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Paraphilic disorders, a sexual revolution.

Sexual practices that would cause anxiety, guilt or discomfort in a normal person.

However most masochist and sadists, voluntary interact with people who enjoy their same

sexual desire, causing their behavior inflict pain for pleasure resulting in no harm to

anyone. Psychologist consider this acts as Paraphilic Disorders because they can cause

people to become destructive and compulsive. However no person engaged in

masochistism or sadistism is acting against ones conscious wishes. Rape easily can

comfortably fit in this category. Bondage and discipline/domination and submission general

consist of empowerment of one individual by controlling another with ropes or leather. A

trend that was once frown upon and prohibited by law has become a definitely head turner.

The government has denied the liberation of sex since before the beginning of the United

States was established. The Bible was the scripture that prohibited sexual immoralities. In

1960 a movement came that emphasized the liberation of sexual desires. Bill Clinton is

definitely one of the last results of Americas sexual revolution, when he had an affair with

Monica Lewinsky, who initially denied the affair but later gave his testimony on his infidelity.

With the sexual revolution that happened after Bill Clinton, society has lost its innocence.

However this sexual revolution was not intended to change peoples behavior but rather

change their conception of sex.

What would be your perspective on a sexual behavior such as sadomasochism? How

would you perceive it? As a psychiatric disorder or as a crime? Nevertheless we have

unrolled this once criminal disorder now viewed as a sophisticated erotic activity with

several layers of meaning and significance(Henking, 1992) Our lives have been exposed to

the point that we see it as a norm. Obviously if the first music video with a sexual image

like Rihanna opens your curiosity while slightly arousing you. Then you can rest assure that

the second time you encounter such behavior like fifty shades of gray the curiosity will

increase the hunger. The next thing you know you are blind folding your partner. You soon
begging looking for video on sadomasochism with lots of demonstration and neophyte

equipment for submissive and dominant acts. Society is now into paraphilic acts, so much

that the National American Survey was done with two thousand seven hundred sixty five

respondents. Out of the male, sixteen percent and out of the female, twelve percent

strongly agreed stating that pleasure with sex go together with sex.

According to Moser (1988) there is no commonly accepted definition of what constitutes

sadomasochism sexual behavior. There has been six sadomasochism characteristics

features in the sexual act. The firs one being a relationship with dominance and submission.

Another is inflicting pain that is experienced with pleasure by both parties. One that is

commonly used by many people is using role play or realizing fantasies by one or both

individuals. Humiliations of one partner and fetish elements such as clothes, mouth gags,

anal and vaginal devices and even building a scenery with one or many ritualistic activities

have an individual tied up to a chair; knees tied down on the chairs seat, arms extended

over the top rail with ropes sustaining them down. The dominator can include a whip to

spank the submissive individual for being bad.

The development of sadomasochism sexual behavior began after having more ordinary

sexual behavior. Eventually individual get bored of the routine and venture off and explore

other sexual behaviors. One of my friend had her first time experience with a partner of

hers that had practice sadism and masochism for a while. When my friend encounter this

new sexual behavior she was hesitant on inflicting pain to her girlfriend. However she

confirmed with the face punching when they would have intercourse, but it did not stop

there, rimming was also an erotic desire her partner needed to climax. As a lesbian she

found this out of the norm from her previous sexual relationships. Her concern was that one

day she would deliver so much pain that someone would report her to the police and get

charged for domestic violence. Her feeling of her first sadomasochistic experience were

Like twenty two percent of individual experiencing sadist and masochist for the first time

had negative feeling toward this kind of sexual behavior. Rape in the judicial system is

considered a serious offense that lead in to imprisonment. Nonetheless in the sadist and

masochist practice the empowerment and control over somebody is encouraged for both,

the dominator and the submissive. The people have developed a mutual respect, trust in

the relationship that allows them to even deal with any negative sexual experiences in a

different manner when it occurs. In an American survey sixty percent of the people would or

have done some sort of control or have been empowered by someone else in a sexual

encounter, and have had the desire to do it again. A rape scene in a sadomasochistic

relationship consist on unexpected slapping and manhandling the victim is putting up a

fight then the aggressor can increase their violent attack with close fist punches eventually

knowing the victim unconscious. It is up to the aggressor to continue with forced

penetration or can tie the victim up to any piece of furniture, then await for the victim to

regain consciousness and attempt forced penetration while the victim begging to struggle.

Sometimes both parties can take in a step further and speak about the rape scene

beforehand. Explaining specifics on how the scene or fantasy should occur. An example

would be the victim leaving a facility at night and unexpectedly get rushed by the

aggressor and the scenario can happen. The desire of being rapped has increase in our

society, especially with our younger more hormonal generations. Young ladies are

vocalizing the desire to be sexually molested by an older man. A clear example was made

by one of my classmates in my introduction of psychologist class, where her teenage

female neighbors have expressed their longing to be raped. This could be the cause of

media exposing our youth to sadomasochistic behavior by listening music or watching

videos or movies.

Humiliation is another type of practice sadist and masochism can do. This act involves an

individual mainly a woman brought into a room, clothed with a collar around her neck and
her hands bonded, full of men and woman to expose her fantasy. Yes I said fantasy!

Unexpected the dominators in this scenario are the woman. They will begging with verbal

abuse confirming with the victim is a hore and deserves what is coming to her. They then

expose her genital and breast, slapping the victims breast and face, inserting finger in the

victim vagina adding nipple claps and having member in the room full on the nipple claps.

The obedient woman get pulled around the crowed of people to get fondled. The dominator

can force the woman to perform oral sex to both woman and man. Once she has been

exposed to crowd, then the gang bang can begin.