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# Form # Form Title

1 CP-01 Register Of Application And Agreement And Abridged Conditions Of Supply
2 CP-01A Movement Sheet Of Application
3 CP-02 Abridged Condition Of Supply
4 CP-03 Application And Agreement Form
5 CP-04 Sub Divisional Officer Service Connection Register
6 CP-04A Priority Register
7 CP-04B Detail Of Capital Contribution Paid By Consumers During The Month
8 CP-04C List Of Cancellation Of Demand Notices
9 CP-05 Service Estimate And Justification Form
10 CP-05B Load Performa
11 CP-05C Service Cost Estimate And Cost Summary
12 CP-05D Justification And Authorization
13 CP-06 Demand Notice For Service Connection Cost
14 CP-06A Demand Notice For Security Deposit
15 CP-07 Wiring Contractor Test Report
16 CP-08 SCO Upto 40 Kw
17 CP-08A SCO Above 40kw
18 CP-09 Consumer Meter Reading Card Upto 40-Kw
19 CP-09A Consumer Meter Reading Card Above 40-Kw
20 CP-10 Statement Of Material Used On Electric Works
21 CP-11 Meter Reading Record General Consumers
22 CP-11A Meter Reading % Age Check Register For SDO
23 CP-12 Meter Reading Record Maximum Demand Connection
24 CP-12A Meter Reading % Age Check Register, Ments For Xen/S.E
25 CP-13 Consumers Statistics
26 CP-13A List Of Connection Installed During The Month
27 CP-14 Temporary Disconnection Order
28 CP-15 SDO Temporary Disconnection Register
29 CP-16 Disconnection Order To Remove Equipment
30 CP-17 SDO Disconnection Order Register
31 CP-17A Register Of Permanently Disconnection Defaulter
32 CP-18 Application For Reconnection And Reconnection Order
33 CP-19 SDO Reconnection Application Register
34 CP-20 SDO Meter reading Program Register
35 CP-21 Meter Reading List General Consumers
36 CP-22 Line Loss, Billing And Arrear Analysis
37 CP-22A Feeder Wise Line Loss Analysis
38 CP-22B 11kv Feeder Wise Unit Register Sent Out From Grid Station
39 CP-22C Grid Station Meter Change Statement
40 CP-22D Feeder Wise Unit Taken / T-F Statement
41 CP-22E Statement Showing Bundled Feeders/Load Shifted From One Feeder To Other Feeder
42 CP-23 Meter Change Order
43 CP-24 Revenue Office Application Register
44 CP-25 Bank Scroll
45 CP-26 Security Deposit Register
46 CP-27 Consumer Card , maintain in Revenue office
47 CP-34 MDI reading list
48 CP-38 Disconnection Notice
49 CP-41 Return Of Consumer Billing An Collection
50 CP-42 Bank Query Letter
51 CP-45 Deposit Control Account
52 CP-48 Bank Account Recollection
53 CP-48A Bank Account Recollection Of Collection Of Service Connection Cost Demand Notices
54 CP-48B Bank Account Recollection Of Collection Of Security Deposit Demand Notices
55 CP-49 Collection And Remittance Summary
56 CP-51 Billing Cash Book By Bank Branch
57 CP-52 Bill Adjustment Note
58 CP-58 Rise And Fall Register
59 CP-58A Discrepancy Report
60 CP-61 List Of Permanently Disconnection Defaulters
61 CP-62A Month Wise Detail Of Arrears
62 CP-63 Electricity Enquiry Register
63 CP-64 Electricity Bill Enquiry
64 CP-65 Register Of Recorder
65 CP-69 Advise Of Tariff /Other Changes
66 CP-70 Consumers Bill Dispatch Book
67 CP-71 SDO Demand Notice Register
68 CP-71A Division Office Demand Notice Register
69 CP-72 Cheque Or Bank Draft Receipt Book
70 CP-72A Crossed Cheque Or Bank Draft Register
71 CP-73 SDO Re-Routification And Renumbering Register
72 CP-74 Revenue Office Reconnection Application Register
73 CP-75 Bill Adjustment Notes Register
74 CP-76 Consumer Bill Delivery Book
Advise To Company Computer Center And R.O About Rejection Of Application For
75 CP-77
New Connection
76 CP-78 Meter Movement Register
77 CP-79 Meter Movement Register
78 CP-80 Forwarding Memo For Document To Be Sent To WAPDA Computer Center
79 CP-81 Revenue Office Meter Reading List Register
80 CP-82 Data Batch Register
81 CP-83 Billing Control Register
82 CP-84 Advice To SDO Of Errors In Meter Reading Lists
83 CP-85 Consumer Bill
84 CP-86 Bill For Industrial
85 CP-87 Billing Exception List
86 CP-87A Age Analysis Report Of Billing Exceptions
87 CP-88 Bill Register
88 CP-88A Billing Assessment
89 CP-88L Ledger Posting
90 CP-88S Bill Adjustment Posted At The Month End
91 CP-89 Heavy Or Credit Balance List
92 CP-90 List Of Estimated Meter Reading
93 CP-90A Age analysis of cases of estimated
94 CP-91 WAPDA employee free Electricity assessment and payment summary
95 CP-92 Employee free electricity summary of allowance by batches
96 CP-93 WAPDA employee update forms
Statement of unit billed feeder wise within sub-division statement of unit billed within
97 CP-94
98 CP-95 Billing Summary
99 CP-97 Consumers security deposited list
100 CP-98 Debtors control register
101 CP-99 Forwarding memo bank scrolls
102 CP-100 Daily cash list
103 CP-100A Register showing details of difference
104 CP-101 Weekly collection cash book by bank branches
105 CP-102 Weekly schedule of bank remittance by bank branches
106 CP-102A Remittance adjustment from
107 CP-103 Monthly schedule of weekly remittance by bank branches
108 CP-103A Remittance adjustment processed
109 CP-104 Divisional collection cash book
110 CP-105 List of surcharge levied in error computer input form.
111 CP-106 Weekly cash posted summary
112 CP-107 Unidentified cash list
113 CP-108 Divisional cash analysis summary
114 CP-109 Summary by batches
115 CP-110 Batch debtors ledger
116 CP-111 List od general adjustment processed
117 CP-111A Monthly report of bill adjustment carried out during the month
118 CP-112 List of disconnection order issued
119 CP-112A Outstanding Disconnection order
120 CP-114 List of outstanding disconnection orders
121 CP-114A Outstanding Disconnection order
122 CP-116 Security Deposit adjustment against debtors or repaid
123 CP-120A Energy debtors arrears analysis
124 CP-121 Consumer Batch Control Book
125 CP-125 Daily Cash Exceptions List
126 CP-126 Weekly List of Cash Received on behalf of other Divisions
127 CP-127 Weekly List of Cash Postings Made by other Divisions
128 CP-128 Monthly list of Cash Received on behalf of other Divisions
129 CP-130 Monthly list of journal Adjustment
130 CP-131 Inter Divisional journal Adjustments for MM/YY
131 CP-132 Inter Divisional unidentified cash adjsutments for MM/YY
132 CP-134 Inter office Transactions processed (Output -Daily)
133 CP-135 Inter office Transactions processed (Output -monthly)
134 CP-136 Master Data Addition /Change Form (Connections upto 40 KW)
135 CP-136A Master Data Addition/Change Form
136 CP-136D Detection Bill for Un Regisstered Consumers
137 CP-137 Master Data Addition /Change Form (Connections above 40 KW)
138 CP-138 Consumer Meter Data Change Form
139 CP-139 Unidentified Cash / Debtor"s Adjustment Form
140 CP-140 Street Light Addition Replacement / Removal Form
141 CP-142 Transfer of Reference No. Between MDI & General Batches Form
142 CP-149 List of Bad Debts written off
143 CP-152 Security Deposit Received /Adjsuted and repaid (Input)
Transfer of Consumers Account from one batch to other within same Sub Division
144 CP-153
145 CP-154 Inter Division Transfer of Consumers Account form one Division to other
146 CP-155 Application for Reduction of Load
147 CP-156 Application for Extension of Load

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