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Welcome to Tokyo What will we need to play?

To play Tokyo Brain Pop youll

Brain Pop! need a copy of this book (of course)
and some dice (the normal, 6-sided
Tokyo Brain Pop is a game where dice you can find in any board
players work together to tell a game will work just fine). Youll
story about teenage school girls also need a pencil and a School
who have psychic powers and Record sheet for each player, which
fight demons. Well sit in a circle you can find at atarashigames.
and take turns creating scenes, com. A comfortable place to play
describing what our characters do is also very important. A big table
and maybe acting out their actions or comfortable living room will
and speaking in their voices. If work great, and an empty floor
you like telling stories, acting, does in a pinch. A school club
or using your imagination then room, the library, local parks or
youre going to have a ton of fun. a quiet cafe are good choices too.
A game of Tokyo Brain Pop can Just make sure that you choose a
be super intense, dramatic and location where everyone can feel
suspenseful, but it will also often safe and comfortable, and wont be
be very funny! embarrassed by doing things that
afterward may seem a little silly.
A game of Tokyo Brain Pop will Make sure to have beverages and
usually last about 3 hours, and if snacks handy if your group likes
we want we can play again later that kind of thing.
and continue our story. One of us
will take the role of Superintendent, But what is it about?
acting as a narrator and a guide Deep in the sprawling heart
for the other players. The rest of us of Tokyo there is a mysterious,
will play Students. infamous high school where the
supernatural is just another fact
of life. A dangerously haunted
place where restless spirits stalk the
halls and demons roam the school
grounds. Some say the school was
built on top of the remains of an
abandoned Shinto shrine, while
others whisper of ancient curses
and wartime atrocities. One thing
is certain, the school has become
both a magnet and a haven for the
strange, bizarre, and supernatural.

Theres a special group of students

who dont have the luxury of
ignoring the bizarre and sinister
threats that plague their school.
When the blood thirsty Demon
Prince of Shinjuku comes looking
for souls or the swim team is once
again possessed by the ancient the quickest to draw the attention
spirits of vengeful ninja, its up to of the demons, ghosts and other
the few brave young women with monsters who crave not just their
barely restrained psychic powers psychic energy, but also their flesh
to defend their classmates. These and minds that have been tainted
are the stories of the psychic school by malevolence and hatred.
girls, tragic young women doomed
to lives of violent combat, using Even without brain-eating
powers they can barely control to monsters and deranged teenage
fight monstrosities whose existence psychics the Japanese school
they can scarcely comprehend! system is notoriously daunting,
with demanding exams and fierce
Psychic powers are as much a competition to get into the best
curse as they are a gift, and most schools. Many students suffer
psychic school girls have little breakdowns under the exhaustive
understanding or control of their workload and pressure from their
strange abilities. Since psychic family and teachers to succeed, or
powers often manifest themselves fall victim to vicious bullying from
in strange and unsettling ways, classmates. Compared to the terror
most psychic girls hide their powers of academic failure, fighting flesh-
from their friends. Many are eating ghosts and tentacled shadow
driven to suicide or insanity. Some beasts is almost a vacation!
schoolgirls revel in their power,
using it to humiliate and hurt Brainstorm!
their rivals. These girls are often
Before we do anything else well
spend some time talking about
the kind of game experience we
want to have. Tokyo Brain Pop
is about psychic teens and nasty
supernatural monsters, but its
very likely were all bringing dif-
ferent expectations and ideas to
the game. Some of us may want
a dramatic game about the harsh
lives of troubled young women,
while others might want a brutal,
violence-filled showdown against
giant, toothy monsters or a sexy
comedy with plenty of embar-
rassing situations. Well all have
ideas inspired by our favorite
manga, anime and films, so its
a really good idea to talk about
exactly what we want to see in
our game before we even start
creating our Students. Youll be
surprised how different everyones
ideas actually are!
Getting started Does the Superintendent
create a Student? Sure,
Before we can start playing each the player who chooses the
of us will need to create a Student. Superintendent role can make
Our Students will all be teenage and play a Student if they want
girls who attend Atarashi high to. This means that for scenes
school. Lets start with a list of yess where their Student is the focus
and nos: another player can take care of the
Superintendents duties.
No, you cant play a boy. This is a
game about school girls, not school
boys. Each Student is made up of
just a few parts:
Yes, you can play a cross-dressing
boy, as long as your character - Your Students name
identifies as a girl and attends Mai or Maiko, Kana, Maki or
- Details
school as a female student. Makiko, Kaoru or Kaori, Toshiko,
- Goal
Ami, Chie, Yuki, Mari, Marie or
Choosing Details
- Your Best Friend and Rival Each one of our Students has
No, you cant play a teacher. You Mariko, Chika, Ann, Kurumi,
- Your Popularity quirks of personality, special
cant play an adult of any kind. Haruko, Haruna or Haruka,
interests, strange powers,
Natsuki, Fuyumi, Chihiro, Rie, Nao,
unique relationships, important
Yes, you can play an alien, demon, Choosing a name Aya, Ayana, Ayano, Ayako, Risa,
possessions or embarrassing secrets
exchange student or robot, if thats Since our Students are Japanese Saya, Yuri or Yurie, Hiromi, Midori,
that help make them a complete
what your group decides that it well want to choose Japanese Nozomi, Ayumi, Ai, Tomomi,
and unique person. These are
wants. names. Sally wont work, and Hitomi, Kaori, Miwako, Mayumi,
called Details. Some Details
neither will Naruto or Pokemon, Mao, Chiaki, Eri, Manami, Naomi,
represent significant parts of our
no matter how Japanese they Tomoyo, Ran, Akane, Asami, Saki,
Creating a Student: While sound to you. Remember, in Japan Hisae, Jun, Nana, Shiori, Kazumi,
Students life that are obvious to
playing Tokyo Brain Pop well keep everyone, others describe small
family names come first, followed Urara, Marina
track of each Students information things that may be important only
by given names. Once you choose
on her Student Record. This is a to her. Some Details are secrets the
a name make sure you write it on
little sheet of paper that you can your Student Record.
Japanese family names: Student keeps from even from her
set in front of you as you play to Sato, Suzuki, Takahashi, Tanaka, family, others embody moments
help everyone remember who your Watanabe, Ito, Kimura, Sasaki, of pride that can be shared with
Heres a list of names you can draw
character is. You can download a Narita, Kikuchi, Endo, Arai, everyone. Prettiest girl in class
full set of Student Records at Nakamura, Saito, Yamada, and Everyone treats me like a boy
atarashigames.com. Its really Hayashi, Abe, Mochizuki, Kato, are good Details. So are I hate my
handy. If you follow all the Japanese girl names: Sawano, Inoue, Maeda, Fukazawa, sister or Rides a bike to school.
instructions below youll have a Hinano, Yukino, Naho, Kaho, Mochizuki, Hara, Komatsu, Ochi, Not all Details need to be positive.
filled-out Student Record in no Megumi, Momoka or Momoko, Oshiro, Arakaki, Higa, Goto, Kai My parents just got divorced or
Super embarrassing pimples are think I have any real friends. or dislike for other Students may
pretty awesome Details. Details - Im in a band. I practice my guitar
Choose a Best Friend and a not be mutual. The Student you
can also represent the supernatural as much as I can. Rival choose as your Best Friend may not
elements of the game, focusing on - I... Im afraid Im going to hurt Every Student has someone she choose you to be her Best Friend.
your Students psyhic powers or someone. trusts more than anyone else. A She may even decide to make you
past encounters with demons and - I wear my hair long to hide my friend who she tells her secrets to, her Rival! Well talk more about
ghosts. Dueled with the Demon scars. a constant companion or a person the role of our Best Friends and
Prince of Shinjuku or Haunted by - My sister is my best friend. she admires. Each of us will choose Rivals in the Playing Tokyo Brain
my dead mother are great Details - I tell jokes when Im scared. another players Student to be our Pop section.
that bring out your Students - I live by myself. Best Friend. Youll select a different
supernatural flavor! - At night my eyes glow, and my Student as your Rival. A Rival may
teeth get sharp and pointy! be someone your Student hates
Make it easy: The easiest
way to choose and keep track of
Well each choose two Details for - My family is rich. with all her heart, a good friend
Best Friends and Rivals is to have
our Students. We can choose to - My chest is too big. she competes against or the one
everyone choose the player to their
replace an old Detail with a new - I come from a long line of ninja. person in her group of friends that
right as their Best Friend and the
one as a reward for completing our - Our teacher likes me best! she likes a little less than the rest.
player to their left as their Rival. Not
Goal, but we can never have more - I know the secret to fighting Remember to write the names of
only does this create a really easy
then 2 Details at a time. demons. your Best Friend and Rival on your
way to keep track of friendship, but
- I dont believe in the School Record in the spots provided.
it also lets everyone have a chance
- Im the Class President. You have supernatural! Keep in mind that your admiration
to play each role.
to listen to what I say. - Im kind of clumsy.
- Im shy around people my own
- My Mothers ghost follows me
How do I use Details? Details
can be used to get advantages
wherever I go.
when our Students are challenged
- I can beat up anyone!
during scenes, so youll want to
- Its not my fault that everyone
select things that you think would
else is an idiot!
be useful and reflect the kind of
- I was trained to fight by a Tengu.
conflicts you want your Student to
- Im more into video games than
get into. Specifically, if a detail is
relevant to a challenge, you can use
- I dont know why Im so popular.
it to lower the target number you
- I can outrun anyone on the track
need to roll to beat the challenge.
For example, if your Student has
- I have a secret boyfriend.
a Detail like Toughest girl in the
- I once beat the Demon Prince of
world youll want to use that
Shinjuku in a duel!
anytime you get into a challenge
- I dont want anyone to know that
involving fighting! Well talk more
Ive been possessed by a demon.
about using Details in the Playing
- I carry this sword wherever I go.
Tokyo Brain Pop section.
- I have to be careful to hide my
cat ears.
- Im not conceited, but I know Im
the prettiest girl in my class.
- I spend all of my time
drawing doujinshi. Its a little
- I always make sure to leave
offerings at the family shrine.
- No one in class likes me. I dont
smart to choose Goals that allow class takes first place at the sports
for some inter-student conflict, festival.
which is a never-ending source of - I need to find out how to control
fun! the demon thats hiding inside me
before it eats my soul!
- I need to get a perfect score on - My skill with a sword is nearly
the upcoming test. Nothing else unmatched, but I could be better.
matters! I need to learn the ultimate
- I want to join the swim team, technique!
but the swimsuits are just so - There is something within me and
embarrassing! I must discover what it is before it
- I need to find a way to control my is too late.
psychic powers. - The math teacher has begun
- Ill kill the psychic who destroyed forming a club of hand-selected
my family! students and Im not one of them!
- I need to finally tell my best friend What is wrong with me?
how I feel about her. - Dogs, including Mr. Fuwafuwa
- I have to discover what the swim have gone missing into the woods.
team is up to. Now people are claiming they are
- Im tired of our teacher teasing being attacked. I need to rescue my
me. I crave revenge! dog!
- I need to kill the demon that has - Yu in room C is cute but hes
enslaved my brothers soul! going out with that awful Hinako.
- My parents still treat me like a I must break them up so he can go
kid. They need to see how much out with me.
Ive grown. - My cousin is possessed by an evil
- I need to do something about the spirit. I will find a way to exorcise
to choose Goals they can actually ghosts that live in my home before the spirit.
Select Goals complete! they drive me crazy! - Nanami is so cool and confident.
Each of our Students has a
- The ancient spirit that lives in my I need to switch into the occult club
Goal, a task that theyll want to
When your Student completes her familys ancestral sword cries out that she is chairperson of.
complete before our game ends.
Goal she can choose to replace one for blood! I must appease it. - Ew, Eiji just professed his love for
Anything that your Student wants
of her old Details with a new one - I wish I could get that cute boy me. I have to let him down easy so
to accomplish can be a Goal, but
related to that Goal. Uncompleted from class 3 to notice me. he wont spread any rumors about
life changing undertakings and
Goals are always carried over to - Im tired of being ignored. Its me.
urgent problems are much more
the next session. Try not to let your time for me to make my debut! - Yume and Yudai always sit next
fun then mundane daily tasks!
Goals stack up! - Ill become the leader of the to each other and eat the same
toughest gang in school. thing everyday. Theyre weird and
Well each choose a Goal for our
- I want to make some new friends I need to expose them.
Student at the beginning of every Heres a list of Goals you at my new school.
session. When we choose a Goal
were telling everyone else what
can choose from. Its a lot of - Were choosing a Class President
fun to select your Goal at random, tomorrow, and Im going to make
were interested in doing during
but if you see one you like go ahead sure its me.
the game, so we should all make
and take it. Feel free to modify these - I want to start a demon hunting
sure to listen to each others Goals
Goals to fit with the kind of story club.
so we can address them as we play.
you want to tell, or just make your - My sister is missing, and I need to
The Demon the Students will face
own! Its best to talk about your find her!
in each session is strengthened by
Goals with the other players so we - I have to prove that my teacher is
the Students unresolved Goals,
all know what you want out of the a monster before she kills us all.
so its important for the Students
game and can help you get it. Its - Im going to make sure my
celestial beings. Some girls have
nothing to defend themselves
with but a blunt object and a
fiery temper!

On your Student Record sheet

youll see a check box for psychic
powers. New Students will always
start the game without active
psychic powers. You can find
out how to use these powers to
get an advantage in the Psychic
Powers part of the Playing Tokyo
Brain Pop section.

Popularity Votes
Not every Student is equal.
Theres always one girl who rises
above the rest and is admired
and praised by her friends. And
there is always a girl who is
bullied by her fellow students;
teased and made fun of.
Popularity is determined by
secret vote at the beginning
of each game. Each player
will write down the name
of the Student they like the
most (please dont vote
Pschic Powers, Ancient for yourself). The Student with
the most votes becomes the Most
Sword Techniques, Demon Popular girl, while the Student with
Possession and all that the least votes (usually 0) becomes
Least Popular. Everyone else is
stuff. simply average. In the case of a
Atarashi High School is full of tie the Superintendent can name
students with strange, destructive a Most or Least Popular girl. Any
powers. Some are aware of their player can call for a Popularity
abilities, while others live their lives vote once per game after a scene
ignorant of their potential. Most has ended.
of the students have the deeply
hidden ability to manifest psychic Since psychics are hated and
powers, talk to spirits or ward off feared, a Student cannot be voted
monsters. Some girls are possessed Most Popular during a session
by demons, others are the victims where theyve used their psychic
of scientific experimentation, powers.
masters of martial arts, agents of
ancient cults and ninja clans or
the beneficiaries of powers from
focus on several Goals at once. This
means that we can either have
Playing Tokyo Brain small scenes that only focus on a
single Goal and involve just one
Pop Student, or larger scenes that focus
on multiple goals and have lots of
A game of Tokyo Brain Pop is Students!
a series of scenes that tell our
students story, with each scene At the beginning of your scene
focusing on one Student and her youll tell the Superintendent about
Goal. A scene will usually last 5 to the Goal you want to focus on, and
15 minutes. Well each take turns together youll come up with an
as the focus Student, attempting idea for the scene. Of course, the
to complete our Gaol within our rest of us can make suggestions,
scene. After our scene is over the but it will be up to you and the
next Student will take a turn. Superintendent to decide which
Youll find that often you wont be suggestions make it into the scene.
able to complete your Goal in your
first scene. Thats fine. Each of us If its your turn to be the focus
can have two scenes as the focus Student you can ask to have a
Student. If you cant complete your scene about the Demon instead of
Students Goal within those two your Goal. This works just like any
scenes youll have to let the Goal other scene, but instead of focusing
go uncompleted. Dont worry, you on a Students Goal, the scene is
can always try again next session! about a Students encounter with
the Demon. The Demon can also
If several Students have related make appearances in any of our
Goals we can use a single scene to normal scenes, as youll see later.
Yumi trying to work up the courage
Remember, the purpose of each What counts as to make a love confession to the
scene is to either give a Student a Challenge? Well, class president? Challenge! Is Kim
a chance to complete her Goal, if a bully gets in your trying to suck the ghost out of her
have an encounter with the way to keep you from dead mothers brain? Challenge!
Demon, or both! reaching your Goal, Is Junko trying to not fall asleep
thats definitely a in class? Thats a pretty lame
Playing a scene Challenge. If your challenge, but it still works.
The Superintendent and Goal is to win a
karaoke contest, then
focus Student will start by
the other contestants
Part 2: Who calls for the
describing where the scene
takes place, which characters represent the Challenge? A Students Rival
are around and whats currently Challenge. Generally, any time a can call for a Challenge any time
happening. Well play out player says my Student tries to... that Student tries to do something
scenes by describing what our her Rival or the Demon can call for during a scene. When a Rival calls
Students do. If we want to we a Challenge. Challenges exist to for a Challenge it means that shell
can speak in our Students keep a Student from getting what be in that scene, actively doing
voices and have conversations she wants, so any opportunity to something to cause the Challenge.
with each other. We can even stand in her way is an opportunity For example, if Yumi wants to call
stand up and act out the scene for a Challenge! Of course, we a Challenge on Hiromi to keep her
if we want! Any player, even all want to make sure everyones from hiding from a demon, shell
those without Students in the Student can complete her Goal, but have to describe what she does
scene, can describe whats thats no reason to go easy on each to try to ruin Hiromis attempt to
happening around our students other and not call for Challenges. hide.
and introduce new characters Remember, a story about a girl
and ideas into the scene. A who easily got everything she ever Other Students and the
scene always continues until wanted is pretty boring. No one Superintendent can also call for
the Superintendent or the focus likes that girl. Do your friends a Challenges, even if theyre not the
Student decide its over. favor and make sure their Students Rival. Instead of inserting their
have to struggle to get what they own Students into the scene theyll
Scenes may start slow, but want! narrate how the Demon disrupts
eventually the Student who is the Students plans and causes a
the focus of the scene will try to Here are the 5 parts of a challenge. Challenge. The Student will have
complete her Goal or engage the It sounds like a lot, but once you to overcome the Demon to get
Demon. Thats when Challenges try it youll see its pretty simple! what she wants!
Part 1: When do we call for
Challenges? Part 3: Beat the Challenge!
Challenges Part 2: Who calls for the The Student tells us how shes going
Its the job of both the Rival and Challenge? to try to beat the Challenge, then
the Demon to try to keep the Part 3: Beat the Challenge! rolls her die. If she gets a success
focus Student from reaching Part 4: Tell us what happens! then her Best Friend gets to describe
her Goal. A Rival can call for Part 5: The End! how she overcomes the Challenge.
a Challenge any time the focus If she fails, her Rival will describe
student tries to do anything, but what happens!
most especially when they try Part 1: When do we call for The number you need to roll to
to do something that will help get a success is determined by
her accomplish her goal! The Challenges? We can call for a your Students Popularity. Popular
Superintendent and other Challenge any time a Student is Students only need to roll a 3 or
players can also call for trying to do something during a better. Average Students need at
Challenges by using the Demon scene. Any time! Is Hiromi trying to least a 4, while Unpopular girls
(well get to that in a bit). hide from a demon? Challenge! Is only succeed on a 5 or 6.
Using Details in Challenges Which characters are
Part 4: Tell us what happens! Part 5: The end! The If a Student has a Detail that
Its up to the Best Friend or the Challenge is over. The Student applies to the current Challenge
involved in the Challenge?
Rival to describe what happens. either succeeded at what she was The Student who was the focus
she can use it to lower her success
As Best Friend or Rival you should trying to do or failed. Probably the of the scene is usually the focus
target number by one. For example,
feel free to be as descriptive as you scene has moved in an interesting of the Challenge. If the Students
an Average girl can use one of her
want. Dont be afraid to use your direction. But just because the Rival called the Challenge then
Details to reduce her success target
description of the Students success Challenge has ended doesnt mean shell also be in the scene (or at
number from 4 or better to 3 or
or failure to move the scene in new the scene is over (although it might least somewhere close enough to
better. Each Detail can only be used
directions, bring the Student closer be). Another Challenge can be cause trouble), and shell get to
once per session.
to her Goal or do her some serious introduced as soon as the Student describe the Challenge. If another
and lasting harm! Whether you get tries to do anything else. You can player uses the Demon to call the
Lets answer questions about
to describe the success or failure, even call for a new Challenge Challenge then that player will
your goal should be to move the based on the descriptions provided get to describe the Challenge and
scene in an interesting direction! by the Best Friend or Rival if they fit the Demon will be involved in the
the criteria from Step 1! What makes a good Challenge in some way.
Challenges are all about keeping Who gets to narrate?
other Students from completing Depending on the outcome of
their goals or getting what they the Challenge the Best Friend or
want. Challenges should always Rival will get to describe what
be active. When you introduce a happens. If thats you then
Challenge tell us exactly what it youll have complete control over
is and how it keeps the Student the description and can narrate
from getting what she wants. The anything you want. No one can
ghost shouldnt just appear, it contradict you or add extra details,
should appear and viciously attack even the Superintendent and
Hiromi just as shes about to use the Student who was the focus of
her psychic powers to destroy the the Challenge. Of course, youre
haunted shrine! welcome to take input from the
rest of the players, but you have
Youll want your Challenge to be the final word.
something that could actually keep
the Student from getting what they
want. At the same time, not every
Can more then one Student
Challenge has to be about ghosts, be the focus of a Challenge?
monsters or bullies. Even small Sure. You can call a Challenge on
obstacles can stop a Student dead more then one Student as long as
in her tracks if theyre introduced both are in the
well. Having Yumi spill her drink same scene and
all over the Class President right youre the Rival
as shes about to make her love of at least one
confession is a great Challenge of them. You
that pushes the scene in a really can also use
neat direction! the Demon to
call a Challenge
on multiple
Do I have to turn everything How Popularity affects Every Student has the potential to
use psychic powers, but once she
Levitation: The Student can
into a Challenge? Students levitate in the air, slowly spinning
No, of course not. That would Students popularity affects the uses them shell become a known
as psychic lightening fills the space
really slow down the game and game in a very important way. psychic! When a Student takes on
around her. Everyone can see up
be kind of annoying. Challenges As mentioned earlier, Popularity a conflict she can decide to use
the students skirt, but the whole
are fun, but you should only call determines the number your her psychic powers. If she does her
thing is still pretty scary.
for one when a Student is trying to Studnet will need to roll to beat a action will always be a success, but
complete her goal, fight a Demon Challenge. that success will be described by her
or do something else important. Rival instead of her Best Friend. The
Most Popular: Roll 3, 4, 5 or 6 to Rival has to describe the success
beat a Challenge! as a success, but should also try
How many Challenges can Average: Roll 4, 5, 6 to beat a to work in as much awfulness as
we have in a row? Challenge! possible, including loss of control,
You can keep calling Challenges Least Popular: Roll 5 or 6 to beat a accidental injury to herself and
until a scene ends, and a scene only Challenge! Good luck! others, humiliation, property
ends when either the focus Student damage, exposed undergarments
or the Superintendent says it does. Remember, a girl who has used her and any other really awful stuff
Remember, Challenges move the psychic powers (as described below) they can think of!
scene forward, so keep calling cannot be voted Most Popular for
those Challenges until the Student the rest of the session. Once you use your psychic powers
you can never go back to being a
gets what she wants or gives up!
normal teenage girl. Even when
Make Heads Explode: The
Psychic Powers Student can make someones head
youre doing your best to suppress
My Rival just narrated my Nothing good ever came of psychic explode, causing the head to burst
your dark powers people will still
powers. Psychic powers will destroy apart and spray gore and bone
think of you as really creepy and
Students death. Can she your Students life. She will be strange, and youll find that dogs
fragments in all directions. Its
hunted and persecuted by her pretty gross.
do that? bark and bite when you get too
Sure. Sometimes Students die. If fellows, stalked by demons and close, plants wilt as you pass and
you mess with a monster its not hounded by government agencies. foreigners feel compelled to ask
unreasonable to expect that you However, her mysterious powers you for directions. Since psychic
might get eaten. If your Student will allow the psychic schoolgirl to powers corrupt and influence
does die, go ahead and make a stand up and face the demons that everything a psychic does, Best
new one. Or play her as a ghost! lurk in the shadows of her life and Friends and Rivals should add
deal punishment to her enemies. some supernatural flavor any time
they narrate the success or failure
of a known psychic, even if she
didnt use her powers during that

Psychics can use their powers to

Of course, you can use psychic
do all kinds of crazy things, so
power to represent all kinds
dont hold back when describing
of strange supernatural and
how youre going to use your
extraordinary abilities. Does you
supernatural abilities to beat
Student carry a cursed demon
a Challenge. If youre stuck for
sword? Is she a vampire, a time
ideas remember that there are two
traveler or a martial art expert?
powers that every psychic has:
Can she transform into a magical
super heroine? You can use psychic
powers to represent each of these
Completing Goals What happens if I dont
Each scene will give one of the
Students a chance to complete
complete my Goal?
Well, its the job of your Rival and
her goal. At the end of any scene
the Demon to do everything they
that your Student was in you can
can to keep you from completing
tell everyone else that her Goal
your Goal, so its totally possible
has been completed. You have to
that this might happen. Each
get your Best Friend to agree with
Student will get two scenes to try to
you though, and she can totally
complete their Goal. If they cant
deny you your Goal and make
complete their Goal in two scenes
you try again in another scene if
then theyll have to carry that Goal
she wants! Once your best Friend
over to the next session! If your
does agree, your Goal is complete!
Student is unable to complete their
You can replace one of your Details
goal because theyve been eaten
with a new one that reflects how
by the Demon or otherwise killed...
you accomplished your Goal. Youll
well, youll have to make a new
still get to participate in the rest of
Student for the next session!
this session, playing your Student
in other scenes, narrating as a Best
Friend and Rival and taking control
of the Demon. You just wont have
to worry about completing your
Goal. Congratulations, youve won
the game!
Very likely at least a few of the girls
will have Goals tied directly to the
Creating a School:
The school your Students attend
Demon, so shoving the Demon
will be the stage on which most
in their face as often as possible
of the game unfolds, so its a good
will help push them toward their
idea to take some time before the
goals. Remember, the Demon +
game starts to develop it and give
Student Goals = the plot of the
it little character.
game, so use the Demon to create
challenges that keep the Students
- Is your school co-ed, or is the
from reaching their Goals!
student body entirely female?

Create Scenes: - How old is the school building

One of the most important things itself? Many Japanese high schools
youll do is create scenes. While were built after the Second World
everyone gets to add things to the War. Theres been a recent surge
scenes, its up to you to get a scene in the construction of new schools,
started, and youll be the one who but many of these relics from the
decides what goes in and what last century are still in use, and
gets left out. Youll also very often there are several schools that
decide when a scene is over. Dont actually predate the war and can
let a scene drag on too long. If you claim to have stood for more than
see a good ending spot go ahead a century.
and declare the scene done and
The Tell the story: move on to the next one. -What kind of clubs and
Its easy for the other players to associations does the school offer?
get wrapped up in their own goals
Superintendent and challenges. Its your job to Keep the Peace: Your Students will likely choose to
be involved in a club of some kind,
make sure that these goals and Sometimes youll have to be a
and the Demon challenges come together as a cool referee. Sometimes youll have
but there will certainly be other
school organizations which your
story. Youll do this by making sure to decide who is right and who is
Students arent a part of. Making a
The Superintendent is responsible each Student gets a scene (or more wrong. Dont play favorites and
list of these clubs, sports teams and
for overseeing the game and than one) to follow her Goal, and dont be rude.
groups can give your school a sense
making sure it runs smoothly. You by finding a way to connect the of size and population. They can
can think of the Superintendent as scenes together. Encourage players
part babysitter, part tour guide and to choose complimentary goals,
Get everyone on the same also be very useful for providing
story ideas and characters for your
part teacher. The Superintendent or work together to complete their page: Students to interact with.
can choose to also play a Student goals. A game of Tokyo Brain Pop Before your game starts you should
character, or can decide to just focus is about how a bunch of teenage spend a few minutes talking about -Does your school have a secret
on the Superintendent role. Playing girls beat up a demon and lived to what you want out of your game history? Was it built over a Shinto
the Superintendent is less about tell about it. Thats the story. Thats and what kind of themes youre temple? Was it used as a prison
knowing the rules and more about what youre working towards. interested in exploring. Tokyo Brain during the war? Were several
guiding your friends through their Pop is a supernatural action game schoolgirls found dead there under
story and making sure everyone with a focus on social relationships,
has a good time. If that sounds Use the Demon to create but it can also be used for comedy,
mysterious circumstances? Does
the school have a history of abuse
like fun to you then youll make a conflicts: horror and romance. It helps to complaints or suicides? A schools
great Superintendent! Heres what The Demon is a tool to move decide which of these aspects your history can provide a lot of neat
the Superintendent does: the story forward. You should group wants to focus on before play story ideas, and helps it feel like a
encourage the other players to use starts. Having this conversation real place.
the Demon to create challenges as before you start playing will set
often as possible. If they dont want the tone of the game and allow -Does the school have any
to do it, you should do it yourself. everyone to start with the same outstanding or unique features?
The Demon is the big, scary, nasty expectations. Dont skip this part!
thing that brings the girls together.
Because of this the Demons target
Demon Attacks number for success will decrease by
Youve decided what sort of Demon
one for every unresolved Goal the
to use in the story you want to tell.
Students have when they face it!
Great. Now how will it antagonize
So a Demon facing Students with
the students? Demons can take
2 unresolved Goals would have a
actions, just like Students, and
target number for success of 2, 3,
unless someone calls a Challenge
4, 5 or 6! A Demon will always fail
to stop them the Demon will get
on a roll of 1, no matter how many
to do whatever it wants (up to and
unresolved Goals the Students
including destroying the school or
eating a student)!
The Demon is defeated once the
Any Student can call a Challenge
Students win at least 3 Challenges
to keep a Demon from getting
against it (if you want a tough
what they want, and usually what
Demon wed recommend increasing
they want is to eat school girls! A
this number to 5 or 6). After beating
Demon will initially succeed on a
the third Challenge the Best Friend
roll of 4, 5 or 6, and always gets to
describing the action gets to tell us
describe its own successes! Of
how the Demon is defeated!
course, the Students get to describe
a Demons failures.
Many Japanese high schools have and drags young women off into Demon retreat!
a gym, swimming pool and outdoor the shadows. Other players might If the Demon appears in the
track. Does your school connect want a more low key ghost story, first 2 scenes of the session it can
to underground maintenance full of vengeful spirits that make choose to retreat from the scene
tunnels? Does it have a shrine? their presence known in subtle after its wounded by a Students
Is it near a park? Does it have ways. You dont have to come out successful action, and will always
strange or unusual architecture? and tell everyone exactly what retreat if its wounded twice in a
Does it have closed-off sections kind of Demon will appear in the row. The Demon can never retreat
or buildings where Students are game, but make sure you have a if every player has already had a
not allowed? A secret portal to good idea of what everyone wants scene focusing on their Student.
unknown dimensions? A closed-off and is comfortable with before you
classroom where the ghosts of dead start.
students continue their education? To defeat a Demon the Students
The Demon is usually an actual must take at least 3 successful
-What about the school staff? The Demon, or a similar supernatural actions against it (usually an
students need teachers! monster. If you want, the Demon attack, or some other kind of
can also be a non-supernatural harmful action). Each successful
threat, like a natural disaster, action raises the Demons target
Creating a Demon: a shadowy secret organization, number for success by 1. For
The Demon is the main event, the example, if the Students take a
an abusive teacher, ninjas, a
big, nasty challenge the students successful action against a Demon,
paramilitary anti-psychic hit
will have to face before the end of its target number for success will
squad, or a sci-fi style threat like a
the session. Its a good idea to talk be increased from 4, 5 or 6 to just
giant robot or alien invaders. The
about what kind of Demon you 5 or 6!
Demon can even be completely
want for your game before you
mundane and non-lethal. Stress
start playing, even if you dont get Demons become more powerful
from college entrance exams,
into anything too specific. Some when they face students with
nasty bullies and peer pressure,
players will prefer a giant, slimy unresolved issues and fears.
or apprehension over making a
tentacle monster from another
love confession can all be great
dimension that spits acidic slime
dressing up in their skins after hes
Agents: Government agents come eaten them!
in all shapes and sizes, and include
employees of the sinister Ministry of Ama-no-zako: This daughter
Education, agents of the JSDF, CIA, of the god Susano-o-No-Mikoto
NSA, KGB or corperate spies bent on has a ghastly face with a large
capturing psychic young women to nose and ears and teeth so sharp
use in secret experiments. These they can bite through steel. She
agents infiltrate schools pretending will happily hide her living victims
to be teachers or students and will away for days or weeks until she
sometimes launch outright attacks has time to eat them!
Demons, Ghosts, Evil forces throughout Japan
on suspected psychics. Watch out,
these agents are also some of the
have developed a wide array of
Agents, Teachers and ways to ensnare, enthrall, abuse,
only people in Japan that carry
take advantage of and ultimately
other Monsters destroy young psychics. Whether
it is through brutal combat,
There are at least five hundred demonic possession, mind control,
sixty two thousand three hundred blackmail, peer pressure or the
twenty one known forces that dangers of young love, these
actively work against the common sinister powers will find a way to
Japanese high school girl, with at humiliate and destroy as many
least half that number seeking the psychic teenagers as possible.
destruction of the psychic subset of
these young women. These forces Heres a selection of the monsters,
Ao-nyobo: Ao-nyobo is a
deceptively beautiful ghoul found
range from demons and ghosts to both supernatural and mundane,
haunting the locations of ancient
school administrators, the military that our Students may encounter.
palaces and shrines. Though she
and the ever-present unnamable Some of these may be friends or
looks like a refined lady dressed in
secret government organizations. allies that will help our Students or
a kimono, her decaying, blackened
Demons have always been wary even protect them, but most will be Ama-no-jaku: With a horn teeth and festering tongue will give
of dangerous teenage psychics, vicious enemies that wish to feast sticking out of its forehead and
her away. Plus, she has a ravenous
and while the CIA only discovered on our Students minds, flesh and clawed hands this strange little
appetite for the flesh of young
their potential power after the fluids! creature looks a bit like a scaled
Second World War, it is rumored down Oni, but with chicken
that the Japanese military has feet! Unlike Oni, Ama-no-jaku
been harnessing the power of these prefers cunning to brute force,
young girls since the late Heian using its mind-reading powers to
period. ruin its victims lives. Ama also
likes to cosplay as his victims by
Boys: Nothing confounds high Girls: Your fellow students can Joro-gumo: This spider ghost Kami-kiri: Angry bird head?
school girls more then their male be your greatest friends or your takes the form of a beautiful Check! Lobster claws? Check! The
counterparts. Boys will either worst enemies. The girls that sit woman in order to lure its victims body of a deformed eight-year-old
ignore you, be terrified by you or next to you in class may be over- to its feeding grounds. Moonlight and the skin of a ninety-year-old
want to date you. Beware! achievers destined for government will always reveal its true form, the burn victim? The lecherous Kami-
jobs, creative geniuses waiting slender torso of a young woman kir has it all! This particularly
to blossom, introverts doomed to with 8 hairy spider legs and a creepy monster stalks school girls,
a life as a shut in or the meanest fanged face with glassy, arachnid waiting hidden in restrooms,
bullies in the world. Only in Japan eyes. Joros hobbies include striking to cut off large locks of its
are girls the biggest perpetrators spinning webs and sucking the victims hair!
of bullying, shunning and other blood out of school girls, which is
forms of abuse. Pick your friends just about what youd expect from
carefully, and beware your rivals! a spider ghost!

Futa-kuchi-onna: More of a
curse than an actual demon or
monster, the Futa-kuchi-onna is a
ravenous, slavering mouth found
on the back of a normal womans
head. The mouth demands food and Kappa: The Kappa are hairless
if not fed will scream obscenities at monsters that sometimes have a
anyone around and bite anyone shell on their backs and always
who tries to touch it. If the curse is Inu-gami: The spirits of horribly Jubokko: A man-eating tree have a hollow filled with water
powerful enough the mouth can abused dogs, these ghost hounds that has soaked up the blood from in the top of their head. These
actually use the womans hair as are used by more powerful demons centuries of brutal battles, the lecherous creatures have a
grasping tentacle-like appendeges! and psychics to hunt and torment Jubokko craves only sweet, sticky reputation for molestation, rape
their victims. As useful as they human nectar. Stray too long and drowning small children,
are, Inu-gami are hard to control, alone under such an ancient tree and will happily eat human flesh
and will often turn on their master and it may snatch you up and (starting with the anus). If Kappa
before fleeing into the wild. Inu- devour you whole! have a single redeeming feature its
gami are extremely territorial, and that they are very honest, and once
once a pack takes up residence in a deal has been struck a Kappa will
a neighborhood or forest they are always keep its word. Kappa lose
almost impossible to get rid of! all of their powers if the water in
their head is spilled.
and only seeing their families on
the weekends or even every few
months. Mothers are often lost
in their own jobs or housework,
unable or unwilling to relate to
their daughters problems, their
sole support the ubiquitous boxed
lunch prepared every morning. Ask
any teenage girl about her parents
and shell tell you the truth: They
just dont understand!
Kitsune: These elusive fox spirits Ningyo: Sometimes called Oni: With giant, muscled bodies,
are neither ghosts nor demons, Japanese Mermaids, Ningyo have brightly colored orange or purple
but semi-divine creatures who monkey or fish faces and sticky, skin and huge horns sticking
love to cause trouble. You can tell webbed fingers. If you eat the out of their heads, these demons
how old and powerful a Kitsune flesh of a Ningyo youll become almost look like the bad guys from
by counting its tails. Occasionally immortal, but will be cursed with a cheesy shonen anime. Dont be
a fox spirit will fall in love with a bad luck for the rest of your life. fooled! An Oni is strong enough
human, taking a human form to In fact Ningyo are just bad luck to rip a horse in half, and their
jealously guard the one they love. all around. Ningyo can be found bizarre appearance disguises their
in streams and caves, and will natural cunning! Youll find Oni
sometimes disguise themselves as in deep forests, remote islands,
humans. You can force a Ningyo cursed mountains and far below
to reveal its true form by making the surface of the earth.
it cry.
Psychic Schoolgirls: They will
kill you dead. Stay away!

Neko-mata: This cat demon

can manipulate the dead, and
will often sell its services to more
powerful monsters. The neko mata
has a forked tail and can grow to
be over five feet tall. Once upon Parents: Parents are often
a time it was common to cut the Noppera-bo: A spooky faceless distant and self-involved, with little
Teachers: Teachers are the
tails of young kittens short so they monster that feeds off the sweat of idea of the trials their daughters
guardians and guides that lead
could not grow to become such a its victims. face on a daily basis. Fathers
young women through high
monster. often seem to be absent from the
school and into their adult life.
lives of their daughters, and when
Unfortunately, Teachers are also in
they are there they can be overly
an excellent position to ruin their
strict or aloof. Many fathers are
students lives, and some just cant
completely disconnected from their
resist the temptation! Whether its
families daily life, often working
long conversations about living up
a good distance away from home
to your full potential, undeserved
poor test scores, privacy invading bloodthirsty spectres or deep sea lecherous science teacher,
questions, lecherous looks or monsters, these slimy appendages Getting to know the and students from the rival
outright bullying, teachers have a can entangle and bind their high school giving us problems
nearly unlimited range of options victims in moments, leaving them neighborhood sometimes, and then theres that
for making a teenage girls life a vulnerable to more gruesome girl who made that boy step in front
living hell! attacks. Despite its spooky reputation of the train, and our vice principal
Atarashi high school rests died last year and parts were found
in the heart of a pretty neat in five spots around the school. Im
neighborhood. just saying, that there are a lot
of ideas you can use to keep the
story going here at Atarashi High.

The Arcade
This is the shopping arcade. Its
kind of lame. My mom sends me
here to get her herbal medicine
for her back aches. This arcade
has been around like forever and
theres no motor traffic allowed on
Tengu: Sometimes appearing it because the road and buildings
as a giant with a birds head or a
all date to the 1930s or something.
tall, long nosed man in a cloak of
feathers, this expert warrior will
Anyways, theres the pachinko
train anyone in the ways of the
sword... if you can first defeat him!
The School parlor; Nanamis aunt is often
Welcome to our there and above it is the mystics
Tengu live in secluded mountain
school. Its very shop where they have rocks and
passes or similarly remote areas,
busy around here do palm readings. Over there is the
and enjoy debate, puzzles and
as the day starts at izakaya that dad stops at whenever
sake. Pretty young men and women
8am and many of us dont leave hes coming home late from work.
should be wary when approaching
here until 7:30pm! We have classes That lamp post is where they found
this monster, for the Tengu despises
for most of the day and then we get that girl tied up, you know, the one
vanity more than anything else.
a whole hour off before after school who had all of her blood removed.
clubs start, though some of the Oh and theres the bookstore. I like
juniors and seniors leave school it, its quiet and on the right side is
then to go to cram schools to get a used manga section.
ready for the college entrance
exams! Bleh!
As for me, Im in the kendo club.
I used to be in the track and field
club in middle school but I am
really enjoying kendo.

There are sooo many clubs here.

There are clubs for go, shogi,
ikebana, clubs for all kinds of
Tentacles: Writhing, mindless sports, just tons of things to get
masses of tentacles are the psychic
involved in. I really like it here!
school girls most ancient predator.
Often attached to murderous
But our school has some
demons, lecherous aliens,
problems. Theres that
or use their time to listen to music
Sometimes boys from the rival
The Shopping District A quick guide or read their favorite manga.
This is one of my favorite places to
high school come here looking for For others public transportation
students from Atarashi to get into
eat but I cant afford it often but
I always take pictures of the food
to Japanese provides a chance to talk to friends
fights but there are worse things outside the confines of school, or to
here. Dont tell anyone, but I once
in the window. Anyways, I cant
afford it because Im always in this
high schools chat or text on cell phones. Student
saw a ghost here. Yeah, its true. behavior on the way to school is
area shopping for new clothes. I The formal term for Japanese
It was looking for someone, a girl regulated by school policies which
can find new clothes that I can high school is kootoo gakkoo,
with a tear drop pin. often prohibit certain activities
then modify to fit my style. Its just meaning upper secondary school, in public that may reflect poorly
the best place in the world! So but most Students use the common on the school, including talking
many places to shop. abbreviation kookoo, meaning loudly, chewing gum, holding
high school. School is the center hands with young men or playing
Yes, there was that creepy of the typical teens life and portable video games. Schools
guy who wanted me to go on considering the large amount often require students to stand on
a compensated date with him of time that Japanese students buses and trains even if empty
and there were those otaku spend in schools it is little wonder seats are available, leaving seats
I saw trying to get up-skirt that the education system plays a open for other passengers in order
pictures. Sickos. But I like tremendous role in determining to demonstrate consideration. Most
this place anyways, though the fabric of Japanese society. students tend to only observe these
Ive heard some things about
practices when they are close to
a lady who is seen at night
their schools.
around here crying and that
she has lured men away to never
be seen. Well so long as its that
The Spooky one creep I guess he got what he
Of course the woods
Im going to stop at that bakery for
are haunted! Havent you heard
a dessert before I go home.
the story? I mean there is the old
story about the lovers suicide but
dont you remember the story
about that school bus of kids The classes start at 8:30 am, but for
who all died? Sure they said that a student the day begins well before
a passing freight truck hit the she arrives in the classroom, and
for many students how they get to
At School
bus but theres no way and there By 8:30 am students have arrived
were those hikers that said they school is an important part of their
at school and assembled in their
saw a demon strike the bus and daily life. Most students walk or
homerooms. The school day starts
that the kids trapped inside all ride bicycles to school if they live
with classroom management
stopped screaming at once and close enough, and those that live
tasks, such as taking attendance
everything went silent as the oni farther away must rely on public
and making announcements. The
faded away. transportation, often having to
Students themselves usually take
transfer to several different trains or
turns doing these tasks determined
Then theres that Shinto shrine buses to reach their school. It is not
by a rotating duty schedule called
up on the hill. That creepy uncommon for students to spend
toban. Each homeroom has an
girl from room C is one of the two or more hours each day on
average of about 40 students who
daughters of the family that public transportation. Students take
stay in the room for most of the
tends the shrine. Her older sister advantage of these long commutes
school day while different teachers
went here several years ago in several ways. Some sleep or
move from room to room. Students
but she went insane during her study during their long commute,
senior year.
leave the homeroom for physical and students with interests as subjects that are important for
education and classes that require
School Events diverse as history, mahjong, college entrance examinations.
The Japanese school year starts in
special facilities. Students eat their mathematics, manga, computers, Surprisingly, many students enjoy
April, beginning with an entrance
lunches in their homeroom. Most broadcasting or astronomy can cram school, where the teachers
ceremony for new students. Most
Students bring a box lunch from find a club that suits them. The are usually more interesting and
schools have a day-trip excursion
home, often including rice, fish, students themselves determine challenging and where they have
in spring (or autumn), and during
eggs, vegetables, and pickles. Some the clubs daily activities. Students a chance to interact with students
one of the three years of high school
schools have a cafeteria, but most can join only one club, and they from other schools.
the students go on a longer trip that
do not. rarely change clubs from year to
lasts a few days. Summer vacation
year. New students are encouraged
Japanese students spend 240 days
starts in mid-July and continues
to select a club shortly after the
Entrance Examinations
until the end of August. There is a The college entrance exams required
a year at school, 60 days more then school year begins in April, and
short winter vacation around New to get into Japanese universities are
American students. Many of these club members actively recruit new
Years, and another round of final notoriously grueling, and students
extra days are spent preparing for members during this time. Clubs
exams before graduation for third- often spend an entire year or more
annual school festivals and events meet for two hours after school
year students in late March. preparing for them either in cram
such as Culture Day, Sports Day, each day and many clubs continue
school, exam clubs or with intense
and school trips. Many schools to meet during school vacations.
Autumn is the season for private study. Because of this high
require students to attend for half a Clubs are the most encouraged
school is often a tense and stressful
day on Saturdays. Students typically way for students to engage in peer
time for students who hope to get
take three years of mathematics, group socialization.
into good universities.
social studies, Japanese, science,
and English. Other subjects include Many students choose to take
physical education, music, art, and on part-time jobs to earn extra Free Time
moral studies. spending money. Students
commonly find jobs as waiters and
kitchen helpers or as attendants in
convenience stores, supermarkets,
fast food restaurants, and gas
stations. Some students make extra
field days and school festivals.
money tutoring their classmates or
School festivals give students a
work in family owned businesses.
chance to showcase their talents
and achievements for teachers and
family. Classes put on performances
and skits; display paintings and
For most students free time
drawings created in art class and
After classes are over for the day is at a premium. School and after
make presentations. School clubs
all students participate in o soji, school activities take up most
often use these events to raise
the cleaning of the school. They of the students day, and with
money, organizing student-run
sweep the classrooms and the homework and commuting time
cafes, game booths and auctions.
hallways, empty trashcans, scour many students are left with very
restrooms, clean chalkboards and little free time to themselves.
chalk erasers and pick up trash After School Activities Students enjoy watching television,
from the school grounds. After o Every school has clubs that meet listening to music, getting online,
soji, school is dismissed and most each day after classes. There are For some Students school isnt playing games, casual reading
students go to different parts of the clubs for almost any interest. over when classes end for the day. (often popular manga or teen
school for club meetings, catch a Sporting clubs are popular, and Many Students attend special oriented magazines) and spending
train to cram school or head home national baseball, soccer and privately-run cram schools where time with friends. Most students
for the day. rugby club competitions are often they take supplemental lessons only have limited time for
televised. Educational, social and in nonacademic subjects like socializing outside of school, and
cultural clubs are also popular, art, swimming, computers and popular hangouts include places
calligraphy as well as the academic where other teens are likely to be
found. Fast-food restaurants and and a white blouse, necktie, blazer
coffee shop chains, especially with school crest and plaid skirt for they had done so at least 10 times. only it can be difficult to identify
McDonalds and Starbucks, are girls. When asked why they had injured an assailant. Many students are
popular hangouts, as are the small themselves, most students talked embarrassed by the assaults and
convenience stores called konbini Uniforms create a sense of about frustration, anger or stress hesitant to call for help, and
that sell prepared foods, beverages, conformity in schools, but many related to the expectations to do convictions of train molesters are
cigarettes and magazines. students seek to subvert this by well in school and go on to a good notoriously rare. Some students
adding accessories or altering their college. Japans college entry exams have taken to stabbing gropers
Japanese adults often think of clothing. Loose baggy socks have are famously grueling and stressful, hands with needles, forks or
students as large children instead become popular, and altering skirts with students often preparing years scissors.
of young adults. Because of this to a shorter length or forgetting ahead of time. Since the exams
parents and teachers strongly neck ties at home are common. determine which college a student
discourage teenage dating and Students often express themselves can attend, and since the choice of
most young people do not begin to with the items that schools dont college often determines whether
date until after high school. School regulate, such as backpacks, coats, the student will be able to find a
crushes and flirtations are common, hats and socks. Stockings, hairclips good job, preparing for them can be
but serious dating is rare. and ties, glasses, hairstyles, especially intense. The suicide rate
umbrellas and cell phones all give of Japanese high school students,
students a chance to show their especially those preparing for their
School Uniforms personality. Some students take exams, has been on the increase
School Uniforms are an ever present for over a decade.
more extreme approaches, dying
part of student life. Japans famous
their hair or piercing their ears.
Western style sailor uniforms
Some schools enforce a strict dress Abuse Bullying
code that prohibits such personal Studies claim that molestation and Bullying among students has
alterations, but most allow their statutory rape is not uncommon become a serious problem in
students some room for self in schools across Japan, and that Japan. Bullying is usually carried
expression. victims rarely come forward. To out by a group, the targets often
do so would violate a lifetime of being unpopular, weak or delicate
learned social conventions. While teens. Usually the bullies dont see
there are no generally accepted the bullying as anything serious,
statistics on classroom sexual abuse and often consider it a joke. When
in Japan, the Education Ministry a victim of bullying hurts or kills
claims there were 122 reported her self as a result, the perpetrators
were first introduced at the cases of molestation by teachers are usually surprised and often
beginning of the last century, and in 2001, a number which parents find it hard to believe that their
today are almost universal in the say reflects students unwillingness actions were the cause. Shunning,
public and private school systems. to come forward. This number has a kind of bullying which involves
The Atarashi high school uniform continued to increase. entire classes completely ignoring
is just one example of a common a student to the point of denying
style. The high school uniform Students are not just vulnerable her existence, has been growing
traditionally consists of a military to abuse in the classroom. Japans more and more common in the last
style outfit called gakuran for boys
Self Injury commuter trains have long been decade.
Wrist-cutting and other forms of famous for reports of groping
and a sailor dress known as sara
self-injury are becoming more and harassment. Female students
fuka for girls. Some schools have
common problems in Japanese commonly report groping in
moved away from the military style
schools. Wrist-cutting had been crowded train cars and buses,
uniform and have instead adopted
cited as a problem in high schools especially on express trains that
a type of uniform more familiar to
in the past, but recent surveys go long distances without many
European private schools. These
show that over 14 percent of the stops. Because these trains are
uniforms consist of a white dress
female Japanese students said they often crowded to standing room
shirt, necktie, blazer with school
had purposely injured themselves
crest and dress trousers for boys
at least once, while 6 percent said