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The Electoral College Strengthens Federalism


In this article, they discuss the benefits that partakes in having the Electoral College. Michael
Uhlmann makes the argument that the Electoral college strengthens our Federalism based
country. This action leaves each state with a say in who could be our next presidential candidate.
Uhlmann discusses the reinforcement of the checks and balances as well as prevention of a
conflicting two-party system. Rodney Dangerfield agrees that the amount of respect received
from the voting Americans towards the Electoral College is very slim. The statistics show if
Americans could choose they would give into a direct election not understanding the
repercussions that follow with that choice. It is not a smart choice to give the states less say or in
other words less power. This gives a voice to everyone while still creating that balance needed
when electing a candidate. Danger and Uhlmann continue speaking of what democracy actually
means and how it applies to the situation. The experts define it as a form of government in
which the people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. They believe there
will always be dissatisfaction from American voters for any means necessary but that does not
give the idea that the Electoral system is no longer in need the way it survived high purpose in


In the article the research and argument conducted was by a Policy and Political expert in his
Education profession as a Professor graduated from Claremont Graduate University not only that
but founding author of The Electoral College book, Michael M. Uhlmann. Uhlmann having this
background and expertise would make him a credible source to choosing this topic to discuss.
The authors goal was to reinforce the importance of having the Electoral College still active in
our society. The author goes furthermore into the importance of balance in our society and how
the system provides just that. They do not appeal to just emotions and how single individual will
feel but he focuses on the overall population specifically the voices of each state for equal battle
ground. Uhlmann uses his appeal to logic in this political situation and the history of how long it
has been established.


This article is effective for my research because it gives a perspective on the relevance of the
Electoral College. This gave an excellent view point on the importance it has carried through
decades in our society. The working together of states to make sure our Democracy stays in place
and creates a balance of opinion to choose an elected official into office. The Electoral College
makes sure that California and New York are not the only states being bias and making the big
elective choices. It has shown the United States our federalism perspective and kept it
established. It gives a sense of American pride as when it was established into our Constitution
and the founders would look and be proud of their creation and how it has done what it was
intended to do overall for many years after their death.
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