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This small booklet is collection of discource which
Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra
our reverend Gurudev B.V. Bawra Ji Maharaj has given in
Compiled by :Margot Davinder Milcetch
Worlds Religions Conference held from 24th August to 31 St
Edfted by : Swam Brahmrita Parivarajika
- August 1992, in Seoul Korea. All Dharmacharyas & Gurus of
different Religions of the world were called to discuss the
First Edition Jan.2006 problem.Howto attain peace in world. In his address Reverend
Guru ji said that peace can be attained only through spiritual
Comp. Vaney Shaima
discipline. All the pnests and Dharmacharayas accepted the

Price: 10/- way which guru ji suggested for solution of world peace. He
said untill & unless we are rooting out the cause of
Printed by: The Press, G- 1 9, Sarover Marg, unhappiness, we cannot create peace in the world. Happiness
Panchsheel Garden, Naveen Shahdra is the result of peace which comes through pure wisdom & that
Delhi-1 10032
can be achieved through yoga & meditation. -Vishvatma Bawra.
1f man is not peaceful internaNy how we can bring Haana, India
peace in the world.The Vedic philosophy shows us the way of
intemal practice only then we can attain happiness and peace Assembly of the Worlds Religions
August 24 to 31, 1992
1 hope this smailbooklet will give rightdirectiontothe
Shetaton Walker Hll Hotel, Seoul, Korea
readers & thinkers of the world for solving this great problem.

My dear souls!
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Gladly, 1 am welcoming this auspicious occa

sion provided by the lnter-Religious Federatlon for
World Peace. This is a great opportunity for all reli
glous, saintly people and wise men to discuss globaL
disturbances and the restlessness of man kind. It is a
well known fact that these disturbances and restless
ness are not the cause in itself but the effect of some
4 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline

deeper and more subtle cause. My innermost wish is happiness, why is It receiving the opposite ? Why are
that we may jointly explore and discover the root cause we getting resuts that are against our will, our nature,
of this undesirable situation and search solutidns to our inner demand, our deeds, our activities or our ac
remove them and create a peacelul atmosphere in the tion itself. A great, ancient seer once said that 1f one
world in which humankind can live happily and lead tres to remove any disease without searching dut an
prosperous lives. understanding of the root cause of that disease, one
As we all know, mans inner demand is to cannot be successtut So, it appears we are not aware
achieve eternal happiness and that happiness is the of the problem on the level-of the root cause of suffer
result of inner peace. This is not only the individuals Ing, anxiety, pain and calamities. Therefore without
demand, but that of the family, state, nation and world knowing the root of our restlessness- and
as a whole. Our every elf ort is directed at full illing this disturbacnces, we are tryingto removethem, this is not
indispensable inner demand, but resultantly we are possible. In my opinion, such kind of circumstances
receiving the reverse of our inner wish in the form of are not new in human history. This pattern repeats ftself
tension, anxiety and numerous other kinds of miseries. over and over again. According to Samkhya Philoso
Herein lies an important question that must phy, the root cause of all miseries is residing in the
be addressed. When mankind is directing so much human intetlect, but mostly mankind is not aware of
efrfort and energy in an attempt to achieve peace and this fact. People are searching for answers on the sur
6 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline 7 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
face of life and outside of themselves in the world. people, then human bengs would be happy an free
Mostly people are busy with their individual from all miseries. These ideas form the basis of social
interest or selfish motive. They believe that they will ism and communism.
achieve peace and happiness through this process. From these conciusions another question
Others believe that not just momentary enjoyment but arises. It wealth is not giving peace and happiness to
the accumulation of the objects of woridly enjoyment the richest persons, then how can that wealth, when
as well as the increase of wealth will guarante their dstributed, have the power to give happiness to soci
peace and happiness. These two ideologies are corn ety as a whole ? A Vedic Seer, Yama, declared in the
monly known as individualsm and capitalism. Kathopanised, na vitten tarpaniyo manushya, a man
Some modern thii,kers be!ieve that individu will never be satisfjed with wealth. This is my personal
alism and capftalism are the root cause of miseries experience, that happiness is not the result to wealth.
and restlessness. They think that as a result of capital Inner satisfaction comes through the affainment of true
ism, people do not have equal facilities or properties. knowledge about lite and its own source. This does not
Due to lack of this, they concluded that people are mean that 1 am denying the value and proper use of
restless in pursuit of their own resources which in wealth, but It must be giien its own proper place.
creases disharmony in society. They propagate the ide According to my tradition of philosophy the
ology that 1f wealth would be distributed among all root cause of all miseries is intellectual disease, called
8 - Peace Thraugh Spiritual Discipline 9 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline

nescience. This disease appears in the torm of errone movement and stability. In our tradftion, these are catled
ous cognition. This misapprehension produces an ex
satoguna, rajoguna and tamoguna, respectively.
ternal movement outside ones own self and resuftantly
As previously mentioned the inteltect is the
creates ndividuation and separation from wholeness. first projection of nature so It has all three qualites of
Along wfth individuation comes delusion and egotism. light, movement and stability within itself. When
When the inteltect is under this influence we say that It
satoguna (light) prevails in the intellect, then the self
has become polluted or impure and that in that state It
becomes fully aware of its own real nature, but when
becomes bound and loses fts own real nature of eter
rajoguna (movement) or tamoguna (stability) prevail in
nat happiness and peace. In fact, our real self is not
the intellect, the self toses its own glory and real nature
individual or limited, but is a mainfestation of supreme
and becomes prey of nescience or false cognition. This
consciousness which is omnipresent, omniscierh and
creates as 1 -am- nes& or ego and its further mcve
omnipotent. Lord Krishna States 1fl the l4th chapter of
ment appears into sixteen forms. Among those, the first
the Bhagavad Gita that manifestation takes place in
is mmd and others are the five cognitive sense, f ive
the intellect which is the fist projection of Divine En
active senses and f ive objects of senses. Samkhya
ergy. This Divine Energy is catled nature in philosophi
philosophy describes this process in great detail.
cal terminology. Nature has three attributes called the
Even though the nind is the projection of ego,
three Gunas.The properties of these attributes are light,
It works as ts own instrument, yet It is more powerful as
10 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
11 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
which comes about through devotion and development
the agent of the self. Due to the impurfty of intellect and of pure wisdom. That can be achieved through Yoga,
existence of egotism, the mmd becomes restless and thtough realizing Oneness with Supreme Conscious
creates tension, anxiety, lust and greed. In this state, a ness.
persons life becomes miserable and peaceless. In the 36th chapter of the Yajur Veda, Dadhichi,
We are t ully aware that a restless person can a great ancient Seer enunciated a great method in a
not be happy, nor can a restless family, society, nation prayer. It is:
or world tuit iii their inner desire tot happiness and Lord, May there be Peace in the Heaven
peace. So, according to my experience, each person Peace in the Space
must be aware of the cause of unhappiness and try to Peace on the Earth
remove that nescience. As long as we are not rooting Grant us Peace in the Waters
out that infatuation we cannot create peace in the world, Peace in our Foodgrains
let alone any other level of family, society or nation. Bring Peace in the Cosmos
Therefore, the remedy for individualism is not social Peace in the Whole Creation
ism but spiritualism. The remedy for capitalism s not Peacen Alt
communism but monotheism. As brd Krishna states in May there be Peace n Peace
the 2nd chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, happiness is the Peace in our Heart
result of peace and peace is the result of generosity 73 Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
72 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
and Peace in the World. with Divinity. Man can be a vessel of peace, not a source
In this prayer, the seer first enunciated that of peace. Peace is the light of Divinity, where there is
heaven, space and earth all must be peaceful and un Divinity, there is peace. What are the sgns of Div,nity?
polluted, because 1f pollution or impurfty exists at any Divinity is the projection of Aditi or Iimitless conscious
level, then we will never by able to make our body, ness. It we make limitations and delineations among
mmd, and intellect pure. Heaven is always pure, but is mankind, how can there be peace? Peace exists in
a welIknown fact that our space and earthly environ Oneness. Divinity resides in Oneness not plurality. To
ments become polluted by our unwise actions and achieve peace, we must bring Iimitless thought in the
greedy behavior. 1f we are eager to bring peace in the human mmd. We must bring generosity and catholicity.
world, then we must first correct our own actions and Then peace will come into the space, in the heart and
behavior. We know that our action is the projection of into behavior. That will result from a change in the hu
our inner desire, and our desire is directed by our own man mmd first.
thought. 1f our intellect and mmd are not pure and peace How peace can be made stable in life is ad
ful, then our thought and action cannot be pure. Impure dressed in the next few lines of the prayer. Peace in the
thought cannot direct us towards peace and happi water and food, those sustainers of life must be pure.
ness. Whatever we are drinking and eating, whatever we are
According to my phi1osophy peace is related breathing also must be pure. 1f what we are taking in is
14 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline 15 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
polluted and creating disturbance, how can we be fuily and completely move into peace and be stable
peaceful? 1f the air in the space is not pure, our breath there. Glimpses ot peace do not bring permanent peace.
will not be peaceful, Breathing will create diseases and After peace is stable in itself, the prayer calls for peace
make us restless. 1f our food and drink can be pious 1 to move into my heart. Therefore, peace must embed
and divine, then we can sustain peacefulness.
When peace moves into the human mmd,
t itself into each individual heart, then finally the world
will be peaceful. To bring peace in the world, each per
heart and behavior and is sustained by pure and pious son must bring peace en his own level. This is the
breath, water and food, then peace will come in our idelogy of the Veda. Peace cannot be in universal life
environment. in the prayer, the word Wsvadevais used without residing wfth integrity in the human heart. Rest
to mean both universe and universal soul. As themac lessness is created by mankind. All beings have be
rocosms of heaven, space and earth are found in the come restless as resutt of the actions of humankind.
microcosm of the individual, so hete the universe is This disturbance is established in every sphere 6f life.
reffected in the universal oul of mankind. Then, the Unfortunately, human potential can be misused. sci
next line says, into the whole creation or Brahma, peace 1 ences are creating pollution, toxicity and more extreme
will mcve. Then peace will move into each part and dangers for all forms of life than ever were known in the
particle of creation designated by the word AIl in the past. We need a knowledge that can free us from
next Hne. Tlen peace will move into peace. Peace must peaceiessness on all levels, that is one that creates
16 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline 17 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
peace in mankind and can influence life in all spheres heatthy and stable is the subject of spiritual discipline.
of the world. Spiritual science teaches methods that create harmony
The process of bringing peace into each mdi in these three spheres. For success, pure intellct or
viduat heart is caNed spiritual discipline. Every person pure wisdm is essential. Again, according to the
has three instruments, body, mmd and intellect. Senses Bhagavad-Gita and the Upanisads, it is specified that
are inciuded in the category of mmd, being the minds only sharp intetlect can pnetrate that ultimate truth
insttuments. Spiritual discipline must work on all three and give proper knowledge of Supreme Conscious
of these levels. It restlessness is in any one level, there ness,
cannot be peace. We create peace in human life by To purify the body, there are several processes
working on these levets of the individual. Spirit is above which are popularty known as Yogic exercises. These
these three levels and is always peaceful. According to are asanas, or Hatha Yoga postures and pranayam or
the Upanisads, thetermforspirit, Asangoaympurusha, breathing exercises. Both processes are for cleansing
indicates that spirit isnever polluted or disturbed. Dis the body. But the most valuable method for purification
turbance onty lies in bdoy, mmd and inteilect, 1f peace of the body is pure food. Its impact is not on the level of
fulness is in al), then that peace will vibrate to create body alone but extends with greater impact to the men-
peace in society and the world. tal and intellectual levels. According to the Vedas,
How to make the body, mmd and intellect pure, Ahara shudou sattvashuddhi, i.e. pure food creates
18 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline 79 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
pure intellect. 1f the intellect is pure, automatically Di
vine Knowledge will appear. With this knowledge, one sun, moon, light, pictures and various other symbols.
can realize oneness in all beings and be free from all Internal symbols are related with our own body, in the
kinds of bondages, for making the body, mmd and in form of eight chakras and the breath. imaginative sym
tellect pure, pure food is imperative. bols utilize our imagination to develop difterent cosmic
To create a pure mmd that is a stable mmd energies and divine forms. In my opinion, internal sym
three aspects of our mentat awareness are enlivened bols are the best as they are provided by Divinity. 1f we
and combined in an interative process. Self-study, turn our eyes indside, there are eight cha kras o vital
chanting of mantra and meditation work on the three centets upon which to focus, from Mulhadhara to
levels of thinking that is mmd awareness of sound and Brahmachakra. There is no need to pay attention and
awareness of afocus, orcommonly breath awareness. accept man-created external symbols when we have
When mmd, sound and breath are brought in harmony, such a wealth of God-given symbols. The inward focus
then meditation can deepen. Meditation has varjous of breath and chakras are two kinds of symbols f o
processes using the focus of different symbols. These cused on in meditation. Others inciude any other sym
symbols can be divided into the three categories of bols of vastness, such as light ot space or a symbol of
external, internal and imaginative. External symbols ones chosen divine form or other dearest thing. A prac
are commonly known to mankind, such as the cross, titioner, with guidance, can choose according to his
20 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline own preference.
21 - Peace Thraugh Spiritual Discipline
An example of a meditation process is the Uifficult without a Guru, the company of a wise person
use of Pranava Om. Om is a divine, cosmic sound, who himself has realized Divine truth. With that inspira
indicated bythe Pranava Om. When chanting Omwith tion, then three processes are inciuded in self study.
the breath, we take our breath back to the source of Two are study of ones self and ones status along the
breath, the cosmic breath or cosmic energy that sus path in canjunction with the guidelines of the scrip
tains the Universe, we make our mmd one-pointed on tures.The thrd is searching out the root cause of t am
that symbol and think about the root source of our 1 ness, a practice which can be continued in and out of
am ness. By searching out the root source we are the practice of meditation: Seeking for the essentiat
purifying our intellect as weB. Also, the body is auto reality of life with the ald of Divine company, study of
matically purified in this process because It is the most scripturs and ones own self is cafled intetlectual purifi
gross projection of the self and .will naturatly be puri cation.
f jeU jf higher levels are being purified. So even though Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad-Gita, taught
we are talking about a mental process, we cannot avoid the way to achieve eternal peace. Hete is an instance
the integrative nature of these spiritual disciplines. of the inspiration and specific guidance of scripture
So physical and mental purity are needed to that purifies the inteflect and makes it a stable vessel
uphold the higher, essential process of purification of for peace. Lord Krishna told in the 2nd chapter, how
intelfect which is summarily, self-study. Self study is one becomes a vessel of Divine peace. When ones
22 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline 23 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline

- --
wsdom is stable all causes of disturbance, all desires, can be elevated to Supreme peace. Finally at the end

will merge into. ones own ..self as all rivers enter the of the Sth chapter, Lord Krishna stated that peace comes

ocean. The causes of disturbances will come but will through knowtedge about the Supreme Being.True
not create any disturbance in a peaceful mmd. Peace knowledge about what the Supreme Being is, becomes
will come with stable wisdom. A person of stable wis- the source of Eternal Peace. In this verse, the supreme
dom has left all desires and become selfless. Such a is indicated as the enjoye of all virtues and all pen
person has annihilated ideas of egotism and posses ance, the ruler of all beings, the sovereign master and
sion and is busy in the divine service for the welf are of Supreme weil-wisher of aLl beings. When one becomes
all beings. When ones own wisdom is stable, peace fully aware about the Supreme Being, he becomes the
can be achieved as the result of reatizing union with enjoyer of Supreme Peace.

Godhead. Union with Godhead comes naturally as a In conciusion, when we are talking about gb

result of the Divine devotion that springs from stable bal peace, we mean peace in the human mmd. This

wisdom. Again in the 4th chapter, Lord Krishna mdi can be attained through pure and stable wisdom. The
cated the means to attain supreme peace. Peace is th.e process of gaining stable wisdom is called spiritual
result of Divine knowledge which is gained by having discipline. All great religions proclaim that man is the
tirm taith in Divinity, unwavering determination, mod image of Godhead. Also, in the Veda, we :read
eration of the senses. Through Divine knowledge one Sahasrasya pratima purusha, which has this same
24 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline 25 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline
meaing. Vyasadeva a great Seer, wotte in the intellect. When our self becomes identified with the in
Mahabharata, that in this creation, none is better and teltect, it assumes limitation and all impurities begin
greater than mankind.The greatness of a human beng from there. So the purpose of a spiritual discipline is to
resides in his pure wisdom; this is the greatest gift of be fully aware of our own real nature and try to elevate
Godh eaU for main kind. In my philosophy, when man ourselves torm this tinite state to realize unity in diver
has stable wisdom and a restful mmd, he not onfy be sity. As the Upanisads declare, eternal happiness is
comes a vessel of Divinity, but he becomes honorable the nature of infinity. That very infinity is our own sburce
tot deities, too. On the othr hand, when a man has a of life, in other words, that is called Godhead or Su
restless mmd and impure wisdom, he becomes dan preme Being. Truely, our real self is a mainfestation of
gerous for all creation aRd worse than a wild animal. that Infinity and therefore, we can say we are all chil
Therefore, we should all try to adopt a spiritual disci Uren of this Divinity. As a ray of sun cannot be sepa
pline which will lead us to divine wisdom and bestow rated from the sun and have its own indiviUual exist
us with a peaceful mmd. ence, simitarty we have no separate, individual exist
Finally, l would like to say that we must be ence apart from supreme consciousness. My heartiest
aware about one more truth. Our self is eternally pure wish is that having this truth in our thought, we may
and by nature it is blissful, knowledgeful and infinite. meditate upon that source and realize oneness with
Fnite is not our own nature but It is the nature of the God. This is the highest goal of spiritual discipline and
26 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline 27 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline

meditation. With this, we will bring peace in our own life
and in the world. May God bless us all. -
Our Pubhcatlons
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from death to immortality. 28.zTfl1
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May He bestow His divine grace upon us.
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28 - Peace Through Spiritual Discipline