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Sugilanon Bayluhay

February 13, 2017

West Visayas State University Cultural Center


The story Sugilanon Bayluhay started on a gathering of tribe of itas and there
will be a newly announced king and that is Margudo, he is the bravest warrior of
their tribe,as newly crowned he need to choose a wife he will marry. Maniwang-
niwang was the woman Marigudo wants and also Maniwang-niwang also had the
same feelings with him but Maragsa was envy and poisoned Maniwang-niwang and
charmed King Marigudo while Maniwang-niwang left crying with hurt and pain so
her friends bring her to Apu Tukan to healed and help them to awake Marigudo
from charm, but the only way to take the charm is a true loves kiss so King
Marigudo and Maniwang-niwang were forced to kiss each other and the charm was
lost. On the other kingdom the Malays were being enslaved by the cruel King
Macatunao, he had many women around his kingdom because he gathered them
from the kingdom he battles. Many were angry with him especially his knights
whom he trusted the most Linog, Balotig and Buhawi, the king commanded them to
make the ladies dance, the king attracted to Amaya, the daughter of Datu Puti.
Amaya refuses to go with the king, so the king got angry and pushes Amaya, and
Datu Puti saw what happened to her daughter, so Datu Puti fought King Macatunao.
Datu Puti almost died in their battle, but the knights helped him and ran away and
use the ship to escape from the cruelty of King Macatunao. While the itas are
celebrating they saw people approaching and thought that was an enemy until they
were close and saw them and found out that they were Malays. Datu Puti ask for
help to have some food and water because they were starving, so King Marigudo
helped them. The Malays ask for some piece of the land of the itas but the itas
ask for an exchange, and then they agreed and barter (bayluhay) the Malays gave
them a hat and necklace made of gold. And they live happily ever after.


My reaction about the story entitled Sugilanon Bayluhay is that it was presented
very well by the cast and producers. It made my day so happy and it entertains me
a lot so my stress flew away. I cant stop laughing from the beginning until the end
of the program, and when I reach home Im still smiling because I cant forget those
moments. I like the characters because they are well practiced and master their
piece as well as they deliver smoothly and they make it more alive and meaningful.
It informs us of how the people of Panay lived in the past, and what are their
contributions in our society today. But theres a thing that I dislike, and thats the
audio of their play because sometimes it stops or breakdown so it is not good to
hear , so they really need to improve or upgrade their audio as well as their props
so that it will be more catchy to ears and eyes of the audience. For my overall
reactions it was fantastic and amazing.