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Harta Intelek (IP)

Mohd Azlan Mohammad Hussain

Hasil Pembelajaran
1. Mengenalpasti badan/agensi yang menguruskan dan menjaga
harta intelek
2. Menyenaraikan Jenis-jenis harta intelek
3. Menerangkan keperluan untuk perlindungan
4. Menerangkan prosedur permohonan perlindunganharta Intelek
Agensi Perlindungan Harta Intelek Malaysia
MyIPO Objectives
1. Establishing a strong and effective administration on IP
2. strengthening intellectual property laws;
3. providing comprehensive and user-
friendly information on intellectual property;
4. promoting public awareness programes on the importanc
e of intellectual property; and
5. providing advisory services on intellectual property.
Jenis-jenis Harta Intelek

1. Paten
2. Perbaharuan Utiliti (utility Innovation)
3. Trade Mark (Cap dagangan)
4. Copyright (Hakcipta)
Hak eksklusif yang diberikan terhadap suatu rekacipta:
produk @
proses untuk membuat sesuatu, @
Proses untuk penyelesaian teknikal bagi sesuatu masalah
Paten dilindungi di bawah Akta Paten 1983 dan perlindungan
paten adalah selama 20 tahun dari tarikh pemfailan
Utility Innovation
Hak eksklusif yang diberikan terhadap suatu rekacipta kecil
Tidak memerlukan ujian langkah merekacipta sebagaimana
yang diperlukan untuk mendapat paten
Perbaharuan utiliti dilindungi selama 10 tahun dari tarikh
Utility Innovation
Trade mark
A sign which distinguishes the goods and services of one
trader from those of another.
A mark includes words, logos, pictures, names, letters,
numbers or a combination of these.
A trade mark is used as a marketing tool to enable
customers in recognizing the product of a particular trader.
Consumers choose a particular trade mark for its known
Trade Mark
The exclusive right given to the owner of a copyright for a
specific period.
A work that is eligible is protected automatically upon
fulfillment of the following conditions:-
sufficient effort has been expected to make the original work
the work has been written down, recorded or reduced to a
material form;
the author is qualified person or the work is made in Malaysia or
the workis first published in Malaysia
The Works eligible for protection under copyright law are;
i. literary works;
ii. musical works;
iii. artistic works;
iv. films;
v. sound recordings;
vi. broadcasts; and
The Importance of IP Rights
It can become a valuable commercial tools
Your product are valuable business assets.
To prevent others from copying and thereby taking
advantage of your ideas or the goodwill you have developed
for your products and services
Give you a time lead and market advantage over your
They can be used to raise funds by selling, or licensing the
rights for royalty payments.
How to Obtain a Patent for an Invention
The owner of the invention to file a formal patent application
(Borang 1) with MyIPO
The invention must be described and defined in the Patent
specification part in (Borang 1)
Some of the information have to be specified including:
i. A title and description of the product/process,
ii. drawings and specification of the invention
iii. working examples
iv. Measurements, Terms and Signs
v. a set of claims that defines the invention to be protected
How to Obtain a Patent for an Invention
1. All patent applications must go through an approval process called
substantive examination.
2. Examination must be requested within a specific timeframe from the
application filing date. A fee is also payable.
3. After requesting examination, the application will be forwarded to a
patent examiner at MyIPO.
4. The patent application will then be searched for newness and
examined for inventive step.
5. after making a suitable response and provided the examiner is
satisfied that the application meets the requirements of the Patents
Act, a patent will be granted.
The End