods
fin-clips (600 gp each). Also on the three ta- 120 sp, 200 gp, and 78 pp.
used in trade.
bles about the place are l l gold vessels (450 gp Each fighter has dagger and harpoon at
each) and 14 silver ones (75 gp each). The hand, and shields, spears, and nets are hung
27. Monitors Quarters
weight of any one utensil is 15 pounds. on nearby wall pegs.
There are a dozen monitors in the shrine ca-
Kuo-Toan females (6): HD 2; hp 10 each; Kuo-Toan leaders of 3 HD (5): hp 18 each; vern. Six are in various places as noted else-
XPV 56, 336 total XPV 119 each where, one is just outside this chamber, and
Kuo-Toan leaders of 4 HD (4): hp 28 each; five are within. These five spend their off-
2 1. Common Pool XPV 222 each duty hours practicing hand-to-hand fighting.
Kuo-Toan leaders of 5 HD (2): hp 35 each; The chamber has only 12 pallets in it, but the
This large body of water is 4 feet deep at the XPV 345 each floor is covered with piles of dried seaweed
west entry, but 80 feet deep at the middle. It is
Kuo-Toan leader of 6 HD: hp 42; XPV 522 here and there. Under one such pile is a loose
filled with various types of small fish and stone concealing 60 gems (50 gp each). Each
other water creatures. The kuo-toans come
24. Quarters of Va-Guulghs Female Guards monitor carries a pouch with 20 pp.
here to exercise and sometimes feed on these
live fish as well. There are 13 males and three There are 24 pallets and stools here, with
Kuo-Toan Monitors (6): HD 7; hp 56; XPV
females swimming here, all unarmed. They three tables and six benches. This is the quar-
1,098 each, 6,588 for all
will viciously attack any warm-blooded crea- ters for eight guards currently stationed at the
ture entering the waters of this black pool. royal areas and 16 others, the latter group be-
28. Secret Passageway
ing present and off-duty. Each guard carries 10
Kuo-Toan males (13): HD 2; hp 12 each; XPV pp and four white pearls (100 gp each) on her This corridor leads to a very deep well (6
60 each, 780 for all person. The on-duty troops wealth is hidden feet to water, then 60 feet deep). The well
Kuo-Toan females (3): HD 2; hp 10 each; in their seaweed mattresses. shaft leads to a circular conduit of 6 diameter.
XPV 56 each, 168 for all Each fighter has a dagger, spear, and shield This pipe connects areas 14, 17, and 2 1 by se-
nearby. cret entrances in each pool bottom. On the
22. Officers Quarters pool side these appear to be normal stone
Kuo-Toan Fighters (16): HD 4; hp 24 each, blocks, each about 2 feet square.
These areas are furnished with the few stark
XPV 222 each, 3,552 for all The iron door of a hidden trapdoor is con-
items typical to kuo-toan existence-pallets cealed under a small flagstone. The 2-foot-

square block is about 6 inches thick and very Chest #6 56 each, 224 for all
heavy. It opens to a small square shaft leading This locked bronze chest is trapped as is # 1; Kuo-Toan leaders (2): HD 3 (hp 18, XPV
down by iron rungs 16 feet to a 5-fOOt- wide moving it seals the chamber with a, 10-foot- 119), HD 4 (hp 28, XPV 222)
passage to area 29. The passage widens to 10 thick stone block. The chest holds 12 pieces of
feet after 40 feet east. jewelry (500 gp each), a bone tube containing 33. Quarters of the Whips
a scroll of three cleric spells (lower water, true
29. Secret Sunken Chamber As the monitors enforce the social decorum
seeing, restoration), and an icon of Blibdool-
of the shrine, the whips see that the religious
poolp set with 10 white pearls (100 gp each).
The passage into the room and the chamber political order is kept. These spartan quarters
Anyone touching the icon must save vs. spells
itself are about 7 feet from floor to ceiling. are for the six who are enforcers of the order.
or be transported (with equipment) to the El-
Only the priest-prince knows of this place. It is There are only six pallets and one table with
emental Plane of Water, to stand before the
a secret passed from ruler to ruler. The wealth two benches in the place.
goddess herself. The saving throw is required
of the shrine is stored here, wealth from dec- The three apartments nearby (W) house
each time the icon is touched anew. (And Sea
ade upon decade of contribution and sacrifice whips of slightly larger size. Each of these en-
Mother will be angry at those looting her ser-
to Sea Mother, as well as tax and trade monies. forcers uses shield and long sword after throw-
vants treasure room.)
There are 7 large chests in the room, each of ing nets to entangle opponents. They also
about 3 feet high by 3 112 feet depth, by 4 1/2 have garrotes in harness pouches. They act in
Chest #7
feet long. Each of these chests is described be- concert on any occasion demanding it.
This is a locked chest plated silver over iron,
low, for some are cleverly trapped. Each whip has 2 sp, gp, and pp for each
worth 3,000 gp. All of the seams and cracks of
the chest are also filled with silver solder. In- level (i.e. 6 or 8 of each coin). In addition,
Chest # 1 side is a jeweled medallion worth 25,000 gp each has 1 white pearl (100 gp) per level hid-
This bronze chest has an ancient lock. It is den inside his harness.
(15,000 for gems alone) and a very powerful
filled with 8,124 shells which are precious to
spectre, which is trapped inside by the solder.
kuo-toans but are otherwise valueless. Moving Kuo-Toan Whips (6): Level 313 Fighter/
It which will attack the first creature it sees.
this chest from the stone it rests upon triggers Assassins; hp 18 each; XPV 260 each, 1560
the mechanism which causes a 10-foot-thick for all
Spectre: hp 59; XPV 2,240
stone block to seal off the whole room. Kuo-Toan Whips (3): Level 4/4 Fighter/
Assassins; hp 28 each; XPV 468 each, 1404
30. Guard Post
Chest #2 for all
This is a heavy wood and iron box with a
The eight female soldiers herein are com-
great iron padlock on it. Inside are 48,912 gp. 34. Chambers of the Chief Whip
manded by two higher level types, also fe-
male. Each leader has shield, dagger, and The dedicated Quolp-001, chief whip and
Chest #3
spear. Each soldier has dagger, shortbow, and confidant of the priest-prince, is quartered
This is an iron chest with a secret catch lock.
20 arrows. here. Although his room is as spartan as the
It holds 2,440 pp and a great silk altar cloth
others, Quolp-001 has a small iron box hid-
wrapped about three gold service pieces set
Kuo-Toan soldiers (8): HD 2; hp 10 each; den in the wall of the place. Inside are 366 sp,
with pearls (60,000 gp for the set, or 36,000
XPV 60 each, 480 for all 291 gp, and 98 pp. Behind the box, and con-
gp for the pearls only).
Kuo-Toan leaders (2): HD 3; hp 15 each; XPV cealed by rock dust, is a small case made of
110 each rare shells. It contains a string of perfectly
Chest #4
matched pearls (18,500 gp intact, 15,600 gp
This bronze and iron chest has two iron bars
3 1. Guard Post separated) and 12 pearls (100 gp each).
attached by rings on the back side. When the
The chief whip wears a ring of invisibility
lid is unlocked and lifted, the bars are de- This position has the standard squad of
eight soldiers and two leaders. Each leader has (for dealing with intruders), drow boots, and
pressed to trigger a 10-foot-wide by 20-foot-
long trap door which swings down to drop all the usual dagger and harpoon. Four soldiers drow weapons (shortsword +2, dagger + 2).
He also carries the usual kuo-toan shield, and
standing on it into a 70-foot-deep pit. The last have dagger, net and spear; the other four
a garrote is tucked into his harness. Quolp-
10 feet of the pit are water filled, so the fall in- have shield, dagger, and spear.
flicts only 1-8 points of damage, but any ar- 001will rush to any disturbance in the place,
mored victim drown in 2 rounds unless able to Kuo-Tom soldiers (8): HD 2; hp 12 each; armed and ready.
climb, fly, or breathe water. The chest holds XPV 60 each, 480 total
Kuo-Toan leaders (2): HD 3 (hp 18, XPV Chief Whip Quolp-001: Level 7 / 7 Fighter/
5,320 sp, 2,100 ep, 12 potions of water
breathing, a helm of underwater vision, and Assassin; hp 56; THACO 14 (12 with drow
119), HD 4 (hp 28, XPV 222)
weapon); SA/SD equipment as noted
gauntlets of swimming and climbing.
above, and see special notes; XPV 2,584
31. Guard Post
Chest #5
In addition to a standard squad (as per area 35. Locked Room
This is an iron-bound wooden trunk which
30), here are also four female archers, each
is not locked. Inside are 100 copper ingots (10 This second of Quolp-001s rooms is closed
with dagger, shortbow, and a quiver of 20 ar-
pounds each), atop which is a coral coffer by a heavy door, and the chief whip carries the
rows. Four of the soldiers have shield, dagger,
(worth 1,000 gp) containing 188 gems (10 gp only key to it. The room is bare of furnishings,
and spear; four have dagger, net, and spear.
each). The twenty ingots at the bottom weigh save only a pile of dried seaweed. Inside is a
The leaders have dagger and harpoon.
25 pounds each, for they are platinum with noble drow female, Derinnil of House No-
copper plating. This will not be apparent un- quar. She is held in durance vile by the chief
Kuo-Toan guards (8): HD 2; hp 12 each; XPV
less most of the ingots are lifted out of the whip, and is slated for formal torture soon, to
60 each, 480 for all
chest. learn the drow plans against the kuo-toan
Kuo-Toan archers (4): HD 2; hp 10 each; XPV

people and the current state of affairs amongst
the dark elves' noble houses.
Derinnil is chained to the wall with short
fetters. She will volunteer to aid and guide
rescuers (but will of course betray them at first
opportunity). Once freed of chains she can use
each of the spells usable by all female drow.
Derinnil does not fear death, but she will cer-
tainly do her utmost to avoid it if possible! She
will not betray her house, nor will she compro-
mise the safety of the drow community, but
anything else is fair game (so to speak).
Carefully hidden in the lining of Derinnil's
left boot is her bronze brooch depicting the
head of a nightmare, with a reverse inscription
in drow, Noquar.

Derinnil of house Noquar: AL CE; Level 9

Fighter; MV 15"; AC 5; hp 62; THACO
12; #AT 3 / 2 ; Dmg 0 (unarmed),; XPV
S 16 I 1 6 W 13 D 18 Co 15 Ch 17

The path from the realms of the kuo-toans here. In a rack to the right of the door are 12 Third Level: fireball, hold person
plunge further into the darkness, the primary military forks. There are pegs along the walls Fourth Level: wall o f fire
passage well-worked and illuminated by the for garments and personal gear, and each sol-
ghostly images of phosphorescent lichens. dier has his own small trunk. In addition, a Encounter Area E - 4 7
The secondary and tertiary passages are less long benched table and two small chairs are
Use encounter piece VI11 for this meeting.
brightly lit, and far ahead in those passage, readily seen. The stairs lead to a trapdoor to
The area has a permanent illusion cast over it.
the characters can hear occasionally the moans the roof (and an additional flight of steps to
As soon as the PCs step out of a tunnel mouth,
and gibbering of a creature in pain, termi- the battlement). Stored under the stairs are
they see the following. A starry sky gleams
nated by by a scream of agony, from sources four boxes of provisions, a large barrel of wa-
overhead, and a bright crescent moon beams
unknown, finally fading into absolute silence. ter, a smaller barrel with violet-colored wine,
down upon the place, filling it with soft white
Use the tables provided in Chapter 6 for and a box containing 24 pouches, each of
light. Flowering dwarf trees and blooming
random encounters, plus the three pre-set en- which holds 10 small poisoned crossbow bolts.
shrubs and bushes circle the central garden,
counters in this chapter. As the characters ap- The western building houses the drow lead-
and beautiful flowers bloom everywhere. The
proach the Vault of the Drow, certain ers, two other 5th level male fighters and their
perfume of jasmine, magnolias, lilacs, orange
encounters become more common (including fighter / magic-user commander. There are
blossoms, honeysuckle, and camellias fill the
demons in the tertiary passages). four beds in the room, separated by small
air with so heady a scent as to make one gasp.
folding screens. Near each bed is a small chest,
There is a particularly lovely grotto in the ten-
Encounter Area 42-49 a chair, and a small writing table with parch-
ter of the place, lustrous marble steps leading
ment, quill, and various orders. In the fore-
Use piece VI1 from the special map for this down to a rose-surrounded statue of
part of the place is a table and four chairs with
encounter. All passages, save the northeastern alabaster-a breathtaking sculpture of a nude
various pieces of silver dinnerware (but worth
one directly to the drow vault, debouch into a human female poised gracefully with one
only the value of their weight in silver, as they
large chamber directly below a massive wall hand outstretched as if to pluck a rose. Several
are plain). Each small trunk contains a jeweled
with sentries pacing its battlements. This small birds can be heard twittering amidst the
goblet (three of 3,000 gp and one of 5,000 gp
chamber is 130 feet long, 120 feet wide, and branches of the leafy bushes and shrubs, while
value), and the commanders holds 10 gems a nightingale sings its sweet song from high
150 feet high along its great central domes
(100 gp each) and a platinum tube (1,000 gp) atop a tree.
apex. Buttresses and flying arches carved from
containing a scroll of four spells (charm mon-
living rock support the massive roof of the ca- The statue is Silussa, a succubus. She pro-
ster, invisible stalker, lightning bolt,
vern, and its side walls are polished smooth to duces one charm person effect per round until
passwall). In the storage area underneath the
a height of about 35 feet. Vegetation and min- her true nature is discovered. When this oc-
stairs which lead to the roof are two ration
erals give a bluish glow to the area, a dim and curs, she uses suggestion to cause disorganiza-
boxes, a tun of water, a cask of wine, a crate
shadowless light. tion and dissent. When the PCs first come
with 18 poisoned javelins, a small wooden
The northeastern quadrant of the chamber into the place, or if they are in doubt about
trunk with 20 blank parchment scrolls, a large
is guarded by a stone wall, 8 feet thick and 30 what they know, she uses ESPfor guidance. If
hamper filled with blankets, and a locked iron
feet high not counting its 7-foot crest, a cren- seriously threatened by attacks or faced with
chest covered with an old blanket. Inside the
nelated battlement pierced with small death, she will become ethereal. In no event
chest are four black metal medallions (with a
crosslets. There are two massive gates fash- will she gate in another demon, for she relies
spider on one face and a female drow on the
ioned of beaten bronze, protected with long upon the aid of her paramour, Belgos.
other) on fine chains, a pale green robe, two
spikes which point outward and prevent any The twittering birds are actually 60 bats
pairs of tinted lenses, four potions ofhealing,
creature from forcing these valves by body hanging about the walls of the cavern, and 40
and two potions ofplant control.
pressure. Each gate opens inward by windlass giant rats around the walls. They have in-
Each drow carries 1-6 pp per level of experi-
and counterweight. In the area behind the formed their master of the approach of the
ence and 1-6 gems (10 gp each). party, and upon his command the bats flutter
wall are two buildings, 20 feet tall, with a 4-
foot-high parapet along the courtyard sides. up and obscure vision while the rats attack.
Guards (24 males): MR 54% : AC 1; HD 2 (hp
Each is pierced with narrow slits closed from Any hit will kill a bat.
10 each); THACO 20; chain + 1 , buckler
the inside with bronze shutters, and each has The master of the bats and rats is Silussas
but a single door, also of bronze and bristling
+ 1, shortsword + I , hand crossbow with 10 lover, a male drow vampire named Belgos,
poisoned bolts, military fork; XPV 138
with spikes. who is in bat form when the party enters.
each, 3,312 for all
The wall is patrolled by four male drow When as the PCs become aware that some-
Leaders (3 males): MR 58%; AC -2; HD 5
fighters, whose equipment includes 10-foot- thing is amiss, he orders his minions to attack,
(hp 23 each); THACO 18; chain +2, buck-
long long military forks. Below at the gates are and at some point thereafter changes to drow
ler +2, shonsword +2, dagger +2, atlatl
four additional 2nd level male drow, form and attacks personally-first by charm
with three poisoned javelins; XPV 475
equipped as are those on the wall but without gaze, then by physical blows. Belgos is abso-
each, 1,425 for all
military forks. With these gate tenders is a 5th lutely fearless and 75% likely to strike aside
Framentza, Outpost Commander: Level 617
level male drow leader. any holy symbol before him (even though
Fighter/Magic-User; hp 33; MR 64%; AC
Combat note: Those defending behind a such action will cause him 2-12 points of dam-
-5; THACO 16; chain +3, buckler +3,
parapet gain a - 2 AC bonus; those on a cren- age). He will do his utmost to prevent any
shonsword +3, dagger +2, wand o f vis-
nelated battlement gain - 4. Increase missile creature from going northwest from the area
cous globs (48 charges), wings o f flying;
ranges by 10 feet for every 15 feet of wall toward the drow vault.
XPV 5,112; Spells:
height; a hand crossbow fired from the wall If Silussa is attacked, Belgos gains a + 1 bo-
First Level: burning hands, charm per-
has a range of 80 feet. Additional range is al- nus to hit and to damage.
son, comprehend languages, magic
ways long.
Inside the long eastern building are two Giant Rats (40): hp 2 each; XPV 4 each
Second Level: mirror image, ray o f enfee-
dozen cots, and 16 guards are usually off duty Normal Bats (60): hp 1 each; XPV 1 each
blement, web
Silussa the Succubus: hp 40; XPV 2,340 will be overlooked. ders victims is a quiver (containing 8 arrows
+ I ) , a vial (potion ofpoison), a wand (of po-
Belgos, male Drow Vampire: AL CE; INT Exc; Encounter Area U2-48 lymorphing, with two charges), and a rotten
SZ M; MV 12 / 18 (MC B); MR 66% : AC backpack (containing 100 gp, a pouch with
Use encounter piece IX when the party en- eight gems worth 50 gp each and five vials of
0 ; HD 8 4-3 (hp 57); THACO 12; #AT 1;
ters this area. When the cavern can be ob- holy water, and the remains of iron rations
Dmg 5-10;SA double energy drain; SD served, the PCs view a welter of bones,
magic weapon to hit; at will darkness, de- long since rotted away). If the pack is lifted
exoskeletons, dried mummy-like husks, and up, it comes apart and the holy water vials
tect magic, faerie fire, know alignment, other unidentifiable materials. But unless the
levitate; ring o f protection + 1, black party is drow-sized and wearing drow cloaks,
break. Two husks of recent victims have pink-
metal drow medallion; XPV 5,184 ish cusps still affixed to their eye sockets, and
their entry results in up to seven characters if these remains are examined thoroughly by
each being attacked by 2-5 fine web strands, the party it is 80% likely that both pairs of
The island-like center of the cavern is flung from above. Each such attack is equal to
merely bare rock, but its floor hides a secret these lenses will be found, even though they
a web spell effect. are polarized crystal and not magical.
entrance which opens to a narrow flight of Closer examination of the remains in the
steps leading down. At the bottom of these Far back in the lair of the black widow
cavern shows that these were humans, troglo- queen is the treasure she guards, a golden idol
stairs is a chamber hewn out of the rock, a 16 dytes, bugbears, o m , goblins, gnomes, vari-
x 14room richly furnished with rugs upon the made in the likeness of Lolth. It is both magi-
ous insects (mostly fire beetles and giant ants), cal and evil. Be sure you are familiar with the
floor, tapestries on the walls, and erotic sculp- spiders (dead mates of the inhabitants of the
ture here and there. following notes before proceeding.
place as well as wandering victims of other Description: The idol is about one foot long
Acting as the evil pairs servitor in this area sorts), and various and sundry unknown parts
is a charmed Svirfneblin named Olaf Wode- and about as wide where the legs project. It
of dead things. has six spider legs, but the foremost are those
hopper, who Belgos and Silussa intend to Fifty feet above, in a network of webbing
make their next repast. Olafs armor and of a human or elf, complete with hands. More
which covers the whole roof, lurk seven giant gruesome still, a drows face peers from a posi-
weapons have been thrown into a small nook black widow spiders. After flinging their web
screened by wall hangings. Olafwill obey any tion between the great staring sets of spider
strands, these monsters hasten down to attack, eyes in the head. On the bulging abdomen are
command from either Silussa or Belgos. arriving in position to do so one round after four spinnerets. (There are six spider eyes and
they make the web attack. These arachnids are two drow eyes. All are made of black saphires
Svirfneblin Olaf Wodehopper: MR 20% ; AC pets and friends of the drow, and as symbols
7;HD 3 (hp 21 , currently 11); THACO 18; set in gold. The gems are worth 10,000,
of the deity of the dark elves are often fed pris-
#AT/Dmg unarmed; SA/SD see special 5,000,2,000, and 1,000gp-two of each).
oners or slaves no longer useful to the drow. Picking up the Idof The idol weighs only
notes; XPV 308;will not use any power ex- Due to this relationship, they do not molest 10 pounds, and is thus obviously hollow.
cept non-detection unless ordered to by the dark elves; but any creatures with the drow
the vampire or succubus Anyone who holds it gains knowledge and use
are always food for the ever-hungry spiders, so of the following powers, each usable on com-
they quickly act to gain such meals. The spi- mand: (a) the equivalent of a web spell up to
Within this room are two lounge chairs, a ders are in great fear of the vampire Belgos
silk couch, a beautifully wrought coffin, a 40 distant from the spinnerets, simply by
and his demon mistress, for this pair will occa- pointing them at the target and thinking of
small table, a chest, a wardrobe, and a folding sionally taunt them or carry one off to sacrifice
screen. On the table are two chalices (2,500gp the result; (b) immunity to all webs, and the
to the demoness Lolth. If it appears that either power to travel along them as would a giant
each), a ewer (4,000 gp), and a basin (3,000 or both of these creatures are within the ca-
gp), all of worked gold and set with gems. The spider; (c) cause fear in large and huge spi-
vern, the black widows will flee to their holes ders, or command giant spiders to obedience
ewer contains blood, and the goblets traces of in fear.
the same. The basin contains a barely visible for 3-12 rounds.
fluid, which will spill easily. This oil ofethere- Keeping the Idol: Possession of the idol
Giant Spiders (7):hp 31, 28, 27, 25, 25, 24, brings two great dangers. The foremost dan-
alness (three potions worth) may be obtained 2 2 ; XPV 315 + 4/hp each, 3,115 for all
only with careful examination and handling. ger is that of complete desire for the object.
Beside the couch is a small coffer of rose The character picking it up must make a sav-
The numbered tunnel spurs are the lairs of ing throw versus poison ( - 2 on the die) or be
quartz (1,000gp) which holds six fine rubies these spiders. Each tunnel is about 45 feet
(5,000gp each) and six pieces of gold jewelry overwhelmed with the conviction that he or
above the floor of the cavern, a roughly circu- she alone can withstand the danger of the
set with gems-two rings (2,000and 4,000 lar opening of 8 feet in diameter. Area E is a
gp), a necklace (16,000gp), a pair of earrings idol, so none other may ever touch it. Each
deserted lair. Areas 1-7are spun with webs but person handling the idol must so save, and
(3,000gp), and a bracelet (10,000gp). contain no treasure. Area 8 is the lair of the
While all of the other furnishings are of those failing are convinced that all others han-
queen spider of this nest, a particularly dling it will (or have) become evil. (Only a re-
high quality, their value is not sufficient to be bloated and disgusting monster of unusual
considered treasure. Some grooming items are move curse can dispel this conviction.) Thus,
size and virulent venom ( - 2 penalty to saving desire is masked in altruism and the certain
scattered about, and a number of normal gar- throws). The black widow queen seldom ven-
ments are hung in the wardrobe. Amongst knowledge that the victim is acting in the best
tures forth from her tunnel, but if any crea- interests of the party by retaining the idol and
them is a cloak ofpoisonousness. In the inner ture sets foot in it she rushes to attack the
pocket of an old robe is a flat ebony case which attacking any member who subsequently may
daring intruder of her abode. have handled it and be subjected to the evil
is lined with lead to block all magic. Within
this case are pipes of the sewers and a ring o f that he or she alone can withstand.
Black Widow Queen: as giant black widow The second and more insidious danger lies
spell storing (animate dead, knock, maze, but AC 0; XPV 578
polymorph self). Carelessly cast into the bot- in a slow metamorphosis that any possessor of
tom of the closet are a pair of strange pinkish the statue will certainly undergo. For 6 days
Amidst the jumble of remains of the spi-
lenses, and unless a careful search is made they nothing happens except that a careful exami-

nation of the characters limbs reveals that he characters abdomen swells and rounds; man- the process can be reversed, but this chance
or she has black arid bristly hairs peeping dibles begin to grow from the victims mouth, drops 13% per day from the 60th to 66th
forth, and if the idol is removed from the pos- and as the head enlarges, the buds of new, days.
sessor prior to the end of the 6th day, this hair multi-lensed eyes can be seen. On the 67th Value: If the idol can be brought whole
growth slowly disappears. From the 7th day the transformation is complete and totally from the place it will fetch 200,000 gp in a
through 66th days of possession, a slow but in- irreversible; the victim has the mind of a giant large city, but is an evil act to so dispose of it,
exorable change takes place. Four vestigial spider and nothing will ever return the origi- as it should be destroyed. Any mutilation of
legs gradually emerge and grow into those of a nal form. If a cure disease, remove curse, and the idol, such as removing the gem eyes, de-
giant spider, while the legs of the victim atonement are placed upon the character prior stroys both its powers and its evil curse.
change to become the same as a spiders; the to the 60th day, there is a 99% certainty that

At last-the Vault itself. The winding, tortur- 9 Slaves, escaped" (21-30) the Vault, as they have a distressing tendency
ous maze of underground tunnels leads finally 10-11 Slave harvesters" (21-30) to kill slaves.
to this capitol, the last mighty bastion of the 12 Spiders, giant (2-8)
drow race on Oerth. All that has gone before Drow hunting party: This is a group from one
was but a prelude, a series of tests; for herein, Vault Walls: Encounter occurs 1 in 10; check of the eight noble families, enjoying the sport
deep amidst the realm of the dark elves, each turn. of tracking and killing escaped slaves. Each
dwells the dark Queen herself. She quietly drow in the group wears the same type of
Id12 Encounter Type brooch, indicating their noble house. The
awaits the arrival of those who have con-
fronted her forces, slain her followers, foiled leader's device is the same as the others, but
1 Drow hunting party"
her elaborate plans.. . and she patiently antici- she also wears a jupon showing the colors and
2 Drow raiding party*
pates the delicious moment of confrontation, Lizards, subterranean (1-4) device of her house beneath her cloak, while
3 the lesser nobles do not.
and her foes' final destruction. 4 Purple worm or umber hulk (select)
But the characters have accomplished The group's treasure is only what has been
5 Ropers" (1-4)
much, facing mighty forces; perhaps a trace of captured from slave lairs. It is carried in saddle
6 Shambling mounds (1-2)
doubt has appeared in the mind of the demo- bags by the lower level drow fighters. Check
7-9 Slaves, escaped* (13-20)
ness. Only a trace, to be sure, for they will for treasure as follows:
10 Spiders, giant (2-8)
surely be captured by the dark minions, re- 11 Troglodytes" (2 1-40)
moved before they can approach the great 20 % 100-600 SP
12 Trolls* (1-4)
Fane. But that trace of fear is there ...as is the 25% 100-200 eP
route to success, and victory over the demo- 40 % 200-800 gP
River or Lake (including Shore hex): En-
ness Lolth, Queen of the Spiders. 50 % 100-600 PP
counter occurs 1 in 10; check each turn.
55% 1-6 gems
Wandering Monsters Id12 Encounter Type 45 Yo 1-2 jewelry
25 Yo 1 potion
Encounters for the area are divided into 1 Beetle, giant water (1) 10% 1 scroll
four basic area types: open terrain, fungi crys- 2 Crayfish, giant (2-5)
tal forests, vault walls, and river-the latter 3 Demon, Type I1 (1) There is a 10% chance that the party is ac-
including the small tributary and lake areas as 4 Drow hunting party" companied by a demon of Type I, 11, or 111, or
well as the Pitchy Flow itself. A separate table 5 Frogs, giant (2-8) by a mezzodaemon. If so, the amount of any
is given later for random encounters in the 6 Frogs, giant poisonous (2-8) treasure is the maximum possible, with 50%
drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu (Location 8), for 7 Kuo-Toan spies" (2-5) chance for one potion and 75 % for a scroll of
that place is unlike any other in the vault. 8 Lizards, subterranean (2) seven spells.
Any encounter marked with an asterisk is 9 Pike, giant (1) The hunting party consists of the following
explained in the Encounter Details which fol- 10 Shambling mounds (1-2) members:
low the charts. Use standard details for all 11 Spiders, giant water (2-5)
creatures encountered. 12 Turtle, giant snapping (1) 3-6 Bugbears used as trackers
2-4 Displacer beasts as hounds
Open Terrain: Encounter occurs 1in 12; check Encounter Details 5-8 Female drow fighters, each armed with
each turn. a medium lance (2-7), and riding a
Id12 Encounter Type No special notes apply to any creature not special lizard mount
listed below. Refer to the monster section for 2-3 Female Nobles on the Hunt
1-2 Bugbears* (13-18) general statistics for all. 1 Lead Huntswoman, a female Drow Level
3 Bugbears* (2-8) with 13-24 slaves 7 / 7 Fighter/ Cleric
4 Drow merchants (small train) Bugbears: These creatures are going about the
5 Drow patrol, Males business of one of the merchant clans. One of Huntswoman: Level 7 / 7 Cleric/ Fighter; hp
6-7 Lizards, pack* (2-8) the group is a leader type, who carries a dis- 42; MR 64%; AC - 5; THACO 14; #AT 31
8 Nightmares* (1-4) tinctive brooch (see Drow notes). Each bug- 2 ; chain + 3, buckler + 3, mace + 3, death
9 Spiders, giant (2-8) bear has 2-8 gold pieces, the leader 5-30 gp. lance(see Appendix B); XPV 5,538; Spells:
10 Troglodytes" (5-30) Bugbears found in the Vault are better First Level: command (x2), cure light
11 Troglodytes" (3-12) with slaves (19-24) equipped than others, and are described sepa- wounds (x2), sanctuary
12 Trolls" ( 1-4) rately in the monster reference section. Second Level: find traps, hold person,
slow poison (x2)
Fungi or Crystal Forest: Encounter occurs 1 in Bugbear leader (1): HD 4 , hp 24, THACO 15, Third Level: animate dead, speak with
12; check each turn. Dmg 5-11 or 3-9; XPV 256 dead
Bugbears: hp 15 each; XPV 195 each Fourth Level: cure serious wounds
Id12 Encounter Type

1 Drow patrol, Females

Bugbears and slaves: These are work parties. Female Nobles: MR 64 % ; AC - 5 ; HD 7 (hp
The bugbears are standard Vault types, in- 35); THACO 14; #AT 312; buckler +3,
2 Drow raiding party"
Fungi, violet* (1-4)
cluding two sub-leadersand one leader. Slaves shortsword + 2 , dagger + 2, atlatl with 3
3 are a mixed lot determined at random.
4 Lizards, pack* ( 1-4) poisoned javelins, medium lance; XPV
5 Mold, yellow* (1 patch) 1,230
Displacer Beasts: These creatures are used as
6 Shambling mounds (1-2) hunting hounds by the drow nobles, as well as
Shriekers" (2-8) Drow Raiding Party: This group is from one of
7-8 guard dogs. They are not normally let loose in the 16 merchant clans, but the drow involved

do not wear brooches (clan identification). Slaves: Use the following table to determine Weaponry of escaped slaves
The groups purpose is to deliver death and the race of each slave. Freed slaves will co-
destruction to a rival clans merchant party operate fully with rescuers until a place of rela- 10% Drow hand crossbow, 5 poisoned dam
(though occasionally, but rarely, to an allied tive safety is reached. Evil-aligned races will 10% Drow dagger + 1
clan). Such raids rarely result in more than a not co-operate over an extended period with 10% Drow shortsword + 1
few slain servants and minor property dam- characters of good alignment. No slave will 10% heavy morning star
age, though a drow may be killed on occasion. have more than a 10% chance to turn on res- 10% spear
The group consists of the following mem- cuers and report them, for they all know the 10% stone axe
bers: capricious nature of their masters, who are as 20% javelin
likely to feed the informants to a nearby de- 20% + wooden or similar club
7-12 Bugbears mon as they are to go after the escapees.
4 Male Drow fighters Slave harvesters: This is a group of 12, 14, 16,
1 Male Drow captain (below) Id20 Race of Slave 18, or 20 slaves of mixed type ( q .v. ) equipped
with crosscut saws. Each pair draws a two-
Captain: Level 5 /4 Fighter/Magic-User; hp 1 bugbear wheeled cart. After crews of workers harvest
23; MR 60%; AC -1; THACO 16; chain 2 dwarf the rapidly-growing fungi for food (the tough
+ 3 , shortsword + 3 , dagger + 2 ; XPV 3 elf outer skin being used for many other pur-
1,009; Spells: 4-5 gnoll poses), they scatter fertilizers from the city
First Level: hold portal, sleep (x2) 6 goblin (taken in trade by the merchants) about the
Second Level: phantasmal force, web 7 half-elf (10% half-drow) area cleared. Their guards are either bugbears
8 half-orc (1 per 4-5 slaves) or troglodytes (1 per 3-4
Kuo-Toan Spies: These are always in or near 9 hobgoblin slaves). Guards are normal non-leader types
the water. If not in the water, they are clad in 10-14 human (4.v.).
black drow cloaks and make every attempt to 15-16 kuo-toan
avoid being detected. Their party consists of 17-18 orc Troglodytes: These creatures are going about
2-5 fighter/assassins of level 414 (AC 4, hp 28 19 svirfneblin the affairs of a noble house. Each has a stone
each, XPV 468 each) armed with dagger and 20 troglodyte battle axe and one javelin. Two of the group
garrote, accompanied by one monitor. are sub-leaders, and one is a larger leader type
Slaves, escaped: Roll Idlo to find the general who carries a special brooch of one of the eight
Lizard Mounts: These are a species of subterra- composition of the band, using the first table noble families (see drow notes). Each trog has
nean lizards bred by the dark elven nobles. below, and then divide the total number ac- 1-6 gp, each sub-leader 2-12, and the leader
They are as large as a small horse, with longish cording to the racial proportions given. Use 5-20 gp. Trogs found in the Vault are better
legs for a lizard. For purposes of mounted the proportions in the second table to assign equipped than others, and are described spe-
lance attack, treat them as medium horses. weaponry to each and every slave, rounding cifically in the monster reference section.
each category down except for clubs. Drow-
Lizards, Pack: These creatures are docilely sized creatures will employ their chain mail, Troglodyte troops: hp 9 each; XPV 54 each
grazing upon the fungi that covers the area smaller slaves will have drow bucklers, and Trog sub-leaders (2): hp 15 each; XPV 66 each
and ignore passers-by unless they are mo- larger types will use any bugbear armor and Trog leader (1): HD 3; hp 21; XPV 143
lested. The pack belongs to any one merchant shields captured (20% of the group, rounded
clan. If handled with the proper goads, they up). Bands of opposite (good/evil) alignment Troglodytes and slaves: These groups are
can be led easily. (Lizard goads are long ankus- will tend to be suspicious and not particularly sometimes (50%) work parties, and some-
like hooks.) co-operative, seeking instead to gain addi- times (50%) the former are escorting a batch
tional weapons, armor, and other goods from of prisoners for games, sacrifices or some other
Mold, yellow: This appears to shimmer in those they encounter. foul end. These latter slaves will act with fe-
rainbow colors unless viewed using the special rocity if freed, attacking their guards if weap-
eye cusps. It is then seen as vivid scarlet or Idlo Racial Proportions ons are available (with + 1 to hit and
crimson. damage). The troglodytes are typical, with no
1-2 20% elf leader types.
Nightmares: These can only be encountered 20% half-elf
on the north bank of the Pitchy. If this result is 60 O h human Trolls (Vault type): These are more intelligent
determined for another area, roll again. If ap- 3-5 2 5 % half-orc and better equipped than those found else-
proached, the nightmares attack viciously. 50 % human where, and are noted specially in the monster
25 % hobgoblin reference section. Each has 5-8 hp per die, and
Ropers: These are encountered only along the 6-7 2 5 % bugbear carries a bardiche or flail, gaining bonuses of
walls where they can lair in spur caves, cre- 50% gnoll + 2 / + 4 to hit and to damage (respectively)
vasses, etc. Each works with its fellows to in- 25 % hobgoblin with their weapons. They are employed by the
sure victory. They have normal treasure for 8-9 20% goblin drow to maintain discipline among other ser-
their ilk. 60% orc vants.
20% troglodyte
Shriekers: These look like other fungi except 10 50% dwarf Violet fungi: These appear identical to shriek-
when seen using the special eye cusps. They 30% gnome ers (above).
then can be differentiated at 90-100 feet dis- 20 % svirfneblin
tance (unless modified by surprise).

Encounter Key: The Vault of the mail, and wields a huge mace + 2 while wear- Group leaders (20): hp 19 each; Dmg 1-8
Drow ing gauntlets of ogre power. He wears a gold (battle axe) or 1-6 (shortsword); XPV 122
earring with an inset topaz (3,000 gp), and a each, 2,440 for all
Special Note: Colors appear other than nor- belt with eight more such gems (500 gp each).
mal under the strange light of the stony drow A dozen hand-picked bugbear guards are The chieftains bastard sword has a black
heavens. Visitors with normal visual capabili- always near the hetman, each equipped with a opal (1,000 gp) set in the pommel. The tribes
ties will see only in blacks and grays with blu- heavy crossbow and six bolts +3. These are treasure is in the rear of the cave, with the fe-
ish tinges. Those with infravision will see gifts from the dark elves. Behind the Het- males and eggs. It is all carefully stored in iron
blues and purples as well as dull reds. All yel- mans seat is a locked iron chest holding 842 chests with silver bands. These two containers
lows appear green. With ultravision, all colors pp, 4,123 gp, and a leather pouch with 19 hold 7,900 and 5,2 11 sp respectively. A solid
glow, scintillate, and are breathtaking. As ref- gems (10 gp each). silver coffer (worth 20 gp) is buried under the
eree, feel free to give any color you believe rea- coins in each box. The first holds 14 gems (100
sonable for monsters with distinctive Entry guards (6): hp 15 each; XPV 195 each, gp each) and three pieces of silver jewelry set
coloration, i.e. indigo worm, lavender troll, 1,170 for all with gems (5,000,4,000, and 2,300 gp). The
puce bugbear, and so forth. Special guards (12): hp 19 each; Dmg 4-10 other contains a (magical) platinum ring set
(morning star) or 5-8 (bolt); XPV 211 with black opal, easily seen to be worth 10,000
B. Cave Complex each, 2,532 for all gp. If this ring is worn by a troglodyte, the
Kreffok, Hetman of the Vault Bugbears: AC creature does not exude a stench. If worn by
Herein dwell four large bands of bugbears. 1; HD 6 (hp 39); THACO 10 (8 with any other creature, the user must save vs. poly-
Several guards (5-8) are always on watch. All mace); Dmg 10-15 (mace)or 5-11 (sword); morph or be turned into a troglodyte (requir-
the caves contain only rude furnishings. There XPV 609 ing the usual system shock roll and other
are two small cave mouths on each flank of a checks, as per the spell). If the saving throw
gaping cavern opening in the vault wall; the 4. This cave is almost identical to #1, but is succeeds, the wearer suffers no ill effects, and
numbering below is from west to east. Loud somewhat longer. It houses 47 males, 38 fe- can command the ring to emit an odor to 4-
noise in any one of these caves will draw bug- males, and 30 young, led by a chief and two foot range with identical smell and effect of an
bears from all other locations. If a random en- sub-chiefs. The chief carries two hammers, enraged troglodyte. Trog musk does not affect
counter is indicated near this area it will one of which he will hurl before closing. the wearer, of course, and he or she can easily
probably (75%) be bugbears coming to or see any troglodyte within visual range (ignor-
leaving the caves. Chieftain: hp 31; THACO 15 (13 with ing the blending power of the creatures).
Each leader-type bugbear has 1 gp per hp, weapon); Dmg 4-7 (hammer); XPV 259 There are no recognizable furnishings in
plus one gem per HD (worth 50 gp). Each Sub-chiefs (2): hp 25 each; XPV 235 each any of these areas, although there are piles of
other male has 5-20 gp. Females and young fungi skins, pieces of mushrooms, piles of old
have no treasure, and do not fight unless put 5 . Four small caves radiate from a roughly cir- cloth, etc.
in a life-or-death situation. cular entry cave. They house 44 males, 36 fe-
males, and 27 young, led by a chief and two 1. Entrance to the Vault
1. This long cave with many small protrusions sub-chiefs. The chief wields a two-handed
houses 41 male, 32 female, and 37 young sword. When the adventurers at last leave the pass-
bugbears, led by a chief and two sub-chiefs. ageway and enter the Vault of the Drow, a
Chieftain: hp 30; THACO 13 (with sword), strange sight will greet them. They are able to
Chieftain: hp 30; Dmg 4-10 (bardiche); XPV Dmg 3-12 (sword); XPV 255 see clearly at 240 yards and dimly out to 480
280 Sub-chiefs (2): hp 26, 25; XPV 239, 235 yards if they wear the weird cinnabar eye
Subchiefs (2): hp 26, 25; XPV 239, 235 cusps. Characters with infravisual capability
T. Troglodyte Tunnels will see clearly out to about 80 yards, with
2. Two caves lie in a figure eight shape, the hazy sight to about double that range. Even
larger being the one further from the en- This area is being watched by 9-12 troglo- normal human eyesight allows clear vision to
trance. This place houses 39 male, 42 female, dyte guards. Tunnels honeycomb the face of some 40 yards, and faint sight beyond to 80
and 3 1 young bugbears, led by a chief and two the cliff, but only 20 will immediately be yards.
sub-chiefs. seen, the other 40 masked by fungoid growths This immediate area is simply a slowly de-
and crystalline plants. Each burrow leads to scending gorge, about 200 yards wide and
Chieftain: hp 28; Dmg 3-10 (flail); XPV 272 a series of small dens, which house six males, gradually opening to the north along the
Sub-chiefs: hp 26, 24; XPV 239, 231 six females, and 1-6 eggs or hatchlings per fe- roadway. To either hand, steep walls rise to
male (per tunnel). A larger tunnel mouth 150 feet and as the path descends these cliffs
3. Six bugbear guards (typical males) stand at leads into a cave where the chieftain and the grow proportionately taller. Here and there
the entrance to this large cavern, about 70 feet strong leader-types dwell-20 group leaders, along these bluffs are small cracks and caves.
wide and 135 feet long to the south, the spe- four sub-chieftains, and a chieftain. In a rear (This is the norm for the Vault walls as well.)
cial assembly place for all bugbears serving the area behind them are 37 females and 61 eggs/ All are uninhabited.
drow. To the west and east in the forepart are hatchlings. The true splendor of the Vault can be ap-
several spur passages used to house the war- preciated only by those with infravision, or by
riors (six at the entrance and 12 inside), 20 fe- Ttirssslup, troglodyte chieftain: AC 5; HD 6 use of the roseate lenses or a gem of seeing.
males, and 16 young. (hp44);THACO 13; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8 (bas- The Vault is a strange anomaly, a hemispheri-
At the deepest part of the cavern is a limey tard sword); XPV 564 cal cyst in the crust of the earth, an incredibly
deposit in a chairlike formation which is used Sub-chieftains (4): hp 31, 29, 26, 23; Dmg 1- huge domed fault over 6 miles long and nearly
by Kreffok, the Bugbear hetman. This mas- 8 (longsword); XPV llO+ 4/hp, 870 for as broad. The dome overhead is a hundred
sive creature is clad in pieces of chain and plate all feet high at the walls, arching to several thou-
sand feet in the center. When properly landscape. This is rather like a cork in the bot- Firsf Story (Entry)
viewed, the radiation from certain unique tleneck of the entrance, and the drow main- Here and there in the tower small arrow slits
minerals give the visual effect of a starry tain a strong guard post at this point, a black pierce its smooth exterior, but the only visible
heaven, while near the zenith of this black stone tower with walls 10 feet thick. This cyl- entrance is a great arch with massive bronze
stone bowl is a huge mass of turnkeoite- inder rises 40 feet above the plateau, topped valves (which are open unless warning of in-
which in its slow decay and transformation to by a notched battlement. It is 55 feet in diam- vaders has reached the Vault) hinges outward.
lacofcite sheds a lurid gleam, a ghostly plum- eter, but due to the thickness of the walls, the Entrants pass along a 20-foot- wide, 15-foot-
colored light to human eyes, but with ultravi- interior is 35 feet across. The smooth and mas- high corridor, with slits in the walls and mur-
sion a wholly different sight. sive blocks of the tower have no sharp corners, der holes above. At the end of this tunnel is
The small star nodes glow in radiant for the very ages have been at work. another pair of gates, oak bound with ada-
hues of mauve, lake, violet, puce, lilac, and The road branches left and right at the base mantium alloy, closed and barred, but with a
deep blue. The large moon of turnkeoite of the mesa, with an obviously well-traveled small door (3 wide x 6 tall) which normally
casts beams of shimmering amethyst which path in the middle going northward up a fair stands open.
touch the crystalline formations with colors incline. All traffk allowed into the Vault is or- Those stepping through the door find
unknown to any other visual experience. The dered to report to the tower. It is the customs themselves within a circular room 25 feet
lichens seem to glow in rose madder and pale house and checkpoint for all aliens entering across. In the center is a long table behind
damson, the fungi growths in golden and red the drow homeland. All with medallions are which sits the High Bailiff of the Tower, a 7th
ochres, vermillions, russets, citron, and aqua- relieved of the devices, questioned briefly re- level fighter named Divolg, who keeps his
marine shades. (Elsewhere the river and other garding the purpose of their visit (trade, hand crossbow before him on the table.
water courses sheen a deep velvety purple with sport, gambling, learning, or whatever) and Divolg is going over various manifests, notices
reflected highlights from the radiant gleams issued a cloak which glows a brilliant lime and the like, his business as usual. Hidden un-
overhead vying with streaks and whorls of old green to infravision. Such individuals are per- der his garb is a platinum chain set with seven
silver where the liquid laps the stony banks or mitted to move freely to and within the city to rubies (9,000 gp, or 1,000 gp per ruby).
surges against the ebon piles of the jetties and the north or even wander about the Vault any- There are a few benches around the walls.
bridge of the elfin city for the viewers atten- where south of the great river (at their own Steps circle upward to the second story along
tion.) The rock walls of the Vault appear hazy risk, of course). the western wall, and a ramp leads downward
and insubstantial in the wine-colored light, Those who pass beyond this place without behind and under them. Flanking the en-
more like mist than solid walls. The place is cloaks are either enslaved or slain, according trance are two guards, and six others stand
indeed a dark fairyland. to the whim of the drow. Any intruder with- along the northern wall. Each guardsman has
The road stretches downward between the out medallion or cloak is instantly slain. But 2-8 pp. Reaction to attack will be immediate,
cliffs on either side, its bed strewn with there are exceptions. Aliens with a brooch of and all troops will rush to the defense of an at-
crushed crystals which faintly glitter to the on- one of the merchant clans or noble houses are tacked area if they are called or hear the
looker, but which give off a lucent blue glow, allowed to keep their special pins and need sounds of battle. (See tower level four.) Reac-
an enchanted pathway, to those with ultravi- not wear a green cloak either, but they will be tion time is 1 round to move one story, plus 1
sua1 powers. In contrast, the jutting prisms required to display their special pass (the round per three persons to move into hand-to-
and sheer and jagged rocks to the sides lend brooch) whenever requested, and woe to the hand combat, if any.
the pass a strange and foreboding air. A thief adventurer who fails to have a glib tongue if Behind the Bailiff are two wooden chests.
will find it is quite difficult to climb the face the interrogator happens to be of the clan or One contains green cloaks, the other four
of either wall, with a 10% penalty. house of the pass (or worse still an enemy of metal boxes-one with 17 medallions, an-
As the PCs proceed down the road, they that clan or house). other with important papers (all pertaining to
will observe that the countryside beyond the trade), one with four sets of cinnabar cusps,
gorge is filled with abnormally large lichens, Battlements and the last (triple locked) with 120 pp, six
large and small crystalline growths, and fungi Atop the fortress are eight male drow senti- gems (100 gp each), and (in a secret place in
of all sizes, shapes, and description. There are nels, who watch only for unusual or suspicious the lid) a small piece of parchment with drow
shelf fungi, morels, branching types, puf- behavior; groups coming up to the tower are, script saying: The bearer is my most trusted
fballs, horsetails, and more conventional after all, expected. Each mans a special heavy servant and must be speeded and aided as is
mushrooms as well. Various sorts of yeasts, crossbow clipped to an iron ring which circles his need. Eclavdra. With this message is a
smuts, rusts, blights, and molds of huge size the tower top so as to command 360 degrees. brooch of copper formed in the likeness of a
grow upon some of the toadstools and strange Each crossbow is loaded and cocked, ready to staff with tentacled end, with Eilservs en-
fungi. These growing things all thrive upon fire a javelin-like bolt. A full round is needed graved on the back.
the radiation of the stars and moon to wind it after it has been discharged. Near
above, or the fertilizers spread about for them the center of the roof are four cases which each Guardsmen (8): MR 54%; AC 0; HD 2 (hp 11
by slaves and servants of the inhabitants of the hold 12 of the missiles to be fired. Access is each); chain + I , buckler + I, shortsword
Vault, the dark elves. The huge growths form near the northern battlement, where a trap- +2, dagger + I , hand crossbow with 10
regular forests and brakes which the drow use door leads to a staircase circling the walls. poisoned bolts; XPV 148 each, 1,184 for
for all manner of things.. .. The open land is (Each watchman has 2-8 pp.) all
covered principally with various lichens, with High Bailiff Divolg: Level 7 Fighter; hp 42;
clumps of small crystals and smaller fungi Tower Watchmen (8): AC 1; HD 2 (hp 11); MR 64%; AC -7; THACO 14; #AT 3 / 2 ;
patches here and there. THACO 16; dagger + 1 , shortsword chain + 3 , buckler + 3 , shortsword +4,
+ 1(E), hand crossbow with 10 poisoned dagger + 2 , hand crossbow with 10 poi-
2. The Black Tower bolts, heavy mounted crossbow (Dmg 4- soned bolts; XPV 1,286
14/4-18, ranges 9 / 1 8 / 2 7 , + 3 / + 2 /
A full mile from the entrance to the Vault, a + 1 bonus to hit); XPV 103 each, 824 for A secret passage in the north wall of the au-
mesa-like mound of rock rises to dominate the all dience chamber is screened by a rack filled
with parchments and scrolls pertaining to vari- creatures are stabled near the secret door to tries decorating the place, but they are of no
ous trade matters, duties, tarlffs, erc. It gives the escape tunnel/steps up to the audience great value.
to a stair to the lower level, and branches; a chamber. There is a small kitchen area here, a The southern 40% of the second story
second secret door leads into the basement, or provision room filled with foodstuffs, a cis- houses the Bailiff, Merinid. At the moment of
a long tunnel may be followed northward to a tern, and eight small cells which each hold PC entry to the tower, he is at ease in his
hidden exit at the base of the mesa. If in- two slaves or prisoners. There are currently 10 chamber. His furnishings are similar to those
volved in a hopeless confrontation, the High slaves and one kuo-toan prisoner (a monitor) of Divolg's, but the bed is smaller and there
Bailiff, the Bailiff (see second story), and all held in these cells, and they will help any lib- are but two chairs. Merinid wears a platinum
guards nearby will obscure vision with dark- erators to fight the drow. (Determine race of chain set with five rubies (7,000 gp, or 1,000
ness spells and flee to alert garrison areas 4, 5, each slave by standard random means.) Each gp per stone). He also has 183 pp, an aquama-
and 7 to alert the watch at Erelhei-Cinlu. groom has 2-8 pp, but the prisoners are of rine and a pearl (500 gp each), and a gold tube
Drow scouts will screen the area of the tower course penniless. set with six black opals (6,500 gp, or 1,000 gp
within 2 hours, and a force including two per gem) which contains a scroll of protection
male patrols, four female patrols, 40 bug- Guards (2): MR 54%; AC 0; HD 2 (hp 11 from elemenrals. He hides these in a secret
bears, and 120 troglodytes will move to sur- each); chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword compartment in a leg of his desk, and therein
round the whole plateau within 8 hours. +2, dagger + I ; XPV 148 each also is a brooch of an adamantite mace bearing
Thereafter, if invaders are still within the Nightmares (2): hp 39, 35; XPV 912, 880 the engraved name Despana on the reverse.
tower, drow magic-users, female clerics, and Kuo-Toan Monitor: hp 56; XPV 1,098
hundreds of lesser dark elves will converge Bailiff Merinid: Level 6 Fighter; hp 36; MR
with still more bugbears and troglodytes, with Second Story 62%; AC -5; THACO 16; chain +3,
several various minor demons and mezzo- The stairs circling upward come to a small buckler + 3 , shortsword +3, dagger +3,
daemons to assault the place and put to slow landing, and then continue to the third level hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts;
death any within. (The adventure is all over of the tower. This second level provides quar- XPV 841
for the party if they are still there. All escape ters for the High Bailiff in a large northern
will be blocked, so just tell them a heroic room. This chamber is slightly over half the A 6-foot-wide section between the two
struggle results in death for many of the drow total area of the level. It contains a wide and chambers is given over to an armory, entered
and their allies, but all of the party eventually silk-strewn bed, a table and four chairs, a from the Bailiff's apartment. In this space are
fall. Finis.) locked chest (with 280 pp, 20 gems worth 50 12 atlatls and 64 poisoned javelins, 48 massive
gp each, and a potion o f extra-healing and po- bolts for the crossbows on the top of the tower,
Cellar rion offlyinghidden under clothing), a ward- 12 military forks (10 feet long), 10 hand cross-
The tower basement has two guards who robe, a desk, and a chest of drawers. Divolg bows, and 40 cases with 10 bolts in each. None
serve as grooms for two nightmares. These has a few lewd and erotic statuettes and tapes- of the weapons have the special poison, but

there is a chest with 200 applications in one 3. Row of 16 Stone Warehouses Bugbears (7-10 Vault type): hp 15 each; XPV
corner of the armory. 195 each
Each of these structures is about 30 feet by Drow leader (1): Level 3 Fighter; hp 13; MR
Third Story 70 feet, only some 15 feet high, and built 56%; AC - 1 (chain +2, buckler +2);
This area is entirely open, being given over against the wall of the Vault. Each belongs to a XPV 214
to an exercise and refractory usage. There are different clan of merchants, and above each Drow guard (3): Level 2 Fighter; hp 10; MR
six tables and 12 benches around the walls, door is a shield bearing the device of the ap- 54 Yo ; AC 1 (chain + 2, buckler + 1); XPV
leaving the central space open. The stair con- propriate clan. These devices are: 138
tinues upward. Weaponry (each Drow): shortsword + I,
Bars (pewter, gray) dagger + 1, hand crossbow with 10
Fourth Story Bone (white) poisoned bolts
On this level are two small private rooms Chain (brass)
and a large barracks room. Triple-tiered cots Crescent (silver) Each warehouse contains lumber, bales of
are along the walls of the latter, sufficient for Gem (red) cloth, (normal), wine kegs, leather and
36, with pegs for gear and a small chest for Hook (iron, black) leather goods, various sorts of pottery, parch-
each bunk (all contain nothing of value). A Horsetail Mushroom (pink) ment, fungi skin, dried foodstuffs, (princi-
dozen fighters are here. Each carries 2-8 pp. Lozenge (green) pally dried fungus), tin ingots, bronze ingots,
Each small room has a single cot, chair, chest Morel Mushroom (white) iron pigs, and some crude weapons (boxed)
(with nothing of value), and pegs also. Each is Mushrooms, Pair (yellow) such as spears, stone axes, heavy morningstars,
the abode of a 4th level leader. Each leader Prism (blue) javelins, and daggers. There are also about a
carries 4- 16 pp and 4- 16 gp. Puffball (tan) dozen sets of padded armor, studded leather
Shelf Fungi (russet) armor, and ring mail jacks in man-size and a
Fighters (12): MR 54%; AC 1; HD 2 (hp 9 Star (lilac) few bigger (bugbear) sizes as well. Normal
each); chain +2, buckler + I, shortsword Urn (violet and large shields (3-18) are stored with weap-
+ 1 , dagger + 1 , hand crossbow with 10 Whip (coiled, bronze/ brown) ons and armor, and all such materials are al-
poisoned bolts; XPV 136 each, 1,632 for ways kept in a small locked chamber in the
all Each warehouse is guarded and staffed by rear of the warehouse. Near the front is a
Leaders (2): MR 58%; AC - 2 ; HD 4 (hp 18 four male drow (three guards and one higher heavy bronze chest, well locked, which holds
each); chain +3, buckler + 3 , shortsword level fighter leader), and 7-10 bugbears in various vessels and containers carved from
+ 2, dagger + 2, atlatl with 3 poisoned jav- charge of 7-12 slave laborers (randomly deter- crystal. Each is about 114 cubic foot in volume
elins; XPV 312 each mined). Each drow wears a merchant clan and worth 100 gp. There are 10-60such items
brooch. in each chest.
No other loot of any particular value to the doors, shuttered windows, arrow slits, and draw the wire. A fire elemental is called up
party is here, except that a thorough search walls several feet thick. Each sorority of fight- when any plate pieces are to be formed and for
may (75% chance) turn up 1-3 green robes ers represents one of the eight noble houses, making the rough bars from which swords and
and 1-3 pairs of pinkish lenses (which effec- although not all of the members are by any maces are fashioned. Various unfinished
tively provide ultravision within the Vault). means of that particular noble family. The no- pieces of armor and a variety of rough weap-
bles furnish recruits, equip them, and pay all ons are around the place.
4. Towered Wall and Gatehouse costs. The sorority is only nominally answer-
able to the noble house, but the noble family Guards (4): Level 3 Fighter; hp 15; MR 56%;
A thick stone wall, 40 feet high topped by a is responsible for any misconduct or misdeeds AC 0 ; chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword
crenelated battlement closes off a diverticu- of the group it sponsors. Considerable rivalry +2, dagger + 2 , hand crossbow with 10
lum of the Vault. The wall is over 1/2 mile does exist between the sororities, and there is normal bolts; XPV 220 each, 880 for all
long, and each section (map hex) is patrolled intrigue and politics within the society. Overseer: Level 6 Fighter; hp 36; MR 62%;
by four female drow fighters, and the gate- Each sorority building houses 40 female AC -3; chain +3, shortsword + 4 , hand
house has eight of the same. Each of the wall's Drow trainees, with an armory and five rooms crossbow with 10 normal bolts; XPV 716
six towers houses an additional 12 such fight- for leaders. Each armory contains 40 hand Svirfneblin (4): HD 3 (hp 15 each); XPV 290
ers, with a 5th level captain, who has an ar- crossbows, 80 bolt cases with 10 quarrels each, Dwarfslaves (6): hp 7 each; XPV 50 each, 300
mory of 12 military forks (10 feet long), 20 10 atlatls, 60 javelins, and two chests with for all
cases of poisoned bolts, 10 atlatls, and 60 jave- 1,000 sleep poison applications in each. Four Salamanders (2): hp 45, 42; XPV 1,275,
lins. At the tower roof is a specially pitched of the small rooms are for 4th level leaders, 1,245
gong to warn of attack, and a code signal tells and the largest is the quarters of the 6th level
if an organized assault or simply stupid mon- sorority captain. None possess any treasure. A square tower standing about 120 yards
sters are involved. The gatehouse houses southwest of the sorority barracks is the head-
24 additional fighters, two captains, and a 7th Trainees (40 per house): Level 2 Fighter; hp quarters of the entire compound. It is 60 feet
level commander. The gatehouse armory con- 10; MR 54%; AC 1; chain + I , buckler on a side, 50 feet tall, with a bartizan on each
tains triple the number of weapons of a tower +2, shortsword + 1 , dagger + 1; XPV 69 upper corner. Its large double doorway is
armory. The commander has six additional each guarded by four guards, and there are four
javelins of lightning hidden in a secret floor Leaders (4 per house): Level 4 Fighter; hp 20; more on each of the five lower levels (24 in
compartment in her gatehouse room (2nd MR 58%; AC -2; chain +3, buckler +3, all).
floor). shortsword +2,\ dagger +2, hand cross- None of the inhabitants of the tower have
The guards sound the alarm if attacked, bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 345 each any personal funds, as each member of the so-
and all of those in towers and gatehouse then Captain (1 per house): Level 6 Fighter; hp 33; ciety is issued a faed amount whenever she
arm themselves appropriately and rush to the MR62%; AC -4; chain +3, buckler +3, leaves the enclave. All members are loyal to
battlements. A courier will be sent to inform shortsword + 3 , dagger +3, atlatl with the society.
the Grand Mistress (Area 5 below) of events. three poisoned javelins; XPV 823 The first floor of the tower is given over to
None of these individuals carry any trea- meeting rooms and business offices. All stor-
sure, nor will any valuables (except the weap- A long, low building about 240 yards south age and cooking is done in the cellar, where 12
ons and armor noted) be found in the towers of the sorority buildings is the slave barracks. slaves are penned (determine'race randomly).
or gatehouse. There are 62 slaves of various races penned
Only female drow fighters or representa- here. They are guarded by nine female drow Guards(24): Level 3 Fighter; hp 15; MR 56%;
tives of the noble houses are allowed beyond fighters, one of whom is a leader. All slaves are AC 0 ; chain +2, buckler + 2 , shortsword
the wall. All others are turned away. locked in separate rooms and chained in + I, dagger + 1, hand crossbow with 10
groups of five. normal bolts; XPV 235 each, 5,640 for all
Female Drow guard: Level 3 Fighter; hp 15;
MR 56%; AC 0; chain +2, buckler +2, Guards (6): Level 2 Fighter; hp 10; MR 54%; The second story of the building is divided
shortsword + 1 , dagger + 1, hand cross- AC 1; chain + I, buckler + 2 , shortsword into a great hall and two lesser dining rooms,
bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 235 + 1, dagger + 1; XPV 69 each, 414 for all normally unoccupied save for the four guards
Guard Captain: Level 5 Fighter; hp 30; MR Guards (2): Level 3 Fighter; hp 15; MR 56%; as noted above.
60%; AC -2; chain +2, buckler +2, AC 0 ; chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword The third floor houses eight under-officers,
shortsword +2, dagger + 2 , atlatl with 3 + 1 , dagger + 1, hand crossbow with 10 who are the sorority liaison personnel. Each is
normal javelins; XPV 510 normal bolts; XPV 220 each directly affiliated with a noble house (see the
Guard Commander: Level 7 Fighter; hp 42; 'Leader (1): Level 4 Fighter; hp 20; MR 58%; City, #9), and each has a different brooch hid-
MR64%; AC -5; chain +3, buckler +3, AC - 1; chain +2, buckler + 2 , den upon her person.
shortsword +3, dagger + 3 , atlatl with 3 shortsword +2, dagger + 2 , hand cross-
javelins of lightning; XPV 1,286 bow with 10 normal bolts; XPV 345 each Fighters (8): Level 4; hp 20; MR 58%; AC -
2 ; chain + 3, buckler + 3, shortsword +2,
5. Female Fighters' Society The closest building beyond the slave bar- dagger +2, hand crossbow with 10 normai
racks is the smithy and armory, where most of bolts; XPV 312 each, 2,496 for all
This military sisterhood supposedly the drow armor and weapons are forged. Four
counters all other factions in direct service of guards and an overseer are on duty at all The fourth level has a long hall giving to
Lolth. The complex includes 11 buildings- times, keeping watch over four deep gnomes three rooms. The right is that of General Te-
eight sorority houses, a slave barracks, a and six dwarven-smith slaves, who assist two lenna, commander of the society, and the left
smithy/armory, and a guard tower. salamanders. The salamandersdwell in a pool is that of her assistant, Lieutenant General
Each of the eight sorority buildings is quite of molten lava at the far end of the smithy, Drisinil. Both rooms contain only spartan fur-
defensible, having heavy bronze- bound and they make the adamantium alloy and nishings and no treasure.

General Telenna: Level 9 Fighter; hp 63; MR 1st level Drow, normally non-combatant but h Chain Tormtor a
68 YO; AC - 8; ring of regeneration, chain each with dagger + I ) : 9-16 males (hp 8 i Mushrooms Noquar a, 0
+5, buckler +3, shortsword +5, dagger each, XPV 53), 21-40 females (hp 9 each, j Bars Eilservs P
+3; XPV 2,356 XPV 54) k Urn (uncommitted)
Lt. General Drisinil: Level 8 Fighter; hp 56; 1 Horsetail
MR 66%; AC - 7; chain +4, buckler +3, Drow combatants (all male): Mushroom Noquar o
shortsword +4, dagger +3, ha.nd cross- m Gem Despana g, i
bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 2,972 Level 2 Fighter (17-24): hp 9; MR 54%; AC 1; n Star (leaning to Eilservs)
chain +1, buckler +2, shortsword + I , 0 Lozenge Everhate
The far room is a locked armory with 20 of dagger + 1(E), hand crossbow with 10 poi- i, I
each of the following: daggers + 1 , soned bolts; XPV 136 each p Bone Eilservs 1
shortswords + 1 , bucklers, + I, chain mail Level 3 Fighter (2-8): h p 13; MR 56%; AC 0;
+ 1, and hand crossbows. It also contains six chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword +1, The members of each clan wear the appro-
lances (death lances, six charges each), 10 dagger + I , hand crossbow with 10 poi- priate emblem as a brooch (cf Area 3, above).
atlatls, 66 javelins (six of which are magical, soned bolts; XPV 214 each
being javelins o f lightning), 40 quarrel cases Level 4 Fighter (2-5): hp 18; MR 58%; AC - 7. Male Fighters Society
(10 crossbow bolts each), and a locked chest 2; chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword +2,
(containing 500 applications of sleep poison). dagger + I , atlatl with 3 poisoned javelins; Just as the female organization is a neutral
Behind the chest is a secret door to a small XPV 337 each instrument of the drow clerical hierarchy, so
cell, the treasury, in which two iron chests Officers (2): Level 2 / 5 Cleric / Fighter; hp 2 3; too is the fraternity of male fighters an instru-
(normal locks) flank a chest of adamantium MR60%; AC -3; chain +3, buckler +3, ment to counter any destructive feuding or
alloy. Each side box holds 6,203 gp and 100 mace +3, dagger +2; XPV 688 each; power seizure by one or more of the merchant
silver ingots (10 pounds each). The middle Spells (first level): clans at the expense of the others. Of course,
chest is bolted to the floor; it has a deadly con- bless, command, cure light wounds (x2) the society also furnishes troops for guard
tact poison ( -6 penalty to saving throws) on Clanlord (1): Cleric/Fighter Level 4/7; hp 42; duty, patrols, etc.
its padlock, hasp, and handles. A secret catch MR64%; AC -5; chain + 4 , buckler +3, The society consists of 16 smallish barracks
on the back is 75 % undetectable, but enables shortsword +3, mace +3, dagger +3; buildings in two rows about 200 yards apart.
the top plane of the lid to open, hinged to the XPV 3,204; Spells: These barracks are connected by a 20-foot-
front. If this chest is opened normally, a spe- First Level: bless, command, cure light high wall to form a rectangular compound
cial conjuration upon it summons a Type I11 wounds (x2), sanctuary (x2) 240 yards long. At the rear end of the com-
demon into the room, coming just in front of Second Level: augury, hold person, si- pound is a large building which contains store
the door. Inside the chest 7,138 pp, 200 gems lence 15 radius rooms, stable space for 2-12 pack lizards and
(50 gp each), a scroll of protection from
magic, another of protection from demons, The following treasure is held in each villa,
4-16 riding lizards, an assembly hall, and
quarters where 2 1-40 slaves are penned.
and two potions of invulnerability secured in locked iron chests: There are always four guards on duty at the
The uppermost floor of the tower is a bar- gate, and 64 sentries (four from each barracks)
racks room for the guards previously de- 21-40 silver ingots (10 pounds each) patrol the walls. Persons with clan or noble
scribed, four of whom are here on duty. 2,000-8,000 gp brooches may enter the place, but only clan
1,000-4,000pp devices will permit free movement through-
6. Merchant Villa 10-100 gems (10 gp each) out the whole compound, as noble represent-
2-20 pieces of jewelry atives are restricted to the forepart of the
There are 16 of these multiple-building 2-8 potions place.
strongholds, one for each clan. The small let- 1-4 scrolls (75 % cleric, 25% magic-user) Entry to the compound is through a gate-
ter designates which clan (see below). Each house flanked by two small towers. The left
villa consists of a walled compound with a Each drow in the fortress has 1-4 gp and 1-4 tower houses 20 guards (16 of 3rd level, 4 of
large (20-room) house surrounding a private pp per level, those over 3rd level having 1gem 4th level) and the gate commander.
fungi garden built into one wall, a stable for (100 gp) per level as well. The right tower is the society leaders quar-
the pack lizards with barracks above to one Merchant clans are nominally allied in pairs ters and offices. The lowest level has one large
side of the compound, several smaller build- to a noble house, thus making a perfect bal- and two small rooms. Level 2 is the suite of
ings (3-5 rooms each) and a slaves quarters on ance of power. But due to intrigue and feud- General Istolil, and level 3 is that of the execu-
the other, and a small gate house. A clan de- ing between the merchants and nobles, there tive officer, Commander Captain Relonor.
vice is shown above the gate. is an uneven balance, and feuding and raids (Relonor is secretly in the service of the House
Each villa houses the following creatures: are fairly common. Merchant clans and their of Tormtor. Hidden on his person is an elec-
current alliances are as follows: trum javelin brooch and a ring of water walk-
Bugbear servants (13-18 Vault type) with spe- ing). The uppermost story is an armory with
cial 12-foot fauchard-forks (Dmg 1-8/ 1- Symbol Clan Alliance(s) 20 military forks, 20 atlatls, 120 javelins, and
10) for defense of the 20-foot-high a chest with 400 applications of sleep poison.
compound wall; XPV 135 + 4/hp a Prism Tormtor Hidden in a lead case on a small ledge above
Lizards, riding (1-3); XPV 90 + 5/hp b Morel Godeep the door and screened by cobwebs (90% un-
Lizards, pack (2-8); XPV 225 + 8/hp c Coiled Whip Eilservs noticeable) is a wand of magic missiles (50
Slaves (19-30; determine race randomly) d Crescent Aleval charges) with the command word engraved
e Puffball Kilsek upon it.
Drow children (2- 1 2 , immature non- f Hook Kilsek Each barracks has two levels, the lower
combatants) g Shelf Fungi Despana housing 19-24 2nd level fighters. The upper
story has a day room and seven private cham- one 5th level) blocks the inner end. Each shortsword + 1, dagger + 1 , military fork;
bers for officers-four 3rd level, two 4th level, group watches for entrants without the proper XPV 83 each
and one 5th level captain. All furnishings are green garments, and those without are asked City Wall guard leader: Level 3 Fighter; hp 13;
rather spartan. A small closet off the captains for their credentials (a brooch of clan or noble AC 0 ; chain + 2 , buckler + 2 , shortsword
room contains 20 bolt cases (each with 10 device). + I , dagger +1, hand crossbow with 10
quarrels), 10 atlatls, 30 javelins, 10 military The gatehouse proper houses an additional poisoned bolts; XPV 214 each
forks, and a small chest containing 400 appli- 12 male guards with three leaders (left side), City Tower Commander: Level 4 Fighter; hp
cations of poison. 1 2 female guards with three leaders (right 18; MR 58%; AC - 2 ; chain +3, buckler
Each drow carries 1-6 each of gp and pp per side), and the overall commander of the gate, +3, shortsword + 2 , dagger +2, hand
level. Each captain has a small coffer with 20- Wode, a male fighter-mage. Wode is an ally of crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts, atlatl
120 gp and 20-120 pp (the fraternity trea- the House of Eilservs, so any person possessing with 3 poisoned javelins; XPV 337 each
sury). The General and Exec each have a small an Eilservs or Tormtor badge will be passed The untowered river wall of Erelhei-Cinluis
coffer with 2-16 gems (100 gp each), and the with only minimal questioning by him. the special province of the female soldiers. This
General has in addition four pieces of jewelry Each soldier has 2-8 pp per level. Those
wall is very smooth and 50 feet high. Near the
and two potions o f frost giant strength. above 3rd have one gem per level (50 gp) as center of this edifice is the Noble Gate, a thick-
Level 2 Fighter: hp 10; MR 54%; AC 1; chain well. ened wall section into which is built a set of spe-
+1, buckler +2, shortsword +1, dagger
cial double gates protected from each side by
+ 1 , hand crossbow with 10 poisoned Male Guard: Level 2 Fighter; MR 54%; hp 9;
portcullises. This gate guards the access to the
bolts; XPV 138 AC 1; chain +1, buckler +2, shortsword
flying bridge which spans the Pitchy Flow and
Level 3 Fighter: hp 14; MR 56 % ; AC 0; chain + 1 , dagger + I , military fork; XPV 83 leads to the high plateau upon which the noble
+2, buckler + 2 , shortsword + 1 , dagger Male leader: Level 4 Fighter; hp 18; MR 58% ;
families have their estates.
+ I , hand crossbow with 10 poisoned AC - 2 ; chain +3, buckler + 3 ,
Barracks nearby house 36 fighters and their
bolts; XPV 2 17 shortsword +3, dagger +3, hand cross-
captain. Two patrols watch the walls from the
Level 4 Fighter: hp 19; MR 58%; AC -2; bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 337
parapet at all times; each consists of four
chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword + 2 , Female Guard: Level 3 Fighter; hp 15; MR
fighters of 2nd level, two of 3rd level, and one
dagger + 2 , atlatl with three poisoned jav- 56%; AC 0 ; chain + 2 , buckler + 2 ,
shortsword + I dagger + 1 , hand crossbow level 4 leader. Each guard has (per level) 1-4
elins; XPV 341
Captain: Level 5 Fighter; hp 25; MR 60% : AC with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 235 gp, 1-4 pp, and a gem (10 gp).
The commander of the Noble Gate is
-4; chain +4, buckler +4, shortsword Female leader: Level 5 Fighter; hp 25; MR Jyslin, a cleric/fighter. She is a member of the
+3, dagger +3; XPV 330 60%; AC -3; chain +3, buckler +3,
Servants of Lolth, and wears her gold spider
Gate Commander: As captain, but with hand shortsword +2, dagger +2; XPV370
brooch proudly. She is openly hostile to any-
crossbow and 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 445 Wode, City Gate Commander: Level 3 / 6
one bearing the device of house Eilservs or
General Istolil: Level 7 Fighter; hp 42; MR Fighter/Magic-User; h p 30; MR 62 % ; AC
Tormtor. Jyslin is accompanied everywhere by
64%:AC -7;THACO14;#AT3/2;chain - 5 ; chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword
a pair of huge trained spiders. She carries ape-
+ 5 , buckler + 3, shortsword + 5 , dagger +3, dagger +3, wand o f viscid globs (15
riapt of proof against poison ( + 4 to saving
+3, hand crossbow with 10 poisoned charges), scroll of three spells (hold portal
throws), 25 gp, 20 pp, eight gems (10 gp
bolts; XPV 1,286 x3); XPV 2,300; Spells:
each), and wears a string of 12 matched pearls
Commander Captain Relonar: Level 6 First Level: comprehend languages,
(10,000 gp value).
Fighter; hp 36; MR 62 % : AC - 6; THACO magic missile, shield, sleep
16; chain +4, buckler +3, shortsword Second Level: mirror image, web Level 2 Females (20): hp 11; MR 54%; AC 0;
+5, dagger +3, hand crossbow with 10 Third Level: fireball, tongues chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword + I,
poisoned bolts; XPV 841 dagger +1, hand crossbow with 10 poi-
9. The City of Erelhei-Cinlu soned bolts; XPV 156 each, 3,120 for all
8. Great Gate to the City Level 3 Females (10): hp 15; MR 56%; AC -
This stronghold of the dark elvenfolk is 1; chain +2, buckler + 3, shortsword + 1 ,
Although there are a number of small doors countless centuries old. It is surrounded by dagger + 1, atlatl with three poisoned jav-
in the walls of the ancient drow city, this is the walls of black stone, 30 feet high and adorned elins; XPV 235 each, 2,350 for all
only entry permitted to non-drow. (Entry with crenelated battlements above that. At ir- Level 4 Females (4): hp 20; MR 58%; AC - 3;
through any other portal will need to force a regular intervals around the perimeter are 11 chain +3, buckler +4, shortsword + 2 ,
triple lock, triple bar, and automatically sum- square towers, 40 feet on a side, 45 feet tall, dagger + 2 , hand crossbow with 10 poi-
mon a Type I1 demon.) The gatehouse is a and crenelated battlements adding over 6 feet soned bolts; XPV 345 each, 1,380 for all
large pile of old black stone, frescoed with de- to each towers height. The walls are patrolled Level 5 Females (2): hp 25; MR 60%; AC -4;
monic visages. Two spiked bronze valves stand by pairs of male fighters passing between tow- chain +4, buckler +4, shortsword + 2 ,
open at the far end, and a raised portcullis can ers, and each tower houses 10 additional male dagger +2, atlatl with 3 poisoned javelins;
close the nearer end of the passage. The city guards and two leaders on its upper floors. XPV 485 each, 970 for all
walls are 20 feet thick and those of the gate- The second level is a dayroom, and the first is Female Captain: Level 6 Fighter; hp 30; MR
house 10 feet through. The construction is 70 used for the offices and quarters of the tower 62%; AC - 5 ; chain +4, buckler +4,
feet wide and 40 feet deep and high. The tun- commander. shortsword +3, dagger +3, hand cross-
nel which passes through its center is 20 feet Each soldier has 2-8 pp per level. Those bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 805
square, with slits and murder holes guarding above 3rd have one gem per level (50 gp) as Jyslin: Level 8/4 Cleric/Fighter; hp 48; MR
its length. well. 66%; AC -6; THACO 16; SD + 4 on sav-
At the entry are five male drow guards (four ing throws vs. poison; chain +4, buckler
City Wall Guard: Level 2 Fighter; MR 54%; +4, mace +4, dagger +3; XPV 6,222;
2nd level and one 4th level leader), and a sim- hp 9; AC 1; chain +1, buckler + 2 ,
ilar troupe of female guards (four of 3rd level,
Spells: wearing the green garb. None are disturbed to A male drow patrol polices the main streets
First Level: command, cure light wounds pass a lesser demon or succubus, a night hag or of the city every hour, and a patrol of females
(x2), detect good (x2) mezzodaemon. These crowds part hurriedly (standardplus two displacer beasts, hp 32 each)
Second Level: hold person (x2), silence for Noble Drow riding nightmares or the works the back streets on a regular hourly round
15 radius (x2), slow poison more powerful demons or daemons, but those as well. But they are indifferent to the fate of
Third Level: cause blindness (x3) of the dark elves with pack lizards must slowly any non-drow, and seek only to prevent major
Fourth Level: cure serious wounds (x2), force their way through traffic. Beggars of all riots or destruction. The characters will en-
protection from good 10 radius sorts are seen, and half-drow thieves, pimps, counter creatures every turn they roam the
and harlots are common. streets, and once every 6 turns spent inside any
Huge Wolf Spiders (2): as huge spider but AL Between 8,000 and 9,000 drow live in the establishment open to public traffic.
N(E); hp 17, 16; XPV 196, 193
city, and double that number of half-castes,
The alien and strangely disturbing build- servants, and slaves. To this permanent popu- Random Encounters in Erelhei-Cinlu
ings of Erelhei-Cinlu are crowded together in lation can be added a thousand or so creatures
Main Thoroughfare -
a welter which confuse any not born and bred visiting for purposes known only to them-
to the place. Its crooked, narrow streets and al- selves. The tiers and dungeons of Erelhei- Id20 Encounter Type
leys are dimly illuminated by signs scribed in Cinlu reek of debauchery and decadence, and
phosphorescent chemicals and occasional li- the citys inhabitants are degenerate and ef- 1Beggar, diseased
chen growths or fire beetle cages. Not even the fete. (Those with any promise and ability are 2 -4Demon*
drow are certain what horrors lurk in the brought out of the place to serve the fighting 5 Drow nobles
sewers beneath, but the rooftops are home to societies, merchant clans or noble houses. The 6 Drow patrol, males
many sorts of large, huge, and giant spiders. rest are left to wallow in the sinkhole of abso- 7 Ghasts (5-8)
The main ways of this ancient and depraved lute depravity which is Erelhei-Cinlu.) The 8 Human clerics
city are thronged with as unlikely a mixture of most popular places in the city are the gam- 9 Human magic-users
creatures as can be imagined. Green cloaked bling dens, bordellos, taverns, drug saloons, 10-11 Illithids (2-5)
illithids and kuo-toans rub shoulders with and even less savory shops along the two main 12 Illithids (3-6)
dark elves. Ghasts and ghouls roam freely, and streets. The back streets and alleyways too, 13 Mezzodaemon
an occasional shadow or vampire will be seen. boast of brothels, poison shops, bars, and tor- 14 Night hag
Bugbears and troglodytes are common, as are ture parlors. Unspeakable things transpire 15 N ycadaemon
other various servants and slaves of the drow where the evil and jaded creatures seek plea- 16 Rakes (7-12)
(dwarves, goblins, half-orcs, humans, and sure, pain, excitement or arcane knowledge, 17-18 Succubus
orcs are sometimes free inhabitants of the and sometimes these seekers find they are vic- 19 Thieves (2 - 5)
place). All are pale from dwelling in the sun- tims. All visitors are warned that they enter . 20 Trolls (2-5)
less Vault. Trolls slink by evil-looking men the back streets of the city at their peril. * Demon: Roll Id6 to determine the Type

Back Street or Alleyway ing to the party the fell doings there and as to appear to be several smaller groups.
blaming Lolth and her followers for all man- Those outside will be in two or three groups so
Id20 Encounter Type ner of evil doings in the surface world (part of as to surround and surprise their victims. All
1 Beggar which will be true), and showing them how to will scatter when a patrol or nobles appear, for
2 Beggar, diseased reach the Egg of Lolth. Nobles from the three they are greatly disliked by the drow military
Demon, Type I, 11, or I11 houses actively opposing Eclavdra and house and upper class.
4 Drow patrol, female Eilserv will similarly encourage the party to For bands with half-orcs, one to two are of
Ghats (5-8) strike out against the hated Eilservs. that race. Most in the group are fighters of
6 Human clerics level 4-7, but any half-orc or half-drow is 50%
Human magic-users Human clerics: This includes 1-2 fighters of likely to be a fighter/thief of level 3-514-7or a
Illithids (2-5) level 5-7 guarding an evil (chaotic or neutral) fighter/ assassin of level 4-6 /4-6. They wear no
Mezzodaemon or Type IV demon cleric of level 10-13 and 2-4 lesser clerics of armor, but have (drow) magical daggers and
9 shortswords of up to + 3 enchantment. (Use
10 Night hag level 6-8. All have magical armor and shields.
11-14 Rakes (7-12) Each has some form of magic weapon (ham- the weapons table given at the end of thieves,
Shadows (5-8) mer, mace, or sword). The leader has a useful below. )
16-17 Succubus ring, a rod, st&, or wand which is useful for A band with half-elflhalf-drow is all
18 Thieves (2-5) attack, and an attack or defense miscellaneous fighter/thieves of levels 4-7. They wear shirts
Trolls (2-5) magic item which he or she can employ. Each of chain + 1 or + 2 under their garments, and
19 lesser cleric has a 5 Yo chance per level for each each has shortsword + I and dagger + 1. They
20 Vampire
such item. Each fighter has a like chance for a are hostile to all they perceive as part of the
Encounter Details useful ring, miscellaneous magic item, and system which prevails in their world, and the
10YO per level chance for one useful potion in drow with them are of the few who are neither
Most creatures: In addition to those men- addition. These groups are likely to attack and totally degenerate nor wholly evil; they hate
tioned below, various fell and evil creatures slay any humans they meet (such as explorers) the society around them and see no good in it.
are wandering the alleys and main thorough- who are of good alignment. If the party manages a friendly meeting with
fares. They may be on a mission for a noble these types, the youths tell them about the
house or for the temple, on their own personal Human magic-users: This is either a pair (one worship of the Demoness Lolth and the way to
business, or merely taking recreation in the level 14-16, one level 11-13) or a trio (one her Egg. The rakes will accompany the party
debauched city. In any event, they will not re- level 12-14, two level 9-11). Each wears brac- to the area in question if a plan which seems
act kindly to individuals who get in their way. ers of defense with either rings or robes ofpro- reasonable to them is put forth. They will also
tection, the higher levels having the best leave the Vault and Egg areas in the course of
Beggar, diseased: This vile creature will touch quality. The leader has a powerful st&, wand, adventuring.
anyone who does not give him any money (if or rod; lesser types have useful but not highly
he dares, of course), with a 90% chance of in- powerful items of this nature. Each wears two Thieves: These are of several racial types; use
fecting the victim with leprosy. useful rings, and each has a magical dagger the table below to determine each. All are
and 1-3 useful scrolls o f protection. In addi- evil. Their typical ploy is to have one member
Drow Nobles: This group will stop to converse tion, the leader has 3-4 useful items of miscel- of the group pose as a beggar, while others
with unusual groups 75% of the time. If they laneous magic, lesser magic-users 1-2 such. rescue the mark from the beggars dis-
see anything which appears dangerous to the (Useful, as used here, means helpful for at- eased touch, thus having a chance to pick the
welfare of the drow, they will immediately tack, defense, and/or protection in the City of marks pocket, cut his or her purse, etc. If the
act-attack, summon passing creature(s) to Erelhei-Cinlu and on the journey to and from victims seem to be weak, it is very probable
aid them, make an arrest, etc. the place.) that the thieves will strike from behind and
The group includes 2-4 fighters of 4th-6th Roll Id20 to determine the alignment of kill in order to completely loot them. Each
level guarding 1-3 cleric/fighters of the 6th- each magic-user: thief is level 5-8, but if 4-5 thieves are encoun-
8th/4th-6th level and 1-2 male fighter/ 1-5 neutral tered deduct 1 level from each. Each has a
magic-users of 3rd-5th/ 7th-9th level. Each 6-9 neutral evil (drow) magical dagger, and may (50%, check
has high hit points (75 % maximum or more), 10-19 chaotic evil each) have a magical shortsword. Use the table
with principal attributes of 16 or more and 20 lawful evil below to find ex
Dexterity of 16-18. If the magic-users are evil, they will attack any
Each guard has chain +2, buckler + 2 , Good party they discover. Neutral magic-users Id12 Race 0:
are open to any reasonable offers, of course.. .
1-3 drow
bow. 4 dwarf
Each cleric/fighte P:The mind flayers generally ignore
inless provoked or attacked. 5-6 half-el;, Ilall-uluw
+3, mace +3, and 7 gnome
Each fighter / mag 8-9 half-human/ half-Drow
+ 3, shortsword +4 Those roaming the streets of Erelhei-
nclude these bands of bitter youths, 10 half-human/ half-elf
a wand ofcold (70%
(30 O h ). Spells will have been carefully chosen ..__-e, often outcasts. The group includes 11 half-orc
drow and half-drow/ half-humans, the re- 12 human
and will be used in coordination if needed.
Roll randomly to determine the Noble mainder being either half-orcs (60%) or half-
house involved in the encounter. Nobles from drow/half-elves (40%). Drow crossbreeds
Tormtor and Eilserv will seek to place the party have standard drow magic resistance but no
in conflict with the Temple of Lolth, describ- spell ability.
Rakes encountered inside will be seated so

Weapon Carried (Thief or Rake): Roll Id20 Each of the eight noble houses has its own es- 1st level Drow, normally non-combatant but
per weapon tate and a palace-fortress complex thereon. each with dagger + 1: 21-30 males (hp 8
Although there are no forests or fungi and each, XPV 53 each), 11-20 females (hp 9
1-13 dagger +1 crystal growths, there are small brakes and each, XPV 54 each)
14-18 dagger + 2
copses of these things growing along the road
19-20 dagger + 3
and between estate boundaries. Drow combatants, male:
Each estate consists of a large (30 + room)
1-12 shortsword +1
palace surrounded by outbuildings and con- Level 2 Fighter (8): hp 11; MR 54%; AC 0;
13-17 shortsword +2
18-19 shortsword + 3
necting walls to form a large compound. Out- chain +2, buckler +2, shortsword + I ,
buildings include 2-4 small villas, barracks, dagger +1, hand crossbow with 10 poi-
20 short sword + 4
stables, menagerie, and slave quarters. Special soned bolts; XPV 148 each, 1184 for all
The Flying Bridge and Plateau Beyond personnel of each house are noted in the fol- Level 3 Fighter (4): hp 16; MR 56 % ; AC - 2;
lowing descriptions, but every house includes chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword +3,
As mentioned previously, the only persons
some creatures and individuals as listed be- dagger + 3, atlatl with three poisoned jav-
low. elins; XPV 223 each, 892 for all
permitted to leave the city by the Noble Gate
are those on business o f t h e noble families, Level 4 Fighter (2): hp 24; MR 58%; AC -4;
Displacer beasts (2-8,trained hunting packs, chain + 4 , buckler + 4 , shortsword + 2 ,
i.e. those with the proper devices and a good
XPV 475 + 8/hp) dagger +2, hand crossbow with 10 poi-
reason (fabricated or real) are allowed to pass
Lizards, riding (7- 1 2 , XPV 90 + 5 / hp) soned bolts, XPV 361 each, 722 for all
over the bridge to the area north. The flying
Nightmares (2-5, XPV 600 + 8/hp) Level 5 Fighter (1): hp 30; MR 60%; AC - 5;
bridge joins the plateau about 30 feet higher
Bugbear servants (9-16 Vault type; hp 16; AC chain + 4 , buckler + 4 , shortsword +3,
than its southern end. The road beyond takes
a variegated hue-violets, blues, greens, reds,
3) with heavy morning star, heavy cross- dagger + 3, atlatl with three poisoned jav-
purples-as it rises steeply to the top of the bow, and 30 bolts; XPV 199 each elins; XPV 510
noble lands.
Troglodyte servants (19-24 Vault type; hp 10) Level 6 Fighter (1): hp 36; MR 62 % ; AC - 6;
with metal battle axe and three javelins; chain + 4 , buckler + 4 , shortsword + 3 ,
10-17. Lands of the Noble Houses
XPV 56 each dagger +3, hand crossbow with 10 poi-
Slaves (2 1- 50, various races) soned bolts; XPV 841
The plateau north of the Pitchy Flow serves
Draw children (*- 16, immature non-
as the exclusive preserve of the drow nobles.

Drow combatants, female: Fighter/Magic-user male: Level 416; hp 30; -6 (Nedylene, from the Hall of the Fire
AC - 5 (Bruherd, from the Fire Giants Giant King, level 3 ) ; XPV 10,518
Level 2 Fighters (6): hp 12; MR 5 4 % ; AC 0; Hall, level 3 ) ; XPV 2,025 Cleric/ Fighter female: Level 5 / 5 ; hp 37 ; AC
chain +2, buckler + 2 , shortsword + I , Fighter/Magic-User male: Level 414; hp 20; - 4 ; XPV 1,645
dagger + I , hand crossbow with 10 poi- AC - 3 ; XPV 670 Fighter/Magic-User male: Level 317; hp 3 5 ;
soned bolts; XPV 158 each, 948 for all AC - 5 ; XPV 2,420
Level 3 Fighters (12): hp 16; MR 5 6 % ; AC - Tormtor magic items include the following: Fighter/Magic-User male: Level 5 / 4 ; hp 30;
2 ; chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword +2, scroll of protection fiom demons, ring ofpro- AC - 5 ; XPV 1,065
dagger +2, hand crossbow with 10 poi- tection + 3, staff o f striking, wand o f viscid
soned bolts; XPV 238 each, 2,856 for all globs, and a gem o f summoning fire elemen- Despana magic items include the following:
Level 4 Fighters (6): hp 24; MR 5 8 % ; AC -4; tals (as the brazier). Add the following ran- rod of cancellation, demon staff,and boots o f
chain +4, buckler + 4 , shortsword + 2 , domly determined items: two potions, two speed. Add the following randomly deter-
dagger + 2, atlatl with three poisoned jav- scrolls, one ring, one rod / staff / wand, and one mined items: five potions, three scrolls, one
elins; XPV 361 each, 2,166 for all miscellaneous magic item. ring, and three miscellaneous magic items.
Level 5 Fighters (4): hp 30; MR 60% ; AC - 5 ;
chain +4, buckler + 5 , shortsword +3, 11. House of Everhate 13. House of Noquar
dagger +3, hand crossbow with 10 poi-
soned bolts; XPV 510 each, 2,040 for all Device: Crossed silver daggers Rank: 5 Device: Bronze nightmares head Rank: 4
Level 6 Fighters (2): hp 36; MR 62 O h ; AC - 6 ;
chain +4, buckler +5, shortsword +3, Nominal supporters of the noble houses wor- These close allies of the Despana and Kilseks
dagger +3, hand crossbow with 10 poi- shipping the demoness Lolth, but seldom ac- secretly hope that the struggle with the
soned bolts; XPV 847 each, 1,694 for all tive against the Eilservs-Tormtor faction, they Eilservs will weaken their allies so that Noquar
Level 7 Fighter (1): hp 42; MR 6 4 % ; AC - 7 ; prefer to wait to see the eventual outcome of will be the greatest noble family. The follow-
chain +>, buckler + 5 , shortsword + 4 , the contest. The following nobles rule the ing nobles rule the Noquars:
dagger +3, hand crossbow with 10 poi- house:
soned bolts; XPV 1,286 for all Cleric/Fighter female: Level 818; hp 56; AC
Guards, female fighters ( 8 ) : Level 4 ; hp 24; - 8 ; XPV 5,296
All combatants have military forks and AC - 3 ; XPV 271 each, 2,168 total Fighter/Magic-User male consort: Level 6 / 7 ;
fauchard-forks for wall defense. Cleric/Fighter female ruler: Level 1015 ; hp hp 44; AC - 6 ; XPV 3,616
In the following notes, each ruler is as- 60; AC - 7 ; XPV 5,360 Cleric/Fighter female: Level 616; hp 42; AC
sumed to have armor and weapons commen- Fighter/Magic-User male consort: Level 5 /8; - 7 ; XPV 2,504
surate with rank. Specific items of these sorts hp 48; AC - 6 ; XPV 3,672 CleridFighter female: Level 4 / 6 ; hp 30; AC
are not listed. Various magic items of the CleridFighter female: Level 9 / 4 ; hp 54; AC - 4 ; XPV 1,575
house are left to random selection, but in no - 5 ; XPV 5,264 Fighter/ Magic-User male: Level 2 / 5 ; hp 2 5 ;
case should super-powerful items (such as a CleridFighter female: Level 814; hp 48; AC AC - 4 ; XPV 700
sphere of annihilation or any artifact) be in- - 4 ; XPV 3,672 Fighter female: Level 9 ; hp 45; AC 0 or - 4 (if
cluded. As a general rule, re-roll any item CleridFighter female: Level 614; hp 36; AC items are recovered); XPV 1,944; Derin-
with gp value of 40,000 or more, and any - 4 ; XPV 1,635 nil. She was held prisoner by the kuo-toans
other item you deem inappropriate. Fighter/Magic-user male: Level 4 / 6 ; hp 36; (Chapter 10). If rescued by the PCs, she
Except for slaves, each individual of a noble AC - 5 ; XPV 1,635 may betray them as soon as possible, or at
house has 1-6 pp per level, and those above Fighter/Magic-User male: Level 414; hp 24; best will point them in the direction of
4th level (or 5th combined levels) have 1-4 AC - 3 ; XPV 694 Eilservs hidden shrine as the source of all
gems (100 gp each) per level. The palace has evil.
100% chance of types R and U treasure (deter- Everhate magic items include the following:
mine amounts randomly). staffo f withering, wand o f paralyzation, and Noquar magic items include the following:
an efieet bottle. Add the following randomly potion o f cloud giant strength, ring of spell
10. House of Tormtor determined items: three potions, three scrolls, storing, staffofhealing,and two death lances.
two rings, and three miscellaneous magic Add the following randomly determined
Device: Electrum javelin Rank: 7 items. items: six potions, two scrolls of cleric spells,
two scrolls of any sort, one rod/staff/wand,
Actively allied with the House of Eilservs 12. House of Despana and four miscellaneous magic items.
(# 17), rising and thus incurring the enmity of
the other nobles, the Tormtors are very power- Device: Adamantite mace Rank: 3 14. House of Aleval
ful despite their current low rank. The follow-
ing nobles rule the house: The House of Despana is closely leagued with Device: Gold Wand Rank: 8
those of Kilsek and Noquar to bring ruin
Cleric / Fighter fernale ruler: Level 1 0 / 7 ; hp upon the Eilservs, for each of these families This weak family is primarily bent on gaining
58; AC - 6 ; X r v -/,i44
-*7 .1 ,
imagines that their house would then gain more power. As they are relatively unimport-
Fighter/Magic-User male consort: Level 4 / 10; first precedence. The following nobles rule ant, they can manage a semi-independent po-
hp 5 2 ; AC - 5 ; XPV 5,232 the Despana family: sition, waiting for the Kilsek-Despana-
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 815; hp 48; AC Noquar faction or the Eilservs-Tormtor axis to
- 6 ; XPV 3,672 Cleric/ Fighter female: Level 11/ 6 ; hp 60; AC wax supreme and then join with the victors.
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 7 / 4 ; hp 42; AC - 8 ; XPV 7,180 The following nobles rule the house:
-5; XPV 2,504 Cleric/Fighter female: Level 8 / 7 ; hp 56; AC

Cleric-Fighter female ruler: Level 9 / 4 ; hp 54;
AC - 6 ; XPV 5,264
Fighter/Magic-User male consort: Level 3 16;
hp 30; AC - 5 ; XPV 1,575
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 414; hp 24; AC
- 4 ; XPV 694
Fighter/Magic-User males ( 2 ) : Level 2 14; hp
20 each; AC -4; XPV 420

Aleval magic items include the following:

wand of enemy detection, snake st&(hooded
cobra), and wings of flying. Add the follow-
ing randomly determined items: two potions,
two scrolls, one ring, and one miscellaneous
magic item.

15. House of Kilsek

Device: Mithril sword Rank: 2

Hatred and jealousy has always existed be-

tween Kilsek and Eilservs, and the Kilsek fam-
ily is more than happy to be able to play the
Despanas and Noquars against their rivals.
The following nobles rule the house:

Cleric/Fighter female ruler: Level 916; hp 54;

AC - 7 ; XPV 5,264
Fighter/Magic-User male consort: Level 4 19;
hp 45; AC - 7 ; XPV 5,120
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 8 / 5 ; hp 48; AC
- 5 ; XPV 3,672
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 7 / 3 ; hp 36; AC
- 5 ; XPV 2,432
Fighter/Magic-User male: Level 316; hp 30;
AC - 4 ; XPV 1,575
Fighter/ Magic-User male: Level 2 / 5 ; hp 2 5 ;
AC - 4 ; XPV 700

IWsek magic items include the following: ring of

protection + 1 , wand of lightning bolts, bag of
uicks, and a spear +3. Add the following ran-
domly determined items: six potions, four
scrolls, and three miscellaneous magic items.

16. House of Godeep

Device: Platinum crossbow Rank: 6

The Godeep nobles are committed to the

anti-Eilservs faction, for they perceive that
they will gain greater rewards from the victori-
ous Kilsek combination, and thus displace the
Everhate House as 5th in precedence. The fol-
lowing nobles rule the house:

Cleric/Fighter female ruler: Level 914; hp 54;

AC -8; XPV 5,264
Fighter/Magic-User male consort: Level 5 18;
hp 48; AC - 6 ; XPV 3,672
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 613; hp 36; AC
- 5 ; XPV 1,635
FighterIMagic-User male: Level 5 / 5 ; hp 30;
AC - 4 ; XPV 1,575
ClericIFighter female: Level 4/4; hp 24; AC pendix B). Add the following randomly deter- also dwarves, gnolls, o m , trolls, halflings ,
-4; XPV 694 mined items: five potions, six scrolls, one ogres, goblins, etc. amongst the crowd. Those
ring, two rod/staff/wand, and three miscella- near the monsters are being torn apart and
Godeep magic items include the following: neous magic items. eaten as dainty morsels. There are three of
wand o f fear, cube of force, crossbow o f accu- Note 1: If Eclavdra was slain during the these ghastly things, mottled in various shades
r a q and 14 bolts +3 (with sleep poison). course of the adventure in the halls of Snurre, and tints of purple and violet.
Add the following randomly determined she has now either been recovered by raise
items: two potions, two scrolls, and 1 miscel- dead or has been restored via clone by her con- Priests Area: The north wall of cloudy purple
laneous magic item. sort Lyme. She still rules. stone shows an amber-like inlay of a huge in-
Note 2: If the greater tentacle rod is taken verted triangle with a Y enclosed in it and
17. House of Eilservs or destroyed, both lesser rods will be de- touching the sides of the triangle. Beneath
stroyed, and Eclavdra has a rod ofrulership. If this, hanging on chains from the ceiling, is a
Device: Copper staff Rank: 1 either or both of the lesser rods are taken or black metal triangle and cylinder. The first tier
destroyed in previous adventuring, duplicates of the area is of black stone shot through with
The Eilservs have long seen a need for an abso- are in the possesion of the Eilservs. Note that veins of violet. The second tier is of dark gray
lute monarch to rule the Vault, and as the no- for each of the three rods, a special ring must stone, with specks of lilac and orange and pur-
ble house of first precedence, they have worn by the wielder to activate the rods ple. The third tier is dull black stone with
reasoned that their mistress should be Queen powers. They are useable only by clerics, and whorls of plum and lavender and splotches of
of all drow. When this was proposed, the Eclavdra has the necessary rings. red. There is a great drum of blackened skin
priestess of Lolth supported the other noble and chitinous material on the western third of
families aligned against the Eilservs, fearing Temple of the Eye the first tier. On the eastern third Gf this tier
that such a change would abolish her position Two hexes to the northwest of the Eilservs stands a rack from which hang nine silver cyl-
as the final authority over all disputes and estate is a secret entrance to the Temple of the inders. (These chime tubes are hollow and are
actions of the dark elves. Thereafter, the Eye of the Elder Elemental God. (This temple worth 1,000 gp each.)
Eilservs and their followers turned away from is similar to that in the fire giants lair.) On the second tier is a huge stone altar
the demoness and proclaimed their deity to be The temple is illuminated by a strange block of dull, porous-looking, somewhat rusty
an Elder Elemental God. swirling light which seems to be part of the black mineral. To either side of it are ranked
Though there is no open warfare, there is very air of the place. Eddies of luminosity drift large bronze braziers whose corroded green
much hatred, and both factions seek to de- and swirl here and there, causing the whole coloration is particularly nauseating in this
stroy each other. An attempt to move worship scene to be strange and uncertain. Distances setting. To the left and right of these braziers,
of their deity into the upper world (to estab- and dimensions are tricky to determine in the set in triangular form with the point to the
lish a puppet kingdom there and grow so pow- shifting light of rusty purple motes and laven- south, are two sets of three candelabra, each
erful from this success that their demands for der rays. Globs of mauve and violet seem to candelabrum having three branches. These
absolute rulership could no longer be seep and slide around. The ceiling of the Tem- are made of bronze green with age, and each
thwarted) was ruined of late, and the family is ple is out of visual range, 50 feet at the lowest, branch holds a fat black candle which burns
now retrenching. The house is ruled by the and well over 65 feet where it vaults upward. with a flame of leaping lavender and deep
following nobles: glowing purple but never grows smaller.
Worship Area: Each pillar radiates a sense of Nothing save the metal triangle stands
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 1014; hp 60; AC unease and insecurity in a 5-foot radius. The upon the third tier.
-8; XPV 17,850 (Eclavdra; see Note 1 be- wall to the west is a mural showing drow bow- If the altar stone is hit or touched by living
low) ing to a cairn of black offering sacrifices, giv- flesh, it begins to fade in color, and in three
Fighter/Magic-user male consort: Level 5 / 12; ing gifts, etc. The floor on this side of the rounds it becomes a translucent amethyst
hp 56; AC - 7 ;XPV 7,108 (Lyme; he has a column in the center is of porphyry, the pillars color with a black, amorphous center. Any
stone golem, hp 60, AC 5 , XPV 8,950) of serpentine, and their well-polished surfaces further touch when the altar is thus trans-
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 815; hp 40; AC clash with each other and the strange light as formed will paralyze the creature touching it
- 5 ; XPV 5,040 well. The scenes on the west wall grow more for 5 to 20 turns. If the drum is beaten, the
Fighter/Magic-User male: Level 3 /8; hp 30; horrific, showing human, drow, and spider chimes rung, and the triangle struck while the
AC - 5; XPV 3,420 sacrifices near the north (altar) end. altar is changed, a glowing golden eye will
FighterlMagic-User male: level 416; hp 30; swim into view from the stones writhing cen-
AC -4; XPV 1,575 Servants and Thralls Worship area: The pol- ter. Each creature seeing the eye must roll
Cleric/Fighter female: Level 5 / 3 ; hp 30; AC ished floor of red and black hornblende seems Id12, with fate as follows:
-4; XPV 1,065 to flow between the obsidian pillars which
Fighter female: Level 8; hp 60; AC -4; XPV close off this area. Each of these pillars radiates Id12 Effect
2,050 (Viconia, last seen in the fire giants mild fear in a 2-foot radius, and if one is
hall, level 3) touched, the creature contacting it must actu- 1 Death
Cleric males (4): Level 4; hp 20 each; AC - 2; ally save versus fear or run away in absolute 2 Insanity*
XPV 386 each, 1,544 for all panic. Passing between two pillars causes the 3 Rage (attack own party)
creature to receive 2-8 points of electrical 4 Fright and weakness (50% strength
Eilservs magic items include the following: damage, or double that if wearing metal ar- loss)*
ring of protection +3, greater tentacle rod mor. The wall to the east shows a scene of vari- 5 Age 1-20 years
and two lesser tentacle rods (see Note 2), wand ous creatures crawling, then creeping, up to 6-12 No effect (looked away in time)
of viscid globs, stone o f controlling earrh ele- huge, vaguely squid-like creatures with 10 * curable by remove curse
rnenrals, frost brand shorrsword +3/ + 6, and hairy tentacles. In the forefront of this mass
nine bolts ofpower (3 of each type; see Ap- self-sacrifice are elves and men, but there are

If the three tentacle rods are present when ple of Lolth. sleeping chamber leads 10 feet downwards.
the eye appears, however, and the braziers are The open interior of the Lesser Temple is The 2nd rung of the ladder is set to come loose
lit, the altar becomes transparent heliotrope pillared. In the center, two frames resembling and precipitate the climber to the bottom,
in color, the black mass at the center grows spiderwebs flank a large sacrificial altar. Six- where a covered pit drops the victim another
larger 2nd shows swollen veins of purple, and teen exceptionally large black widow spiders 10 feet onto a bed of six poisoned spikes (2-5
the eye is a fiery red-orange. A tentacle comes dwell herein on the ledges around the interior. hit, Dmg 1-6 each plus save vs. poison per
out of the altar and grabs the nearest living They have webs spun around 20 feet above the hit). The treasury of the Lesser Temple is kept
creature, and draws it into the stone; the vic- floor, so that they can move quickly about the in a 20 x 10 room at the ladders base. A
tim is totally destroyed. The altar then returns whole interior, and they attack any non-drow locked chest contains 5,780 gp and 12 pieces
to its dead state, and atop of it is the thing they see. They have no treasure. (When a rit- of wrought gold jewelry (value 200-1,200 gp
most wished for by the party, or something ual sacrifice is made at the altar, two victims each). There is a secret door in the pit, how-
which will enable them to attain the end or are placed into the frames for feeding of the ever, which will open to reveal a small plati-
state they most desire (perhaps pointing out temple spiders.) num coffer (worth 2,500 gp) containing 1,000
the location of the Egg of Lolth, area 18). If a pp and 100 gems (50 gp each). A loose stone
second summoning of this Elder Elemental Spiders, giant (16): hp 44 each; XPV 535 beneath the coffer hides a temple service
God is made within the same day, it acts as fol- each, 8,560 for all (chalice, dish, and ewer) of gem-studded
lows: gold, worth 10,000, 20,000, and 25,000 gp
An obscene tapestry at the rear of the tem- respectively.
ld12 Result ple screens a pair of double doors which lead
to the lower level of the place. Here are store 19. The Great Fane of Lolth
1 Seize and devour 1-4 more creatures rooms, a kitchen, refractory, cells for sacrifices
but not grant any desires (three current victims therein), and slave bar- At the very center of the Egg of Lolth is a
2 Strike everyone present totally blind racks where a dozen prisoners (of various mound upon which is built the great temple
and not grant any desires races) are kept when not laboring for the glory to the demoness, the Fane whereat only the
3 Raise the ability score of each being of Lolth. There is a suite of six rooms wherein noble drow are allowed to come. The edifice is
present by one in each category but dwell the three clerics of the Lesser Temple. A a pagoda-like structure, decorated with many
take no sacrifice small barracks provides for 10 guards. All the carved spiders and demon statues. If any hu-
4- 12 Ignore the whole thing staff members are female drow, and each manoid creature climbs upon it, a magic spell
The large pillar in the east on the first tier is proudly wears a golden brooch. Each has one releases 20 stone gargoyles, turning them back
of malachite and is covered with graven signs gem (100 gp) per level; fighters each have 2-8 into normal monsters. The 68 windows of the
and sigils. If the correct pair are touched, the pp per level, clerics twice that amount. struciure are each guarded by a shadow, which
creature touching them will be transported to will attack any who enter by surprise at + 4 to
Eclavdras chambers (This pair should be the Level 3 Fighters (8): hp 15; AC 0; chain +2, hit.
same as the pair that operates the similar buckler + 2 , shorrsword + 1, dagger + I, A detailed encounter key to the Fane fol-
mechanism in the Giants temple.) hand crossbow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV lows the description of area #20 (below), and
220 each, 1,760 for all maps of the six levels of the Fane are in the
18. Entrance to the Egg of Lolth Level 5 Fighters (2): hp 30; MR 60% ; AC - 3; map booklet.
chain +3, buckler +3,- shorrsword +3,
From the flying bridge which spans the dagger +3, hand crossbow with 16) poi- Gargoyles (20): hp 20 each; XVP 265 each,
Pitchy Flow between Erelhei-Cinlu and the soned bolts; XPV 510 each 5,300 for all
nobles plateau, the road northeast leads to a Under-priestesses (2): Level 6 Cleric; lip 30; Shadows (68): hp 17 each; XVP 293 each,
broad and high gallery, 100 feet and more MR 62 % ; AC - 3; chain + 3, buckler +4, 19,924 for all
wide and over a mile long. Its walls have been mace +2; XPV 930; Spells:
carved by slaves over centuries, so that every- First Level: bless, command, cure light 20. Wharf Cavern
where the eye rests a grinning demon face, wounds, fear
feeding spider, gibbering manes, or scenes of Second Level: chant, silence 15 radius, The Fane maintains a secret base here, for
disgusting practices or the revolting land- slow poison its agents travel the waters of the Pitchy Flow,
scapes of the planes upon which demons dwell Third Level: bestow curse, prayer the Svartjet, and even fare upon the Sunless
will sicken the viewer. Skulls and orgy scenes High Priestess Baltana: Level 10 Cleric; hp 56; Sea at times. Moored at a stone jetty are two
are the typical motifs used to border major re- MR 70%; AC -6; THACO 14; chain +4, small galleys, about 40 feet long, with eight
liefs. The sculpturing becomes more detailed, buckler +3, mace +3, demon st&; XPV oars per side. These black craft are adorned
more disgusting, more horrible as the end of 5,884; Spells: with demon figureheads. Six ghasts and 66
the passage nears. First Level: command (x2), cure light ghouls dwell in the cavern, serving as guards
The whole area known as Lolths Egg glows wounds (x2), detect good, sanctuary and crew for the vessels.
with a rusty red light, as if the very air contains (4 The first ship bears the dark elven runes In
phosphorescent particles, while certain rock Second Level: augury, hold person (x2), Lolths Name, while the second is named
strata and lichens add their putrid greenish speak with animals Lolth Commands. If Lolths name is uttered
light, so that the whole scene is fitting for a Third Level: blindness, prayer, speak bg the first person to set foot on one of these
creature from a plane of the Abyss. The road- with dead ships, the demon figurehead is awakened to a
way leads directly to an ugly structure, a squat Fourth Level: cure serious wounds, neu- semi-livingstate, thus serving as forward look-
building (60 x 100 x 30) of yellowish rock, tralize poison, tongues out. If the vessel is attacked, the figure comes
crouching about 100 yards from the entrance- Fifth Level: quest, true seeing to full life as a Type I1 demon, and protects
way. It too is ornately sculpted in demoniac the ship. If Lolths name is not spoken by the
bas-relief, for the building is the Lesser Tem- A secret trap door in the floor of Baltanas first creature boarding, the figurehead comes
to full life immediately and attacks the tres- (worth 3,000 gp), and the candle holders are the head. As the viewer approaches, this pool
passers. If the demon is slain, it magically re- of onyx inlaid with gold (300 gp each). seems to slowly rise above the level of the
turns to a figurehead, but it is thereafter Offerings of goods are placed on the left al- floor, until the likeness of the demoness is ap-
powerless until a human sacrifice and a prayer tar; the device is a platter. Minor offerings of parently floating in an amber column which
to Lolth are offered. blood are placed on the right altar, so the de- extends from floor to ceiling. (Its exact height
Each galley has a sail of silver-black spider vice thereon is a bowl. varies by its distance from the closest living
silk which has magical power. When the sail is creature.) Tests will show that this is a projec-
set, the ship can stand still against any current 4. Meditation Area tion, an image of the real Lolth, although one
up to 15 knots speed. It can move without without senses.
wind or across currentless waters at 3 knots Runes inlaid in the floor of each of these ar- This is as close to the actual as most drow
speed. The sail will add 3 knots when sailing eas state, in drow, Think on the glory of care to come. Those making great offerings
with a current or wind or under oared move- Mighty Lolth, for She will aid those faithful to are permitted to come to this area escorted by
ment. The sails magical power enables nega- Her. clerics.
tion of adverse winds and / or currents up to 15 The inlaid runes at area 4A are made of sil- The wall to the north of the image bears
knots speed, so travel against the wind or up- ver. Those who meditate here can contact what appears to be a strange mural, flanked
current is easily accomplished by rowing. Lolth quickly and directly, for she will tele- by two silver braziers gently giving forth
Each galley can hold 16 rowers, 24 other pathically link her mind to that of her wor- smoke of incense. The smoke goes drifting to
persons, and sufficient food and water for all shipper, Naturally, Lolth will mentally attack this mural and into it, as if drawn by a draft.
for about 2 weeks or so. This leaves sufficient any creature who is not chaotic evil and de- The mural itself is a scene resembling a starry
room for about 100 cubic feet of cargo in addi- voted to her (by psionic domination, magical sky, but a tunnel of webs stretches into
tion. command, and/or with 9-16 large summoned space-the opening, apparently, a passageway
spiders; see the demoness abilities, Appendix to the galaxy. The effect appears dimensional,
Ghasts (6): hp 20 each; XPV 445 each, 2,670 A) *
but can be touched and felt to be flat. The
for all At area 4B, the runes are mother-of-pearl. mural wall radiates a strong magic, but has no
Ghouls (66): hp 10 each; XPV 190 each, No mental contact occurs from here unless a evil aura.
1,900 for all special sacrifice is made by the priestesses (see If any individual is bold enough to move
Demon, Type 11: hp 72; XPV 2,864 levels 2 and 3) while the supplicant is meditat- through the projection of Lolth (walk, fly, or
ing. In that case, Lolth will be most likely to whatever) and then touch the mural, he or she
The Fane of Lolth: Encounter Key aid the supplicant by advice, and the clerics is instantly drawn into the tunnel vortex and
will also be of assistance. brought to the plane of the Abyss wherein
This is a detailed key of area # 19. Each indi- Lolth actually dwells. The mural is actually an
vidual in the Fane has 2-8 pp per level, plus 1- 5. Council Chamber astral gate.
2 gems per level. Gems are worth 50 gp each,
or 100 gp each for clerics. All guards use A long table fills the center of the room, 8. Stairs
deadly poison on their missile weapons, rather with several chairs around it and several com-
than the lesser sleep or other poison types. fortable couches along the walls. The floor is A giant black widow spider guards these
Each proudly wears a gold spider brooch. covered with soft carpeting, and the walls are web-like stairs from a position about half-way
hung with gossamer veils. Those who have upon them. She attacks any creature who does
Fane Level One (rooms 1-10) sacrificed richly to Lolth are brought here for not wear a golden spider brooch.
rest, refreshment, and clerical advice after (or Stairs 8A lead up to level 2; those at 8B lead
1. Balistraded steps instead of) meditation. The secret door has down to the dungeon. Each is guarded by an
small spy holes which can be opened to permit identical spider.
These stairs are fashioned to resemble a spi- viewing and listening.
der web, and lead up to the main story of the Areas 5A and 5B are identical. Spider, Giant Black Widow (2, 1per stair): hp
Fane. 36 each; XPV 566
6 . Outer Guard Post
2. Foyer 9. Inner Guard Post
Two female drow guards are on duty here at
This area of the temple is deserted. The all times. The room is plain and sparsely fur- One 4th level and four 3rd level female
black stone of the floor is shot with web-like nished with table, a few chairs, and a couch. A drow are always on duty at each of these sta-
traceries of white, and the marble pillars are door connects to the inner guard post (#9). tions. They make hourly rounds of the whole
veined with black webbing. Normally, some of level one, those at 9A doing so on the hour,
noble comes only this far when a special favor Guards (2): Level 3 Fighter; hp 15; AC 0; those at 9B touring on the half-hour. A door
is requested, for minor sacrifices are made at shortsword + I , dagger + I , hand cross- connects to the outer guard post (#6).
#3 and #4. The walls of the place are hung bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 220 each
with gauzy material, and the overall effect is Level 3 Fighters (4): hp 15; MR 56%: AC 0;
that of standing amidst endless webs. 7. The Great Temple chain + 2 , buckler + 2 , shortsword + 1 ,
dagger + I , hand crossbow with 10 poi-
3. Altar The floor here is also of traceried black soned bolts; XPV 220 each
stone, but at its center it appears to be a 20- Level 4 Fighter (1): hp 20; MR 58 % ; AC - 2;
The two altars are nearly identical. Each is foot diameter pool of clear amber liquid, in chain +3, buckler +3, shortsword +2,
carved with many spider shapes, and two can- the middle of which floats a huge black spider dagger +2, hand crossbow with 10 poi-
dles burn on each end. The altar bears an oc- with human forearms instead of legs and a soned bolts; XPV 320
tagonal offerings device made of beaten gold drow face between the multiple spider eyes of
10. Slave Quarters of absolute evil is tangible, even if saves are 15. The Web of Lolth
These areas at the back of the Fane are stark, Lolth will attack any creature who dares en-
with only the barest necessities for sleeping 13. Altar ter her abode. The doors to the north are one-
and sanitation. The windows are high up and way, and are hidden by webs; if sorely pressed,
barred with adamantite rods set in the solid Here stands an altar stone of jet, hollowed Lolth may use them to escape. If she flees or is
stone. The door has a small window (which so as to hold a man-sized form of up to 8 feet slain in her current form, a silvery (platinum)
can be closed) and heavy locks. Each room in length. It has inlays of skeletons and spiders Egg appears, nearly eight inches across. It can
contains 11-16 slaves of various races. made of ivory, silver, and precious stones (20 be opened only by applying a remove curse,
rubies worth 1,000 gp each). Any creature laid but whomever does so is geased to enter the
Dungeon of the Fane (rooms 11-17) into the hollow is instantly enmeshed in webs astral gate (area 7 ) and confront Lolth or die
which spring forth from tiny holes on either trying. Within the platinum Egg are four
WARNING: Be sure you are familiar with side of the hollowed-out portion. small objects-an iron Pyramid, a silver
Lolth S abilities and possible cornbat strategies To either side of the altar are small silver Sphere, a bronze eight-pointed Star, and a
before adventurers descend to this level of the cages. Into these are thrust additional sacrifice Cube of pale blue crystal. (These items have
Fane. victims when an especially great offering is de- value and use only if the party continues into
manded by the demoness, and Lolth will par- Lolths plane, Chapter 13.)
11. Stair Landing alyze these victims and then take them to feed
upon at her leisure. In the cage to the right is a Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders: See Appen-
As the party descends, they will note that male drow fighter/magic-user placed into dix A
the air here has a grayish light instead of the captivity yesterday and paralyzed by the spi-
reddish one common elsewhere in the Egg of der demoness. He is Nilonim, a dissident 16. Cells
Lolth. The walls are covered with luminescent drow captured in Erelhei-Cinluwhere he led a
frescoes of spiders feeding upon prey and band of rebels attempting to overthrow noble This area is magical; it has been subjected
lesser demons dragging sacrifices (horror- rule. He has a slight but terrible tendency to- to one of Lolths arcane spells which negates
stricken humans and like creatures) to torture wards good deeds. all clerical ability to banish undead. Along the
and death. These murals are everywhere on east wall of this 30-foot- wide corridor are 11
the dungeon walls. Nilonim: AL N(G); Level 4/4 FighterlMagic- slaves (sacrifices) imprisoned in five locked
User; hp 24; MR 58%; AC 6; no weapons and barred cells. Along the west wall are six
12. Sadicial Area or spells; XPV 4 19 cubicles wherein dwell the dozen guards who
S 12 I 1 8 W 9 D 18 Co 15 Ch 13 watch over these prisoners-four huge ghasts
This area is where only the High Priestess and eight huge ghouls. These creatures are al-
Charinida (level 5) and her two assistants 14. Webbed Passage ways alert, cannot be surprised, and (due to
(rooms 33 and 35) may enter and sacrifice to the enchantment on the area) cannot be
Lolth. Such sacrifices actually bring the demo- The passage here is totally screened off by Turned or Destroyed by a cleric.
ness forth. The floor is a webbing of silver in- thick webs cast by Lolth herself. While these
laid in black onyx, and the walls in the area webs appear to be normal spider strands, they Ghouls, huge (8): hp 16 each; XPV 214 each,
show only likenesses of Lolth. All creatures of will not burn. They are, of course, sticky. A 1,712 for all
other than chaotic evil alignment must save tunnel down the center permits Lolth (and Ghasts, huge ( 4 ) :hp 32 each; XPV 617 each,
versus fear when they enter this area. An aura other spider beings) to come and go at will. 2,468 for all

17. Secret Passage soned bolts; XPV 470 each - 6 ; THACO 16; chain + 4 , buckler + 4 ,
mace + 4 , lurker cloak, spider wand; XPV
The secret door sinks down to allow passage 25. Passages and Stairs 4,876 Spells:
along a 4-foot-wide corridor. This leads to First Level: cure light wounds(x3),detect
steps down to a 10-foot-wide tunnel to the The open areas of the level have narrow ta- good, fear, sanctuary
Wharf Cavern (area 20). bles and benches along the walls. At this point Second Level: augury, detect charm, hold
there are always four regulars (as per room 2 2 ) person (x2), silence 15radius (x2)
Fane Level Two (rooms 2 1- 2 5 ) Guard Area on alert duty. Only priestesses and officers of Third Level: cause blindness, dispel
the guard are permitted to go above. magic (x2),prayer
21. Sergeants Fourth Level: cure serious wounds, neu-
Fane Level Three (rooms 3 1- 3 5 ) tralize poison, tongues
Each of these three rooms is a barracks for Fifth Level: commune (to contact Lolth
two female drow fighters. Each room is richly This level is reserved for the underpries- immediately)
carpeted, tapestried, and furnished with soft tesses of the Fane. All rooms are richly car-
couch, inlaid wood table, padded chairs, and peted and hung with fine tapestries. 34. Dining Room
so forth.
3 1. Clerics Quarters This area is where the priestesses dine and
Level 4 Fighter ( 2 per room): hp 20; MR 58% ; generally enjoy themselves. There are numer-
AC - 2 ; chain +3, buckler + 3 , Two female clerics dwell in each of these two ous couches, small tables, and cushions (etc.)
shorrsword +2, dagger + 2 , hand cross- rooms. They assist in the more common rit- scattered about. There are eight gold services
bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 320 each uals but are not permitted to venture into the (plate, bowl, flagon, utensils), all pieces set
lower level before Lolth herself. with small gems. Values per set are as follows:
22. Regulars 4 of 3,000 gp, two of 5,000 gp, and two of
Level 4 Cleric ( 2 per room): hp 24; MR 58%; 12,500 gp.
Each of these four rooms quarters four fe- AC 0 ; chain + 2 , buckler +2, mace +2;
male drow fighters. The rooms are somewhat XPV 476 each; Spells (each): 35. Chambers
less well-appointed than those for the higher First Level: bless, command, cure light
level guards (#21). wounds (x2), detect good These chambers are those of Inidil, another
Second Level: augury, chant, hold per- 9th level cleric. Amongst her belongings is a a
Level 3 Fighter (4 per room): hp 1 5 ; MR 56% ; son, slow poison scroll of seven cleric spells (determine ran-
AC - 1 ; chain + 2 , buckler + 3 , domly).
shorrsword + 1 , dagger + 1, hand cross- 32. Chamber
bow with 10 poisoned bolts; XPV 220 each Inidil, Level 9 Cleric: as per Vlondril (#33)
Each of these two rooms is quarters for a fe- without lurker cloak
23. Trainees male drow Lama, one of the clerics entrusted
with most matters except those involving Fane Level Four (rooms 41-43)
These four rooms serve as barracks for 24 fe- Lolth herself.
male drow fighter-trainees. The rooms are 41. Common Room
rather plain and functional. Level 7 Cleric ( 2 , 1 per room): hp 42; MR
6 4 % ; AC - 3 ; chain +3, buckler +3, This is the administrative and relaxation
Level 2 Fighter (6 per room): hp 10; MR 54% ; mace + 3, staff o f striking; XPV 1,586; area for the top officers of the Fane soldiers.
AC 0 ; chain +2, buckler + 2 , shorrsword Spells: Herein are three desks, six chairs, one large
+1, dagger +1, hand crossbow with 10 First Level: command, cure light wounds and two small tables, and four couches.
poisoned bolts; XPV 146 each (x2), detect good, sanctuary
Second Level: detect charm, holdperson, 42. Captains
24. Lieutenants silence 15 radius, slow poison (x2)
Third Level: cause blindness, prayer, This is the dayroom and quarters of two fe-
This room quarters two female drow fight- speak with dead male drow fighters, captains of the guard.
ers, one of whom is in charge of the trainees, Fourth Level: cure serious wounds, pro- Their chambers are hung with costly (though
the other commanding the balance of the tection from good IO radius lewd) tapestries which have an average com-
troops herein. Each commander has two sap- mercial value of 2,000 gp each. Their gold spi-
phires (1,000 gp each) set in the gold spider 33. Suite der brooches have two emeralds per brooch
brooch. The area is very richly furnished, and (2,000 gp per stone).
the room to the west is likewise well- This is the home of Vlondril, who was en-
appointed, with two soft couches covered with countered by the party at the Drow Command Level 6 Fighter: hp 36; MR 6 2 % ; AC - 5 ;
silks. The small closet off the sleeping area is post. She has her lurker cloak and spider wand chain + 4 , buckler + 4 , shorrsword +3,
an arsenal, containing 30 hand crossbows, 30 (50 charges). This item can be used as a ranged dagger +3, hand crossbow with 10 poi-
cases of bolts, 10 atlatls, 30 javelins, two death or hand-held device. If the former, it produces soned bolts; XPV 766
lances, and a chest containing poison suffic- a strand equal to a rope ofentanglement to 1 Level 7 Fighter: hp 42; MR 6 4 % ; AC - 5 ;
ient for 500 applications. range (duration 3 rounds). If the latter, a vic- chain + 4 , buckler + 4 , shorrsword +4,
tim hit must save vs. poison or die. (A charge dagger + 4 , hand crossbow with 10 poi-
Level 5 Fighters ( 2 ) : hp 30; MR 6 0 % ; AC - 3 ; is used per touch, regardless of effect.) soned bolts; XPV 1,161
chain + 3 , buckler +3, shorrsword +3,
dagger + 3 , hand crossbow with 10 poi- Vlondril: Level 9 Cleric; hp 54; MR 6 8 % ; AC

43. Commander 51. Lounge and torture instruments on one wall, and near
them is a gag and a ring o f invisibility. The
This is the dayroom and quarters of Com- This area is decorated with innumerable prisoner is bound to the east wall where the se-
mander Pellanistra, the female drow fighter perverted and lewd paintings, tapestries, cret entrance to room 54 is.
who commands all the troops herein. Her statues, etc. Even the carpets are obscene. At
apartment is very expensivelyand lavishly fur- intervals, however, are silver threaded hang- Insane human: Level 9 Fighter; hp 73
nished, and amidst the articles are several ings which have a spider embroidered upon ; XPV 1,776
lewd statuettes (2-5 jade carvingsworth 1,000- them, with 1,000 gp rubies set as eyes (2 per S 18/81 I l l W 9 D 16 Co 18 Ch 17
6,000 gp each) and 14 tapestries (average tapestry). One hangs at the end of the west
value 1,500 gp each). She wears a ring o f anti- passage, two on the north wall, and two on 54. Second Secret Room
venom (20 charges) which makes her immune each of the east and south walls, while an 8th
to all forms of poison as long as the charges depends from the wall beside the door to This is the treasury room of the Fane. The
hold out. Her gold brooch is set with two dia- room 52. If any creature other than Charinida only thing in the room which can be normally
monds (5,000 gp each). Pellanistra is of the touches it, the embroidered spider becomes a seen is a small metal idol of a spider. (If this
House of Noquar originally, so she is excep- giant black widow. The High Priestess can palm-sized sculpture is touched, all living
tionally hostile to any of the Eilservs ilk. command any to life by an incantation (3 seg- matter within a 30-foot radius is transported
ments chant, takes effect four segments instantly to the dungeon, room 15, to stand
Level 8 Fighter: hp 56; MR 66%; AC -7; thereafter). There are various containers for before Lolth.) There are four chests herein, all
chain +5, buckler +5, shorrsword +5, wine and spirits scattered about, and several locked, with poison needle traps in the han-
dagger +5, hand crossbow with 10 poi- sorts of drugs (mushroom powder, poppy dles and latches. All are constructed from
soned bolts; XPV 1,835 juice, lotus dust) are contained in gold and silver-inlaid iron lined with lead. All have
crystal dishes on a bone and silver stand. De- been dusted with a rare permanent form of
Fane Level Five (rooms 51-54) bauchery is the keynote of the place. dust o f disappearance.
A special warning device connected to the Chest #1 contains 11,230 gp and three
This level is the private domain of the stairs alerts Charinida of trespassers, and she packets (12 applications each) of the same rare
Charinida, High Priestess of Queen Lolth. She will observe them through the slit of the secret dust o f disappearance. Chest #2 holds 4,389
has a demon st&, and wears an amulet vs. door of room 2). pp. Chest #3 contains 20 potions and 8 scrolls
crystal balls and ESP Spider, Giant Black Widow: hp 36; XPV 566 (all clerical or of protective nature). Chest #4
contains 37 pieces of jewelry set with gems
High Priestess Charinida: Level 14 Cleric; hp 52. Bedchamber (1,000-6,000 gp value each), a sack of 103
64; MR 78%; AC -9; THACO 8; chain gems (10 gp each), a small pouch with 41
+ 5 , buckler + 3, mace + 5 , ring ofprotec- This room is as lewdly and evilly decorated small gems (50 gp each), and 29 large ones
tion + I , and other items as above; XPV as the outer room. There are no spider tapes- (100 gp each), and an ivory box (covered with
16,802; Spells: tries here, merely opulent furnishings, includ- an invisible contact poison, save at - 6) lined
First Level: command (x3), cure light ing various jeweled objects of great value (13 with satin which holds 13 diamonds (5,000 gp
wounds (x2), resist cold, sancruary (x2) items with a worth of 1,000-8,000 gp each), each) and a talisman o f lawfulness. The dia-
Second Level: auguv, detect charm, hold including a strange platinum rune set with monds are wrapped in a velvet cloth, and the
person (x2), resist fire (x2), silence 15 black opals. If this is touched, a nycadaemon talisman in a strangely printed silk square. If
radius, speak with animals is summoned; it will expect something alto- the latter is laid atop the former, it reveals
Third Level: animate dead, bestow curse, gether different than the party of adventurers, writing in drow runes. The writing tells how to
cause blindness, prayer, remove curse, and so will immediately attack. reach the plane upon which Lolth can be
speak with dead found (via room 7 on level one, or by other
Fourth Level: cure serious wounds, neu- 53. First Secret Room magical means, such as multiple plane shifts).
tralize poison (x2), protection drom
good 10 radius, sticks to snakes, Behind the secret door is a cell wherein is
tongues chained an insane human of great strength,
F f i Level: flame strike, quest, true seeing kept here by Charinida for whatever purposes
Sixth Level: animate object, heal please her at the time. There are several whips

Should the players escape from The Vault of if outnumbered, bribe the party with the To enter the astral gate that will carry the
the Drow, they may eventually reach the Eggs contents. Inside the Egg are four characters to Lolths plane (the
surface-world again. If they have entered the items-an iron Pyramid, a silver Sphere, an D E M O W E B ) , characters must first walk
Abysmal Plane already, nor found the Egg of eight-pointed bronze Star, and a pale blue through the amber pool containing the Illu-
Lolth*, they find the situation in Istivin simi- crystal Cube. All of these are powerfully magi- sion of Lolth. After doing this, they are able to
lar as before-the mighty sages arguing about cal. They will serve as teleportation keys for step through the mural on the far wall and en-
the best method to handle the glowing black rooms on the Web. ter the D E M O W E B . If the characters enter
sphere, the surface of the sphere accepting Remove curse has the above effect on the through the black sphere, they find the Egg at
some adventurers, but not others. Egg. Other spells that may be cast upon the the S t a n location, as well.
If the the adventurers attempt to enter the Egg have effects as follows. The Web is one of the 666 layers of the
sphere at this time, they are drawn into it and Augury reveals to the caster that the Egg Abyss. It consists of three interwoven levels,
placed, with the Egg, at location marked contains the chance for great weal (destruction over which floats a fourth. All the levels are
Stan. Lolth wants those who have wreaked of Lolth) and equally great woe (loss of charac- dark, but can be illuminated by torches of
such havoc in her earthly domain to drop in ter life). magical light. The light cannot penetrate the
for a visit. Dispel magic or dispel evil causes the Egg to fog around the Webs pathways, but the corri-
If the player characters have already discov- shimmer as if about to dissolve, but the Egg is dors can be lit. On each of the three interno-
ered the Egg, and been drawn into the tapes- left unharmed when the effect passes. ven levels are four doors that lead to rooms on
try, they begin at the location marked START Commune, contact higherplane, and simi- other layers of the Abyss (not shown on the
as well. lar spells calling in the aid of more powerful map, as they would clutter it and make it diffi-
The platinum Egg is Lolths gift to the creatures result in the newly arrived being ad- cult to read). The fourth level has eight doors
party. It weighs about 60 gp and has no seams, vising a remove curse on the item (providing it that lead to alternate worlds of the Prime Mate-
hinges, or other signs of opening. It cannot be on a scroll, perhaps). The other great powers rial Plane, and one door that leads to the level
opened by hand or force, although it may be have no desire to challenge Lolth directly, but of the Abyss which contains Lolths palace.
dented. It can only be opened by casting a re- if the player characters were to act as their un-
move curse upon it. The person casting the knowing agents and defeat the Spider Queen, Spell Alterations
spell becomes cursed (saving throw applies) to so much the better.
General Notes
enter the astral gate to Lolths plane, by run- Identify, if cast successfully, shows the
Lolths world in the Abyss is an environ-
ning through the amber pool (and the illusion holder of the Egg that only a remove curse will
ment quite unlike the Prime Material Plane,
of Lolth) and then through the mural. The open the Egg to reveal the riches inside.
where most AD&D@campaigns are run. Be-
character so cursed will attempt to retain pos-
cause of this, and because of the nature of the
session of the Egg. If prevented by other char- * The Egg is acquired in the Fane of Lolth in Web, many of the spells used by the characters
acters, the cursed person will either attack or, the Vault of the Drow, dungeon room 5 .

on their natural plane function differently without her knowledge and consent, as re- effect lasts for the entire duration, but will
here. It is important to note that some altera- flected by the consent of the DM. probably only function intermittently.)
tions do not apply to spell casters who come Aerial Servant: This has no effect; see special Gate: Any creature gated in instantly knows
from the outer planes; they have learned or note C. that it is in the Abyss. Creatures whose rel-
been taught the way to cast spells so that they Air Walk": Any character using this effect to ative hit dice, strength, and powers are less
function properly here. Certain spells will not tread out into the maelstrom is lost. The than a Type IV .demon immediately be-
succeed, no matter who casts them (e.g. de- spell may be used to move from one level come frightened, and retreat through the
tect evil, conjure animals, etc.). In all cases, of the web to another, similar to a feather gate. Other creatures only elect to stay
spell casters encountered in this region of the fall. 25 O h of the time, as they do not yet see
Abyss will know the alteration of any spell be- Animate Object": In the Web, this spell has Lolth as a great threat. If the gated creature
fore casting it. no effect. The doors, fog, and pathways poses a significant threat to Lolth's do-
The following spell lists are arranged ac- are part of Chaos. main, the spider queen automatically and
cording to class: cleric, druid, magic-user, and Astral Spell: This has no effect; see special immediately summons an equivalent
illusionist spells, arranged alphabetically for note C. number and type of demonic beings to de-
each group. Cloudburst": This spell only functions within stroy the gated creature. (For instance, if a
Those spells with an asterisk (*) after them 5 feet of the spell caster. pit fiend is gated in, six Type IV demons
function normally in the 12 rooms off of the Commune: Before the spell is cast, the cleric are sent to destroy it.)
Web and in the palace of Lolth. The noted realizes that while in the Abyss, contact Giant Insect: See special note B.
spell alteration only applies when the effect is cannot be made with the deity. If cast any- Heroes' Feast: The food created by this spell is
used within the Web itself. way, the spell has no effect. nauseating and unclean to behold, but fill-
A few spells have different effects, depend- Conjure Animals: No effect; see special note ing and nutritious for as long as the spell
ing on where they are cast. Those should be B. duration lasts.
carefully noted by the DM. Some spells will Continual Light": The light does not illumi- Holy Word: This spell has no effect for any
not be forgotten when cast, and this is noted nate the fog, but will light the paths of the PCs, as they are not on their home plane.
where the case applies. Otherwise, any spell Web as if they were corridors. Its reverse sends Lawful Good creatures
cast is used up and forgotten (the normal spell Control Weather": The spell effect is limited and characters back to their home plane,
procedure), whether or not it has any effect. to a 5-fOOt radius around the spell caster, and will affect other alignments as per the
and will not affect the maelstrom of wind spell description.
Special Notes and fog in any way. Insect Plague: See special note B.
A. Lolth: This is not the true name of the de- Detect Evil: Everything in the plane radiates Light": See continual light, above.
moness. evil, no one part stronger than any other. Locate Objecr": When used in the Web, the
Detect Life": The entire construct of the web correct general direction is indicated, but
is alive in a fashion, composed of lost souls. the relative height (up, down, or on the
B. Creatures: The Abyss contains no normal
Detect Magic": Everything in the Web radi- same Web level) varies randomly, checked
non-fantastic plants, insects, or animals of any
ates magic of equal potency. each round.
sort that can be affected, controlled, or sum-
moned by beings native to planes other than Dispel Evil: This spell only works against crea- Meld into Stone": Anyone attempting to
the Abyss. Some few similar creatures may tures summoned from planes other than meld into a wall or floor of the Web is im-
serve local natives, such as the tiny insect-like the Abyss, and is therefore useless against mediately ejected as if the spell duration
any demon. Other monsters encountered had expired. All normal effects of that
things used to torture lost souls herein.
in the plane were not summoned, but en- ejection apply (Dmg 4-32 and save for all
C. Interplanar Contact: Any spell which tered through the gates, and are thus unaf- equipment).
fected. The reverse of the spell functions Messenger": See special note B.
would contact or open a channel to any other
plane of existence, save only adjacent layers of normally. Portent: Roll to determine the type of luck the
the Abyss, will not function. Lolth's plane is Dispel Magic": The spell has no effect if cast character will have, but the effect is always
the 66th within the Abyss; even contact with on any portion of the Web or into the sur- the worst ( - 3) everywhere in Lolth's do-
the Astral is impossible. rounding maelstrom. main.
Divination: As this requires advice from a dei- Precipitation * This spell only functions within
ty's intermediary, the spell has no effect. 5 feet of the caster.
Cleric Spells
Dust Devil: This has no effect; see special note Protection From Evil: This has no effect, since
It is veryimportant to note that while in the C. everything around the caster is utterly and
Abyss, clerics may not regain spells which Earthquake": This spell causes the Web's deeply evil, part of the Abyss.
must be granted by a deity or agents thereof. pathway to buck like a wild pony. Each Raise Dead: There is a 45% chance that the
Thus, only 1st and 2nd level spells may be re- player must roll ld6. A result of 1 or 2 in- soul of a Type I demon (hp 32) will inhabit
learned. The reason is that the deity will not dicates that the character has been thrown the body that is being raised. If this occurs,
wish to interfere in the affairs of another plane off into the maelstrom, and will be forever the system shock roll is automatically suc-
where such meddling might be seen as offen- lost (unless previous precautions have been cessful. The player should be secretly told
sive to the powers that rule therein. taken). After the initial shock, the path re- to play the new role. The demon will feign
turns to normal. weakness, and will try to lead the party
Abjure: Note that demons are native to this Exaction: See gate spell for effects of sum- astray or into a deadly situation. It will not
plane for all such summoning and control- moning powerful extra-dimensional help. attack the party without help. The memo-
type spells. Lolth also keeps a tight reign Also see special note A. ries of the victim are not known to the de-
on what she lets into or out of her Web, Find the Path: This spell will function prop- mon.
and PCs may not abjure themselves out of erly 65% of the time. A separate check is Regenerate: There is an 80% chance that
her plane (nor implore other creatures in) made for each turn of operation. (The spell when this spell or spell effect (a ring, for

instance) is used to regrow a lost body part, give no useful information. one hour before pulling the chariot again.
the regrowth will occur improperly. Use the ta- Succor: The caster feels queasy and unsteady, Cloudburst: As the cleric spell.
bles below to determine possible results. and does not teleport to the desired loca- Commune With Nature: The spell will have
tion, due to lack of orientation. no effect; nature, as the druid understands
ARM (d4) True Seeing": The reality of Chaos is impos- it, does not exist on this plane.
1. animal-like (furry and clawed) sible to understand by any PC in the Web. ConjureElemental (Earth or Fire): This has no
2. insect-like In one minute of truesight, the cleric be- effect; see special note C.
3. tentacles holds the Chaos of the Web-an eye- Control Weather": As the cleric spell.
4. head and body of a poisonous snake (hos- torturing, blazing tangle of twisted, Control Winds": This has no effect, for the
tile to PCs 50% of the time). rope-like objects. The DM must warn the maelstrom around the Web has a greater
cleric that sanity will be lost if the attempt force than the druid can control.
LEG (d8) is continued, and that the cleric must close Creeping Doom: This has no effect; see spe-
1. clawed his or her eyes immediately or go raving cial note c.
2. hooved mad. Loss of sanity will result in the cleric Detect Balance": The entire web radiates a
3. insect-like fleeing from the party only to attack them strong aura, reflecting the fact that ex-
4. snake-like (may be used to walk) later, or if prevented from flight, attacking treme Evil is at work here. No part radiates
5 . bird-like immediately. The DM controls the cleric's more strongly than another.
6. webbed actions until the character is cured by a Detect Magic": As the cleric spell.
7. taloned heal spell. Dispel Magic": As the cleric spell.
8. suckered (reduce movement by 3") Wind Walk": The spell starts to fail as soon as Heat Metal: This functions normally. How-
the cleric leaves the pathway of the Web, ever, Lolth's spider-ship palace is not made
HEAD (d6) and the victim spins uncontrollably. The of ferrous-based metal.
1. skeletal player must declare that the character is Insect Plague: As creeping doorn, above.
2. frog-like immediately returning to the pathway; if Precipitation: As the cleric spell.
3. insect-like not, the cleric is hopelessly blown away by Predict Weather: Every prediction is totally
4. faceless the winds of the maelstrom and lost for- confused, chaotic, and worthless.
5 . rat-like ever. Reflecting Pool: This spell cannot function on
6. bird-like Word of Recall: The caster feels queasy and this plane, as connection with the Inner
unsteady, but does not teleport to the de- Planes cannot be made.
In all cases where a body part fails to regener- sired location. The spell fails due to lack of Reincarnation: The spell functions, but with
ate properly, the charisma of the individual orientation. adjustments. Use the table of chaotic evil
may be affected (at the DM's discretion), and monsters (below) to determine the new
comeliness most certainly. Those changes Druid Spells form. In all cases, the person reincarnated
which would give potentially useful abilities must have living conditions appropriate to
Many of a druid's spells involve the conjura-
(suction cups, claws, etc.) cannot be used dur- the new form (e.g. ixitxachitl must find
tion, control, or enchantment of plants or ani-
ing this adventure, as the recipient must prac- water, salamanders great heat, and so
mals. Unfortunately for the druid, none of
tice with the new ability for at least one forth). Failure to do so will result in death
these spells will work in the Abyss, as there are
month. Certain changes (faceless, in particu- at some point. Furthermore, as the new
no normal plants or animals to be found
lar) will result in the character's eventual form was supplied from a chaotic evil
there. The affected spells are animal summon-
death unless steps are taken to correct the situ- plane, the character's personality will grad-
ing, I , II, and III, animal fiiendship, entan-
ation. ually fade away, to be replaced by the new
gle, invisibility to animals, locate animal,
Restoration: If used to restore a life level, monster personality. Eventually, the PC
liveoak, locate plant, pass plant, plant will think as the monster thinks, hate what
there is a 10% chance that the spell or spell
growth, and transport via plants.
effect will accidentallydraw on magical en- it normally hates, etc. The DM must de-
ergies from the Abyss, resulting in the loss cide how long this process will take; one
Call Lightning: The storms in the Abyss are
of another life level from the recipient. hour per level of experience (or some
not the natural type that the druid may call
This spell functions normally when used to method depending on the strength of will
upon, so the spell has no effect.
cure insanity or feeblemind. It always of the original character) is recommended.
Call Woodland Beings: See special note B.
functions normally in all ways for residents
Chariot o f Sustarre": The chariot arrives five
of the Abyss. Chaotic Evil Monsters
minutes after casting. If flown into the
Resurrection: There is a 2 5 O h chance that the
maelstrom around the Web, it is buffeted 0 1-06 Bugbear
body will be inhabited by a Type I demon
by winds of hurricane force. Each rider has 07-10 Chimera
(see raise dead, above).
a 10% chance per turn of being blown off 11-16 Gargoyle
Speak With Animals: This functions correctly
and forever lost in the Abyss. The DM 17-20 Giant, Frost
with any normal animals brought by the
should inform the druid that the horses are 21-24 Giant, Hill
party from the Prime Material Plane. The
not able to keep to the set course. The 25-28 Gnoll
spell has no other effect; see special note B.
druid must then turn the chariot back to- 29-32 Hieracosphinx
Spiritual Hammer: The spell fails, as the di-
ward the path; if not, it and all its riders 33-34 Intellect Devourer
vine aid necessary for the spell's comple- Ixitxachitl
will be lost. If turned back, the chariot re- 35-36
tion will not be given.
turns to the pathway in 1-6 turns; the 10% 37-40 Jackalwere
Stone Ell": If cast on the Web's path, the
chance per turn of being blown off still ap- 41-44 Lamia
souls trapped therein begin an uncontrol-
plies. Upon returning to the path, the 45-48 Leucrotta
lable noise-pleadings, wild screaming,
horses, shaken and exhausted, will rest for 49-52 Minotaur
scorn, mad ravings, life stories, etc.-and

53-56 Ogre Jump": Within the Web, any vertical jump
57-60 Peryton Charm Plants: Only plant-like creatures may stops at the height of six feet. Relatively
61-66 Quasit be affected; see special note B. horizontal jumps function normally.
67-70 Roper Clairaudience": Every door of the Web leads Legend Lore: The spell has no effect, but is
71-72 Salamander to another plane, which is beyond the not cast or forgotten.
73-78 Spider, Giant range of the spell. Levitate": Apply the same restrictions as given
79-80 Spirit Naga Clairvoyance*: As clairaudience, above. for jump, above.
81-84 Troglodyte Cloudburst" As the cleric spell. Locate Object": As the cleric spell.
85-88 Troll Conjure Elemental: The spell has no effect; MagicJar: There is a 30 % chance per turn that
89-92 Umber Hulk see special note C. a lost soul will inhabit the caster's vacant
93-95 Water Weird Contact Otherplane: See special note C. Only body. The body then leaps up, dances
96-98 Werewolf the 58th through 74th planes of the Abyss about, and cries about its new-found free-
99-00 Will-0-wisp are relatively nearby; the rest of the Abyss, dom and home. It will cooperate with any-
and all other planes as well, are 9 or more one willing to lead it out of the Abyss, but
Stone Shape": The material of the pathways removed. knows nothing of Lolth. It will be very pos-
of the Web is not real stone, and is thus un- Control Weather:The spell has no effect. The sessive of its new body, will flee at any sign
affected. If used to open a hole in a wall of weather of the Abyss is beyond the control of treachery, and will always attempt to
one of the rooms off the Web, the spell of any mortal being. protect the body from harm (doing noth-
functions normally, revealing a view of the Demand: See the cleric spell abjure, above. ing to endanger it). The lost soul may not
maelstrom. Detect Evil: The entire Abyss is evil; one part be forced out by the magic-user alone; a
Summon Insects: This has no effect; see spe- is not detectable as more so than any other. cleric exorcise is needed to remove it.
cial note B. Detect Illusion*: In the web, madness will Magic Mirror": This spell scrys only the Chaos
Transmute Rock To Mud": This spell causes strike the magic-user after one round un- of the Abyss. The caster must look away
the material of the Web's pathways to be- less the attempt is abandoned. (See the quickly or go insane (see detect invisiblity,
come soft and soggy. Humanoid figures try cleric spell true seeing.) above).
to heave themselves out of the material, Detect Magic": The entire Web radiates Mass Invisibilty*: As invisibility, above.
and a great struggle appears to be going equally potent magic, predominantly al- Maze*: The spell lasts for one round, during
on. In two rounds, the path becomes solid teration but including illusion, enchant- which the recipient beholds the Chaos of
once again; the struggle fails, as does the ment, and conjuration. In areas other than the Abyss and does nothing but watch it.
spell effect. the Web, the spell functions normally. Monster Summoning (I- VII): Only manes can
Warp Wood": If used on a door of the Web, an Dig*: The spell is ineffective in the Web, as no respond within the Abyss. They are under
effect identical to that described in trans- earth, sand, or mud is present. the control of the caster only 50% of the
mute rock to mud (above) is produced; the Dimension Door": In the Web, the maximum time, and in no case will they ever fight any
spell fails. distance will be moved, and in a random demon. The number summoned varies by
Weather Summoning: The forces of weather direction. The DM should carefully note the spell:
in the Abyss are beyond the comprehen- the destination; if off of the Web's path- Monster Summoning I: 1-8 manes
sion of the druid; the spell has no effect. way, the caster is lost in the maelstrom. II: 2-8
Dismissal: See the cleric spell abjure, above. III: 3-10
Dolor: This spell cannot function, as the IV 3-12
Magic-User Spells caster is not on his or her home plane. V, VI, and VII: 3-18
No cantrips function in the Abyss. The Energy Drain: As this spell opens a connection
magic involved in the casting of cantrips is too with the Negative Material Plane, it does not Move Earth": As the cleric spell earthquake.
function in the Abyss; see special note C. Mount: This spell has no effect; see special
weak to withstand the forces of the outer
planes. Ensnarement: This spell cannot function, as note B.
the caster is not on his or her home plane. Passwall": When used on any part of the Web,
Banishment": See the cleric spell abjure, ESP": See clairaudience, above. this creates an opening into the mael-
above. Feather Fall*: The spell has no noticeable ef- strom.
fect on a character in the maelstrom Phase Door*: As passwall, above.
Binding: As the caster is not on his or her
around the Web. Plant Growth:The spell has no effect; see spe-
home plane, this spell fails.
Blink*: The DM should take great care in de- Find Familiar: The spell has no effect unless cial note B.
termining the destination of the caster. A the caster is chaotic evil. If so, and if the Precipitation: As the cleric spell.
character who blinks off of the Web path- summons is answered, a quasit appears. Polymorph (Object, Other, or Self):There is a
way is lost in the maelstrom. Fly": If cast in the Web, the spell has no ef- 20% chance for the result to be random. If
Cacodemon: Any demon conjured will at- fect, but is not forgotten, and may be used this occurs, the DM may select anything from
tempt to summon demonic aid (50% ef- at a later time. the same family (see polymorph object in the
fective) to attack the conjurer. The Gate: As the cleric spell. Players Handbook) as the result. In the case of
effectiveness of its summons is increased by Imprisonment: This spell will function, but polymorph self, the chance must be checked
10% if it is a Type V, and by 20% if Type
its reverse has no effect. Anyone and any- for each change.
VI or better. To determine the demons re- thing imprisoned in the Abyss is forever Reincarnation: As the druid spell.
sponding to the summons, roll ld20: lost in the maelstrom. Reverse Gravity*: In the Web, any creature
1- 14 Type I demons (3) Invisibility": Any creature encountered in the who falls more than ten feet upward is
15-18 Type I1 demons (2) Web can detect invisible creatures by vibra- swept away into the maelstrom, to be lost
19-20 Type I11 demon (1) tions, attacking with only a - 2 penalty to forever.

Rope Trick": This spell may be used to gain Web's fog walls. cooperative.
passage to another pathway. If a character Spiritwrack: See special note A. Truename: See special note A.
climbs into the extra-dimensional space at Stone Shape": As the druid spell. Vanish: As contact with the ethereal plane
the top, a room of the Web might be Succor: As the cleric spell. cannot be made, the spell fails; see special
reached. The DM should roll Id20 (per Elepon": This spell has no effect within the note C.
spell, not per character entering). If the re- Web, nor will it function for interplanar Web": The fog walls may not serve as anchor
sult is 1-12, that number room is entered. travel. It is thus ineffective for traveling points. However, the web may be ex-
A result of 13-20 indicates that the usual between the rooms off the Web. If cast in tended from the path to an overpass or un-
extra-dimensional space is reached. an area where it will have no effect, the derpass.
Shape Change: There is a 50% chance for the spell is not forgotten, and may be used Wish: Any wishes made must be acceptable to
new form to be that of a chaotic evil mon- later. and granted by the ruler of the plane (i.e.
ster, randomly determined by using the ta- Elepon without error": Within the Web, this Lolth herself) to take effect. If the wish up'
ble given in the druid spell reincarnation. spell does not function for PCs, though na- sets the spider queen, she not only refuses
Sink": The victims pass through the floor of tives of the Abyss may use it. See also tele- to grant it but also sends four demons (two
the Web itself, with a 50% chance of land- port, above. each of Types I11 and IV) to attack the
ing on another pathway (95% chance at Torment: See special note A. party. Prior to attacking, the demons an-
any underpass or overpass on the map). Transmute Rock To Mud": As the druid spell. nounce that Lolth does not grant the wish,
The victims are otherwise lost in the mael- Eap The Soul: See special note A. and sends punishment instead. Note,
strom. Unseen Servant: This spell captures a lost soul however, that wishes that do not offend
Spider Climb": The caster may not climb the of the Abyss, who is rude, abusive, and un- Lolth directly nor upset her realm will be

granted, as the refusal of such powerful Vision: The spell has no effect. Deities dwell- bear restrictions as per the spell or protective
magic is far more strenuous than simply ing on other planes cannot be contacted, device, with the following exceptions:
granting the request. and Lolth will not be helpful. Djinn Summoning: The required channel
to the elemental plane cannot be
Illusionist Spells Magical Item Alterations opened, so the ring will be useless.
Regeneration: The ring will function nor-
All illusions within Lolths domain have The following lists of magical items explain
the changes in the effects of treasures used on mally for hit points, but when restor-
been created at the 14th level of magic use,
these planes. As with spells, some items will ing lost limbs, use the tables given in
unless specifically stated to be a product of
the cleric spell regeneration, above.
some being other than Lolth (such as a de- only malfunction in the Web, while others
mon). will not operate properly anywhere in the
Rods, Staves, and Wands: When producing a
No cantrips function in the Abyss. The Abyss. Certain devices might only operate
spell effect, apply any restrictions noted for
magic involved in the casting of cantrips is too properly when used by an inhabitant of the
the spell (above). These items otherwise func-
weak to withstand the forces of the outer Abyss; this is noted where it applies. In all
planes. tion normally with the following two excep-
cases, the creatures living on these planes will
know of the alterations to any magical device
Rod of Rulership: This device is not power-
Alter Reality: As the magic-user spell wish. in their possession.
ful enough to be effective in the do-
Astral Spell: This has no effect; see special
main of Lolth. It will not affect any
note C. Swords, Armor, and Protective devices: The
natives of the Abyss.
Conjure Animals: This has no effect; see spe- source of enchantment for these items is
Wand of Metal and Mineral Detection*: Note
cial note B. closely connected to the Prime Material Plane.
that areas behind the doors on the Web
Continual Light*: The light will not illumi- Therefore, when using magic weapons, ar-
are beyond the range of the wand.
nate the fog. mor, and/or protective devices, two plusses
Creation (Major or Minor): There is a 20% are subtracted from the items bonus. This
Miscellaneous Magic Items: The restrictions
chance of a chaotic creation, as per the would drop a + 3 weapon to + 1, a ring of
protection + 4 to + 2, and so forth. Magical given for spells (above) apply to all items
magic-user spell polymorph, above.
which produce similar effects. Certain items
Demi-Shadow Magic: The spell has no good + 1 and + 2 items become non-magical be- will malfunction in the Web, bur will else-
effect. Anything created is chaotic, per- cause of this. If a weapon has more than one
verted and twisted. type of enchantment, the two plusses are -where work normally; see the notes given for
Demi-Shadow Monsters: Monsters created ap- deducted from each category; the weapon the magic-user spell jump (above). The af-
fected items items include:
pear disgusting and horrible. Any charac- may, in such cases, be magical only with re-
ter viewing them must save vs. fear once spect to certain creatures (for example, a
per round or be affected as a fear spell. sword + I, + 3 vs. regenerating creatures will arrow of direction
Detect Illusion*: In the Web, madness will become a nonmagical sword, + 1 vs. regener- boots o f levitation
strike the illusionist after one round unless boots of striding and springing
ating creatures).If a weapon having extra abil-
broom of flying
the attempt is abandoned; see the cleric ities is reduced to completely nonmagical
spell true seeing. carpet o f flying
status by this change, all magical properties
Detect Magic*: As the cleric spell. are lost while the weapon is in this state (for crystal balls (all)
wings o f flying
First Level Magic-User Spells: As per the indi- example, a luck blade becomes nonmagical,
vidual spell. any wishes contained therein being unusable
Numerous items will not function in the
Invisibility*: In the Web, monsters may detect while in the Abyss). All drow armor and
invisible characters by their vibrations. weaponry are unaffected because they derive Abyss at all. Many depend on contact with an-
(See the magic-user spell.) other plane for their operation (see special
their power from this plane.
Invisibility 10 radius or Improved Invisibil- spell note C), and some simply are not power-
ity*: As invisibilitx above. Potions: Potions which duplicate spell effects ful enough to affect the home of Chaos. These
Light*: As the cleric spell. non-functioning items include:
(such as flying)are subject to the same modifi-
Magic Mirror: As the magic-user spell. cations as the corresponding spells.
Maze*: As the magic-user spell. Gaseous Form: Any character who moves Book o f Infinite Spells (if left on another
Phantom Steed: The quasi-real creature that into the fog surrounding the Web is lost in
appears will look like a hell horse, though Any item which summons elementals (bowl,
the maelstrom.
it has none of that creatures powers or brazier, censer, stone)
Treasure Finding: The treasures in rooms off
abilities. Candle of Invocation
of the Web are out of the range of this spell
Rope Trick*: As the magic-user spell. Helm o f Eleportation
effect, as they are on different planes of ex-
Shades: As demi-shadow monsters, above. istence. Horn of Collapsing
Shadow Door: As invisibilitx above. Horn o f Valhalla
Shadow Magic: As demi-shadow magic, Incense of Meditation
Scrolls: As with potions, any spell effect pro-
above. Lyre o f Building
duced is restricted as given in the spell notes
Shadow Monsters: As demi-shadow monsters, above. Protection scrolls function normally, Mattock o f the Titans
above. with this single exception: Maul o f the Titans
Shadow Walk:This spell will not function; see Necklace o f Prayer Beads
Protection from Demons: This scroll is not
special note C. powerful enough to function in the Spade o f Colossal Excavation
Summon Shadow: The spell has no effect; see Abyss.
special note C.
True Sight: As detect illusion, above. Rings: All rings either function properly or

A few items will have an effect entirely dif-
ferent from that described in the Dungeon
Masters Guide:

Horn o f Blasting: This item retains its stun ca-

pacity, but cannot weaken or destroy any
structure found in the abyss.
Iron Flask: Demons cannot be captured by
this item when used in the Abyss. It func-
tions normally against any other creature
(or character).
Portable Hole: This may either open into an
alternate world or create the usual extra-
dimensional space, as per the magic-user
spell rope trick, above (Q.v..
Talisman o f Pure Good: The victim must save
vs. spells or be lost in the Abyss. I f it suc-
ceeds, the user o f the item is sent back to
his or her home plane.

The Demonweb
The Web of Lolth 'consists of four winding
interwovenpathways. Thepaths are all 40 feet
apart in height. Anyone reaching over the
edge o f a path can discover that it is only 3
inches thick. Every pathway is 20 feet wide
and appears to be made of some type o f pol-
ished stone. Close examination reveals, how-
ever, that there is a slight movement in it. I f
characters study further, this movement re-
solves itself into the bodies and faces o f dis-
torted humans; these are the lost souls o f the
Abyss, trapped in this material as their pun-
There are no walls or ceilings around the
pathways; instead, there is a billowing gray-
ish, repulsive-smelling fog. This fog stays a t
the edge o f the pathways and forms a ceiling
10 feet above, making a corridor of sorts. I f
they explore with some caution, characters
reaching into the fog discover that there is
nothing beyond the mist, in any direction, to
see or touch. Furthermore, due to the billow-
ing fog, vision is reduced to a maximum o f 60
feet and a minimum o f 10 feet, varying with
the changes in the fog. Neither inhavision nor
ultravision can penetrate the fog.
The given number o f the level o f a path
does not refer to actual elevation, but only to
the progression (by way of the teleportation
rooms) from the starting level of the Web to
the final level.
One of the unusual properties of the Web is
that no matter how many times a pathway is
crossed, or crosses over itself or another path,
it always remains completely level. There are
no ramps, slopes, stairs, or inclines anywhere
in the Web. Impossible on the Prime Material
Plane, it exists here simply because Lolth wills
it. Lolth has also placed a permanent feather
fall on the underpasses and overpasses of the
Web. When characters step off the path, one
of two things will happen: if there is a path-

way under the characters, they float gently
down to it; if not, they are swept away in the
howling winds of the Abyss, forever lost.

Overpasses And Underpasses

If the party is at point A, then points B and

C are below point A, hence B to C is an under-
pass. Points B and C are 40 feet below point
A. Remember that throughout the Web, a
permanent feather fall takes effect whenever
any creature or thing drops toward an under-
pass. The net effect is that of an invisible ele-
vator that slowly lowers any object down to the
pathway below. This effect cannot be negated
by the party.
If the party is at point B, then point A is
above point B and is therefore an overpass.
Point A is 40 feet above point B.
Throughout the Web, Lolth has cast power-
ful permanent magic which will limit or can-
cel the effects of many spells, mainly those
having to do with flying, levitating and tele-
porting. Lolth does not permit adventurers to
zoom up to the fourth level and gain easy ac-
cess to her palace. She does not, however, dis-
approve of physical climbing. Characters may
therefore use physical means to climb up to
the overpasses (i.e. rope and grapnel, a ladder,
etc.). Of the many possible magical items,
only a rod o f lordly might or a rope o f climb-
ing will help in climbing up to an overpass.
Overpasses and underpasses generally will
not be seen by the party because of the swirl-
ing fog that surrounds the Web. If the party
states that they are looking for an underpass or
overpass alongside the pathway, find the
chance of discovery on th