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‘THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES MONA CAMPUS. HALL OF RESIDENCE APPLICATION FORM — NEW STUDENTS (FULL-TIME ONLY) "2016-2017 ACADEMIC YEAR Peace note that StadentHouig wl at proces ths apation ntl you have accepted an offer rom The University of ‘the West indies, Mona Campus. Complete ors MUST be SUBMITED by ema to: ssn. in secron Personal infomation ldenticaton/Regitraton Number: 295788 Telephone Number +807) 807-7425, sicnon 8 Tek the boxto ident the Hall you wsh to alt: Pease note you can ony apy to ONE Hal ABC Halt ‘AZ Preston Hall, (Choetor Halt "sa Leo Rhyni Hall (Towers) Irie Mary Seco Hall ‘New Hal of Residence Taylor Hall Rex Neen al ‘Wiest Jamaica Campus eooccogooa aatos for requesting accordion Hal! an mn Wasteland | cote ora on aus | hat a was 5° mae ato oy fg whe and ts rey Ugo ap wi bts pane i erty ‘slo ashy gt lon th ha and b se! xtc sts bre portant woud ao ance ‘me cortance ands. neds mouse opoanty to ee ef wt teste set eure. Maniac et cnc ty MCC = Coos cout eam member = 4HGubYowpresient Seana ae secon ¢ ‘Aposcant infection (from Appestion Record) Peace be ded that the information prove on your sppeationo The Unversity willbe wed by the Halls of Resience te process your aplation. ‘understand and gre that: ‘Acteptanc tothe Uiversty doesnot gurantee an acgnant 8 r0m. 2 Aapeatonto resdein Hal does ot guarentee 2 oom 3, ‘The Unersty epltion on rondut and plier under which hosing faites ae operated must be observed atatimes during the period of eid, 4 ism eesponstity wo upate my cont information, 5. Wat to reszond to ANY cmespandenc ram te al of Residence by the tated deadine my aplation wil be ‘onceles Person who hve bee, to place in Hal wl oly be guaranteed accommodation for a period fone condtions ofthe Hal Agreement ae adhered to. sadenic ea Siraue. ste; ovoxz017